When Avery becomes Avery (Updated)


The question posed to Tom Renney was if his own players know enough not to get caught up in Sean Avery’s antics seeing how most of them have seen the left wing operate up close.

“We have to be professional and really understand this is about two points and nothing else, and do whatever it is we have to do to secure them,” Renney said. “I would suggest strongly against us retaliating or getting caught up in this whole circus, which is pretty much what it’s about outside of our dressing room. We’re a pretty focused team.”

Of course they are focused, but that’s not the issue. If there’s a genius to Avery — outside of his ability to pick the right shoes to go with the right belt — is that he makes otherwise focused players unfocused. Every team talks about not letting Avery get to them, but not every player or team succeeds (see Devils, New Jersey, or Brodeur, Martin for more).

So if you’re asking me to guess, the answer is yes, at some point tonight Avery will say something fairly inappropriate to a Ranger and there will be a response. Maybe the response will be fairly harmless, or maybe it results in a penalty or some other type of mental error. The point is that just because you say you’re not going to let Avery get to you doesn’t mean he won’t.

Some other notes:

<li>There was only a brief Avery sighting in the hallway just now. He was wearing knee-high black socks and his trademark low-hanging basketball shorts, and working on his stick in the hallway. We’ll see if he’ll talk after the game, but to this point, he’s been selectively quiet.

<li>Thanks to reader Jen C. for “this link”:http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_daddy/post/Adventures-in-NHL-Wikipedia-vandalism-Colton-Or?urn=nhl,116045,. to a Puck Daddy blog item about your own Colton Orr and his bizarre Wikipedia page. It just goes to show, don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

Except for here, of course.

Update, 6:41 p.m.: And so it begins. In warm-ups, Avery could be seen exchanging words with Stephen Valiquette, and then yapping at Brandon Dubinsky.

With Dubinsky, who was standing with his back to Avery at center ice, Avery skated by several times and seemed to be saying something to try to get a rise out of him.

Dubinsky mostly looked straight ahead.

Toward the end of warm-ups, Avery could also be seen saying something to Henrik Lundqvist, who was stretching nearby.

This should be fun…

Update, 7:04 p.m.: Looks like Avery is starting, against the Dubinsky line no less…

Update, 7:05 p.m.: Mostly boos for Avery the first time he touches the puck, then he’s in both Lundqvist’s and Dubinsky’s face.

Update, 7:07 p.m.: Rangers 1, Stars 0. Markus Naslund rams in puck that caroms off the end boards. Second goal of the year for Naslund but first since the team returned from Europe.

Update, 8:36 p.m.: Rangers 1, Stars 1. When you dominate the first period but only have one goal to show for it, this is the risk you run. The Rangers were flat in the second period and now have no wiggle room to work with.  As for Avery, he’s been pretty much a non-factor so far, although he’s still found time to get into it with Paul Mara and Wade Redden during stoppages.

Update, 9:13 p.m.: Not a great night for a lot of Rangers, but especially Patrick Rissmiller, whose failure to clear the puck in the defensive zone indirectly led to Mike Modano’s go-ahead goal. Now the Rangers are on their way to dropping their third game.

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  1. Avery’s low profile thus far makes me think he’s either not going to make much of a splash during tonights game, or he’s going to be completely explosive. Who knows, maybe with the season Dallas has been having, he misses New York too much to come back and make a scene. Either way, I’d rather be watching him play in a Rangers jersey tonight.

  2. The rangers signed some kid today who used to be a teammate of Marc Staal in Sudsbury and was on Stamkos’ line last year. He will go directly to Hartford. I wonder if this means anything?

  3. doodie machetto on

    Avery is going to goad one of our players into something tonight. The question is whether it is a new guy or someone from last year. If it’s a new guy, he’ll do it just by being himself. If it’s someone form last year, he’s going to have to use personal info that he learned by being the guy’s teammate. In other words, if he somehow gets a Ranger from last year to react, expect the reaction to be REALLY brutal because of how over the line he would have to go to get that reaction.

