Dubinsky emerges from Renney’s doghouse


No, that wasn’t an emergency skate problem or an ingrown toenail that had Brandon Dubinsky sitting out a couple of shifts in the first period tonight against the Islanders.

That was a second-year center drawing his coach’s ire for a couple of sloppy penalties, and forced to enjoy the view as a result. Dubinsky said Tom Renney never explicitly told him why Blair Betts was suddenly in his spot between Aaron Voros and Petr Prucha for those shifts. But it wasn’t much of a mystery either, and Renney admitted there was a definite message being sent.

“I just wanted to make sure that Dubi understands there’s a way we have to play and at the end of he day, the guy behind the bench is a boss. He knows that. He’s a good kid. He’ll learn.”

To the player’s credit, he owned up immediately to a lackluster effort.

“He’s just doing his job,” Dubinsky said. “I was awful. I didn’t come ready to play, at least not for the first period. I just wasn’t working hard.”

On the other end of the spectrum was Chris Drury scoring his first two goals of the season, the first in less-than-resounding fashion, the second more impressive.

“It’s not easy to score goals in this league,” Drury said. “So I’ll take them off my knee, my head. I’ll take them anywhere. And every guy in this room would say the same thing.”

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  1. Dubi will learn. Both calls were iffy at best but he can use this to propel his game. Great effort all around tonight. The thing that concerns me is Rozsival, I was hoping he would play like 2 years ago but he looks like he did last year. He looks unsure what to do with the puck and his passes lead to trouble. He’ll skate with the puck out of his own end and crowd everybody together, then look to drop it off. I guess we have to hope he finds his game cause were stuck with him. Great job tonight Rangers!!!!

  2. Renney is pretty cocky there calling himself the boss hahaha. anyways Dubi is great he understands. I am soooooooo happy Dru scored.

  3. Henrik was great esp on the PK’s in the 1st..

    Good thing Dru got a couple ..

    I hope we dont see to many more passes from Z like that


  4. Maybe after tonight’s performance, Rozy will learn that good things happen when you throw the puck towards the net instead of waiting for Jagr to come back from Russia.

  5. Where was the boss the last 11 games when Drury wasn’t scoring, yet getting 20 minutes of icetime?

  6. Zherdev makes some bad passes, but Gomez make a lot more, yet you know who will not be in Renney’s doghouse and who will be.

  7. what the HECK,

    Sorry man… just got done watching the game on DVR (had to work until 10pm).

    I like a dude who pays up on a bet immediately!!! Although you keep getting my name wrong.

    It’s RICHE’ (like ree-shay) not Richie.

    I’m sure you just as glad as everyone else for Drury’s performance.

    I love how this team can win playing a bad game. Long season… I’ll take it.

  8. For those who want Gauthier, he just completely blew the game for the Kings with the worst breakout pass ever. He passed it to Filppula when the Kings were up 3-2 with under 5 minutes left and he just went in and scored. All he had to do was chip it up the boards and he went to pass it in the middle in his own end and gave it away.

  9. make that 2 giveaways as he almost just blew the game completely.

    and bob, I agree with you about Gomez’s passing. Like I said in the last post, he makes the most ridiculous pass that shouldn’t get through, but the basic simple pass he turns over. I’m not bashing him, I’m just saying its something he needs to work on.

  10. JONNY D

    You cant take that one play and use that as an excuse to not have him. Everyone makes mistakes, it happens. If they do it to much, then its a problem. It prefer him over Kalinin though. But eh.

    Good that Renney benched Dubi. He needs to know this team expects more from him. I don’t know why Dru isn’t on Dubi’s wing, but eh, that line is working now, but i wanted to see him with Dubi, and Voros.

    BTW – Wasn’t it BS that Guerin didn’t get 5 mins and a misconduct ? Mara got it so why not Guerin ??

