MSG Network acknowledges Avery-Giannone spat


So here’s the latest from an MSG Network spokesman about last night’s altercation between Sean Avery and John Giannone in between the first and second periods:

“There was a verbal exchange between the two last night. It’s over and we won’t have further comment.”

Not exactly riveting stuff, I know, and it doesn’t sound like much more is going to come out of it. According to the NHL, since there wasn’t a physical encounter (although I’m told the two did get in each other’s face), Avery is not likely to be disciplined.

The Stars also had no comment.

More later…

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  1. How many members of the press ever apologize to athletes? No, they just write horrible things and say they’re just doing their jobs.

  2. yeah but you gotta give Giannone some respect for standing up and not pussing out. He manned up.

  3. my first game at the garden was back in 89 and kissio was captain and bernie nicholls was an A i believe. omg i forgot about those 2. the goofiest jersey i have seen i gotta admit was my sisters manny malhotra jersey and her nedved jersey. not so much nedved but malhotra??? i asked her why and she thought he was a hottie. lol i said damnit i think kaspars a hottie too with his flowing golden locks but wouldnt get his jersey cuz it sounds like a venereal disease. lol j/k about the kaspar crush

    anyway, giannone is a goofy bastard i hope hes not gonna be sams replacement cuz i noticed hes been fillin in for sam alot recently.

  4. onecupin67years on

    Giannone kisses all the ranger’s asses because thats his job, I hope he really doesn’t think that the players like him, the writers, announcers, fans and etc. We’re just tolerated by the pro athletes in all sports.Giannone should’nt have stooped to Avery’s or any “A’ holes level.

  5. Giannone is terrible. He has gotten a little better but he used to talk so fast, as to tell you everything that was happeneing, that you couldn’t understand him and I always wondered how he kept his breath so long. He tells the game as if he’s on radio, tells every little detail but sucks at it.

  6. haha some days I just have to laugh at this blog… a week ago, people were saying how Sam sucks because he doesn’t tell you what’s going on in the game, he’s telling a story… Then Giannone’s bad cause he’s trying to fit everything in.

    And he kisses Ranger’s asses. He’s supposed to be a reporter/announcer/on-air personality FOR the Rangers, it’d suck if he hated them.


    You’re right, most of the players don’t like him, except the super nice guys like Dru. He has an annoying personality.

    Thank god Rismiller is not gonna be with this team. What a waste of one million. The funny thing is, Aves’ offer was for a million less, you’d think if Slats was willing to waste away the extra million, he’d just give it to Aves instead of giving it to Rismiller. But i really don’t care aboot Aves anymore, im much more happy with Voros.

    BTW – Aves’ minor leaguer comment aboot Vally. That’s funny, cause Vally has as many wins as Turco, and a shutout. So the backups getting the job done over the Stars starter. Also, what exactly did Vally, and Dubi both say ? I never read anything aboot it.

  8. “Jeever October 21st, 2008 at 4:20 pm

    yeah but you gotta give Giannone some respect for standing up and not pussing out. He manned up.”

    ild have to agree. this whole thing suprised me….although it probably shouldnt have right?

  9. Sam and Joe are the only good things aboot MSG. Even Fishler i cant stand. He’s having a nice little convo with Aves, acting all nice, after he’s been bashing him all summer. Al is alright, but he can be annoying sometimes, and his teeth bother me.

  10. Sam Rosen = the best! I hope he does more games the last game done by Joe stunk!

    I wish Avery slapped Giannone lol what on earth was said between the two of them can anyone please on the iside tell me?

    The Avery-Valiquette thing is a joke. We all know he’s the best backup goalie in the league and will one day be a starter. Teams like the Sens and Hawks would love to have the chance to take a gamble on him early and cheap.

    Avery used to practice annoying Valiquette during team practices and he was so obnoxious that Valiquette actually got mad at him. (was before the Devils series last year–he said he was just getting warmed up for Brodeur).

  11. Valli and Dubi said the team is getting along real well this year and its nice… then they were asked if thye meant nice since Avery is gone and they refused to answer.

