Rissmiller back in against Stars


Patrick Rissmiller will make his second appearance in the lineup tonight, replacing Lauri Korpikoski at left wing on a line with Chris Drury and Markus Naslund.

Rissmiller hasn’t played since the win in Philadelphia, when he injured his ankle.

Update, 11:38 a.m.:  It was clear today that the Rangers were not about to disparage Sean Avery hours before facing him. This might be common sense, or it might be the direction of Tom Renney, who said he has already “addressed” his team about facing Avery and the Stars tonight.

When I asked Renney about his former left wing, I phrased the question as follows: If you had to summarize his tenure here, how would you?

The coach’s response was at least slightly telling.

“If I had to?” Renney said. “Does that mean I have a choice?”

No, I said.

“He was a good hockey player for us, plain and simple. A very effective player for us,” Renney said. “He chose to go somewhere else.”

To me, that part is at least a little misleading. It’s true, Avery signed with the Stars, but he also made clear his desire to remain a Ranger throughout last season. If the team did follow through with a contract offer, it was one that was less than the player was seeking (Brooks says Sather came in at 4 years, $12 million. The Stars paid him $15.1 million over the same tenure).

So yes, it was technically Avery’s choice to leave, but it’s not like the team bent over backwards to keep him.

But like I said, while I don’t doubt that some members of the team are happy to see Avery go, the public emphasis today was on Avery’s contributions while here. Start with Chris Drury, who many think had little time for Avery to begin with, and even less so after the notorious stick-waving incident against Martin Brodeur and the Devils.

“He was an unbelievable player for us. He quite literally played his guts out, right down to the end when he injured his spleen,” Drury said. “He competed like crazy all night, and he got a great contract because of it, so kudos to him.”

When asked what to make of so many players gushing about this team’s chemistry, Drury sought to draw a distinction.

“I can’t speak for the other guys, but when I talk about chemistry and what’s going on here now I’m thinking right now,” he said. “I’m not comparing it to last year. I’m not comparing it to Buffalo. I certainly wouldn’t want guys when I leave here or when I left Buffalo to say, ‘Now it’s this way because he’s gone.’ All I know right now is we’re a close team and that’s helped us win some games already.”

More in a bit..

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  1. hey Sam —
    Can you get the bottom of what’s up with Prucha? It just doesn’t make a ton of sense that they are sitting him this much. Ar they still working a deal to free up cap space for shanny? Cuz the only reason I can’t see playing him is to keep him healthy.

    thanks wildcat

  2. I think its safe to say we won’t see any sort of Avery/Orr fisticuffs as some have alluded to earlier. There is an unwritten rule that the heavyweights/enforcers only take on their own unless someone completely steps out of line. I guess its possible for Avery to cross that line but I can’t recall him ever going toe to toe with a real enforcer.

    I would imagine most of the current Rangers are familiar with Avery’s game and will do their best to not let him get under their skin. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if newer players like Voros or Rissmiller got in a little scrum with him.

  3. i really feel bad for prucha. hes gotta be traded. i love the guy, but u cant have him sitting in the press box watching every game.

  4. I don’t get this one either. Prucha has been snake-bitten, but he’s played hard and generated scoring chances. Rissmiller hasn’t been nearly as effective. I think a 3rd line of Prucha-Drury-Naslund might be a good experiment for a few games.

    Now, because I said that, Rissmiller will score twice to further complicate the decision of who stays and who goes

  5. Prucha HAS to be getting traded. Despite his inabililty to find the back of the net, he’s played tough in the games he’s been in (not counting pre-season). With his contract, there’s no reason to keep a guy like that in the press box.

  6. I just can’t figure how anyone could ever advocate playing Prucha. Everyone keeps saying give him a chance, well he has had plenty and he is utterly ineffective. And honestly, I can’t watch the guy lying on the ice anymore. Take note the next time he plays how often he is on the ice, whether it be from being knocked down, losing his balance, or by flopping all over the place. I applaud many of you who are loyal to him, but please give up the idea that he was this great 30 goal scorer. Jagr made him that, now he is a waste of 1.6 mil dollars.

  7. could the Prucha scratches be more a discipline issue? He seems to have a temper when he’s not playing, maybe its Renney showing him who’s boss? Not sure that’s true, just throwing it out there…

  8. Rissmiller is a bigger body, and Dallas isn’t necessarily a ‘big’ team, but they do play big. I see the reasoning. Remember also that he’s been sitting for quite a while. Regardless of which of these guys are traded THEY HAVE TO PLAY. Whether its to keep them fresh, or showcase them, they have to get in there.

    What’s really imporantant here, is if Korpi’s sitting just to get a better look of everything from the rafters, or if the slash in Detroit was worse than thought.

