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I take back everything I said about the Rangers’ struggles to score goals, because they obviously came up with two huge ones tonight.

And in theory, tonight could have a springboard effect. Because every time the Rangers face a deficit like they did against the Penguins, they can point to their third period effort as proof that they still can rally late.

“I think it’s a great momentum-builder for us. We came back (Friday night) being down 1-0 and then being down 2-0,” Markus Naslund. “It shows the character in this room, and it shows we can be rewarded if we work hard.”

In other news, I had a friend at the game who I think may have left after the second period. Feel free to ridicule her. I certainly intend to.

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  1. hey sam thats why they play 60 minutes. i cant believe she left it wasnt like a 5-0 blowout. your friend missed quite possibly the best comeback and win game for the rangers in a long time. after that game i cant understand why hockey is not as popular as any of the other major sports

  2. i’m starting to feel like maybe Drury finally got caught cheating on his wife so hes just mentally distraught and can’t focus on the game. outside of that, I have no idea why he would be playing like this unless…he wasn’t all too great. haha. he had a better performance the last two nights but still, he hasn’t played his best yet.

    and about the cheating on his wife thing, its not a low blow, its fact. i have my sources.

  3. Lol at the retarded excuses for Drury’s play. He is playing like crap and people looking for excuses never looked to give Jagr that kind of pass when he didn’t play well.


    i actually thought drury played pretty well tonite….the little things, unlike jagr, he skates back on defense and works hard…

    just got back from the game…some thoughts….

    1) it looked like kalinin had a case of the willie’s from crosby, 3 times crosby came near him and 3 times he fumbled the puck

    2) the refs were bad, but not awful…they blew the whistle quick and called a phantom crosscheck but weren’t horrible when it came down to it

    3) prucha played his absolute ass off and drew the penalty where naslund scored, great game by him

    4) mara is a pissed off human being and i love it

    5) crosby bitches and moans worse than a woman w/ her perid

    6)it wasn’t only the philly game where fans threw stuff on the ice, it happened twice in the ranger game, just not a stink bomb

    7) hank was absolutely amazing

    8) someone needs to teach this team what to do w/ a 5 on 3. we made fleury look like roy and brodeur put together.

    9) ZHERDEV…what a shot! holy crap

  5. johnny d i dont think hes cheating on his wife. ive seen his wife and if u had to guess what she was like and looked like thats exactly that. shes not oh my god gorgeous shes down to earth and cute

  6. Never leave a game early… frankly after spending that much money on a ticket… I can’t afford to.

  7. yea drury has been playing like garbage. hope he steps it up soon. i’m just glad we got the win though. anyways, who leaves after the second period?! what a nerd!

  8. why is noone talking about how bad Redden has played this season and that we have him for 5 more seasons being paid like he is one of the best players in this league, yet he is our 5th best defenseman?

  9. Redden has been dreadful. He might just have the most untradeable contract in the league(well besides for Rozsival)

  10. Eric, we’re not talking about Redden for the same reason you don’t turn the TV on while getting a BJ…quite frankly it ruins the mood.

    That, and besides a few bad turnovers and a failed keep-in tonight, I don’t think he’s played bad at all.

    Let’s relish the sweet victory a little longer before we go back to being Ranger fans and trash talking a team that is 8-2-1.

  11. yeah , some of you knuckleheads could n’t be happy with a 12 – 0 win and a 10 – 0 record. Lighten up and enjoy first place!!!

  12. After the Rangers win over the penguins a reporter asks Tom Renny a few questions.
    Rep : “Great game Tom , you guys really squeeked out the win !!”
    Tom : “To be quite honest with you I think we were lucky to come out here with 1 point , let alone 2 !!”
    Rep: “So , your not happy with the win!!??”
    Tom: “Quite honestly I still think we are a work in progress ”
    Rep: “A win is a win , isn’t it?”
    Tom: ” frankly to be quite honest with you I do think we are a work in progress”

    Reporter just shakes his head and walks away.

  13. Matt, I know people who are from buffalo. One girl used to date Ryan Miller and she said Drury was always out picking up random girls. Its not false. So i’m thinkin that he got caught and now hes sucking. Its completely not the reason why, just a possibility.

