Jessiman grateful for the opportunity


Calling from the airport, where he was awaiting a flight to Milwaukee of the AHL, Hugh Jessiman could have been bitter. The player was anything but.

“I have nothing but gratitude for the New York Rangers and the Hartford Wolf Pack,” said the 24-year-old wing. “They molded me into a player I never thought I’d be. They gave me every opportunity.”

That opportunity stil resulted in the Rangers cutting Jessiman loose today, trading him to Nashville  for future considerations. You could tell in the player’s voice he was emotional about never making it with the Rangers, the team he grew up rooting for in Darien, Conn., and the team that gambled on him with the 12th pick in the 2003 draft. But he also knew a move to another team represtented best chance of ascending to the NHL, something that became even more apparent when he was scratched for two games by Ken Gernander in Hartford.

“I really thought coming ino the season with Hartford I was going to be one of their top guys  who would have a chance at being called up. But it wasn’t really looking like that was going to be the case,” Jessiman said.

The irony is through the first weeks of the season, many of Jessiman’s friends and family suggested he should ask for a trade to another team. But the player was the one who insisted on staying put.

“I didn’t want a trade,” he said. “I didn’t want to go anywhere because I wanted to be a New York Ranger.”

Instead, for the short term at least, Jessiman will be a Milwaukee Admiral, and then maybe, a Nashville Predator. In Tom Renney’s eyes, the 6-foot-6 Jessiman still has a shot at making it in the NHL. But the coach, who in his old job as director of player personnel was instrumental in drafting Jessiman, also acknowledged the player’s tenure as a Ranger didn’t work out as hoped.

“The bottom line is he needed a change, and as much as anything else, we tried to accomodate him,” Renney said. “I take some responsibility for where this is today. I’m disappointed it didn’t work out for Hugh here. I also look at how I evaluated him and the process we went through to address him as a prospect and hopefully you learn from it.”

Some other notes:

<li>So I stand corrected at least on how the lines will look to start tonight. Renney will go with the same combinations he went with Monday on the Island. But again, don’t be surprised if he mixes it up.

<li>Sounds like the coach is leaning toward playing Stephen Valiquette Saturday in Toronto.

<li>Renney on the demotion of Lauri Korpikoski: “He needs to play. He needs to stay confident. We anticipate at some point in time he’ll be back here.”

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  1. I think people forget that back then, guys like Parise were drafted lower than people though because they were considered too small. It was all big bruising power forwards because of the style the NHL played back then. Now its all quick guys who can score. A lot of guys that were drafted late then would be 1st rounders now.

  2. “They molded me into a player I never thought I’d be.

    A bad one, but good luck to Hugh with the Preds.

  3. Definitely, the Rangers had no size in those years so that was the pick.

    Also, for people who are pissed about Bossy (a little before my time)I think the story goes that like twelve teams passed on him and much like Gretzky, he was a pale and skinny kid who looked malnutritioned and sick but just so happened to be nasty.

    It’s sad, because when the Rangers drafted Cherepanov, my first reaction was “whoa..this guy is gonna be the Bossy of his generation” :(

    BTW, anyone know how Mike Sauer’s doing? I’m rooting for the kid to stay healthy this year and be that big crease clearer. (Very unlikely but you never know…..a huge reason the Rangers won the Cup in 94 was because of some 12th round no name dman from Russia who was part of the Rangers best backline PP duo and led the team in scoring that year. The most under-apreicated Ranger of all-time, the man who would be captain today in my alternate universe Rangers; Mr. Sergei Zubov)

  4. Rangers win 6-3 tonight….

    Dubinsky 2, Naslund, Betts, Redden, Orr….

    Gomez three assists….but missed a penalty shot…!!!

  5. You guys also have to remember that Lundqvist got picked in the 7th round. Drafting and scouting has gotten much better in recent years. Cherepanov was a great pick and it’s such a tragedy what happened, but he was a star in the making. Del Zotto and Sags could still work out.

  6. Huge Jessiwoman was the most depressing draft pick for me, because i was just getting into hockey at the time, and i was hoping for Parise, or Perry, but they went with him. Looking back at it, there was a lot more they could have chose, like Getzlaf. Ugh, it makes me sick.

    Nyr’s luck in the 1st round has not been good, Jessiwoman not what they hoped, so he’s a bust, Montoya, thought he was the future, until Hank came along, he couldn’t even hold a backup job in Hartford, so he’s a bust, Cherepanov, tragically dies, and he looked like the one with the most promise. What do we have left from the drafts after 03 ? Sags, Del Z, and Korpedo i think is it. Please, i cant take much more 1st round busts, even if we’re drafting like the Wings in later rounds, it sucks to know we could get stars in later rounds, and an extra star in the 1st, ugh, i cant take it. Every time i think of that draft, i wanna cry !!!

    Anyway, hopefully Nyr wins this tonight. Trashers suck, Leghtonen (how ever you spell it) suck, he was ripped apart by Nyr in the playoffs, he’s nothing special. Gotta beat these weak teams.

