Prucha will play against Penguins. Renney will coach without a helmet. (Updated)


Some notes before the Rangers face Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and the Penguins for the first time this season.

<li>Petr Prucha will take Dan Fritsche’s spot on the third line alongside Brandon Dubinsky and Aaron Voros. Strike that. I think we can all agree that spot at right wing doesn’t really belong to anyone seeing how a different player seems to occupy it on a nightly basis.

Regardless, Prucha’s fourth appearance leaves Fritsche and Lauri Korpikoski as the healthy scratches, unless you count Patrick Rissmiller, who still hasn’t been assigned to Hartford.

<li>Henrik Lundqvist will be in net for the second straight night. No word on what the plan is for Monday against the Islanders.

<li>Tom Renney said the ribbing didn’t start until about 30 seconds after he was first injured Friday night.

“Starting with (goaltending coach Benoit Allaire) putting the name tag on so I wouldn’t forget him. Glen brought me a helmet this morning, plus a hundred e-mails from your friends out there, who were a little redundant on the helmet part,” Renney said.

The coach was actually examined by doctors this morning, and was deemed fit to be behind the bench. But even if he wasn’t, he said he would have BSed his way into being here.

<li>When Perry Pearn was asked what he told the team after Renney went down last night, the assistant deadpanned, “Now that he’s gone, we’ve got a chance.”

<li>Renney on why the combination of Marc Staal and Paul Mara remains intact while the other two defensive pairings were switched (Michal Rozsival is with Dmitri Kalin and Wade Redden is with Dan Girardi): “They’ve been our best pair.”

Update, first intermission: The reason back-to-backs are tough isn’t because of how you start, but how you finish. So after a pretty encouraging start for the Rangers, you have a fairly disjointed conclusion of the first period, and a 1-0 deficit.

The guys who look like they’re feeling it the most are not surprisingly, the team’s older sect: Naslund, Rozsival, Drury, etc..

Update, second intermission: Anyone want to score a goal here? Anyone? Going once…

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  1. Lets hope it isn’t the shot to the head that gets PRU into the line-up. I’m still holding on to the ever fading chance that Pru will once again begin to shine.

  2. I can’t wait to see Prucha on Dubie’s wing! (Spelling “Dubie” without the “e” looks too strange to me) Maybe he’ll actually play more than 12 minutes! He has worked his backside off and deserves a shot, well hey, all he needs is a decent game and he’ll have as many points as CAPTAIN CLUTCH!!!

  3. I hope Drury scores, been keeping him on the fantasy team waiting for the breakout… reward my faith!

    It’s crazy that 4 fights is the most in a game this season, sometimes I miss the old days when there were frequent legit fights in the heat of the game, not just goons vs goons.

  4. Drury has to score… it’s getting ridiculous. He’s had some great chances and just hasn’t converted.

  5. I hope drury does score tonight, he will break out of this slump…only a matter of time.

    Would like prucha to play to the level that Renney wants from him so we can stop this revolving door to our 3rd line W.

    Rozy + Khlanin is dangerous, I think we need to go back to original D pairs

  6. I have a link and good hope to SEE the Rangers tonight !
    I hope the link will work because it is 1 am over here and I deserve to see them :)

    GO RANGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Pretyty bad period. If not for Lundqvist it would be worse than 1-0. Redden, Rozsival and Kalinin are playing like Echl dmen(at best) Outside of one shift where they got the puck deep the Dubi line really struggled.

  8. Pathetic period. Once again for the 7th or 8th straight game, Nyr doesn’t show up to start the game, except maybe for 5 god damn mins.

    Im getting sick of the way this team is playing. They better get it together, they’re looking like retards out there.

  9. well its 2-0 refs in regards to giving away penalties. haha. just when the rangers get some momentum they have to kill a penalty. great.

  10. Orr gets taken down no penalty seconds later Zherdev and Talbot(I think) go down penalty on Zherdev.

  11. lol quick whistle by the refs. Funny how they didn’t have one when the puck when was loose by Lundqvist. Fugly 5 on 3 there. Redden can’t do anything right.

  12. How can a ref behind the net be in charge of monitoring the puck in front of the net? It seems absurd.

    My god, a 2 minute 5 on 3 and nothing to show for it.

  13. Anyone see Crybaby Crosby after the 2nd period? Stop crying and just play the game you friggin pansy. I am sick of this crap. Dont touch him or youll get a penalty. Everytime I go to a game with the Pens in town, he is always seen crying to the refs during the game, TV timeouts and every chance he gets.

    And Graves9, any pair with Rozevial is a joke. What a waste of $5 million a year.

  14. It’s all Prucha’s fault! (ahem)

    Naslund looks completely lost. At least Drury is driving the net and getting chances.

  15. Fire Perry Pearn. For the 3rd season in a row, he’s doing jack fuggin shit for this PP. Pathetic. Dru shouldn’t even be on the 5 on 3, especially if he’s gonna lose the faceoffs, and Gomez shouldn’t be the one shooting the puck, cause he doesn’t have a good shot.

