A simple waive or a prelude to something bigger? (Updated)


The Rangers are off the ice today, so time to catch our breath and offer some thoughts…

<li>Don’t forget, live video chat tomorrow at 1. (Here’s “the link”:http://www.lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20081007/MOGULUS05/310070015 that will take you there). Possible discussion topics: Patrick Rissmiller’s demotion, Chris Drury’s slow start, how I intend to dominate my own recreational hockey season (and by “dominate,” I mean show up regularly).

<li>I think we can all agree Patrick Rissmiller’s placement on waivers yesterday — he has until noon today to clear — was a necessary concession to the team’s salary cap and roster predicament. By demoting or perhaps severing ties outright with an expendable wing, the team frees up some needed salary cap space and allows itself the flexibility of calling up a seventh defenseman when needed.

But placing a veteran on waivers is hardly the ideal route. As unimpressive as Rissmiller was on Monday, he’s still a forward who could conceivably help the Rangers in a pinch at some point this season. But should the Rangers try to recall him, they risk losing him to waivers on the way back up, and then are on the hook for half his salary.

With that in mind, what Glen Sather has done is taken a $3 million investment and simply buried it in the minors.

Again, not ideal…unless it’s the first step of a more involved process. Because there’s always the chance that Sather has made one move in an effort to now make another. I don’t think it’s Brendan Shanahan, who Michael Obernauer notes today “is still waiting patiently in the wings”:http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/hockey/rangers/2008/10/21/2008-10-21_rangers_making_forward_progress-2.html.

But whereas the Rangers had virtually no room to work with a short while ago, they now have at least some. So stay tuned…

Update, 10:13 p.m.: I realize every one of the salary cap sites that I frequent as well has Rissmiller as having a one-year deal. But I’ve been told from a definitive source that it’s three years at a $1 million apiece. Doesn’t make sense, does it? As one astute observer noted about Glen Sather’s stockpiling of so many forwards, “Maybe Glen just lost count.”

<li>My story in today’s paper deals not with the above issue, but instead looks at “the remarkable progress Colton Orr has made in his tenure in New York”:http://www.lohud.com/article/20081022/SPORTS01/810220401/-1/SPORTS, particularly this past offseason. In seasons past, I had grudgingly accepted that Orr served a purpose in the Rangers lineup, even if his skating and puck skills left plenty to be desired.


But this season Orr has proven to be a far more complete player thanks to the countless hours he put in over the summer skating at the MSG Training Center and working out at a gym in Brewster. Curiously, Orr didn’t start skating or playing hockey until he was 11, so a case can be made he’s still in the formative years of his development.

“It’s been a long haul for him,” Rangers coach Tom Renney said. “He came from Boston, and they saw no value in him. We saw otherwise. The obvious reason was he could fight and fight anybody. But we saw hockey sense. It’s very important. You ask any tough guy in this league if they want to be recognized as a hockey player or a fighter and they’ll tell you they want to be known as a hockey player. And that’s what he is.”

Of course, Orr only has a single assist this year, so it’s not like he’s in the running for the Art Ross. But he’s always been a smarter play than he’s given credit for, and now he’s fit enough to make plays.

<li>Zip has more on “the John Giannone-Sean Avery situation here”:http://weblogs.newsday.com/sports/hockey/rangers/blog/. As I mentioned in my original post about this, I had been told it was a remark from Avery that escalated things, which I don’t doubt for a moment. But it’s hard to get Avery’s side of the story when he refuses to comment.

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  1. there r very few people available and none of them r possible (gaborik and sundin) or make any sense (shanny). so i think this will be the team for another few months.

  2. I think they’ll use the cap space to bring up (or bring in) a d-man to scratch as the 7th… they really need to have somebody available in case of injury or suspension or something.

    was it just me, or did it seems like there was a lot movement yesterday, with waivings and moving people up or down? Is this some special time for some reason?

  3. matt – Unless there’s a sleeper out there that’s not on the fans radar.

    jeev – I noticed it too. I think it’s just coincidental and 5-6 games is enough to know that someone just doesn’t fit. I can’t say thats the same for us since we’ve been forced to shuffle the deck with the extra ‘cards’. Maybe that’s why it took 9 games to get to the same point.

  4. The GM’s are all meeting in Chicago right now, but I am not sure if that has anything to do with the movement. I do think that a move will be made though. I also think, and call me crazy, that before this month is over Petr Prucha will either be a permanent part of this lineup or packaged in a deal.

  5. onecupin67years on

    The Dolans let Sather foolishly spend valuable cap money. Why did Sather and the Ranger brain trust sign Rissmiller in the first place? Either a guy can help you or he can’t, unless something sudden and drastic happened to Rissmiller after his signing who knows, but it seems Sather signs too many players of this type ,but maybe its the system thats broken and not the players.

  6. I’m all confused about the length of Riss’s deal. I know Voros was 3M for 3 years, and Riss was a 1M cap hit as well, but I thought he was 1 year only…? But a LOT of media reports that its 3 years too… Also, if he goes through re-entry waivers, are the Rangers on the hook for 1/2 his salary for this year only, or the rest of his contract?

  7. Sam, great piece on Orr. I think keeping him around was one of the smartest things Slats has done in recent years. He really is leaps and bounds better than he has been the past few seasons – forechecking, skating the puck up the wing, and even taking the odd shot.

  8. First thing, the Avery Giannone thing is EXACTLY why I am glad that P o S is gone. I mean it’s one thing to get into some stupid argument after the game. But in the middle of the game during one of the periods he gets thrown out of game mindset by arguing with that geek? What is the F-ing point of that? I mean if I am on Dallas, I am ripping into Avery for that crap.

