Beware the “trap game”


Update, 1:30 p.m.: It sounds like the Rangers will be seeing Joey MacDonald in net and not Rick DiPietro. The Islanders will make a formal announcement later today based on the DiPietro’s visit with doctors.

Earlier: Let’s see, the Rangers are atop the NHL standings right now and the Islanders are at the very bottom.

The Rangers’ franchise goaltender is coming off two sharp weekend wins, while Rick DiPietro is a question mark tonight because of an injury.

As far as I’m concerned, we might as well reward the two points right now.

To the Islanders, of course.


You think I’m kidding, and yet anyone who has paid attention to this storied Rangers-Islanders rivalry knows that the team that has the least going for it is the team that embraces these games most. As compared to even last year, the talent gap between the two teams has only widened, and yet for that reason alone, I am convinced the Islanders will be a challenge tonight.

It sounds silly, I know. Welcome to hockey.

Some other thoughts:

<li>No word on the starting goalie tonight, but I’d be surprised if Henrik Lundqvist doesn’t play. As good as Stephen (“Don’t call me a minor leaguer”) Valiquette has been for the Rangers, the schedule has eased up enough where Lundqvist is afforded some rest between games. That said, I could see Valiquette playing Saturday night in Toronto.

<li>Chris Drury not only is without a goal this season, but I’m fairly certain he’s responsible for the global financial crisis, Saturday’s rain, and the lack of quality sitcoms on TV as well.

Look, the guy has been a disappointment so far this season. No one is going to dispute that, least of all Drury. But some of the criticism I’ve been reading about the Rangers’ captain is still unjust. While the Rangers certainly aren’t paying Drury $7 million for three assists in 11 games, he has still found multiple ways to contribute through his own-zone play, his penalty killing, and the way in which the rest of his team has embraced him as their new captain.

Again, no one’s trying to give the guy a pass. But seeing how he’s still healthy and in the prime of his career, I have a hard time believing that Drury is going to struggle like this all season. More likely is that this goal-scoring slump has taken on a life of its own, to the extent that the player’s confidence is in tatters.

How does that change? Very often with one goal, however it comes: an end-to-end rush, a one-timer from the slot, or even a puck that bounces off his elbow before trickling into the net.

Until then, I agree that you have reason to be concerned. But given the Rangers’ record so far, I’m not sure you’re in a position to complain.

More later…

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  1. First and reposts.

    # Staal Wart October 27th, 2008 at 9:30 am

    Johnny D, true true about the confident feeling going into every game. With Hank and Valli playing the way they are, and Kalinin picking up the slack of the entire team, esp.

    Drury we have chance to win every night. hehe
    # Staal Wart October 27th, 2008 at 9:36 am

    bob October 27th, 2008 at 8:11 am

    Only defensemenn that should be traded are Rozsival and Redden. Overpaid and too soft.

    Priceless bob, just absolutely priceless!
    Highlight material…seriousl

  2. repost

    prucha should play even if he doesnt score as long as he provides the full hard nose in ur face effort he brings. that effort will never be a bad thing and does no harm.

  3. Matt, I agree. He’s been more effective than who his replacements would be. Everyone’s argument is that he makes too much money, he’s paid to score, blah blah blah. But the truth is, he is playing on the same line that Fritsche and Korpi would be playing. They all have the same amount of goals. And Prucha doesn’t make that much more than Korpi, and Fritsche is almost at $1 million. If for instance he were playing on the top line (like Dawes who only has 1 goal) and he was making $1.6 million to score, then he’s not doing his job or what not. But with the players they have, Prucha is playing the best, right now, out of all of them, in my opinion.

  4. i think they should try to switch dawes and prucha and put prucha with gomer. i think that line would be even more dominate. The only porblem is that u need to put dawes relaxed effort on another line.

  5. I like Prucha with Dubi. I think they played well together. And when they play with either Voros or Sjostrom, they get it deep, take the body, and forecheck aggressively. I think that Dawes fits in with Gomez, but I would like to see a better finisher with them. I love Cally and all, and I think he can score a lot of goals, but I think Naslund better fits that line (I guess everything I say leads back to Gomez and Naslund lol) but Dawes is a good passer too, and Gomez isn’t a great finisher. Then, I like how Dru and Cally played together last year, but I’m not sure if Cally fits with Z. But I think they played a complete game against Pitt and the combos looked pretty good together. Drury and Naslund played very good games with Z so if it ain’t broke…

  6. I think Prucha could get some consideration with Gomer and Dawes with Dubi? Could work. Anybody could work with Dubi right now though so who knows.

  7. about that post that the Rangers look like they could win any game… I really feel that after the game on Saturday… It seems like so many games when we were down in the 2nd half of the 3rd, we just wouldn’t be able to step up and get that vital tying goal… After how we got that against Pittsburgh, that’s gotta be a HUGE confidence booster, for the team and the fans. Now we could START getting a rep as a team that you can’t give up on. I only hope it becomes a running theme.

  8. Adam and his Apple on

    Petr FUCKIN Prucha

    hear me now

    this guy is the reason i watch hockey, he plays his guts out, gets creamed by the other team time and time again, you think this demoralizes the rangers?! are you kidding me? he always bounces back up

    i had a dream last night where petr effin prucha was traded for mike grier, i woke up with tears in my eyes

    if we ever trade petr f prucha i will be so distraught, i mean think about things logically, guy scores 30 rookie year, then in next 2 doesnt get proper playing time in order to bypass or at least equal 30, think bout it, any other team where a rookie scores 30 is on the first line next year getting an abundance of power play time

    the way the rangers have handled prucha has been disturbing, such a happy go lucky kid, hes 26, his future is still bright, renney and sather and everybody else responsible, give this kid a chance to succeed, please!!

    this is PETR FUCKIN PRUCHA were talkin about here!!! i mean cmon the guy just has an awesome hockey name!!

  9. Just thought about it after reading another article, we only gave up 2 shots in the third to the Penguins!! Granted, they sat back a little but that has to be a confidence booster for our defense, shutting down 2 of the best players in the league.

  10. I know we shouldn’t be overly concerned about or critical of Drury, but let’s be honest, he has been awful. Sam, I disagree with you, wholeheartedly, about Drury’s own-zone play. He’s a -3 and there have been a lot of shifts when he and Naslund are out there that the Rangers can’t get the puck out of their own zone. I do agree he’s been great on the PK. He’s been working his butt off, so no one should question his effort, but more is expected of him, and rightfully so.

    I mean, the guy is a 25-30 goal scorer, so you have to think he’ll break out of this soon. But he has been dreadful.

    The bright side is we’re 8-2-1…if Drury and Gomez get going, the Rangers will be even stronger.

