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Update, 2:42 p.m: Patrick Rissmiller has indeed been placed on waivers by the Rangers.

Update, 1:35 p.m.: TSN is reporting the Rangers have placed Patrick Rissmiller on waivers, something the team hasn’t confirmed yet.

If it’s true, the best case scenario for the Rangers is another team claims Rissmiller on the way down. But if he clears and the Rangers try to recall him, they risk paying half his $1 million salary should another team claim him on the way up.

Translation: I don’t know how much more we’ll be seeing of Rissmiller this year.

Earlier: The Rangers’ reward for their 2-1 loss to Dallas last night?  An extended series of sprints in practice today.

Good times, I noted to Marc Staal.

“Always a blast,” the defenseman said while stepping off the ice.

Don’t read too much into it, actually. The Rangers have prided themselves on being one of the fittest teams in the league, and according to Tom Renney, one of the downsides of having such a busy schedule is the team simply hasn’t had enough practices.

Judging by the expressions from doubled-over players, I’m not sure they agree that’s a bad thing.

“We’ve been going at it harder than any team in the NHL,” Renney said. “It might be catching up to us a little.”

But now the team gets a brief respite. After today’s skate, they’ll take tomorrow off, and won’t play again until Friday night in Columbus.

In the meantime, a few notes:

<li>Mark it down: We’re coming back with another live video chat Thursday at 1.

<li>Renney admitted the team is still busy evaluating four players in particular, and trying to figure out who is worth keeping around and who is worth dealing. But the coach implied there is nothing on the table with another team right now.

Presumably the four players are Petr Prucha, Patrick Rissmiller, Dan Fritsche, and Lauri Korpikoski. But while Korpikoski was a scratch last night, I would doubt that the team is seriously considering moving Korpikoski, who was back skating on a line with Chris Drury and Markus Naslund today.

“I’d like to get moving on some things. I think we all would,” Renney said. “In fairness to the players, they need to know they’ve been given that opportunity to secure a spot and we still have a gray area. We have three guys who are NHLers who aren’t in our lineup every night. That’s a bit of a dilemma.

“It’s more of what we have in front of us, and who gives us the best chance to win. The other side of the equation is if management were to say, ‘We’ve got something going on for that guy. How does that interest you?’ That’s a different equation and we’re not at that equation. We’re looking at these three guys, really four, and identifying who makes our team stronger.”

See my previous post about why I think this is important for this team.

<li>Stephen Valiquette slipped out of the locker room fairly quickly today so I didn’t get a chance to ask him about Sean Avery’s “minor leaguer” comment last night. But I did ask Henrik Lundqvist, who not only was unaware of what Avery said, he also didn’t know of what Valiquette and Brandon Dubinsky had said implying the Rangers were better off without the left wing.

When Lundqvist was told about the exchange, the goalie broke into a wide smile, to the point that he was holding back laughter.

Then he walked away, “I have no comment.”

<li>Either Michal Rozsival really doesn’t know which number he’s going to switch to after his No. 3 is retired on Harry Howell night, or he’s intent on keeping it to himself (this might be of little consequence to you, but for the record, I did stop into Tir Na Nog for a pint after the game last night, and the guy next to me at the bar was wearing a Rozsival jersey. So you know it matters to someone).

“First I have to still be here,” he said. I’m pretty sure he was joking.

I asked Rozsival if he was going to pull a Ray Bourque, who on the night of Phil Esposito’s jersey retirement night, pulled off his No. 7 sweater to reveal his new number, 77. Rozsival had no idea what I was talking about.

“That’s a great idea,” he said, before referring to Rangers’ PR chief, John Rosasco. “Tell JR.”

Then Rozsival paused. “But I’m not the same player as Bourque,” he said.

Well, now that you mention it…

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  1. None of the wires are really picking up that Rissmiller story and since same just posted at 1:32 saying they were still evaluating people including Riss, I am taking the Reagan view on this one….”Trust but verify….”

  2. rumor has it that with Rissy waived, Rangers traded Nazzy, Prucha, and another player to Minnesota for Gaborik.

    I might be lying. haha.