  4. Thing about Broduer is that he always carries himself way above everyone else because hes so full of himself. When someone disgraces him and keeps doing it, it gets to him because someone doesn’t love him and actually gets him frustrated. Avery hit his deep nerves and since he thinks he can do no wrong, thats why it got to him more than anyone else. He tried to get after Buffalo and Pittsburgh’s stars and that didn’t work in the 2nd round either year.

  5. AVERY!!!!!!! AVERY!!!!!!!!! AVERY!!!!!!!

    Look out for me in the Dallas Avery Jersey…HOLDING A “WELCOME BACK TO NY SEAN” Sign.

    I hope Dubinsky gets his ass beat tonight. I want to get my moneys worth.

  6. Its on Blueshirt Bulletin. And I have the feeling that a trade is going to happen before this weekend. You heard it here first.

  7. Thanks for the replies on the last thread. I thought for a second that maybe I had to change my approach to some topics. So thanks for the honesty. Guess you were thinking of someone else TrueFans, eh?

    doodie – I call Mara. He’s having some roid-rages lately!

  8. Devin Didiomete is the kids name. Sounds like a Callahan type player but can fight a little better.

  9. Regarding the opposition to my position that Drury should be strippped of his captaincy, which should go to Dubinsky, may I remind you that Jonathan Toews, captain off the Blackhawks, at 20 years of age, is younger than Dubinsky. The problem with Drury, besides the fact that he is not producing, is his natural introspection. A real leader brings a fiery disposition to the battle, not a bookish reticense. We can clearly see he is out of his element.

    Years ago, Harry Howell, a particularly soft-spoken personality, while at the same time a future HOF D, voluntarily relinquished his Rangers “C” because he understood he did not have the temperament for the role, AND it affected his play, much like we are seeing Drury struggling. So that an introvert like Drury, who is not producing, and who is an imported mercenary, is just about the WORST player to lead this team onto the ice. He will leave us for even more money when his contract expires, so what’s the problem? He should be anchoring the fourth line with no letter on his jersey.

    “C” DUBINSKY !

  10. No Avery wouldn’t do that, no that would be unforgivable… Jagr was one of his “friends” here, as much s he had one. He was seen out with Shanny and Jagr…

  11. Avery made me totally forget about the Lundqvist twins matchup!

    Beer Me! – Trautwig brought up your favorite stat about with/without Avery with the Rangers. :)

  12. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    John Giannone is a gutless punk!. He trashed Avery in the pre game,but would never have the guts to say it to his face.Avery is one of the reasons that Renney still has a job today in my opinion and Valliquette is a nobody who has zero standing in the league to have any opinion on the state of the team.I happen to know through my best friend tyutin,who’s opinion of Avery and what he did for this team diifers dramatically from Valliquette.

  13. well orr, gomez, drury, and pretty much the rest of the team don’t care that hes gone. actually they are happy hes gone, or at least thats what they told my friend who worked the camp this summer.

  14. Sure did. My brother and I used to play a game when we were younger called “would you?” When we were younger and saw a hot girl. As Henrik’s sister is concerned, I would ;)

  15. Cakewalk

    Dubinsky is going to be the next captain of the Rangers, but to strip away Drury’s C at any point this season would be a terrible thing for the locker room. I doubt Dubinsky would like to get the C in such a way

  16. niiiiiice, hopefully that’ll get him going….naslund baby- look what happens when you shoot!!!

  17. I met Steve Valliquette at ‘Devon Day’ (it’s a little borough of Milford, CT) and after I got his autograph, I asked him, “Was Sean Avery just an asshole, and that’s why Glen didn’t try hard to resign him?”
    He said, “There were some problems with him, let’s put it that way.”
    Steve was a super nice guy, and I have a feeling that Avery really made everyone miserable in that room. I was upset when he signed with the Stars, but I felt better after hearing how bad he was from Vally.

