As the world turns, Patrick Rissmiller remains in limbo


Is it a coincidence that ever since the Rangers put Patrick Rissmiller on waivers, they’ve won three straight?

Yes, it is, actually. I’m pretty sure there is no correlation.

But that doesn’t change the fact that Rissmiller’s situation is a peculiar one.


The deal is this: although Rissmiller cleared waivers last week, he hasn’t been assigned to Hartford, and continues to practice with the Rangers. He still counts toward the salary cap, and should the Rangers want to play him Thursday against Atlanta, they can. Of course, that’s not likely to happen, so instead, Rissmiller will probably remain in the same holding pattern until the Rangers figure out something better to do with him.

Can this go on indefinitely? Yes. And no. The reality is after 10 NHL games or 30 days, the Rangers would have to again put Rissmiller on waivers, where he could conceivably be claimed by another team. But since that didn’t happen the first time and teams might be skittish about his three year, $3 million contract, Rissmiller could remain in this limbo for the rest of the season.

Which is fine, except that again, Rissmiller’s salary counts toward the cap, and I’ll tell you right now that if the team is just looking for someone to fill a uniform in practice, I can do it for much cheaper (albeit probably not as effectively. Make that, definitely not as effectively).

So why don’t they just assign him to Hartford?  Since Rissmiller has cleared waivers, the player could report immediately. The problem is once he’s assigned to the minor, the Rangers would have to put him through re-entry waivers if they ever wanted to  bring him back up. And should that happen, other teams could be enticed into picking him up at half price (with the Rangers on the hook for the other half).

As people with the team have noted to me, that part of the CBA is the worst possible deal for veterans who aren’t locked into an NHL job. Look at Andrew Hutchinson last season. Even if the defenseman couldn’t make it as an every day player with the Rangers, he is someone who could have been brought up in a pinch.

But since the team risked losing him to re-entry waivers, they never did.

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  1. It would definitely be much better if re-entry waivers worked the same way as exit waivers, or whatever you want to call them, or if they just didn’t have the re-entry waivers at all and anybody could be recalled, like in baseball. I would actually prefer the latter, since teams would have to plan ahead by a day to recall someone through waivers since that’s how long it takes to pass through.

    Still though, the Rangers should send Rissmiller down and try him out again next season, if it really is this crazy three-year deal.

  2. spider – i think the next cba will not allow guys to be parked in the minors or even sent to europe to avoid cap hits. the small market teams like edm complained about the cap avoidance of sending down guys a year or 2 ago. that will be another way to drive down salaries and length of contracts

  3. That is a possibility, but I feel like the players will not go for it because, like you said, it will lower salaries. Forcing teams to make buyouts (if they can’t make trades) leaves less cap room available for future free agents or rookies.

  4. but the owners will threaten and implement if need be a lockout. and the players will give in on that one quickly. maybe even age of free agency go back up a bit. the owners will win if there is a fight with the players.

    i prefer more open re salaries with no cap etc. as a fan of a big market team. also favor contraction to 24 teams including the isles as one of the 6. unfortunately i know the reality and expansion to 32 teams and owners getting their way on other issues.

  5. Sam,

    I think Rissmiller contract is 1 mil for 1 year only. It is Voros who got 3 mils for 3 years…

  6. There are some guys in the AHL who make $750K so I don’t see the big deal. It’s a little expensive, but this guy doesn’t fir the Rangers system or team at all.

  7. If the Rissmiller contract really is 3 yrs at $1M per…why would the Rangers be afraid to let him be claimed on re-entry?? Wouldn’t they pay half of this years contract (pro rated by 1/7 season) and be off the hook for the next two years??

    If thats the case its better than a buy-out

    Somebody help me to see

  8. kaspar – i think the rangers would be on hook for 1/2 his salary throughout the contract. and can’t afford a 1/2 cap hit each yr for a player not playing here all 3 yrs. if it was just this yr they might have tried to send him down and bring him back in march the risk would be small.

    for the rangers cap $ means a lot more than real $. probably even more next yr and yr after so they can’t afford $ 500 k dead cap hit for player not on team.

    at some pt injuries to forwards will happen and if need me and he’s still on roster he’ll play then. or alternatively they’ll send him down and let him stay in hartford all yr. other choice to save some $ is korpo since no waivers are needed for him in either direction.