  14. Who leaves a game after the second period? That’s like leaving your wife after the second trimaster…

  15. Nasland Gomez DRURY

    Voros Dubinsky ZHERDEV


    Fritsche Betts Orr

    Subs. Dawes, Prucha, Rissmiller

    The above is my Ranger Line-up Grid. All those positions in caps can be interchanged. For instance, Callahan can play with Dubi & Zherdev with Korpi while Korpi could play with Gomez and Drury could center Cally & Shoe-string and so forth. Just my opinion. There seems to be great balance. Re: tonite’s game we’re lucky to win because (1) Crosby missed an open net, (2) Henrik stood on his freeken head in the 3rd period and the shootout & (3) We have someone like Nylander (Shoe-string) who in the shoot-out can fake & dipsy-doodle to score. Great moral victory, however, for you Prucha lovers granted he caused a penalty because he couldn’t stand up but was on the ice for both Penquin goals. In (3) years he’s scored 59 goals, only 7 last year and 52 in (2) years because of Jagr and the power play. How many lives does he have????

  16. I was at the game tonight and I met up with some people from work. One of my friends from work was with his friend who was financial advisor as well. He happened to be Avery’s fiancial planner when he was with the Rangers. Hes around 33 and became very friendly with Avery. He said the real reason why Sather would talk to Sean is because he had a big coke problem in New York which also led him to be more off the wall than he already was. Don’t know how true it is, but if it is I can believe it and explains a lot. Just thought it was interesting, not trying to start rumors but still interesting.

  17. I was at the game tonight and it was a great comeback! When they scored with 8 seconds left, I exploded right out of my seat. Also, I heard all about how Sjostrom is great for the shootout, and so far this season he has delivered! Great game and let’s go Rangers!

  18. inhankwetrust,

    I’ve gotten autographs plenty of times, the pics I take (that I use for my videos) I get them blown into 8X10’s and get the guys to sign them. Tonight was a good night!!

    The game was awesome…

    Re our defence…

    I’m not going to type out the stats but look here:


    Mara and Staal work becuase they both hit, they are both about middlin in blocking shots and they are both even in their take/gibveaway ratio.

    Girardi hits, covering for Redden… he has a great take to giveaway ratio, covering for Redden and Redden blocks shots… so their pair works…

    Rozsival has a great take/give away ratio, covering for Kalinin, neither one hits, but the edge goes to Kal… Rozsival blocks shots…

    but basically Girardi and Redden balance eachother… Staal and Mara are complimentary players… but Rozsival needs to cover for Kal without a complimentary phsical dman… Rozsival has to be both the offense and defence on the line. Renney needs to balance by puytting Staal with Rozi and Kal with Mara… I don’t know why he won’t. Then Staal provides a physical presence freeing Rozi to be the offensive presence, Staal can stil make plays, but they have a threat on the line.

    Mara can use his monster shot and be a presence freeing up Kali to do whatever the heck he is supposed to be doing (keeping Potter’s spot occupied while he isn’t here?)

  19. Rozi was quite impressive standing up Malkin on that 1-on-1.

    Johnny D- I don’t want to question you or your sources, but it’s still second hand info, which is nothing more than gossip. I’m not calling you out or anything, just that people talk about celebrities all the time. Anyone who played telephone as a kid knows that something said can get mangled and can get a life of it’s own. It may be true that he cheated on his wife (though he doesn’t seem the type) but there were no rumors about Brodeur and that turned out to be fact. If it comes out that he was caught cheating, I’ll be the first to apologize for questioning your post!

  20. My buddy who went to see the Victoria Cup game said Drury got caught in a hotel in Prague with another guy (not on the team or in the organization) one of the nights.

  21. I don’t think it will. I was just trying to add to the list of excuses as to why he was playing badly. Haha. Doesn’t matter to me anyways. Just happy this team is winning and my friends who thought it was going to be a long year are starting to believe what I said in July, that we would be much better than last year.

  22. Drury needs to get laid. This guy cant score a goal if his willy depended on it. Its starting to annoy me badly. He needs to start scoring goals, i don’t want to wait till the end of the year, he needs to live up to that contract.


    Ugh, Fritsche belongs in Hartford, he isn’t anything special. Dawes is better, and he should be playing.