    Drury needs to be scratched for the next game. Enough’s enough, he’s not scoring, and he leads the team in chances ? That’s embarrassing. This team is making me sick, even after the last win, they didn’t play good at all, they needed Renney getting clobbered to motivate them ? Pathetic !!!

    They all look like a bunch of retards. This is a waste of time, and i don’t even feel like watching the 3rd. What a fuggin waste of a day this was. This team treats Hank like the ugly girl at the dance, Hank needs to bitch his teammates around, wake them the fugg up.

  16. I think it’s time for Drury to be taken off the PP.

    The 2nd PP unit generates so much more than the first, yet the first always uses up 1:30 of PP time.

  17. Dawes is not exactly doing an impression of Guy Lafleur on Gomez’s wing. The Rangers have simply got to get a guy to finish what Gomez creates.

    And again, too many shots are missing the net.

  18. Trade Rozi, and Prucha, and sign Sundin. Maybe our record will convince him to sign with us before god forbid something bad happens, like playing like they’ve been playing the last week.

    Speed my fuggin ass !!! It doesn’t mean shit, which is pretty clear. Our “speed” isn’t doing a damn thing.

    Get these ridiculous Czech’s off the team. If the name isn’t Jagr, then i don’t want him. Sign Sundin !!

  19. What ajoke of a power play.

    But of course it’s “Fluery is just so quick!”

    Ya know, on a 5 on 3, you should at least get one good scoring chance from IN FRONT of the net.

    Power play is this teams achilles heel. Gotta get someone in there that has a clue about.

    Calling Shanahan

  20. Drury needs to be gone! He does nothing for this team except waste time and 7 mil a year. Quite possibly the worst signing over the past 3 years. Also, the reason that Voros has been so silent is the line he is being put on. They need to be a top 2 line and on the powerplay. Instead they put the likes of Chris Drury out there and he does nothing but suck. What a loser. Decaptinize him and make Dubi captain and key first liner with Voros and Zherdev again


  22. As presently constituted, the Rangers are not good enough man for man to win a Cup. They need a game-changer upfront, and a major upgrade on defense.

    PLay Prucha on the power play on his off wing!

  23. Watch the Rangers tie it and the refs come up with a ridiculous penalty leading to the Pens winning goal.

  24. Would be nice if we could give gomer and cally a decent W to play with. Dawes serves no purpose on the ice – like a lil kid trying to play with the big kids and is just in the way.

  25. Awesome third period. How bout the hands on Zherdev? Naslund seems to have awaken from his slumber.

  26. Zherdev is special.

    I don’t care what anybody says — Prucha plays with heart and courage and was going full out the entire third period, every shift he got.

  27. Good God almighty that was close. Amazing ot from Hank. If Crosby scores the shootout winner I am gonna puke all over my tv and computer.

  28. wow. yet another game we would’ve lost last year. completely dominant 3rd period. so much fun to watch. I’ll say it again, Z is absolutely amazing. He’s a star in the making and no better place than here. plus now I don’t have to watch Columbus just to see my favorite player. haha. And Sjoes is our Hossa from last year in shootouts.

  29. is anyone watching hockey night live this interview with stan and bettman looks like it was shot in 74

  30. Best win of the (young) season. The Rangers were just a buzzsaw in the third period. All 4 lines played very well. The Rangers were back down 2 in the third and battled back. There was alot of frustrating moments whether it was the missed nets or the incompetant refs or the 5 on 3 pp . You feel good for a guy like Prucha who played his heart out drawing the pp that got em back in it. Henrik was very good all night and great in the OT. He usually struggles with the glove but tonight he made several remarkable glove saves. I wish more games were as entertaining as tonight’s game was. The Staal-Mara pair was terrific matched against Malkin and Crosby. Staal seems to pick it up when matched against top players. That Zherdev trade is looking lopsided really early this year. Naslund played by far his best game. He was flying around and shooting the puck more than usual. Gotta give props for Sjostrom not only for his shootout winner. He was great on the pk and looked really good 5 on 5. Dubi(like most of his teammates) struggled in the first but he was one of the best players on the ice the rest of the game.

  31. WOW !!!

    That did NOT look good. I cant belive they came back. What a fuggin shot by Nicky Z !!! With 9 secs left, at that point i was thinking, outside shot, no rebound, tossed to the side, cleared, game over, horrible night, but NO !!! He scoooooooores !! Im so happy.

    And how aboot Freddy Shoes with the goal, mama mia, that was nice, and faggy Sidney Crabby trying to show off his “moves”, get outta here, go deal with your period, and Malkins english class, YOU blew it, mwahahahaha, YEAH !!!!

    Hank is the King !! Nicky Z is the MAN !!! Woooooooot !!!