    On the Riss thing, let’s not forget about Sundin also. I mean open up cap space, get about 10-20 games into the season, all of a sudden those two older guys who’s names begin with the letter S become more palatable maybe? Just thinking out loud….

  9. Re Orr’s continued development, look at Betts, too, also having a much improved season over a year ago. There can be no doubt that that moronic hippo Hollweg held up his line something drastic, last year. Can’t blame Hollweg, entirely, a player does the best he can with the ability he was given. I say the Rangers carrying Hollweg beyond all doubt as to his cost to the club is where the fault lies here. And I bet both Orr and Betts have found new life and inspiration from not having to skate with Hollweg, anymore, as much as anything.

    Hollweg, Malik, Strudwick, & Backman killed this team last year. 2008-2009 is a new era, for sure.

  10. I’m not advocating this, just thinking out loud. Hear me out…

    WITHOUT regard to the salary cap, simply from a roster perspective…Shanny MAY not be a bad option.

    Here’s how & why: With Rissmiller all but gone, we’ve opened the roster spot for a 7th dman. Where that 7th dman comes from is still a question. I liked Potter’s game a lot in the preseason, so I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to Corey being the 7th man, although I DO think it would hurt his development more than help it. Perhaps Fahey is the answer if he can clear re-entry waivers.

    If we were to look OUTside the organization for a 7th man, we’d have to move someone (or a pick). If that person is prucha or fritsche, then you’d be opening up another fwd spot. THAT’S where Shanny could come in. Not necessarily as an ‘extra’, NOR a permanant winger. He’s already missed 9 games, so he’s only looking at a 73-game schedule (+ playoffs). If he were on the roster, he’d be in and out with whomever was slackin. And if everyone’s performing well, then he rests his legs for the playoffs.

    (this post is getting long)

    In addition, let’s say he joined the team 11/1. That would allow the leadership group on the team time to cement themselves as just that.

    All I’m saying is there are a lot worse guys you can have as an extra forward. And we’ve been relatively lucky avoiding the long-term injury bug for the most part over the last few seasons. To have a 1st ballot (future) HOF’er waiting to lace’em up is not the worst thing in the world.

    I don’t agree or disagree with this, just stating that it’s a possiblity…and how.

    Although this whole thought process is negated if he’s unwilling to play for a very low salary.

  11. I know many of the posters here dislike Betts. And while I agree with some of you that Renney has that line on the ice, sometimes too much, or at inappropriate times, they are a solid line for us. And I like Betts and Orr, especially Orr, are much improved and have looked great with Freddy Shoes. I don’t fear that we are going to be scored on when they are on the ice, but if I am home watching the game, that is usually the time I go take a leak.

  12. haha I know Sam got some mixed answers a couple of weeks back, when he asked if he should put updates at the top or bottom of his posts… but who the hell voted for MIDDLE? That’s just TOO funny.

  13. Starting 11/1 turns the schedule into 69 games.

    And if you took all the back to back nights out, it’s 59.

    He wouldn’t be waiting around till Novemeber if he didn’t think he was coming back.

  14. the betts line was good the first 5 games. they have done less and less since. ive always hated betts mainly cause renney loves him too much. that line was very good the first 5 games but have done less and less since the pk has been giving up goals. so why not try scratching orr and betts for a game say against columbus when orr prob isnt needed and try soemthing. have a 4th line of fristche dawes and sjostrom

  15. It’s 1 year. Not buying the 3yrs. The only place I saw that was the Post. I’d believe Wikipedia before the fuggin post.

    6 sources all say 1yr. The Post says 3yrs.

  16. When they signed Voros, they didnt need Rissmiller. I dont know what Sather was thinking. He still has some people he needs to get rid of if he wants to do any dealing during the season or near the deadline.

  17. I honestly believe the slacking production of the entire team came from the schedule. Since the season started, (the entire month of October) we’ve had back-to-backs each week, and travel being involved with each one.

    We’ve played over DOUBLE the amount of games of a couple other teams in the league, almost double the rest of the division, except PIttspurgh (we played 9 games so far, NJ, NYI, and Philly all played 5 so far). That’s enough to take the wind out of ANYBODY’S sails some.

  18. I know I’m a nutcase (Beer will vouch for that), but I think Sather has OCD with the number 2. He does deals in pairs:

    Drury & Gomez
    Redden & Rozie
    Voros & Riss
    Tyutin & Backman for Fritchse & Zherdev

  19. With the glut of 3rd/4th line wingers he have in the system the Rissmiller signing made no sense. If it was indeed a 3 year deal then Sather should have his head examined.

    It also seems inevitable that Shanny will soon be a Ranger again.

  20. Rissmiller was a complete lapse by Sather ! wasted money…come on guys..

    Can somebody give me an idea why the RANGERS obtained him ???

    They should have thought about it beforehand or was it a mistake by the Rangers scouts ???

  21. Beer Me,
    I think your assessment of the Shanny situation is good however, alot would depend on whether Shanny would accept a role that makes him the “extra” forward. Somehow I don’t see it happening but crazier things have happened…right? Personally in that role as the extra forward I would n’t mind him back, but I don’t necessarily see him playing 2 or 3 games out of 10.

