Renney’s status for tonight unclear


Tom Renney was at the MSG Training Center this morning before what was expected to be a lightly-attended pre-game skate, but he didn’t hang around long. Still unclear is if the coach, who is still recovering from a stick to the head last night in Columbus, will be behind the bench tonight against Pittsburgh.

And should that happen, it’ll be interesting to see how the Rangers divvy up the responsibilities. Between them, Perry Pearn and Mike Pelino have head coaching experience at the junior, international and collegiate level, but neither has been a head coach in the NHL.

I’m sure even if Renney can’t coach, he can chime in on lineup decisions, although given the team’s performance last night, my guess is nothing will change anyway. More important is the deployment of personnel over the course of the game. This is particulary important at home when the Rangers have the luxury of the last change, and it’s even more pressing against the Penguins, when Renney has occasionally used his fourth line to defend Sidney Crosby.

In other news, a quick word on officiating: For once, I think the Rangers got the benefit of a crucial call last night, when reviews allowed Brandon Dubinsky’s goal to stand even though the puck caromed off his skate. The rationale was that Dubinsky’s “distinct kicking motion” was evident only on the follow-through. But even then, I wouldn’t have been shocked if the goal was disallowed.

The point isn’t that the Rangers got away with one. But at least this time, most would fans say, they weren’t hosed, either.

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  1. onecupin67years on

    I think the team can mangage without him if they can’t then why the assistant coaches?

  2. onecupin67years on

    I thought the Refs call on Dubinski’s goal was the right call.
    I think the Rangers may get hosed tonight by the happens frequently when they play the pens and cissy crosby cries does his crying and whining act which is getting old.
    He seems to get away with a lot of crap, but don’t touch him or you’ll get the penalty.

  3. You know Colton Orr’s been waiting to show off his improved skating to Crosby all summer. I hope Mara shows his newly developed Nordic ways to Malkin as a reminder of that trip from last year. Seriously, did Mara get dumped or something, he’s turned evil…and it’s great!

  4. glad to see Renney doing well, he got knocked on the noggin pretty heavy last night. And great to see the boys rally behind him and get the win.

    I like the chemistry with this group right now.

    Voros, Zherdev, Dubi, Girardi, Henrik, Gomer, many guys chipping in to get the win.

    Drury getting an assist last night was nice to see.

  5. they played better without renney. He can sit next to Prucha and put him to sleep with his babble . Too bad the coach doesn’t do what he said he would with Prucha. Put the kid out of this torture, trade him .

  6. Dubi’s goal was legit. The puck game, he turned his skate, it hit his skate and then AFTERWARDS his skate moved forward. Unless that forward motion caused the puck to go in the net (which it didn’t), then it’s a regular redirection goal which is legal.

  7. Dubi goal looked like he was trying to use his skate to stop the puck and put it on his stick, and it just went in any way. He actually looked a bit surprised by it himself. Like, “oh, oh alright!”

  8. Dubi never moved his foot forward, that is the main part of that rule that can trick you. Forget the kicking motion, if he sneaks his foot forward, that wouldn’t have counted either. But all he did was turn his skate, it was perfect, it was a veteran play coming from a sophomore. Good goal.

    Lol, and Mara might have gotten dumped, or his gf cheated on him. He is one moody prick these days, and i love it. I was so happy to see him re signed, he needs to shoot a lot more, and hit the net a lot more. But im happy with him, besides that one 5 min penalty he took against Buffalo.

    BTW – I was watching the Devils game last night in-between commercials, and Letourno Leblonde or what ever his name is, took a boarding major after boarding Cote. He got a 5 minute penalty, but he didn’t get the game misconduct. How is that possible, isn’t it an automatic game ejection ??

  9. I’m sorry to see Renney get clobbered, but seriously I hope this club fires Perry Pearn. Renney is a good coach and knows how to manage the team, but our PP seriously looks like old people trying to screw, and Pearn is responsible for that debacle. Get him out of here. The PP goal last night was all luck, and most of our PP time was spent in our own zone

  10. God forbid Gomez had a finisher on his line, we would have so many more assists.

    Hopefully he will get some help.

  11. I disagree with your stance on the Dubinsky goal. The kicking motion came after the puck hit his skate. So he didnt actually kick it in. Fair goal. Good call

  12. I agree that Dubinsky’s goal was legit. However, I also agree that for once the Rangers didn’t get hosed by a call or non-call. For whatever reason, it sure seems like they never get the benefit of the doubt. Eeewww…flashbacks from the Penguins playoff series last year!