  9. I don’t care who it is, give them a few games with the same guys to see if they can click and generate offense. This merry-go-round of inserting players in and out of the lineup is getting annoying.

    If Renney was this impatient with his first line PP, we’d have a much higher PP percentage right now.

  10. The Korpokoski experiment is coming to an end. Of all the 3rd liners that have played since the Chicago game, he has been the least effective offensively (based on TOI), I believe he as less than 7 shots on goal and of course no points. One of the reasons to keep him around was for him to play center and for defense, but that hasn’t worked to this point (minus player) and now is playing wing which means he needs to compete with the 3 amigos (Prucha, Fristche and Rissmiller). I believe he will be sent down and Rissmiller will be traded, leaving Prucha and Fristche for 3rd line duties. I think they will keep Prucha because he is more versatile than Fristche (can play on any of the 4 lines and PP) and moreso to compensate for injuries to any of the forwards.

    Just sayin!

  11. Rmant October 20th, 2008 at 10:41 am

    He just needs to find a comfort zone. *Unfortunately, since he has been here he hasn’t found a solid line that he can settle in with.* I definately don’t think he should be playing with Korpie. He played with the young guys last year and it hurt him. *He needs to play with a bonafide line to succeed.* He isn’t a huge scorer, but he puts the puck in the net. *He needs to be surrounded by a supporting cast.*


    Epic post. If the writing was ever on the wall that someone is _just not fitting in/filling their role_, its right there, and you just said it yourself. Meanwhile, Prucha is equally “snakebitten” and you are ready to ship him out after seeing him play a couple of games. That is really cute, another Drury crush! Drury has been *given* every opportunity imaginable this year and is not getting it done. Prucha’s had what, 1 game since Prague? Some of you disgust me.

  12. I somewhat agree CB, although I don’t think Prucha will be staying. I think Rismiller will stay for his desperately needed size and Prucha will be moved. There is a gluttony of small quick forwards on this team and he hasn’t proven better than any of them.

    Korpie needs to go back down, he hasn’t impressed and can get a better learning experience down below by building his confidence back up.
    Sather is just waiting for the right move before he pulls the trigger.

  13. “I just can’t figure how anyone could ever advocate playing Prucha. Everyone keeps saying give him a chance, well he has had plenty and he is utterly ineffective.”

    Same thing could be said about the $7M captain.

  14. Salty-

    Uh, Prucha has been here how many years??? How many career goals??? How many cups??? How many captaincy’s??? How many game winning goals??? How many playoff wins????

    Go back to sleep..You just embarrassed yourself with your ineptitude in comparing Chris Drury with Peter Prucha…GOOD LORD!!! Talk about a lack of hockey knowledge…

    The Prucha experiment is long over..Since Jagr he hasn’t done anything. Drury scored 25 goals last year. It’s been 8 games for him taking on the weight of captaincy. People get into slumps and he is in one and will get out. Prucha just plain sucks…

    You need to pay closer attention to the game… And get rid of YOUR Prucha crush!

  15. Sam
    Is Shanny STILL practicing at the Rangers Facility?

    Jsut wondering, casue unless he practicing for games with his kids, what’s the point right of letting him continue to practice there?

    I still think Prucha will be shipped out, someone else will be traded or sent down, and Sather sign Shanny in Nov/Dec.

    I dont want him back here anymore, as Ive said a thousand times, and I dont think he belongs here anymore, but he’d sign elsewhere and nto wait this long, no matter what anyone says

    Sam help us out , any word from his agent?

  16. last u heard shanny was still there working out and getting ready….his agent continues to say nothing new, that the next move has to come from the rangers, and so far nothing has…i agree bout the korpedo, nothing rly has happened and we have too many 3rd/4th liners here…renney mixes up the lines if they don’t click for 2 periods, but these guys have to develop some chemistry it doesn’t come out of the gate! maybe thats why they’re not playing up to their capabilities (the 3rd line), b/c they’re a different 3 every night, be it rissmiller, dawes, callahan, prucha, korpikoski…its just too much. let 3 guys develop something and play a few games together!

    Drury, C 82 25 33 58 -3 45 19:47 12 17 0 2 220

    I guess you would consider those “poor” NHL stats?? Why don’t you peek at Prucha’s career…His best season barely beat Drury’s “awful” season last year…

  18. rmant – Whether you like Prucha or not, Renney lied about this offseason. He said he was going to give him legit minutes, including pp time to see if he can find his game. He has not done this, yet the Gomez-Drury-Naslund line has shown NOTHING on the pp and they continue to play the first 70 seconds of each PP.

