Live chat replay, and events to come


Thanks again to everyone for joining me for the chat. I continue to enjoy them. For those, who missed it, you can watch the replay below.

As a heads-up, we’re looking into having a chat one night at a bar or a restaurant in the Westchester area, which would allow readers like yourself to participate. We’re still in the early stages of planning, so feel free to chime in with your suggestions.

For the record, I have already insisted such a night include free wings for me. I can’t guarantee the same thing for the rest of you.

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  1. Westchester, booooo to that. The team plays in nyc why not an event in nyc.

    good live chat sam and if ur blair betts without a scoring touch then i have no words

  2. I motion for the chat to be in Manhattan as well, so that we loyal readers in LI (all two or three of us) have a chance at getting there…How is public transport in Westchester?

  3. I’m “tehpraxis” (yes T-E-H) on the 360. If I’m not playing NHL, it’s the new star wars game or rockband 2 with my little brother.

  4. nasty 1 live is not set up yet i have an airport express so i had to buy soemthing else and my geek friend is supposed to set it up for me but hasnt. he will be ordered this weekend too.

  5. either westchester or nyc would be cool. i grew up in brewster, apparently where colton orr learned to skate. but just the fact that you’re contemplating actually meeting us and talking rangers over some beers and wings, well that alone is pretty frieken awesome. so thanks for showing us your not just a writer/blogger, but an everyday fan like us too.

  6. That’s lame Renney is thinking about moving Dubinsky to center the third line.

    He needs to swallow his pride and put the offensively-challeneged captain where he belongs.

  7. It is fun, NHL 2K9 on the Wii. It is not as good as the NHL 09 for 360, but it is definitely fun to play, especially against a friend or if you have a lot of people over. I have both and play both often.

  8. I didn’t like NHL 09, I always played the 2k’s, and for some reason switched this year, and I just despise the controls on it to the point that I don’t even play it ever, I never got the hang of the stick thing for shooting, and classic controls are too simple

  9. I think the 2k series was better in 06 and 07, but 08 and 09 are where it’s at. NHL 09 is just so realistic. 2K9 seems too “arcadey”.

  10. I think “arcadey” was what I liked about it, if I want realistic, I’ll just go play hockey… I hate video games that require too much effort, kinda defeats the purpose for me

  11. my boyfriend and I play NHL 09 on 360 together and it’s funny because I use the NHL 94 controls and he uses the fancy controls and all I do is check the hell out of him to knock him off the puck..

  12. Sam-
    Thanks so much for all you do & your hard work.
    Being that I have no life, your blog is a most informative
    & pleasant diversion.


    CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago season-ticket holders will get the first shot at tickets for Blackhawks’ New Year’s Day game against Detroit at 41,160-seat Wrigley Field.

    “The game is going to be sold out,” commissioner Gary Bettman said Wednesday night. “Most of the tickets, not all, are going to be going to the season-ticket holders of the Blackhawks. We’re not going to have a mass public sale like we did in Buffalo last year when we were playing in a 73,000-seat facility.”

    But Bettman, in Chicago for an NHL general managers meeting Thursday near O’Hare International Airport, emphasized that “some tickets will be made available to the public.” He said the ice surface probably will be positioned in the infield, angled diagonally from first to third base.

    The game will be the first NHL contest in a major league baseball stadium. The previous two Winter Classics were played in football stadiums in Edmonton and Buffalo.

    Copyright 2008 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

  14. BETH

    Lol, same thing for me. I use the classic controls, i hate the fancy one, its to complicated to remember.


    Maybe the “2nd line” is just the “3rd line”. Im sure if Dubi’s line is better, they’ll get more ice time.

    This is what i cant stand aboot Renney, and why i don’ like him as a coach. He played Dru with Jagr, i think only in the pre season, in a game where they got shut out. But he never had Dru center Jags, unless im forgetting it. Is he even for ONE GAME gonna skate Nazzy, and Zherdev with Gomer ?? That was supposed to be the original line, i didn’t agree with it, i thought he should spread the wealth, but this was before i knew Dubi, and Voros were gonna play as good as they have.

