Breaking news: Shanahan turns the page (Updated)


Since the start of training camp, there was never more than an outside chance that Brendan Shanahan was going to return to the Rangers. Now there’s not even that.

Larry Brooks gets the story “this afternoon from No. 14”:, who says he is done waiting for Glen Sather and will now begin fielding offers from other teams.

“I’ve told (agent Rick Curran) that I can no longer wait and that it’s time to move on,” Shanahan told Brooks today. “Until now, Rick has been under instructions to tell inquiring teams that my focus was on re-signing with the Rangers, and that I was not accepting any other offers. That has changed.”

Shanahan says he harbors no ill will toward Glen Sather, who had left the door ajar with the future Hall of Famer since the start of free agency.

“I am disappointed that I’m not going to be here, but I’m not bitter at all. I believe Glen was always being honest with me. It just didn’t work out. I’m sure it’s going to, but it’s going to be somewhere else. I’m looking forward to getting on the ice and playing.”

Update, 7:21 p.m.: As for my own thoughts on this, I suppose there’s very little about Shanahan’s decision to look elsewhere that counts as surprising. But the news today is noteworthy nonetheless.

As much as I and others played down the chances of Shanahan returning for a third season, it was never something you could dismiss entirely as long as the player was unsigned. Throw in the fact that Sather hadn’t officially closed the door on Shanahan, and that the player was still skating at the Rangers’ practice rink, and it was a prospect you at least had to entertain until given reason otherwise.

Today was that day. How much did the Rangers’ fast start kill Shanahan’s chances of returning? A lot, probably. Or put it another way: if the Rangers were anywhere below .500 and seeming to lack Shanahan’s gravitas in the locker room, we all could have been chronicling his return game tomorrow.

And this isn’t to say the Rangers have it all figured out already, because they don’t. But they are obviously doing OK for themselves, and I’m with many of you who thought bringing Shanahan back for another run would be a contradiction from the team’s stated goal of trying to get younger and faster.

Still, the 39-year-old Shanahan was a great player for much of his tenure in New York,  and a treat to cover — probably the most thoughtful, articulate, and clever hockey player I’ve ever been around. Plus, he fought Donald Brashear, which was kind of cool, too.

So good luck, Shanny. Wherever you go, here’s hoping you have some gas left in the tank, and that you have as positive an impact on your next team as you did on the one you just left.

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  1. Ugh! I still think Shanny could have helped our team…legs aren’t everything. He would have brought leadership and experience to the team…which is okay and good in moderation!

    Let’s just hope he doesn’t go to one of our division rivals.

  2. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    good luck shanny we will miss you

    Sam do you think there is any chance that Shanny is trying to force sathers hand into a last second offer, or is it more likely that he saw that korpikoski got sent down and rismiller got waived and if not now when as far as an opportunity with the rangers?

  3. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Shanny said he wanted to be a ranger and that money was not important. If that was true they have more than enough to make him a reasonable offer.

  4. Thank God. Shanny has very little left. As last year showed he wouldn’t have helped the pp. Wish he would have moved on weeks if not months ago. He was only here two years no sure why people are crying. He was one of my favorites in his prime but his time has come and gone.

  5. That sucks. I really think Shanny could have been a piece of the puzzle, especially when some of the guys cool off he could have supplied supplemental scoring. Sure he’s old, but he’s still got some gas left in the tank. He’s got to be one of my all time favorite players, and I wish him nothing but the best. I really hope he doesn’t wind up on the Devils or Flyers.

    I’m gonna miss that guy.

  6. It’s especially disappointing when we’re paying guys to sit in the press box, instead of sending a legit offer to someone who really knows how to put the puck in the net

  7. repost

    dr house – the team is 9-2-1. nothing lasts forever so shannys time has come and gone. i’ve seen some favorites of mine leave but most were career or virtually career rangers so remember shanny was only here 2 yrs. but it’s more about the name on the front of the uni than the back. as seinfrld said its about rooting for the laundry.

    joe in de – we’re paying guys to sit in the press box because unlike other teams we have not really had an injury yet and that will change. it will be very interesting to see what shanny signs for. i say $ 2.5 mm to $ 3 mm (prorated for amt of time he actually plays)

  8. Flyers are ridiculously deep at forward(even without Briere) they also have no cap room(and are dying for defensive help) Montreal too.

