Sean Avery’s wrath isn’t reserved for opposing players. He also gets into it with guys holding microphones.


So maybe Stephen Valiquette wasn’t Sean Avery sole target tonight, after all.

What you may have seen tonight was the former Ranger’s good-natured joshing with MSG’s Stan Fischler in an interview after the game. What you didn’t see was a much uglier incident earlier in the evening that involved one of Fischler’s colleague.

Multiples witnesses have confirmed a heated altercation between Avery and MSG’s John Giannone in between the first and the second periods — one personal and serious enough that the Stars’ Krystofer Barch was forced to intervene. Still unclear is what exactly was said, although not surprisingly, I’m told it was a remark from Avery that helped escalate things.

When I called Giannone tonight to ask about it, he said he couldn’t comment. That alone suggests it was more than an innocent exchange, and one we’ll presumably hear more about in the coming days.

More on this when I have it…

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  1. Can’t get too much on Avery. When Avery was a Ranger Gionnone kissed his rear end time after time now that’s he’s gone he tears Avery apart. I was hoping when I saw this post it was gonna be how Avery smacked Al Baldwig around.

  2. REPOST:

    Hey guys I have some interesting facts for all.

    – The Rangers have played in 9 games, 7 since the start of the season. They also played 4 straight preseason games before leaving for Europe and 2 in 2 nights while being there.
    – The most played by any other team is 6 total games by Pittsburgh, San Jose, Vancouver, Nashville, Chicago, Dallas, and Anaheim.
    – Out of the teams that went to Europe, the Pens have played the most since being back in 4 games. Ottawa and Tampa have both played 3.

    Just kind of interesting how we were screwed with so many games early. However the positives are that they now we will have less games down the stretch and hopefully won’t be as tired.

  3. The Drury situation is becoming ridiculous. He played in all 9 games, averaged just over 20 minutes of icetime which is 4th top on the team, and all he has to show for it is 1 assist AND he is the Captain, and he is making 7.1 million and he has a no trade clause. Why does he get the free pass? Why he isn’t being held accountable by beibg scratched or benched or waived or bought out. The guy is 32, not hitting, not scoring, he is not needed. Prucha or Fritsche or Korpikoski are much more effective players. How many more games do we wait to say enough is enough with Drury?

  4. And Drury is under 50% on faceoffs.

    Also wouldn’t mind Rozsival getting traded. He isn’t hitting as much as he used to and he is expensive and not really needed.

  5. Even the most clutch and hard working players stop carng when big long term contract is thrown at them. Too bad GMs still don’t get it. Short term deals is the way to go. Long term contracts usually become a liability rather than an asset.

  6. Bob,

    Just admit that Drury is the best player you have ever seen and get on with your life. Thanks.

  7. it could be worse. Eric Brewer is a captain and had 1 goal last year. Or we could bring back Pat Flatley and put him there with his whopping 22 points as a Ranger. haha.

    your captain doesn’t have to put up points or be the best player…however your 7 million dollar player does. So I’m not so concerned with the captaincy issue since I think he’s a great…er a good captain, however him making 7 million dollars is proving to be more ridiculous every day. But we knew that. He’s probably just barely below Messier on Rangers’ captains I dislike (I know he brought us a cup but he set us back like 5 years), but theres room for him to pick up his play.

  8. To be completely honest, I thought tonight could have been the best I’ve ever seen Drury skate in NY. That’s not saying too much considering he produced nothing yet again, but there were at least 3 times when he was skating with or without the puck that I did a doubletake because he actually looked like a hockey player for once and I wasn’t sure it was him. God forbid he did that once a WEEK, we’d actually have a player in him. He must be really feeling desperate because he looked like he was semi interested in producing something tonight.

    Also worth noting, Dawes and Cally really look good with Gomez.

    Avery is a real piece of shit by the way. I honestly didn’t expect so much troublemaking out of him…luckily we shut him down personally… we dont play them again, do we?

  9. just to inform you joe from de, I have played hockey all my life and currently play in college. I am a kid that puts in garbage goals and that one from naslund was a complete garbage goal. I know it would be terrible to do, but I’d much rather see betts line become the third and have the “captain” on the fourth line. Maybe even sit him next game and play fritsche or pru

  10. Wake the whole team up.

    Scoring one goal on this Stars team is pathetic. The team should be embarrassed.

    As for Aves and Giannone. GOOD !! I hate Giannone, he’s a piece of shit. Nobody likes the guy. Gomer hates him, after that thing last year. He’s just a loser, and i wish he was with the Isles.