  11. Is this DP’s 100th injury? Charles has got to be kicking himself in the Wang for signing this injury prone semi-star for 15 years. I’ll take Gomez’s and Drury’s contract any day.

  12. Great to only give up 2 shots in the 3rd to Pitt. Weren’t they the one’s that were shut out (in shots) completely in a period last week? I can’t remember who it was.

    I’ll tell ya tho…for a team missing it’s top 2 dmen, they’re still a tuff team to beat.

  13. Think there’s any chance we get Drury to restructure to add a year but subtract 2-2.5 million from his contract annually? He’s a team guy – if that 2.5 million is what it takes to keep the core intact, do you think he’d do it?

  14. I think they should just put the line of Callahan-Drury- Dawes back together from last year to get Drury out of this funk. I’d like to see Naslund with Gomez and maybe Prucha.

    But i DONT think they should be splitting up the Dubi-Voros Zherdev line. Dismantling that “hot” line to try and “spread the scoring around” doesnt make sense to me. I dont care if the 2nd or 3rd line outscores our 1st line as long as we keep winning. I dont care that Voros is our leading scorer all season as long as we keep winning.

  15. Totally agree Beer. Maybe that’s why they have not been so offensive, because they played a very good defensive game, without the D you alluded to. I kept thinking that during the game that they lost some top d-men and were still on top of their game, but it was at cost of their offense.

  16. Can everyone stop hating on Drury.. We are talking about him like he is -10 and the rangers are below 500.. I don’t think he is going to be a 30+ plus goal scorer.. Hopefully we have enough of those in Zherdev, Dubi, Naslund or Gomi.. I think Drury will live up to his reputation as a leader, strong defensively, give us 20-25 goals with some of the bigger ones down the stretch.. As long as we don’t run him out of this town.. So stop hating…He is our captain.

  17. kevo – It’s scary to think what they may be capable of if those guys can play sound defensively, and still ‘BE’ Crosby & Malkin.

    “Charles has got to be kicking himself in the Wang…”


  18. I don’t know why but I’m worried about tonight…the Fishsticks aways seem to play us hard no matter how far back they are.

  19. thank you sam….about time! everyone is looking for something to rail on this guy and he’s playing his butt off….the coaching staff looks at every game afterwards and goes through the scoring chances and they realized that drury by far has the most this year. people go through slumps. it happens. when push comes to shove, we’re 8-2-1. stop crying, he’ll break out of the slump.

    I also agree about the islanders tonight….gunna b a tough tough game.

  20. I agree. But we still did beat them, so that’s a positive lol.

    With regards to Voros-Dubi-Zherdev. They were still rather hot when they were split up, but they did cool off a lot, mainly because Voros has. He did this last year too, started off hot and then faded. While I think he’ll be good with us all year, he hasn’t played the way he started, in the last few games. That being said, I do like the lines that somerset had suggested…although I’m necessarily a fan of picking lines, that’s why the coach picks them to fit his style/matchups.

  21. I predict Orr, Voros, and Dubi getting into a fight with maybe Mara/Staal sticking up for someone as well. Can’t wait!!

    With Drury, a half inch this way, half inch that way, he could be leading the team, maybe the league, in goals with all his chances lol. Tough breaks, he’ll turn it around.

  22. Can’t wait going to this game (how can I not since its practically around the conrer (slight exaggeration) I hope the boys come out and play tough!

    Yes our team d as a whole is solid with each of the parts. Thats wy my only ciriticism is lets strengthen the d by spreading the balance. Kal may have few points but he is offensive minded at time. The same reason Rozi and Redden wren’t a good combo so isn’t Kal and Rosi. Balnace, its why our team d is strong and it can be stonrger, put ROzi with Staal and Mara with Kal…

    They need to come out and play solid and tough like they did the other night, hopefully we will be so loud they will mistake the Island for MSG and play inspired hockey!!

  23. ok I gotta do one of my little rants. Is it just me, or is the non-disclosure of injuries in sports a little crazy now. OBVIOUSLY DP has something wrong with his knee, but they refuse to say anything about it, just because. The fans need/want/deserve to know what’s going on with players. The leagues needs to cut that crap out, and just let it be known what’s hurting on who.

  24. yea agree rob, we are winning, but drury has done very little right this year. really is time to get him off the power play and let prucha get a chance there as he isn’t afraid to stand in front of the net and get rebounds

    prucha better be playing tnte as he has shown more effort/hustle in every game he has played than id say both dawes and cally, and yea they have one goal, but so does betts, so they are not exactly earning their ice time either…let prucha play and the goals will come

  25. Ag, I agree at some point that those pairs would be very good, but right now, I reall, really don’t want them to break up Staal and Mara. They are playing awesome together, and they were their #1 against Pittsburgh, well for a little bit. They were getting matched up against Malkin and his girlfriend. Right now, I’d be hesitant, but wouldn’t be against it in the future. Funny how Mara was a top draft pick and we got him for his offense, and now, he is one of our better defensive defenseman lol

  26. Drury serves his purpose on the PP, in front. Not many have the guts to stare down a slap shot from the point, so I think he’s good there, just as Voros is on the second unit.

    Jeever, I kind of agree with Bettman though. It is protecting the players. That’s probably not his intention, but players can get seriously hurt is a goon trys to exploit their injury. But it is getting a little crazy.

  27. Kalinin has Malik-like qualities.. he was the Sabres fans’ scapegoat. He’s not as bad as Malik, but not much better. He does the simple things fine, but when he tries to be fancy, it’s a turnover.

  28. Kevo – true with Drury… we basically have 2 guys that’ll stand in front of the net and get pounded, Drury and Voros.

    I can understand not wanting a guy’s injury targeted… but how often does that REALLY happen? most times a guy will ge re-injured in the normal course of a game, not because somebody specifically targets a weak spot. that’d kinda be dirty and would (like 10 years ago), be a subject for player justice.

  29. I would like to see Vally play tonight. The guy’s last game was a shutout. He deserves more ice time. It’s simple. As long as he keeps playing well..the additional ice time for Vally only keeps Hank more fresh for later in the season and playoffs. It’s win-win. Why does Hank HAVE TO get 70+ games?? If the backup is putting up equal or better numbers than the starter..take advantage of it! I’m not saying 50-50..but Vally deserves 20-25 games.

  30. Kalinin is a 2.1 hit…little high. He has been good. Everyone notices the turnovers because, well, they are apparent. What people don’t notice when he makes very good breakout passes and clears the zone effectively, which takes pressure of the forwards coming back. He also has an excellent shot, no goals yet though, but he makes the simple play, kind of like Staal, except the announcers don’t say much about it, like Micheletti says all the time when Staal makes a simple play (which he deserves the compliments), but Kalinin just flies under the radar, which I can live with, just like Redden has because they don’t do anything special. He was coached by Lindsay Ruff.