    It has been public that Rangers said anonymously they didn’t like him so he just latched on to the two names he had available…

  12. jason im not sure cuz i was only 8 yrs old back in 89 but i clearly remember kissio and nicholls. it probably was gresch though. my faves growin up were mess, graves, gartner, ogrodnick, erixon, leetch, patrick, and remember per joos? i think thats how u spell it. oh nemchinov was good too. but kocur was my all time favorite enforcer for the rangers.

  13. (from previous thread)

    Doodie – hate to sound like such a booster for Grafs, but I couldn’t be happier with the 703s. I was worried too at first, because my 501s had the Tuuk, a feature that is custom only on Grafs today. But like I said, it’s given me a jump in my step and thensome. I’d highly, highly recommend giving them a try if you’re looking for skates.

    Rissmiller: See ya. Sorry you moved 2,000 miles to get buried in the AHL, but that’s the way the NHL rolls, especially when you’re the second-coming of Jeff Toms…

    …Now the Rangers have just short of $2 million in cap space…can anyone say SHANAHAN?

  14. i think tomas sandstrom couldve ben an A. mike ridley was too but i think he was gone by then.

  15. I wish Avery would have pulled Giannone’s sweater over his head and poped him a few times.

  16. onecupin67years on

    Avery is an ACT and giannone fell for that nonsense, maybe if giannone said something like”its her time of the month or she’s having a bad hair day”but Avery isnt worth fighting, you’ll lose your job and “she’ll” sue you.

  17. as much as id like to say shanahan. i dont think it has anything to do wit shanny. i know i’d like to see shanny maybe in dec. or jan. because maybe he’ll be good to go with just half a season to play but unless the rangers want to have a slower, 1 yr. older shanny i think it would hurt us and it wouldnt be good for dru and the locker room. dru is havin hard enough time with the burden of bein captain as it is and to have shanny back would just undermine him and the faith in his ability to lead. but then again if it helps us down the stretch it might not even be a factor

  18. Mike,

    I was 8 at the time too and I def remember Per Djoos, I think his last year was 91/92.

    I think Sandstrom was moved by then, I believe he was part of the deal that included Granato and brought Broadway Bernie to the Rangers.

  19. repost…

    From previous post by Nasty 1 :

    “Giannone always has that look on his face. Like a kid who just got caught picking his nose and sticking the same finger he just picked his nose with in to his younger brother’s birthday cake, to taste the frosting before anyone has even cut in to the cake yet. I don’t hate the guy, at all, but he is just a very awkward interviewer. I think you all know what I mean.”

    LOL… Bro after colorful commentary like this one I think MSG should replace Giannone and give you his job…

    On more serious note referring back to Avery saga… its funny to see how people fail to remember certain things. From a friend to a foe in a heartbeat… everyone forgets how they were chanting his name and hoping that he would do something drastic so we can cheer even more…and all those legendary nights against NJD and “FatBoy”… just for that Avery will always be one of my all time favorite players… and this bull about him being a distraction… how do YOU KNOW that is true? So he’s got strong personality, SO WHAT? he is gone and this team is lacking that personality… he is on a different team now and does what he does best for them… and I think we should respect that

  20. Just watched the link from Agravaine. Giannone made obnoxious comments about Avery. Now he’s complaining that Avery called him on it? Why do reporters think they can personally attack someone then get upset when the athlete gets mad at them? Too bad Jagr took the high road by ignoring Mike Milbury — Milbury is a jerk also. Jagr had to leave the league to finally feel free to make his parting comments to Milbury. No tears for Giannone.

  21. For the last 2-3 items that Sam posted, the comments in it are absolutely negative for the most part. IMO

    After reading this last update , I have to comment to those people that wished harm (slap him/sock him, etc) on John Giannone. You people are pathetic! Freedom of speech, right to your opinion blah, blah, blah!! This is only a game of hockey and entertainment! Granted, sometimes it’s like a soap opera, where the media stir up drama to get people into the sport or publicity for the team. Bad publicity is better than no publicity right?

    These announcers/broadcasters, I am sure 95% of you would give your (insert body part here) to have their job. They are hired by a certain organization so they are bias towards that team and their players, that is until someone commits a really bad offense, whatever it is, on or off the ice. I mean alot of you always complain about the Devils/Islanders or any other teams’ announcers being bias. Aren’t you guys being hypocritical? None of the broadcasters ever bother me, as long as I get to watch the game. What John did to ever tick any of you guys off, to the point that you wish him harm, is beyond me!! I would never wish my enemy harm, let alone some hockey announcer. You people take this sport and it’s going-ons WAY TOO SERIOUSLY!!

