Some quick updates before the live chat


Since I’m pretty sure the details of my own hockey exploits are not what you’re hear for, some quick notes before the live chat:

<li>Here’s the “link to the chat”:, which will begin at 1.

<li>Tom Renney looks like he’ll be jumbling his lines for tomorrow in Columbus, most notably by putting Nikolai Zherdev with Chris Drury and Markus Naslund.

Here’s what was practicing together today:





As I see it, these lines could go a long way toward getting Naslund and Drury going (Drury in particular has shown signs of being visibly frustrated). But the concern might be if it comes at the expense of Brandon Dubinsky and Aaron Voros. Granted, that line has been quiet the last few games, but it obviously showed promise when it was first put together.

<li>Note that Fritsche’s insertion into the lineup would allow him to play against his old team in front of a healthy group of friends and family. As much as Tom Renney says that sort of thing is not a consideration, he did the same with Petr Prucha.

<li>If this holds up, the scratches would be Petr Prucha and Lauri Korpikoski. Then there’s Patrick Rissmiller, who after clearing waivers, practiced with the team today.

It’s important to note that the left wing has not yet been assigned to Hartford, so he could conceivably be put back in the lineup without clearing waivers again. I was admittedly wrong about this, because I thought once you went on waivers, you automatically had to go through re-entry waivers. Instead that only happens when you’re officially assigned.

More important, though, is that in not being assigned, Rissmiller’s $1 million still counts toward the cap, which was initially unclear. Granted, if the Rangers had something brewing where they needed to clear up roster or salary cap space, they could simply assign Rissmiller to Hartford since he’s already cleared.

My head is spinning. See you in a few minutes…

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  1. I wish Renney would just:


    Then you have 3 lines that have had consistency, and Fritche (no 1st line material by any means) would be the only guy who would have to adapt. I hate to admit it, but Shanny could be on the horizon. . . . .

  2. Zherdev should play with Gomez.. he can actually keep up with him and shoot ON THE NET.

    Voros/Dubi will be fine alone, just give them anyone as far as I’m concerned.

    No Prucha in the lineup!?!? Wait, good. AHAHAHAHA!

    I’m not liking that first line. Dawes and Callahan are not first liners.

  3. Frankly, it doesn’t matter who plays with Dubi. The kid never misses a beat, and makes whoever he plays with better.

  4. Cali-Drury-Dawes was a good line last year. 3rd line minutes might get Drury going like it did last year. Fritche was a 1st rd pick wasn’t he? Maybe he could be the defensive role player on that line.

  5. Drury could then do all the special teams, and not burn out. Consistency is what is lacking on this team.

  6. pavel, yea I just said that becuase someone sent a message to the live chat saying theat Dawes and Claly don’t have shots… Calli does have some quality shots too though.

    Dru Dawes and Cally were a strong line downt he stretch last year

  7. Here’s what I’d like to see:


  8. When the Rangers signed Zherdev, a lot of people were saying that Zherdev could be the speedy winger that Gomez deserves in order to compliment Gomez’s own speed and ability to carry the puck from blue line to blue line. They gave that combination what, a couple pre-season games to gell? It seems like they gave the struggling Naslund-Gomez-Drury line an eternity to gell, to no such luck. And so Renney is changing up the lines, which I am all for.

    But, if you’re going to break up the “playstation line,” why not try Zherdev on Gomez’s wing again before sticking him with Drury and Naslund, who have been two of our more dissapointing starters this (early) season. Gomez has been playing well and so has Zherdev, so why not try the two of them together again? I understand the thinking, that perhaps the addition of Zherdev could spark Drury and Naslund out of their respective funks, but compatability wise, I think trying Zherdev and Gomez once more could make more sense before placing him with Drury and Gomez.

    Am I the only one that thought this after reading those combinations?

  9. Wholly disagree with breaking up VorDubZher.

    If it snaps Drury out of his slump than awesome. But I am DUBIous.

    The other thing that frustrates me is that Renney changes lines more often than my wife and I change our kids’ diapers.

    It will take that much longer to find consistency.

  10. Going into this season, I assumed that Naslund/Gomez/Zherdev would get at least 6-8 games as the #1 line.

    Voros – Dubi – Fritsche makes a lot of sense.