    Hopefully Nyr flat out kills those faggy Isles, and continues the winning streak.

  23. Face Off Percentages:

    Gomez 82-149 = 55%
    Betts 69-135 = 51%
    Dubinsky 65-131 = 50%
    Drury 51-111 = 46%

    So Drury, so far, is our worst face off center, doesn’t hit anybody, and cannot score. This passes for “leadership,” in some circles. He better turn in around in November or Rangers management will have to answer for this NHL version of the “Titanic.”

  24. btw im so happy about the win last night. my and my friends spent half the game bitching about the ‘crosscheck’ and some other things but we just flat-out hate the Penguins.


    neways was a great comeback, Sam’s friend probably feels shameful, and I cannot wait to watch the 2nd two periods @ 12 on MSG Rangers in 60.

    :D How is everyone doing this morning!

  25. i TOLD EVERYONE Gomez should be the captain. Look at what he has to work with (not insulting, just saying he’s the best puck-moving center in the league and needs to be on first line) at the expense of Drury

  26. doin great noonan. that great comeback last night is helping me get motivated to goin on work on sunday. needed a day off but hey the rangers didnt quit last night so i’ll get my ass to work. u guys gotta stop makin excuses for drury cuz he is gettin primo chances. its just one of things that noone can explain right now. maybe later we’ll find out somethin serious is goin on with him but at least hes gettin chances. if he wasnt then id really be worried. man i love how this team is coming together and they’re all on the same page this year. imagine if dru and pru could return to form and hank stays hot we could be a force to be reckoned with this year.

  27. inhankwetrust, very astute analysis of the game. you wrote everything i saw and forgot.

    i remember the water bottle was thrown on the ice it was for that blown penalty call right?

    and refs were fast as @#$% on the whistle when the puck was on the ice near Fleury’s glove…. no such treatment for the King!

  28. That was a hell of a game last night. What a goal by Zherdev after the puck was behind the Rangers goal line with only 20 seconds left and I thought the game was over. They were on their feet and rockin’ at the Garden last night; it was great to see the enthusiasm for making it to overtime. I guess you guys would say the Penguins went into a Renney-like shell in the third period. Clutch goaltending from Lundqvist to not allow a goal in the shootout after two fairly dismal attempts from Zherdev and Dawes, but I guess they had some sor tof scouting as every player shot low.

    On Friday night’s game at Columbus, I think you can tell that this is a more aggressive and less trapping team when Girardi talked about still putting the pressure on with a one-goal lead heading into the third. After these two games, it seems like the Rangers have won in every fashion this season, a good one so far to be sure. I can’t believe Zherdev wasn’t a star of the game! And how awful was not scoring on that 5 on 3!? It’s ironic that the announcers thought they should take more time, since fans usually get on them for not shooting. They got seven shots, but the fans still booed; it’s hard to be patient on the ice because fans will start getting frustrated anyway.

    Prucha again had his “great” night as the announcers would say, getting into good places for shots, working the boards, and drawing a penalty, but he still didn’t score for all of his effort, so I really don’t know what to think of him still. Drury had a similar game, but seemed to be even more snakebitten, just missing an empty net due to a late defensive move by a Penguin. At least Renney didn’t have him on the ice during “clutch” time at the end of the third (unless he came in after Lundqvist went off) because the line was Gomez, Dubinsky, and Zherdev.

    Renney: “It should really help develop the fiber of our team. We really came back with the game plan.” LOL

  29. yea Mike I know what you mean. Also, you get to see a Rangers game after work Monday! That has me motivated (and some Merrill Lynch merger CRAP I have to finish).

    Another note:

    First two shootout attempts were pathetic. I could have stopped one of those. Not even a head deek from Dawes? Jesus looked like freaking warmups.


  30. i got all over drury last year when he had that terrible +/- about half way through the year.
    this year he’s been a complete trainwreck and i agree with everyone who says that there’s no way we would’ve given jagr a pass on such a lack of production.

    remind me why he’s our captain? much less on this team?
    and for those drury homers who are about to get on my case about him doing all the little things right, you’re dead wrong. drury is a glorified 3rd line center who doesn’t consistently win faceoffs, can’t score and doesn’t hit. SURPRISE! he’s also tied for team worst +/- once again.

    yea so its all those little things right?
    screw chris drury, at this rate he could go down as a worse signing than wade redden.