  9. this stinks ….

    I know that the Rangers are playing good now, but with our “revolving door” of 3rd line wingers, and our PP still crappy this season, i still think Shanny could still contribute to this team.

    MARK MY WORDS — this will come back to haunt us this season, especially if he signs with the Devils, Penguins, or Flyers. I know the Pens are still looking for a bona fide goal scorer to play with Crosby, since they just recently paired, then split up Malkin and Crosby already this season

  10. Leetchhalloffame on

    I just wish we could have gotten Shanny a few years earlier than we did. He was a great player, fierce competitor and role model in his prime, but unfortunately his time has come and gone. Good luck Shanny, unless you sign with the Pens or Devils.

  11. My only issue is how Sather strung Shanny along, not bringing him back is more than fine by me.

  12. If you’re going to sign an older player sign one with some speed left. Shanny is exactly the type of player the Rangers should avoid. It’s ncie that he wanted to play here, but it’s better to leave as much cap room as possible for the trading deadline. We hardly have any as it is.

  13. yeah they got him ten years too late. He added leadership and didn’t play badly but he was a shell of his old power forward self.

  14. Become a fan of whatever team he goes to. Geez it’s not like he’s a Ranger icon or anything.

  15. This is Brendan’s favorite poem:


    When you are old and grey and full of sleep,
    And nodding by the fire, take down this book,
    And slowly read, and dream of the soft look
    Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;

    How many loved your moments of glad grace,
    And loved your beauty with love false or true,
    But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,
    And loved the sorrows of your changing face;

    And bending down beside the glowing bars,
    Murmur, a little sadly, how Love fled
    And paced upon the mountains overhead
    And hid his face amid a crowd of stars.

    WB Yeats

    I am just thankful for the short time he was here and graced us with his presence. Just as I couldn’t take the smile off my face when he came, I cannot now stop the tears.

  16. wow did I fall into a time warp? Did Giacom get shipped out did Mess leave for the ‘Nucks again? Did Seaver get traded to the Reds again? Jagr was 10000 times the Ranger than Shanny and nobody was blubbering like house and hurley are.

  17. dr house if you have not been a ranger fan long you can switch allegiances. or even if still a ranger fan can also root for shanny on another team to do well.

    unfortunately time catches up to us all. and it would be a lot different if he was a lifelong ranger

  18. graves – i agree up to a point. but everyone has their favs and when they leave it is tough for them. for example some felt that way about Jed Ortmeyer. so while i think its good for him to move on i will not rub it in to those that feel differently

  19. If Shanny goes somewhere and fails to contribute I will gladly eat my words. Ultimately I want what is best for the Rangers, and with a 9-2-1 record it’s hard to argue with the status quo. But personally I think players of his caliber don’t fade out to the point that they are totally ineffective, they know themselves to walk away before then. Jagr is a prime example. His stretch run and playoff push was a final “F*ck you” to all the naysayers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shanny goes someplace like NJ or Philly and starts lighting the lamp.

  20. Yeah but crying for a guy who was here a short time and was a shelll of his old self is strange to me. If we were Red Wings I’d understand the blubbering when he left.

  21. Shanahan–if he has not miraculously drunk from the fountain of youth–could very well be available on March 4, no matter who signs him now. His deterioration in skating evidenced last spring could lead to a very short stay with his new employers. Not clear that he will “hurt” the Rangers as several fear. If his signing causes another local franchise to put off the needed development of a young, talented player on their roster, than that’s a positive for us.

  22. Believe me, I do not feel Brendan fits in with this team anymore either. But, I have watched his career and he is a first Ballot Hall of Famer, a great Irishman and my favorite all time player. It’s hard to say goodbye to him. Would that he had finished his career as a Red Wing. :(

  23. Leetch is the man on

    Shanny was great with red wings and solid with us at best. Signing shanny would have contradicted the reason of why we let Straka and Jagr go. I loved Shanny dont get me wrong, but he is older and probably his last season. If we signed him it wouldve looked dumb to let Jagr go when we could have had him who is younger and better than Shanny ever was and is now. We need to use that cap space we have to resing players (Dubisnky) or bring in a d-man or a proven winger. Good luck to him, hes still got that wrist shot.