  19. OK,Here’s whats gonna happen tonight,Rangers 5-1 win.Avery will get into a fight,not with Orr(he’d get killed)But he will take on his replacement Mr.Veros.
    Dallas has no speed to keep us with us.

  20. Two things:

    1) Salty has been a Drury hater since July of 2007 when he got signed. So there is nothing new about Salty’s rant. Towards the end of last season Salty ate his words a lot(even admitted it a few times if I remember correctly), but clearly the offseason has given him time to digest and empty his stomach. Drury’s play has been poor lately, but I am not writing him off. Can you imagine how good this team will be if and when he starts putting some pucks in the net? (Same with Naslund)

    2) Will all the Prucha lovers please, for once and for all, just shut the F up and stop whining. Dawes, Cally, Sjostrom are all playing (and finishing) way better than Prucha. Rissmiller and Fritsche have been no worse statistically and probably better physically. As the guy I sit next to in the office said, “We have too many Pruchas already.” To refresh everyone’s mind, I used to love Prucha. When there was no checking in the league (post lockout) he was untouchable. Now he blows. His game is 1 dimensional and take that one dimension away and he has none. (credit Beer Me! with that) Sorry guys, I love the Rangers and want to see them win every game. Prucha is not the guy I would choose to bring into battle this year. We have too many guys who are nearly as fast, and surely bigger & stronger on the boards and on the puck. Prucha might be in better shape (I hear he has the best fitness level on the team) but that and no goals or assists ain’t worth d*ck.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  21. acdaviddc,
    I hope we aren’t going to beat Dallas 5-1 the same way some poster suggested we were going to beat Toronto 5-2 last Friday.

  22. Gotta agree….Avery will def go after Voros tonight….Should be fun to watch, unfortunately I think Avery could take him in a fight

  23. Salty – You’re #23 Rangers jersey was just finished. We had a tuff time getting “SUPER CAPTAIN” to fit on the back, and Mess wasn’t very happy about it. But its finished and you can pick it up whenever you want.

  24. I wish they would just deal or release Prucha already so we can stop reading these lame Where’s Prucha posts? Has anyone watched Prucha’s lack of production the last two seasons? Effort is one thing but we already have three or four players in the lineup giving that effort with zero offensive results (Betts, Orr, Korpikoski, Fritsche). Does Prucha need to play more? I don’t think so. He was given an opportunity and did nothing with it.
    I think the question is, why is Rissmiller playing ahead of Korpikoski? If Korpedo isn’t going to play he should be sent to Hartford so he can play meaningful minutes down there.

  25. I don’t think Avery is fighting anyone tonight. His ego is far too big to damage by getting beat in a fight at msg. And I certainly don’t think that any Rangers are going to go looking for him.

    I DO predict that he’ll throw at least 1 high & hard hit.

  26. Nakedjoe-
    I don’t contest what you say, maybe Prucha should not have been lied to. That is not my point though. It is just my opinion that I have watched Prucha play for a few years now and I think we have seen his best upside. Some players break into the league and play well for a year or 2 then die out. This creates a first impression that makes people believe they are better than they really are. Then fans wait around for years for him to “bring back the magic.” Prucha is an example of this. It can happen for any number of reasons, but for whatever reason it has.

    Obviously the powers that be in NYR feel the same. they have no confidence in him. They see the little things on the ice that he does (and doesn’t do) that show he will not work out.

    I don’t personally dislike him at all. In fact, I met him last year and he was very friendly. But his hockey ability has a ceiling and he has hit it. And for anyone to compare Chris Drury to Peter Prucha is simply silly…

  27. The other thing I wanted to mention….Their is alot of pent up anger on this in regard to the way people talk to one another…chill out, its just a game!

  28. #1 I am looking forward to Avery returning to NEw York this evening.

    #2 The Rangers don’t usually fare well against teams from the west

    So we’ll see what happens.

    I think Renney’s biggest question right now after 8 games is getting Drury going. But in all honesty, Drury will get going, I have full faith in this. He has gotten his chances the puck just isn’t going in for him right now.

    One move I would try is put Zherdev with Drury for a few games to see if they click. Put Naslund with Dubinksy.

    Obviously that doesn’t sound like the most prudent idea, because of the success of the Dubinksy, Voros, Zherdev line. But I think it is becoming more and more apparent that Dubinsky is the straw that stirs the drink out there and this move could get both Drury and Naslund going.

