On this Halloween


On this Halloween, you have the right to be superstitious.

As in, “There’s no way they can keep this up.”

It’s probably true. At this rate, the Rangers would finish with 63 wins and 132 points, which I believe would be some sort of record* (*actually, the  wins would be one more than the record set by the 1995-96 Red Wings, and the points would equal the mark set by the 1976-77 Canadiens. But I don’t see Guy LaFleur or Steve Yzerman anywhere in sight).

But even if the Rangers do hit a couple of potholes along the way, there are still enough signs that they’re building something worthwhile. You don’t win 10 of your first 13 games with smoke and mirrors, and outside of a few exceptions, you don’t win 10 of your first 13 games and then  disappear completely off the map.

So my advice is to approach this Rangers start as you would Halloween itself: Enjoy it, but be careful. You never know what’s lurking around the corner.

In other news:

<li>A quick word about “future considerations”, which is what the Rangers are getting in return for Hugh Jessiman. I agree this is awfully vague. Future considerations sounds like what you give when a buddy asks you to help him move. You say you’ll consider it, but not much else.

In this case, it’ll be some sort of conditional draft pick for the Rangers. The exact terms aren’t disclosed, but figure what the Rangers get back will depend on how well Jessiman does — whether he plays well in Milwaukee, or even in Nashville. But either way, don’t expect it to be more than a late pick.

<li>One of my sons is going as a Power Ranger for Halloween. And no, I’m not talking about Michal Rozsival. As for me, I’m going as a poorly dressed sportswriter. It’s a stretch, I know.

<li>And speaking of Rozsival, for all of the hysteric cries for him to shoot last night, he had one shot that was swallowed up by a block, and another which he flubbed so badly, he almost fell over. So it’s not like you can blame him  for being a tad gun shy.

<li>The Rangers are on the ice at 10:30 before jetting to Toronto. As I mentioned last night, it sounds like Steve Valiquette will get the start tomorrow night against the Leafs. Valley went 2-0 with a 2.08 goals-against-average against Toronto last season.

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  1. I find it comical that Vally only plays against the Flyers and Leafs. Those are “his” teams. Classic.


    A few things:

    1) At 10-2-1, hard to be super critical. We are not playing perfectly, far from it actually, but the critique I am goint to lay out is sort of, “where we can improve”.

    2) Defensive zone work still lackluster. Kalinin’s stupid brainfart is just a joke. On the PK he goes behind the goal line in the corner to chase the puck? WTF? And on the other goal against everyone was watching the puck.

    3) The PP. Please tell me why everyone stands still and they move the puck so slowly? On a 5 on 3, send guys cycling through the middle of the defending team’s triangle. Put two guys in front of the goal. Have the pointmen move a litte rather than remain stationary. Have a guy behind the net. I mean do something creative. WTF?

    Enough negative…we are tops in the league. Here are some other points:

    4) Hank is a pure stud. Just on fire right now.

    5) What a sick Orr fight! I give the split decision to him. I mean you have to convincingly beat the champ to take the title, right? But that was a good 90 second brawl.

    6) Zherdev on fire. Seems like he lit a spark in Naslund. If so, Renney’s move paid off.

    7) You guys and the critique of Gomer is just assinine. Cally Gomer Dawes had 10 great chances last night. Lehtonen made some big saves.

    8) It is clear as day we need a 3d line winger. Fritsche not getting it done. Prucha, try as he might, same result. Rissmiller, no need to comment. Is Sundin really thinking Blueshirts? He could center Naz and Dru and put Zher back with Dubi and Voros.

    9) Someone commented about assists the other day….the assigning of an assist to Dubi and to Mara? on Zherdev’s goal underscores the insight on that comment. I mean Zher stole the puck from the defender who was tied up with Dubi. But Mara getting an assist too? Dubi’s was questionable, but was Mara even on the ice???

    21 pts out of 26 possible….good stuff. This team could still play better though. How nuts is that?

