Can power play be revived against the Leafs? (Updated)


It’s at least worth noting that the Rangers had their greatest power play outburst in recent memory last season in Toronto, when they scored five power play goals in a 6-1 win last Dec. 29.

OK, so there really is no correlation between one season and the next, and I’ll be the first one to admit we’ve all been a little nitpicky when it comes to a team that has won four straight and is atop the league standings. But even then, almost everyone will agree the Rangers will need their power play to be better if they want to sustain their success.

So maybe tonight they’ll draw on some positive memories. And if not, it’s safe to say no one’s in a position to panic.

Update, 2:45 p.m.: I realize the need to single out a culprit when it comes to the Rangers’ power play, but I’m not sure Perry Pearn is your guy alone (see my previous post if you really want to start pointing fingers).

Yes, the assistant coach is the one directing the man-advantage, but there seems to be a misconception that there’s some magic scheme out there that has eluded the Rangers past few years. In fact, almost all power plays are structured the same around the league, but some teams are simply better at rotating the puck quickly, firing shots on net, and occasionally finding a seam through which a back door pass can get through.

Of course Pearn bears some responsibility for the power play’s shortcomings, but most of it falls on the players to follow through on the plan (Put it another way: it’s not like Pearn is sitting on the bench watching the Rangers struggle to get a shot off and thinking, Yes, this is exactly how I drew it up!). And if that’s the case, it’s really the head coach’s job to make sure the right personnel is on the ice, and to switch it up when things aren’t working.

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  1. Toronto has been playing very well. It would be good to see some improvement on the PP IN Toronto tonight to keep this run going.

    Tough gome tonight – Lets go Rangers!!!

  2. Nyr had a 5 on 3 in the last 4 games. They only scored on one of them i think. That’s not good. Gomer keeps getting in the best position to shoot the puck, and to be honest, his shot isn’t good at all, so he shouldn’t be the one getting the best chances. Rozi does shit on the 5 on 3, like usual, since he already said he doesn’t like playing the point on the PP, Redden is starting to shoot, but its either not going in or not hitting the net. Take Rozi off and put Nazzy in. To bad for Rozi, if you don’t shoot, you shouldn’t be on the mother fuggin PP.

    Hopefully Pruchs is playing tonight cause i cant take Fritsche. He should be playing on the 4th line. Freddy has worked his ass off, and he has to rot on the 4th line.

    That is the MAIN reason why i don’t like Renney. Who cares if the 4th line is “working” its a 4th god damn line, play Freddy with guys who have some offensive threat, Fritsche is a 4th line player.

    I have to admit, i wanted Freddy traded, since we had so many forwards, but now im happy he resigned, its good for Hank to have a buddy around, who can actually play the game, offensively, and defensively.

  3. Nyr had a 5 on 3 in the last 4 games. They only scored on one of them i think. That’s not good. Gomer keeps getting in the best position to shoot the puck, and to be honest, his shot isn’t good at all, so he shouldn’t be the one getting the best chances. Rozi does shit on the 5 on 3, like usual, since he already said he doesn’t like playing the point on the PP, Redden is starting to shoot, but its either not going in or not hitting the net. Take Rozi off and put Nazzy in. To bad for Rozi, if you don’t shoot, you shouldn’t be on the mother fuggin PP.

    Hopefully Pruchs is playing tonight cause i cant take Fritsche. He should be playing on the 4th line. Freddy has worked his ass off, and he has to rot on the 4th line.

    That is the MAIN reason why i don’t like Renney. Who cares if the 4th line is “working” its a 4th god damn line, play Freddy with guys who have some offensive threat, Fritsche is a 4th line player.

    I have to admit, i wanted Freddy traded, since we had so many forwards, but now im happy he resigned, its good for Hank to have a buddy around, who can actually play the game, offensively, and defensively. He’s been really good.

  4. That could definitely happen. Hollweg has been fighting heavyweights, but then again, he saw what Orr did to Godard, Boulerice, Boulton, and Fedoruk. All knockouts, with one on a stretcher. I think there’s some brains left in Hollywood’s head.

  5. Orr, I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of Renney. If I had to guess, I’d say that the Rangers’ fourth line plays more at even strength than every other team’s fourth line. He uses them as a checking line, which is what Drury/Cally and someone else should be playing on. I’d like to see Naslund play on Dubi’s wing along with Z for a legit first line; and Prucha get some time with Gomez. Dawes and Fritsche have not impressed me at all but at least I’ve seen Dawes play well in the past, what has Fritsche done to deserve playing time?

    Of course Renney’s strange personnel and on ice decision’s aside, his system obviously works, so in that area I cannot complain.

    Also, is it already time to start the re-sign Dubi and Zherdev plea’s? They are likely to at least finish in the top 5 in scoring on the Rangers, which would warrant contracts probably in the $5-7 mm range, how can we make space…

  6. Renney has an H.O. for the fourth line. Also I cant take Fritsche either i want Prucha to play!

  7. I think Renney has finally bought himself some comment board cred. We ARE winning a lot of games with a team that barely knows each other.

    That said, my girlfriend could design a more effective PP. Get it right, pearn, and it would solve a lot of issues. It’s the “energy independence” of our season.

  8. It’s more on Renney for throwing the same guys on the pp no matter how much they struggle. The 5 on 3 continues to be a joke yet Renney won’t place Voros on that unit.

  9. TSN has an article on players with slow starts to the season and Nigel Dawes made the list.


    I know how to figure that problem out. Trade Rozisival, and Pruchs, and sign Sundin for a season. Then at the end of the year re sign Nicky, and Dubi with the extra cash. Boom !

    Dawes might be a deadline gift, if he keeps this up. Its still early, but i thought he would have the great sophomore season, not Dubi.

    Hopefully Nyr rips this team to shreds, i cant stand Canadian teams !!!!

  11. Ha, reports Colton Orr is the NHL’s best fighter for the money. Dude’s a beast!

  12. 10-2-1. I am not the coach.

    With my comment last night, I was not trying to nag on Z at all. IMO, he was the best player out there last night, but a coach has to take control of that situation and tell him whats what. If they had scored on that powerplay, then we would have been tied and they would have had the momentum. I think there has to be some sort of disciplinary action. Dubi got hung to dry because of two questionable penalties last game. I just think there has to be something.
    And I agree with your assessment of Gomez with his shot, but he is necessary to move the puck around and can put the puck into an empty net as we have seen before. I think we should make two changes to the PP. One, put an offensive player at one of the points. It worked with Jags and Stak last year and it works with Capitals and AO. Also I think we should work the puck down low more. With Gomer’s passes and Drury/Voros stuff in abilities and Z’s, Nazzys, and Dub’s shooting abilities, I think that would score more working it down low. The question is, Is our defensive point shots better then our down low firing squad?
    Also I agree with your assessment of Pru over Fritsche. Fritsche has done nothing and Prus hard work is going to guarantee him a goal in the next 3 games he plays. You heard it from me first. The NEXT 3 GAMES PRUCHA WILL SCORE. But then again that only works if coach gives him adequate time.
    And from what I heard last year, Orr and Hollweg were pretty tight and Hollweg would brighten up the locker room a lot. I dont think any of last year’s players will try to kick his @$$. Although there is still Voros. It could be the battle of crappy fighters

  13. unfortunately renney has no idea what he’s doing cause prucha sits again. While Dawes doesn’t do anything.