    I like Gomez with Dawes

    I love how Mara is playing and hope he keeps it up.
    My lines:

    Naslund, Drury, Callahan/Fritche

    Zherdev, Dubinsky, Voros

    Dawes, Gomez, Korpikoski

    Orr, Betts, Sjostrom/ Rissmiller

    Still not a Renney fan – almost gave up 4 goal lead to Philly, run out of the building by Buffalo (again), not ready to play against Detroit, can’t score with 7 power plays agisnt TO. Hey maybe I expect too much. But I still just see the same inconsistent team game in and game out.

  29. Andrew – I’m a big big fan of Korpi. And the potential that he brings. I don’t think that that sitting will be a regular occurance with him. And I don’t think that this game will hurt him. I expect to see him back on Friday.

    Of course, if rissmiller and the rest of that line do something amazing, then perhaps it warrants another look.

    To be perfectly honest…I don’t really care what the line combos are, or who’s even in the lineup. I just want to win.

  30. is there any short/long term plan to solidify the lineup and keep 4 lines together or are we just going to keep everyone fresh and sitting someone for 3 games at a time…

  31. Let me just add (if you care) that I really like watching this team play. We have very good speed and I believe that our defense has gotten much better.

    Just not a big Renney fan.

    So Lets Go Rangers.

  32. # Beer Me! October 20th, 2008 at 12:25 pm

    Salty – You’re #23 Rangers jersey was just finished. We had a tuff time getting “SUPER CAPTAIN” to fit on the back, and Mess wasn’t very happy about it. But its finished and you can pick it up whenever you want.


  33. Nasty 1 – To respond to your comments about turncoat Avery haters; sure, I liked him when he was here because he was entertaining. However, when he left and I realized he didn’t really care about the team as much as he made his seem and was being semi-fake, I could let him go. I will have to admit that I still love him as an entertaining hockey player and personality, but now I see clearly that the overall package is not too appealing.

    On Sam’s last post, Valiquette was vocal at one point last season about disliking what Avery did against Brodeur on the 5 on 3 in the playoffs, so you could already tell that there was contempt there.

  34. I like a lot of what Prucha does, but if he can’t finish, he is no use to our team, because a bunch of the other guys do what he can do WITHOUT contantly getting knocked down & off the puck, who can also pass much better. His quick hands & accurate shot are a distant memory & is value is as a 25 goal scorer, not much else.

    It’s time to trade He & Rissmiller, as Frische, to me, has been more impressive all pre-season, & NOT inorder to resign SHANNY, whom I respected & admired greatly, but whom I feel would no longer fit with this team. I can’t see paying him to merely fire one-timers on the PP, which is what he can still to.

    Drury is working hard & getting lots of chances & will ultimately get his 25-30 goals, PLUS do everything else he always does. I still feel that Naslund will start finding the back of the net as well.

    I recognize that somewhere else Prucha may regain his psyche, confidence, & touch, but it’s time to move on for all concerned.

  35. Beer is there any more that Renney makes that you don’t agree with? Prucha continues to get screwed. If Jagr was still here and playing as badly as Drury has early this year some guys here would start a lynch mob. Yet Drury continues to get a pass.

  36. staal – that was me who made that arrogant post about us beating toronto 5-1. lol. today, there will be no prediction.

  37. Yeah Drury sure is playing hard. He continues to coast on the backcheck and create zero offense.

  38. I just don’t get it with Prucha.

    Dawes sits… comes back and scores, Sjoestrom sits… comes back and scores. If Prucha did that he’d be in. He hasn’t so he’s sitting still.

    I’d love the guy to be playing big minutes night in and night out (and be effective) but to me, it seems like the guys who make the decisions have decided others are better suited to play, and there’s a reason for that.

  39. Spiderpig: “To respond to your comments about turncoat Avery haters; sure, I liked him when he was here because he was entertaining. However, when he left and I realized he didn’t really care about the team as much as he made his seem and was being semi-fake, I could let him go.”

    Kind of like when Messier dumped the Rangers in 1997 to go play a few wasted years in Vancouver.

  40. I have to be honest…I’m so sick of talking about P r u c h a that every time I see his name…I throw up in my mouth.
    Same for Shanny a few weeks ago

  41. Beer is there any more that Renney makes that you don’t agree with? Prucha continues to get screwed.

    first, Prucha is screwing himself. Anyone that doesn’t see that he’s not finishing isn’t watching. Anyone that doesn’t understand that his job is to finish, just doesn’t…..no need to repeat this over and over.

    2nd, yes. I don’t have a problem with most of them, because I understand them. Further, I’m not really partial to many players. I LOVE my team. But if one of the players I like is scratched, I don’t cry like a little b*tch about it.

    That should answer that.

  42. I still don’t understand the signing of Rissmiller. I won’t dog the guy for signing in NY, it’s not totally his fault he’s in this position. But I DO want him to play well. Just like he played well in his last go-around.