  3. Redden and Rosi looked like they were playing monkey in the middle on the PP. I am not one of those fans to scream ‘shoot!’ but Redden passed up some shots it seemed.

  4. doodie machetto on

    ““At the end of the day the chips you play with are ice time as a coach,” Renney said. “You’ve got to use that. That’s what every player wants. They want to play , and when you take that away, it speaks louder than anything else.””

    So why couldn’t he bench Jagr? Why did it take him almost 2 full seasons before he sat Shanahan or Malik? But players like Pock and Prucha those guys he could sit without a second thought. I like that he is doing that now, but he needs to also sit the big money guys too.

    And they better resign Zherdev. Oh man, they better resign him, even, and in some cases especially, if it means they have to dump a large contract or two.

    But based on our team’s salary structure, guys like Mara, Kalinin, Prucha, anyone in the last year of their contract, have to be worried about being resigned next year. Dubinsky and Zherdev are due BIG raises, and Dawes and Cally are likely to get in just under the current Prucha salary range. The money has to come from somewhere.

  5. I am loving this team right now. I find it kind of funny though, that even with the strong start, the media does not give this team that much attention. I don’t mind it, but it is funny that people just hate on the Rangers. LGR!!!!!!

  6. Hank is without a doubt this team’s MVP. But even still, Vali has been playing superbly, and virtually all players have contributed positively. at 10-2-1, it’s hard to be upset, but there is certainly room for improvement. The PP is what is stopping us from being unbeatable. We have beaten teams even strength and weathered the PK for our wins, instead of beating teams the easy way with PP goals and locking down even strength and PKs. If we could score the way we do on the even strength and on the PP we would dominate everyone. Solid win. Toronto is playing well, and they are a formidable opponent. We better bring our A game

  7. Henke is the MVP for sure, but at the same time he doesn’t get pressured all that much in games. 90% of the shots he faces are from the outside. the only problem is the other 10% is from like right in front of him. The Rangers dominate almost every game they play for a majority of the play, they just can’t seem to do it for a full 60, which is hard. So I won’t ask them to dominate all 60 with complete puck possession, but rather when the opposing team goes on its run of having a few good shifts together, they find a way to limit their chances from real close and continue to keep everything to the outside.

  8. We’d be nowhere without Hank. Our d is still too soft and we give up WAY too many odd-man rushes.

    Oh and can slats FIRE PEARN! The PP (renamed Pearn Peril) is just horrendous.. imagine if this team had a 20% PP!

  9. BTW, Vally’s GAA is 1.44 and he has a shutout. Mind you he’s only played in 2 games, but still thats impressive. haha.

  10. “You don’t win 10 of your first 13 games with smoke and mirrors, and outside of a few exceptions, you don’t win 10 of your first 13 games and then disappear completely off the map.”

    Ottawa last year.

    But, We have Henrick, They had Ray “the ultimate team guy” Emerick.

  11. Why is there such a negative undertone lately? They are off to a great start and Sam always has to throw in something negative. It’s getting frustrating. I understand not gushing over the record and performance, but give credit to what they are doing, not credit with an asterisk.

  12. 10 wins doesn’t win you anything. More than anything, it sets you up to let yourself down when the bounces stop going your way.

    And to point out a literal reference, that shot that hit the post and skidded through Hanks legs back out into the slot….how many times do you think we’ll get that bounce?

  13. There’s a lot to be happy about, and I’m in a great mood today because of the Rangers fast start. And THE most important thing is getting 2 points, but there’s been more bad than good in some of those 10 wins. We’ve been bailed out by tremendous goaltending a lot.

    But it looks now like the offense has found it’s stride. And if we can erase the brainfarts (like kalinin leaving coverage) we can take a lot more points.

    45 wins can get you into the playoffs. We just have to find a way over the next 5 AND A HALF MONTHS, to win another 35 games or so.