  14. our pp looks like crap. the same as last year. i know its pearn that designs it but the players are the ones who execute it. rozy looks like crap out there and prucha should be on the pp. i dont understand why he isnt playing and fritsche is. also i think that because of all the shorthanded chances the opposing teams get on us the guys look hesitant so spend 1 minute passing a half minute retrieving the puck when it gets cleared and maybe another 30 seconds attempting bad angle shots like gomez did in the last game. thats mostly how it goes with the exception of a few close in net shots from drury and zherdev. gomez is great at gettin the puck in deep and controlling it but then our d makes bad plays, or gives up shorthanded chances. imo i give staal a try and when prucha plays he should definitely get a shot. he scored most of his goals on the pp.

  15. lets not fire pearn yet ok because our pk is still damn good. but redden has been a dissappointment on the pp and thats why he was brought here and if youve noticed, rozy now defers to redden to shoot it. one of them has to be taken off that first unit. mara scored 15 goals a few years ago. if only his shot had more accuracy he could be our qb, but hes been our best d man regardless the last few games.anyway i shouldnt really be complaining we are winning id just like for us to win a game once in awhile that doesnt give me a heart attack before its over

  16. Once again the PP woes seem (to me at least) a case of shooting when they should pass… and passing when they should shoot.

    It’s not that they should shoot more… it’s just the timing of those shots.

    The fact that the shots don’t get on goal factors in as well (obviously).

  17. On TSN Ryan Hollweg was saying he and Colton Orr have been “trash texting” each other. Hollywood said he might have to “give him a beating”, and Orr was saying “when you’re on the ice, you’re not friends”. So i wouldn’t rule out the possibility that these two go at it. You never know.


    I know where you’re coming from. Two games in a row now he did something horrible, with that giveaway against the Isles, and that penalty. But the only positive thing out of that, is the fact that he’s playing damn good hockey right now. Hopefully he, and Nazzy continue their point streaks, and we pick up another win.

  18. Sam,

    This is the first time I think I’ve heard Renney say that it’s up to himself to fix the PP…

    Had he been involved at all (besides deciding who’s on the ice and who’s not) prior to now?

  19. There may not be any magic formula, but “IT” is definitely eluding the Rangers on the PP and has for years.

  20. i think they are showcasing Fritsche. I really dont like the guy and would like him to be traded.

  21. 10-2-1. I am not the coach.

    I think we should try to change it up a little bit
    Maybe like:
    5 on 4

    5 on 3

    4 on 3


    And we need danger down low, not just slap shots from the line.

  22. It came out a little bit weird but Im sure you understand it. Anyway these lines give us a good carry-in person on each line, a in-front person on each line, a faceoff taker on each line, a good point shot on each line, a finisher on each line, a setup man, and a defensive d-man on each line to stop shorthanded chances(except 5 on 3) which you really shouldnt give up any shorthanded chances.

  23. Haha. What do you say? The Rangers will score? Im not sure what there going to do. Renney wont listen to my PP squad. Its a proven method and Ive called him at least 10 times but he keeps ignoring my calls. Oh well. Ill take another bet though…maybe a bet that Pru scores in the next 3 games?

  24. Hmmmmmm,

    Prucha has to dress to score right?

    OK. You’re on. We won’t even count tonight since he’s sitting (right?).

    He needs to score vs. the Isles, Tampa, or the Caps.

  25. If he plays against those three. He needs to be dressed in order to score. He has to play. Whats the wager this time. And let me guess. You’re on the website because its raining in Florida right now. Haha. Its such a miserable day down here.

  26. “Here’s something about science/research. When you do an experiment you have a control which should be almost the same thing, minus the experimental item (ie. Avery). You’re proving how inept you are by saying this team is better without Avery than last year with Avery. Why not just compare this year’s team to the 1982 Islanders? They don’t relate, jackass.”

    TrueFans – I like Avery more than I like people that think it was ever relavant. Take your “experiment” to Dallas. They bought into it. They’ll buy your garbage too.

  27. HECK,

    Alright… he has to dress. I really hope I lose this one! I was a big fan of Pruchs… but I’ve since given up on him unfortunately.

    I will say this… he could solve our problem at wing if he starts going again. He’s fast, so keeping up with Gomez wouldn’t be an issue… but since he gets banged around a lot I would think we’d want to keep Callahan on that line for balance… someone to dig pucks out of the corners.

    I see Drury scoring tonight again! (Shouldn’t push my luck… should I?)

  28. Your completely right about the Gomez situation. He has the speed to keep up and is (supposed to be) a finisher. Also he creates chances for himself. I really like taking the bets actually in favor of the player not scoring, because its a win-win situation. If your wrong, your happy, if your right, your semi-happy (just for being right). I really don’t like Fritsche and dont see him scoring in the next 10 games he plays. I bet Drury doesn’t score (Ill just do it, just cus he scored last time I bet against him). This is for the right to say I told you so. Anybody else want in on this bet or another one? Or we can change the wager if you want

  29. Thank you sam. Couldn’t agree more about the pp. I’ve been saying the same thing.

    Pearn is not the problem. If he was, he wouldn’t be getting courted for head coaching positions as often.

  30. Anybody know why the game isn’t on NHL center ice!!!! This sucks. Does anybody know somewhere to watch it online???

  31. Nevermind, it’s on the hockey channel. I was wondering why they wouldn’t show an original six matchup on HNIC. Go Strangers!!

  32. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Here is a novel idea.

    Why don’t we look at the best power plays in the league
    5v4 and 5vs 3 and copy what they do!!!

  33. My comment is awaiting moderation…everything there should be good, but Ill send you some more but you have to put the .’s in where there is a space.

    Heres a list of places to watch the game…
    www justin tv/rags_2riches
    www justin tv/nyr1994
    www justin tv/rangers05fan
    www hockeystreams com
    www3 myp2p eu/competition php?competitionid=&part=sports&discipline=icehockey
    click on ice hockey tab then click on the game you want’s play button…then find the link you want
    Anyone of these should work…some might not be on today though

  34. Renney throws out the same guys on the pp and expects something different. Disgracefully call on Voros. He never touched Toskala(who dived)

  35. Great stuff. That was the Leafs period for the most part, its nice to steal that one from them. What a hell of a pass by Danny, and a nice shot by Cally. I thought they waived off the goal, when Cally skated towards the players. Good thing that wasn’t the case.

    Im still against that line, but that doesn’t mean im gonna whine aboot it every time they score. I just wanna see the team win, that’s it. But they should get split, and Fritsche should be with Orr, and Bettsy.

  36. Fritsche should be on the unemployement line. The refs have been putrid so far tonight. All three penalties against were phantom.

  37. What I just saw Alexander Semin say about Sidney Crosby was great. It’s good for the game, and I think more players should talk trash about eachother. It gives it more of an edge.

  38. Our 4th line is hands down the hardest working and best line tonight. Good for them! I love this damn team!

  39. I love Gomez, but this is all a result of a very bad backpass at the end of our failed power play.

  40. Renney is an absolute moron. He uses the horrible 1st PP unit for most of the PP, even used them after the whistle at about half point of the PP. And then right after the PP Gomez is somehow right back on the ice. This guy can’t manage lines or icetime.

    And the PP they keep going to the right boards as Jagr used to do, instead of passing from behind the net.

    Fire this idiot coach! and his staff.