  3. i believe that on friday and saturday, were gonna see a totally different team, now that they got their first break since prior to europe. at least im hoping so, cause ill be at the game on saturday (penguins). im looking foward to see if any deals are done before the weekend, im sure there will be. looks like rozsi’s got a sense of humor

  4. Yep-Rismiller on Waivers,
    Pettinger claimed by TB off re-entry from Vancouver who got Wellwood through re-entry.
    Sharks have waived their #1 pick from 2004 as well.

  5. good move… they cannot sit prucha and Fritsche night in and night out.

    bring up Potter for the 7th D man and give him a game or 2 here and there and see what he haves.

    they need more O….

  6. A few other places I see it now. CBC for one reported it. Nice work Slats….I could use 1mm and I scored some goals in my Sunday roller hockey league….Care to sign me?

  7. Good – Rissmiller was a waste.

    Can anyone report why Sam Rosen isn’t really doing any away games? Im figuring it has to do with his age and the travel maybe?

  8. Darrell, aside from prague, both our road games this year have been on Saturday nights. Sam does football for FOX on Sundays, and those assignments take priority during the football season.

  9. Adam Z. – wow really? I had no idea he announced for NFL. I’m a College Football guy so shows ya how much I know about NFL. They are lucky to have him then. Thanks for the info :)

  10. Repost:Rozsival sadly is going nowhere. He is making the same amount of money as Zubov(who is a future hall of famer imo) and has 3+ years left on his contract. Outside of the the Zherdev trade and the Voros signing I didn’t like Sather’s moves this offseason. Redden’s contract is one of the craziest contracts in all of sports. Mara’s signing is fine by me but Kalinin’s signing was overkill. Imo the Rangers d would be fine with Potter in there over Kalinin and they’d have more cap more to make moves later in the year.

  11. leatherneckinlv on

    So if we can put Rissmiller on waivers..why not the likes of Naslund or Kalinin..why..because its a bigger cap hit..we will be held for half the salary? point here is not the waiving..they realized a mistake..realize the rest as well and do something…solve the cap..who does what and where…dont settle for a mistake made in the off season…this team is good..but not great…a goalie like Lundqvist doesnt come around a team to win the cup…fix the mistake and praise the good decisions..Naslund was a nice signing that didnt work..Drury..very very suprised by his results and showing think to sit back and just say..oh well..that didnt work..and continue not wise…I do think both of them will get out of their funk but are they the right fit for the Rangers? Curious to see..of all the players not on the Rangers..who would you all like to see on the team? mine are Kommiserek on D and Getzlaf on the Ducks with Marleau a close second

  12. Which would you prefer??

    Slats quits and we lose in the Cup Finals or Slats stays and we win the Cup?

  13. “I can understand the Philly hate. But let’s revisit this later in the season when every team in the Atlantic is looking up at them in the standings.

    My only fear is that if they get off to too slow of a start then they won’t be able to climb high enough to take the division. But I guarantee a higher finish than any team other than Pittsburgh.”

    Doodie – secret Philly fan masquerading as regular Rangers poster?

  14. Great question. I vote to lose the Cup and Slats goes. That would mean we are finally rid of that f-ing loser and we could win the Cup more easily w/o that d-bag at the helm. No one in the league (other GMs, except for JD) even talk to the guy from what I am told (oh and Don Maloney maybe too.)

    Fire Sather.

  15. wow, good move putting Riss on waivers… so now, we have around 1.2M in cap room… not bad.

    People asked about waiver rules, I THINK this is the basic version.
    Riss placed on waivers. If he gets claimed by another team, they take his whole salary. If not, he can’t play for the Rangers (can play for Wolf Pack or Int’l), gets paid his 1M, but its not on the cap. Then, if the Rangers try calling him back, he faces re-entry waivers. If a team claims him, the Rangers take 1/2 the cap hit for the year, but are rid of him.

    Is that right, the rest of you GM geniuses?

  16. ok, now if what I said is correct, I have a question…

    Khabibulin was placed on waivers by the Blackhawks (ok, that’s not a question, but just wait for it…) He wasn’t claimed, but is now playing with them. As far as I know, he wasn’t ever subjected to re-entry waivers, so how is he playing with them?