    Nasty 1,
    I think your right on with Orr Fritsche and Betts. Personally I like Betts, but I also know what I’m getting from him. Others here either expect more or think somehow we have cap room to fill the fourth line with high priced scorers who would take 4th line minutes.
    also Nasty (I’m NOT trying to be a Prick but)
    you stated that they think Prucha will either be playing here regularly or traded…its not hard to make that assessment…please don’t get Nasty with me…sorry I had too.

  22. Jeever, His OCD with the #2 must come from trying to make up for blindsiding the #2 that hangs from the rafters. I’ll never forgive him for that.

  23. Sam, must the live chat always be on Thursdays? If you switched the days occasionally, it would be helpful for those of us who can’t make that particular day of the week.

  24. Rob I’m TOTALLY with you on that one. That was unforgiveable in my eyes. And we ended up getting NOTHING lasting out of that trade.

  25. Rissmiller was a kind of spiritual intuition…If you would suffer from a lumbago, would you ask a dentist, orthopedist or an otologist for help ???

  26. Staal, I know man, but I was thinking about it. I don’t think Prucha is the one who is really auditioning for a spot here. I think they already know what they are getting in him. I think Dawes, Fritsche, and Korpi are all the ones who are being decided on.

  27. nasty if u think those r the three in question make them the 4th line for fri game. put prucha with gomer and sjos with drury

  28. Matt, I think Dawes belongs on one of the top 2 lines. He’s one of the only snipers we have. He’s played well with Gomez and Callahan.

  29. nasty,

    if u think those 3 r in the question make them the 4th line it just so happens to work out that there is a center rw and lw there. so the lines will be gomez prucha/naslund cally, drury prucha/naslund sjos, voros dubi zher, korp fristche dawes

  30. Even with all of our Power Play woes that we’ve had, at least we never received a 9 minute PP and failed to score while getting only 3 shots in the 9 minutes as the Caps did last night.

  31. Rob L,

    nasty believed those r the three in question so i figured why not put them on the same line. i dont think u can properly acess a guy if he plays with gomez i bet sam can get a few goals with him at center

  32. Rissmiller was signed on July 1st before we made the deal with Columbus for the 2 forwards. that plus Korpikoski played extremely well to earn a spot. I don’t think Sather would have signed him if he knew we were making the deal with Columbus.

    Sam can you verify with the Rangers officially what the length of his deal is. and if we tried to bring him back say in the spring and he really is signed for 2 more yrs would we be on the hook for those yrs too if claimed by another team (1/2 his salary)

  33. Not sure what the Rangers scouts saw in Rissmiller. If they wanted a 6’4″ guy who can’t skate, shoot or pass well they could have just promoted Dane Byers or Hugh Jessiman from Hartford for less. I was hoping Byers would make the team out of camp but that was not possible with the backlog of 3rd and 4th line forwards Sather acquired in the offseason. If I have any complaint about the roster is that we don’t have enough talent for the top two lines and more than enough for the bottom two.

  34. HA hugh jessiman or Byers, yea they are soo great thats why they didnt make the team. Its obvious the staff doesnt think highly of them.

  35. Not sure at all why they decided to re-sign Jessiman if they are never going to give him a shot. I’m not saying he deserves one but it’s kind of stupid to throw away money on him like they have been doing.

  36. For all the Avery supporters…I lost every bit of respect and likeability I had for Avery with this whole Giannone blowup. I mean its one thing to get in the face of players and mouth off but to get in the face of a reporter…what a schmuck…Screw Avery. He can put on his little dress and go back to Dallas…I bet maybe this season but definitely next season they are going to be hoping they didn’t add a no trade to his contract.

  37. LI Joe
    October 22nd, 2008 at 12:10 pm
    “Rissmiller was signed on July 1st before we made the deal with Columbus for the 2 forwards. that plus Korpikoski played extremely well to earn a spot.”

    Korpi played 1 playoff game. Is that enough to earn a spot?

  38. 22 Korpi played well enough in preseason to earn a spot…I don’t think his one playoff game had much to do with his spot in the lineup this year

  39. LOL “we saw hockeys sense” The guy was playing hockey for about 15 years at the time…

    Rissmiller signed a 1 year deal, somebody is confusing him with Voros

  40. Staal, I know. I was responding to Joe’s statement that Korpi played well enough to earn a spot, therefore no need to add Rissmiller. After watching Korpi in last years preseason and the last playoff game, I was hoping he earned a spot this year.

    I think I’m going Saturday vs Pittsburgh. Anybody going?

  41. I think Korpi was a surprise to the coaches. I mean I think he played much better amongst the 5 fringe forwards than anyone imagined. Had they known that, Riss would not have gotten signed.

    Also, I don’t remember the timeline of it all but I am guessing Fritsche came over AFTER Riss?

  42. myself and the boyfriend will be there on Saturday. Section 326. We are looking for a bar to go to before the game… suggestions anyone??

  43. Newman – Fritsche came over after Riss. Riss was signed July 1st (or that 1st week), and the trade happened later (August maybe?).

    I don’t understand how we could have a bunch of younger guys in Hartford, ready for a SHOT at least, and management would just buy free agents to stock up, so that there’s no free spots for the younger guys…

  44. 22 – Korpikoski played well in the pre season that is what earned him the spot. my point was the team did not count on that or count on the Columbus trade when they signed Rissmiller on 7/1.

    if Rissmiller is only signed for this yr maybe they can try to sneak him through waivers late in season if they need warm bodies with injuries. he must have something if the Sharks played him almost every game last yr and the sharks were one of the leagues best.

    if on the other hand he really is signed for 3 yrs he’ll be in hartford all yr like Pock was last yr. I personally believe it’s only 1 yr though. if Sam’s source is his predecessor Andrew Gross he already corrected himself that it is 1 yr.

