First skate of the year


So here’s the line of my first skate of the year (otherwise known as “yet another reason why they shouldn’t give guys like me blogs”):

Roughly 25 minutes of ice time.

0 goals.

Maybe an assist (Not sure — I’d ask them to review the tape but there isn’t one).

8 shots directed at the net.

2 shots that actually hit the net.


No cuts, stitches, or broken bones, but at least one moment when I thought I pulled something hopping over the boards.

Much to my disappointment, no scouts to approach me afterward and say, “We’ve been looking for a 160-pound, thirtysomething center who rarely hits the net. When can you start?”

Man, I love hockey…


Don’t forget, live video chat tomorrow at 1. Here’s “the link”: Everything is fair game except for questions about why I can’t hit the the net.

It’s in my contract that I don’t have to talk about it…

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  1. it’s that time of the year – If you hear of anyone needing a late 30’s agitatitar who can dig just about any puck of the boards with little people hopping on him like kids on a bed, who also has a not so consistent one-timer from the slot – let me know!

  2. Haha, just saw the highlight of the sixth Sharks goal tonight: Marleau pulled the same wrap-around trick on Biron that Sjostrom did for his goal this season, except Biron overcommitted on the front end even more. Side note: Matthew Barnaby is doing a good job on ESPN.

  3. Sam – your 2 out of 8 shots that hit the net was a higher percentage of SOG than the Rangers had vs. Dallas the other night.

  4. So thats why I felt so bad after the Dallas win. Stars suck this year. The Devils just brutalized (that is a light term for what happened) the Stars and put Turco right back in his place. I am ashamed that we played so poorly against a struggling team and left Sean Avery with a smile. We need a new player on this team like Kovalchuk who can snipe the puck into the net. Jagr was our guy last year for that and we need a new one. I am so upset this is happening right now. We need to turn this around ASAP. Lundqvist has lost his last 3 starts! We need all of the points we can get. Now were going to have to face one of the strongest teams defensively and we’ll see how we fare off. Oh yeah, and in order for us to be successful this season Drury, Naslund, and Prucha/Dawes are going to have to step it up a notch or two

  5. sam,

    love the post. sad, but im currently living vicariously through your mens league recap after missing my first ever game due to injury. separated my shoulder last weekend playing, and now i have to sit out a couple weeks. its torture. even flirted with playing this evening as we were squaring up with the team ron duguay supposedly plays with. He didn’t show, so I didn’t play. it was probably for the best anyway. hope the rest of your season goes well, as well as those mens league playing readers/posters.

  6. if you need a young early 20s girl skater who can only stop by crashing into the boards but can hit the net 90% of the time let me know.

    wait this isn’t a kids sport film there’s no tomboy girl quota to meet?

  7. If you need an English defenseman who can hardly skate backwards and is more likely to hit the net with his body than the puck, but can throw an excellent hip check whilst falling to the ice, let me know.

    Deosn’t it seem like a really long break when you don’t have a game for 3 days?

    Whats the skinny for Friday Sam? Will we see Prucha and/or Fritsche on the ice? Will we see Prucha or Fritsche on the train to Hartford? Will we see a trade or a defenseman called up? Is Shanny thinking his only chance of skating this year is with his kids?

  8. Sam-

    If you live or play anywhere in NJ, let me know. I need heads on my team.

    We need the Dues

  9. Sam why do you post this stuff? No one cares…

    I post in a hockey forum that gets your RSS feed and creates new topics based on your blog entries and we hate spam like this…

  10. ZZZZ
    Piss off man, it is his blog, therefor he can post whatever he damn well feels like. We are fans of hockey on here, and from time to time, when there are no major announcements regarding the team, we all post other things. Deal with it, or seek information on your favorite blueshirts somewhere else.

  11. He posted it at 11:00 at night. This isn’t the time where huge hockey rumors occur….he’s just having a little fun with it, esp since he said “yet another reason why they shouldn’t gove guys like me blogs”…if you don’t like it, don’t read it…simple

  12. Hey Sam,

    Always aim for the middle of the net, so if your off a little bit to the left or right, you are still ok.

  13. Why are some Ranger fans so dumb?!?! Someone posed this question on another blog…Should the Rangers package Dawes, Prucha, and Rissmiller for a 7th defenseman? Can someone make some sense of this? I can’t

  14. nice to hear sam. my team just put together a great 4-3 win last night with no substitions (against a team that had two lines). iron man!