  17. 22figure8, I know what you mean but I think you are taking Newman’s words out of context and too literally. By easily I am sure he means managing the cap better and being able to make a move at the deadline that could help us win the cup in a given year. I could be wrong.

  18. 22figure8 it’s a relative thing…..Easier to win the Cup with or without Sather?

    Adam Z….I know a few people in the organization….one person to be exact…he is related to my brother’s wife. I also know some other guys out on the West Coast who are friendly with guys in the league too.

    Since you asked, like a little punk wiseass…

  19. Jeever,

    If a player is claimed on re-entry waivers, the team that he got claimed from (the Rangers in this instance) have half of his cap hit on their books for the entire length of the contract (in this instance, 3 years).

  20. I don’t think that answers Jeevers question, but that’s right.

    Jeevs…I THINK it’s because it was before Opening Night. Once the season starts players have to clear. Before that(offseason), I think the current team has a say if they want to keep the player should another team submit a claim. He was sent down and recalled before 10/6.

  21. I hate long breaks in between games, but for the sake of the team, because they deserve it, I think it is for the best.

  22. No loss by dismissing Rissmiller. I couldn’t understand why he made the team out of camp over a 7th defenseman anyway. Next order of business is to part ways with Prucha. The first man off the bench should be Fritsche and he should be playing more than he has been playing.

  23. newman – I think so. I saw some comments from wings fans talking about him the same we hear about shanny here. He was awesome…4-time cup champ. But I think he’s done.

  24. First off, I can’t believe you guys are actually answering that question.

    Secondly, that’s the dumbest question I’ve ever read. Why? Because there is no sane question that could ever begin — which would you rather have, win the Cup OR????

    Maybe I’d answer if it was, would I rather win the Cup or have a night with Megan Fox. Or would I rather win the Cup or be in some wild threesome with Halle Berry and Jessica Biel.

    But, win the cup or have Sather fired? C’mon, get a clue. It’s the frickin’ Cup; not a sandwich, not a hotel, not a date with the next door neighbor… it’s the Cup and it’s probably getting my vote over Jessica Simpson too.

  25. does anybody else feel that riss being waved has nothin to do with a trade? i think its just so that maybe mngmnt either wants cap space for later in the season to work with or that they realize that the 3rd line is suffering from having so many different guys on it and they cant build chemistry. if they do make a trade i have to believe its for a big tuff d man to scare opposing players from gliding thru our d like figure skaters

  26. No problem Newman. I know what your meaning was. Even if you don’t have Sather, you still have King of all Morons Dolan looking over the Gm’s shoulder.

  27. Mike, I agree with you. I just think they are dumping a player that was a bad signing…freeing up some room….and only having 2 extra forwards. It’s just shedding dead weight. Now they don’t have to worry about keeping that guy satisfied with a game here and there and concentrate on figuring out what to do with the other 2. I don’t see them sending Korpi down, and don’t see Prucha in their future (esp. since his contract expires), so I think they should try and move Prucha, and keep Fritsche as the extra forward and rotate him with Korpi…

  28. brandon id choose the cup over anything. but a 3some with biel, fox, berry would only happen once in my lifetime!!! still, i have 2 hands. and a wild imagination. so yea cup!!!!!!

  29. Brandon, I would take that threesome…LOL

    I guess some of you here do not hate Slats as much as your post would indicate.

    I thought it would be an interesting, maybe not a good question, for a bloggers that dislike our GM as much as mentioned.

  30. Can someone explain the cap implications of this move? What happens if he does get picked up and if he doesn’t?

  31. kevo yea thats all it is because its def holding back guys who really deserve that spot in lineup. even pruchs. i think if he would just start eating massive amounts of protein n started workin out n put on like 15-20 lbs he could become a total different player. im still worried about our d though. redden n rozy need to be split. no question

  32. From previous post by Nasty 1 :

    “Giannone always has that look on his face. Like a kid who just got caught picking his nose and sticking the same finger he just picked his nose with in to his younger brother’s birthday cake, to taste the frosting before anyone has even cut in to the cake yet. I don’t hate the guy, at all, but he is just a very awkward interviewer. I think you all know what I mean.”