    Either way, they should try it, and put Dru on Dubi’s wing with Voros. Then Dawes, Cally, and Korpedo on the 3rd.

    I feel bad for Pruchs, cause Freddy is playing pretty damn good, even if he’s not scoring. He’s doing what Pruchs basically does, except he’s killing penalties, and being responsible defensively. Gotta trade the kid, he just wont bounce back, at least not with Nyr. Trade him to a team that might giveaway a little more than he’s worth.

  15. What could EA really do about that though, if you don’t want to play any more you don’t want to play, say the house goes on fire or something

  16. Matt…please just shut the pie hole. You say some of the most fooish things. Do we have Prucha on this team for his defensive abilities? (I tried to go a few days laying off Prucha and then I hear inane stuff like that.) So he blocked a shot and broke up a play on a backcheck…big deal. If he didn’t do those two things, he’d NEVER see another shift in a Blueshirt jersey. He missed at least 3 point blank shots. He’s on this team for goals and assists. Does he have any points?

  17. Newman, he didn’t say that he was scoring. Just that he has played better defensively this year, which I agree. Obviously, he’s not here for that. While I agree that Sjostrom deserves to play over Prucha, neither score and both are playing pretty good defensive hockey, with Sjostrom playing better.

  18. Let me correct myself. By no means am I saying Prucha is playing great defensively, but he’s not all offense (or trying to be all offense. Basically, he’s not improving the team defensively, but he’s not a liability.

  19. Sjostrom has a goal. He kills penalties. He hits people (sometimes). He doesn’t get knocked off the puck when the ref skates by creating a big breeze. He digs in the corners and comes up with the puck. He is the 2nd fastest skater on the team behind Gomer. He’s a +3.

    Prucha blocked one shot and broke up one play on a back check and missed 3 or 4 shots from the doorstep/high slot.

    Not even close………

  20. kevo thank u for explaining to mr newman what i said. some people dont read. i dont think i used sat words unless to some (new newman) those words are too difficult for you. all i said was he looks more defensively responsible this yr.

  21. Nobody said to play Prucha over Sjostrom…get that in your head…What was said is that Prucha isn’t terrible defensively…that’s all. That’s in our opinion. Sjostrom does more for the team, esp on the 4th line, so he should be in…that’s not in question. Read a little bit

  22. Your welcome. It’s stupid when people try to bash someone so emphatically when the argument doesn’t make sense. I know I say some dumb things on here or talking other places, but it’s someone’s opinion. Everyone is right to that, but to bash someone for not reading or just to make a point is just dumb.

  23. Prucha is a defensive liability that handles the puck like a hot potato(e) before he gets leveled.

  24. kevo i agree i say some out there things, but like u said how can u argue with someone when ur arguing about something i didnt say.

  25. Sam,

    Love the idea of a live, live chat, but in Westchester? C,mon, how about at the ESPN zone in the city. Thats half way for us RGR FANS in jersey and LI. What about having a Ranger player take the stage with you and say Zip? Thoughts guys./…..

  26. onecupin67years on

    Prucha is still a Ranger because of his rookie year.. From that level his production has gone down steady like a lead weight. Sure he’ll block a shot,sometimes by accident, but when I watch him he’s all over the place and never in the right place . he get creamed all the time ,he throws the occasional hit,but do YOU want him out there in crunch time ? I just don’t see him as special anymore, he now has to earn his ice time and the only thing he brings or brought was scoring and that was 4 years ago now he brings nothing, no hits, no big assists ,no points,if he isn’t getting ice time,it makes you think how he is in practice and is he as bad in Greenburgh as he is in a game.

  27. rob i like it and sam id even be willing to organize it if it was in nyc.

    one cup no one said anything about crunch time

  28. DANNYC

    EA should give that player an automatic loss if they quit the game, and an automatic win for the other player (me). They have the “Mutual Quit” thing, but still, i don’t like it. If you quit the game, it should go to a shootout, if that player wins it then he doesn’t get charged with a loss, but the other player still gets the win, and if he loses the shootout then the loss stays.