  24. Thank god hes gone. I loved him when he was here, but it was time for him and his 3.3 shooting percentage to move on. If he could deal with playing 4th line minutes and maybe PP every now and then, maybe I’d say ok, but we’re better off without him. He’s not what he used to be and for a team as young and fast and exciting as the Rangers, he has limited use since he can’t score or hit well anymore. He’s got the shot, but he can’t get it off anymore. If you think he still can, you are fooling yourself.

  25. We are looking for someone on our powerplay in the Brewster Mens Hockey League,”B” division. Shanny, we are all about the same age, so you will be the perfect fit!! We can pay you in cold beer after the game.


  26. HockeymanRangers on

    Yea I really like Shanny but he does not fit this team, and frankly I am glad and really hope he is actually going elsewhere. I would love it if he could come back as some kind of a coach, but I know that won’t work for him. It will be interesting to see who picks him up.

  27. I grew up a huge Shanny fan and always wanted him to play for the Rangers too bad he didn’t play here during his prime.

  28. dr house(is a girl) on

    i am a big fan. I will let this go soon. I do tend to get attached to players. I mean i am honestly trying not to get attached to Drury cause i dont know how thats gonna go.

    Gonna drink alot tomorrow night at the game. I miss Jagr more than Shanny. I loved them both.

  29. dr house – believe me i know where you’re coming from. i liked straka and cullen the last couple of years and saw the cap force the hand on the latter and age and the cap on the former. even before the cap i saw favs like richter retire, leetch and graves traded. i’ll stop there or i’ll date myself.

    don’t be afraid to get attached to your favorite player. the old its better to have loved and lost being operative there.

  30. Not a big shock… I loved Shanny as much as the next guy.

    Sad to see it finally end but there was no place for him here anymore.

    I’m with whoever said above that the thing that really sucks is how Sather strung him along. Not cool.

    Thanks for the memories Shanny and best of luck wherever you end up!!!

  31. Thanks Joe,
    He’s doing good. He just had his pace maker put back in & His heart is pumping fine. He finally got to go back to school full time.
    We’re hoping to get a transplant before he’s 18.
    Thanks for asking. That’s why I love Ranger fans –

  32. dr house(is a girl) on

    favorite shanny moments were the fight with Brashear, every goal in the ’06’07 season. Just everything.

  33. Favorite Shanny moments for me were the OT game winner against the Devils, and Rangers/Devils Game 2 where he killed off like 15 seconds of a penalty by himself batting in the corner. I was there 10 rows up from that corner and was yelling my ass off. You could hear the chants for him at the Rock

  34. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I guess it’s official (deep sigh). I was one of the strongest advocates of resigning Shanny – but as I see the dynamics of this team, I know realistically the Rangers have evolved without him and others. Actually, I’d rather see him behind the bench – specialty teams or something?Then you have the option to sign him for the run if need be. (Hey, we all have our fantasies!) It’s more games to watch with someone to root for (except against the Rangers). I just hope he doesn’t sign divisionally and comes back to bite us in the butt. But I do believe at this point in time, any cap space that is cleared should be used to lock in our homegrown guys: Dubinsky, Staal, etc. We need to start looking ahead instead of behind. Structure it so as the older contracts come to an end the torch can be passed on. (Lots of fantasies tonight).

    If the Rangers start playing a full sixty and play consistently, I know we can be a force to be reckoned with. We’ve all seen moments of brilliance plus we have a great tandem goaltending team.

    But then again, I guess it makes it a little tough to be consistent when your line mates change every other shift.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow. LET’S GO RANGERS!

  35. fav shanny moment gets 2 goals in 1st home game to get to 600. and a month or so later they had lemieux stevie y and mess on the ice for shanny and jj.

  36. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Gonna miss him. Just wish we had gotten him sooner.
    Impeach Bettman – Shanahan for Commissioner!!!