    The better he plays is the better that Dawes, Frit, korpi, sjo have to play. That’s it right? I didn’t miss anyone, right?

  43. Just out of curiosity… we offered Avery roughly 3 mil less over the 4 years then dallas…if the guy really wanted to stay in New York, couldn’t he at least rationalize the 3 mil difference with the fact that he would big in the huge market of NYC with tons more marketing and endorsement opportunities then in lousy boring Dallas…

    I mean he was on the verge of staredom already, not as a hockey player but as a celebrity…

    i still think if he wanted to stay he totally could have…

  44. Damn, its still so tough to get over Cherry’s death.

    Worst part of that link. Was the video guy saying Cherry would drive his two race car things, and all the kids would come and organize races, and they’d all have a blast. That nearly made me throw up from depression. It still makes me sick thinking aboot it. Hopefully Jags can get that team together, and have a good year.

    As for Nyr. I don’t care aboot Avery, Ott, the Stars, who ever. I just wanna see Nyr win, and get off this crappy run of 3 games, they’ve been on. They haven’t played that great.

  45. Beer I only cry when I read your posts not when Prucha sits. Coming into the season they claimed he’d get a chance that he didn’t get last year. Well two games in he was back in the press box. Imo he was the best forward vs the Sabres and he sits again. Why not try and see if he can get something out of Drury and Naslund on their line?

  46. someone on previous thread said we play against Avery only once. actually we play down there too

    graves9 – really wish you would change your handle since I rarely agree with you. between you and salty and true fans i hardly think drury is getting a free pass.

    re rissmiller – can’t say much about him either way. he’s played 1 game so to say he has not done much ii’s a little early to say. i think we signed him before the deal with Columbus which brought in 2 other forwards

    beerme – think zherdev got slashed vs detroit not korpikoski

    nasty – re avery. rooted for him as a Ranger. will not boo him unless he goes over the top tonight. but i am glad we did not sign him for the yrs and $ he got. yes i realize we overpaid some others – pick any of the top 5 or 6 salaries they are all overpaid.

  47. So my house almost caught fire on Sat night… some lady hit a utility pole in front of my house that YANKED our meter and caused a powerful surge.. fried 3 belkins but my LCD, xbox and computers are ok.. i had two older tv’s upstairs that our fried.. and our phones are fried… ugh… gonna be like $6k+ in damages but the police won’t give me the lady’s insurance info!.. gotta wait 5-10 days for the police report ugh

  48. graves9….i have seen the back and forth between you and Beer Me! and others….here’s the thing: light the friekin lamp. period. end of story.

    if prucha would score a g-damn goal, none of this would be happening. dawes comes off the bench, scores. sjo comes off the bench, scores. prucha comes off the bench, has a few chances on the doorstep and in the slot and does NADA.

    all this talk about who you play with and how much ice time you get is BS. score a g-damn goal!

  49. Sry Pavel. That sux. Gald you and your family r ok.

    Maybe Prucha can help… he’s good at everything and is available.

    (That was just a joke to lighten the mood… not trying to get folks all riled up).

  50. Voros is more of a Randy Mckay or Mike Knuble type than an Avery type player. Guys like Carcillo and Ott are more like Avery.

  51. CB/Charlie – I respect anyone’s opinion either if I agree or not. I am curious on your Korpikosi comments. I am sure a lot of people will knock me for this comment but on the Callahan-Korpikoski-??? line, I think Korpikoski is the hardest working most effective forward on that line. And I am a big Callahan fan but in my humble opinion, Korpikoski outworks his entire line and to be quite honest, I think Korpikoski is one of the hardest working players we have. And you mentioned the “experiment”. Korpikoski was a 1st round pick in 2004. While Maloney was clearly the one highest on this player, the orginization used a very valuable pick (traded up, I believe) for Lauri. I think they have high hopes for him. The “Jessiman Experiment”, that’s another story. Again CB, I am not calling you out, I am interested in what you do not like in his game.

  52. Anyone see Voros OWNING Holmstrom in front of his own net on Saturday? Wow this guy is going beyond expectations and really just becoming a reliable player.

  53. Thanks New Newman for saying what needs to be said re Prucha. Enough already. He’s done nothing since his first year in the league and he gets knocked off the puck if someone barely lays a finger on him. What good is a scorer who has been “snakebit” for three years? He may be a decent player for another team but not here. They should trade him at the first opportunity for his sake and the team’s.

    Regarding Korpi, to those who say he hasn’t been playing well, I don’t know what you are watching. He’s been skating well and doing the little things that don’t get noticed. His scoring will come when he can develop chemistry and start playing on a consistent line. Bottom line is he won the job in training camp and to give him 8 games playing with different linemates every game and send him down to HFD for not scoring is ridiculous. He deserves the job much than Prucha, Rismiller etc.