  31. “why is noone talking about how bad Redden has played this season and that we have him for 5 more seasons being paid like he is one of the best players in this league, yet he is our 5th best defenseman?”

    My thoughts exactly. This guy does nothing aside from a few timely cross-ice passes during PP. He hasn’t even been good on the PP. And he was supposed to be the QB.

    People bitching about ROZI and not THIS GUY!? That’s the only thing I don’t get. Rozi has stepped up his game… see him BITCH Malkin last night on the clean 1on1? He knew he was going to get deeked out of his pants and stood up to him, no shot on goal.

    Rozi has been smarter, better, and not so soft.

    Redden… needs to step up his damn game he’s being careless.

  32. I love how Staal has stepped up his game and is laying fools out and shooting more. He does have a good slapshot!

  33. IDK what the problem is: Renney’s refusal to accept Drury as a third line Center and special teams specialist at best, or Drury not wanting to play third line.

    Also, taking away from Gomez and Dubi isn’t right. They do what they do correctly and Dubinsky has been building chemistry.

    Given Drury’s quiet, submissive nature, I’m going to have to identify the problem as Renney.

  34. noonan, I wish the top line were Rozi Staal then Redden Girardi… I am hoping Redden is settling, but I don’t get why people go after Rozi before Kalinin and Redden.

    THat was awesome when he stood up Malkin, I saw the play and was nearly in shock I had to wait for tghe replay to be certain it WAS Rozi…

  35. Those were my top D pairings too preseason, Agravine :)

    I think Redden will fare better he’s used to a Sens terriblly defensive, one-way team and has to transition.

    Rosi’s play on Malkin was clutch. I think Rosi is going to earn his paycheck and will shoot more instead of spoonfeeding and not shooting with open lanes like last season. Plus who is there to spoonfeed to haha (Hoping it’s Z soon)!

    Sorry I’m acting like I’m on crack this morning, took nyquil after 3rd period last night cuz i have cold and am pumped for Rangers in 60 and football.

  36. Who Needs Lohan on

    Ive read but havent posted much this year so far. I must say that the following quote took the words out of my mouth:

    October 25th, 2008 at 11:10 pm
    Alot of whiney lil Rangers fans on this blog…..when they are losing, just keep your mouths zipped and root for them to come back….Its disheartening to read some of the garbage posted on here. Contribute in a constructive way, win or lose.

    Some of you need to STFU when we are down. Orr, what is it good for….if I had the power to do so I’d give you a three day suspension. It was bad enough when you berated the team for 2 periods, but then you had the audacity to come back and praise. I’m picking on you cause you were the most glaring example, but seriously…some of you suck!

  37. Down on the Hartford farm, in the early going D’s Brian Fahey and Chris Murray are the big offensive contributors. DuPont, Soryal, Weise, and Anisimov, who has stepped up the pace lately, are the big forward offensive stars.

    Both Fahey and Murray have to be a better option than that bust, Kalinen, who adds zero offense, game in and game out. Redden may look bad, so far, but could come around. Kalinen looks like he belongs in a Charlotte Checkers uniform and will never make a contribution, here.

  38. 8-2-1


    oops lol!!!! last night was awesome, rallying for the Coach and then rallying for the home crowd, however it happens the guys were great (except on the five on three)

  39. LOHAN

    Go fugg yourself. That team DESERVED to be bitched at. They didn’t show up for 2 period, except maybe 8 mins more or less. That is how they’ve been playing for the last 6 or 7 games. I guarantee if they lost that game, you’d be here crying like a pillow biting whiny bitch, like every other fan, cause its called being a fan.

    Im far from the rest of these moron Nyr fans. Burning this player, and that player for a bad play. Im sure if Staal faced that bouncing puck and did exactly what Kalinin did, everyone would say “ohh, its okay its just a mistake”, and blah blah blah, typical whiny Ranger fan BS. All this crap aboot must having a “whipping boy”.

    Point being, im gonna say what i want, if the teams playing like shit, im gonna call it out, if a players playing like shit, im gonna call it out. But im gonna be behind them 100%. You don’t like my posts, fuggin skip them. You’re not a retard, you should know how to do that.