    LOL… Bro after colorful commentary like this one I think MSG should replace Giannone and give you his job…

    On more serious note referring back to Avery saga… its funny to see how people fail to remember certain things. From a friend to a foe in a heartbeat… everyone forgets how they were chanting his name and hoping that he would do something drastic so we can cheer even more…and all those legendary nights against NJD and “FatBoy”… just for that Avery will always be one of my all time favorite players… and this bull about him being a distraction… how do YOU KNOW that is true? So he’s got strong personality, SO WHAT? he is gone and this team is lacking that personality… he is on a different team now and does what he does best for them… and I think we should respect that

  33. Ha, the slats deal is a moot point almost. Dolan loves him. This is the same dude that held on to Isaih Thomas, the worst GM and coach in the history of professional sports as we know it. Look how long that dude stayed on… If Dolan likes someone personally, it doesn’t matter how good/bad they do professionally.

    So, unless Slats is somehow involved in some intern sex scandal or some racial commentary, he’s not going anywhere.

    Plus, the Knicks are SUCH a mess that anything short of a complete circus act makes the Rangers look even more successful.

  34. Beer – that answer sounds like it makes sense, about Khabibulin, thanks. That was bugging me for a while.

    I HATE Slats, but a Cup’s a Cup. You could have a genius GM/President, and it still wouldn’t guarantee a Cup. Look at Detroit for 2001-2007. Fantastic team, well run, but no Cups.

  35. leatherneckinlv on

    So..if we waive Rissmiller..why not the Naslund, Kalinin and Drury..not saying they should be waived but if Naslund is as much a bust as Rissmiller why not him as well, Whats the differance if both are it the name or what? So Say Naslund gets waived and gets picked up, why would the Rangers be concerned if he did get picked up by say…Los Angles as an example..mind thinking would be to trade assets..not waive them and i am hoping Sather is in this thinking..realizing good intentions in his signings that just simply failed..its not a matter of good or bad..its a matter of what is,,is,,NOW And one other thing..if I dont do my job as a union carpenter I get fired…and of to window E at the unemployment office it is,,why not the players..why should they be exempt from getting fired and a team be hostage to their contracts???

  36. doodie machetto on

    Well, I’ll give Slats SOME credit. It was nice of him to man up and admit he f-ed up in signing Rissmiller. While that’s not going to give him a pass for actually signing him (and his other boneheaded moves), it shows that he can sometimes admit that he was wrong, which is a very good sign moving forward.

  37. i would like to think or hope that riss gets picked up before re entry so we get no part of that 500k and riss was only signed for a year i believe. voros was 3. dont hold me to that but im pretty sure it was 1 yr. if it was 3 i have to believe he was brought here for a good reason to maybe replace one of our 4th liners but since our 4th line is kickin ass he no longer is needed

  38. They played 9 games….Naslund isn’t a bust, Kalinin isn’t a bust, Drury is not a bust (he has played more than 9 games obviously). Drury is overpaid, not a bust. Rissmiller wasn’t even a bust, just no room for him, especially at his salary. And if they get rid of Naslund, Drury, and Kalinin who the hell is going to fill in for them….such a dumb post

  39. No way in hell is Rissmiller getting called back up if he clears. They wouldn’t risk that cap hit for someone that isn’t needed.

  40. leatherneck’s all about writing novels today…

    a guy like Naslund has been successful his whole career. hes having a slow start, so we should just throw him away? what happens next summer when the Rangers go into free agency? Guys would see that kind of treatment off 9 games of an 82-game season, and would NEVER sign with a team like that.

  41. doodie – good point

    jeevs…I’m about 99% sure that’s the way it goes. But can’t confirm. I really don’t feel like going through the cba right now. btw…I have that sh*t saved on my desktop here at work. haha

  42. Fire Slats, trade Drury, dislike Redden, put naslund on waivers. I don’t understand why some of you don’t just pick a different hockey team to root for?

  43. doodie machetto on

    leatherneck, one word: upside.