  15. i like sam’s posts like this… it shows he is human and has a sense of humor not just a robot that talks about the rangers. We all know there will be rangers news to come but with a 3 day layover there isn’t much to talk about right now.

    I hope this little break benefits the team and we see the speed we saw in the first few games


  16. haha if you need a just-30 guy to work along the boards (cause that’s the only place I can skate), I’m in.

    I love wacky little posts like this. Its random, funny, and a break for the usual rangers-fan fights over what’s best for the team.

    Nasty put it perfect, piss off zzzz

  17. Bob, haven’t heard anything about Riss failing to gel with hi teammates, more the fact that he hasn’t played that well and he’s the first cut in purging our glut of forwards.

    Did Riss have a hard time with the new team?

  18. NHL divisional ratings, to date. (100 is par.) These are my ratings and of course subject to change and updated, everyday…

    1. Northwest 118
    2. Northeast 116
    3. Central 98
    4. Atlantic 95
    5. Southeast 88
    6. Pacific 79

    Minny, Edmonton, and Denver all looking sharp in the early going in the Northwest. Of course Minny and Edmonton do not play eachother this season until mid-January, then they play four times in six weeks. Only in Bettman’s screwy NHL could two teams in a five-team division not meet until the season is half-gone, then start playing eachother an average of every 10 days. Symmetry it is not.

    No play tonight, won with the Devils, last night.

  19. My team won our deck league championship this week.

    Not really thanks to me in net, the last game was 10-7 …. lol

    Game one was a little better 5-4 OT. (Best of three series)

    I wore my Rangers helmet. (Even though I’m in Penguin territory.)

  20. I finally ordered a new jersey. I got Dubi w/ a C.. hopefully it’s a reverse jinx and he signs a long-term deal in January :D

  21. just a thought Sam… all that time counting how many shots you had taken may have been a distraction and caused you to miss the net

  22. My favorite game was hockey that i used to play in my basement with my dad and brothers with the mini sticks.

    My friends and I played once when we r in high school someone got a stick to the head and had to go to er.

  23. Basement hockey is the best….by far!!! Used to take those Nerf guns that shot the small balls, open them up, and tape them to stay open and used them as sticks…Awesome

  24. Sam…just shoot right at the goalie, we love that!

    If you need an early 30’s goalie who can actually stop the puck (most of the time at least) let me know.

    Kotter- where in NJ do you play? Im by New Brunswick.

  25. Congrats on the new jersey Pavel. It makes me feel a little better about myself, I’m not the only one!

    BTW, I watched a little of the Devil’s game last night. Chico Resch (spelling?) SICKENS me. I literally threw up in my mouth listening to him.

  26. Chico is an embarrassment to all broadcasters…in any sport. He is one of the worst I’ve ever heard

  27. As per todays topic, I played as a kid and into my early 20’s in an adult league. I gave it up in 1990 to become a race car driver. There are so many more opportunities today on Long Island then there were 20+ years ago.

  28. Sammy – I did’nt fare much better in our first one out – though I did manage a pair of minor penalties!! and I’m also sore as hell!!


  29. So our roster is at 22 right now correct?

    Dont think this will stay this way for tomorrows game right?
    Who do you think is getting called up? Potter or Fahey?

    And what other moves do you (Sam) think will take place in the next 5-10 days?

  30. Each time granny danced, all I saw was an unfortunate tumble down the stairs just WAITING to happen.

  31. I am going to get 2 t shirts made. One that says, “I F****d Dancin Granny” for myself. And for her, I will get one that says, “Mrs. Nasty.” Do you think she would wear it?


    Sorry, awful I know, I am bored.

  32. I don’t believe Fahey is subject to any waivers…that’s why he the most likely choice to be the 7th D-Man.

  33. Kevo- you couldn’t be more right. Chico is the absolute worst.

    Sam… haha. You’re the greatest. We’ll be counting down to your first goal of the season.

    Nasty, that was terrible but hysterical!

  34. kevo – He was sent down before the season started, and therefore not subject on the way down. There’s were dozens of guys like that.

    Potter I believe is good to go.

  35. Ha, thanks. I know it was just awful, but I can’t help where my nasty mind takes me sometimes. All in good fun right? And seriously, she has some moves. It’s all in the hips. It’s all in the hips. It’s all in the hips. HAHA. Come on, where is that from guys?

  36. Thanks Beer…I assuming they feel that no one would claim Fahey if they called him back up, although he probably makes a minimal salary anyways. Wonder who they would call up for their 7th then…

  37. I think Sam mentioned yesterday that Fahey would have to clear re-entry waivers.

    As Beer Me!! stated he was sent down before the start of the seaosn so he did not have to clear in the way down.