  11. Orr, do you watch him play at all though? This isn’t something new. He does it a lot, and at key moments too. The Kings should’ve won this game but he had 2 key turnovers tonight and singlehandedly blew the game. Plus hes in the box a lot more than he should be. Hes a borderline NHL defenseman and a 6th man on a rebuilding young team, which means we should stay away from him. If he could move around quicker and wasnt awful with the puck, then I’d agree with you.

  12. and for people who say we are soft and don’t check enough, we lead the league with 312 recorded hits as a team. The next closest team is Anaheim with 240 (I know we’ve played more games but we still have 72 more hits than the next team).

  13. gomez is an exceptionally creative player, which results in the occasional turnover. make 40 passes a game, and they’re not all going to hit the tape. In is favor though is the fact that after making a turnover, he has such a head of steam, he’s the first forward back applying pressure in the neutral zone, causing a turnover, or forcing a dump. This isn’t discrediting zherdev, he’s been light years ahead of what i expected from him defensively, however he has that special creativity as well, and will give a puck away here or there. he’ll also snipe a game tying goal with 8 seconds left here or there.

  14. the problem for gomez is that it’s not just occasional, it’s half of the time. Also it bothers me more because he always screws up the simplest plays/passes. That still doesn’t mean that he isn’t our best player, because I believe he is, but I’d like to see his simple turnovers start to decline a bit.

  15. Creative players like Gomez and Zherdev are likely to cause turnovers because they aren’t afraid to make the risky pass or play . The good thing at the moment is Hank is on form and the defense is settled and meshing well.

  16. LIJOE – I believe it was you that said in the prev thread (sorry folks, skimmed it) that certain players respond differently to benchings. In some way I think that’s whay you said. And I think that’s completely right.

    Some guys you may need to belittle infront of the team, sometimes on the bench, sometimes in the room, sometimes the next day you make them pay in practice, or a private meeting. A players coach has to know his players. I think we’re seeing that pretty blatantly now.

    Way to go Dru! Finally eh!?

    Z’s pass….no, no, no. Is he hanging out with Kevin Stevens?! THAT’S a guy that I don’t think would respond well to a benching. I don’t know the guy, but I know it didn’t work in CLB.

    ugh…a 2-day break.

  17. jonny d – great stat on the hits there. i did not know the number were like that at all. what i think their only problem with hitting is, is that they dont play physical against EVERY team. for example, compare the isles game against the penguins game. they weren’t physical against the penguins at all (partially cause i think they are brainwashed with the fact that if they touch crosby, the refs will call anything). but last night they were throwin bodies all over the place. so they seem to accumulate all their hits only against certain teams. i believe its just the team adjusting to different systems as the season goes along. some teams required you to play physical against them, and some might have you play a little more of a patient game. as messy as that game was, it was pretty exciting.

    hank was amazing. great game. im gonna put myself in a coma for two days until the next game. i think we all got spoiled with all of this early cluster of games.

  18. After 2 mediocre periods, the Rangers played a dominant third, as they did against the Penguins. That’s a good trend to develop. The best teams know how to play in the 3rd, whether they’re in the lead or need to score a goal or two to get a W. At 9-2-1, I’m really finding very little to complain about.

    4 more cookies coming up in the schedule. How SWEET would 27 points be after 16 games?!?! I don’t wanna get ahead of myself, but I’m just saying, we’re racking up points and I’m loving it.

  19. Another win! But I gotta say, I still don’t feel huge confidence in the team like the record suggests I should.

    First of all, Perry Pearn needs to find a new job or the Rangers need a new PP coach. How many times have we tried the “everyone line up on the perimeter and play keep away” for our powerplay? It doesn’t work. They all stand still and pass the puck around thinking that one of the opposing players will fall down or something. Last year we thought it was Jagr’s fault. Now we know it isn’t. You should NEVER have to take a slapper from the point on a 5 on 3. Yes, Drury scored a goal, but it was a deflection. That puck doesn’t hit Thompson and it doesn’t go in. I mean put two guys in front of the net in a 5 on 3…Do something other than keepaway on the perimeter. Try putting a guy behind the net: This draws the defensemen to crease, right on top of the goalie, and allows people to work the high slot. DO ANYTHING DIFFERENT THAN WHAT THEY ARE DOING. PLEASE!!