    P.S. How about Staal’s shorthanded break last game…classic

  31. I really don’t mind Kalinin. He’s a far better skater than Malik, and he has a much better shot (when he takes it). I think he’ll get his feet under him and be a really solid player for us.

  32. Jeever, I agree. Guess they don’t want to take the chance. I don’t know why they are doing it, but sports has been leaning towards that so I don’t know.

    I would say Kalinin has Backman-like qualities/tendencies, although that is similar to Malik, but I see Kalinin similar to Backman, but better.

    Vally has been playing excellent, but you don’t want to keep using him until he starts doing bad. Hank is the man for us, so he has to get the nod. There’s a reason Vally is a backup, no offense to him, but I’d rather play him his 15 games and not have him get exploited. If he plays like this all year, then you can bump him up into a few more games.

  33. I think Kalinen’s one of those guys that just stands out as a scapegoat. People just zero in on his mistakes, he is NOWHERE NEAR as bad as Malik. But he’s also a 3rd pair D-man. If he played flawlessly, he’d be a 1st pair guy. You have to recognize that all the guys can’t be held to the same standards.

    I think Sam’s right, Vally will start Saturday. he gets most of his starts against Philly and Toronto.

  34. Vally or Hank tonight…either way, I’m not really worried. I don’t like Hank on the ice in games where the opposing team is a cellar-dweller with nothing to lose. Add to it that its a physical rivalry, and it makes me lean towards his safety/health, and keeping him off the ice.

    But they had a rest yesterday, 2 days off before their next game, and there’s no reason, from a fatigue perspective, that he should miss tonight.

    Toss-up. Good thing for us we have a capable backup.

  35. Mr. Potato Head on

    About Chris Drury being criticized too much: Spare me.

    Let’s not forget how Jagr was criticized for his relative lack of production last year.

    Also, guys like Malik and Prucha, who make peanuts compared to Drury, a top 5 paid player, consistently got ripped to no end for their supposed poor play.

    When Michael Nylander was playing poorly, Renney benched him. Maybe Drury needs the same.

    That, or put him back on the third line where he belongs AT THE MOMENT. There’s no reason the team should be accommodating Drury right now at the expense of Dubinsky and Gomez.

  36. Here is the ghoulish Rangers D / even-strength offensive breakdown, to this point in the season for goals and first assist(s).

    Girardi 1 goal – 0 assists
    Rosival 0 goals – 2 assists
    Redden 1 goal – 0 assists
    Kalinen 0 goals – 1 assist
    Staal 0 goals – 0 assists
    Mara 0 goals – 0 assists

    Draw you own conclusions, I certainly have mine.

  37. That the Rangers are in first place in the league and have the second best defense in the league with a 1.88 GAA…

    I’d like to see your conclusions.

  38. Kevo – Not sure I understand what you mean by “theres a reason Vally is a backup”. Is he a backup because he’s not good enough to play regularly? Or he is a backup because he’s playing behind arguably the best goalie in the East/Entire NHL? I’d say the answer is easily the latter.

    I’ve watched Vally play in Hartford & Bridgeport and always said he looked like an NHLer stuck in the minors. And if you look at his career..he played with Luongo,Dipietro,& now Henrik. He’s basically been on teams that had once in a lifetime talents in goal and that makes it doubly hard to push through. So again..when has he shown us anything that mentions he isn’t good enough to play regularly? All he ever does is play well for us..your other sentence(you don’t want to keep using him until he starts doing bad) also suggests that you think he’s riding a lucky wave or something and it’s bound to crash..why?

  39. Thanks for expressing exactly what I was thinking. Drury will continue towards his 50 point yearly average total. In addition to all the things that you mention he does aside from scoring.

  40. Alexander Ovechkin, the NHL’s leading goal scorer last season, has returned to Moscow to be with his ailing grandfather and will miss the Washington Capitals game Tuesday against the Nashville Predators.

    There is no timetable for the return of the 23 year-old left winger, who won the Hart Trophy as the league’s MVP in 2007-08.

  41. Gotta take Hank’s feelings into it as well. Goalies are like that… if they expect to play and are riding the pine it could hurt long term. Knowing his attitude I think he wants to play tonight and if I were Renney (oooohhhh if I were Renney…) sorry drifted off there for a moment… If I were Renney, I’d play him.

  42. A few thoughts:

    1) I was uncomfortable with the breaking up of Dubi Zherdev Voros. So far it seems that Zherdev benefitted to the detriment of Voros. I guess we need Nik’s offense to really kick in, so thus far, I will say OK. I hope Voros can refind his early hot hand.

    2) Love to see this team stick to their gameplan for the full 60. I was there Saturday night and while annoying at times, it was good to see them gut it out. BTW, 2 min 5 on 3 and barely a good scoring chance. That ain’t right. If nothing else, please plant Voros right in the slot in front of the goalie. PLEASE!

    3) Prucha…drew a key penalty. Did he do much more? I think he missed one from point blank again, but without instant replay I couldn’t tell. I keep hoping he’ll do something. Other guys on this blog are ready to make him a 20 minute a night guy on the ice. Not quite there yet, sorry. And all your homoerotic dreams about him need to be kept to yourselves….I knew it was more than pure business with all your manlove support of him, but that proves it.

    4) Redden is my main concern on D. The other guys are doing far more good than bad on average (Staal is our #1 d-man, anyone disagree?), but Redden’s slowness is scary (and we have him for 6 yrs!)

    5) Overall though, 17 pts out of a possible 22 is nothing to cry over. (It took us 16 games to get there last year!) 21 g in 11 games (and don’t they assign 1 goal for a shootout loss?) means 1.90 or 1.80 GAA…not bad! So do I wish Drury was scoring and Prucha was scoring and Redden or Kalinin or Girardi were doing more? Of course. But generally speaking, we are like 5 pts away from a perfect start. I’ll take it.

    6) Kill those a-holes tonight! Did anyone see Doug Weight’s crush of Sutter the other night…check youtube, Totally clean but WOW! I cannot believe no one took the lumber to Weight more for that.


  43. Beer Me!

    I thought of you the other day when my girlfriend bought me a hat… it said BEER ME… in big azz letters on the front and under the bill it has a bottle opener built in. Truely classic hat. I told her about your name and she said “he should get one… got it at Spencer’s in the mall.”

  44. Puck, nothing against the guy. I haven’t seen him regularly so I’m not a good judge of his total play. I’ll leave that to you (someone who has watched him). I never really knew he was behind Luongo and DP. I’m not saying that he’s gonig to crash or that he’s riding a hot streak. He’s good. All I’m saying that if he is always this good, why isn’t he on a team where he can start. Jason LaBarbera was a starter. Maybe Vally wants to win and doesn’t care about the playing time as much.