    Naslund, Drury, and Kalinin all have it. Rissmiller does not. So it is worth waiting on those players because even if they are bad now, they could be great later. Rissmiller is nothing more than a fringe player.

    Another word: competition.

    Rissmiller was playing in a spot that could be occupied (more successfully) by 3 other players. Naslund, Drury, and Kalinin are not.

  44. lol house. just think about the clinton scandal and the whole cigar thing. no wonder why slats loves suckin on those stogies

  45. from my previous post this morning. Maybe Sather does read this blog.
    October 21st, 2008 at 9:07 am
    “Rissmiller playing meaningful minutes on a line with Drury and Naslund is a joke. Just because he’s tall doesn’t mean he will be a physical force (see Marek Malik). I’d rather see Sjostrom or Prucha get a shot on that line, they both deserves more ice time. Rissmiller needs to be flat out waived at this point.”

  46. waive naslund??????? hes got 2 goals and 5 points its not like hes pointless. zherdevs got 2 goals also. u wanna waive him too? i agree dan choose another team to root for. not everyone can score 50 goals at 35 yrs old. hardly anybody can. i think nazzy can still put up 25-30.

  47. doodie machetto on

    Sam, not that I care since I don’t have a preference, but you did your updates at the top instead of the bottom.

  48. leatherneckinlv on

    where did i say they are not good fact..i said Drury will come through..i said they just didnt fit on this team..Naslund and Kalinin..if you think Kalinin is playing good…you must not be watching the games..infact the obvious is in how Girardi is playing..he is not playing his game..seems worried about what will be Kalinins next move..You can see he doesnt trust Kalinin and his mind is not 100% on his game right now…Kalinin has been responsible for atleast 2 rookie type turnovers in his own end a game…and Nalund has the hands of stone at the momment, Chemistry is everything..Jagr with Nylander was incredible to watch..Jagr without Nylander became the step child of the Haters..I dont hate any of these player and will not name call them..just pointing to facts that I see and trust me..I know this game well..been watching hockey since the early 70’ an earlier post..I mentioned..who would youz like to see on the Rangers..I offered my players..on D Mike Kommiserek and forwards..Ryan Getzlaf with Patrick Marleau a close second ..I live out west so the Ranger games are on at 4 pm and i get to watch the west coast games at a reasonable time….I will die a true blue and in fact my loyalty is to the Rangers not the players…only 1 NY Rangers..players or the managment…come and go..

  49. I still think that Gomez and Naslund could play well together. I wouldn’t mind trying Naslund Gomez and say Korpikoski together and then have Drury Cally and Dawes (which we know had some success last year). Gomez is flying right now so I feel this is the time to try Naslund with him again, although Gomez Cally n Dawes r playing extremely well. I’m just trying to think of how to get everyone contributing. I hate having a few days off to speculate…

  50. lol Naslund isn’t a bust the season just started. Everyone started freaking out about Gomez and Drury not long ago, remember? (And aside from Drury’s ridiculously slow starts and the fact that he’s overpaid, he’ll be fine and contribute)

    I do think that it should be Gomez centering the first line and Drury centering the third. We should just accept that we didn’t overpay a 30+ goal scorer–we overpaid a clutch, all-around good player who can really help on special teams and development of younger guys on his line.

  51. The best puck-moving center in the league should be on the first line, for sure.

    If Naslund struggles, they should tinker with him and not someone else.

  52. leather, i gree that the players come and go. i am 27 and have been watchin n rooting for rangers since 89. i do think that signing both dru and gomer was a mistake. 1 of them would have been enough, but after nylander left which was bad for jagr cuz those 2 were great together but now that duby is becoming the star of this team we really didnt know this thats why we got dru n gomer. nobody can see the future and mistakes are made in every organization but you’re right i am loyal to rangers no matter who plays for them. i do think however that kalinin is not as bad as u say. i see every d man making mistakes. redden has more giveaways than kalinin. but since he scored 2 goals u forget about that. anyway i agree with most of your statements. sorry for long post.

  53. Everytime I see an old #11 jersey with the “C” at the garden, I get so hopeful that it’s not a Mark Messier jersey and instead it’s a Kelly Kisio but I haven’t seen one in longer than I can remember and it’s always a Messier jersey and my hopes and dreams are smashed.