  14. With the best start in franchise history you’d think at least one paper would give us the back cover…ooops i almost forgot, this isn’t montreal…

  15. doodie machetto on

    10-2-1 is good. No question. Good to lock up the early points. I mean, that’s how Ottawa made the playoffs last season. But they haven’t been winning convincingly, other than 2 or 3 games (Devs, Isles, CBJ), and two of those teams are just awful. Meanwhile, we’ve been able to barely squeak by some pretty awful teams (TB twice, ATL).

    We still aren’t playing a full 60 minutes. Our PP is still hurting. And we’ve been fortunate enough to have had an easy schedule (team wise, although it has admittedly been grueling). But other teams that we managed to squeak by will be better the next time around (especially Philly and New Jersey). I’m happy that they’ve got the points in the bank, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Drury needs to get going. Same with Naslund. Dawes and Callahan have been dreadful offensively. Voros has clearly cooled off from his hot start. I like him in front of the net on the PP, but other than that, he’s not worth much offensively. SOB line continues to be what it is, which is why production from the top three lines is so important to this team.

    On defense, Rozsival has been just plain bad. Kalinin is clearly the new Malik. Girardi has been hot/cold, and Redden has been consistently subpar, although, not as bad as Rozsi or Kalinin. The only defensemen I’ve been really happy with this year are Staal (who could easily be our #1 D-man and PP QB if given the the chance) and Mara.

    Hank has been stellar. Without him, this is a .500 hockey club, maybe even worse. My only concern is that he’s yet to put up an entire season’s worth of great play. If he holds the way he has the past 3 seasons, I’m worried about when he will inevitbaly slump. Hopefully it’ll be in the winter, and not during the playoffs. Valliquette continues to be serviceable, but for that money, we could’ve gotten a better veteran backup, like Lalime or CuJo (although I doubt he would’ve signed here since he likes Toronto). Either of those three guys would actually have been worth more than their playing time because they can both provide mentoring to Hank, especially a potential HOFer like CuJo.

  16. That 5 on 3 was hard to watch. There must be something wrong with Redden’s wrist. He won’t shoot the puck, and when he does he misses the net. I wish we had Cullen back to QB the power play.

  17. doodie machetto on

    ” Either of those three guys would actually have been worth more than their playing time because they can both provide mentoring to Hank, especially a potential HOFer like CuJo.”

    I said three because I had originally listed Kolzig, but when I saw Kolzig’s salary number, it was double Vally’s, so he wasn’t a good comparison. I also pointed out he was unlikely to sign here since he still wants to play.

  18. doodie machetto on

    “I wish we had Cullen back to QB the power play.”

    He didn’t QB the PP here. Straka did. Or Jagr, depending on how you look at it.

    Staal can do it. He can lead the rush and his stickhandling is amazing. His passes are good. His shot needs work, but since we aren’t shooting from the point anyway, what’s the harm in giving him a chance?

  19. I saw we just let Kalinin play with Girardi at the point on one PP, and Mara and Staal on the other. Have to take Drury and Gomer off too though if you were to do that because they are awful on the PP too and just as bad as Rozy has been.

    And Cullen didn’t play point on the PP until like halfway through the year and then he went on a nice litter streak at the end.

  20. oh and I don’t actually think thats happening. We pay Redden and Rozy too much to bench them for the PP, but the other 4 D move the puck quickly, whether it be a pass or a shot, and they move around. Plus Mara and Kalinin have absolute rockets from the point.

  21. This is Hank’s year. Marty’s is going to set the all time records and go down as one of the best goalies ever, but Hank will win the Veniza if he keeps this up. I like the combo of Hank and Valley. Valley would be a starter on just about everyother team in the west, he will shut out the Leafs for our 11th win.

  22. speaking of Rozi I find it funny when people yell SHOOT!! More times than not someone is in the way and would block the shot. Does he pass up opportunities…yes but not as many as some would believe. You can’t just blast shots at blockers…its stupid and many times leads to shorthanded opportunities because the puck slides out to the neutral zone.

  23. “And speaking of Rozsival, for all of the hysteric cries for him to shoot last night, he had one shot that was swallowed up by a block, and another which he flubbed so badly, he almost fell over. So it’s not like you can blame him for being a tad gun shy.”