    Yes, our PK is great. And that’s fine. But we need goals from our PP.

    Redden looked pretty weak. Girardi looked so-so at best. Henry was a stud.

    Another concern of mine is our forwards watch the puck in our D zone. On Streit’s goal, everyone was looking for the puck, he walked in unmolested. Okposo’s goal was not much different. On one of those two, Girardi got smoked behind the net cuz he didn’t play the body. Weak!

    Overall, we got a win. Fine. This team can still get a lot better.

  20. a wins a win. Gomer does make the dumbest passes ever. But we can let that go when there is a win.

  21. You know a player is crap when on a “good night” he displays multiple bad game elements. Drury registered zero hits, the team registered 17; Drury LOST 11 of his 15 face offs – so that his seasonal percentage is now at 43; and he logged a -1 at even-strength = same old, same old we have been seeing all season. BUT, call it “The Chicago Syndrome,” Drury benefitted from a goal being taken from Naslund and given to him – because he needed it more. The gift goal was an even-strength goal, meaning that Drury was on the ice for two Islander even-strength goals, to get his -1. Forget the idolatry and the euphoria and the “support for our captain.” This guy couldn’t captain a rubber boat in a bubble bath.

  22. Newman, I don’t mind the PP formation if they play it right, but they don’t. Like I mentioned before, when they aren’t pressured, the PP succeeds because they move the puck very quickly and move around. However when teams are aggressive, they get passive and don’t move it around quickly at all and don’t move around period. The PP setup works when its run correctly, something neither the players or coaches are doing consistently at this time.

    The shots should come from the point and the wingers collapse to get rebounds to the side while the guy in front sets a screen. However if your wings rotate up (which they should), you leave them open for a cross ice pass if you move it around fast enough. The Rangers don’t have passing or shooting lanes because A) they don’t skate and B) they don’t pass the puck quickly. Nobody should have the puck for more than 2 seconds (coughRozsivalcough). The style can be effective if they just play it right.

  23. house I was just pointing it out because its something I’ve been saying since last year. If Gomez tried to make a ridiculous pass and it got blocked, I’d say ok. But when he goes to make a simple pass to a guy like 10 ft away and fans on it or just completely misses his target, its something that kind of holds him back a bit. I’m not complaining, I just wish he would work on it so he could be even better than he already is.

  24. Cakewalk, his stats have nothing to do with him as captain. I mentioned it before, he was the best choice for captain of this team and I still agree with it…but he wasn’t the best choice for a 5 year 7 million dollar contact. If hes making 4-5 mil, I don’t complain about it. But hes eating 7 mil and isn’t even performing like a 3 mil player. Maybe Beer Me remembers my exact quote cuz I don’t, but it was something along the lines of “your captain doesn’t have to be your best player, but your 7 million dollar player does”.

  25. Couple points.

    For starters, dear God that Bob dude is really off his rocker. I signed on last night for 2 minutes and he was aboslutely dominating the blog with his blatantly negative and completely inaccurate assessments. Therefore, for here on out I’m going to be signing off all my posts with “Trade Bob” and I encourage all of you to do so as well.

    9-2-1 is 9-2-1. You can read into these wins all you want, but the bottom line is the same 2 points you accumulate in October count for just as much in March and April. It’s nice to not have to climb out of a hole for once. I, for one, don’t care if we win 2-1 or 10-1. This is not the BCS — you don’t get ranked higher for winning big.

    We’ve beaten an array of different caliber teams and have proved we can play any style game. I think this team is similar to a pitcher with 3 different out pitches. We can beat you in an open game, we can beat you in a defensive chess match and we can beat you in a penalty-palooza.

    There’s plenty of things to complain about, but we’re finding ways to win.