  37. favorite shanny moment was when he left to be an FA….oh wait. haha j/k.

    favorite moment was probably his 600th goal. he started off so fast when he was here and it was awesome to see.

  38. Here’s a nice quote from Tom Renney on the struggles of Chris Drury

    Q: The Rangers are getting a lot of shots on goal but actual goals have been few and far between. Can you explain why?

    Tom Renney: Shots on goal is a sexy statistic, but it doesn’t really show the consummate truth. You must take into consideration what kinds of shots they have been: non-quality shots, perimeter shots, soft shots, and anything off the stick of Chris Drury, because that man just can’t score for shit right now.

  39. Leafs beat Devils 6-5 in the shootout. YAY !! Hagman scored the game winner with a St Louis style backhand shot, and he accidentally snow showered Martina’s fat face. Then Langenugly failed to score.

    Good stuff !

    As for Shanny. Im gonna miss him, i wouldn’t mind it if he as back, but i don’t care if he is or not. Go sign with the Blues, they could use him. Keith Tkachuk is “old and slow” yet he has 6 or 7 goals in the early season. So much for being “old and slow”

    Say what you want, but he is still a good player, and should still be playing. When he cant hit 20 goals, then he should retire. Hopefully Shanny signs out west.

  40. Tkachuk has so many goals because he sits in front of the net on the powerplay and the other guys like Boyes and crew just move it around and dish to him. I think at least 80% of his goals are PP goals.

    I won’t say Shanny isn’t an NHL player, but hes nowhere near the elite guy he was. Hes just an average player, but he doesn’t want to admit it I don’t think.

    also…FREE RISSMILLER!!!! haha.

  41. Orr i dont think he is gonna be back. Its over….

    Man this makes me miss Jagr, the last 3 years were Loads of fun.

  42. Who Needs Lohan on

    From the last entry….
    October 29th, 2008 at 4:22 pm
    Dr House..
    Since there is no Ranger Game tonight would you like to play House with me? or Doctor??
    sorry couldn’t resist.. theres just something about chicks that dig hockey..

    Being that 95% of the population is either fat, ugly or both, its amazing how easily excited you are. Just a thought on a boring off night……

  43. Shanny was great while he was here…but I just couldn’t see him with this team anymore. I’m happy this whole Sundin like charade is over.
    Good luck Shanny!

  44. shanny was always a favorite of mine. My favorite memory has to be the infamous fight with brashear after he was taking advantage of jags. I remember watching that game with my father and he insisted that brashear wasn’t trying his hardest but after seeing expressions on there faces(especially shannys) and the types of punches they threw. They both connected a lot. Classless move by sather. Shanny deserves a spot somewhere,whether it’s here or elsewhere , and it was terrible of him to keep him thinking he had a shot. I could see him as a future head coach.

  45. That Brashear fight was great. Definitely the one memory that will always stick in my mind!

  46. oh Shanny. A favorite player of mine forever. I even forgave him being a Devil. I was thrilled to get to put Shanahan on a Rangers jersey – my first named jersey since Leetch. Thrilled to celebrate his 600th and 601st goals on opening night in ’06 – I clapped a stone right out of my bracelet. Thrilled at every game-winning goal – I yelled myself voiceless. Thrilled when he stood up for the New York Rangers and took on Brashear – I had to change my undies, I may have peed them, or. In this disappointing world, he’s my hero. And he loved our team as much as we do. That said, it’s our loss because Brendan Shanahan will do just fine in the NHL until he decides it’s time to hang up the skates.

  47. anyone see Hollweg get busted up tonight?
    this guy is unreal…100% opposite of Shanny.
    So happy he’s gone.

    What the heck…
    How do you know what was said between Sather and Shanny? How do you know it was classless? Maybe Shanny was saying he had a shot and not the other way around.
    I’m not sticking up for Sather but you have no idea what was said between the two parties.

  48. Good point staal. I just feel like sather could have told closed the door on him earlier and told him to find a new home. I just think that shanny is a smart guy and would know when to stop. Which he finally figured it out.

  49. The talk about resigning dubinsky got me thinking about Staal? When does he become a Type II. I think we need to try to resign Zherdev and Dubinsky and let Callahan go. We’ve gotta have Rissimiller cleared out by then and Prucha at 1.6 M too. Then resign Staal when he comes up.