  9. I thought Voros got the 3 year and Rissmiller only got one year? Was the orignal reporting incorrect then?

  10. onecupin67years on

    Sam ,what the rangers have to trade is crap. Trade Dubi or Henrik ? NO, all others are tradeable , Drury ,Gomez ,etc .All can be had for the right price depending on their contracts. Except for the overpriced money the Dolans’ paid. The other NHL GMs have the rangers # and are waiting for the rangers to sweeten the deal: Prucha (take him ) or Dawes or the farm or picks. If Rissmiller has a value the other Gm’s aren’t buying and want him for free or pay for part of his salary.
    The rangers should concentrate on 1 game on a time and not win loss streaks or the dreadful presidents trophy.

  11. Everywhere i look it says Rissmiller signed $1m for 1 year.
    If thats the case its “Hello Hartford” till the end of the year, then bye bye.
    Trouble is if its a 3-year contract then its a big boo-boo by Glennie and he’s going to have to give him away and admit the mistake.
    Then he’s got to work out what to do with Prucha, Fritsche and Korpi and also figure out if he wants to go in for Sundin again ( i gather he’ll be ready to play in December some time) or try and sign Shanny for half a season….

  12. sam and all the other reporters are insisting it’s a 3 yr deal for rissmiller. i have to presume they’re right

  13. Yet when he signed they all claimed Voros got a 3 year deal and Rissmiller got a one year deal so yeah strange.

  14. onecupin67years on

    A bad deal is a bad deal.. shame on Sather . but does he care?
    The Dolans are pitiful.

  15. Right now the most marketable guy, Im afraid to say is Brandon Dubinsky. I really really hope that doesn’t happen and it seems as if he really wants to stay in NY (thats what I tell myself so I can sleep at night). Right now we are 9-2-1. If you had told me that after losing Jags, Straks, Avery, and Shanny, I would have called you crazy. The chemistry on this team is amazing. I was a hater throughout preseason and didn’t see any potential. Now that I see what they have to offer, I have to admit, they could go somewhere. The Cup? Thats hard to say since we are still a young team with no real threat in the offensive zone while we are defensively solid (mainly because of a king in net). But come on everyone lets not get over excited about 1st place yet, most teams have played 3-5 games less then us. Doesn’t matter because if we keep up this pace we make playoffs and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc all have the same chance (you just play “easier” teams). So on that notice. LETS GO RANGERS!

  16. I know (very well) that this is a Rangers site and so this is not the forum for Knicks talk, but what kind of d-bag implies it was his daughter who OD’d when it was himself?

    On a more relevant note, there is no way Dubi is being traded. And how is it that during his long drought no one here starting calling Drury “Dreary”?

    And, hey, wait: where’s Shanny?

  17. Shanny is at my house for the night HA just kidding. Seriously what is going on with that?

    Dubi aint going anywhere, that is one guy you dont have to worry about. Him and Hank are here to stay.

  18. shame on Sather . but does he care?


    no matter what ever happens in NY, Glen Sather will always have been the man behind one the most dominant dynasties hockey will ever see. I have to believe he’d like to win again in NY, but will not be bending over backwards to make it happen.

    I couldnt post the other day during the aquarium discussion but I keep a few bettas (siamese fighting fish) around in half gallon vases and have a 10g tank with some assorted tropical fish but I have a 30g waiting in the wings for when my baby sharks get a little bigger…

    To that guy who just got new GRAF skates… how are they working out? my pal just hooked me up with a brand new pair of Vapor XXXX’s for *well* under half price… I’m still creaming myself over it. I’m wearing them around right now to break them in all buttery… did you get them baked?

  19. Dubi aint going anywhere, that is one guy you dont have to worry about. Him and Hank are here to stay.


    OH? OH? What??? What’s this? Dubinsky going nowhere? Because *you* said so? Hello my friend, Welcome to Reality. Dubinsky is going to get offers out the ASS when he becomes available. And it’s because of #23 fanboys like you we may not be able to afford to keep him.