    I haven’t seen anything that can’t be corrected. So, if you’re winning with still making mistakes and not being at your best, you have to think that sky’s the limit.

  26. Girardi did get PUNKED behind his own net after Drury won the faceoff with 10 seconds to go and of course they scored. He needs to step up his game.

  27. Im gonna start calling this board the “bitch and moanhud blogs”

    A win, is a win, is a win. And over the fishsticks to top it off.

    Enjoy it everyone.

    Drury got two goals.
    Were leade the league in points, hits, etc.

    Enjoy it, as we wont be able to say this all season.

  28. Jonny D…you are right on PP movement with and without the puck. Quick passes and lots of motion. They do neither.

    On Girardi, he did make one very sweet play on Richard Park. I give him props there, but his physicality in the D zone needs work.

    Dr. House: “Gomer makes the dumbest passes ever”?? You made the dumbest comment ever!! He was the most dominant player on the ice last night at both ends. So 4 of his 40 passes went errant last night…Big F-ing Deal! He was clearly the best skater, puck handler (at high speed), and playmaker on the ice last night. You expect him to connect on 100% of his passes each night? Get real!

    On Drury, he was a man on a mission last night. He had like 8 shots on goal. He scored the flukey goal and it was as if the pressure was off. He was firing pucks from all angles. Yes he scored his 2nd on a deflection, but the harder you work the luckier you get. Hope this is the beginning of something more for Drury. Is he overpaid? Yes, probably. Is there anything we can do about it other than complain? No, not really. Deal with it.


  29. here’s my humble thoughts on the game.

    Drury – great to see him score finally. Who cares if they were flukey, they went in. I’d rather 2 flukey goals than no pretty ones.

    Voros – I LOVE the guy, but did anybody see his 1st Intermission interview with Trautwig? He could NOT stop breathing heavy, he needs to hit the work-out bike or SOMETHING.

    I LOVE the wins, but its hard to stay TOO positive about leading the NHL when we’ve played 3-5 more games than ANYBODY (except for Anaheim who’s only 2 games behind us) in the league. How is the schedule THAT screwed up???

  30. “Maybe Beer Me remembers my exact quote cuz I don’t, but it was something along the lines of “your captain doesn’t have to be your best player, but your 7 million dollar player does”.

    That’s close, I think it was more like: “Your captain doesn’t have to score the most goals, but your 7mil players does.” And that’s true…as long as it’s a fwd!

    Newman/Jonny – great discussion on the PP, can’t really add anything to it. You’re both dead on. More skating.

    On the pp: It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Renney isn’t really a great pp coach, he’s not a offensive coach. So that’s where you HAVE to rely on your assts. And that asst is letting us down right now. Pelino on the other hand is in charge of scouting the next opponents (and managing dmen in-game). Something that hasn’t seemed to have been a problem.

  31. A captain is a leader, and a leader leads by example. Having a pukin’ wimp as our captain defeats the whole purpose of the position. A captain doesn’t have to be the best player and frequently isn’t. But a captain should, absolutely, be the most fired-up warrior out there, night after night. Avery , like him or not, was an outstanding leader, always putting himself on the line for the team, even when it was to his detriment. So that Avery, not Jagr, was the real captain of the team, last year.

    Wish we could trade Drury to get Avery back, right now. Yes, Druey came here for the money, and Avery left here for more money, but at least Avery earned his money while he was here. Drury is a thief who is stealing the money the Rangers are paying him.

  32. Also…

    Thought dubi was great for man-ing up and saying that he KNEW he wasn’t playing hard to start the game. The quotes are out there somewhere…think nhl.com had some, don’t remember.

    jeevs – you’re right about voros, don’t think his conditioning is where it should be.

  33. “A captain is a leader, and a leader leads by example.”

    yes, and staying calm cool and collected under ANY circumstances can’t be taught.

    I know that post was all just joking around about avery, Cakewalk, so we’ll all just let that go.