    Who cares about what Avery & Giannone have to argue about? Most of the crap that comes out of Avery’s mouth is to amuse himself cause he feels bored. I guess John fell for the trap, does that make him fit to be a punching bag? Get a grip people!! It’s only 3 weeks into the season!

    Off topic, I judging from what I observe on a daily basis, I think humanity along with the economy is going into the sewer! Right now, I would not want to bring children into this crappy society!

  22. Okay, here’s what happened: Giannone approached Avery on skates, tried to stop but instead fell down and conked his head while sliding into Avery. While he was trying to regain his equilibrium and suppress his humiliation, Avery went upside his head until pulled away by a Dallas teammate.

  23. EXCELLENT find Agravaine!

    I happen to like Gianonne for what he does…would not want him taking Sam’s spot…but I like John…he does seem like a “good guy” and I like how that video has a kind of more “mics off” feel… reminds you that Gianonne actually has a set… good for him not pussying out. I would kill to know what was really said…

  24. I’m a pretty big Giannone fan. In a world of sports broadcasting where there are way too many stiff necks who take themselves too serious and entirely too many goof balls who don’t know dick about sports (eg Chris Berman), Giannone is a refreshing mix of knowledge and candor; not to mention, it seems all the players genuinely enjoy his company.

    If you’re a Stan Fischler kind of guy, or a Chico Resh type, we’ll probably disagree.

  25. Well said Salty.

    Keep in mind that MSG is NOT ESPN in terms of cash for broadcasting. They can’t afford to ship in some big name when Sam has to do the Giants. I don’t think Giannone is asking to call the games. This is just MSG’s way of cutting corners and saving a dime when they can’t fill Sam’s shoes. In this economy, who can blame them.

  26. Rudolph

    If I see that clip of Giannone wiping out at the blue line one more time I’m gonna cry.

  27. “Everytime I see an old #11 jersey with the “C” at the garden, I get so hopeful that it’s not a Mark Messier jersey and instead it’s a Kelly Kisio but I haven’t seen one in longer than I can remember and it’s always a Messier jersey and my hopes and dreams are smashed.
    Does anyone else get that way? Does anyone care? I don’t know why I’m posting this at all.”


    You’re posting it for fear that people forget how solid a captain and player Kisio was. And don’t worry, somewhere, in a drawer at my folks’ place I’m sure, I have an 11 “C” Kisio jersey. And, you know what else? I still dig the “Potvin Sucks” chant and here’s the finger to everyone who whines about it nowadays…

    Potvin Sucks. Kisio rules. Go Calgary Hitmen. Go Rangers.

  28. onecupin67years on

    speedskateorr, Thank God the people who lived through the depression and WWII didn’t have your negative attitude .
    think positive! Do something to make the world brighter other than whine about it.

  29. Kissio was Captain in 89-90. Gresch was a 7th dman by then. I’m pretty sure James Patrick wore an A; Gartner was too new. I remember that season well; the Rangers were one Brian Leetch going ankle first into the boards in Toronto and one John Druce away from going to the Conference Finals where they had a good record vs. the Bruins.

    Kissio was a good player. I never got why they let him go UFA to the Sharks after 90-91 back then but now it makes sense; money top 6 forwards minutes and they couldn’t get over the 2nd round hump similar to the Jagr-ear Rangers.

    The Potvin Sucks chant is old. Once or twice a game is fine but not every 5 min. Screw him. He’s been out of the league over 20 years. How about Bettman sucks?

    And no one should whine about Rissmiller being a one million dollar AHLer; that’s how the league works nowadays. If anything now Potter/Fahey will get a shot.

  30. The Potvin Sucks chant is dated. No one outside of Rangers fans even knows what it means, not even most Islanders fans nowadays. Same jackasses who love that chant are the same ones yelling “shoot” every second.

  31. Guys whatever faults Giannone may have in broadcasting he is a really nice guy. I mean he stays after games and talks wth fans, very patient and very nice.