  41. two of the last three goals are on Valiquette. He started the period of great but has been bad since.

  42. Well I guess that is 1 reason why your 4th line being your best line is not always a good thing. Damn! I’m at a loss for words.

  43. I love it when the team just sits there watching the other team dominate puck possession. Vally hasn’t played his best, but it would be nice if guys wouldn’t give them wide open shots.

  44. Mister Delaware on

    Seriously? I get like 10 regular season games down here and this is one of them? Awful, awful, awful x 1,000 period by Stevie VQ.

  45. this one isn’t on the coaching staff. this is just the players not giving a crap. awful showing to finish the game. Renney will tear them apart after the game.

  46. onecupin67years on

    Just got home .. did Tom the brainiac use up his time out?
    I guess Avery is Right about Valli being a minor league goalie

  47. Im sooooo glad thats over. What a $h!t show from the drop of the puck. It would have been good to come out with 2 points. But they didnt look good at all this game…all of there goals were bull. We deserve what we get.

  48. We have yet to score 5 goals in a game this season I believe.

    new lines should be:


    Drury,Gomez, and Naslund should never again be on the PP together. Girardi should be on the top PP unit.

  49. To be honest I don’t think many of those were Valley’s fault, one deflected and two others where just beautiful shots, yes two were his fault but regardless there were two shots he couldn’t have stopped that would have tied the game.

  50. Renney and his trapping defensive low scoring system are a joke. His favoratism of some players no matter what is a joke. Some offensive players that never see any PP time like Dawes, Prucha, etc is a joke.

  51. Is it OK to point out a few of this team’s glaring deficiencies now that they’ve been torn a new one on Canadian national TV, or do we all still have to smile because they’re 10-3-1?

  52. Im going to put my 2 cents in as to where this game went wrong. I think it was the moment Renney stopped playing the Orr-Betts-Sjostrom line. They were the only consistent line all night. In Tom I trust, but I think he shouldve stuck with em.

  53. GARR…I feel like he could have stopped any of those…the deflection was bare minimal. Its not like he had to go from left to right. All of the shots were stoppable too. Terrible terrible game…that shows what the crowd can do to ya. if it was 1-1, then 2-1 us we would have been fine, but the fact that the crowd got into it ruined us. Ive never heard a crowd so loud.

  54. Break up the the horrid Kalinin-Rozsival pair. They were backing in the entire period they looked like swiss cheese. The Rangers just didn’t get much out of forwards. The Naslund-Drury-Fritsche line was a complete non factor. Drury had a great chance on the pp late and was good on the pk but there is not a forward on this team that he seems to have chemistry at this stage. Dubinsky and Zherdev were almost invisable. I counted one good shift for each. Voros was really the best forward along with Betts and Sjostrom. That is never all that good when those guys are by far your best forwards. Voros was in front of the net all game and had 3-4 great chances. Gomez was not only sluggish but he was a turnover machine. Girardi was likely the best dman. This is what happens when a team with a team that has issues scoring and a soft defense when they get subpar goaltending even for a period. No time to go crazy as they are 10-3-1 but the lines need to be reshuffled and put Staal with Rozsival and Mara with Kalinin.

  55. Hahahahahahaha WOW. All you can honestly do is laugh about that nightmare! What a textbook bedshitting….. Valliquette is on *SUICIDE WATCH!* …… All I was able to catch was the 3rd and holy hell…. Those boys are gonna be skaaaaaaating like bastards for that tomorrow.

    Gonna be a madhouse in Toronto tonight… I’m jealous.

  56. I watched the Nhl Network and they showed Mario’s 5 goal game again the Rangers in 93 and freaking Jon Mitchell(who?) looked like vintage Mario pretty embarrasing.

  57. Nyr finally got exposed tonight. They’ve been getting away with this bullshit for the last few games, and finally a team raped them, and exposed them. Just pathetic, flat out embarrassing. Gomer with yet another pathetic retard pass, that goes nowhere, and Rozi with his half assed attempt to clear the puck. Good job.

    The worst part is, we had our chance to put this away, and we didn’t do it. The PP sucks, and it screwed us tonight. This team isn’t gonna win if the mother fuggin 4th god damn line is the best line.

    Take Cally, and Dawes off Gomer’s god damn wing, put at least Nazzy or Dru up there with one of those two, take Fritsche the fugg out of the god damn lineup, if you’re gonna play him, put him where he belongs, on the 4th line.

    Vally was raped by his own teammates, they totally fugged him over. He tried to do everything he could to keep this one from blowing up, but he couldn’t, cause this “expensive” defense took the final 7 mins off, thinking he’ll bail them out. I cant believe this happened against the fuggin Leafs. Ugh, this team just embarrassed themselves, im so sick right now im gonna throw up.

    On top of that the Devs raped the Trashers 6-1, while we could only beat them by a c*nt hair, 3-2, and thte Habs come back to beat the Isles 5-4. What a great night to lose, yipee !! NOT !!!!!!

    I bet Aves is laughing his ass off at Vally, after his game ends. And thanks to Nyr’s shitty final 7 mins, a poor Toronto chick is gonna get pissed on by a drunken happy Hollweg. Good job guys !

  58. There is no hunger in this team to score. They take their routine bad angle shots, but they aren’t willing to pay the price by crashing the net or taking a hit to make a great pass. There is not enough creativity, they dump the puck in too much instead of trying to make a play.

  59. SALTY

    Is it really funny ? The way im feeling im thinking of putting my head through doors, and ripping off the heads of my little sisters dolls.


    I got a great idea, TRADE ROZSIVAL !!!! SIGN SUNDIN with the cash.

    Oh wait, if Mats was watching, im sure he’s going straight to the Nucks. We just blew that one.

    I guess i should be happy since we’re 10-3-1. But no im not, cause i just watched a 10-3-1 team blow a 2 goal lead with under 7 mins left. How embarrassing.

  60. HockeymanRangers on

    Easy ORR, we will still be OK. Don’t beat them up they are human. But it is pretty hard to take b/c we had the game the first 55 minutes and just lost it in 5 minutes. Hard to take isn’t it.

  61. Remember when I said we’d be screwed if Hank ever got hurt? Remember when several people in this blog jumped all over me for that comment saying “Ohhh, no, we’d be fine with Vally.”

    Yeeeaahhhhhhh, anyone wanna take that back? No one? Really? That second goal was a soft, B/S goal (don’t wanna hear it about the deflection, that puck CAN’T go in the net under any circumstance) and it rattled Valiquette. There’s a reason he’s a backup, people (and a fine one at that). But Hank is elite and the Rangers would be screwed without him.

    The Rangers will be fine. This loss will wake everyone up. They were playing mediocre hockey and getting wins, now they can have a little wake up call and up their level over the course of 60 minutes.

  62. The Naslund-Gomez-Drury line was already tried and was brutally bad. Put Naslund and Zherdev with Gomez. Have Dawes and Cally play with Drury(they worked well together last year) and have Dubi center Prucha and Voros.

  63. I think my brain just $h!t everywhere. I dont know what to do or say right now. But I will say my night is ruined and now I want to get wasted so I can forget this. Every team is going to bring this game up when playing us and there all gonna out work us in the last 10 minutes. This will come back to haunt us again.

  64. Rob I don’t recall anyone saying they’d be fine if Hank went down long term and Valley had to carry the load. The Rangers would be royally screwed and surely miss the playoffs but double digits points.