  45. Giannone is not a very good announcer but avery is ridiculous – u cant talk about an ANNOUNCER’S wife. Ppposing player’s, yes; announcer noooo. I think Sjo shld be in the line up everyday, he does a lot of good things out there that helps Betts-Orr/he is great on PK. Riss was another ridiculous Sather move – he’s awful

  46. beth – try stout it’s very close to garden and very large too.

    jeever- the deal was 1st week of july also but was definitely after the rissmiller signing

  47. Holy sh*t bob. I usually don’t respond to such nonsense. But you gotta be kidding me.

    Dubinsky’s a pretty good player, right?

    Since they’ve become NYR’s, this system is the only one that they’ve known. The players that are not performing, or haven’t performed well are the ones that either can’t get a grasp on it, or choose not to. (of course its hockey, and slumps will occur). You really can’t know this little about hockey, right?

  48. Beth, I’ll be at Off the Wagon on MacDougal Street. It’s a quick subway ride from Penn and on Sat/Sun they have “beat the clock” beer pitchers. Starts off real cheap and goes up $.50 every hour. Rodney and Amanda are great bartenders. I don’t get in on time during weekday games but this place is the best on weekends before a game.

  49. beth- foley’s, for sure…its on 18 w 33rd street and a great place to go before a game

    i love the way orr is playing, really worked on himself during the offseason…also a really nice guy, met him a couple of times…

  50. sorry, figured i’d throw in a lil more about foleys, a lil off topic…but talking abuot a good bar for pregame…

    they must have like 1000 autographed baseballs, sports stuff everywhere, every single jersey you could imagine, the bathroom doors handles are made of baseball bats, everything is sports….

    beers are good and not expensive at all, $12 a pitcher also if i remember correctly…(for domestic)

    BTW where is sanguinetti playing this yr? how’s he doing?

    check it out…http://www.foleysny.com/

  51. Nedved likely is available.

    I agree that 4th line had about 3 good games, the rest were nothing special.

    Dawes is fine where he is now.

    Drury has to be held accountable for his lack of production, either limit him to 10 minutes or scratch him.

    Betts is definitely in need of being scratched, he is not adding any scoring. Orr can be scratched as well.

    Renney needs to stop playing favorites and start being fair or get the hell out of coaching.

    how about a Naslund-Fritsche/Korpikoski-Zherdev line and Voros-Dubinsky-Fritsche/Korpikoski line?

  52. good point.

    Well, Zipay says that he confirmed with the NHLPA “weeks ago” that Rissmiller has a 3-year deal.

    Makes no sense. I still don’t buy it.

  53. leatherneckinlv on

    dr house…Byers didnt kake it because he could be sent down and not go through waivers..in all honesty he belongs more so on this team than a few of the players playing on the current Roster..i have stated often..there is something to be said about team toughness and no..i am not refering to gooning it up..want an opinion..how to break a trap..early stages of the game..set the plays up for devastating hits and if the opportunity is there..go on the scoring opportunities..but,,create set plays for big hits around the boards and set up the opposing defenseman for open ice hits and set up our d-men for open ice hits on their forwards..it will cause the opposition to think twice..and or retaliate..it’ll get them off their game and open up the game…besides..that kind of a game is just as entertaining as 6-4 game..and if fights do break out so what..those are fun too..all lines should be molded to be able to play into this strategy early on..

  54. leatherneckinlv on

    oh..team speed has proved not to be capable of breaking the trap…for many teams,,every team…just look at the cup winners list..and refresh your memmory as to what style they played,,,they all had grit and tough defense

  55. leatherneck
    good point on the trap. it seems to me that when we face that trap type team the hitting leaves…though I will add that our defense seems to be hitting much more this season than last. Girardi, Staal and Mara have all thrown big memorable hits so far this season

  56. Finally some recognition for my boy Orr.

    I bet all the naysayers here are now singing a different tune.

    See I missed the chat today… Sam, please tell Renney to swallow his pride and move Drury to the third line. Please. The best puck-moving center in the league has no business on the third line.

  57. I don’t think we have a 1-3 line. We have three lines and a fourth line. I would say that is fairly true. No?

  58. Maybe we need a new direction? Maybe instead of speed speed speed, we could change it up. There are some players that are solely based on a speedy game (See Gomez, Scott), but there are also other players that play very well when you simplify the game and slow things down (See Jagr, Jaromir). Maybe by having two totally different approaches during a game the defense would have to try to adjust to each one reaking havoc on their systems. We know that Dubinsky worked well with a slow line. Im sure Voros would slow himself down too, drury is not that fast, and naslund…need i say more. Now, Im not suggesting that we add Jagr, or Shanny, or even Sundin. But I think it would be nice to have somebody that can establish themselves in the offensive zone that can snipe a puck into the net. Altogether I think creating different offensive angles could lead to large threats in the offensive zone. Some games certain lines wouldn’t work because of the defensive styles, but thats where the other line would step in and take the load. What do you guys think?

  59. We can slow it down a little on the power play. But other than that, I want speed speed speed, attack, attack, attack.

