Renney expects to coach tonight


So there’s your answer: Word from the Rangers is Tom Renney plans to be behind the bench tonight, after all.

We’ll know he’s not 100 percent if he suddenly puts Blair Betts out on the power play.

The coach will do his normal media availability at 5 tonight, so we’ll check in with him then for news on his condition and any unlikely lineup adjustments against the Pens….

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  1. good to hear he will be behind the bench… i would like to see korpi with dubi and voros tonight.

  2. i was thinking the same thing. putting korpi on that line with dubi instead of fritsche. good call sir good call.

  3. fritsche i thought rly didn’t do anything that made him stick out last night, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, atleast for a defenseman, but i agree i’d like to see korpi there and try it out….i just don’t like that try it out means acc to renney one game. it’s not going to take 1 game to click, it’ll take more time, time that renney doesn’t wanna give them. chemistry doesn’t develop if you’re switching up the lines every game, guys need to play w/ each other to learn their styles…

  4. maybe he’ll play his 2 spare players since it’s a back to back game, and he can use the hit on the head as an excuse if it doesn’t work.

  5. A little stick to the head and he may not coach tonight? What kind of a hockey coach is he? Guys take 40 stitches to the face and come back 10 minutes later. Suck it up, Renney!

  6. We already know Renney’s not 100% because he routinely sends Betts and his line out in tie games for draws in the offensive zone with less than a minute to play in the game!

    Having said that (as Renney would say), get well soon Tom.

  7. is he going to wear a helmut?

    hey for those that asked, I skated again with the Graph G5s and this is the best skate i’ve ever worn in my entire life. i know it depends on your foot size and all, but it fits like a glove and no socks no problem.

    i feel like i hit full speed after three strong strides.


    over/under on the Penguins getting 5 extra pps?

  8. Cliff,

    Renney did not get cut, he had a head injury! You have obviously never had a concussion! Whether confirmed or not, that was definitely a concussion. Common sense.

  9. I was reading Slapshot and just had to share this. Well said. Thank you Stu Hackel.

    “Hockey is a team sport, not an individual sport. When fans are attracted to the game, they might develop favorite players, but what excites them initially is to watch a team play well, watch them pass the puck and develop chances to score and live and die on the success or failure of those chances. They revel in the goals but also the attempts as well as the goaltending, the defending (especially the physical defending) and even the fights. That’s what gets them to invest emotion in the game…”

    “…Hockey is the collision of skill and resistance, and no sport combines so many appealing elements — the hand-eye coordination of baseball, the contact of football, the end-to-end movements of basketball and soccer, even the raw mano-a-mano physicality of boxing — into one spectacle.
    When these things are balanced correctly (and the playing rules occupy a crucial place in that balance), there’s really nothing like it in all of sports.
    There’s nothing inherently wrong with promoting individuals, but this sport and the culture around it can be good enough to sell itself. The fans know that. We’re not sure the N.H.L. does.”

  10. I say the Rangers scratch Fritsche and put him on waivers. He did absolutely nothing to impress me, and made stupid decisions on his first passes out of the defensive zone and into the neutral zone. He also lost most of the scrambles along the boards for pucks. I’d rather have Pru there and thats saying something. And is it just me or does having Dubi and Voros on the third line hurt a little bit. I know, I know; lines don’t really matter, but by putting Zherdev on the second line with Drury and Naslund both who have been crap to say the least thus far (I dont understand how Zherdev got three points last night and Drury didnt get any assists (Im not counting that last assist because it wasnt intentional)) and putting crap like Fritsche on the third line makes Dubi and Voros less glamorous and makes them look bad. Therefore they will get less time, when it appears that they are our best line to me. Anyways…thats my two cents.

  11. “chemistry doesn’t develop if you’re switching up the lines every game, guys need to play w/ each other to learn their styles…”

    i agree totally with this statement but i think it may have been a courtesy to fritshe to play in columbus even though he played well i would rather see korpi in the every day line up with dubi and switch fritsche in on the fourth line some times.

    dawes gomez callahan
    naslund drury zherdev
    korpi dudi voros
    orr betts sjo

  12. I think Fritsche is gonna get one or two more looks before he goes…

    I agree he wasn’t all that special last night but this is all part of fixing the “too many 3rd liners” issue. Sjoe seems to have found a spot, Voros has for sure so that leaves Fritsche, Prucha and Dawes fighting it out.

  13. Noonan –
    According to Lundqvist is probable – check the site after 5:00 they will update


  14. I think Dawes has a spot. I think its between Fritsche and Pru, but Pru isn’t being given enough of a chance. Would you rather have a guy that creates chances and works hard, but couldnt finish if his life depended on it. Or a guy that cant seem to find his game at all, wont change for anyone, and makes poor choices in the defensive zone?

  15. Thanks Gerr.

    WTH, I think you’re right about Dawes–he’s improving. I am iffy about him though. He can suck in his own zone and is very small.

  16. thank god for crappy weather, tickets have gone down tremendously…gotta love gameday tickets

  17. “thank god for crappy weather, tickets have gone down tremendously…gotta love gameday tickets”

    Where are you finding the cheaper tickets?

  18. Fritsche was a complete non factor last night. Prucha showed some chemistry with Dubi at times last year. Oh yeah send Korpokoski down to the minors. He is much better off playing on the top line in Hartford rather than sitting in the press box here.

  19. craigslist…ppl r dumping them cuz they can’t go or have extras and don’t want to stand outside the garden trying to get rid of them in pouring rain

  20. i mean craigs list aren’t shady are they? ill do my own research.

    doesnt it suck that stubhub is a subsidiary of ticketbastard? shouldn’t that be illegal?

  21. Stubhub hurts pockets, but I’m grateful they were there with good seats for the 2 games I can attend when I come visit home in Nov. They also guarentee the tix are authentic. Does Craig list? Just curious for future purchases.

  22. Maybe Frits didn’t get playing time only because he was home, maybe they’re giving him minutes in an effort to showcase him for a package trade?

    Well, I can hope.

  23. I’m sitting here at the blarney waiting for the game and grabbing some food.. Let’s go rangers!! Section 326 tonight

  24. I’m on the subway, I’ll explain craigslist briefly- basically you click on their “email” which craigslist at first makes invisible. You make them an offer and they’ll get back to u from their regular email address no longer anonymized (word?)…u make a deal and usually ppl will have ticketfast so that you can paypal them the $ and they’ll email u the tix which u print out and take to the game….if the tix can’t b emailed then u arrange a meeting and do it the old fashioned way meeting up and exchanging cash for hard tickets, but usually things aren’t shady bc u ask for a cell number if ur meeting up, and u have their email address if you do it through paypal and paypal has buyer protection so the seller won’t just bail on you and not send the tix….it works out well, and u never have to leave ur house, all u need is a paypal account and a printer….hope that helped!

  25. thanks, hanktrust. i will try it for my next game. feel guilty haven’t been to a game all season….

  26. This Flyers-Devils game is ruling in about 50 different ways. Plenty of hitting , three fights, great saves and plenty of passion. It has been every bit as good as the Rangers-Wings game just in a different way.

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