  34. Newman,

    House didn’t make that comment. House was arguing your same point. Someone else did.

    Scott Gomez is a top 10 passer in the NHL. There, I said it.

    He opens up the ice with this speed and connects at well above average rate.

    Trade Bob,

  35. about Dub’s gettinb benched and all, that 2nd penalty call was TERRIBLE. How’d he “hold” the guy with the back of his elbow?

  36. Man, some of you guys just refuse to enjoy a good win. The Rangers just won a game against a hated rival, in which our captain scored two goals. And still you guys complain about Drury. The team is first in the Eastern Conference, and more notably, first in the league. When was the last time we could say that? And still so many people complain that the defense is soft, and all the players are lazy and overpaid, and Gomez turns over the puck too often, that Perry Pearn needs to be fired, that Renney can’t motivate the players, blah blah blah…

    Listen, if you dont’ like the Rangers players, or their coaching staff, or their style of play, then go watch the Devils line up five across on the blue line and grind it out in the neutral zone for sixty minutes, or go watch the Islanders haplessly continue their two-and-a-decade implosion as a franchise. That’s a lot more rewarding right? We’re lucky to have marquee players and a killer record. This is the best team the Rangers have had in years, probaly since 97-98. And what really gets me is that this year, when they finally break through the second round in the playoffs (which they will), everyone who derided the entire franchise for 82 games in the regular season will hop on the I told you so bandwagon.

  37. Cakewalk….you are so wrong it makes me laugh. Avery is a total chump. We used him for his best traits and sent him packing. So glad we didn’t sign him up for that stupid money. Now he his head is so big he cannot use it to play hockey anymore. Check out Don Cherry lambaste Avery….the guy got challenged against the Rangers and the Devils and each time he looked to the refs to make a call instead of standing up for himself. Coach’s Corner…take a look: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/hockeynightincanada/coachscorner/
    Avery too worried about ruining his metrosexual image now.

  38. Cakewalk…if you were making a joke, I didn’t catch the sarcasm over the blog. Sorry, that’s my bad.

    If you were being serious, then disregard the last line.

    Anyway, check out that link…Cherry crushes Avery.

  39. As a Phillies fan, I was, of course, compelled to watch what is jokingly referred to as the “World Series,” last night. Just four things wrong with what I saw….

    1. As I surmised here, one week ago, it could be fixed (as was the WS in 2002 for Boston, and in 2005, for the Chisox). Every debatable call on the base paths, plus the strike zone marginal calls, went the Phillies way. You may have seen the story that if TB wins, Las Vegas and all of the Nevada books will get burned – big time – it is evident the Nevada Gaming Industry has gotten to the umpires, here.

    2. In the WS, so far, two TB outfielders have failed to hustle out plays. I have never, ever seen players disgrace themselves, their team, or the sport in the WS, before. Carl Crawford quit running to first base on a ground ball to SS which Jimmy Rollins booted, giving Rolllins time to recover and throw Crawford out. Pete Rose, where are you when we need you? The more we pay professional athletes the worse their attitude, it seems.

    3. When the game was halted the Commission, on TV, said: “The weather keeps changing.” What he did not say was: In the modern era we have expanded the season by one regular season week, and by two additional post season weeks, AND we are playing the games at night, not in the daytime as we used to, so of course late October monsoons are going to ruin the WS, some years. And of course, who can resist the television money.”

    4. The real WS this year, based upon regular season results, should have been the Cubs vs. the Angels, and it would have been over two weeks ago, except the “made for TV” format precludes America ever again seeing the two best teams in baseball compete for the championship. But, as MLB sees it, six innings of playing in 38 degree, sunami weather at night on October 27th at least pays the freight, and the players and the public be damned.

  40. Just Win Baby!!! 2 points down 8 to go. The next 4 games are weak teams. Perfect games to work the kinks out of the power play, work on playing all 60 minutes, and work on finishing off teams and not letting them get back into the game.
    Glad to see Drury get 2, I was hoping he would sneak another one in at the end.
    I’m not one to be negative but that was by far the weakest team we’ve played all year, I think Hartford could have beat the Isles.


