Rangers trade Hugh Jessiman


The Rangers have given up on the Hugh Jessiman Experiment, trading the first round draft pick from 2003 to Nashville for future considerations.

Needless to say, given how high Jessiman was picked (12th overall) and how little they’re getting in return, this is an admission on the Rangers’ part that taking a chance on the Manhattan-born, Darien-raised Jessiman was a mistake.

Of the 30 players taken five years ago, Jessiman is the only player to never have appeared in an NHL game. (If you want to torture yourself with the names of players taken after Jessiman, here are a few: Zach Parise, Ryam Getzlaf, Mike Richards, and Brian Boyle)

Moreover, what Jessiman hoped would be a pivotal training camp for him this fall ended with him playing in just one preseason game (and not very well at that).

It’s too bad it never worked out since the 6-foot-6 Jessiman was at least putting in the time in trying to be a legitimate NHL power forward. But it was clear he had been surpassed by a number of forwards in the Rangers’ system, including the recently drafted Dale Weise.

Here’s hoping he gets a chance in Music City.

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    brandon – Very interesting point you raised (with 2:44 comment). Me personally, I don’t know if I could separate who “I would rather in a game” and “who I want on my team”. I think my answers would be different.

    I may say Prucha on the first side of that. But I definitely wouldn’t for the flip side. And between dawes/frit, I’m not sure which I’d choose for my team. Frit can play 2 positions, and is bigger than both other players.

    That said, Prucha WAS a game-break once. In the right circumstances he could be again. But I don’t currently see those circumstances presenting themselves in NY right now. I just don’t think that a 3rd liner is going to be catered to.

    Of all 3, Frit is the most well-rounded, then Dawes, then Mr. One Dimension. And the exact opposite order in terms of “game-breaking” ability.

    I believe that’s why there’s such confusion among the organization from dolan (if he even knows who the f*ck peter prucha is) right on down to the fans.

    Also, I think that each of 82 games can present a need for those 3 types of players. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer to ‘who belongs in the lineup’. It’s too broad of a question.

  2. Let’s play a little game. I always get a kick out of this.

    Which one of the below is not like the others?

    1. Marc-Andre Fleury
    2. Carolina Eric Staal
    3. Florida Nathan Horton
    4. Columbus Nikolai Zherdev
    5. Buffalo Thomas Vanek
    6. San Jose Milan Michalek
    7. Nashville Ryan Suter
    8. Atlanta Braydon Coburn
    9. Calgary Dion Phaneuf
    10. Montreal Andrei Kostitsyn
    11. Philadelphia Jeff Carter
    12. N.Y. Rangers Hugh Jessiman
    13. Los Angeles Dustin Brown
    14. Chicago Brent Seabrook
    15. N.Y. Islanders Robert Nilsson
    16. San Jose (from Boston) Steve Bernier
    17. New Jersey (from Edmonton) Zach Parise
    18. Washington Eric Fehr
    19. Anaheim Ryan Getzlaf
    20. Minnesota Brent Burns
    21. Boston (from San Jose-Toronto) Mark Stuart D
    22. Edmonton (from New Jersey-St. Louis) Marc-Antoine Pouliot )
    23. Vancouver Ryan Kesler
    24. Philadelphia Mike Richards
    25. Florida (from Tampa Bay) Anthony Stewart
    26. Los Angeles (from Colorado) Brian Boyle

  3. not saying he necessarily deserved a spot in the lineup, but i find it hard to believe he couldn’t have played on our fourth line at some pt….rangers rather take other teams’ failed first round picks then give some of their own kids a chance

  4. Brandon…..That list never ceases to amaze me. Holy Moly!

    Prucha could be very effective in a non-checking league….

  5. The only chance Jessiman has to become a star is if an IHL or CHL team takes the name of the Stars and decides to sign him.

  6. Almost every single player in the first round has turned into a stud, or at least plays a regular shift above the fourth line in the NHL BUT Jessiwoman.

    I said it once before, he’ll never step foot on NHL ice as a regular everyday player. That ship has passed

  7. Ha, very funny guys and depressing at the same time.

    Boy, Ryan Getzlaf would’ve looked good in blue, huh?

  8. Brandon,

    You’re right, Getzlaf would have looked good in blue. Come to think of it, anyone in that 1st round would have looked better in blue compared to Jessiman… you know, if Jessiman would have ever been good enough to wear our jersey…

    I seriously wish him the best of luck with the New Mexico Scorpions, I hope he tears it up in the CHL.