  54. pavel, thats bogus, you should have been given her insurance when she hit the pole and caused damage, that way you could file with the insurance company asap… or you could file with your insurance and then they would sue hers for the money back… but I don’t know if it would effect your rates… I just hope she doesn’t have General Casualty as an insurance company they are EEVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLL!

  55. Voros has been great and I never expected the results he’s been getting.

    Please, PLEASE can we talk about someone other than Prucha. I’m so sick of it. We talk more about a player who rarely plays and produces than we do about the main team we ice every night…enough already! Geez we are here arguing and fussing about a player who rides pine and when he hits the ice doesn’t produce or do much that even makes him worth talking about…PLEASE STOP NOW…

  56. hey Beer, what’s wrong with owning a Prucha jersey?? I’ll admit it, I got one, got him to sign it, and I’m proud. Of course I’d be more proud if he was a regular, but oh well. that’s life. I was also stupid enough to get an Avery when he only had 1 year left on his contract, so I ain’t the brightest bulb in the socket.

  57. look im a huge prucha supporter but for his own sake he needs to be traded, but for all you saying that he needs to score to play, he also needs to play to score and it makes a big difference who you play with

    renney clearly doesn’t like prucha so thats fine as rationale i suppose, but is it a coincidence that dawes/cally scored while playing w/ gomez but not when they were on other lines

    its all speculation, but im pretty sure prucha would have had a goal or two if he was playing on the first line pp and on a regular shift w/gomez like naslund was…naslund in his prime was definitely a greater offensive talent, but in his current form that doesn’t look like the case anymore

    prucha needs to play w/offensive talent to have a fair shot at producing…doesn’t look like he’s gonna get that chance in nyr, but to say the kid blows or its totally his fault he hasn’t been scoring is just dumb, ive said my peace re Prucha, and i sure hope for his own sake he is traded soon

  58. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    It’s pretty obvious reading these posts who the mindless followers of the blog are. The same idiots on here only recant the discussion that Sam and Joe have. I hate to say it, Beer Me, but you’re going that way and that wasn’t the case. Newman and Rmant were already there. Oh well…the world wouldn’t be the same if there weren’t a couple idiots out there.

    At this point, I hope Prucha gets traded because this is completely unfair to him. He works hard and gets REAL chances everygame. I loathe having to watch another 4+ years of Drury taking slap-shots wide. That decision was only slightly dumber than signing Rozsival for 5million.

    It makes me sick that some of you don’t see the real flaws on this team, but so be it, i’ve gotten use to reading your garbage…

  59. haha all this talk about Prucha. its simple, the league had no checking the 1st year, he was better because of that and playing with Jagr and he’ll never do anything like that again.

    anyways, glad to see Rissy getting another shot. Hopefully he can stay healthy and show what he has to offer for a full game.

    also its so good to see a team with such interchangable parts. no matter who goes in there or what the combos are, guys look like overall they have much better chemistry last year. its what happens when you take off the things that restain us from being able to do that…like Jagr and Shanny for example.

    As for Avery, loved him while he was here and will miss the entertainment, but deep down the guys in the locker room didn’t like him. its ok if guys don’t necessarily get along or don’t hangout with each other, but when its one guy who eats away at the team, its better to just cut out that cancer than keep him around. The guys I’ve heard from said he kinda wore out his welcome so they didn’t miss him so thats good enough for me. I definately will miss his antics, but we’re better off without him.

  60. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Add Staal Wart to the list too…in addition to now bashing prucha, he defended Rozsival and crucified Mara all last post-season…who had those three minors in the final game by the way? Who’s been responsible for a couple goals against in each of the past 3-4 games?

  61. LI Joe – too late, I ordered a Voros jersey on Friday. Hope he doesn’t flop now.

    True Fans – if it makes you sick to read people’s “garbage”, then why bother? there’s plenty of people that are skipped over when I read or others read, do the same.

  62. jonny – I forgot that you were an advocate of Riss from the beginning. I still really can’t pass judgement on 1 game. I hope he plays well tonight. The Stars play with a chip, so his size should help.

  63. HA! Jeevs…you kill me man. No sooner do I repeat that you have a ‘problem’…you announce ANOTHER jersey in your closet! hahaha

    true – I have to skip some posts sometimes too man. It’s brutal to read some of the garbage sometimes. You’ll feel much better if you skip some. Usually the in-game one’s are the worst.