  65. We would be so much better of a team if we would have avoided most UFA signings.

    I can’t believe we are insanely overpaying for garbage soft offensive impotents like Redden, Drury, Gomez and Rozsival.


    I see what your saying but deflections are big in a goalies judgment, and some of those shots were unbelievable, i mean perfect placement.

  67. 4 of those goals have to be stopped. He was screened on the Kubina goal. The two by Mitchell were nice shots but he saw them clean and no one was in front…have to stop them.

  68. Honestly I do see the humor in it Orr. Like watching a friend fall down on his face…. You feel bad but you still say “nice going ya dick”.

  69. The first Mitchell one he miss judged, he got caught to far to his own right, and left the left side open for the shot, were Mitchell put an unbelievable shot.

  70. Well, given what transpired tonight, it should set the stage for a very interesting game on Tuesday night against the Islanders, who blew a 4-1 lead to Montreal to go and lose 5-4. I really hope we come out pissed off and just go for blood.

  71. Seriously though, its one game. If this becomes a serious trend, then I’m concerned. This was by far the worst game they played the whole season. Every time they’ve lost though they really picked it up the next game, so lets see how they handle this adversity. You know Renney is going to tear them a new one.

  72. I don’t want to compare him to Hank, but when was the last time you saw him give up a straight up shot when no one was in front of him

  73. Marc Staal had may his worst game as a pro. He was not his usual heady calm self. In fact he looked like a bewildered walrus all night. Fugly game for him(along with the majority of his teammates)

  74. gotta agree go get Sundin. Wow we were horrible in the 3rd tonight. Montreal game all over again. Kalik is horrible. Was Dawes out there again. Get Gomer better wingers. I love cally, but he is just not cutting it.

  75. I don’t think this was the worst game we played this season. The worst was the game against Buffalo, but this wasn’t one of our better efforts. It is only 1 game, and I’m confident in this team. I think we will take positives from this and bounce back.

  76. Having the lead until 6 minutes left and learning a lesson like this now rather than later. I guess I mean more that they can get something positive from this rather than take positives from the actual game. Happy now prick? Does that clarify it enough for you?

  77. Every team is going to use this against us now? Every team is going to outplay us in the last 10 minutes? Spoken like a true D bag. Jesus man, get a frigin grip. Be annoyed but be realistic. Typical prick poor sport fan. Why don’t you and Bob go get a room and tea bag each other for the rest of the night to make yourselves feel better. I bet you were first chair in the school band weren’t you? What was the instrument? Skin flute or the Male organ?

  78. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    This game wasn’t pretty but it’s only one game. There’s no one to blame and there’s everyone to blame. It seemed the passion was missing, we were lackluster. I agree with Staal, it was like someone else on the ice. Tonight was a wake-up call. The true test of the mettle this team is how they come back from it.

  79. My apologies to everyone else who had to read that, but don’t push my fuggin buttons for trying to be positive.

  80. Throw this game out, and you STILL have a team that is 100% dependent on Henrik for its great start.

    Put any other goalie in the world in net for the Rangers since Prague, and you are — best case, bright side across the board — looking at a 5-5-4 record.

    They do not hit, they do not punish, they exact no price in front of the net, and their coaches are unbelievably over-rated.

  81. Nasty 1
    leave it be…some just don’t get it.
    Remember the sky is falling tonight…
    some fans are only capable of reacting.
    so the reaction tonight is the usual
    “Renney sucks, Betts sucks, Drury sucks, trade Betts, Vally sucks”
    Nasty just do like me and check the blog on Monday. Let the sky is falling crowd get it out of there systems.

  82. The question becomes, how much longer can the Rangers go on without having a consistant powerplay? After being embarassed and demoralized by the Leafs, this team has to wake up and start moving their feet and taking more shots with the man advantage.

    Not only will every team run the Rangers into the ground in the third period, they will take liberties because they know if they do get penalized, it won’t cost them.

    Is Perry Pearn responsible for this state of affairs? I don’t care if he is. He needs to go. They need to get someone in there with new ideas who can reach these players and turn this around.

  83. nasty no apologies necessary. although some young uns might ask what tea bags are.

    ford granted we need Henrik and need him big time but also rested. so with Valley getting 4 pts in 3 games that has helped on 2 fronts and conserving henriks energy and health is a big consideration. 2 yrs ago Henrik was on fumes and Valley played a game at garden vs Stl. came through then as he has quite a bit the last couple of yrs. not tonight granted but he is still a big part of the team

  84. Nasty- Spot on. As a coach, I learned early on in my career that adversity and losses play a much bigger role in future success than wins do. Of course, I can only compare at the amateur level, but the basic idea of learning form a loss is universal in all sports and all levels. Renney said as much to the HNIC reporter afterwards, when the guy said how do you forget it and move on, and Renney said we have to use this.

  85. Yeah, that was a real good one. You got me there. I play hockey at my college and we watch tapes on other teams before we play them. And when we see the last game that they’ve played they lost in the last minutes we try to build on that and ruin their confidence by scoring early and scoring late. We take advantage of their weaknesses at the moment. The positive out of this game is…lets not ever play like this again. It wasn’t just 6 minutes…it was 60. Renney was pissed off the whole game, the Toronto announcers couldn’t get enough of it. Thats all they were talking about. Its great to see that almost 3/4 of your comments are just putting others down though. You make a real solid point through that.

  86. Personally I would rather lose a game this way rather than getting out played by a lesser opponent the whole game. It is a flukey kind of loss. Lesson learned is that you can’t fall asleep late in the game when you have the lead. You have to either keep trying to score and bury the other team or play solid defense and sit on the lead. You CAN’T go to sleep like that. Plain and simple.

  87. Nasty

    I am sympathetic with your POV but come on, this team has been getting away with murder for a while. I agree that there is no reason to jump out a window (or off the bandwagon) but bottom line? The Rangers are a solid, decent team that happens to have an all-world goalie.

    Dawes? Fritsche? Yikes. And Naslund was brutal again tonight, along with Gomez. Dubi, where did you go?

  88. Just like I say before I post everytime normally, we are 10-3-1 now! This doesn’t mean the end of the world, but we must know that we can’t play like that and teams are going to come at us hard now in the last minutes

  89. This is the last I will address you, because I do feel you are beneath me. I am not the guy you want to get in a debate or argument with on here. I will bury you. I have been posting on here for a while now. Probably 2 years or so. I haven’t really ever had an issue with anyone. I post intelligent and well thought out posts and engage in some good realistic debates. I have no problem with people who don’t agree with my views or disagree with me, but there is a way to go about it. Fugg with the bull you get the horns. Thanks for playing though, it sure was fun.

  90. I honestly don’t believe that we have played a full 60 minute game yet and somehow we still come out on top for most games. That is unbelieveable. Somehow, they took advantage of that tonight and made it blatantly evident. The only thing different personnel wise that I think we should do is put Prucha for Fritsche, and Im not even going to say trade Fritsche, because I think he could be valuable in the future

  91. LI Joe — Nothing you wrote I disagree with, and I have no problem with Valley. I like him, and think he is perfectly suited to the role.

    But Lundqvist has covered up so many mistakes and errors and incredible faux pas by this team since Day One. And simply put, whether I like it or not or you like it or not or Renney likes it or not, the chickens inevitably come home to roost.