    I really only like Sam, and Joe, and Maloney only when he’s drunk.

  11. Re Drury “Not hitting and not scoring,” let’s take a look at the entire picture. Yes, he has one assist on the year, his total meaningful scoring contribution, it came at even-strength in a close-score situation.

    Yes, he is not hitting. Ranger forwards have 153 hits on the year, of which Drury has 3. THREE! So he is last among regulars here. So we have a captain who is shy about taking the man and going into the corners, here. Orr has 22 hits. Voros has 20 hits. Dubinsky has 20 hits. Callahan has 17 hits – you get the picture. Other, non-captains on this team are playing with a lot more passion and intensity.

    Drury is fine in the penalty minutes column, having drawn eight penalty minutes, while being whistled for just two penalty minutes. So at least he is not a stupid player who hurts the team in this respect.

    Drury is also an asset in the important takeaway-giveaway column, as he has 10 takeaways, compared with just four giveaways.

    Drury is winning 49% of his faceoffs (41-83). Gomez is at 54%; Dubinsky is at 53%; Betts is at 49.5 %, so Drury could pick up the pace here, a bit.

    In the blocked shots column Drury has six, Ranger forwards have a total of 47, so four blocked shots is about par to this point in the season, putting him above par in this department.

    So here is a player who is crap in the critical scoring of goals and registering assists department. Mediocre on face offs. And doesn’t take the body and play a physical game. And he is our captain! Well, you know what, whether he wears the “C” or not, Brandon Dubinsky is our DE FACTO captain, and that is how I am going to look at it, from now on, Sather and Renney’s lethargy at stripping Drury of his captaincy be damned. And who was in Avery’s face on his first shift when Avery started trashing Hank? Dubinsky, of course.

    Look at it this way: the “C” on Drury’s jersey means “Coward.” A “C” on Dubinsky’s jersey would mean “Couragious.”

  12. Salty – Surprised that you feel that way about Avery. I thought you liked him. Maybe my mistake. But I like that way of putting it. He is a p.o.s. Always was. That’s “him”. Isn’t that cute? He picks on people.

    Also agree that Dawes and Cally look good with Gomer. (what, am I turning into salty here??) But like I said yesterday, if you don’t produce with Gomer, it’s you, not him.

    “your captain doesn’t have to put up points or be the best player…however your 7 million dollar player does.”

    That’s probably the best way to describe this. Nice Jonny. He better find what’s wrong over the next few days…or else!

    Kinda a dull game last night. Not impressed with Rissmiller. Glad Naz put one in…anyway you can. At least it wasn’t a divisional team.

  13. Bob, what about Betts – you haven’t ragged on him yet today?
    If you were the GM the team would have to re-name itself the New York Revolving Doors.

    We’re 6-2-1, and in need of a rest after 7 games in 10 days. The team has 3 days to re-group, figure out some more balanced lines in order to get Naslund and Drury on the scoresheet more often.
    I hope Dawes has had his annual kick up the arse and will carry on with the same kind of performance as last night. Cally seems to be growing in confidence each game and the way Dubi is playing i think you could put him on a line with Boogard and Laraques and he’d turn them into 20 goal scorers right now!! Maybe Drury needs to play a few games as RW with Dubi and have Ansimov come up and play with Naslund and Zherdev?

  14. Oh, and I’m not really a huge fan of Rozy. I don’t hate the guy. But just like a few others, he IS overpaid. Anyway, it should be noted that he did have the primary asst on the goal. He missed the net, but it was in the right direction. Wouldn’t have seen that a year ago.

  15. Great post Cakewalk, I like intelligent posters who can analyze stats as well as the actual play.

    “Gomer hates him, after that thing last year.”

    what thing?

  16. well guess what Dubi aint the captain and wont be for a long time. Drury will come out of it, he needs time and should split up from Naslund.

    Giannone has that irritating voice when he calls game. You want to put the tv on mute when he does them. Way to go Aves!

  17. What was worse then losing the game was listening to chickensh**s like Maloney and Trouthead putting Avery and his “antics” down after continously defending him when he was with NYR!!

    Its maddening that these people get to act like we are all so stupid that we actually take them seriously.

    If Giannone got into it with Avery I would guess its because Avery knows how full of it all these talking heads are ( except Sam of course)

  18. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Beer, I agree…almost 100%!! Haha.

    On drury, we’re all concerned. But I have a bigger fear of this lack of wins in the past 4 regulation games and besides the wings game, we’ve only scored 2 goals in the other 3. The team looks far less dynamic and, generally, slower than they did when they went up 5-0. Could those 5 games have been that we were that ahead in our seasons preparation? I hope not.