  11. I like the lines, just switch Dru and Gomer and then you have a two wingers that can score with Gomer and two wingers that worked well with Dru last year…maybe that’s the next step…

  12. Jeff,

    I agree, Zherdev with Gomez makes more sense in terms of speed and creativity. And that line might take longer to “click”.

    Then put Prucha with Voros and Dubinsky.

  13. If I remember correctly, the goal that Drury scored last year to tie the Devils late in the 3rd period that forced overtime and we won in the shootout, was off a very pretty pass from Cally after he won the battle for the puck along the boards and Drury was parked in front of Brodeur.

    That is right? Right?

  14. sam, what were the D pairs?

    I ask because I remember in period 3 of the dallas game, renney threw Redden out there with Girardi, and Staal with Rozy for at least a couple shifts.

    a sign of things to come? I think the pairings are much more balanced like that.

  15. alex he said that Rozi practiced with Kalinin and Redden with Girardi today, but I think he said it idn’t look permamnet and was oly for a bit.

  16. Voros, Callahan and Orr better check the you know what out of Tyutin and Sister Christian tomorrow night!

  17. Maybe they were hoping that since the only good thing Malik ever did involved Kolzig, that means being around Olie all the time will make him a decent player somehow

  18. I have to agree that Zherdev should be with Gomer. Dawes has been very inconsistent and when you aren’t clicking you can’t force it.

    Drury is not the playmaker that Gomez is, plain and simple and with the way he’s been playing this year, he could possibly bring down Zherdev’s play

  19. alright ladies and gentlemen, just for the record on putting Gomer with Z, it wont happen now, and i dont see it happening in the forseeable future. Why is this? because both gomez and zherdev loveeee to carry and hold on to the puck as part of their styles respectively. Moving Zherdev to Dru’s line could benefit both naslund and drury, as z could carry the puck in, maybe some criss crossing with naslund with drury parking in front of that net where he’s clutch..(isnt this why we were so interested in him? besides his leadership…)

  20. Dawes-Gomez-Zherdev

    Send Korp down (for now, I love the guy, but I think you need to play Prucha to get him going and/or showcase him. Besides, having him with the big club and sitting is just a waste of development and cap space). Fritsche can rotate in. These lines give a scoring threat on every line and size on every line (Naslund is sort of the size on the Drury line, but all three players on that line can be physical).

  21. I actually like the lines that practiced together. The Dawes-Gomez-Callahan line has been flying but they need to score more. Keeping Naslund and Drury together but adding Zherdev to the mix makes sense since Zherdev creates space with his speed. And Voros, Dubinsky and Fritsche is a line that can score, hit and backcheck. That is a great line if you ask me. I look forward to the game tomorrow night.

  22. I was saying all along that Zherdev and Naslund looked like they had chemistry going. Now Renney finally put them together.

  23. I would put Renney, Sather, and Dolan all in one line and than tell them to f@ck off. The guy who found our stars is now in Pheonix, what a backwards organization. Look at the Devils…5-0 over the stars and their biggest signing over the summer was Holik. Give me a coach and a general manager with balls and I guarantee guys like Drury and Naslund would play every game as if it were their last.

  24. ive gotta say i like those lines. i really dont think it matters who you put with dubi and voros, i would like to see korpi with them although. the gomez line is working right now. and at some point a combo like naslund drury and zherdev have got to put pucks in the net.

    i would like to see:

    cally gomez dawes
    naslund dubi voros
    korpi drury zherdev

  25. NYRangers 0809 on

    Voros – Dubinsky – Zherdev
    – Great chemistry so far. I think Voros will die out eventually. Hope not!
    Naslund – Gomez – Prucha
    – Gomez seems to make everyone he plays with better. I think if Prucha has any shot an regaining form and being a part of this team, its going to be with Gomez. If Naslund had any success this year it was with Gomez not Drury.
    Dawes – Drury – Callahan
    – I think this line will work well together. they has moments last year becasue they all pretty much play the same type of game. Simple and hard work.

    I’d really like Renney to take some time from the 4th liners in key situations like last minutes in games or while we are trailing. I appreciate his confidence building theory but there is a reason why we pay some players more than others.

    Just a thought….

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