  60. yes nasty there really is no need to say lines 1 2 3 4 the 4th line is vastly inferior to the other. thats why i dont say line 1 is

  61. nasty i agree i want to attack to no end with the speed on this team. thats why i think we should scratch betts and orr for a game say this fri. and see how that goes

  62. Renney should just put together the Nazzy-Gomer-Zherdev line. He hasn’t given them a chance in the regular season yet. My lines…

    Voros-Dubinsky-Korpikoski / Callahan
    Korpikoski / Callahan – Drury – Dawes

    Something has to give. They looked like shit for the last 4 games or so. Its getting sickening the way they’re playing. Renney should have named Dru the captain, who knows maybe its just holding him back just a little. I mean if coming to a new city, and a new team can cause him to have a semi disappointing year, then maybe being named the Captain might screw with him, in a similar way. I would have waited till after the season, and maybe hand it over to Dubi, like all these teams are doing, like Sid Crabby, Johnny Toews, Dustin Brown, etc.

  63. The only thing that betts/orr are missing are ‘finishing hands’. If Betts had finishing hands they’d rename the selke trophy after him.

    And if orr had finishing hands…he’d be Gordie Howe.

  64. beer me yes probably. besides from the ability to finish i dont think ive seen either them when they shoot the puck see the puck go higher than half way up the net

  65. doodie machetto on

    Nasty, I agree we have three lines and a fourth. Problem is, we have 3 second lines.

  66. I like the way you think, Orr. I always thought Zherdev would be on the first line with Gomez and Naslund but I guess things didn’t work out that way in Renney’s head so far..

    I initially didn’t mind Dawes playing right wing on a Naslund-Gomez line since he is fast (and they can pick up some of his two-way slack), but he needs to pick up his play to earn that ice time. That’s also a rather small line.

    When will Renney realize that Gomez speed and puck-moving ability is his greatest asset. His great passes are all set up by it. We need to use this guy to his full potential while he still has his legs. On the top line where he belongs. Drury down to third and special teams.

  67. i just fail to udnerstand why people on this site flip out when i say scratch orr and betts for a game and try something

  68. You don’t scratch your 4th line stoppers when they are playing well and doing their job. I expect more from Betts, and on the PK he’s done his job for the most part, but why bench your most fearsome player when he is skating so well?

    Hell Drury’s been sucking why not bench him?

  69. b/c you need a fourth line, there’s a reason for them. you need an enforcer on your team in case the other team goes after your star player. you need the defensive specialist and the penalty killing of a blair betts. you needa know that if you’re a hockey fan. they’re important parts of the team….who’s going to protect someone if orr isn’t in the lineup…callahan? dawes?

  70. you dont scratch those two. Betts is great defensively, and Orr is intimidating. Why would you scratch them. That is calling for a game that we would get crushed. I would have to say those are very two important players.

  71. My school is playing Brodeurs sons school right now in soccer. We are winning 5-1. And you have to love that.

  72. i doubt highly anything will occur on fri against the blue jackets that orr is needed.

    nasty is broders son fat and obnious too. does he play goalie

  73. So, now there’s video of the sex toy shower. How exciting! *link in name*

    BaHa – Sam did change days; the first two live chats were on Fridays.

    Jeever – So you’re saying that Sather will have to bring in Shanahan and Sundin together?! hahaha

    If they would have given the captaincy to Dubsinky at the beginning of the season, it would have been questionable but obviously okay with me. However, you can’t do it at this point just to strip the captaincy from Drury because that would make him an unhappy camper even if it did kick him in the ass and boost his scoring, and you would be bypassing the two alternates, as well. To change captains now is just plain foolish. I would guess Rozsival is the next A for when one of our lettermen is out of a game.

  74. I would personally like to see:

    Prucha Gomez Zherdev
    Voros Dubi Naslund
    Dawes Drury Callahan
    Sjostrom Betts Orr

  75. doodie machetto on

    Well, with Rissmiller in hartford, we’ll find out how long his contract really was this summer.

  76. Nasty, I like that line except for the placement of Prucha on top line. Seems kind of small to me even for a speedster line. I’d like someone who can work along the boards when Gomez isn’t the one doing it.

  77. Doodie – Eh, I’d be surprised if that happened. If I remember correctly, it could be either one because they both wore A’s in preseason due to the different composition of teams.

    Nasty 1 – I still don’t understand why people would want to break up Dubinsky’s effective line right now, along with Gomez’s line which has been good since it was put together. Drury will just have to tough it out with Naslund and whomever.

  78. Here’s something to consider. With a bunch of rookies in the league that are eligible to go back to junior teams, and others that don’t need to pass through waivers to go to the A before they play 10 games, there’s bound to be some openings on other teams soon.

    Most teams have only played 5/6 games. So in another 3-4 you may see some players moved to the lower ranks, and teams looking to fill those holes.

    I don’t think I need to explain any further. But to sum it up…sometime next week maybe some calls will be coming the other way on slats line.

  79. Spider – I never even thought of that… WOW… We’re gonna need to clear like 10M for both Shanny and Sundy. CRAP. Sather needs counselling before that happens.

  80. Not that I don’t agree with the 1st, but don’t feel like addressing it. No letters are changing unless one of them is moved. And I don’t see that happening anyway.

  81. Spider, as much as I like Zherdev and feel that he has contributed to that line, I think Dubinsky and Voros are what really make that line go. So if you tried Zherdev on Gommers line, because of the speed, and put Naslund with Dubinsky, I don’t think it could hurt. Naslund has a lethal wrist shot. He can shoot at the net and have voros tipping in and knocking in shots just as well as Zherdev can. It was just a thought. And also, Zherdev can play the boards, the guys is not some little pu**y. He is bigger and more physical than I thought he was.