    (Where’s that POLL guy when you need him? I still didn’t get to cast my vote.)

  20. dubi is restricted only. so no way he gets the type of money some here seem to think. if necessary the team will bring him to arbitration like they did with henrik to preclude offers from other teams. plus at really high levels compensation is 5 number 1 draft picks.

    by the time he is going to get real money naslund for one will be gone.

    so only 3 and 6/7 seasons of listening to bs posts complaining about drury

  21. The provision of the cba which keeps Rissmiller in limbo sucks for him but I do not see a way around it. The AHL does not have roster size limits. They do have a limit on the amont of veterans who can dress for any particular game, but no limit on the size of the roster. Thus, a team like the Rangers could park a whole bunch of guys in Hartford.

    This also would take away from the whole goal the NHL wants from the AHL — being a development league.

    Also, in regard to the one-half salary provision which would have to be paid by the Rangers if Rissmiller was claimed from re-call waivers. (Assuming he is assigned to Hartford.) The salary penalty is only for the season which the player is claimed. It is not for the entire length of contract.

  22. david – are you sure about the last sentence and can you post a link. that would make a big difference as to whether they would ever try to bring him back if he’s actually sent down. Thanks

  23. Adam and his apple on

    here are a few random thoughts

    1) Renney is still young when it comes to being a coach, he is going to be our coach for a long long time and i cant be anymore thrilled, he is by far and away one of the most intelligent head coaches in the NHL, there is always a method to his madness regardless of whether or not we understand his reasoning

    2) One of the people who never gets any credit because he isnt media friendly is Glen Sather, i mean its taken a few years because rebuilding a franchise doesnt happen overnight, and the best part is, while we were rebuilding we still made the playoffs every year since the lockout, and i dont think our future has ever looked this bright, sather has set the foundation for a very long and prosperous future of cup runs

    3)Lundquist is the best goalie on the planet right now hands down, his focus is second to none, his glove hand looks much improved, and have you guys seen some of his outlet passes?! i hate to say it but some of them have been broduer-like, ok now im officially going to hell

    your thoughts and comments would be appreciated

  24. Who Needs Lohan on

    From the last entry….

    October 28th, 2008 at 1:57 pm
    The whole ‘1st’ thing is beyond gay. I’m not just knocking this board—I’ve seen it on others. Just so incredibly gay.

    As a Gay American I am very offended! No, atually I am straight as an arrow and married. I must admit when I read your post, I did contemplate going back to previous entries and posting a comment that said….


  25. Salty,

    I AM A GIRL!!!!! not a boy. actually a woman. Slats aint that stupid we are gonna keep Dubi. Stop acting like an ignorant pr*ck.

  26. You can shove Chris Drury up your Ace if you want to. Its an f’en opinion get used to it. Who do you think you are? So what Dru costs alot of money, there is always something to complain about. Deal with it we all dont work for the organization. This is all fun, but to some people it means business which is rather weird.

  27. Penguins just lost to the Sharks. Score was only 2-1 but they got manhandled. Rangers better keep taking advantage of the Pens losing.

  28. I have complete confidence that Dubi will be back. Next year’s salary cap is gonna be a little tight, but he’ll be back, and when Naslund’s deal is done, that is a decent chunk of money that can be used to resign both Girardi and Staal. We might be seeing some combo of Del Zotto/Sauer/Potter/Bobby Sags/and maybe even Mitch Gaulton or Kundratek if they turn some heads to have a cheap #5-6.

    One guy that must be resigned next year is Colton Orr.

  29. uh id hardly say sather has built the base for many future cups, there are no elite scorers in our system, all the forwards in the minors are for the most part clones of cally (ie 3rd liners) , w/the two russians possibly being more gifted offensively and we aren’t gonna be able to sign a top offensive fa w/out cutting/trading roszival or redden(good luck getting anyone to take that contract at any point) and i wouldnt be surprised to see the cap go down after this b/c of the economic crisis. that coupled w/staal and dubisnky being ras and zherdev being an ufa next year makes things interesting (if either of those hit the market they will get offers which ud assume the rangers would match but say someone offered dubinsky 6mill a yea, rangers would have to make cuts to make that happen) maybe those kids will take somesort of discount, but wouldnt expect much in this regard, not the ranger way

  30. Please don’t talk about trading Dubi; it would rip our hearts out if that happens, to paraphrase a song to which I was just listening.