    Im still sticking to what i said last night though, Drury needs to be scratched, he needs to know just cause he’s the captain it doesn’t mean he gets to sit in the lineup and do nothing. The guy’s been good on the PK, he’s been decent defensively even though he’s -3. Time to wake his ass up, make him pay for missing those opportunities.

    As for Redden, he played shitty last night, give aways galore, but he hasn’t been awful. Rozi has been worse, and don’t give me the BS aboot how we could have been shutout those two games where he got an assist, big fuggin deal. Rozi is taking Redden’s spot on the PP. Nice to see them finally split up.

    All i know is, Perry Pearn needs to get fired, and Rozi, and Pruchs need to get traded, so Slats can sign Sundin. I don’t care if people think he is a little to slow, he’s still good, he still wants to play, and maybe he wont ask for as much as the Nucks are offering. Im in favor of that for sure.

  40. lol Orr, sorry man, you say people are on Kal becuase they need a whipping boy (which is true in part) and then you sya if it were Staal they would let it slide (which is true, even truer if you use Girardi as your example) But that situation is still the case when you say give a pass to Redden but Rozsival is far worse… face it, everyone… not necessarily on this blog, but among plenty of other folks Rozi and Kal are the two dmen who are going to get the boos, becuase they are European and some people hate the Europeans game… thats that. They aren’t hitters, never were, never will be… but to say let Redden go he’ll be allright and then say but Rozi needs to go… man oh man…

  41. Who Needs Lohan on

    Orr, settle down bud, I just called you out cause as a whole its pretty obsurd to go back and read the posts from a particular game and see the whining when we are down and the cheering when we are up.

    Go watch the new commercial with the fan at the game screaming at his team, and then he airballs the basketball shot at the gym and the custodians start heckling him….some day it will happen to you!

    Yes there are some problems with the team, but it seems that some would rather point out the bad than the good.

    And Orr, if I skipped your posts, I wouldn’t be able to criticize them, and what fun would that be?

  42. Orr you’re bugging out. Rozi needs to get traded?

    How about Drury or Redden? LOL chill bro they won last night. They have depth. It’s not all quality, but it’s a mixture of quality and quantity.

  43. forgot to mention: also very good D and TWO great goaltenders.

    insurance, D, netminding, and depth. great things to have if you are Cup-bound.

  44. drury should no longer be on the pp period and id say voros shouldn’t necessarily be on there either. also cally should definitely not be playing w/gomez, put him on a line w/drury and dawes and give them 3rd line minutes and let them kill penalties. hell of a shot w/zherdev i actually agree w/brooks that it would be good to see him get a chance w/gomez

    i dont get how people could still want sundin. we don’t need another center and i don’t see him playing on the wing. id much rather have gomez and dubi as my top 2 centers so unless the third line is drury and sundin i dont see where he fits

  45. Parkswallettooheavy on

    I can’t believe the lack of joy on this blog! The Rangers are playing the best brand of hockey in years and all I can read about is how bad Drury is, how bad Redden is and how this team is in trouble. Whoa! There have been times when they really have deserved to be criticized but not now. They have the ability to be a great TEAM with some very good players and a great goaltender. Each member is a piece of the puzzle that renney is building. Just sit back and enjoy because there will be enough time to bitch and moan if the puzzle unravels.

  46. Did anyone else notice the one shift with Drury/Sjostrom/Prucha towards the end of the third? They looked good together, I’m not gonna lie. Maybe two struggling players in Prucha and Drury can spark each other… Then stick Dubie between Naslund and Zherdev and you have an actual number one line!

  47. Dubie:

    Correct. Right where Drury belongs. Not to beat a dead horse to death, but on the third line.

