Renney “hanging in there”


Those were the words of a Rangers spokesman when describing Tom Renney’s condition after the coach was hit in the head with a stick in the second period.

Still no word if Renney officially suffered a concussion, although I’d be surprised if he didn’t. Also no word if the coach will be back on the bench tomorrow, but at least he’s shown improvement since first going down.

In other news, a big win for the Rangers, who played the quintessential “road game” in overtaking the Blue Jackets after Renney went down. Nice for the Rangers to see signs of life from Nikolai Zherdev, too.

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  1. Maybe it’s a coincident, maybe it isn’t but as soon as Renney got hurt the rangers scored and played much better hockey. It appears this team likes Renney which is a great sign, Let’s Go Rangers.

    Oh’ by the way, according to Doodie this team will go 1 and 8 the next nine games and Doodie states he tells it like he see’s it. Maybe Doodie needs glasses.

  2. Zherdev was good. Drury is great on defense, still can’t score worth a shit.

    Dubinsky is the leader of this team! After one year. I told you guys when they drafted my homeboy.

    I said it again this summer when they got Voros, played at UAF (Alaska). This dude has potential, and heart.

    Gomez, what can I say? He skated with my nephew on a State Championship team. He’s all right.

    This team will get better. Im feelin it.

  3. I have to give Kalinin props today…despite the bouncing puck that he misplayed, he had a very solid game. If he keeps it up the fans might have to cut him some slack. That steal he had on Peca’s rush right before he took a stick to his face was highlight worthy.

  4. good win. great to see doobs and Z continue to lead this team in scoring and watching them gain more confidence each game. dru played solid just cant find the net and sooner rather than later we’re gonna need him to put the cat in the hat once in awhile to win us those close games but as long as we get secondary scoring its not as big an issue. hope rennys ok hes a nice guy and great coach. and as gomez would say about hank, “what can ya say” definitely saved our hides with that breakaway save on nash. anyway good road win we really needed that and nasty1 u said in another post u wanted to play 09 on xbox live well im hookin it up soon i’ll play ya.

  5. oh and hopefully we can exploit penguins d and limit their pp. gotta crush them for that beating we took last playoffs. and i hope pruchs gets a few games in like renny said he would give him.

  6. glad to see getting The Kid getting involved more! 3 points. Also, Dubinsky impresses me more every game.

  7. leatherneckinlv on

    this 3-1 game was entertaining…fast paced flow and a great forcheck..hope Renney is well…it was nice to see two men deep and a little better in the hitting dept

  8. The one thing that I can not stand about the Rangers is how they always shell on a 1 goal lead in the third period. EVERY TIME! As soon as Zherdev put in the second, they started playing offense. I dont want to be a Negative Nancy, but if we want to win tomorrow we need to play a full 60 minutes of hockey without turtling in the end

  9. Glad TR is ok…..3 things regarding this game….

    1. Why were they booing Zherdev?
    2. I like how the guys responded to Renney being hurt.
    2. How did Sam and Joe think Dubi’s goal wasn’t a goal.

    Pitt is def. gonna have about 7 PPs tomorrow….

  10. I know, they have no reason to boo Zherdev. You’re some 18-year-old kid who barely speaks English being hailed as the savior of a franchise and it’s in Columbus which is tough for a quiet Ukrainian kid, and to top that you have your Coach/GM constantly up your ass and you’re labeled lazy. Not his fault.

    This same situation almost ruined Vinny Lecav in Tampa when the owner called him the Michael Jordan of hockey.

    It looked like Dubi kicked it in but it was a natural after motion. Hey, when the coach gets TKO’d, you take what you can get.

  11. Signs of Life? on

    “Nice for the Rangers to see signs of life from Nikolai Zherdev, too.”

    Yeah, cause he’s really just been going through the motions, unlike guys like Naslund and the captain, right?

  12. my god i thought you were joking

    “Palin’s appearance might have been indirectly costly to the Blues as goalie Manny Legace left the game after one period with a strained left hip flexor – an injury that occurred when he slipped on the carpet placed on the ice for Palin and her family to walk on.”

  13. Didn’t I say that Naslund and Zherdev is a good combination?

    Wow Tyutin didn’t hit anyone? And only has 7 hits, what the hell happened to him? Good thing we traded him, Kalinin is an extremely pleasant surprise to me–great skater, very good defensively and not afraid to jump in offensively and is physical.

    Scratch Drury already, this is ridiculously unfair that he gets to play no matter how bad he is while others sit no matter how good they are.

    Fritsche looks like nothing special.

    Renney needs to find a way to get Prucha and Korpikoski into the lineup they definitely belong there. And get rid of Betts who again didn’t hit, was under 50% on faceoffs and is done scoring until after the all-star break.

  14. yea bob lets bench our captain that’ll really help the situation. i dont know how u come up with this stuff but if anything i get to start my morning with a good laugh and coffee out of my nose when i read your insightful posts

  15. Any body want stall or dawes,I just dropped them from my fantasy team…….So that means 3-5 point night between them tonight.(I sure hope so) LET’S GO RANGERS,,,CLAP-CLAP-CLAP,CLAP,CLAP…….oh ya by dropping them i picked up mara,and I still don’t believe this guy was not picked patrick i lucky or what.

  16. Down on the farm, finally, a sign of life from Bobby Sanguinetti, who scored the GWG, at even-strength, in the third period of a one goal victory for Hartford, Friday night. Maybe he is coming around. Brodie DuPont, off to a great start and much improved over last year, had the assist.

  17. “Scratch Drury already, this is ridiculously unfair that he gets to play no matter how bad he is while others sit no matter how good they are.”

    Are you crazy???
    Yes, he has had a very painful scoring drought, but he is still playing his ass off for us. Defensively, he is awesome. Besides, it is only a matter of time. He gets the most scoring chances in every game. It is not like he is sitting around with a thumb us his @$$. He will be fine. Have some faith. Our captain will come thru.

  18. Rachel –

    Please tell our captain that while he is not scoring, he could be going to the corners and hitting a few people, as real leaders usually do. Drury has THREE hits on the year. Orr has 26, Voros has 23, Callahan has 24, and Dubinsky has 21. So it seems others are working a lot harder than our lazy-bones captain. Look, if you are not going to score you need to at least bring a physical game to the rink. This imposter is bringing neither. I say strip him of the responsibility he obviously cannot handle and give it to Dubinsky, who is older than the captain in Chicago, and who comes to play, every night.

  19. agravaine– have you been down there for autographs before? i used to go all the time so i can kinda tell you where everyones coming from, and wat time-ish….

    i thought drury played a great game last nigh, definitely defensively but also offensively. he had a bunch of scoring chances, and the goals will come…

    i also loved the way callahan played last night, pure heart and very aggresive…

  20. cakewalk- just because you’re not throwing a hit doesn’t mean you’re not playing hard ur lazy boned. look at how many hits jagr had in his last 2 years here, it probably wasn’t even 3. but ur gunna tell me that he didn’t play hard at all and he was a lazy boned captain? did u not see the playoffs last yr? drury isn’t a hitter, much like colton orr won’t score 40 goals a year. don’t be ridiculous.

  21. Don’t get me started re Jagr. He turned over the puck twice as often as anyone else on the team, last year. He fouled up our attack like a ball-hog basketball player, and had a low-end offense production season. Good riddance to old rubbish.

    We all “like” Drury and want to see him wake up and bring something to the game besides his fat contract. I will be the first to acknowledge his contribution, if and when he turns his season around.

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