    I mean, EA does all this fancy crap, its not like that’s to complicated to add to the next game. Also the fighting, two punches and the guy is knocked out ?? Not ever fighter in the league is like my broseph KO-lton Douglas Orr, but eh. Another thing that bothers me, why cant they get the coaches right ? They have only two or three coaches that look like the actual coach. Nyr’s coach has a bald spot, i didn’t know Renney was balding.

    I do love the online Roster updates though. They just had one, and Stamkos, Boedeker, Doughty, Petrangelo, Bogosian, Tikhonov, Schenn and all these rookies are now in the game, and you don’t have to create them. One sucky thing is, Cherepanov is in the game, but i cant trade him to the Wolf Pack. I just don’t have the heart to do it.

  29. i thought it was Naslund Gomez Nik line that had good chemistry in the begining of the season … Dawes Dru and Cally had good things going for them last season… but what do I know? renney is blind but …anyway… do u guys think other coaches juggle freaking lines the way our does? Just a question?

    P.S. Pruha must’ve done something besides not scoring (which is BS… can u score by watching most of the games from upstairs?) to be kept outta line up without a legit chance to gain back the confidence he need to be a player he was… I’m guessing he slept with Renney’s wife… and after that he went to Slats house and slept with his wife as well and on the way out Pruha stole Slats favorite cigars and left a note for Slats “YOU R A JERK. LOVE PRUHA”

  30. Amazing that Dawes —- who has buried exactly one of the thousand golden chances Gomez has put on his tape —- gets a pass where Prucha doesn’t.

  31. ESPN Zone for a live live chat would be fun, but just anywhere in Manhattanits a copromise for the Jersey and LI fans…

    if its in Westchester I know I can’t ge thter nless its fairly well into the night to allow for the end of work and the travel time…

    but a live live cha sounds like an awesome idead

  32. Prucha is still a Ranger because he gets chance after chance and even if he’s not scoring, he’s keeping the puck out of our defensive zone. Who cares that he’s a defensive liability when he is rarely in that zone to begin with. He just keeps the pressure on and on.

    Who did we need when dump and chase was ineffective against the Stars, and we couldn’t get in their zone? PETR PRUCHA. I can’t believe Renney hasn’t figured this out… Prucha can work on the boards, he’s strength is his ability to keep the puck, even if he doesn’t have amazing offensive talent. A scoring touch will come back if he’s given the time and the environment to grow.

    If he just got some on-ice awareness, I would call Renney an idiot for what he does to Prucha on a nightly basis, but Prucha’s biggest problem isn’t his lack of finishing, it’s his momentum-ruining crumpling hits he takes nightly. If he kept his head up, he’d be the most perfect third liner anyone could ask for.


  33. ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ?? — “EA should give that player an automatic loss if they quit the game, and an automatic win for the other player (me). ”

    ORR… i think u do get an automatic loss when u quit a game on someone… and win counts toward the record of the other player…

  34. CCCP

    Damn, if that’s true then i must have a shitload of losses, cause i have a bad internet connection, and some times lose it during a game. Ugh, i take back everything i said.


    Dawes has potential, and he can be more dangerous then Pruchs. He’s a better play maker than Pruchs, and scoring, eh, who knows who has the better shot, NOW, not in 05-06. Dawes is a little slow right now, but that doesn’t mean he’s useless. Maybe he needs to go back to Hartford, but he hasn’t been that bad in the last two games, compared to the others he’s played in. It worked for Cally, maybe it’ll work for him. Pruchs has been in and out of the lineup, and hasn’t done what we all expect of him. At least Dawes scored a goal against the Wings. I wanna see Pruchs play with Gomer, but at this point, im tried of the kid, he needs to get traded before teams know for sure, that he isn’t even worth a 2nd round pick. That’s what happened with Monty. He should have been traded in 06-07, when we knew for sure that Hank was our starter. We could have maybe gotten Carcillo, and Freddy, instead of Freddy and Lenny. But Slats fugged up on that trade, and didn’t do it soon enough.