  48. leatherneckinlv on

    leave the 4th line as is with Sjostrom, Betts an Orr..they have chemistry and fill their other roles in a splendid fashion..I think its the best 4th line in the NHL ..often times this year they went and regained the momentum back for the club with sustained play in the offensive zone..they should not be altered and in Sjostrom they get a scoring threat and will score a few goal..you heard it here..I predict Orr will get 6 goals this year…

    Naslund,Gomez and Callahan

    Voros.Dubinsky and Zheredev

    Dawes,Drury and Fritsche

    Sjostrom,Betts and Orr

    Prucha to fill in on a more consistant basis and send Korpikoski down to get ice time

    on Defense its time to bring up Potter/Fahey and waive Kalinin. I am not impressed with him

    D-pairings should be:

    Staal and Roszival

    Redden and Girardi

    Mara and Fahey/Potter

    I still would as a GM trade for a power forward and another hard hitting Defenseman..we have a couple of puck carrying Defenseman in Del Zotto and Sanguinetti that are on the horizon, GREAT WIN last night

  49. Drury not scoring and not hitting is really sad.

    Strip him of captaincy and give it to Naslund or Dubinsky.

  50. bobbo, if he continues to be a soft nancy boy this season, make Dubinsky or Gomez the captain. He’s stuck here and it’ll be motivation if anything.

    he did get a lot of good chances this last game, but he and renney need to accept his role. 3rd line up and down, pker.

  51. Voros is on the PP because he goes to the front of the net, stays there, stays on his feet, and until last night, puts the puck into the net. I think he deserves to stay.

    Pruchs played fairly well last night… I’d give him another look. The play where he drew that penalty was amazing. Wish he could stay on his feet.

    This team is fun to watch huh?

  52. Riche, Voros is cemented in the lineup for sure. He does what needs to be dont in front of both nets!

  53. As far as the D goes… yeah they’re overpaid and if you look at each one individually you can spot some shortcomings at times.

    But I think the D should be viewed as a unit… and as such they’re darn near spectacular. They held a hell of an offensive team to no shots for what 15 minutes last night? Not the first time they’ve done that to teams this year.

    Give some credit to the D unit as a whole. They deserve it when you think about their body of work… not “that one play where it broke down”.

  54. Noonan,

    I meant on the PP. Someone above was wondering why he’s out there.


  55. Only 15 seconds to go, the puck deep in the Rangers zone, what odds would you have given that they would score?

    All of a sudden they get the puck out of their zone, get the extra man on as HL makes it to the bench, and I see Zherdev non chalantly skate down the right side, flick his wrist and there was bedlam. That has the be the highlight of the year for me.

    Then in overtime, with the open ice (4 on 4) Pittsburgh dominated and only the super goaltending of HL kept the game from ending there.

    Finally the shootout. Both Dawes and Zherdev didn’t make any head fakes or any kind of faking and with both goalies having an outstanding night, that wasn’t going to cut it.

    But here comes Freddie with his dekes and faking and it’s the net for the victory. Maybe the coaches need to have Dawes, Zherdev practice deking and faking in one on ones at practice.

    Prucha didn’t score but played a great game. Fritsche and Rissmiller have had their chance, now it’s Prucha’s turn.

    Don’t know what the plans are for Korpi. Right now Korpi and Fritsche are not dressing. Maybe they’ll bring up a 7th defenseman and send Korpi down.

    About Drury, he’ll break out. He’s keeping his composure unlike Jagr if he was slumping. The team has gone 8-2-1 with no goals from Drury. I’ll take 8-2-1 every 11 game span until the end of the season without Drury scoring a goal all season. They would finish 59-15-8, 126 points which should be enough to get them in the playoffs. :~)

  56. I wanted to kill the fans that were chanting “Crosby sucks”, You could tell he used it as motivation and almost made us pay for it!

  57. Noonan, I just dont agree on a couple of things.
    I think stripping Drury from captaincy will not motivate him, but will demotivate him even more. I agree he needs a reduced role right now, and could quite possibly be the most inconsistent player out there with no confidence…Heck, I’d rather see Prucha out there then Drury right now, but you can’t scratch the guy either.

    I dont think that putting Zherdev with Gomez would be very effective and it might actually take something away from our team as a whole. Zherdev and Gomez have the same type of playing style. They both like to hog the puck and bring it into the O-zone. This is not a problem at all, but if you put both of them on one line, there is going to be a dominant hogger and that would lessen the need for the other. And by doing this we might lose a player that will take the puck into the offensive zone on the other lines.