    I just think that if he were as good as you think he is, 1. Why has he been a career backup and 2. If he thinks he’s that good too, why would he come back as a backup and make less than a million dollars?

    I know if I thought I was good enough, I would look for a starting spot and definitely more than a million dollars.

    I love the guy, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think he’s as good as you think…But again, he hasn’t played regularly here, so I don’t have a justified gauge of him.

  45. Is anyone else happy that Renney is FINALLY admitting that the power play sucks, and it is worrying him?

    I mean last season you couldnt even get him to admit that there was a problem.
    I guess that 5 on 3 the other night really pissed him off as it shoudl of.

    I say Perry Pearn has had his chance at running the powerplay for long enough and he’s proven his plan sucks ass and does not work.
    Its time Renney either hands it over to Pelino for a few games or takes it upon himslef to construct it.

    And why does no one include Staal on any of there PP line ups? I mean the kid can only help it.

    Other than that I am so happy with the start of this season and the way we are palying as a whole.
    And everoyne stop hating on Drury. He’s pissed at himself more than any of of could be for hi non production. He’ll squeak in a goal tonight, get his confidence back, and will be FINE.

  46. Anyone think they played a full 60 minute game last time out (aside from a few minutes/shifts here and there)? I think they did, or at least the closest all year. I know Renney said that they need to play 60 minutes so wondering how everyone feels…

  47. Valli cares about the team and about winning. He takes pride in his role on this team. He spoke about it a lot last year. It is not easy being a good back up goalie in the league. You never know when you are going to start and can also be put right in to a game, usually behind in goals, and be expected to keep your team in the game. I give the guy a lot of credit. I think we have the best 1-2 combo in the league. I do think Valli could be a starting goalie on a NHL team.

  48. I FOUND something to bitch about – the Rangers utter, abysmal lack of a Stanley Cup championship caliber defense. Of course it could be upgraded via promotion from the farm, and a trade. I do expect Sather to address this glaring leak in the dike by the holidays.

  49. I think that a lot of Drury’s issues have to do with the fact that he is playing with Naslund all the time. Drury’s success last year with the Rangers only occurred when he was centering younger and faster players. All he needed to do was crash the net and find rebounds. Now you have Drury, not exactly a speedskater, playing with super-slow Markus Naslund and they are basically hurting each other’s games. Notice that as soon as Gomez was removed from them, he ended up doing well. I don’t know what the answer is exactly in terms of line combos, but it might be time to put Naslund with Dubinsky and surround Drury with a couple kids.

  50. Prucha in a nutshell:

    Scored 30 in the year after the lockout when it was the “new” NHL, and the refs were serious about calling interference and holding. Prucha–all 160 lbs. of him–had space and time to score.

    Today, the league has reverted back to pre-lockout. Those interference and holding calls are not as common. Prucha is not big or strong enough to operate in this environment, and so he can’t use his skill b/c he’s getting knocked on his ass.

    He will never come close to being a 30 goal scorer again. The Rangers should have traded him long ago when he still had value.

  51. Agreed Nasty. I love Vally and agree about everything else you said. I just don’t know why someone would choose to be a backup instead of trying to be a started. I think he could be a starter elsewhere, as well. I was just making a point that Hank is the man here and he has to play 65-70 games for us to be successful.

    Cake, if they don’t have a Stanley Cup caliber defense, then I guess Buffalo is winning the Cup this year? Being that they are the only team with a better GAA. Say what you want, but at the end of the day, goals against are really what matter when talknig about defense, no matter how they achieved them.

  52. I know putting staal on the PP sounds like a good idea. I don’t disagree if it continues to be so lackluster. BUT, just to play the other side of it, maybe there’s a good reason not to put him there.

    He’s playing great right now. We can all agree on that. Some pp time would be a nice reward. BUT…why mess with something if it’s working fine? Maybe the ice time he’s seeing now is what he manages the best. Could it possibly have a negative effect on him to see an extra 3-4min a night?

    I know it sounds crazy, but he’s STILL a developing young dman. I think if the need arises that we need another guy out there, then sure, why not? But I wouldn’t put the pressure on him while the rest of his game is so sound. Ease him in maybe on the 2nd unit every other night or something. Don’t throw this kid to the (moron) wolves at MSG yelling ‘shoot’.

  53. sam,

    everyone is trying to give drury a pass… he just can’t capitalize on them.


    (he’ll come around.)

  54. This probably came up during the in-game blog but…
    Did anyone comment on how both Pitt goals were pretty fluuky?

    I can see giving credit for a shot from the point that caroms of two bodies on the way. But what about the gift where the puck bounces right into the slot???

    Of course Cindy is there for the tap-in…

  55. Second assists are mostly P.R. garbage points. I recall, years ago, how there was a story about how the scorers in Chicago would routinely and always credit a second assist to a local player, even when it was not warranted. They always had someone in the Ross Trophy or Norris Trophy race they were blatantly helping. And besides, what is more useless than a second assist in a 5-1 game, on the power play, into an open net? LOL.

    Let me give you one positive as regards all the above Ranger D goals and first assists I mentioned, and that is the fact that all of them came in a close game situation, either giving the Rangers a tie or a one-goal lead. I also look at the score when goals and (first) assists are registered and give extra credit for clutch play. Points accumulated when the score is 5-1, etc. don’t mean a damn thing.

  56. Love Staal….but he doesn’t hit the net enough and as Beer Me! said, he needs to focus on his ES and PK time….no need to make him a 26min/game guy yet.

  57. Kevo – I definitely understand your logic on Vally. I don’t know what kind of offers he got from various teams after last season. I’m sure he got at least a few GM’s interest because he did play well. I think he probably wouldnt bite on many backup offers because he seems to relish the fact he lives in CT and plays for the “local hockey team” He’s stated a few times his love for that situation. Even if signing elsewhere means a bit more PT and money. I doubt teams were ready to sign him as a possible starter..because like you and many others..they haven’t seen much of his games to make that kind of offer.

    I dont know how much is my simple fandom or how much is logical thinking..because I always seem to think Vally’s “career backup” label would be non-existent if he didnt have to compete with the likes of Luongo,Dipietro & Hank for his shot at the NHL. Look at his 1999-2000 numbers with the Isles during his 6 games – pretty impressive..but he was sent down because Luongo was being groomed as the future and took his place. We aren’t talking about any run-of-the-mill goalies here..these are possible HOFers taking his spots..

  58. Kevo – Of course I / we all should look at the entire picture – the basic components being goaltending, plus the offense and the defense you get from your forwards and defensemen. I see this team as being close to a big run for the Cup if it can successfully address the one glaring weakness on the team – the offensive production it is not getting from our current contingent of D-men. This is actually exciting to me, as prior to the season my timetable for the team having a good shot at the Cup, was 2009-2010, at the earliest.