  9. My question: Who the F was asleep at the wheel during that draft? I mean throwing darts at a board could have gotten us something better. Here’s one thing I will say….Don Maloney is a Westchester guy….a Rye guy actually….Jessiman lived right up I95 a handful of exits. Please let it be true that Maloney didn’t make the call on this draft pick cuz the dude lived 10 mins up the road from him and knew him from the local rinks. Man how sad would that be if it was true.

  10. To think we could have had Parise. That is one bad draft by Sather.

    Reminds me of 1977 when we selected Ron Duguay and Lucien Deblois in the 1st round when Mike Bossy was still sitting there. I realize that Duguay and Deblois were good NHL players and Jessiman is a scrub but Mike Bossy is a hall of famer and the Rangers passed on him twice.

  11. In one of the best draft in Nhl history(’03 draft) they took a project like Jessiman. Meanwhile guys like Parise, Richards, Getzlaf, Perry and Brown were drafted later and have all become stars. Jessiman is the only first rounder in that draft not to play in the Nhl(he likely never will)

  12. Heck I would have taken Parise or Richards, as much as I’d hate to say it.

    And basically we drafted Freddy Shoes, not Montoya, b/c that’s all we got for him.

    First round draft pick, pick #6, we get a hustle guy fourth liner.

  13. Sather wasn’t the only one involved in the draft. Our coach was Bryan Trottier then, correct? The whole organization did a shitty drafting job. And Jessiman is nowhere near an NHL player. I guess we didn’t feel we needed him because we traded for another 1st round bust in Zherdev…yeah, Columbus is still trying to say hes a bust. haha.

  14. Brandon, I get a kick out of that list also, right in the ball$. Just shows you how clueless this team was.

    Rob L. How good do you think Bossy would have looked in that Sassoon commercial?

  15. onecupin67years on

    Draft picks are a crap shoot ,but some teams seem to be better than the Rangers,they lucked out in the late 80’s early 90’s with Leetch,weight, richter, kovalov,
    but Brendl and so on.
    But the idiot(s) who drafted montoya and jessiman
    should be tied to a goal and used as a shooter tutor without any gear on their barefeet.

  16. The sad thing is that the Rangers knew that Parise was a good pick because the entire Ranger’s draft table cringed and moaned in unison when New Jersey selected him.

    I know this because MSG televised that exact oment on the Ranger’s Future Blue special that covered that draft. Several Ranger staff members made very positive remarks about Parise.

    Anyway, the point is that I realized then that Rangers realized there mistake the instance New Jersey selected Parise.

  17. doodie machetto on

    Following up on my Seabrook wish: I wish we had dealt Prucha for him like the rumors had said a couple of years ago.

  18. Sam, I always hear the word “future considerations” thrown around…Can you explain what that really means?

  19. I thought the question was who actually GETS a cup in the locker room 1st? I’m gonna guess neither. Towel boys don’t get those.

  20. What about Burns? He’s a stud for Minnesota. Mike Richards is scary fast though. Our top 2 lines centered by Gomez and Richards would make other team’s heads spin.

  21. doodie machetto on

    I think I finally gave up hope on Jessiman last year during the preseason. He had taken boxing lessons during the summer. He tried to get into fights in the preseason and just took terrible beatings. That’s when it became official to me that he could not be useful in any way, shape, or form to this organization.

    Our first round picks over the past decade have been just dreadful. The only one that has amounted to anything for us is Marc Staal. Granted, Cherepanov wasn’t even remotely foreseeable, and Blackburn was also unforeseeable, but damn, the rest of the list is grim.

    98: Malhotra (7th)
    99: Brendl (4th) Lundmark (9th)
    00: none
    01: Blackburn (10th)
    02: none
    03: Jessiman (12th)
    04: Montoya (6th) Korpedo (19)
    05: Staal (12)
    06: Sanguinetti (21)
    07: Cherepanov (17)
    08: Del Zotto (20)

    Awful. Just awful. I could go back to 1991 when we got Kovalev, but it’s too depressing.

  22. Jessiman was a Don Maloney pick, so he gets the blame.

    Look gals and guys, it stinks, but everything about the 98-04 Rangers stunk, and their drafting was atrocious.

    At least they got Dawes out of 03, and so far from 04 there’s Dubi/Cally, and hopefully Korpi (he’ll be back), Potter, and Byers.

    05 there’s been Staal.

    Gordie Clarke’s done a better job since he took over and Anders Hedberg/Christian Rockstrom knows what they’re doing. It took time but with guys like Anisimov, Grachev, Weisse, Del Zotto, and hopefully Bobby Sags, Carl Hagelin (who is getting MUCH better) and REALLY hopefully Stephan and Zaborskk, that’s pretty solid.

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