  50. He finally got to go back to school full time.
    We’re hoping to get a transplant before he’s 18.


    thats awesome.

    Peace Shanny, I personally would have liked to see you fit into the team as a real Captain figurehead much more so than an on ice player…I know Shanny will sign with the Devils in a large F*ck You to NYR brass who strung him along like someone who doesn’t have the balls to make a clean break.

  51. Staal’s rookie contract runs till the end of next season. Dubi is a prime candidate for an offer sheet, although i’m not sure he would sign it. Either way its in the whole organisations interest to sign Dubi up for at least 4-5 years, if not longer. At teh end of the season our other RFA’s like Zherdev, Callahan and Dawes could be in for a raise if they have a good year. I can’t see us keeping all 3 of those, i have to think Dawes could be the odd one out unless he proves he can be a lock as a top 6 forward. Prucha, Fritshe and Freddy Sjoes are all RFA’s but i don’t expect any big raises there, in fact i can’t see us re-signing Prucha at all right now.

    As for Shanny, he leaves us with some great memories and a lot of what ifs: if we’d signed him younger, if he hadn’t have collided with Knuble, if he hadn’t had a bum knee last year? Favourite moment is easily him standing up to Brashear. Classy guy, hope he catches on somewhere West (STL, LA, PHX all have lots of cap space but so do the Asslanders, Buffalo and the Leafs)


    He’ll be back. There’s at least 15-20 teams that would sign him. I think the Devils are right up there on the top of the list. They have a lot of forwards, but they don’t have any problem taking them ( Rupp ) out of the lineup when guys like Rolston, and Holik are healthy. Clarkson is a huge Shanny fan, playing with a guy like him would be huge for his development. I doubt the Habs, and Flowers go after him, but the Blues want him like blondes want fake gonzagas. Who knows, maybe Hull might think aboot trading a few pieces to make room for Shanny, so Aves feels a little more at home there, and he’s friends with Shanny too.

    Point being, he’s coming back, but who knows where. Hopefully with a team that will make the playoffs, in the western conference.

  53. Thanks for the hard work and for being a great Ranger Shanny. Good luck OUTSIDE OF THE ATLANTIC DIVISION! PLEASE!!!

    I still stand by my prediction that he will finish the season with more goals than Sean Avery.

    The one thing I really would like to know is if there ever was an offer on the table for shanny. Of course it’d be one of those low-ball offers of $1mil or so. Just curious.

    Staal – I saw that punk Hollweg get lit up last night. A bloodied face is a good look for him.

  54. Posted a link ‘awiating moderation’. screw that. Here ya go.
    From the Post……….
    Dubinsky is tied with Scott Gomez for the team lead in scoring with 11 points (4-7). When on his game, he plays with a chip on his shoulder the size of his native Alaska. He is a team guy and a leadership guy.

    He also is on the final year of his Entry Level contract, and is the class of the prospective Group II Class of ’09, all due respect to Paul Stastny and Jordan Staal.

    With an anticipated 10 percent increase in average, a team making a Group II offer sheet of $5.7M would only owe compensation of a first-, a second- and a third-round draft pick for Dubinsky if the Rangers refused to match.
    Personally, I’d flip a coin if I were between Stastny and Dubi.

  55. I liked Shanny a lot. He will probably sign with the Devs. It allows him to stay in nyc and still be on a team thats competitive(i.e. not the Islanders)

  56. Shanny will sign where he has the best chance of winning the cup. He is not going to sign with the Islanders or a team that it simply not going to make the playoffs. I will miss the guy too, a very classy hockey player. I don’t think he would have been a negative to the team as many people think. I still think he is capable of scoring 25-30 goals on a team. He would not have been bad on a third line spot.