  7. Someone is delusional. The Rangers kept that stiff around way too long. Not a pretty start to the game so far.

  8. Notice that Naslund’s goal was all set up by a good backcheck on his part. The Voros-Dubinsky-Fritsche line is struggling mightily.

  9. ORR

    Staal was a first rounder. That’s about the time when first rounders started “dropping” in our laps. Based on Cherepanov’s numbers this year, he would have clearly been the steal of the draft, and I have lots of faith in Sags and Del Zotto. I rather draft kids that are known for being talented players who need to work on the rest of their game rather than draft 6″6 guys like Hugh who need to work on their skills.

  10. His elbow was at least a foot away from the player he checked. There has to be some accountability for these poor officials.

  11. Mara with another great play to create a goal. And damn Staal got lucky there on that Kovi play.

  12. It was a bad call on dubi, but from the refs point of view, he can’t tell how far Dubi’s elbow is from the other guys head. Thats why he got called for it. I have no complaints.

  13. PIERRE

    Ahh, that was the one i missed. Good call.

    Good start to the game, bad middle part, decent end. Im personally not happy aboot it, since they were bitched by the Flowers, but eh. Horrible play by Staal, he looked like a rookie with that crappy pass that set up Kovalchuks post shot.

    Gotta get it together the next period. They shouldn’t be making this team look good.

    As for my broseph Orr. He’s one of the only players in the NHL that is willing to take a hard punch to throw a hard punch. He doesn’t care if his face gets busted, he wants an exciting fight. Gotta love the guy, they both took a lot of hard punches, and Orr’s face is still as white is this blog, and Boulton is the one with the bloody nose. Good stuff, Orr’s the man, i always look forward to seeing his big white teeth after a fight.

    Lets Go Rangers !

  14. Johhny – with 2 refs on the ice, there is no way that call should be made…especially since up to that point (about 17 minutes) they let everything go, including slashes to the hands and hooks

  15. haha all good. the thing is though. Dubinsky has to know to go in with his elbow down. Its not necessarily if you hit a guy with an elbow, but just having your elbow up going in for a hit is good enough for the refs to call it. They made the right call. I personally think it was soft, but since he finished his check, they kinda had to call it.

  16. I think Sather has a “thing” for 1st round draft picks

    in Sather’s tenure we had players that were picked in the top 30:

    J. Ward
    A. Ward
    Josh Green

    44 I think in just over 7 seasons

  17. it looked to me like he deliberately moved his elbow out of the way to avoid hitting him with it

  18. They have absolutely zero creativity 5 on 3. Especially Gomez who can’t even make a clean routine pass.

  19. I never seen a powerplay be so bad in my entire life. The players are just making it way more complicated than it should be. Pass quick and shoot off the pass or set it up down low for the stuff in. They don’t have lanes to shoot right now because they don’t move the puck quickly and move around. Seriously, its not rocket science. I hate this crap. I’m sure the coaching is part of it, but no way the coaches tell them to wait and wait and hold the puck and not shoot it. They aren’t that stupid.

  20. Gotta get on Renney for not changing up the pp units if it isn’t working do something instead of thinking these guys are veterans they’ll figure it out.

  21. Pointmen on the PP should watch some tapes of Leetch. They need to move up when they get the puck for a better shot or a pass or fake a defender out and go around him.

  22. Rangers have been pretty good on 5 on 5’s but they’ve been pretty bad on the pp(which is the only thing keeping them from scoring)

  23. That powerplay was a bit better, but still nowhere near good enough. At least if it looks remotely close to a powerplay and they get good chances, I’ll be happy cuz it just means the pucks aren’t going in. Lately its just been shit.

  24. bob if our D tried to fake out a d-man on the PP, they would lose the puck and we’d give up a SH goal. haha.

    they need to just move around, everyone in the zone except the guy in front. move and move the puck at the same time and you keep the D on their heels and they don’t know how to cover it. plus it opens up the shooting and passing lanes and gives the goalie even more to worry about.

  25. I bet Jagr is laughing his ass off at all the idiot Nyr fans who blamed him for the shitty PP. Who’s to blame now ????

    Fire Pearn please.

    Just a side note. The Bolts are beating the Sabs 5-2, Stamkos has 2 goals, 1 assist. Looks like he’s starting to come around now that he’s there to stay. Miller is in net. This is good if TBL wins, cause Sabs are close behind us in the standings.

  26. Kasparvations:

    If Rozival were to throw his stick into the crowd, sit down on theice. unlace his skates and begin to meditate with his eyes closed during a powerplay…Renney and Pearn would still send him out for the next PP


    What ever happened to Voros in the crease and the Rangers scoring goals because of it? Seemed to work pretty good didnt it?


    The Rangers are like a football team who moves the ball effortlessly out of their own end, thru the middle of the field and down to the redzone and then…..can’t figure out what to do


    Its Hank time again


  27. “Great first shift of the period. Dawes just can’t finish”

    Which is strange because that appeared to be his strength last year

  28. Leetchhalloffame on

    “Jessiman could have been bitter?” How about the Rangers and their fans being bitter by wasting a number 1 on this dud. When he gets to Milwaukee he’ll eat so many brats that he’ll get as big as Prince Fielder.