  59. Cake, agree.

    Puck, agree, too. But he has only played sparingly in his time thus far. Obivously, he isn’t going to play back to back to games. Therefore, I have changed my tune a little. I can see him playing a little more to give Hank some rest, because he’ll get up for a game he’s going to start. So I agree with you then.

  60. off the topic question for you guys. cause frankly, im sick of hearing all of this complaining. i know its early, but whos your early choice for (league) mvp right now. my pick would be thomas vanek.

    also, i was at the game on saturday, and ive never heard the garden as loud as it was after zherdev’s goal.

  61. One thing to consider is that the Rangers next five games are against the Isles, Thrashers, Toronto, Isles and Tampa.

    Honestly, they should win all five. Anything less than 7 or 8 points in the next few weeks is unaaceptable. One thing this team has done well is they’ve been able to maintain a solid battle level regardless of the opponent. So they’ve beaten some tougher teams but certainly beaten everyone they should beat.

    As such the next 5 games are all ones the Rangers should have. The more points they can stockpile, the better.

  62. I can’t complain about anyone, 8-2-1 is a good start, the team is still getting used to each other and trying to find the right line combos.
    Even those that aren’t scoring are giving 100% and contributing in other ways and there have been pleasant surprises like Mara, Zherdev, Valleycat, Voros.

  63. I don’t often help spread rumors. And these are both NOT from Suck-lund. I don’t read his garbage. Rather garbage from elsewhere! haha

    Philly looking to trade for a goalie. (thank you, thank you, I’ve long said they don’t have the ‘tending to win the conference).

    Kovalchuk could be on the move THIS deadline. Eventhough he has a contract through next season (7.5), there’s no point in delaying the deal.

    I know one of those came from the Toronto Sun, not sure which, and not sure where the other came from. Doesn’t matter, just rumors.

  64. matty – instead of mvp, I’ll say that an early candidate for rook o’ year…Versteeg. Playing the right side of Toews/kane. Scary young.

  65. This is not a trap game! To be so, the team has to be looking ahead at their next opponent being a more serious foe, but the next game is against Atlanta!

    Beer Me! – The team that was shut out in third period shots was the Ducks, stunningly, against Toronto! That clip is hilarious: “The enormous dick save!”

    Salty – I agree with you about Kalinin, that he shouldn’t be so hated, but it was embarassing on Saturday when Crosby came towards him with the puck and he seemed to get nervous and turned it over.

    Cakewalk – I really don’t care about their even-strength numbers, since it’s usually going to be harder for defensemen to get points at even strength. Those who are doing so are likely pinching in often, which is not a big part of Renney’s system. Sometimes the second assists are very valuable, especially as a breakout pass from the defensive zone, where you will likely find our defensemen also gathering points that don’t fit your system. I’m working on compiling all of the GF and GA like plus/minus but also including power plays which don’t count there, and I’m going to try to reconcile those with average TOI to get some sort of statistic, haha.

  66. “Re Kalinen, you can endorse him for his “style” or you can focus on his “substance,” which I prefer to do. We all would like to see him turn his season around, but the fact is, like it or not, when he is on the ice at even-strength – the ultimate skill test and barometer – the Rangers are being outscored by the opposition. On a winning team that is a telling indicator of overall weakness in a player. This is shaping up as a disaster and a dreadful import decision”

    that is misleading because Kalinin is playing even strength with 3rd and 4th lines thad do not score much. If he was playing with top 2 lines he would have had more points and better +/-

  67. i think valley is as good of a backup as you could ask for. but how could you play him tonight after the OT hank put on the other day, just amazing. On drury i have liked his play thus far minus his lack of production. The goals will go in soon, he has too many chances every game for it not to happen (this is why i dont think you bench dru).

  68. Spiderpig – I agree that this shouldn’t be a trap game. Aside from your example..its the Isles. This is a rivalry game..history has shown that regardless of records..these games are close.

  69. Matty I was there and it was a great roar. A nice surprise ending. Tonight is a playoff game for the Icelanders so don’t be surprised to see the Rangers behind early. DP is ALWAYS HURT. You’ll never ger an Asslander fan to admit that Henrik is better than DP.

  70. thanks pig. couldn’t remember who that was.

    Speaking of TOR. There’s rumblings that since TOR hasn’t started quite as bad as expected, there could still be a chance that Mats returns.

  71. nyrincident – Yea I know what you mean about not playing Hank after the Pitt performance. But can’t you make the same argument about Vally not playing for almost 2 weeks after posting the only shutout for the team so far? Seems like if your talking about rewarding your goalie for a great performance..shouldnt that apply to Vally too? Obviously not to the extent of Hank but I think Vally shouldnt have to sit for 2 weeks after a stellar performance of his own.

  72. Jeesus – we’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel to try and find criticisms aren’t we…

    This lot is worse tham some of those sham baseball stats – “when batting 5th with runners in scoring position against lefties in night games, he’s only hitting .148”.

    Kalinin’s doing OK, but needs work on his one-on-one defending. The defensemen will score more points when the PP clicks, we’re more of a passing team now so its likely that forwards will get more assists.
    We’re doing good – be positive!

  73. Staal Wart – Would you want to? What good does it do? It’s not like Drury isnt putting out the effort. He’s getting scoring fact..he has the most of any player. The goals will come. But we seem very quick to forget that Drury has never hit the 40 goal mark..nor has he ever even hit 70 points..he’s not a point machine. He never will be.

  74. Puck I know. I said that as a joke to the Drury haters and the nyrincident’s comment on the bottom about benching dru…which if I read right he also is not in favor of…
    I just get so sick of the bashing of Kalinin, Drury, Naslund…and on and on…that I become cynical.
    The only players in my book who deserved bashing were, Malik, and Hollywood…I also bashed JJ for not giving it his all.

  75. Agreed. I was at the Stars game and this guy behind just kept on complaining about Kalinin and how much we pay Roszival and on and on throughout the whole game. It makes me wonder if the guy even likes the Rangers and if he was even having a good time at the game.

  76. Adam,

    re: Prucha

    You are absolutely right!! You’ve said everything I wanted to say about Petr P!!!

    This blog is my favorite and I read it everyday, but never posted before.

    Adam, THANK YOU!!

  77. Puck, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I understand that in a salary cap league you need to be cognizant of contracts, but I feel like people OBSESS over them to the point where it just gets absolutely ridiculous. Yes, we’re paying Redden and Roszival a lot of money. Yes, Drury and Gomez are tied up for 5 more years. But this is the nature of the beast in sports. You have to pay for talent. You can’t just take a shot on a guy who’s not proven to save a few bucks. That’s an ingredient in the recipe for a really bad hockey team.