  92. Nasty, I haven’t been trying to get on your anal side. You’re the one who started it with me. I just couldn’t see any positives coming out of this game at all. Sure maybe I just got on this blog half a year ago, but I have had intellectual discussions the entire time Ive been here and I do not believe I have ever gotten anyone really mad before. What I say comes from what I see, haven’t missed a Rangers game since the lockout, and from how I play and how my team plays. We have had games like this and all you want to do is remember we can never play like this again. I would like to continue on this blog without throwing negative comments back and forth at one another without an intellectual basis. Those last two comments that you had sent to me had little to no evidence behind them and I understand that right now is a time of frustration because I’m frustrated about the game too. It just shouldn’t have to be like this.

  93. LI Joe
    November 1st, 2008 at 10:42 pm
    nasty no apologies necessary. although some young uns might ask what tea bags are.

    I didn’t know you are such an expert on tea bags. That explains your love for Blair Betts.

  94. Signing Sundin would be the SMARTEST thing Slats would do. As long as he’s trading Rozsival. Im not just saying this because of the fuggin loss, im saying it cause its god damn smart, You sign the guy for one season, that’s it. You trade Rozi, and Pruchs to free up the cap space, and at the end of the year, lose Mats, put that extra cash towards Nicky, Dubi, and Staalsy, and that’s that.


    Yeah, that WAS the Rangers. Except tonight the luck ran out. I mean, honestly, when was the last time Nyr played 60 minutes ? I think it was against the Devs, and ever since then, they’ve been playing aboot 35 mins, more or less, and managing to win the game. Im starting to get semi worried. Our record is 10-3-1, but we beat teams like Trashers, Leafs, Hawks, Blue Jackets, Isles, Early Bad Flyers, and the Bolts twice. The only tough teams we beat this season are the Devs, and Pens. We haven’t started to verse the Sens, Habs, B’s, etc. The teams that are gonna cause problems. They need to start playing 60 mins. I know they’re not gonna win every game, but to lose like this, is NOT good.

    Like i said, sign Mats ! What harm can it do ? He can still play, he’s still dominant, he’s a big body, he’s smart, he’s a leader. He’ll probably do more than Gomer’s been doing.


    Im with you, except im 18 and i cant buy alci, but i sure as shit can use some !!!! Im beyond pissed right now. I hope the Isles get destroyed, and Orr knocks out Fritz, and Sutton, and Comrie gets a puck to the face so bad that Hilary Duffus breaks up with his gnomey looking ass of a face.

  95. NASTY

    Are you serious ? You’d rather lose like this ? Wow, i don’t know how you can say that, but if that’s how you feel, then what ever. For me, it pisses me off, and makes the loss harder. Im guessing you loved the game against the Habs, and that game against the Pens in the playoffs, huh ?

  96. or try:

    Naslund-Gomez-Zherdev might work
    Dawes-Dubinsky-Prucha had success last season

  97. That was embarassing! WOW! 2-0 lead…then disaster. WTF???? I’m at a loss for words for Vally…Guess what the boys will be doing tomorrow, if not being punished tonight. Renney is going to RUN THEIR ASS! GOOD! They deserve it. I’m surprised to be saying this, but please put in Prucha, at least he plays with heart. I’m even disgusted with Drury right now…thats very difficult to do. I’m surprised Renney didn’t suffer a stroke watching the last 5 minutes of play. Tuesday’s game better be NOTHING like tonight.

    Only 2 good things to say about their digusting play tonight. Cally..good job. Betts…beautiful goal.

  98. bob – i’ve heard the expression. had no personal experience with it and never will. just was pointing out to you that your boy betts had a good game. he is not my fav nor do i hate him like you do.

    orr – can talk about trading a guy like Rozy but i doubt very much any team will take him with 3 yrs at $ 5 mm per yr left on his contract after this yr. and the cap is very likely to go down with the world economic situation

    if he or Redden was waived with those salaries no one would claim them. remember it takes 2 to make a deal and plenty of high $ players are waived and no one claims them and they only have a yr or 2 on their contracts

  99. This loss is a great wakeup call and reality check for everybody:

    1. Ranger fans realize now how they suck in comparison to Toronto and Montreal fans. Okay scratch that one.

    2. Renney realized that his lines combos suck and that Pearn and PP suck. Who am I kidding.

    3. Sather realized he should stop handing out huge contracts to mediocre players and that his coach is an idiot whose key to winning is Lundqvist. Yeah riht, he probably hasn’t seen Rangers play yet this season.

    4. I realized that whenever Betts scores the other team mounts a big comeback effort, while Rangers start playing like crap.

  100. Orr, yeah I would rather lose like this. This is not the kind of game a team is going to lose all of the time. It just isn’t. There have been no indications that the rangers this year are a team that is going to just shit the bed like this on a consistent basis. Last year, after we shit the bed against Montreal, we responded strong and played some very strong hockey thereafter. What I am saying is that I would have rather lost this way in the last 5 minutes of the game, than lose, say, 5-0 and just get severely outplayed the whole game. We did not play that bad the whole game long. Sure, we SUCK on the power play, that is nothing new. But defensively, we played a pretty sound game up until the last 5 minutes. And that is my point. If, and it is a big IF, our PP clicked we would be sitting even prettier in the standing than we are now. IF our PP clicked on that last PP of the game, I am willing to bet money that this doesn’t happen tonight. But other than that, I think aside from 5 minutes, we played a pretty decent road game. I don’t think the sky is falling or that a huge losing streak is coming. I think the team was humiliated and will bounce back strong from this.

  101. Orr, Im 19, myself. Its just easy to get stuff where Im from…haha. And Hilary Duff is going out with Comrie….hahahahaha

  102. If I was the coach I would send a message by scratching the 2 billionaires Gomez and Drury for at least a game and put in Prucha and Rissmiller.

  103. Im pretty sure the ice was tilted the whole entire game, we were just lucky that we were up 2-0. Thats why I say there were no positives. You might look at it differently, but thats the way I see things.

  104. Bob lay off the booze. Your pretty weird. This team needs a nice kick in the rear end thats what they need. I dont care that we lost i care how we lost. I hate giving up leads.

  105. onecupin67years on

    Its only one bad game.. but there is a lot of truth to what is said in the blog.. big buck free agent signings doesn’t mean the fat cats are stars..DRURY, NASLAND and Gomez etc. They are good players but they aren’t guys to build a champion team around.
    This team has too many average players . and Tom and crew are just average coaches incapable of inspiring the troops.

  106. before anybody rips my head off i seriously think we should sign shanny or sundin. Who gives a rats behind who is faster and slower. We need goals. Also more of a pick me up tooo. Plus those two are good talkers. I love when Dru talks but he tends to make me tired which i would be surprised if he did that in the lockerroom.

    Ok everyone let me have it!

  107. ugly ugly loss, well deserved.

    they played like crap and finally lost a game they should have.

    Fritsche is not better then Prucha, how obvious is that?

    Bad bad loss but they need to regroup and play better all over the place..

  108. we don’t need goalscorers, we need creative playmakers. I don’t mind trading Gomez for a 1st rounder and signing Sundin for 1 season. Shanahan I don’t ever want to see again.

  109. I’m usually not the voice of reason but what the hell It was a bad loss but it’s one loss. I can’t believe people are reacting to one loss by saying sign Sundin and trade this guy and that guy. I will go nuts if or when they lost 3-4 in as row till then I’m disapointed but no need to go crazy. Yes alot of the warts and flaws were shown but it is fixeable(for the most part) Why is Cally getting smacked around by some? He has 4 goals and has been really good game in and game out.