  29. new strategy for the PP. GET ZHERDEV THE ******* PUCK!!!!! seriously, I love watching my favorite player shut all the haters up on my favorite team.

  30. Rangers were way too agressive leaving the front of the net open. Both dmen had their heads up their asses leaving Little alone.

  31. awesome job by Kalinin and Drury NOT TALKING on the PK and leaving Little wide open for the easy goal. If Kalinin goes, Drury comes back to cover, although I don’t think Kalinin should’ve gone.

  32. Zherdev is the fucking playmaker. And that call is BS. Stupid move by Z, but still, the guy was holding him up too. Z should’ve just owned him off the draw.

  33. I am getting fed up with Gomez I think we should trade him. He does rack up points, but that is because Renney plays him 25 minutes a game, but the guy is very lousy and makes bad plays. Trade him, sign Sundin for 1 season and we have enough cap space to resign all of our players like Zherdev, Dubinsky, Mara, Staal, etc. And make room for Anisimov next season.

    Callahan is a 3rd liner at best.

    Very disappointed in Dawes he is really letting me down.

    Prucha needs to play he makes things happen.

    Why does Renney put the same line on the ice that just scored? Is he retarded?

  34. “Kaspar
    October 30th, 2008 at 9:06 pm

    actually it is Ж Ж Ж Ж Ж Ж Ж Ж Ж Ж Ж Ж Ж!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Bob you’re a dolt Gomez is playing very well. He has set up Dawes for some great chances. The line has nice chemistry but can’t finsh.

  36. When will Callahan and Dawes be forced to put up some numbers or sit down?

    Wow, it’s awesome how Z has been playing. What I dreamed Prucha would be.

  37. Chris, Prucha doesn’t have the natural ability to be anywhere near as good as Zherdev. Z has the potential to be one of the top 15 players in the NHL when hes on his game. He could be up in the lead in scoring if he keeps playing like this. The guy is legit.

  38. and graves, gomez did play pretty well tonight, but yet again hes screwing up simple passes. its my minor complaint about him.

  39. Good win this game was alot of fun. How many times do you see a talent like Zherdev make two great defensive plays and then two offensive plays like that? The guy is a +11 I thought he was gonna be a huge defensive liability. Mara was a beast tonight. Voros probably had his best game since the game vs the Red Wings two weeks ago. He threw some big hits and was in Lehtonen’s face all night long. I have beaten up on Kalinin but he was very solid tonight. Girardi played easily his best all around game imo. He made some nice stickchecks threw the body and scored the game wiiner after a great rush by Zherdev. The Rangers have been flat out great in the third period. They are always in the game even if they are playing badly because they have a wall in net. He was tremendous again tonight. I like the Gomez line but they need to finish that’s their only issue because they get plenty of chances. Did Fritsche even play tonight? Boy time to dump him and either get Prucha in every night or call up Byers to play on the third line.

  40. I love Gomer but he has been making silly rozival-like passes lately…maybe he’s sick of not having a legit 1st line winger to play with…I’ll stick with him though….2 cups…Sundin none

  41. Jonny I’m digging Zherdev but I don’t think he’ll lead the league in scoring. Top 10-15 in scoring? Yes. Ovechkin , Malkin and Cyrbaby have the top scoring spots locked up.

  42. Renney plays Zherdev with Drury and Redden that line scores, he moves Nick to Dubi’s line – that line scores. It looks that Zherdev is the best Ranger out there. Great move by GM

  43. I was ecstatic the day We got Z. He was my fav. non-Ranger player. To see Z do this for Our team is surreal.


  44. Biggest bust so far?

    How about Mike Fisher in Ottawa? $6M plus per season

    8 Games 0 goals 0 assists

    averages 17.5 minutes a game…..ten shots on goal

  45. Hey New Newman

    You told someone today that he had to be blind, 5 years old, or a “special needs” person to suggest Prucha is more worthy of ice time than Dawes.

    Did you catch the game Dawes played tonight? HE WAS A PHUCKING EMBARRASSMENT. That one shift late in the second where he whiffed on a perfect set-up in the slot, then went down the other end to help out (!) on D by making a Gretzky-in-his-prime pass to a THRASHER breaking in on Henrik.

    Do yourself a favor — next time, keep Prucha in the press box by choosing another player to dress ahead of him that doesn’t show what a dunce you are.

  46. If Gomez had someone other than Dawes on his wing for a lot of these games, he would have twice as many points as he does.

  47. Gomez needs a finisher, plain and simple. Dawes and Callahan are not cutting it.

    People complain about how much Gomez salary is, etc. He is wasting away playing with the line Renney has him on now.

    Maybe Drury and Naslund with him now since they woke up a bit will not hurt.

    Keep Voros-Dubinsky-Zherdev together. If Renney wants to keep changing players, he has the 3rd and 4th line to play with.

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