    It looks like Doodie’s pick, the Flyers, is starting to come around, beating Atlanta 7–0 tonight. However, it seems like a normal thing for them and could just be a fluke, since this is 11 in a row now, and, according to the Versus studio guys, Niittymaki hasn’t lost to Lehtonen in all of the time they have face each other, since they were 15 years old. Unfortunately, his makes the Thrashers angrier before they play us, but they are horrible so we should be able to handle them.

  31. Pete, outside of Zetterberg and Datsyuk, what elite scorers did the Wings have last year? I know they have a good farm system, but still, guys like Franzen and Filppula came from nowhere.

  32. pig – I think the game was just a mismatch personally. THIS is a trap game tomorrow night.

    I also wanted to comment on something you said last night (that I read this a.m.) about Orr/Betts. There’s NO doubt that they are 4th liners wherever they play. Orr, possibly even in the AHL. Though he’s a top-tier NHL enforcer. So while I completely 100% agree with what you said, I think what makes them (more) valuable to the NYR is their personalities and the way they are received by their teammates here. They certainly fit the mold of the ‘culture’ that the NYR are still establishing. Thus, they’ll probably remain part of the team for a while.

    “dubi is restricted only. so no way he gets the type of money some here seem to think. if necessary the team will bring him to arbitration like they did with henrik to preclude offers from other teams. plus at really high levels compensation is 5 number 1 draft picks.”

    Joe – Arbitration technically IS an option. But he’ll never make it that far. Arbitration filings aren’t accepted until after free agency begins on 7/1. He’d receive offer sheets well above what could (responsibly) fit under our cap. While he won’t be in the echelon of 5 #1 picks, the compensation would be significant.

    That’s why teams need to get deals done in January for RFA’s so that that’s not the case.

  33. Actually, I’ll have to check my facts on that. Because I think the Hank situtation could apply the same way. I’m not sure now that I think of it. It’s a loophole for sure.

  34. that is true johnny d so maybe there is some hidden talent in out system, but they also had a much much better defense than we did that was largely homegrown. to be realistic, to get the kind of scorer we need it is gonna take trading prospect and ad this point the only untouchable youth should be staal and dubinsky (clearly Hank wont/shouldnt traded) the issue is tho would we have enough to pull off say a trade for kovalchuk? probably not

  35. It’s funny that people somehow think we’re going to lose Dubinsky, name me one restricted guy that got an offer sheet for serious dollars and actually wound up on the team that signed him without the player’s original team matching or resigning prior?

  36. Sorry to belabor the point regarding corruption and fixes in sports, but I heard something incredible and at first, seemingly unbelieveable, via the internet, over WIP 610 Sports Radio in Philadelphia, yesterday. 3 PM – 7 PM host Howard Eskin reported that Las Vegas and all of Nevada is already paying off on the Philadelphia Phillies winning the World Series “because the Phillies were leading after five innings, and the fifth inning was the final complete inning played before the game was suspended.” So even if Tampa Bay comes back to win this series, Nevada is paying off on Philadelphia and all bets on TB are null and void = losers.

    The real reason for this is simply because Nevada stood to get crushed if it had to pay off on Tampa Bay winning the series. Tampa Bay does have a good chance to come back and win it all, now that the umpires have succeeded in their mission of leaning over backwards to help the Nevada Sports Books, which obviously either paid off the umpires, or threatened them. Look for the umpires to be either impartial or making make up calls on behalf of Tampa Bay, for the duration, however long or short, now that they are off the hook. Sort of stinks doesn’t it?

  37. JJP – Dustin Penner. Went from Anaheim to Edmonton on a restricted FA offer sheet.

    Also, for those that DO match, usually its for higher amounts than they wanted to sign the person for, so it kills cap space. Like that Vanek offer sheet. That dude was just not worth 7M a year when that contract was signed.

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