  64. He’s no Gretzky or Lemieux, but he’s a solid role player. Sather wouldn’t throw 1 mil at a guy who is useless. I just warn everyone that hes a very quiet player. You won’t notice him much, but its a good thing. He makes simple plays, crashes the net, throws the body, and at least on the Sharks he was responsible defensively. His goal scoring chances will all be from the slot a la Voros, but hes better shooting when he actually faces the net instead of trying to deflect.

    Mind you this is all of what I saw when he was with the Sharks, but he might turn out to be a bit different as a Ranger. Like I said, he won’t be on the scoresheet much and you probably won’t notice him doing anything spectacular, but that doesn’t mean hes not a good player. He’s just quiet and simple and makes few mistakes.

  65. True Fans,
    I did defend Rozi last season, but YOU are the true fan so I apologize to the “true fan” who apparently has kept track of all my posts. its nice to know I have a “true” fan club and you are reading what I am writing…though your not comprehending because I never bashed Mara…Malik yes, Mara no.
    BTW who else is on your list? Do you keep the “list” right next to your keyboard…Are you Feverishly adding posters to it now?

  66. LI Joe
    October 20th, 2008 at 2:37 pm
    true fans – did you used to post under prucha27

    Maybe Bob?

  67. I would only cheer avery if we are winning by a few goals …give him an ” Avery chant ” that LL blow his girley mind !!!! He can go dress-up vogue barbie dolls and paint his and thier little finger nails after the game while crying about how bad he was to diss us during the offseason….

  68. matteau – great player in 94 playoffs btw.

    no prucha25 was not Bob. Bob was yenner and vinnypooh and several others. he’s more into anti betts anti renney and has love affair with joel lundqvist among others. bob does not have the prucha fetish some others do.

  69. True Fans…you are in the minority on Prucha. Face it. We all disagree with you and WE are the idiots? How does that work? You must be a great guy to work with…

    Logic outdoes name calling….and I still didn’t even stoop to calling you a name despite your silly stance on Prucha.

    I am not looking to make enemies here or engage in arguments for the sake of just arguing. I like a good debate. I will admit when I am wrong.

    I will also take offense when someone calls me an idiot cuz I was right.

    About Prucha you ACTUALLY wrote, “…it is completely unfair to him.” Are you a personal friend of his? You sound like his mom or his girlfriend. This isn’t a popularity contest. It’s business. The guy hasn’t scored a goal in like 2 years (obviously I am exaggerating) and you are still defending your position that he has skills in this league that are worthy of a REAL trade. We might get a 2nd or 3rd rounder for the guy, nothing more.

    Nice to admit you were wrong on Prucha and this team though…

  70. Nasty – RE: volcano taco.. I’ve had one.. I thought it was a bit hot, I don’t really enjoy very hot food. My boyfriend on the other hand, the hotter the better and he was disappointed with it.

  71. Few things while I have a few minutes…

    I’m not a ‘big’ Prucha supporter by any means. I do think he’s been denied the opportunity he was assured this season, but I do think his time here is up, regardless, and as it probably should be for the better of the team.

    That said, I’ll compare Prucha and Drury where I see appropriate. I recognize one has been around longer and has relatively steady numbers and another has been around a couple of years but has also shown they can be successful in this league. Rman in one breath crucifies one player for something and in the next breath gives a player with the SAME EXACT PROBLEM a pass. That kind of queer, no? Not gay, just queer.

    Further, I’d personally rather keep Prucha’s $1.6M on the books over Drury’s $7M when you take into consideration that they have the same amount of goals on US ice this year and Drury has had about 700% more icetime.

    Players like Dubinsky, Staal, and Zherdev are going to want MONEY in a year or two and I feel bad for you if you really want to see those young stars signed elsewhere so that your “#23 SUPER CAPTAIN” jersey stays in style. Drurys cool and all, works almost as hard as my washing machine, but he’s really costing us more than he’s worth. I honestly don’t think you can deny that!


    You know, maybe Drury “comes around”…. But its flat out wrong that a guy like Prucha (who honestly, is a proven goal scorer in some capacity) is crucified and denied ice/scratched…… Yet your big money guy like Drury (and, yes, NASLUND also) are getting unlimited opportunity and zero results. It needs to be called what it is… Bullshit NYR PR dept. stuff. You just can’t scratch your million dollar men no matter how invisible they are, especially in NY.

  72. the rangers/jerseys are an addiction, I know it. I JUST CAN’T HELP IT. I tried going without a new jersey this year, but realized I had to satisfy the craving when I was curled up in my closet, clutching my completely out-dated Sandy McCarthy jersey.

    random side note, where the hell’s Kasper? This blog’s gotten ALL sorts of edgy without him around. I’m almost wondering if he was the “lady” who ran into a telephone pone outside Pavel’s house. that hair CAN be deceiving.