    Everyone else…
    This is what it comes down to. Would you rather have Prucha, Korpikoski, or Fritsche in the lineup? Personally, Id much rather have Prucha in every game seeing as he actually creates chances and Fritche doesn’t. Korpikoski should be sent down to the minors and played on the top line. We are going to have no room next year on the cap for most of our players, so he might be essential.
    Another point is for all of you anti-Shannahans/Naslund lovers. That is hypocrisy right there. Earlier on all of you kept talking smack saying Shanny is too slow for the team, look at Naslund right now. He is slow but creating chances for himself. If need be, I think we could still pick up Shanny for a minimal price. I just think right now is not the right time because of the momentum we have.
    (Up to Renney)-Drury-Naslund
    Anyways, great last twenty minutes last night. We got really lucky Pitt didn’t capitalize more in the first 40.

  58. I don’t see Gomez centering Callahan and Dawes for much longer…

    It’s obvious that he needs a finisher on his line. I love Dawes and more so, Callahan. But neither are going to find the net consistently enough to be flanking Gomer.

    I’d be shocked if Renney didn’t try Callahan with Dubi soon. Seems like his style would fit there nicely.

  59. The should have been chanted diver at the homo or crybaby. Prucha deserves to stay in the lineup. He played well and if he gets constistant playing time he’ll start to score. Korpikoski needs to sent down to get first line icetime in Hartford.

  60. lennynyr – Lundqvist was out of the net with about 45 seconds left, since Crosby was shooting at the empty net before we regained control with 20 seconds remaining. I surely thought it was over, even before Crosby’s shot, which was luckily a backhanded one from center ice. I was so happy to see another home win against the Penguins to extend our regular-season streak. It is always sweet to beat the NHL’s number one (ugly) face. :)

  61. chanting Crosby Sucks was fun, a highlight of the night i may say. People need to lighten up @ MSG. Too bad that some people chant stupid stuff. Just enjoy the game.

  62. that is a possible risk of putting zherdev w/gomez which could be solved just by letting gomez take the puck up the ice, maybe naslund could be good there if he can start burying chances and i for one would still like to see prucha get a chance w/gomez, my main point was that cally/dawes aren’t great linemates for gomez, they are bluecollar players who can get some goals (mostly dawes) they are not first line talent and wouldn’t be on just about every nhl team

    shanny would most likely only be slower than naslund, so one over the hill vet is enough for this team

    and i for one have stopped criticizing redden (except for now) b/c he is playing as i expected him to play ie like a 3rd or 4th defenseman who will make his fair share of mistakes, which is why his contract was ludicrous from the start

  63. graves — Amen on Prucha. Give him 15 minutes minimum per game for five straight games, with some time on the power play, and he will produce!

  64. I agree with you Richie…but who gets put in their spots? Have we experimented with Gomez-Dubi-Voros. Or is that dumb to have two top tier centers on the same line? I just think that having two finishers with a playmaker would work well. There is nobody to place with Gomer that can keep up with his fast pace except Cally and Dawes. I think its the only possibility at this point.


    I never said to give a pass to Redden. But last night was the only game where he looked flat out horrible, with the giveaways and everything, its almost like he had flashbacks of the Pens-Sens series in his head and it was coming back to haunt him.


    Yeah, i want Rozi to get traded. This is a good team, trading Rozi wont hurt us, and maybe we can either get a decent, reliable shut down physical defensive d-man, like Nyr fans want so bad, or we can just shed his salary for a prospect or a draft pick, and bring up Fahey, or Potter. Im trying to think big picture shit, its still so early, and this team might not make the playoffs, but if they do, who’s gonna score for us if Dru, Gomer, and Nazzy are the only real playoff players in the lineup, and they’re not doing what they need to do. Cally didn’t do shit last year in the playoffs, Dawes didn’t do jack shit till the final game tying it, but he missed out on a chance to make it 1-0 in game 5 with under a min left in the 1st. Freddy, Pruchs, Betts etc. didn’t do anything. Zherdev never played playoff hockey, who knows how he would play.

    Im just worried, IF we make the playoffs, maybe we’re just a little to young. Sundin might not help that, but he can play the game, and would you rather go in the playoffs with him in your lineup, or a kid ?


    I cant either, i was damn happy until Lohan called me out. I was so pissed i had to take a nap. Im just happy that i woke up to find out DiPietro injured his knee last night. Micky D’s will be in tomorrow night.