  110. Bob our whole team is playmakers. The same freakin people with different last names. I obviously would never get rid of Gomer he is great, who else gets into the zone as fast as he does? no one! Your cracked out.

    Graves9, maybe we got sent to reality tonight. We cant win every game. Its not that big of a deal that we lost, but how we lost. We are a heck of alot better than Toronto. “No question about it” ha.

  111. dr house – shanny is gone he is not playing here anymore. in the next week or 2 he will sign somewhere else. bank on it

  112. It’s a small pet peeve of mine but It drives me nuts when people use the word ‘we’when talking about the team fans root for. Whether they win or lose or play well or not we have nothing to do with it.

  113. Rangers will get over this one like we got over the most embarassing 5 goal comeback to lose 6-5 to the habs. Valiquette could have been better. You guys need to stop freaking out about one bad loss, im sure they’ll all be up bright and early tomorrow for a spanking.

    I bleed my team, win or lose. Go Rangers!

  114. im not jumping ship here, i’ve been saying we should trade Rozi since September, but i just read that Ottawa is desperate for a puck-moving D-man, and are willing to trade Fisher or Vermette to do so.

    I would definitely take advantage of that and trade Rozi for Vermette. Plus, that would free up about 3 million dollars cap space

  115. It’s a frustrating loss but one bad loss doesn’t necessarily mean anything in the overall scheme of things.

    If history shows anything I’d say it shows that bringing in one or two new faces doesn’t make a team.

    I really wonder about the situation with Prucha. It just seems like there’s another part of the story we’re not hearing.

    As long as they make the playoffs I don’t really care how bumpy the road is during the season. I just hope they are as hot in the playoffs as they were during the first 13 games of this season.

  116. The story with Prucha is simply that Renney is not a big fan and always had a short leash on him.

    Whole team of playmakers? Playmakers as in those that make an amazing pass shift in and shift out? Drury is brutal playmaker, Dawes and Callahan were always goalscorers, same for Prucha, Fritsche, Betts, Voros, Orr and Sjostrom are certainly not much of playmakers, Gomez is insanely overrated playmaker(Nylander was 10 times better) so only Zherdev, Dubinsky and Naslund are above average playmakers.

  117. Funny how the choice of “captain” gets worse and worse ever since 1997.

    Leetch–not vocal and his game suffered somewhat
    Messier part 2–brutal old fart could barely do anything useful.
    Jagr–lazy selfish sloth
    Drury–undersized, overrated, overpaid, non-physical, non-scoring, 45.9% faceoffs, offensive impotent

  118. I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again. The C for captain in Rangers hockey stands for Cancer.

  119. somerset – i would be absolutely shocked if ottawa or anyone else traded for rozy with that contract. maybe and its a big maybe the Rangers can let him slip away back to europe after the season to avoid cap hit. but they would still be responsible for his contract in real dollar terms.

    can see them trying that tact especially if the cap comes down as i expect it to with economy the way it is and will be

  120. All Hail King Henrik on

    Terrible loss; hopefully it will wake them up.

    You have to wonder if we might have been able to hold on if Valley had his pad on the ice and stopped that second goal. The entire team completely unraveled after that. They probably would’ve lost anyways, but you do have to wonder. That was a soft goal, deflection or not.

    Am I the only one who was yelling at the TV when Giannone went off at the mouth at Valley’s 115 min scoreless streak against Toronto? As soon as they put up that stat and Giannone said it, I KNEW that Valley’s shutout was going to be broken in the next two minutes. Sure enough, less than two minutes later it was. I didn’t think they’d score five straight, though.

    Same thing happened last season with Hank. The showed the time of his shutout streak (he had 2 consecutive) and the other team (forgot who) scored like 20 seconds or so later.


    Yeah I know it’s all superstition, but whatever–goalies are a superstitious bunch.

  121. All Hail King Henrik on

    PLEASE scratch Dawes. He does NOTHING. The bottom line is his job on this team is to score goals, if he’s not doing that (ESPECIALLY while playing with our number one playmaker) then he serves no purpose and should be scratched. I hate to be so tough on the guy, but enough is enough. Bury one of those A+ passes from Gomer already.

    Prucha can’t score worth a shit either, but at least he will draw us some calls and effectively forecheck and get the puck deep

    Dawes showed nothing in preseason and has shown nothing in the regular season. He is not fast, and is a defensive liability.

    The Korpedo showed a lot in preseason, I’d MUCH rather give him the time to develop. And as contradictory as this is–If the left wing on Gomers line isn’t going to score goals, I’d rather it be The Korpedo not scoring them.

  122. this is the first time i ever read the comments, fuggin people rock. please explain to me what renney has against prucha. the guy plays his balls off every shift although he takes a beatin and bounces off of everyone he is still better than #12 and #49. thanks glen for pissin away 2mill.i hope they are showcasin 49 because prucha should be in the lineup every nite.
    cant place all the blame tonite on valley, maybe 2 of the 4 were sh&*(y goals. but the momentum of the game changed after the first goal(renney maybe should have used his t.o. at that point)Drury=invisible, girardi cant keep the puck in on the pp and isnt consis as phys as he should be. rosi needs to just blast the puck through people on the pp. how about setting somebody up for a onetimer at the top of the circle. how about renney leaving the line intact for the pp so these guys can skate with each other more.
    the 4th line was our best line 2nite.
    final random thought why redden and not orpik. we needed a physical d man that can kick some ass. we really cant complain at 10-3-1 butmore than half of those wins belong to the KING, for without theKING we would be in a bad place right now. pray for his good health. later

  123. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Very bad loss tonight.Thia type of loss is what starts prolonged losing streaks.I expect them to lose the next three games now.There are many reasons for the teams poor play over the last two weeks, but only two reasons for them being able to win most of their games during that period.Those reason are Henrick lundquist and Nick Zherdev.
    What we saw tonight was a team that once again played with little passion and had a minor league quality goalie in net.Yes,Valliquette has won some games and has played fairley well in them,but that’s the same as Blair Betts scoring a goal or an assist once on a while.The powerplay sucks!.The defense is too slow of foot,and two slow to move the puck that’s why they are suseptable to being agressivly forchecked.Thh majority of their plays are along the boards.That’s what Renneyade hockey is all about.It’s like watching Knock hockey.This team has almost zero creativity,and that’s because they have a coach who is only worried about defending.This team has lacked any kind of killer instinct for the better part of Renney’s tenure.He coaches not to lose instead of coaching to win.The proof of this is in the personel he deploys in overtime.Just this year against the Pens he had Blair Betts take a shift with Gomez,Dubinsky,Drury and Sjostrome.Only onw short shift had Dubi and Z together during that game.

    Kalinin is just plain awfull! He was out played by Potter throughout the preseason but of course as always,someone elses crap gets the chance instead of home grown talent.

    Rozy should never see the powerplay again.I don’t care how much money he makes.

    Redden so far has shown that he is NOT worth the money he’s getting.They were better off going after Campbell,at least he’s a beast on the PP.

    Dawes needs to take a seat!

    I know it’s one loss,but they have not desereved at least 5 of their ten wins this year,they are where they are because of the King.