    Also, I just don’t understand why the pp reverted to stagnancy? Renney needs to focus on Gomez and keeping him on pace for 70-80 points, someone should be putting those passes in. Gomez is too good end to end to let that go to waste, I was thinking naslund and cally. Ugh…What a frustrating day.

  19. Giannnone is a very nice person and a decent guy. Giannone is all about supporting the Rangers. Maybe Giannone called Avery out about the crap Avery was talking to stir it up with Vally and Dubi by the red line during the warm up. I do not know what caused the altercation but I would give the benefit of the doubt to Giannone in a heartbeat.

    Avery is a self-agrandizing attention whore. All the bs about his self imposed moratorium, about not giving interviews,is typical. He was very charming to Stan Fischler in that postgame interview because Avery had no effect on the outcome of this game. He didn’t talk with his play so he had to run his mouth afterward.

    He deserves to rot in a cultural backwater like Dallas. He could have played for the greatest hockey team, with the greatest fans, in the greatest city in the world. He didn’t.

    Screw Avery. The Rangers are well shod of him.

  20. Last night’s game was the perfect example: Drury is not worthy of being a Ranger’s Captain. Someone should remind him that the C on his jersey does not stand for “Coughing” as in Coughing up the play. This team is in desperate need of some real leadership and the perfect candidate for this is Brendan Shanahan. With whatever money that is left it is time to bring back No.14 back to his home, the Garden.
    I seriously believe if changes do not come soon, the blueshirt faithful will be calling for Drury’s head. It’s pretty bad that in 9 games Drury only has recorded an assist compared to Ranger newcomer Aaron Voros who has recorded 9 points.

  21. “Maybe he told Giannone that he hates when he does games instead of Sam Rosen and that he wished Rosen stopped doing NFL games.

    Just a guess.”

    I think that’s a bad guess that gives Avery way too much credit. I’m sure it was something much more personal and much more vile than that.

    And let’s be honest. One thing that emerged from Avery’s mouth with Fiscler last night was that “It’s an unfortunate situation” and “New York is really my home,” and he even basically said he hoped to play for the Rangers again. Obviously the guy is very upset that he isn’t playing for the Rangers. I would submit that he WOULD have taken less money to stay here but it wasn’t offered to him. I think the Rangers made a very conscious, organizational decision that they were not bringing back Avery, Jagr, Straka, or Malik. I don’t think Avery got any such $12/4 year offer from Sather – I think he got no offer and is subsequently acting like a woman scorned.

  22. Oh and Screw Avery twice. Shame on all Ranger fans wearing his jersey last night. With a difference of a few bucks this trader who promised at the end of last season’s game “I will be back with this team next season, I love the Garden faithful, & I love this city” and instead chose to opte for more money and headed south to Dallas. What a Golddigger.

  23. No comment on Drury’s leadership – we really don’t know what’s going on in the room – but I will submit that there is always an element of leading by example and as such Drury is not holding up his end. It’s bad enough that he has only one point in 9 games and that, largely, is because he and Naslund refuse to play the type of game that has worked for the other lines on this team by getting the puck in deep, retrieving it and cycling down low (although Drury was wide open in front of Turco at some point and Rissmiller took 3 days to get him the puck) to create opportuinities. But what makes it all much worse is that in 2 of the 3 losses Drury lost his check at inopportune moments that resulted in 4 goals against, and he’s also not winning faceoffs. It’s easier than you think for him to pick up his game – start playing sound defense, which he certainly can do, start winning faceoffs, and start dumping the puck in and getting it. If he starts doing those things I guarantee he’ll heat up. Right now, though, he’s an issue.

  24. I’m so glad that the initial ‘push’ to start the season is over. Starting Friday, NO excuses of being tired from the Eurotrip.

  25. Rissmiller playing meaningful minutes on a line with Drury and Naslund is a joke. Just because he’s tall doesn’t mean he will be a physical force (see Marek Malik). I’d rather see Sjostrom or Prucha get a shot on that line, they both deserves more ice time. Rissmiller needs to be flat out waived at this point.

    How many gloves saves can Hank drop in a game? It’s like he’s playing with a new catching glove every game and he can’t close the glove on the puck. It already has and will continue to hurt this team unless he learns to catch the puck and get a whistle.

  26. why did the 4th line play almost 10 mins last night and y were they playing with less than 10 mins to go and gettin a regular shift when we need a goal.

