Aaron Voros doesn’t forget where he came from


Just saw “this story in the St. Paul Pioneer Press”:http://www.twincities.com/wild/ci_10789177 about Aaron Voros writing a letter to his former coach Jacques Lemaire to thank him for the lessons learned while he was a member of the Minnesota Wild.

How cool is that? And how cool is it that Voros sent it not via e-mail or IM or text or some other cool way of communcation that is so cool I don’t even know about it yet but by an old-fashioned stamped letter?

Very cool, if you ask me.

“It’s really nice to see that he appreciates what we did, and all the coaching staff,” Lemaire said.

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  1. is it me or the link dont work Sam…

    very COOL of you Aaron…it is obvious that the kid has a big heart… he is a great fit in New York… we got a pretty young team… and it is a lot of fun watching those kids growing up in from of our eyes…

  2. Very cool. In a world of me-first athletes, Voros is a grateful and humble guy.

    In the article it also said that Gaborik is injured again with something “lower body.” And you guys still want him?

  3. Nice story Sam. Thanks. It reminds me of the days when I sent hand-written letters to my mom. There is nothing like showing respect to teachers, it says a lot about Voros. Good for him.

  4. boobsensausage on

    im back salty……gonna call u out bro…..gonna call u out for tryin to look slick……prankin son….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m drunk and playing beer pong. I just went 13-0 for the new York rangers. I just felt like that needed to be said

  6. Tonight Anaheim, of the brutal Pacific Division, visits Ottawa. Ottawa is -130. Should be about -170. Take the Senators and lay the $130 to win $100.

    Divisional Ratings (100-par)

    Northwest 115
    Northeast 110
    Central 98
    Atlantic 92
    Southeast 88 1/2
    Pacific 71

  7. Guys,

    Just wanted to mention that I have reached out to Sam about a live chat at ESPN Zone in nyc. I have a good friend who works in marketing at ESPN in nyc and just happens to be a big Ranger fan. Will reach out if Sam wants me to.

  8. That would be awesome. The Westchester area is going to be a long-shot for Beer Me! to make it. No offense to anyone, but it just ain’t worth getting a hotel room for that.

  9. I just hooked up my surroundsound (been in a box for 2 years). So I’m ready to rock this weekend man. My neighbors will certainly know when the games are on!

  10. I saw an interview with Voros on the NHL network that week that was really impressive. He talked about what a great experience playing for the Wild was, and then talked about how appreciative he was of the Devils organization for taking care of him when he got sick while he was in their farm system. Real class act. Awesome catch for the Blueshirts.

  11. If anyone has been to the nyr.com today and watched the video of Dubi working with the kids, tell me if you share these sentiments. There is this little bastard of a kid giving Dubi a hard time for losing to the Stars. And Dubi asks him, “Do you win every game?” The little brat answers, “yes” and continues on to complain and adds, “Come on, and to Avery?” meaning that how could they lose to the Stars and Avery. I would have loved to see Brandon stick the little prick right between his eyes and shoot him down the ice.

  12. I have said “Hey, you guys want to learn how to throw a bodycheck? And lucky you, kid, you get to be my dummy!!” haha

  13. kevo – That’s 2 years in a row. I remember seeing that article almost identical last year!

    jeevs – If I ever bought one of those things, it’d have a big brown streak right down the front! haha

  14. nice to see someone has class…..and a young kid too….would never see that in basketball or football for the most part….i really like voros, great guy, and he’s playing well….

    thing i like most about this team, win or lose, is that they play hard and skate for 60 minutes every night, which i don’t think you got for the last couple of years. it’s nice to see…

  15. I said it was from February…the article I read was posted yesterday but it had a link to that…I knew it was in Feb.

  16. FINALLY, after a week of no hockey (by that I mean being subjected to watch Devs/Isles games to feed the hockey hunger) we come to a nice back 2 back weekend. Today its me, the couch, and the Ranger game. Tomorrow, my first regular season game (been shakin for it all week). Lets all hope we see the team that flew outta the gate against Tampa during the opening weekend. Does anyone know about Vally playing one of the two games this weekend? Sam maybe might find out later today? Anyways , section 234 tomorrow night, if you see anyone in that section starting trouble, it’s me!

  17. ahh…yes you did kevo.

    jeevs – I’m glad it didn’t take long to call the spade on that interview with Clarke. I can’t believe someone would actually publish the quotes to begin with. That goes on the top shelf of biggest hypocritical statements of all-time.