  124. please i forgot to mention dawes has got to go. sitting prucha for dawes or #49 is fruckin criminal. sather should have dealt #12 or #49 for future considerations instead of no specimin.

  125. I can’t stomach 3.7 and 5.7 more seasons of Drury and Gomez respectively. Sather is such an idiot for being such a sucker for UFAs. I don’t mind UFA signings like Voros or Naslund that are not big overpayments and not long term, but those Redden, Gomez, Drury, Holik, Kasparaitis signings need to stop. And a shorter contract is safer, more tradeable and a player usually performs better.

  126. hey czech i think u and i were watching the game 2gether 2nite, could not agree wihth u more renney spends more time tryin to hold his leads he lacksa killer instinct. the proof was last year in the playoffs 3 goal lead in pitt he sat back and they pissed the game away. i called it as soon as the 3rd goal was scored god as my witness. its hard to complain when ur winnin but this yeam is not playin the way that they should be playin. cant allways depend on the KING to bail us out, hes gonna get worn out.

  127. hey bob do u think we really needed both drury and gomez? i thought it was a little excessive. and why th f#$%^k did slats not get orpik, the guys a beast, he pounds everythin in site he also has a bomb from the point. i just think sather wasted some money, plus pissin the 12th pick of the draft on an ivy leaguer, who 3years later u trade away for pract nothin. could have had parise. someone should have been fired, if this was the yankees someone would have got axed.

  128. I don’t know what happened to Dawes, either he doesn’t have any chemistry with Scott “turnover machine” Gomez or he just sucks this season. So if he doesn’t produce on a different line, trade him.

    I want to remind that besides Prucha, we also have Byers, Korpikoski, Anisimov, Dupont, Weisse, Pyatt, Moore.

    And our main need is for better playmakers. Gomez, Drury, Betts are just not cutting it.

  129. stuschlagel, Orpik resigned.

    I hated both Drury and Gomez signing from the very beginning, we didn’t need either of them and I never thought very highly of them as top talent. And I also thought we didn’t need Redden with Sanguinetti, Potter as well as Sauer when he gets healthy.

  130. What makes this loss hurt so bad is that we gave up 5 god dam goals in 5 unreal sick minutes !!! How come Vally wasnt yanked out of there!!??? Didnt wanna sent out Hank to lions?? Hank would have stopped all those weak goals. Vally should be shot and pissed on…thank goodness we have Hank in there . Hurt alot because we should have shut-out this team!!! sick absolutly sick …even a win against islanders next won’t take away this sour taste .

  131. BOB you whinning about us signing Gomez and Drury , kinda shows what kinda moron you are ..look in the mirror , your ugly and your lame azz comments sound like some idiot makinf mute points. Mute points , you look retarded when you type on here . Alot of 18 /19 year olds on here have alot more insight to read . Do us all a favor and look stuiped on another blog , bob the knob gobbler.

  132. Bob you know nothing. 10-3-1 and we have somebody thats seriously crying hard over the Rangers. Relax brah.


    Lol, gimme a god damn break. Orpik CANT KICK ANYONES ASS. This guy through two big hits at Jagr, and avoided a fight with Dubinsky, lol, so if yuo think he’s “tough” that should show you that he’s not. I love Dubi, but the kid cant fight, at least not yet, he’s just like Lecavalier, he needs to wait for the “man muscle” to come in, which takes another year or two.

    Also Orpik wanted a shitload of money he DID NOT deserve. That money he was gonna get was all for ONE shift in the fuggin Cup Finals. JUST ONE !!! This guy is an overrated physical d-man. He took a discount for his team, but if he left, he would have been severely overpaid. Even though that’s how all players are.

    I had a night to sleep on it, and im still pissed, but im aboot to go to a new IHOP, so i might be a little happpier after that. Ill be even more happy if Broduer is out for the season, mwaahahaha Roy is alive for another season !! I hope.

    But anyway, ive been really disappointed with Gomer. He’s not earning his cash at all, everytime he goes to pass the puck, he always messes up, he’s trying to do to much. Renney needs to take another stick to the head, this time harder, cause he’s making some idiotic decisions for the lines.

    I just don’t understand why Fritsche plays over Pruchs. It makes no sense. Unless Pruchs is getting traded. Who was that guy on this blog, i think it was VOGS, who said he thought Fritsche was the “key piece” of that trade, and not Zherdev, in his opinion. Lol, yeah he’s damn good.

    Ugh, another thing that pissed me off. Cally had Dawes wide open for a breakaway in the 3rd, it was a big gap in the ice, where that puck could have gone through without the Leafs getting it, and he messed up, and fugged up. Who knows if he woulda scored but still…


  134. Time for a new coaching staff. I’m back to my fire Renney mode. With the 10-2 start, thought I’d give him some rope, now I want to hang him with it.

    Can’t blame Jagr, Shanny any more for the PP problems. Maybe Renney needs to get hit again on the head to straighten him out. I would save him the pain and fire him instead.

    Dubinsky hasn’t been the same since his benching. Nice way to know your players. His refusal to give Prucha a chance is unbelievable.

    I still think this team will make the playoffs but barely. Only a new coach will motivate this team to do better than that.

  135. everybody calm down…it’s just one loss. It’s a long season and there are going to be games like this. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

  136. “I’ve always got bullets in the chamber,” Renney said before the game when he was asked about ways to improve the struggling power play.

    Who wants to tell him where to put the first bullet?

    Renney puts the gun to his head and Pearn says,”What the hell are you doing Tom?” Tom says,”Don’t worry Perry, you’re next!”

  137. Bob – Redden is doing quite well. That puking Kalinen had ANOTHER BAD GAME. He has yet to have one single G,D. GOOD GAME this season. Awful, awful, awuful excuse for an NHL D. By far the worst D on the team as the rest are mediocre to decent.

    A new D played his first game in Hartford, last night. His last name is Urquhart and he scored a goal 28 seconds into the game, a 3-1 victory for the Wolf Pack.

    Dreary had another snoozer game, -2 and nothing else to recommend, except he won a couple extra face offs above his pathetic norm.

    Korpi is off to a fast start in Hartford, but it’s just two games for him down there, so we will see if he stays hot. Damn shame our LW’s are all in place. Signing Naslund just holds up Korpi’s career on Broadway. Dreary and Fritsche HAVE TO GO! One good game between them, all season. Rangers need to play the Isles every night, for Dreary to look good, it seems.

  138. “Ouch Dane Byers is done for the year it would seem with an ACL tear :(”

    damn that sucks, that pretty much seals his chances to ever make the Rangers all could have been a lot different had he made the team like he was supposed to. Our prospect pool has suddenly gone very empty with Cherepanov and now Byers.

    Make trades for draft picks and young prospects. Get rid of Gomez and sign Sundin before he signs somewhere else.

  139. Redden is so weak it is pathetic, he is like 6’2″ and only 190lbs, built like Peter Nedved. He needs to put on 20 pounds of muscle to be effective.