  82. If salary cap was not a concern, I’d much rather see last years line of Jagr-Dubi-Avery or even the year priors line of Jagr-Nylander-Straka over any one of these lines. Although I would much rather see that line, our team has a lot more depth then it has had in prior years. I just feel that we could have one line to simplify things to give us a different angle…because this speed speed speed thing seems to be tiring our team out over large stretches of games. And yes I know we have a winning record, but I would like to continue having a winning record. Would you please look at the teams we have been playing. Phili-still havent won yet, Tampa-still building there team, Chicago-just recently strung together there first wins, Toronto-need I say more. The win against the Devils was big. The Detroit team missed a big player in Zetterberg and we still didn’t play a “complete game”. 1 goal in Dallas! Need I say more?

  83. What the Heck. are you on something?, last years line with Jags was fun, but nobody can beat the Jagr-Nylander-Straka line. That was one of the best lines for weeks.

  84. House…
    Dont worry I included that too. What I was trying to say is, sometimes its not all about speed

  85. I thought we traded Bob. Reading his ideas is great for laughs.

    You cannot break up Voros Dubi Zherdev. I don’t think you can break up Sjo Betts Orr either.

    I think Drury Cally Dawes works….they clicked last year. But Gomer with those two has been OK last two games, esp in Detroit. That leaves Drury/Gomer to play with Naslund and Fritsche/Pru/Korpikoski/Shanny/Sundin. Truth be told I like Korpi first and then Fritsche/Pru with MAYBE a slight edge to Pru. Still would not minde seeing one more dude traded or dumped.

  86. Voros-Dubi-Zherdev

    Send Korpi to Hartford for more seasoning…

    An All-American line of Fritsche-Drury-Cally could be nasty if given consistant ice-time. Prucha could work with Gomez/Naslund if given consistant ice-time too…

    Sometimes I don’t even know why we bother posting potential lines when Renney goes and changes them without fail…

  87. “Sometimes I don’t even know why we bother posting potential lines when Renney goes and changes them without fail…”

    1st, I don’t know why you guys bother either.

  88. Newman…
    Im not sure if your talking about my posts, but I did not say anything about breaking up those lines, I just suggested our team go with different angles. A slow line with sniping abilities, a quick line with break out abilities, a grinding line, a defensive offensive line, instead of speed speed speed speed

  89. Jay and Beer,
    I post lines too, but also there is no point to most of these comments, except to voice our opinions. Its not like Renney looks at this site everyday to see what bob says (Thank God). If he did then I think our team might just all quit the game of hockey.

  90. no thanks to fritsche, i heard what he said. “i am not going to change for anyone”. That kid gets a i hope he gets traded sentence.

  91. Matt
    October 22nd, 2008 at 2:48 pm
    i just fail to udnerstand why people on this site flip out when i say scratch orr and betts for a game and try something

    they are obviously morons

  92. By the way Doctor, I miss Jags too. He did a lot for this team and was a much better Captain then Dru will ever be.

  93. I do not know if Bob and what the heck are the same people.

    Whoever wrote this:

    “Nedved likely is available.

    I agree that 4th line had about 3 good games, the rest were nothing special.

    Dawes is fine where he is now.

    Drury has to be held accountable for his lack of production, either limit him to 10 minutes or scratch him.

    Betts is definitely in need of being scratched, he is not adding any scoring. Orr can be scratched as well.

    Renney needs to stop playing favorites and start being fair or get the hell out of coaching.”

    Whoever wrote that….that’s good humor.

  94. Yes, Joe I did! They are a bit different from my old skates and took a bit getting used to but I like them a lot.

    Graf Ultra G5s

    I got them baked last night and tried them on today. First they were too tight and hurt my feet, then I took the socks off and everything went great! I was flying like Mike Modano on a good day (well not really)!

    It has a different tip to push off with for greater, longer strides, so I’ll have to get used to skating backwards in them.

    They also force me to bend my knees more the way the boots are shaped which I love.

  95. Newb,
    What have I said thats unreasonable thus far?
    I love the Dubi line, I love the 4th line, but we need more out of our paycheck men and I think by throwing a different strategy in it would help our team severly. Basically, I am the opposite of bob.

  96. haha figure skates that’s funny :P DAMNIT I JUST FOUND OUT I BOUGHT GOALIE SKATES OH NO! ;)

    we could even have a fantasy Renney Rangers lines game where we guess the lineups for the night.

  97. What the HECK,

    I miss Kelly Kisio, he was a better captain that Jagr, and solid defensively too.

  98. Jason, unfortunately I was born during the Kisio era so I dont recall much of it. But I play hockey in college down in FL

  99. MATT

    They have Commodore, and psycho Dorsette, you can never be to careful.

    Orr hasn’t done anything to hurt the team. I want Freddy and Orr in there all season long. No need to scratch them. Its not like Fritsche is taking advantage of the games he’s playing in. He’s done nothing so far, in a game or two.

  100. what the Heck, Yea Jags was a great captain. People dont realize it cause they get tooo caught up in baloney. I gotta admit that Dubi Jags Avery line was lots of fun last year. Anything with Jags is fun.

  101. I don’t officially play in an official league YET (still have some work to do to play in a serious league) but I’m getting groomed for my bro’s league in southern CT. Sucks working in an office I feel like I have NO LEGS

  102. Brandon

    How is the Piers?

    I start at Lasker rink in a few weeks, 4 on 4 but you can wear a visor (I haven’t worn a full mask since I was playing in HS and don’t think I could go back).

  103. Jags helped Dubinsky and he was helping Cherp.

    When they got back on the bench after Cherp was having heart problems, it was reported Jagr said to him, “You’ve got to score on that play”. That’s what a great coach and mentor does. Never satisfied, always thinks you can do better.