    Does anyone else get that way? Does anyone care? I don’t know why I’m posting this at all.

  54. Beer Me,

    That’s almost as good as a Kisio jersey, I’ve gotta break out my Corey Hirsch jersey at some point this year.

  55. I saw this kid with a Rangers Lindros jersey last night. I was embarassed for him.

    On the flip side, the game against the Devils last week, there was a kid near by me, wearing a Rangers hat and Devils jersey, cheering the Rangers, booing the Devils. I asked him what his deal was. He showed me the back of his Jersey. It was numbered 30 and instead of Brodeur, it said “I SUCK” across the top. LOVED IT.

  56. Come to think of it, after game 4 against the Penguins last year, I got a great picture outside the garden of a little kid with his dad’s (the jersey was down to the kids knees) Tony Granato jersey.

  57. kevo, dru wit cally and dawes was good maybe we should try that again. but dawes would benefit more from gomer i think cuz hes a better passer. either way i hope we just create lines and stick with them for more than 2 games so they can build chemistry. and leather if i had a choice of who i would want on the rangers it would be a winger to play with gomer like heatley and a d like komisarek or pronger

  58. I saw a #8 Rangers jersey last season with BOOOOOOO across the top and a #5 Rangers jersey with POTVIN SUCKS across the top

  59. Mike, yea I agree….I just like throwing things out there once in a while. I say Dawes, Cally n Dru bc they did well last year and Dawes didn’t start off too well, but if he steps it up then I have no problems with him up there. These are the things that happen when you have a few days off, coming off a game that didn’t go so well….sucks

  60. The Cup or a night with Taylor Swift would be a tough choice for me. How about both – as in pouring champagne from the Cup all over her body and then, well, going to work?

  61. my first game at the garden was back in 89 and kissio was captain and bernie nicholls was an A i believe. omg i forgot about those 2. the goofiest jersey i have seen i gotta admit was my sisters manny malhotra jersey and her nedved jersey. not so much nedved but malhotra??? i asked her why and she thought he was a hottie. lol i said damnit i think kaspars a hottie too with his flowing golden locks but wouldnt get his jersey cuz it sounds like a venereal disease. lol j/k about the kaspar crush

  62. Redden has more takeaways and more blocked shots then Kalinin to add to his goals and assists. Kalinin takes more penalties as well…. THere are more reasons then the goals that Redden is getting a pass for. But still he is being crititicized as well…

  63. leatherneckinlv on

    Drury is a fit,,to make sure i am understood…its Kalinin, Naslund and the now gone Rissmiller that were not..The D pairings do need to change..i dont like the Kalinin and Girardi combination at all and the Roszi and Redden one makes no sense to me..its like one is waiting for the other to take charge..if thats the case..then it is Redden who needs to captain that pairing,,however..those 2 shouldnt be paired up either…also forgot to mention..Prucha as well like him or not..he is of no use to the Rangers sitting in the press box..if you wont use him then.. give the kid an opportunity elsewhere and get a draft pic..I see Prucha fit in well with Minnesota Wild for some reason..its just a gut feeling, an intuition there

  64. I’d like to see these lines in the next game:

    Drury is not a sniper, he’s gonna get hard working goals down in front of the net, much like Voros has done. I think that has a lot to do with our shot/goal disparity lately. NHL goaltenders are so good, if they can see it, they’re gonna stop it. Voros has created that havoc in front of the net. Drury likes to get in front, pay the price, and get deflection/rebound goals.

    I think we can pair the Drury line with Redden’s defensive pair. The reason being is that Gomez can rush through the neutral zone and isn’t as reliant on the outlet pass. Plus any lack of D the Gomez line would have could be supplemented by Callahan, who’s a good 2 way player. Redden has a great point shot, and Drury could deflect it, or hunt for the rebound. Mara has a cannon that often goes way wide of the net.

    Korpi has played well, but I’d like to see what Prucha can do to speed up the Drury line. Naslund has a wicked shot, and he should be instructed to shoot whenever he has the opportunity

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