    The Rangers are doing it right, in my opinion. Building through the system and adding the key free agents. The goaltender is there, and under Renney’s system, the team defends as a unit. Everyone’s cry for a “crease-clearing” defenseman has been pretty much silenced because the Rangers do a pretty good job of that as a team.

    My only problem with this team is the lack of scoring. I don’t think that I’m fishing for criticism by pointing that out, because it’s a real problem. In the NHL, you can play grind it out hockey and win low-scoring games against poor opponents. There are enough bad teams in the league that you’ll probably make the playoffs. But let’s be honest, even Saturday’s game, as awesome as it was, was dreadful for 45 minutes or so. If that were regular playoff OT, I think the Rangers would have lost the game…Pitt dominated the OT.

    So, this is a good hockey team, but I think we need just a bit more scoring to be a great hockey team.

    Haha, sorry for the rant and tangent.

  78. Guess what, Bob? A defenseman has to EARN the right to play with the top two lines. Same as jockeys at the track have to fight their way through the pack, by showing ability, to get the best mounts in races.

    We heard the same stuff last year about how Rozy was always out there when JJ was on the ice. What the hell did JJ accomplish last year besides not reaching the 30-goal level and gumming it up with the most turnovers on the team? Let’s see your boy (if you are going to adopt him) Kalinen earn the right to be given preferred even-strength and power play minutes, and then justify the extra responsibility, before we jump on his current bandwagon which has about 2 1/2 wheels. Where do I sign up for your Kalinen Fan Club membership drive? And to think I thought Brad Park was a hockey player.

  79. I never said Kalinin should be on the top line, I just don’t have a problem with him being a minus player because under Renney our 3rd and 4th lines will stink offensively.

  80. Rob C – Lack of Goal scoring is a bit disturbing. I think Zherdev is starting to look real comfortable and might bust out with a 40 goal year…If he does that..and if Drury comes out of his funk to put 20-25 goals..and Naslund does the same..we’re OK. But those are all ifs..there nothing expected.

  81. Sorry but someone said Naslund is super slow? Are they watching his shifts in slow motion or something? If he’s slow, then Jagr and Shanny were molasses.

    And Cakewalk, our defense isn’t great, I agree with you, but its what we have for now. Do you really think a Fahey or Potter is the answer? Fahey is a career AHLer and Potter is probably a career 6th D-man that isn’t quite ready for the NHL. He did pretty well in the preseason but only shined when he played against a Swiss team that we absolutely demolished. I’m not saying he won’t be an NHL d-man at some point, but he still needs work. At least Kalinin has been in the NHL for about 5 years now.

  82. I’m not worried about the goal scoring yet because they are winning without it. Plus they are getting plenty of good quality scoring chances. When they get some bounces, the goals will come. Unlike last year when we were shooting from the perimeter 100% of the time with no traffic, this team will put pucks on net, but mostly from the slot areas with lots of traffic in front. And we constantly have guys crashing at the net instead of skating past it, which was another wonderful trait about last years team.

  83. I really don’t see this as a trap game. Not against the Islanders, the Rangers are well aware that the Islanders usually step up when the teams plays each other. Plus, if the Rangers come out with the same energy and work ethic that they had in the 3rd period against the Pens then this game will be over after the 1st period.

  84. “If Prucha can’t score tonight against double quarter pounder, then just dump him.”

    what about Drury?

  85. Drury will block all 6 shot attempts by the fishsticks and he’ll make up for defensive lapses by Rozsival, so he doesn’t need to score.

  86. this has nothing to do with anything so far today, but I just got my new Voros jersey, and I’m DYING to break it out next Tuesday against the Ice-Dancers.

  87. which of the below do you think should stop posting

    New Newman
    Beer Me!
    Other (Identify)

  88. I vote for Other – Sam. Because he’s the only REALLY informative person and the one that makes the most sense. We don’t need that kinda of stuff on here.

  89. Bob and Doodie flat out and the TOOL who posted that question.

    BEER ME!!, New Neuman 95% of the time have great insightful things to say about the team. They do not talk out their ass or spew nonsense for the most part. We all spew crap sometimes.

    ORR has good things to say as for the most part if he would only cut down on the “fuggins” and other words that are just curses and wrong for blogs.

    Slaty, although he is negative most of the time his post are humorous and I think he really loves this team so much he just gets pissed verty easily and rants on the blog. ORR is the same come to think of it.

    Besides the two at the top DOODIE and BOB who flat out are loosers. The others have been around a lot longer and add to the blog.

    BEER, NEW NEWMAN and STAAL WART and others make this blog fun. Not DOODIE and BOB that is for sure. Did I say that yet.

  90. I with Jeever. Get rid of all the people that bring positive information to the blog. I change my vote from “poll”, we need more useless entries like his.

    However, I’m disappointed in myself and partly Jeever and Beer Me for actually responding to that fool. And Richard, although his post was productive haha

  91. Poll October 27th, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    which of the below do you think should stop posting

    New Newman
    Beer Me!
    Other (Identify)

    Other (Staal Wart)
    What a dumb F*&^ing poll!!!

  92. So aside from stupid polls and posters…
    What do you “serious” posters think of the Korpedo situation?
    either he’s headed down…which if he’s going to ride pine is a good move because he’d grow more if he’s in Hartford than he would in the pressbox OR
    he’s a little more injured than the staff is letting on
    what do you guys think?

  93. Hey as long as kasper and nasty 1 and the other regulars stick around I’m fine…Like Rissmiller the others should be sent to Hartford.

  94. With the NHL’s new disclosure rules, I wouldn’t rule anything out with regards to injuries, but Sam or another writer would pick up on it, since he wouldn’t be skating or what not, and we haven’t heard such information.

  95. Just dump Prucha if he doesn’t score tonight? Wow.

    Does anyone remember the lunchpail teams after the firesale and rebuilding. Those team were short on talent but they played their hearts out and wore opponents down. And that hard effort resulted in a playoff spot that previous more talented teams couldn’t achieve.

    Petr Prucha is a lunchpail guy that plays his heart out every night. Value-wise he is worth his salary, unlike some others on the team; but I don’t want to be negative.

    I still remember last season when the kid had the puck, all his linemates went to change and he carried it in all alone against two Toronto defensemen. He didn’t dump it or cough it up like anyone else would but held on even when both defensemen rode him into the sideboards hard. Those defensemen were pissed as they looked pretty bad in that they couldn’t take the puck from him even after double-teaming him against the boards. That is the kind of extra-effort that wins hockey games and holds your teammates to a higher standard.

  96. Don’t say “like Rissmiller”, he still hanging around, isn’t he? (or did he get assigned?) If it’s the former, then everyone’s going to be sticking around lol

  97. Listen smart-ass (aka Jeever), I think I was typing while you posted that. You can take your Tom Poti jersey out of it’s frame above your bed and shove it!