  18. Funny though that Proteau takes a shot at Hollweg and he had nothing to do with it! haha

    I’m tellin ya…that trade goes right up there with Carter for Jagr, and scrubs for Bure.

  19. No worries, Beer. Although after re-reading it, I did sound kind of defensive lol…I really don’t know how we actually got something for Hollweg haha

  20. Clarke was always one of the dirtiest players. Problem with him was he always hid behind his Philly goons after swinging his stick at somebody’s head. Avery waived his stick at Brodeur’s head, Clarke would waive his stick into Brodeur’s head, a big difference. I never took anything he said seriously. Philly fans still hold him in high regard.

  21. beer its weird, the THN guys kinda bug me with their point of view on things, but I still read them… maybe its just nice to see a fresh different perspective on things.

  22. That’s really cool of Voros to do that. The fact that it was a hand written letter and not an email only makes it more personal. A rare gesture for sure. He’s an awesome pick up for us. Character like that will make this team stronger.

    BTW, did anyone see Lucic send Van Ryn through the glass last night in the Boston/Toronto game? Holy crap what a hit!

  23. Pavel….I think given the multiple days’ rest we have had and the mini losing streak means that Hank plays both tonight and tomorrow. Just one guy’s view.

  24. Sam, do you know if Voros put a lipstick stamp on the letter and splashed any perfume on it? LOLOL

  25. good point Newman… we have a game Monday against Isles, so that’s 3 in 4 nights, but if you’re gonna start a back-up, you should start them against the HORRIFIC Isles.

  26. Anyone see Voros OWN Holmstrom in front of the net the other night? This guy earns his paycheck.

    After playing with my bro Wednesday I had a dream that night that I saw Drury and Voros near Times Square. I said something to Voros along the lines of “I’m a fan”. Voros was all happy and said “thanks” with a huge grin while Drury kept looking the other way all shy. Was weird!

    Sweet blog i know

  27. I think that if we win tonight and tomorrow (or get 3 of 4 points), I think we’d see Vally in against the Icelanders. I think they are going to try and give Hank as much rest as possible, but they need to control this little skid so it doesn’t last for over a 10 game period or so. Not that it is alarming, but you want to put the lid on it sooner or later. that’s how I feel anyways

  28. I thought that article about hitting was spot-on.
    The Bieksa one was hilarious, i saw it on hockeyfights.com – Bieksa lays a clean open-ice hit then Picard skates over throws the gloves off and engages Bieksa in a scrap and Bieksa pummels him. It happened to Marc Staal also, when he hit someone and Jamal Mayers tried to take him on, but Staal didn’t win that fight although he stood up for himself at least.
    If you’re elbowing someone, slashing, hitting away from the puck, Hollwegging (sorry, i mean Boarding), or head-hunting then its got to be done, but these clean open-ice hits should be applauded not “policed” by goons.

    Looking forward to the game tonight.

  29. UK, exactly…Kind of like if Colton Orr were to fight Koleta after he took a run at Mara…That would be an appropriate time (because of the circumstances surrounding it). Mayers should have gotten an instigator because Staal’s back was turned when he engaged him. At least Staal had the balls to stick up for himself. Something like that earns you respect from your teammates

  30. wait a minute!! isnt that how Trottier got he’s job with the Rangers???? Let’s hope it doesnt end the same way!!

  31. leatherneckinlv on

    Those of you thar recall the Islanders dynasty run..they were a tough team to play because they had a balance of hitting, scoring and fighting players..one line symbolized that in Gillies, Trottier and Bossy..tough line in scoring and physical play as Trottier was the key..he could play both ways…but make no mistake just as Goring and Ken Morrow were instrumental as the final piece to the puzzle so were the likes of Gordie Lane and Bob Nystrom..Bob Bourne and Dave Langevin were also vital..Golly how I hated those Isles as they ate up our Smurf teams of the early 80’s and instead of keeping Chris Kostopulous to help beck we trade for more smurfs in Mike Rogers..No team toughness both in mental and physical sense equates to no STANLEY CUP..period…research the rosters of all the cup teams you can recall and you will not be suprised it was dominated with a team tough concept balanced with scoring..speed alone wont do it but give you a breakaway from time to time…team speed wont get it done..ask the RANGERS of the 80’s..team toughness will ask the Islanders and Oilers of the 80’s..yes the Oilers of the mid to late 80’s was a tough team as well

  32. Cakewalk,
    Sens burnt me the otha night @ -200 but will give them another shot..
    I’ll prob take the Rangers too cause I end up taking them every game.

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