  38. Nasty, I thought I saw a guy with a ” I f****d homo Larry” shirt. Must be one of the fans who were against the homo Larry chant after the dance.

  39. I’m really not 100% on ALL the intricacies of the waiver wire. But I also know that Rissmiller still counts against the cap. He’ll count against the cap till he’s sent to htfd, or traded.

    Sounds strange that you can send a guy through waivers, and if he clears can remain on your team. I don’t get it. Maybe someone can ask Sam if he knows anything about it during the live chat. I’ll be missing it for some stupid training.

  40. Beer, correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re saying that Rissmiller will come off of the cap only when he is actually on Hartford’s roster playing? I thought I read that he can actually clear waivers, leave for say Europe, and that he wouldn’t count on the cap…

  41. Lol. You guys are flaming me because Weinman just made a completely, utterly useless blog post.

    Hey guys! This morning I grabbed a cup of coffee, unrolled the paper, and took a big crap! Lets post in my blog about it! I can’t do anything wrong right?

  42. kevo – As long as he’s on the rangers roster (which he is) he counts. As soon as he’s sent elsewhere, he’s not. Like I said though, without knowing the ‘reason’, I don’t really know much else.

  43. Deja – wanna start a team?

    If anyone has an extra ticket for Saturday and wants to give me a late birthday present, I’m accepting offers.

  44. Believe in Blue on

    If anyone is interested – observations

    So far this season:

    Goaltending (including Vally) has been nothing short of superb – this cannot go un-noticed or un-mentioned.

    New formed line of Dubinsky, Voros and Zherdev clicked almost immediately and generated a bunch of points in their first few games together. They have since cooled off – noteably since the loss to Buffalo.

    Voros is a big guy who uses his speed and uses his size in front of the goal. This has generated some great point-shot activity and some tip-in goals.

    Dubinsky continues his hard work generating offense off the rush and also down low from the corners and half boards.

    Zherdev is a dynamic forward with puck movement skills that will allow him to execute shots that many others could never attempt.

    Gomez, Drury, Naslund: Gomez flies up the ice carrying the puck and rarely is separated from it. However, they are struggling as a unit because of the speed differential between Gomez and the the wingers. Drury and Naslund are both strong defensively and Naslund adds the power and hands to that line. There has been a problem on the finishing side of this unit. Gomez needs a winger with size and speed who can finish.

    Callahan, Daws, Korpikoski, and the balance are all doing there job.

    Defense has been solid as well. Pairings are good with Staal, Roscival, Redden Girardi either joining the offense when possible or taking big shots from the point either at even strength or on the power play. This is a much needed change in philosophy from the past few years where there were far too few shots from the point. Kalinin, has shown some cracks as well as some very solid play. Redden, while not fast has been extremely reliable.

    The power play has a new look this season with Girardi, Redden and Roscival taking shots from the point more often. Both units need to work the puck back up to the points quickly when there is nothing down low. Point men should not collapse too low to maintain open positions at the blueline.

    Work-Ethic: This makeup of talent has all the ingredients to succeed. The one unknown is a consistent work-ethic. The first 3-4 games turned out to be a false indicator of what the team is capable of doing. The two games vs. Tampa Bay in Prague were really more like pre-season games in that the level of play to be expected in the regular season was not achieved in those games. It was not until the NJ and Buffalo games that the level of play more closely matched what could be expected throughout the season. The Rangers rose to the task vs. NJ but vs. Buffalo and Detroit they fell short. Buffalo played an extremely aggressive fore-checking game much like Ted Nolan brought last year when the Islanders faced the Rangers. We saw that again during the contest vs. Dallas and especially in the third period. The best way to counter is to out-work your opponent, keep the play simple and this goes back to the work ethic. We have seen this in these early games and the amount is proportional in terms of wins and lacking especially in the losses to Buffalo, Detroit and Dallas.

    Just my two thoughts and I’m no expert.

  45. “Hey guys! This morning I grabbed a cup of coffee, unrolled the paper, and took a big crap!”

    Hey! What a coincidence! So did I! My favorite way to start the day. I generally enjoy a bran muffin while I watch my two dogs beat the hell out of each other.

  46. Joe in DE, I would like to see more action verbs and detail in your writing. It is a nice start, but I would have loved to see more. Excellent first draft though.

  47. Jeever confused… Why is reporting that the Lightning just signed Malik? Didn’t this happen around last week-ish?

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