  18. perhaps dru was reading rangers report before the game and got pissed at everyone trashing him cause hes working hard in the early going

  19. MSG made a mistake, listing Fritsche being in the lineup instead of Rissmiller on those graphics that come under the scoreboard at the beginning of the game. Good eyes by Naslund to find that puck after the wide shot. Of course, no assist for your boy Drury, haha.

  20. A little concerned at how many turnover at their blueline and in their zone. If Dallas is permitted to keep skating as freely as they did over the last twelve minutes of the first, it could be a disappointing night.


  21. We are built like a Western Conference team this year. I feel like we play that style pretty well. I love the pace of the games so much more than Eastern Conference games. Seems we play better as a team too. If the Gomez line starts hitting the net tonight we are golden. Ha.

  22. Sister Lundqvist was pretty babish. I don’t like how she is rooting for Joel, but that’s fair, Hank is better, and more important, and has done a lot, so i guess Joel deserves to have a time to shine.

    Nice to see Nazzzy score, hopefully it doesn’t end there.

    Id prefer Freddy with Dru, and Nazzy, not Patty, but eh. It was a good period, just gotta stay out of the box, and play smart.

  23. Morrow is one hell of a player. I hope he plays for the Rangers one day but not when he’s a shell of his former self like Shanny.

  24. Well it livened up for a couple of minutes. Naslund has looked alot better tonight. The Stars have surely outplayed the Rangers in this period. Hank has been great while Turco is fumbling every shot at him.

  25. Lundqvist has played some of his best games of his career vs the stars. I recall him having a 45 save game vs the Stars two years ago.

  26. we came out flying and showing emotion but only showed it at a few points in the 2nd. hopefully they pick it up in the 3rd. and for the love of god hit the net. everyone is missing.

  27. How god damn hard is it to hit the fuggin net ?? All these chances, just put it on net, and look for the rebound for the love of god.

    Not a good period at all.

    Hopefully that friggin changes, i don’t want a losing streak. They better have a strong 3rd.

  28. leatherneckinlv on

    Rangers look tired..it’ll be good for them to get some rest in the next few days…missing shots on net as they have is a clear indicator they are not on it mentally tonight

  29. Girardi: On Modano’s goal, either commit fully to blocking the shot or get out of the way. Horrible pirouette wuss-out spin-job to protect his pretty face.

  30. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The lack of commitment on the second GAA was actually Drury in the corner.

    BEER ME, I stopped reading your posts a long time ago when I noticed all you say is what I read in the newspaper and hear Joe say. You’re an excellent go-to if I need to hear the MSG propaganda. Your Avery hatred, just another example.

    Rozsival and Drury…ugh.

  31. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Agg, you’re right – but the player on the boards made the play out to center when Drew gingerly followed down-low. It was multiple lapses in coverage, beginning with “super-captain.”

    No regulation wins, 4 games. “Super-Captain” time!!!

  32. Whatever happened to the fast paced rangers I saw in prague?? How the hell do u wanna score when u either take too long to shot and then shoot and get blocked; or when u just miss the net on opportune chances??? U won’t generate goals or consistent chances if u don’t MOVE WITHOUT THE PUCK! Ps: I hate rozsival!

  33. What a pathetic loss. This team should be embarrassed. They let a shitty team, that gives up a shit load of goals, bitch them around, and take control of the game.

    This team has looked like shit for 5 games now. What the fugg is going on.

    And i still wanna know the the hell Rismiller was playing with Dru, and Nazzy ?

    What a horrible game.

  34. Well that sucked. Outside of Dubi’s nice rush early in the third they couldn’t get any chances. Hell the couldn’t even get a good entry in the zone in the third.

  35. czechthemout!!!!! on

    A second awfull game in the last three.Once again coach asshole cannot figure out a way to adjust during the course of a game.Tippet clogs the neutural zone after the rangers fast start and coach has no answer just like the buffulo game.I look forward to the day this hockey simpleton is no longer behind the bench.Rissmiller is a joke of a signing.

    that’s all I’m too fired up to say anymore.