  98. I can see korpi being sent down. I don’t think it’ll hurt him. If anything, maybe he can pot a few and come back with some ‘touch’. Not that he doesn’t have it now, but you know…

  99. Didn’t want to get technical on ya there Staal, but couldn’t have people getting the wrong impression.

    Agreed Beer, look what it did to Cally last year…wait, did he actually get sent down or just scratched a few times? Either maybe send Korpi down and bring him back up if needed. Prucha and Fritsche can fill his void for now, while letting him get a little confidence/more experience playing.

  100. haha sod off, Beerman… For YOUR information, I’ve already turned my Poti jersey into a DOORMAT!

  101. I agree, if he’s not going to play regularly here, send Korpikoski down. Bottom line is that he needs to play in order to improve. Being a healthy scratch is only the stunt his development and confidence.

  102. Agreed Rob, I see a potentially strong player developing in Korpedo, sitting him will only hurt that development

  103. As far as Korpi, I think they’re still trying to figure it out themselves, they decided Riss was a mistake, now they’re trying to sort out who should and shouldn’t be in the line-up. If Korpi’s hurt/recovering, this gives them a chance to rest him and try out some of the other guys and see who sticks and who’s a healthy scratch/sent down…

  104. I’m bored until my next appointment…what are your hobbies?
    Other than Rangers of course

    just wanted to see if pics of one of my aquariums would post here

  105. I don’t care about “heart.” I care about results. Prucha’s production declined with Jagr’s… 30 goals.. to 22… to 7!? BYE!

    Ship him out west for a 4th before he goes on IR from another huge open-ice hit.

    NYR > any individual player

  106. You care about results? I guess we should trade Callahan, Dawes, Sjostrom, Korpikoski, Fritsche, DRURY, etc, etc…

  107. Pavel,

    Perhaps one of Prucha’s tangible qualities is that he gets up after every big hit that he takes. That’s why he’s won the hearts and minds of so many Ranger fans.

    I’m truly on the fence about Prucha, but he played well enough on Saturday to warrant another look tonight. Hopefully he pops one in soon…he’s one of those guys that scores in bunches.

  108. Those players have some two-way ability (except Dawes) and contribute in ways other than scores.. a blocked shot is a result, as is a ‘third’ assist or some nice defensive play.

    As for offensive results, Gomez needs a sniper on his wing… I say Z!

  109. kaspar – you were mentioned on the newsday blog

    Chuckle of the morning: Trainer Jim Ramsey scooted by a pile of wrapped bubblegum in the locker room, grabbed one and immediately fumbled it into a wastebasket. “Kasparaitis hands,” he muttered.

  110. jeevs – Remember that link I posted last week that you called ‘stellar’. Well there’s another one of equal quality out there on the TB site. happy searching

  111. haha,
    its a planted aquarium not much in the way of fish when that pic was taken. but now I have a little school of fish. and alot of freshwater shrimp.

  112. by the way zip of newsday indicates all same as far as lineup although Sjostrom foot was swollen other day

  113. Prucha has been fine defensively so far. I vividly remember he pretty much throwing his body to block a shot. Granted that’s only one instance, but he has been fine thus far.

    “Or some nice defensive play” What about gaining the offensive zone, causing turnovers, aggressively forechecking, etc. etc.

  114. Staal-too neat. I’ve got 3 tanks that have been down for a couple of years, I should get them going again. I actually had a snakehead before they were outlawed.

  115. What does the link say??

    I hate all these links lol….At work, I can’t go on ESPN, NHL, OR YOUTUBE…I think they are biased. I can get on NFL and MLB but not NHL…hmm

  116. Fanboy Weinman sticking up for Drury again freaking shocker. Drury has not played well in his own zone at all his -3 rating bears that out. He has been late (and often times even lazy on the backcheck) he has been weakl along the boards as well his faceoff numbers are brutal. He has not been one of the major reasons for the pk doing well that honor goes to guys like Staal, Sjostrom, Lundqvist, and Betts.

  117. link mentions the trade deadline might be moved 1 day from march 3rd to either the 2nd or 4th since there are less games those days.

  118. graves – the team is 8-2-1. drury will be fine. i bet you never played a sport at a decent level in your life. change your handle how about calling yourself hollweg44 or malik8

  119. The one thing I’ll say to defend Drury’s plus/minus is that it’s that low because him and his line aren’t scoring. That doesn’t mean he’s been terrible in his zone. Obviously everybody gets a minus every so often, but the better players score goals to equal it out and then have a plus. Drury has been on the ice for some goals against (obviously), but hasn’t evened it out. I don’t know the stats, but maybe Dubi has been on the ice for more goals against, but he has scored 11 points, so he’s going to have a positive. Just throwing an example out there, not saying that’s how it is, just giving a different outlook on the situation.

  120. Will the Rangers please not transform the Isles’ nobody goalie into Patrick Roy? Can they, for once, devour a backup? It would be nice.

    And I think Pruch played too hard not to give him another night on ice. Though maybe it should be with the Rockettes. Score, man, score.

  121. Chris F., 100% in agreement with you. I would love to see the Blueshirts throw 5 pucks into the twine tonight. Not every game should be a struggle, especially against a backup goalie playing behind a young and injured team.

  122. Not sure how anyone can call Naslund super slow he’s the Rangers second fastest skater(behind Gomez) Anyone but me extremely disappointed in Dawes? Once he was called up last year after New Years he was one of the best players. He was uncorking his great wristler and showing off great playmaking skills. This year nothing. Maybe throw him and Cally with Drury on a line and see if they can play as well together as they did last year.

  123. I think everyone has high hopes for dawes, including himself. He may be gripping a little too tight as well as dru. Dawes better start putting the puck in in a hurry if he wants to stick around. It’s pretty easy to move a contract under $600k.

  124. Matt,

    I’m confused. I thought Prucha’s girlfriend was on a “european” team — Omsk.

    I kid, I kid.

    I kid?

    Go Rangers. Go Prucha. Go power play.

  125. Jeever and li joe should be added to the poll whenever someone has the gall to say anything somewhat negative about a player on the all mighty blueshirts they go into this whole I’m a better fan than you bullshit. Everyone roots their own way you wanna act like you’re a better fan because everything is lollipops and icecream in your world fine by me. I have forgotten more about Hockey than either one of you retards know. Of coarse I’m superexcited about the 8-2-1 start but I can point out imperfections.

  126. doodie machetto on

    “i had a dream last night where petr effin prucha was traded for mike grier, i woke up with tears in my eyes”

    that’s the kind of stuff you dream of? weird.

    Good effort the other night against the Penguins. We’re still not playing a full 60 minutes, but when they decide to turn it on, they really work hard.