    Best wishes #14

  57. Lohan –
    I hear ya but I feel like if she was fat and ugly, she would have acknowledged me already.. she drinks too!
    As for Shanny..
    He made a very large impact in a short tenure.. He was likely a bigger part of changing the Ranger culture and bringing a winning mentality to this team than we will ever realize.. but as was the case with Jagr, the Rangers are turning a new page and when you look at the makeup of this team (not even considering the cap limitations) he no longer fits..
    So I look forward to the night he comes back to the Garden so we can give him his much deserved ovation..and wish him well no matter what Jersey he is donning (well I’ll leave it up to you guys to discuss which are acceptable)…
    hey House.. like me yet???

  58. Breaking News: General Manager Glen Sather and free agent Brendan Shanahan have agreed to terms on one year deal. Details to come.

  59. I wish Shanny luck wherever he lands. I just think the Rangers have moved on. We’ve hung in with old vets too often in the past and it’s time to go with the younger guys.

  60. I’ve been on the fence with resigning Shanny since the off-season. He definitely lost a step or two last year, but I think that had a lot to do with his injuries moreso than it did with him being a year older. Dude can still snipe just as good as anyone in the league. That being said, we play a fast brand of hockey now and I’m not so sure he could keep up.

    Had we gone 2-9, we’d probably have resigned him. But, such is not the case.

    I actually think he’s going to go unsigned for a few more months and probably will end up back on the Rangers in Jan/Feb. However, he’ll be used sparingly til’ playoffs.

    Don’t count it out, stranger things have happened.

  61. I know I’m behind, but thanks for mentioning Jed Ortmeyer, LI Joe. I LOVED that guy.

    Upset we’re not getting Shanny, but more based off my love for him. He really didn’t fit the team much this year. I just wisht he best for him, outside the division, hopefully.

  62. Also, I kid you not. After seeing that the Phillies won the world series (even though its not a REAL sport), I had a dream the world was ending. I’d prefer my dream to come true than what I had to see on TV.

  63. Shanahan is great, and he’s going to be sorely missed. Sometimes I’m inclined to agree that Shanny wouldn’t be able to keep up. And then I think of his fight with Brashear, which was probably one of the most, if not the most epic thing that any Ranger has done since ’94. Called that dumb goon out to center ice and pretty much showed the entire league that you can’t push the Rangers around anymore. The guy has brass ones. Any player would stand up for his teammates and his organization like that deserves one last shot. Even though is stay in New York was short, I think his impact on the organization has been tremendous. Do you think Dubinksi and Callahan would be the players they are today without Shanahan having been there for their rookie seasons? Doubtful. We needed Shanny for the last two seasons, and in my opinion, we owed him one more year for his dedication to the team. Bad move, Sather.

  64. Regardless of whether or not Shanny belongs on the team, I think we can all agree that Slats did him dirty.

    To me, it’s further proof that he doesn’t have a real “plan” and just kinda goes on instinct.

    The fact that we took on contracts like Rissmillers, have an excess of forwards along with sparse Defenseman shows that our GM is not putting in the work he should be to guarantee our success.

    There is no “I don’t know” in sports — you either have a spot for a guy or you don’t. Brian Burke wanted Teemu Selanne resigned so he dropped Mathieu Schneider. That’s a GM with a plan.

    To me, I attribute our success to the coaching staff’s system. Tom Renney is the brains of this operation. He’s dealt with a plethora of personalities and found ways to win. Personnel wise, slats has a good eye for talent but just doesn’t put the hard work in like some of these young buck GMs and we suffer the consequences.

    You need a plan. You can’t just sign guys and drop guys on whims.

  65. The best GM’s fully implement their massive change blueprint, such as dropping Jagr, Straka, AND Shanahan, to fully turn the page and commit to a new direction. It’s called cleaning house, not just sweeping the porch. Halfway measures become the equivalent of halfway success. Here is a washed-up hockey player who was jacked around to the detriment of the club and the player. Indecisive and shameful, it is.

  66. Loved Shanny in a Blueshirt. Heck, even respected him in all his other jerseys too. But we know the direction of this team this year and henceforth. Will Shanny score more goals than a few players on this team this year? I am sure of it. But to have Shanny on the team and cause guys like Cally, Dawes, and other developing players to ride the pine is not a “big picture” decision I’d be happy with. Our PP sucks already with Gomer, Dru, and Naz because Voros and Dubi and Zherdev aren’t getting PP time. Where would Shanny fit there? Answer: Maybe a few goals better but our younger kids not developing more as a result. I don’t love that tradeoff.