    That video showed that Avery started cussing at Giannone and he stood up for himself, good for him… I bet what happened is Giannone went and asked him for an interview and Avery went off on him, Giannone took it in stride… he hasn’t come out and said Avery is an arse that exploded on me, he hasn’t said a thing about it… which is why none of us know what exactly happened between them.

    For any faults I am 100% certain this was Avery being an ass. Giannone said, while Avery was here that he was a guy you hated on other teams and hated less when he was yours. He said it was fun watching him at times, but Giannone never seemed fully behind Avery’s attitude…

    Giannone seems very patient and cheery, like I said Ive seen him after games as patient as heck with all types of morons, myself included at times I am certain. But really I can’t see im starting anything, and just as I don’t blame Mara for standing up for himself, I am not going to blame John for standing up for himself, n fact I applaud it…

    and this may be easier for me since I didn’t like Avery when he was here. btu thats how I see this situation…

  32. You know what would be poetic justice? I wanna see Ovechkin do one of his Cookie monster meets Animal from the Muppets celebrations right in Avery’s face.

  33. Thanks for all the advice, guys. I picked up Graf Ultra G5s today. I was amazed at how comfortable they felt when I first tried them on. Now they got baked and I am wearing them bearfoot… thinking about going barefoot for the first skate they feel so snug. Like freaking mocasins!!!!

    I will let yall know how the skate goes tomorrow when I sneak back in from work. I cannot WAIT TO TRY THESE!!!!

    Thanks again for all the suggestions.

  34. I just wonder if he gives that same interview if they had lost the game. Either way, it was a fine with me.

    In other new, I got shampoo in my frigin eye during my shower and it was absolutely awful. I’m in agony over here. I like like I’m stoned out of my eye. I switching back to Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.

  35. did someone just discuss Avery and Ginaonne and then somehow think that evolves into a referrendum on our entire society as a whole? Did I just see that?

  36. See, that is how fugged up I am over here. I meant to say that I look like I am stoned out of my mind over here. My eye is BLOOD SHOT!!!

  37. Yes, you did Vogs. I chose to not even touch that. It was one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read.

  38. If Drury fails to score in the next game or 2 I say send him down to Hartford or scratch him until he agrees to be traded or buy him out. And then sign Nedved, at least Nedved was able to make things happen with his speed and puck carrying ability. And stay away from Shana-Khan he stinks.

  39. And lets not forget that last season Drury was not very good in the playoffs.

    And for such a non-physical player he takes a lot of penalties.

  40. JJP i couldn’t agree more….the sad part is a lot of rangers fans have no idea what the potvin sucks chant is either! sad but true….

    and don’t you want to punch the people in the face when they’re screaming shoot and there’s no lane and no one in front??? bugs the crap outta me!

    thank god we’re finally starting to trim down the roster, i agree that rissmiller shoulda been the first one to go, he was AWFUL last night.

  41. just watched the video…when was it put out? you think avery saw/heard about it and it started this whole lovefest? i like gianonne a lot more after watching that…

  42. BTW, when Rangers got too many men on the ice penalty vs. Detroit Renney was screaming at someone, I thought it was Korpikoski who was trying to get on the bench. And boom, next game Korpikoski is scratched again. How convenient for Renney to yell at the only rookie and then punish him, when he should have been yelling at the refs for making a terrible call.

  43. bob, I think he was yelling at the refs, somewhere I saw that he wasn’t blaming Korpi… I guess the kid was scrathced to give Riss one last chance, not punishment.

  44. ENOUGH.




    Sorry for the all caps.


  45. Bob is like a five year old who likes to hear himself talk. Congrats, you’ve made my list of posters to skip. Thank you for dumbing down the entire discussion.

  46. inhankwetrust,

    I doubt Avery was checking GAme On in between periods… and I think it was filmed later but I’m not certain… John might be referring to it when he says Avery rudely refused the interview…

  47. Did I miss something Rissmiller has a 3 year deal. Even the post is saying that! I thought it was only a 1 year deal!!

  48. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I do have to admit – I’ll be watching the Avery show in NJ tomorrow. It should be quite entertaining.

  49. I didn’t mind Rissmiller… two games wasn’t enough. Dawes and Prucha have played more and proved even worse. Dump then and a first rounder for something.

  50. bob

    One problem with your theory on whom Renney was reaming in Detroit the other night —– he was quoted in the papers as saying the refs got the call RIGHT. Which it wasn’t!