  36. I have a serious question for Sam to ask Tom and the players…after going to Europe for a week and then having to come back and play a grueling early schedule, are these guys just tired out? I mean for some reason the Rangers go to Europe and come back playing and insane amount of games in a row. They show signs of what they did in the 1st couple of games but then they fade out. So not trying to make excuses, but I just wanna know if they are just feeling the effects of having to play so many games because they look exhausted out there.

  37. Trade Rozsival, sign Sundin. Maybe Nazzy will finally get some chemistry with him.

    Either way i want Rozi out of here, i cant stand him. Every play he makes, he looks so nervous like he knows he’s gonna make a mistake. Just trade the guy already, get Mats before another team does

    The way this team is looking, they might as well sign Shanny, even if he’s “slow”. That’s how this teams looking anyway.

  38. leatherneckinlv on

    if we dont make changes….this will be the type of games we can expect..1 goal losses..again..team toughness..a guy who can throw that big body check to liven up a crowd..is severly lacking…dont be fooled by the record…its good sure…but its a young season for many of the teams..including us..but..lets get real..the team with the highest GAA and we muster 1 powerplay goal?…thats not good..not many teams will oblige us like detroit..there are more teams like Jersey than there are Detroit who free wheels…by far the worst game of the season in intensity level….lets hope the rest will do them well

  39. other than some good hits it was a brutal and boring game. Rangers lacked energy.

    What is up with Drury? What a brutal start for the captain.

    Rissmiller is simply not as good as Prucha or Korpikoski or Fritsche.

    Rangers need to practice their shooting accuracy.

  40. And the reason I ask is because I know this team is fast. They’ve proven they are and its not like they aren’t trying. It just seems lately they try hard and then fizzle out at the end. Its like they need a break.

  41. leather, i still don’t get what you are asking for in team toughness. we have guys that check and we are a tough team, just look at Paul Mara for starters. bringing guys in that can hit but can’t do much else isn’t going to help us score goals or be fast. if anything its going to take away from the team. look up and down the lineup and the only people that don’t hit are pretty much Rozi, Gomez, and Drury. Everyone else throws checks.

  42. The second period “miss the net party” was a blast…….Everyone was invited.

    This team just looks tired.

  43. Rozi is why we weren’t shut out tonight, or against Toronto…

    he wasn’t on ice for the goals tonight that was Girardi and Kalinin looking foolish I do believe…

    The penalty, it looked like he was cutting towards the board, he had the puck on his stick, then in fornt of him, then on his stick again, so I don’t know how thats interference and not him playign the puck, but whatever… Rozi is not the reason we lost this game, not even close… he was not the worst d man on the ice tonight… Girardi, Staal and Kal all looked worse at times, but they get passes (G and Staal becuae they hit)

  44. NYR56, you’re absolutely right. It’s hard to score when you can’t put the puck on net. Unless a wide shot gets deflected or hits something, it’s not going in. Marty Turco has been a sieve lately and we made him look like Ken Dryden tonight

  45. Just saw we don’t play until friday. Thank god.

    Awesome job by the NHL to schedule the team to go to Europe and then play the most games since the actual 1st day of the season. I guess thats payback for not handing over the rights to the website and all that other stuff that went on last year.

  46. leatherneckinlv on

    it will open up the ice some…and i’ll take old time hockey any day over this type of a game…even in the 70’s in the era of goons it was more entertaining than this stuff…not many teams play like detroit…next game..watch the opposing forwards…they have no fear in front of our net..one thing is for sure…the D-pairings needs to change..kalinin and Girardi arent clicking…and Roszi and Redden…seems like ones waiting for the other to take charge..and i think their styles clash as a D-pairing..you can see Girardi is unsure out there..and we all know he can play a good game..so it has to be..chemistry between them..last note…a few good open ice hits by that hard nosed type of a player would have gotten the crowd going… no sure why Orr didnt pick a fight in a game like this..there are good purposeful fights..we could have used one tonight…