    Marc Staal should be our PP QB. The guy can lead the rush better than any of our other defensemen. If only he could hit the net, he would easily be one of the top 5 defensemen in the Eastern Conference.

    I’m also really digging Paul Mara right now. He’s really upped his physical game.

    There’s no doubt about it; our defense is vastly improved over last year. Kalinin is the new Malik, but Redden is a big improvement over Strudwick.

  127. I like that Poll Staal!

    How many people voted for Doodie? How about me??

    Give us results man!!!

  128. Beer I agree. It is not like Dawes isn’t getting a good chance to suceed. He is playing with an elite playmaker at this point. Beer I believe Dawes is gonna be traded but the more he plays like this both his value to the team and other teams continue to plummet.

  129. staal – Feels like it’s just a matter of time. I just hope it’s out west. I remember when he first came up reading an article that Brian Burke was drooling over Black Magic.

  130. That’s true graves. Same spot as prucha in terms of production. Not every team wants a guy that’s a “project”. Just the NYR!

  131. doodie machetto on

    I don’t care how many people voted for me. So long as Kaspar still likes me then I have the last laugh.

  132. yeah graves, you’re totally right… I’m a random guy you’ve never met, but you can say you know WAY more about hockey than I do because I disagree with you. Arguments like that just amaze EVERYBODY who reads them.

    can you please start posting as Chico instead of Graves? Its less of an insult.

  133. how about a line of Dawes, Prucha, and Drury? We can call it the “What happened to your hands?” Line.

  134. 22figure8…tanks should never be down…unless you are moving…then they get set up again.
    and Richard in my name is a pic of the tank 5 minutes ago with a few fish

  135. graves, it’s one thing to interpret the team and point out imperfections; it’s another to say negative things that aren’t happening…Drury has been a very good PKer on a team with teh 4th best PK (I know it’s early), he isn’t brutal on faceoffs (is he below average? Yes, but not brutal), and he’s been rather good in his own end (that could be debatable and where your opinion would merit some talk).

  136. Good morning everyone!! Is there a game tonite??

    Why everyone crying about Drury? Nobody can tip a perfectly good shot into the crowd better than he can…he has like 8 of them this year; in fact based on my tabulations ( calculator and ten-stone method) he leads the league

  137. if I’m not mistaken Drury has been facing the other teams top lines…I may be wrong though because Renney doesn’t necessarily match lines.

  138. Another thing is with Cherepanov passing away the Rangers system is hurt so the Rangers may have thought before the passing we can move Dawes and Cherny easily slots in his spot next year now that changes which may give Dawes a larger rope. Another things is there isn’t a whole lot of alot of big time forwards prospects in Hartford. Pyatt has struggled mightily, Jessiman is a waste of space and Ansimov probably is more of a Michal Handzus type rather than a top 6 forward.

  139. The Devils the other night matched Madden and Pando against the Dubi line which is an ultimate sign of respect. Renney did match the Dubi line against Malkin and Crosby on Saturday.

  140. I can agree with that, graves… Cherepanov passing was a horrible event on a human level, but it also REALLY hurt the Rangers system (not to sound callous). We have a glut of 3rd line (or around there) talent, but no real forward stars in the making…

  141. Jeevers exactly. Who knows about Pyatt though. His brother was a real late bloomer so he may be the same.

  142. no I’m not, but I AM fascinated with “Little People”. I’m starting to wonder if Graves sits behind me or something, to have that vague bit of info about me…

  143. Greg Moore has really taken a step back(at the Ahl level ) this year. I gotta say I wasn’t exactly impressed by him in his couple of games he played in. He projects as a third or 4th liner anyway.

  144. If there REALLY was a Hank who was an angry drunken dwarf, I’d dress him up as a Lil Rangers Goalie and bring him to games with me. He could be Lundqvist’s mini-me.

  145. Hey Doodie!!
    Of course I still like you comrade…

    just when everyone gets sick of my posts; you come along with one that justs gets everyone bent out of shape so bad they forget about me and take turns bashing you!!!

    You are my Colton Orr man!

  146. graves9 – you talk about pointing out imperfections. well duh i guess you’re right Drury hasn’t scored in 11 games and the team is still 8-2-1. so i guess you’re right we should dump him now.

    well i too an pointing out imperfections. your posts!

    especially using the handle of a great ranger. if you’re going to always be a downer you might as well use the handles i recommended before.

  147. doodie machetto on

    “how about a line of Dawes, Prucha, and Drury? We can call it the “What happened to your hands?” Line.”

    HA! Redden and Girardi can play the point.

  148. Li Joe go jump off a bridge or something. My posts may be imperfect but yours lower the IQ of the entire board. Bob makes more sense than you do.

  149. Yes I believe he did. I haven’t listened to Howard since he left Krock. From the money standpoints it’s worked out for him but sadly he’s about as irrevaunt as Imus is these days.

  150. I have to interject because this has officially gone beyond stupid.
    graves9 you really just stepped in it…
    bob makes more sense? maybe to a drunken hank but are you serious?

  151. actually LIJ might have had the post of the day with his 3:30 offering. that one was hilarious and partially offensive to blond-haired Belarussians.

  152. Hey LI-Joe;

    Thanks; I used to go haunt the Isles blog under the name “Alexie Y”…a name I came up with entirely at randomn for no reason at all

  153. Who Needs Lohan on

    The real question about Prucha and his girlfriend, is when he tries to hit that, does he fall down?

  154. onecupin67years on

    The Rangers should slice and dice the sticks tonight..
    I don;t want hear that the Rangers are tired etc. Just beat them and win add the 2 pts.

  155. im assuming its his gf. next time i go to the garden i can find out for sure. but if he gets traded shes not allowed to go with him. we already lost jagrs girl we cant let that happen again.

  156. Echoing those who are looking for Dawes to come out of his shell. last year when he got sent down for the second time, he exploded with two 4 point games and one 6-point game all in ten days on the farm. Someone find the tapes in Hartford and express them to Nigel. My goodness, this guy has such huge potential! Show it to us ND. How about coming down the ice and making a move or two, a give and go—anything so your biggest supporters have some ammo to use against those know nothings who want to trade you so you can star in the future for one of our opponents. Remeber that you have more points than Marty St. Louis had at the same point in his career. He got the same treatment by his first NHL club that some folks here want to give you. Show them they’re wrong starting tonight.

  157. Moore and Byers are the worst producing forwards at Hartford, so far. Spotlight is on LW’s Justin Soryal and Brodie DuPont, and 24 year old D Chris Murray. Brian Fahey is 27 and having a good year but stuck down there, it seems. Potter is 24 now, and off to a slow start, not good to look like journeyman material at best down there, at an age when he should be up here if he is going to make it.

    Really exciting to see the brilliant development of Anisimov and Dale Weise, both just 20 years old and tearing it up down there, to date.

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