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Somehow I missed “this story about the KHL and Jaromir Jagr”:http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/02/sports/playmagazine/112Russia.html in the most recent issue of the New York Times sports magazine, Play. Life being what is, I just recycled all of last week’s papers without even knowing of its existence.

(Somewhere, one of our younger readers is asking, “Why does he care about having the magazine when he can read it online? Who reads anything on actual paper?” These are the type of questions that keep me awake at night)

Regardless, I continue to be fascinated by the Big Fella, as I always have been. I realize most of you will say the Rangers are doing just fine without him, and I’m not in a position to disagree. But he remains a compelling figure, and will likely go down as a pivotal player in the team’s history.

Update, 9:20 a.m.: Alert reader “Forechecker” informs me that the story doesn’t appear until this Sunday, so there will be no chasing after the recycling truck

More from practice later…



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  1. Uh Sam, that article doesn’t appear until THIS Sunday, Nov. 2nd. Check out the byline date.

  2. your boy Malik on

    Sam, I read the article online yesterday or Monday….and I’m not a “young” reader.

  3. I miss Jagr. And I still feel REALLY bad about what recently transpired.

    Sam, there’s a very good (albeit long) article in yesterday’s NYTimes.com re: the resurgence of Russian sports (it features hockey and Jagr in the beginning).

    It’s no longer on the front page so I’ll try and find the link.

    noonan, you’re a douche

  4. Thanks for the warning! I usually chuck Play right into recycling as it has never deigned to cover hockey before.

  5. I didn’t read the whole srticle but it was good, but way, way too long. Pretty interesting stuff there.

    A little change-up here, but it’s bothering me and isn’t sitting well with me thinking about the loss of him, BUT what do you think are the chances that Dubi signs like a 1-2 deal worth really cheap, to help out the team, with a promise of a big, long term payout thereafter? I know some players will take a home-town discount to return and help the team money-wise, but he could get a big offer sheet in the offseason. I mean I really hope they keep him whatever way they can, but it could get tough

  6. Leetchhalloffame on

    While Jagr deserves a lot of credit for turning the Rangers around his teammates always had to defer to him on the ice. They became too predictable, and Jags sulked far too often for a so-called “Captain.” Last year he coasted through the season then turned it on in the playoffs. I have great respect for what he accomplished in the NHL but it was definitely time for the Rangers to make the break.

  7. Kevo,
    I agree on Dubi…they can’t let him go…I would probably go down as one of the dumbest moves in team history…this kid has a serious shot at being captain some day.

  8. Staal, no question. I think they are going to try and work out a deal before the end of the season so he doesn’t get a huge offer sheet. I know he wouldn’t be opposed to that, but hopefully he wants to be a lifelong Ranger (don’t think he wouldn’t) and follows in Hank’s footsteps with a small deal and then a big one.

    Everyone knows where we are with the cap for next year, but I would like to have him, Zherdev, and Callahan back. They would all have to not demand big bucks. I know we can’t expect everyone to go cheap and then get rewarded, but it’s not far-fetched that Dubi and Cally would, since the Rangers brought them up. We just gotta hope for Z to LOVE it here and not ask too much higher than his salary this year.

  9. I’m really upset/angry/disappointed/etc. etc. (can’t think of the right word), but I just realized that they have off tonight. Really thought they were playing tonight and not tomorrow…so mad

  10. Anyone here from the Atlanta area? I was just made aware that I’m travelling down there for work in 2 weeks (just overnight). Looking for good restaurant (‘middle of the road’) possibly to watch the nyr/njd game that night. I know it’s a long shot.

  11. I’ve always LOVED Jagr. I thought it was a treat watching that guy play and command the puck. If the Rangers still had him, I’d be a happy guy, but I think the team needed to move on, because when the team didn’t produce, he was the one that got looked at. The present day Rangers are expected to spread the production, which they have done.

    As for Dubbi, I totally don’t see him demanding anything crazy. I’m just nervous about how the cap will look 2/3 years from now, and how the KHL will be doing. I don’t see too many North American players being interested in going to Russia if something drastic happens and they start throwing out ridiculous contracts. Ya never know tho.

    NO hockey today. I might be forced to watch the Knicks’ home opener.

  12. Oh yea. I’d be nervous about playing a team that just lost 7-0. They probably got ripped a new one, and are expected to play tough in their next game.

  13. Good to know Jagr´s salary is eating up 42% of the cap on his current team :)
    I do miss him, but not enough to want him back.

  14. Agree with matty….tomorrow’s game is dangerous because the Thrash just got their asses kicked. They will be fired up cuz they just go their worst embarrassment of the season.

    And BTW, that “first” thing is so lame. Your life is that beat that you have to say, “I was the first to respond to the new blog. Yeah boy!” LAME.