  13. If I were Mara, I’d be PO’d too. He’s performing well compared to Roszival and Redden, but he had to take a pay cut to stay with the team…

  14. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Dubi’s goal was questionable,it could have gone either way.What I find more troubling recently is the passion level of the team does not seem to be there.It was the first thre or four games and has since fizzled.I’m also troubled by the continued ineptness of the power play.It is now the fourth season that this staff has had to work on it and they STILL have not figured it out.I also can’t understand why Renney can’t make adjustments during the course of a game.All teams have to do against us is jam the neutural zone and we can’t generate any offense.When you listen to Renney after a game addressing this issue,he seems to know what he want’s to do but can’t get his team to do it.That tells me that he’s not an effective coach.He can’t get his team to do what he want’s them to do.

  15. REPOST:

    agravaine—have you been down there for autographs before? i used to go all the time so i can kinda tell you where everyones coming from, and wat time-ish….

    i thought drury played a great game last nigh, definitely defensively but also offensively. he had a bunch of scoring chances, and the goals will come…

    i also loved the way callahan played last night, pure heart and very aggresive…

    cakewalk- just because you’re not throwing a hit doesn’t mean you’re not playing hard ur lazy boned. look at how many hits jagr had in his last 2 years here, it probably wasn’t even 3. but ur gunna tell me that he didn’t play hard at all and he was a lazy boned captain? did u not see the playoffs last yr? drury isn’t a hitter, much like colton orr won’t score 40 goals a year. don’t be ridiculous.

  16. ORR, I agree about Mara. Everytime I see that guy wind up I think of the scene in Slap Shot where the organ player gets hit upside the head. If he could hit the net he might be one of the most complete D men we have.

    That dude rules

  17. I was sitting 9 rows up at Nationwide last night with a perfect view of Dubi’s goal – definitely the right call. The ref in the corner was right in position to see that the skate turned, puck deflected with no kicking motion.

  18. I too see Mara as becoming our scariest D-Man ( NOT scary like Malik), he is playing really physical with control. I think he’s been in more rumbles already than all of last season.

  19. hank, I thought the league implemented automatic game misconducts for boarding majors. Turns out I was partially right…

    To clarify, here is what the rules say about boarding:

    42.5 Game Misconduct Penalty – When a major penalty is imposed under this rule for a foul resulting in an injury to the face or head of an opponent, a game misconduct shall be imposed.

    I guess with Hollweg on our team, we just thought all boarding majors warranted an ejection…

  20. Anthony Gomez & Prucha would possibly make a great combo.But coach hit in the head and his crack assistants will try everthing else instead of that.

  21. I’ve been noticing that it seems like the Rangers (when playing well) make that first pass really quickly… it’s more decisive. One way or the other if it’s fast then they can break out effectively (even if it’s not to the ideal player).

    When they take that extra second that’s when things start going wrong.

  22. “He can sit next to Prucha and put him to sleep with his babble”

    You mean like “making appropriate decisions in the nuetral zone while being defensively responsible while positioning yourself for an offensive opportunity”?

    how about “SCORE A FRIGGIN GOAL!!”

  23. onecupin67years on

    If Prucha played another pro sport he’d be a goner baseball, basketball, football, horseracing etc, doesn’t tolerate a non productive player,don’t tell about his D skills or heart , let him go.. get anythging, I doubt if he’s going to turn it around in NY.

  24. kaspar you mean like what half of the team is not really doing? Ask Renney why he scored 30 in his first year and has gone down since. And then he says he’s going to play him but doesn’t. Why haven’t they traded or waived him if he’s so bad, instead of paying him $1.6 mil ? Let’s see how long he lasts on the waiver wire.

  25. bklyn:

    “Anthony Gomez & Prucha would possibly make a great combo.But coach hit in the head and his crack assistants will try everthing else instead of that.”

    I think you meant “crack smoking assistants”.

    Renney must have something personal against Prucha. It doesn’t matter what line Prucha plays on at even strength – but the guy is a POWER PLAY SPECIALIST! We suck on the power play. Get the guy in there and put him out with the FIRST UNIT and you’ll see some goals.

    It’s a no-brainer. Maybe that shot in the head will wake Renney up.

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