    BTW – Did anyone see Dougy Weight destroy Brandon Sutter with a shoulder to the head in open ice. Beautiful hit, he was out cold, i think Brent Sutter will remember that next time Devs and Isles verse. I think the Isles had a chance to tie it with a penalty shot late in the game but missed, ahaha losers ! 13 more years for DiPeePee

  32. Next game vs the Isles will be tough. They always play the Rangers like it’s game 7 of the cup finals.

  33. I’m so jacked up from that win I think I’m gonna stroke out.

    Montreal lost, Philly won, Pitt got 1, NJ got 1, we had a good night in the standings.

    BIG TIME character win. I love seeing Zherdev score, that dude is PUMPED!



    I seen that, that was fuggin hilarious. Knowing Devil fans, im sure they’ll use that as an excuse as to why they lost. Maybe it “through them off” lol, fugg that.

    GO RANGERS. Im literally throwing body checks at my walls, im so pumped !!!

  35. graves9,

    agree that the win was phenomenal, but your line “all four lines played very well” made me think. did anyone else notice that we didn’t see the same line twice in the third period? maybe the gomez dawes callahan line twice but that was it. its so hard to develop chemistry when your line combination lasts a shift. they need to keep zherdev and dubinsky together. those two have some of the best natural chemistry on the team.

  36. they need to keep zherdev and dubinsky together.


    And Voros.

    Pretty f*cking hard to make any sort of case for #23 at this point. He’s flat out embarrassing, even the MSG shills are at the point where they have no choice but to finally say flat out “Drury is really struggling”…. He had his chance with Zherdev and has now proven that HE HIMSELF is the problem, not the players surrounding him… he should be ashamed. deal the fucker and we’ll pretend this never happened.

    Dubinsky: while I don’t think he is ready for the C yet, is a *natural born leader* and I really hope we are able to keep him in NY for a very long time.
    That was SOME win… go rags.

  37. turcotte, he was rotating guys to get stuff done. and as much as people thinks it ruins the chemistry, a sign of a good team is one where you can pair up whoever and they show results. without Jagr and Shanny, we don’t have anything holding us back and restricting us from putting together random lines and having everything get out of whack. with this team, Renney can roll the lines if he needs to and things won’t get worse.


  39. talk about crazy comeback i actually was about to shut the game off i was so pissed and as i got up zherdev comes thru big time. thats 2 goals in 2 games from him that helped us win both games. sather redeemed himself after gettin this guy. i gotta say it may not always be pretty but we’re gettin the job done and this team really surprised me tonight. last year we wouldve lost it 2-1. anyone else notice that hank looks better than hes ever had. hes really saved our asses and we wouldnt be where we are w/o him.

  40. The Rangers outshot the Penguins 18-2 in the 3rd period and came from from a 2-0 deficit and we have people questioning why lines didn’t stay together in the 3rd period?

    Let me tell you this, whatever Renney did in the 3rd period should be bottled and done every minute of every game from here on in, because that was the best period in 3 years.

  41. just got back from the game…some thoughts….

    1) it looked like kalinin had a case of the willie’s from crosby, 3 times crosby came near him and 3 times he fumbled the puck

    2) the refs were bad, but not awful…they blew the whistle quick and called a phantom crosscheck but weren’t horrible when it came down to it

    3) prucha played his absolute ass off and drew the penalty where naslund scored, great game by him

    4) mara is a pissed off human being and i love it

    5) crosby bitches and moans worse than a woman w/ her perid

    6)it wasn’t only the philly game where fans threw stuff on the ice, it happened twice in the ranger game, just not a stink bomb

    7) hank was absolutely amazing

    8) someone needs to teach this team what to do w/ a 5 on 3. we made fleury look like roy and brodeur put together.

    9) ZHERDEV…what a shot! holy crap

  42. Alot of whiney lil Rangers fans on this blog…..when they are losing, just keep your mouths zipped and root for them to come back….Its disheartening to read some of the garbage posted on here. Contribute in a constructive way, win or lose.

  43. Does this mean we can expect Prucha to be back in the press box? I hope not, he definitely deserves to be in the lineup as much as Dawes. Lundqvist came up huge in OT and the shootout. It was nice to see Drury play pretty well offensively the 2nd half of the game.

    but seriously, i’m not a gigantic Prucha fan, but doesnt everyone argue that he only scored 30 goals his rookie year because of the PP time his rookie year. Perhaps they should play him this year on it…i mean, it cant really get any worse.

    Great Win! Fun end to the game!!

  44. Just wanted to mention that Hank deserved the first and second star. The man was a beast, stopping point blank repeated shots and stoning Crosby in overtime and in the shootout. There were about three times I thought for sure the Pens were going to score in overtime and each time Hank came up with the save. He even thought it was in on that last play in overtime; he was looking back at the next for three seconds trying to find the puck.

  45. yea ya gotta start to think if dru has some personal issues goin on he has had at least 3 golden oppurtunities to score and numerous chances every game so far. i dont know but i cant see the pressure of being captain as the issue. you gotta just wonder whats really goin on with him cuz 11 games no goals is pretty pathetic. i feel bad for the guy thats for sure but somethins gotta be done. and prucha played great tonight im glad he drew the penalty and had an impact on the game. hope he stays on for a few more maybe he’ll finally score too.


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