    I’m not blaming him for being gun shy, I’m blaming Renney for putting a player that is gun shy on the 1st PP unit. Rozsival should be removed from a prominent PP role until he gets his shot together.

    “10 wins doesn’t win you anything. More than anything, it sets you up to let yourself down when the bounces stop going your way.”

    It also gives you some leeway for when you eventually hit that rough patch or two. The bottom line is that this team can play .500 hockey the rest of the way and still win 45 games. That’s a great position to be in at this point, especially considering how busy the October schedule was.

  24. doodie machetto on

    “Valley would be a starter on just about everyother team in the west”

    Dude, you overrate Valliquette, a lot.

    Assuming no injuries to actual starters, he wouldn’t start for any team in the Central, would maybe split duties in Colorado or Edmonton, and would only start for the Kings in the Pacific, since their best option is Jason LaBabarbera.

  25. Amen Staal!! I remember a pass when Redden was accepting it skating backwards towards the blueline and the boards, and people were yellnig SHOOT! It’s not that easy. And then when they get like 5-6 shots on goal and don’t score, people complain that they aren’t setting up the right shots and getting the better chance. I’m all for just blasting it when u have time with no one in front of you, but they are the pros. Even strength, you can just shoot and that’s when lucky bounces and deflections happen. You arent supposed to do that with a man advantage.

  26. Hey New Newman

    You told someone yesterday that he had to be blind, 5 years old, or a “special needs” person to suggest Prucha is more worthy of ice time than Dawes.

    Did you catch the game Dawes played last night? HE WAS A PHUCKING EMBARRASSMENT. Not merely the standard countless bricks off Gomez set-ups, which you would crucify Prucha for. But the killer was that one shift late in the second where he whiffed on a perfect set-up in the slot, then went down the other end to help out (!) on D by making a Gretzky-in-his-prime pass to a THRASHER breaking in on Henrik.

    Do yourself a favor —- next time, keep Prucha in the press box by choosing another player to dress ahead of him that doesn’t show what a dunce you are.

  27. doodie machetto on

    “You can’t just blast shots at blockers…its stupid and many times leads to shorthanded opportunities because the puck slides out to the neutral zone”

    Al Iafrate used to do it, right at the shot blocker, to teach them a lesson for next time.

    Al MacInnis used to feel bad and would pass on the shot, not because the lane was removed, but because he didn’t want to hurt the poor guy.

  28. Hank played awesome, but listen, I think that hockey is a game of chances. The Rangers are a solid defensive team, but every team is going to give up quality chances…it’s the nature of the sport. If you didn’t give up quality chances, you’d go 82-0. That’s the difference goaltending makes.

    What I love about the Rangers this season is their ability to put teams away in the 3rd period. That is something none of the previous teams since the lockout (and obviously before that) could figure out how to do. The Rangers are definitely superior to most NHL teams in terms of conditioning, which enables them to keep up the pace for all 60 minutes. Even though they had 2 lackluster periods, other than the one defensive breakdown on a PK, the Rangers played an absolutely dominant third.

    And it really does look like Zherdev is a clutch player. He just seizes the big moment, and it’s great to watch. You need that kind of player in this league. I can’t get enough of his enthusiasm on the ice either. He loves the game and seems to love being in New York. Not to compare him to Jagr in any way, shape or form, but just contrast the goal celebrations. Z goes wild, whereas Jagr at times looked like he could care less that he scored (until the playoffs). Not that that’s important, as long as the puck goes in the net, but it’s just something I’ve noticed. It’s indicative of the overall attitude of the Rangers. This is an exciting hockey team with a lot of chemistry. As much as we like to criticize Sather and Renney (we wouldn’t be NY fans if we didn’t right?), they really deserve praise for having the foresight to let go of the old guard at the right time and transition to a younger, faster team that can win a lot of hockey games.

  29. Best start ever!!!

    25th on the Power Play, as of today.