  104. I bleed Rangers Blue on

    NHL 09…does anyone have NHL 09 for PS3? Do you already belong to a club? can i join? r there enough people in here that ill start a Lohud team? is there already a Lohud Team for PS3? if i start one how many people will join my team?

  105. Joe, i did but only because it’s the best fitting boot i’ve ever felt in my life (i have odd web-shaped shaped feet) and i heard Grafs are so good.

    The pro shop gave me them for 60 bucks off, no sales tax, a free sharpening card and future discounts on equipment which sweetened the deal (maybe because they knew my last skates I bought there were stolen).

    I’ll skate on them two more times this weekend and report back. What kind of skates you rock?

  106. bob great line i actually laughed out loud.

    orr i never said ur hurting the team id just think renney should try something for a team that has trouble scoring why not try putting in more players who can score.

    brandon my roomate plays at piers

  107. i’ve played at the piers, not bad….i got the t-blades from CCM vector, the light ones that you don’t have to sharpen…you mightve seen them on jochen hecht from buffalo, he and a couple of other guys in the NHL have worn them, they’re lighter on the bottom and the whole blade part is 1/8 of an inch…very cool, VERY light, a lil noisy but i love them…you never havta sharpen them, just buy replacement blades every 3 months or so, they’re $15 so cheaper than sharpening all the time…

    we should do a pool to guess the lines for next game, seems like a good lil game for the blog…

    ideally i’d just like for all 4 lines to click and us to score 10 goals a game, so tom whatever line combo can do that….why don’t you go ahead and put them together…

  108. In the video I posted earlier, the “interesting” image is at 4:45.

    Now, the KHL will have *two* ambulances at every game. I was hoping some sort of good lesson would come out of the tragedy. Unfortunately, the writer here takes a semi-low blow at Jagr towards the end before the long press release. *link in name*

  109. Inhankwetrust, based on the what I have seen that last few games you can’t really break up the Dubi line or the Betts line. Gomer’s line has the speed and forcheck to create many chances which it has. So IMO the only change you would see Friday is The Korpedo replacing Riss on the Drury line and maybe that just might be the key to get Drury’s line going.

    The D is a whole different story. Those pairings do not bring out the best in the individual. One person has to cover for the weakness of another. Someone said it best a day or so ago regarding Girardi having to cover for Redden, Staal having to cover for Kalinin and Rozi needs help from Mara. It was something along those line.

    I believe you will see more changes on D then O.

  110. Noonan, that’s awesome that they sweetened the deal for you. The mail order places are so much cheaper, the pro shops have to do something to compete.

    I rock an older set of Bauer Vapors, I think I got them in 2002. They’re gettin pretty beat up, but have held up quite well. I was just getting back into skating at the time, so I didn’t see the need in spending more than $175 on skates. Now I play 3 times a week, and wish I had a better pair.

    I was talking to the owner of the local pro shop yesterday, and asked him what the difference between the Bauer Supreme and Vapors was. He said that years ago, Bauer was getting killed by CCM Tacks, and most of the NHLers were wearing Tacks. The Bauer Supremes had a good market, but still couldn’t compete. Recognizing this, Bauer went to the NHLers to explain why they wouldn’t switch to a Bauer product. The players said that the Bauer Supremes were nice, but that they felt more flat-footed. The Tacks had a slightly higher heel, that put them more on the balls of their feet and helped for a more aggressive skating style. With this knowledge, Bauer introduced the Vapor line, which mimicked the fit of the Tacks, while simultaneously producing their flagship Supremes. CCM, erroneously thinking that players would continue to buy their products just because, had no answer. But players did switch, and CCM lost a ton of the market to Bauer. Their answer was the Vector line, which is basically a fancy looking Bauer Supreme.

    Crazy stuff

  111. I have CCM vector 7 ($179). I didn’t want to spend big $ either because I only play 1-2 times/week. These are great skates and wish I went for the vector 10s.

    Next pair I guess…

  112. I still don’t understand how/why Rissmiller would have a three-year contract at $1 million per season. I figured he may have received an offer from someone else of two years for about $1.6 million total, so our one-year deal had to pay him a premium for this season. In my eyes at the time, Voros had much more upside (we all know now that he does), so his three-year deal seemed like it could work out to be a bargain for us, while Voros wanted some long-term security. It would be interesting to know what kind of offers Rissmiller received from the Sharks before hitting free agency, if any. It would make much more sense that he would sign with us for three years rather than one year from his perspective.

  113. leatherneckinlv on

    one thing i do concur..leave dubinskys line alone..they have some what of a chemistry just not as good as what bossy, trottier and gillies had..one who can score, a two way center and a mucker …and our 4th line i will call the best 4th line in the NHL,,,in sjo, betts and orr..so that leaves fixing lines 1 and 3 and chainging up the D-pairings.. i dont see roszi. redden clicking nor the kalinin and girardi pairing working..its clear girardi doesnt trust kalinin well enough..now that leaves gomez as numver 1 center..who should center the 3rd line..and do we leave dawes and callahan with gomez and call that our 1st line? do you really think that thats a number 1 line,,how does naslund fit and where,,and..how do you address a tad more toughness..this team has too many of the same type forwards and D-men..thats where the issue is..too many similarities in style and not enough diversity whic has created a problem under a system that renney has instituted..only way i see a fix is with trades to complement the 1st and 3rd lines and changing up the d and maybe a trade there for a hard hitting D-man..the puck carrying d-man are coming in del zotto and hopefully sanguinetti..for some reason the rangers hesitate using a 1st rounder immediately