  66. what the HECK,


    The only glaring error on this team is a lack of a finishing winger who can keep up with Gomez. We’ve known that for some time (since the off season aquisitions) and it still hasn’t been addressed. Not sure it can be.

    I wouldn’t be against putting Prucha up there for a bit. He has the speed for sure… can he regain his scoring touch?

  67. Pete,
    If we do put Zherdev with Gomez and let him do the handling, wont that mean we are taking away the capability to walk into the zone from one of our other lines. For one thing though, I do agree that Prucha could be one of those guys to try with Gomer, but I didn’t want to say that because I feel like all the other guys on here wold start flipping out on me. Callahan and Dawes are third line players, but if that is what works, let it go. And I’m just trying to say that most people were wrong about this whole entire Shanahan ordeal. I think he could ‘possibly’ mend with this team, not very likely. But another set of finishing hands would be nice for this team since Dru lost his. Most of the contracts we hand out are ludacris. Redden, Rosi, Dru, even Gomers. We better win this year because next year WILL be rough. We can’t say that this year is just to build for next year because half of our team are FAs next summer.

  68. we do need a finisher. But not at the expense of Prucha. I would rather get rid of Dawes for some reason. Prucha played great last night. Also i am fine with the defense, I am a big Rozsival fan anyway. Dru will come out of it. Gomer is freakin amazing, fast as anything. I am left speechless when it comes to Dubi nd Z my two favorite players. Of course behind Drury and Henrik ha. Lets beat the iceleaders really bad tomorrow night.

  69. From spiderpig

    “lennynyr – Lundqvist was out of the net with about 45 seconds left, since Crosby was shooting at the empty net before we regained control with 20 seconds remaining. I surely thought it was over, even before Crosby’s shot, which was luckily a backhanded one from center ice. I was so happy to see another home win against the Penguins to extend our regular-season streak. It is always sweet to beat the NHL’s number one (ugly) face. :)”

    You are right, I forgot that Lundqvist wasn’t in net when Crosby tried the put the puck in the empty net. Even more impressive, with an empty net, 15 sec to go, the Rangers were able to get into the attacking zone where Zherdev did his thing.

  70. I wouldn’t think that we would sign Shanny just because Drury isn’t finishing right now…

    He will start finding the twine. It’ll happen in the next game or two… you heard it here first :)

  71. Too much time…haha.
    Lets make this interesting.
    If Drury gets a goal in the next four games or more then three assists then I will stop posting here for (as many goals as he scores or every 2 assists counts as 1) weeks. If Drury get 0 goals or less then 3 points, you have to not post here for 3 weeks and must declare me as the omniscient and omnipotent when it comes to NYR and hockey. Oh yeah…and I get to have your house and car.

  72. I need to hear the word agree if you are in. And Im going to need all of the other fans here to vouch for this bet and curse him or me out if we do post anything during our suspension

  73. Actually Richie, let me revise that one more time. For EVERY game that Drury does not score you have to not post for a week until he stops his goal drought.

  74. only line that really has trouble getting the puck in the zone would be drurys line as neither he nor naslund are the best playmakers, but i think most would agree its a waste to use zherdev w/drury as Drury is not a setup man. dubinsky can bring it up on his own for the most part

    and yea shanny could have served a role on this team on the 3rd line but now it doesn’t really seem like there is a fit with naslund being on the 3rd line and i definitely would not want to see him back on the point on 5-3s (which we are still terrible at b/c these guys insist on feeding the pointmen for shots rather than wings down low)

  75. The comeback was soooooooo incredible lastnight. I was pissed off for a long time, until Nik made it happen! I’m so glad we have him!

    As for Drury, oy! I love Dru and he is definitely one of my favorites. I hope a fire is lit under his ass…he needs to start scoring. It hurts to see him this low. As for the cheating thing…that would really be interesting. Not for nothing, the guys r on the road for a long period of time. It wouldn’t be the most shocking news. Just seems like a down to earth kind of guy, not a womanizer lol.

  76. Prucha needs to get a shot with Gomer. Look at how many goals he scored when Jagr set him up. And give the kid a chance on the PP. What have we got to lose?

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