    Give Renney some credit for piecing this team together. He will take the responsibility for the Power Play, and he will eventually find the pieces that will work together.

    Besides it would be as exciting if we were blowing every team away with a 4 goal lead.


  30. I really don’t understand why the Blue Jackets gave up on Zherdev. That deal is an absolute steal. Tyutin was serviceable but he has not been missed.

  31. ford….what has prucha done that we should reward him with more ice time over dawes? please don’t say blocking a shot or backchecking (which are basically defensive responsibilities of any forward and something dawes has done too). if you say drawing penalties, i might give you half credit there, but dawes has done that too. u cannot say get a point. u cannot say throw the body. pls, give me something real….

    the best hope is put him in as a substituted for fritsche. but to say prucha deserves time over dawes is an emotional statement, not a hockey knowledge statement.

  32. actually, the only problem I have with the trade for Zherdev is that they made us take Fritsche. He’s invisible when he’s on the ice.

  33. doodie machetto on

    “Z goes wild, whereas Jagr at times looked like he could care less that he scored (until the playoffs).”

    When you’ve buried the biscuit almost 650 (in the NHL) times, it loses its luster a bit. Look at his earlier days, he celebrated every goal like Z does now.

    NY Jagr celebrated more when his teammates scored, especially when it was someone he had taken under his wing, like Prucha or Dubinsky.

    I’m not knocking Zherdev, just explaining Jags.

    “The Rangers are definitely superior to most NHL teams in terms of conditioning, which enables them to keep up the pace for all 60 minutes. Even though they had 2 lackluster periods, other than the one defensive breakdown on a PK, the Rangers played an absolutely dominant third.”

    Which is it, they keep up the pace for 60 minutes or they play a lackluster 40? I’m going with the lackluster 40. Some other games that come to mind this season where they had only 20 minutes of solid play: Chicago, Detroit, Philly, Pittsburgh.

  34. Newman…Prucha’s past goal scoring totals when given adequate ice time is enough that he should be playing every game.

  35. Fritsche looked like he didn’t know whether to shit or go blind on his break away last night. Naslund is getting better as each game passes.

  36. Rob – don’t forget they took Backman off our payroll. I’ll take a Fritsche with a Zherdev any day. That’s a huge addition by subtraction alone.

  37. doodie machetto on

    I think they dumped Zherdev because they thought he was going to be cancerous to their team, had little to no chance of resigning him, and wanted to upgrade on defense.

    Although, I hardly call Tyutin or Backman an upgrade.

  38. doodie machetto on

    Callahan played center in the preseason. Why not give him time between Dawes and Prucha. It’s the only combination that hasn’t been tried yet.

  39. Kahlin is horrible. It’s a given that he will give up the puck several times in his own zone every game which will lead to a good scoring chance by the other team.

  40. Beer Me:
    From the last post, the “broken Labia” thing, Your too ridiculous. Just had my boss come into my office and ask me what the hell is so funny. Tears my friend, tears of laughter

    10-2-1 I’m not complaining. Love it, Great Friday now!

    PP: Does anyone else wonder WHY THE HELL STAAL is not on it? I mean c’mon already. And I won’t even go into Pearn again. his PP modoel sucks, and doesn’t work. Again Give it to Pelino, or Renney should just flat out take it over himself. And PRucha could totally use a PP stint, reinvigorate him, MAYBE get a goal. C’mon Renney, easy things to try that will almost positively produce.

    Shanny: Devils or Philly? Heard he’s DEF staying in conference and in Tri-state area.

    Sundin: Is this a serious possibility? where’s the money coming from? Unless he’s taking way less to want to play here.

    Fristche – CUT THIS GUY ALREADY! Im not a huge PRucha supporter, but c’mon. I could SEE Prucha when he’s on the ice. Fristche, MR. Invisible, Have fun in Hartford.

  41. Newman

    It’s not emotional —- Dawes has had tons of time on Gomer’s wing and has clanked 99% of the opportunities, and as last night showed, has been a joke in his own end.