    Don’t count out Sundin though…..

  67. Brandon – I agree on the coaching. But I don’t think Slats did him dirty. I think it was mutual that IF the circumstances allowed, he woulda been signed. The circumstances did not present themselves, and Shanny knows that.

    While probably not on the ice anymore, Shanny’s an impact player on a team. I don’t know how you change the composure of a 9-2-1 team like that.

  68. Well said both Beer and Newman.

    BTW, where are all the Renney haters? Are they going to come out of the woodworks if we lose 3 in a row in December/Jan.?

    I’ll say it again as I’ve said before. Our system is our greatest strength — and like the Patriots, it’s bigger than any player on this team.

  69. just enjoy the peace Brandon… Don’t get them all riled up.

    People are all content and happy Marty gave up 5 goals last night. I chalk it up to fatigue.

  70. Right Brandon. We’re heard (except for those that tune it out) from almost every guy that’s been quoted, that they KNOW that the ‘system’ can protect them. The nights that it doesn’t, it comes down to execution.

    I wouldn’t go as far to say that it can ‘win you games’. But is can sure as hell keep you from losing in an ugly fashion. Hence the teams 180 over the last few years on team gaa.

  71. I have been teaching my daughter to fight. There have been a few times this year, in her pre school class, that a boy has ripped something out of her hand and pushed her. She is a very tall little girl for being only 3, and is easily the tallest and strongest in her class. So last night we were going over what happen when someone takes something from you and pushes or hit. She now will rip the thing that was taken from her back out of the kids hands and then wait for a reaction. If the kid hits or pushes her, I told her to punch them square in the face. So last night we are practicing, and it was right around the time that Hagman scored on Brodeur in the shootout, so I turned my head to watch, and she caught me on the side of the ear and made made me bleed. Ha. I have never been so proud. My wife comes in the room and goes, “babe, what happened to you, you are bleeding!” I got up and looked in the mirror and started to laugh. My wife then slowly back in to the kitchen because I definitely had a Nicholson “Here’s Johnny” Shinning grin going on. I told her what happened and she was immediately pissed off and said well you can explain this all to her teacher and the director of the school should she end up hurting someone. So this morning I did just that. Gave then a heads up. Told them to keep tabs on the kids and that if the little prick hit my daughter again, they can expect retaliation, and that I have absolutely no problem with it. Teacher says, “it is kind of hard to see what is happening at all times.” That is where the Nasty 1 came out, because I am a teacher as well. I don’t think there will be anymore problems in the classroom :)

  72. Who Needs Lohan on

    Nasty, you are out of your effin mind! Thats why we love you, keep up the good work……….

  73. Nasty, being that you were watching hockey at the time, you should have taught her to pull his shirt over his head, so he can’t see, then to just beat the ever-loving snot out of him.

  74. Good luck Shanny! You will be missed… Just don’t go to the devils or pens or I will have to hate you unconditionally.

  75. Well… Shanny. It’s been great.

    My problem isn’t that Slats didn’t sign him. It’s the way he goes about it. I feel like he doesn’t know how to handle Rangers vets. Case in point #1, Graves. Case in point #2, Leetch. I know hockey is a business, but there’s a way to go about things. Be up front with them. Don’t call them in a hotel room on their birthday and say “you’re traded” without any prior notice. Just my two cents.

    Regardless… Shanny brought heart to this team in a time we desperately needed it. He embraced the fans and the city like he was here his whole career. Shanny- Rangers fans never forget. I hope he has a good year and I get to cheer him on at the Garden one last time. Let’s just hope he doesn’t sign with an Atlantic Division team.

  76. Nasty 1, no training of your daughter to fight necessary, if you just let her watch network TV 30 hours a week. There she will learn to be a kick-boxing (of men) masculine feminist, tatooed, tank top bitch, like about 50 million of her sisters in this country. And for good measure she can one day marry another female instead of some metro-sexual wimp, which is what we are teaching our young men to become now. I am so happy for you and your family that you are so abundantly blessed to be in step with the times we live in.

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