  27. I am still not pushing the panic button. I think this team needs the few days of rest that it is going to get this week. Hockey is probably the most physically demanding game you can play. These guys look tired. Professional conditioned athletes or not, they need some rest. And to be straight to the point, we are not going to win every game this season. Yeah, last night was a stinker and so was the game against Buffalo, but we were not blown out of either game. Hank has still looked sharp, and we still don’t have our “real” team out there. What I mean by that is, we still have our revolving group of players that are going in and out of the line up. I expect a strong effort this weekend against two pretty good teams. I am glad we get a few days off. I hope they can get back to just throwing everything at the net and beating the other team to the puck for goals and getting some deflections. I also think we will make a trade before the weekend. Let’s just call it a “hunch.”

  28. Matt….I saw Orr on the ice with 4 minutes to go and thought the exact same thing. At some point Renney has to realize that the 4th line already scored their 2 goals for the year.

  29. Rozsival and Redden don’t hit (5 and 8 respectively) They should be split up. Staal and Girardi do hit (18 and 27 respectively) so they could be the partners, this helps with another area, being turnovers v giveaways

    Rozsival 5 hits 7 takeaways v 2 giveaways with Staal 18 hits 2 give and take aways
    Girardi 27 hits 8t v 3g with Redden 8 hits 6 t v 9g
    Kal 8 hits 4 t 6g and Mara 21 hits 1 take and give away

    a little more balance…

    Just becuase Redden adn Rozi are getting the big bucks doesn’t mean they need to be together….

  30. Renney will never realize thats why i dont ever see us winning the cup with him. ie him having hollwegg out there aganst pitt at the end of the game so he could take a the hollwegg penalty.

  31. At least it is still very early in a long NHL season.

    And at least we get one more chance at Avery – Feb. 6 in Dallas.

  32. Rangers play up/down to opponents level; they are good enough to be competetive that way but..they need to be able to dictate the play to join the elite; they only seem to do this against Njersey

  33. Seriously, even if you hate the way Giannone calls the games, or despise his commentary, how is what Avery did at all acceptable?

    He provided humor because he attacked players that we don’t like. Yet, I for one, am glad he’s gone. I’m very happy with this team, despite their lackluster performance last night.

    So lets move on. I’m sick of hearing about this guy, and he’s not even on the team anymore!

  34. You guys are incredible, their record is 6-2-1! 6 games in 9 nights after a European trip. Give it a rest. Drury had a slow start last year too and still had a good year. He still kills penalties and plays good D. Give it another 10 games before you walk out on that ledge.

  35. I’m not sure why the defensive pairings aren’t Staal/Rozsival, Redden/Girardi and Mara/Kalinin. I think both Mara and Kalinin have proven that they aren’t just a weak link 3rd pairing. Both of them have played well and I think any of our defenseman can play in any situation at any time during the game. This is the first time in a long time that I’m not nervous about what D is on the ice against the opposition.

  36. Hey Sam –

    I vaguely recall Giannone getting into it with a player in the past, though I can’t remember the details. Was it with Avery? Am I remembering that correctly?

  37. all you Drury haters will be the same ball lickers
    when he starts scoring multiple GWG’s

    the guy is a winner

  38. All you punks loved me last year, and now you boo me? I will take my Teen Vogue internship and show you all. Classless fans.

  39. what is wrong with you people? Drury is great. before i get into drury i wnt to address out real problem, tom renney. renney is a good coach when it comes to preparation and conditiong. however, he is one of the worst when it comes to drawing a game plan of goal scoring. he has no plan on the powerplay or five on five, just skate hard and hope to score. sure, that sounds great for a pickup game but this is pro hockey. his 5-3 pp makes me sick, i have trouble watching it because it hurts so badly to see him do nothing to fix their problems. first, the pointmen are standing 8 miles away form the net, they need to move in. second, he is the least preceptive coach in the nhl for him not to realize his guys stopped going to the net. when i say “going to the net”, i mean when you cross the blueline instead of going wide and eventually behind the net and eventually throwing a pas to the point, you attack the portion of the ice in between the circles to get better angles. yes, the play iwl be broken up many times and shots ill be blocked, ut penaltis will be drawn and better andlegs and passs wil be availiable. the players can only do as mch as theyre give. yes, drury, naslund and gomez didnt produce much early, but they wre wining. time needs to be given before they were separated. drury should be playing with the guys that make him hppy, nazzy and gomer. th third line should consist of korpikovksi, fritchie and caly. i dont understand why prcuha plays he is horrible. the secon line is fine the way it is but the rangers ned to begin atatcing the net like hey wre ni the early weeks of the season.

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