    Which makes me — once again — want to PUNCH Renney for being such a suck-up, suck-ass to the refs who clearly not only don’t fear him but plainly don’t respect him either.

  51. I have long read this blog and never once made a post, but I have a really hard time letting the endless Chris Drury bashing go. We are 9 games into a very long 82 game regular season. Chilll out!! There is absolutely no clause for demanding Drury hand over his captainship, be traded, or sent to the minors. He has come up huge for the team before and will continue to do so. As a captain it is important to remember points are not his #1 priority. Is he supposed to produce? Absolutely yes, of course. But everyone hits slumps and streaks. That is part of the game. It will come. We cannot possibly know what he says in the locker room, but whatever it is has earned the respect of his teammate and coach. And that is what matters most… so just relax and get off the guys’ back. Let him play the game. If he’s still at one point come the All Star break, then by all means question his role. But not now. There are more important things to get excited about…

  52. i think the drury bashing isnt so much as people hate the guy but more like they feel a little angry because he basically hasnt done anything to earn his huge paycheck. hes not even winning faceoffs it seems. now dont get me wrong i love dru but hes a hockey player and gets paid to score. plain and simple. just like any job. u get paid to produce. so yea people have a right to complain about it. the only reason its not really that big a deal is cuz were winning. i love drury hes a great player and team guy but hes not being paid to be a cheerleader.

  53. and mo, if hes still at 1 point by all star break i think hed retire himself due to sheer embarrassment. i know dru will score and once he does get the first few out of the way noone will even care about this slump but right now its not lookin good. i do agree that its a long season and its better that we dont have to rely on a few guys to score and we have depth in our lineup but u gotta figure maybe something were not aware of is goin on with him.

  54. I guess I’m 1/2 a day late for that video. They must have taken the Giannone vid down. Sam/Joe & Fishler have vids, and the gomer/voros one.

    Rissmiller has until noon before he clears waivers and goes to htfd. Any takers?

    Anyone have a link to ‘the waiver wire’? (Who’s on it, in other words)

  55. Avery’s postgame interview with Old Fish Face was the most disingenuous piece of sell serving garbage I’ve seen in a long time. Avery must have realized what an ass he’d made of himself, especially the Giannone incident after the first period.

    He talks out of both sides of his face. When he signed with Dallas, he made a few disparaging remarks about NYR, New York and some of his former teammates. Last night, he knew he had gone over the edge, what with the “no pregame interviews” BS and he decided to back peddle with Stan. Shame on Stan for not holdong Avery’s feet to the fire and calling him out on his about faces.

    John Giannone and Sam Rosen are friendly and engage the fans. They seem like very genuine guys. Fischler ain’t so bad either. Trautwig and Eddie Olczyk are two stuffed shirts (as was JD I am sad to say) when it comes to relating with the rank and file fans outside the Garden.

  56. I’m with you hurley,
    I don’t mind Sam, Joe, Stan or John. I really like Dave and I don’t like Trautwig much at all, he just reinforced my dislike with this whole blown out of proportion ideas on Palin dropping the puck in Philly…he’s a pretty pathetic sports archeologist, just wish he’d move to the desert. Go look for some fossils.

  57. I just want to say, Peter said EXACTLY what I have always wanted to know!! I am dying to find out SPECIFICALLY what he says that could make all these hockey players go totally nuts.

  58. mornin people.

    bob is right send Drury down to the Pack. And if Dubinsky doesn’t score for a week him too.

    mhurley: what’d you expect from Avery?

  59. Mike in IA,

    “giannone is a goofy bastard i hope hes not gonna be sams replacement cuz i noticed hes been fillin in for sam alot recently.”

    every year, for as long as i can remember,someone fills in for sam on the weekends because he’s off doing a NFL game, sunday for fox.

    while on the topic of announcers, has anyone ever noticed how often joe micheletti is wrong when making observations? the next time you watch a game, listen to what he says before the replay, and when the replay comes on, he’ll do the play by play. it’s amazing how often his initial observation is wrong.

    another fun game to play is to drink every time you hear micheletti say “right there” during a game. “watch gomez skate with the puck and dawes go off sides…rrrrrriiigggght THERE!”

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