  41. “Drury is a thief who is stealing the money the Rangers are paying him.”

    hahaha made me laugh. you might be right.

    cakewalk, you serious about the world series? it did look like Kaz had a really right Kzone…

  42. Am I the only one who sees it or is Redden worse than Malik, talk about being a pussy!!!!!!!!! And when hes not skating away from the puck hes coughing it up. Is there a handicap quoata on the Rangers for D-Men cause we got ours. I guess getting Striet wouldnt have been a better deal HUH Glen

  43. Cakewalk, I was with you until you brought up Avery.

    Can you imagine if Drury did get the Phantom Hat Trick though? Awarded having never actually scored a single goal?


    Clutchy has no excuse anymore. Better start producing more now that he’s -scored- been credited with a couple.

  44. Girardi goes thru these 2-4 game periods where he has multiple lapses in the games. Then he has 2-4 game awesome stretches. I just picked him up in every fantasy league I could, so his problems are undoubtedly my fault.

  45. I never said that Gomez wasnt good. I said he makes some stupid passes at times. He is the best player on the team next to Henrik. Take a chill pill.

  46. Either perry pearn needs to go or we need to switch something up on our pp. Scoring a goal on a 5 on 3 should be just as easy as shooting a deer missing 2 of it’s legs! Drury got lucky last night but that’s what he needed. Gomer missed a gaping net and made some bad passes, but this is only one game for him unlike drurys first ten. Dubinsky and voros were silent. Redden was crappy. Zherdev had some bad giveaways. Our fourth line was the best out there again. I thought everyone else played fine.

  47. Winning ugly is better than losing. Give the Rangers credit, they went from Columbus, Ohio to Uniondale, New York over the course of 4 days and won three hockey games. There was no quit in this team and they gutted out 3 wins with hard work, never say die attitude and great goaltending from Henrik. It’s very early but this team is starting to look special. Sure they are probably a 30 goal scorer away from competing for the Cup but they look like a solid “team” right now by getting contributions from everybody and not leaning on Jagr, Shanny or Straka for scoring like they used to.

  48. noonan – Tim McCarver, the color analyist said: ” The home plate umpire (name) put the squeeze on (TB pitcher) Scott Kazmir in the first and sixth innings.” What McCarver was delicately saying is that several obvious strike calls were called balls, leading to two highly suspect “walks” in the first inning. This led to the Philies scoring their two runs in that inning. Blantant strike zone bias in favor of the Boston Red Sox, in 2004 it was, put them over the top, too.

    By my count we have now seen three World Series and one Super Bowl (Pittsburgh – Seattle) tainted by corrupt officiating. Anyone who saw the Pitt – Seattle Super Bowl knows what I mean. I called my uncle in San Diego after the first quarter and told him: “Joe, the fix is in for Pittsburgh,” it was so obvious. Let’s hope this high-scale conspiring never compromises the Stanley Cup playoffs.

  49. I believe it’s going to happen to the NHL soon. And the team will be…penguins. I think they could have even tried last year with the way the calls were always going in favor of cindy. It’s bullsh!+.
    And my next point is that this is the only year for the rangers to win. They need to win it all this year because the team will look completely different next year. Building for the future my @$$

  50. not surprised by the umpires in last nights game. Its like every game they make a mistake.

    Good for Drury if he got lucky last night and i hope he has more luck from here on out.

  51. Good teams win when they play sloppy.Good teams win when they take too many penilties.Good teams win when the goalie carries them.Good teams win when the other teams goalie is hotter then ours.Good teams win when the refs’ are horrible.
    Good teams win when they play good know matter how well the other team plays.
    The Rangers are a good team.

  52. I’m sooo excited Drury finally got a few in! What a moment. Hopefully that will lead him to more success!

    BTW: Renney is the boss lol

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