    I get that you think Prucha is dreck. I don’t think that belief by itself is ridiculous. I don’t agree, but there is some recent evidence to support your opinion.

    But what is ridiculous is your point yesterday that someone has to be disabled not to see how vastly superior Dawes is to Prucha. Because there is NO recent evidence to support that opinion.

  42. There is NO reason for Callahan and Dawes to be on the first line, let alone with Gomez. Stick Z with Gomez while he’s hot. Dawes – Drury – Callahan seemed to work fine last year.

  43. Good calls, Doodie, and I had the same feelings as to why Jagr didn’t go wild when he scored (he’s scored so many times). I do love Z’s enthusiasm though.

    As for the Awesome third vs. Lackluster first 2 periods argument, I agree, I’d love to see them do it for 60 minutes, and I think we WILL see that happen this year. But remember, they’re in 1st and they seem to be catching desperate teams (the Isles in last place + the rivalry factor, Atlanta off a 7-0 loss)…I think that plays a part. They see the Rangers as the team to gun for and they come out hard. The fact is, the Rangers have been able to withstand those onslaughts (thanks, in large part to Lundqvist) and then trash these teams in the third. It’s difficult to win hockey games in the NHL, and if you’re the type of team that can dominate the third period of a close or tied hockey game, you will win a lot of games. And so…10-2-1.

  44. Newman,

    Not taking sides, just want to hear your opinion. You asked why Prucha deserves time over Dawes…My question is why do you think Dawes deserves time over Prucha?

  45. Glad I could supply a laugh MikeyNJ.

    I think the back and forth on Fritsche, Dawes, Prucha is exactly why you’ll hear everyone (coaches/players) say that there’s “work to do”. There’s work to do on the roster. There’s work to do on the combos. There’s work to do on the PP, oh god is there work to do there. There’s work to do on defensive coverage.

    It’s nice to be able to ‘work’ on these things and rack up points at the same time. But they’re still a distance (would say ‘long way’) from getting it all right. You just have to hope everyone stays healthy, and the right choices of who should be in the lineup decide themselves.

  46. sorry, I got a late start, my morning thoughts for today.

    Beer – you mentioned the Rangers are the only team that can take a home crowd out of the game with a PP… Do we start booing penalties now?

    Future considerations for Hugh Jass… I mean Hugh Jessiman. Shea Weber. A guy can hope, right? 1 intriguing idea would be the contract rights to Radulov, that could possibly pan out?

    Rozie – Just terrible. NEVER shoots. When he does, he muffs it. How is he worth 4M a year for 5 years? I’ll blow shots for league minimum.

    Beer – (yeah I’m calling you out twice in 1 post), Crosby didn’t break his labia, he merely sprained it. get your facts straight.

  47. doodie machetto on

    MikeyNJ: I’ve been saying it all season, and even said it last season (with a caveat that he work on his shot during the summer): Staal could easily be our PP QB. Unfortunately, he didn’t work his shot that much. But he is definitely our most effective defenseman at leasing the rush, and he is a decent enough passer of the puck that he could QB it if you put a trigger happy defensemen (Girardi) on the right side.

  48. doodie machetto on

    Jeever, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but his contract is 5 million for 4 years, not 4 for 5. You might think this is good news, because we get him off of our books more quickly, however, it is terrible news since we have so many RFAs due for raises in that time span where the extra million could really help out.

  49. Beer:
    Thanks again. Does anyone know hwat he really hurt? Ankle again?

    I agree, and whats the harm in trying it now when we are winning. I would love to see Danny and Staal together on one of the PP units. Throw in PRuchs too during the next game.
    I mean whats the worst that would happen? They WOULDNT score?

  50. Jeever, you can’t criticize Rosi without giving the same heat to Redden–Redden’s passes to Rosi were terribly placed on the PP and neither wanted to shoot.

  51. doodie machetto on

    “I mean whats the worst that would happen?”