  47. Avery is talking to Fishler on MSG… so much for not talking to the media Sean… couldnt stay away eh?

  48. how could they be so gassed? even though they played more games they are trained for this. its not like were in feb. or march for them to be so flat right now. i admit the game wasnt that bad but after the 2nd dallas goal they barely did anything to try to tie it.. i really thought they would at least tie it. i like the gomez line and dubys line is ok. they cant be expected to win every game for us. man i think givin dru the c is really messin with his head cuz he just looks horrible. i wanna see him get angry or do somethin. this is one of those times i hate sather for payin him 7 mill a yr and givin him a ntc. i say give him 10 more games to score a goal and if he doesnt then give gomer the c.

  49. leather,

    I don’t know why the parinings aren’t
    Rozi Staal
    Girardi Redden
    Mara Kalinin

    Staal Girardi and MAra all hit… Mara and Kal get least ice time so the defnesive liabitlity of Kal is mitigated and playt he top two as a 1a and 1b… I assumed Staal and ROzi would stay together because they were good together last year…

  50. So much made about Avery, and such a miniscule amount of it hs to do with hockey. As soon as all the talk gets heated and big volume,he does the shrinking act. he just achieved his goal. He’s a contrarian, he loves to go against the grain, he can’t help it actually.

  51. I was at the game. Poor Drury, can’t find anyone to play alongside. There was no flow to that line all game. They spent most of their ice time in our D zone. Rissmiller is god awful. Sam said it best in his 913p update. Ship his a$$ out with Prucha to Colorado for picks and bring up Potter. Sit Rozi or Kalinin from time to time because Rozi should ride the pine after tonight’s game to wake the F up. He has played like one of NASTY’S Red Robbin bathroom trips that last few games.

    Naslund – Drury – Korpedo.

    Avery looked like a complete putz out there.

  52. Richard

    You were there, I watched it on a tiny fraction of my computer screen. Was Avery that crappy? He didn’t really stand out in any way, negative or positive, to me. Just wondering, it’s hard to tell when watching a game the way I had to.

  53. just got home from the game. i dont expect seeing prucha in on fri cause i saw him getting out of the cab at 6:55 with his rediculously good looking gf. i was gonna say u should be playing but renney doesnt know what hes doing. all i could do is stare at his girl. she was taller and skinner than him. great move renney sending the 4th line out there when we need a goal.

  54. As someone mentioned earlier on this blog that no matter what personnel is on the team… until Tom Renney is coaching this team… playing not to LOSE… or to try to get the game to OT… one goal games… not being able to really crack any games wide open…are the type of games u New York fans are going to get… and who ever runs the PP should be shot in the head

  55. But wouldn’t it be Sather’s call anyway. Maybe Renney is too much of a gentleman to push for a change in special teams coaching. Why doesn’t Sather just say he is sick of an anemic powerplay and try to bring someone else in?

  56. True… Tom is way to gentle-man…which is ok…but not in hockey and not when an obvious change is needed… and I don’t know what Sather is thinking… all that cigar smoke is blocking his friggin view to see anything…

  57. No, I agree with you. I just don’t know how it works between Sather and Renney. Really, it probably is time for a change in the coaching staff. How come players come and go, come and go, but no change in the coaching staff?

  58. Is it just me or is Rissmiller invisible every time he steps on the ice? This was his 3rd game and he was horrible. Why aren’t Prucha or Fritsche dressing? Even though Prucha isn’t scoring he still has an impact on the game. At least give Fritsche a couple games to get going.

  59. Prucha (good) will be traded within the week, and hopefully Rismiller (crap). Prucha will make some team very happy, just not the Rangers. Fritsche is good, who knows what will happen to him.

  60. the defnese is fine the way it is, one pp goal and a goal deflected by henrik right to modano, the d have been solid, lets talk about scoring

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