  140. Not that the smoke has cleared a bit and the dust is starting to settle, I would like to apologize a bit to the posters on this blog. Last night I had quite a few Shiner Bocks in me and I let a few differences in opinion really get to me. I have said in the past that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and each of us view things differently. I think the absolute bed shitting got to everyone last night. No matter how we lost the game, we lost the game and it flat out sucks. I have said since the beginning of the season, that I will take two points no matter how we can get them. Or even a point for that matter. And I would have loved even just one point after what I saw last night. That being said, and it is not news to anyone, we are a upper middle team. We are not a powerhouse in this league as of right now. We were beating teams that we were supposed to beat, and playing teams that are supposed to be better than us and playing well. I am just as pissed about last night as everyone else, and I am just trying to look on the bright side here. Sorry for the long post, but I just want to get this all out there. I don’t think our D is as bad as a lot of people are saying right now. Actually, if you really go back and watch last night’s game, our D was pretty good up until the last half of the 3rd. We are lacking a bone crushing D man, fine, I will give everyone that. But most of Toronto’s shots last night were weak and from far out. I have no problem with that. IMO we are a good power play away from this team taking the next step to being truly one of the best teams in the league. I don’t think we truly truly need a bonafied superstar on this team to do that either, we just need a competent PP. Look at the Devils for all those years, their superstar was Brodeur, and sure they had a more competent defense, but you all know what I mean. I would rather have a TEAM of hard workers than a team who relies on one or two players.
    Sooo, let’s bury this one out back, next to the old comforter bag full of Penthouse Magazines, and hope that Mom doesn’t find it when she does her gardening, and take this out on the Islanders on Tuesday night. Who is with me? Let’s go Rangers!!!

  141. Dawes–looking like a bust
    Gomez–has been brutal
    Drury–beyond brutal and doesn’t hit
    Betts–sucks as always, but got lucky several times
    Sjostrom–all legs and not much else, when he gets hit he goes flying
    Fritsche–worthless and useless
    Dubinsky–got too cocky and lazy after a great start
    Voros–needs to get a bit faster and stronger
    Zherdev–stopped hitting
    Orr–isn’t going to help out much offensively

  142. Gomez—has been brutal–*** If you mean he has brutal LINEMATES who can’t keep up with him, sure, I’ll agree there, but Gomez has been a lone bright spot… which only turns into a more upsetting situation because we don’t have the wingers to keep up with the guy.

    Drury—beyond brutal and doesn’t hit–*** slow start like USUAL but will probably will straighten it out and get his 25 goals this season.

    Sjostrom—all legs and not much else, when he gets hit he goes flying–*** Has also been a bright spot with established forechecking– the rest of the team can’t seem to establish this unless your name is…

    Prucha—who IS snakebitten but makes things happen EVERY SINGLE TIME he is on this ice… hard to say he’s snakebitten when he’s given no PP time and only plays every other game, anyway, sort of like…

    Fritsche—worthless and useless–*** since he only plays every other game, it’s a little unfair to judge his skills, don’t you think?

    Dubinsky—got too cocky and lazy after a great start–*** cocky or shaken after being benched? I’ll admit he needs to keep two hangs on the stick though, and stop taking penalties.

    Zherdev—stopped hitting –*** saved the Rangers with two great games in a row, and we’re going to get on him for stopping to hit when NONE of the Rangers finish their checks? Zherdev is looking great out there for the most part.


    Actually no, Gomer HAS been brutal. He’s doing nothing, even with his linemates, he’s just not doing anything. So basically we’re paying him all that money to play defensive hockey, which is BS. He should be playing with Nazzy, or Nicky, but even so, he’s still playing like half a retard.

  144. Oh yeah, and as for Byers. Who gives a shit, he’s a tough loss for the Wolf Pack, NOT Nyr. He’s never gonna be anything more than a 4th liner, IF he makes this team. So forget aboot him. Im more interested in Anisimov, Weise, etc.

  145. Naslund Gomez Zherdev
    Dawes Drury Callahan
    Voros Dubinsky Prucha
    Orr Betts Sjostrom

    They need to give that a shot next game. Let those lines play for at least 2 games. Throw the shit to the wall and see what sticks.

  146. Byers was going to be similar to Voros, he would have been a complete package as far as 4th liners go. Weise is pretty much the same player–also a very good 4t liner.

    Dubinsky got benched so what, it is not like he was having a great game. He needs to start hitting again and stop taking bad penalties.

    “but Gomez has been a lone bright spot…” — LMAO

  147. someone mentioned orpik last night. can’t sign someone who does not want to come here. we offered more $. he wanted to stay with pitt and have a better chance to win the cup at a hometown discount. can’t put a gun to a guy and make him sign here.

    having said that we offered redden way more $ and more yrs than we should have.

    glad to see some fans showed their true colors. the real negative ones who love to post when we lose but never when we win. would hate to be in a foxhole with you. i’d watch my back as you would be the bigger threat than what is in front of me.

  148. Byers is closer to Charlotte than New York, given his early season play. He is looking like this year’s version of Alex Bourret, whom many could not fathom was actually having a bust of a year, last year in Hartford, as though he had some kind of potential. One of Sather’s best off-season moves was getting Bourret out of the organization. Byers is on the same track to oblivion.

  149. i agree with most comments on this board mostly everyone has great insight and hockey knowledge but jeez guys relax. rangers had their annual charity game last night. its been comin for the last few games and it caught up to them. i think adversity like this serves a purpose in the longrun, even though i almost went out on a murder spree last night. my point is that its better this happens now than late in the season giving the team false confidence and get blown apart in the playoffs. i think they need to stop playin hot potato in their own end they look pathetic when they cant get it out and some of our so called leaders on this team need to earn their paycheck. as much as i love the wins weve been getting, id like to see a game where we just unleash hell on the opposing team and show this league were capable of kickin some ass. we let other teams back in it way too often

  150. What makes you say that Byers was a bust in AHL this season? He was 2nd on the team in scoring with 7 points in 9 games and he was projected as a 3rd or 4th liner in NHL, Bourret was projected as a 2nd liner.

  151. Byers may still make the team next year when the third and fourth lines are gonna have an NFL style overhaul. Betts/Orr/Sjostrom/Prucha/Fritsche are all UFA and when Dubi and Nicky Z and Cally all get raises, Dale Weisse working for peanuts will seem like a very good deal.

  152. nasty dont worry bout it u said things that im sure most people were thinkin. i think the way we lost just brought us back to reality. we were all pissed last night.

  153. mikea most of those guys are making a little more than the nhl minimum and not really in line for raises. notable exception being # 25

  154. My lines…



    Even though Mara-Staal have been good. I think its the right move to split them up, Mara-Kalinin, will do a lot better than Rozi-Kal. But that’s my opinion.

  155. Pretty bad loss last night. I wish Renney would have pulled Valli after the 2nd goal. they were so quick, he was obviously shaken. At that point you gotta get him out of there and do it just to shake the team out their funk. I hope this game was to this season what the blown 5-0 lead to Montreal was last year. The sky isn’t falling, but I would have loved to see Renney have some fire in him.

    Sam, you’re right, our PP is atrocious and we have the record we do in spite of it, not because of it. The fact is that we need to score more than 2 goals to win.

  156. 1 loss after 5 games, and people are ready to trade/bench/waive 1/2 the team. I agree. I really thought we’d win the next 70 games in a row, and anything less than that is a failure. I shall abandon the team now and hope their plane crashes.

    (that was sarcasm in case some of you didn’t get it). RELAX. We’ve had an AWESOME start. That doesn’t mean we’re beyond improvement, and we’re perfect. But it also doesn’t mean 1/2 the team sucks and its time to trash anybody who collects a paycheck from Dolan.

    Just take a DEEP breath everybody. Think happy thoughts.

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