  114. The only problem with changing up the lines is its hard to get certain people to work together. Gomez likes to carry the puck into the zone, so does Zherdev. So those two would not work together. Voros works well with Dubinsky. So you could either go with Gomez Dubinsky Voros. But you would lose a centerman that way. So I think the first line should contain Scott Gomez and two people that can bury the puck into the net (1 with confidence, 1 without). So in that case it would be an exchange of Drury, Cally, Prucha, Dawes, Korpikoski, and Naslund. Right now, I think it should be Dawes up top (although he doesn’t seem to have confidence yet) and Prucha (no confidence whatsoever). And third line would consist of Callahan (great workhorse, just dont think hes a first liner, although he could prove me wrong.) Drury(No confidence, no idea how he can achieve on this line) and Naslund(became invisible after gas was completely used in Prague.
    The fourth line should stay as is. Great D, great O for 4th line.
    Defense should be
    Redden-Staal-One good shot, one stay home D, one hitter
    Kalinin-Mara-One decent shot, one okay defense, one great thus far, nitty grittyness needed
    Rosival-Girardi-One good shot, one stay home D, one hitter.

    This would work out in my mind, but then again Im not the coach and Sather didn’t hire me for a reason.

  115. onecupin67years on

    Skate at harvey, brewster, Westchester skating academy and canterbury school in Ct anybody in westchester?

  116. I am 0-2 on the year, so buyer beware, BUT, I do like the Devils (-140) at home vs. Dallas, tonight. Lay the $140 to win $100, it says here. Better team, better division, home team, that’s the Devils, right now, and of course current values can change in the coming weeks. But we have to bet now, and not with the knowledge of how things will look in mid-season.

  117. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “A single assist”

    …and if you put the C on Orr’s jersey, you might not be able to tell the difference! haha. Actually, I bet Orr has a better +/- and a few hits. Maybe he’s better than 50% on faceoffs too. Orr needs a raise, now that I think this through…

  118. Cakewalk – I would bet on Dallas tonight. They should be bolstered from their win against the Rangers, and Avery can still get in Brodeur’s head. If I remember correctly, I would have been 1–1 on the games you picked here so far, but I can’t remember exactly what they are right now. I would also go with the Rays for the World Series.

  119. Shout out for Canterbury School.

    Avery may be a putz, but I still would love to see him phock around per usual with Brodeur tonite.

  120. i’d never bet against brodeur….i F-in hate him but he’s pretty damn good.

    Also, i agree about the Dubi line…I also would like to see drury gomez and naslund try to play together in the regular season, renney didn’t realy give them SO much time together in the preseason…why not? maybe it’ll get naslund and drury going at the same time….then callahan, dawes, (korpedo/prucha/insert extra 3rd/4th liner here..) why not…

  121. This Sharks-Flyers game is nuts; too many penalties leading to a 3-3 game before the first period is over. I hope they can keep up this pace! I had a feeling the Flyers would win their first game tonight, but now I’m not so sure.

  122. More hate for Avery, from Bobby Clarke this time.

    “He’s making a fool of the game. He crosses the line all the time. He’s an idiot. And if the referees see him giving it to Brodeur like he did in the playoffs – yapping, yapping, yapping – it’s pre-meditated. Give him a penalty. You’ll end it right away. If not, I think one of the Devils should come to Brodeur’s aid. Drill him, punch him, make him fight. If he wants to be a yapper, make him fight.”

    “He can play and I think he can be an agitator. But he goes way too far. It’s up to Brett Hull and Les Jackson to stop him because it’s an embarrassment to hockey.”

    “There’s always been players who are characters in this game. “You may not like them, but they’re character guys and character players and they bring something to the game. Avery takes from the game.”

    How can you give him a penalty just for talking to the goalie? That’s a little idiotic. I do think Avery contributes something interesting to the game.

  123. Aw, poor Ekwund has a *ruptured appendix*. Hopefully this affects his fingers somehow and he won’t be able to blog anymore. Nah, I hope he still can because I can’t do without the comedy!!

  124. damn debbies beat stars 5-0, why can’t the rangers ever take advantage of struggling goalies. they get an easy goal early and still can’t beat him. need a scorer!

  125. pretty embarrassing that the devils beat dallas and we didnt. I wasnt impressed with them at all.

  126. Haha, just saw the highlight of the sixth Sharks goal tonight: Marleau pulled the same wrap-around trick on Biron that Sjostrom did for his goal this season, except Biron overcommitted on the front end even more. Side note: Matthew Barnaby is doing a good job on ESPN.

  127. So thats why I felt so bad after the Dallas win. Stars suck this year. The Devils just brutalized (that is a light term for what happened) the Stars and put Turco right back in his place. I am ashamed that we played so poorly against a struggling team and left Sean Avery with a smile. We need a new player on this team like Kovalchuk who can snipe the puck into the net. Jagr was our guy last year for that and we need a new one. I am so upset this is happening right now. We need to turn this around ASAP. Lundqvist has lost his last 3 starts! We need all of the points we can get. Now were going to have to face one of the strongest teams defensively and we’ll see how we fare off. Oh yeah, and in order for us to be successful this season Drury, Naslund, and Prucha/Dawes are going to have to step it up a notch or two

  128. Jeever-The reason today was so busy and Riss was cut was because a rookie can play nine games before it counts as a full year towards RFA.If Korpi had done poorly he would have been sent down today.

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