    Shorthanded goal. But they’ve already given up a bunch of those too. Three to be exact, tying us for worst in the league with Columbus.

    We’ve only given up 5 PP goals in the same span!

  52. doodie machetto on

    noonan. Agreed. They’re gonna have to move some salary. Hopefully it will be one of the bloated contracts we’re carrying, but I doubt there would be any takers. Maybe they buy out Naslund at season’s end.

    What is the cap hit of a bough out contract again? And isn’t there some reduction of the amount if the player is of a certian age?

  53. noonan – at least Redden’s TRYING. yeah he won’t hit the net a ton (if he did, he’d probably be a forward)… Rozie gives up CHANCE after CHANCE after CHANCE.

    If the other team knows he’s not gonna shoot, they won’t cover him, then its not really a power play. Its an extra guy on the ice that just passes the puck back to you and doesn’t move.

    Doodie – I think you pay the person for 2/3s of the contract, and you get hit for either that amount, or the full amount, but its over twice as many contract years. so if you buy out a 4 year, 4M contract (just making up those #s), it would be a 2M hit for 8 years.

  54. doodie machetto on

    I thought it was 2/3rds Cap number over twice the remaining term, but when a player is a certian age it is reduced to 1/3.

  55. I love Semin, Alexander Semin, that is. From the Puck Daddy blog, taking Crosby down a peg, a whole peg!:

    “What’s so special about [Crosby]? I don’t see anything special there. Yes, he does skate well, has a good head, good pass. But there’s nothing else. Even if you compare him to Patrick Kane from Chicago … [Kane] is a much more interesting player. The way he moves, his deking abilities, his thinking on the ice and his anticipation of the play is so superb.”

    “I think that if you take any player, even if he is ‘dead wood,’ and start promoting him, you’ll get a star. Especially if he scores 100 points. No one is going to care about anyone else. No one is going to care whether he possesses great skill. Let’s say you put someone in front of the net and let him deflect pucks in, and he scored 50 goals; everyone will say ‘Wow!’ and then hand him a $10 million per year contract. That’s what they like here.”

  56. I don’t like Crosby or his crybaby ways. But with all that aside, the kid is a superstar. He is THAT good. I don’t really think there is much of a debate here.

  57. newman we have a great third line winger, his name is ryan callahan. prucha is not a 3rd line player, that’s not his game nor should it be, not that he isn’t holding his own in that role when given the chance. prucha may be snakebit at the moment but dawes isn’t lighting it up nor has he ever shown that he can be a top winger in the league. and callahan just shoudn’t be on the first line, he will occasionally score but thats not his game. like others said, gomez is being wasted by having both of those wingers with him

  58. ”I had some discomfort,” said Crosby, who left the game with less than 5 minutes left in the second period. ”I decided that in the third period, it didn’t seem like I could do much.”

    What happened to Crosby is unclear. Television replays showed Crosby skate to the Penguins bench, sit down with a grimace and try to collect himself.

    Per team policy, the Penguins did not disclose details of Crosby’s injury. Neither did Crosby.

    ”Honestly, I don’t even know what happened,” Crosby said. ”I have to look at the tape. I haven’t seen anything yet.”

  59. “Fox Sports Arizona television broadcasters reported Crosby’s ribs were injured after he was hit with a stick by a Phoenix player. He was set for X-ray examinations after the game, according to that report.”

    All you can do is really speculate on this one…

  60. LMAO, thanks Beer I needed that….He has to look at the tape? He’s the man/woman.

    Have a good Halloween all…..


  61. JD doesn’t have to work very hard…

    “The Blues signed minor-league goalie Chris Holt, 23, who has been playing in Peoria with the rash of injuries at the position. In 2003, Holt was a sixth-round pick of the Rangers and has been in the Rangers’ system for the past three years.”

  62. I watched it twice last night and couldn’t find the hit, that would sit a player out for the rest of the game. I’m amazed at how soft he has become.

  63. Sam,
    Late to the table but you COULD have gone out as Blair Betts’ evil twin for Halloween….

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