  15. matty, don’t do it…don’t watch them. You’d only be hurting youself lol…with regards to the cap 2-3 years from now, if we had say Dubi, Cally and Zherdev with cap friendly hits, Naslund would be off the books, we’d probably have two younger defensemen playing instead of Mara and Kalinin (who make over $4million together), maybe they would then give Staal one of those cheap contracts as well until the big cap hits come off the books. It will be scary, but I’m most scared about next year. I could really see the same team being back, minus a few here and there (Mara, Kalinin, Prucha), but should be interesting as long as no one wants to demand too much (Z or Dubi)

  16. In regards to Jagr, not counting cap space, say Jagr was on this current team as it is, I think they still produce as a team with the added offense of Jagr.

    A line with say, Dubi Jagr and Zherdev could have been a great one.

  17. BEER ME!, Atlanta area has like 5 sub areas do you know where you are staying. Like Peachtree? Buckhead? I would then try to help you out as I have been there on business myself.

  18. Mike Jones: I don’t agree with you actually and I love Jagr. A line of Z, Dubi and Jagr IMO would really just stunt the growth of those 2 players as the puck flows through Jagr whenever he is on the ice and both of those guys need to have the puck to be effective.

  19. Draxen, agreed, but Jagr didn’t stunt Dubi’s growth last year. Maybe because it was Dubi’s first year and he eased him into it, but he definitely helped his growth last season, IMO.

  20. Staal, I think they are too, but does it really make that much of a difference if you are playing the left or the right? If so, how come? I always wondered, and it’s obviously not which way you shoot, being that one shoots left and the other right.

  21. I agree, the Trashers =o) will definitely be pumped to play and redeem themselves. Lets hope Henrik continues his performance and our boys do well. Wish they were playing tonight too lol. Thursday will be here soon enough.

  22. Hey Spiderpig — I’m sure you’re on the wall, locked and loaded in case anyone calls tomorrow vs. ATL a “trap game.”

  23. If we get pucks to the net, we will win because I watched the Thrashers 2 times so far this year and its amazing how much traffic they allow in front of Lehtonen….

  24. Totally out of the ordinary here, but who doesnt like ESPN because their hockey coverage is absolutely horrible, all they care about is Crosby highlights, NBA basketball dunks, college football sophmore’s who hurt their little ankle… how bout they care about the 9-2-1 team in the NHL ohh whos that THE NEW YORK RANGERS

  25. Kevo,
    Not that it matters cause we will never see a Dubi, JJ, Zherdev line. I think it may have something to do how you like to shoot or be set up…but that is just a stab at the question I really don’t know. I played defense and right wing and I”m a right handed shot…it allowed me to pass across on my forehand not my backhand.

  26. Yea same with me, I was a puck moving defenseman myself lol, but I figured it’s all a matter of preference, just wasn’t sure because I hear about it a lot.

  27. being a left handed shot playing on the right wing allows you to get better shooting angles as your stick is in the middle of the ice instead of on the outside. It really does all boil down to preference though but thats the main reason

  28. RangerRob – I agree with you. They just gotta throw the puck on net and put bodies in front. ATL has given up 34 goals in 9 games so far. Not a tought defense either. As long as we outshoot this team, we should be fine.

    Slapshot – I’m totally with you. I can’t stand ESPN. They barely show highlights for games, its so frustrating. And if something horrible happens in the game, like a stick swing to the face, or a cheap shot that gets someone critically injured, its ALL OVER ESPN. It makes me sick. They play shows like NFL Live on a wednesday night, WHEN THERE ISNT EVEN ANY GAMES BEING PLAYED THAT NIGHT. I used to love NHL 2night when they were broadcasting games. Now its just a horrible network that sweats basketball. ANY dunk will make it higher on the top 10, rather than a crazy goal you’ll see once a year. I remember when Malik’s between the legs shootout goal made like number 3 or 4 on the top 10. What a load of crap. Theres nowhere to watch good hockey highlights on tv unless you have centerice.

  29. espn really does make me mad sometimes i think it was last year on top 10 they put a little kid on the spelling bee above a beautiful highlight reel goal. I would be happy if they just got a half hour segment of NHL tonight again and thats it.

  30. Yea NHL network does have a really good late night when they get all the games and discuss them all… Its just the point that ESPN is like all over the world, you know its known for all sports and Hockey is getting no respect when it is by far the hardest hitting, fastest sport and most exciting to watch. I dont feel like watching a 30 point Scrabble word on ESPN and it being number 2 on top 10 and like Gomez weaves through 4 guys to get into the zone and scores, YEA ESPN ur right, thats not hard to do.

  31. how is Jagr’s goalscoring going so far? I am not sure where to find the stats online……..

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