  35. I tell you what, as far as announcers go, and even though he looks like he has perpetual bad breath, Howie Rose is a great announcer.

  36. Finally got the chance to watch the live blog. Couple of thoughts…and the choice of questions was great…credit to the moderator (can’t be more diplomatic than that huh?)

    …question about 4 scoring lines like buffalo (teriffic question) it’s a great concept, I agree. But it hasn’t won buffalo anything, right?

    …Renney yelling at refs. Agree with Sam…more harm than good(on most occasions. When has a call ever been overturned?). And to further that, let’s take a look at the captain, asst captains, dubi, hank, rozy, redden, all of our leaders…see a trend? This team is built with respect-able, respect-ed, “even-keeled” PROFESSIONALS. The way the game should be played, and the game I love.

    …This team IS missing a finisher (or finish-ers). Credit to Renney for getting a bunch of “non-finishers” off to a great start huh? Not to mention taking 3 different squads, through an idiotic preseason (although in retrospect maybe not that bad an idea) mashing them together, and making a ‘team’ out of them, eh?

    …Last Stanley Cup team to not have a ‘superstar’? Who the hell knows. That’s why we’re still either a trade or a few years from a cup. It has a lot to do with HORENDOUS drafting for a few years. And I’ll go out on a limb and say that we DO have that superstar, but just not to that level yet. You all know who that is, so I won’t say Brandon’s name.

    That’s about all I can remember that I wanted to comment on. BTW, still rockin out on PS2. But I can shred @ GH3.

  37. ????


    Are you kidding me ?? Tell me you’re being sarcastic ? I wasn’t into Nyr when he was doing radio, but even so, i don’t like the guy, i think he’s annoying, i cant stand him, and his voice. He sucks, and his eyebrow tweezing partner Billy Jaffe sucks even more.

    Thank god Joe Mich took the job with Nyr. That guy was bored out of his mind with Nyi, you can just tell by the look on his face. That’s why i didn’t want him replacing JD, cause he seemed so depressed, but it turns out he’s actually funny, and cool. I guess when you work for Nyi, it can bring you down.

  38. What I meant is, and if you are watching the Stars/Islanders game, both of the announcers are pretty unbiased. They are actually shredding the Isles tonight. Completely ripping them a new corn hole.

  39. P.S. The Islanders look soooooooooooooooo bad! And they look worse with a 5 on 3 than we do. I’m pretty excited to play them actually. They have no concept of defensive coverage or concept of clearing someone from in front of their own net. They had a 1 billion minute power play and just flat out sucked mule c**k.

  40. The guy who does trat puck like a hot potato is Betts he hates having the puck on his stick and gets rid of it immediately never giving a thought about passing to his linemates.

    If Fritsche doesn’t have a good game, trade him.

    How long will Prucha sit, while Drury fails to score while getting 20 minutes of icetime.

  41. I cannot believe that Orr and Sjostrom are playing and Prucha and Fritsche has been sitting … Renney loves players that cannot score .. all this talk about the 4rth line has to score this year … what happened to that.

  42. “Prucha is a defensive liability”

    I just love how everybody label somebody and keep repeating it like a parrot until everybody around you also is repeating the same thing.

  43. Prucha fits in Renny’s system. The reason he is not playing is the other guys are being evaluated and/or traded. Rissmiller was put on the top line for one game and what happened? Coaches saw he couldn’t cut it and he was waived.

    Prucha is a lunchpail guy that we need and he will get his chance when the lineup is sorted out. I still remember a play last year in Toronto when he took the puck into their zone by himself against both defensemen while his linemates changed. Both D pounced and drilled him against the sideboards but he still wouldn’t cough up the puck. Any other player would have dumped it and risked a turnover. The kid has guts and can dig the puck out of the corners. If they played him with some decent scorers he would get more chances to bury the puck like he did with Jags.

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