  73. LI
    sorry…P27 works for me. I do remember the love affair with Prucha though.

    TrueFans…what about my Prucha post was wrong? Please tell me. I’m more upset that he is all we seem to talk about but yet he never playes…we all get it…some think he should play others think he should not and still others think he should be traded…alright…can we just move on?
    Lets talk about what your favorite Beer is…at least that would be semi productive.

  74. “I tried going without a new jersey this year, but realized I had to satisfy the craving when I was curled up in my closet, clutching my completely out-dated Sandy McCarthy jersey.”
    “TRIED”?? It’s still October! LOL Didn’t try very hard.

  75. Beer me – I never said I succeeded, only that I tried. And it REALLY was depressing to see that Sandy jersey.

    Fave Beer – Newcastle, I like the dark, full-bodied ones.

    Salty – We have like 30 “million dollar men”, thanks to Sather. We gotta scratch a couple, whether or not we want to.

    Likes – Long walks on the beach & pretty girls.

    Sorry, I was on a roll…

  76. Prucha is a piece of the puzzle

    His ice time is down and he doesn’t play on the powerplay is good bargaining reasons to bring up while a trade is in the works…not enough powerplay time is what Glen Sather can use as a reason why Prucha is not scoring .
    Prucha is not as bad as alot of you are saying , but he does falls down way too much and I feel for that reason he has to go . We have turned over a new leaf and guys like Jagr , Straka , Avery , ect .. are gone ..Petr is fast and shifty and good , so why not trade him to Edmonton ? Why bash Prucha’s character and playing ? …yeah , read a blog and see what Ranger fans really feel…wake up guys , don’t wreak the pieces!!!!

  77. LOL Jeever
    I also like NewCastle.
    I got hooked on Cricket Hill Beers a local Microbrew in Fairfield NJ last May and haven’t looked back. They have a great IPA, and a beer called Colonel Blides Cask Ale which is phenominal. I bottle beer every thursday night from 5:30 to about 8.

  78. Same could be said about your hatred of Prucha. I can’t disagree with anything Salty is saying about Drury.

  79. I’ve tried countless beers (if anyone is ever in the Boston area Sunset Grill & Tap has over 400) and have yet to find one I really really like. Smithwicks came close this summer when I was on Zanecrawl, but in terms of drinkability for me it’s gotta be Blue Moon as well.

  80. Beer- I agree, I don’t think Avery fights tonight, and not necessarily because his ego wants to risk losing. I think it is more to do with he wants MSG to be on his side. He’ll have a lot of supporters here tonight. If he fights a Ranger, he hastens his transition to ex-Ranger and the crowd turns against him. In fact, I think he’ll be somewhat ineffective tonight because of that. I could be wrong, but that’s my prediction.

  81. beer good…

    I heard the taco wasn’t so hot…

    btw Jeever, you got a PRu jersey, then his ice time got shafted and he never panned out… you got an Avery jersey and then he left? Do NOT get a Dubi or Staal jersey, it may be hte curse of Jeever???

    eh, I defend Rozi so I am probably on the lst, if I even post enough to get on it?

  82. Salty, the one thing I 110% agree with you on is the idea of breaking up Dubi Voros Zherdev. NO WAY! (A) Because it is our best line thus far, hands down. And, (B) because you cannot break that line up JUST to get Drury out of the funk. That makes no sense.

    So whoever suggested that isn’t thinking clearly.

  83. haha my jinx isn’t COMPLETE (but it’s pretty effective with names such as Kovalev, Kloucek, McCarthy, Barnaby, Prucha, Avery, Shanny, Tyutin either not producing, or leaving the team shortly thereafter. Its sad that I now look at contracts before I get a jersey. But I also have had people like Lundqvist & Callahan, and soon Voros, that I hope are successful Rangers for years.

    Ok… I just re-read that post. I’m gonna check in to a clinic tonight after the game. I have SEVERE problems.

  84. haha staal – I was waiting to see what everyone else said!

    I like lots of beers. Depends if I’m drinking to get plastered, with dinner, etc.

    My ‘plastered’ beer is Bud Select. Best Bud product to ever hit the market! Budweiser American Ale, their new one, is pretty good too.

    Yeugling (sp) is another one of my favs. For some reason I can drink a dozen and want more though. I may be immune to it after so much!

    Heineken when I can afford it.

    I guess I’m more into mainstream beers. Not a big fan of those specialty beers really. On occasion though.

    And every occaision is a good one for a Car Bomb!!! mmmmm

  85. Rogue Dead Guy is my favorite beer.

    As for what Salty said, there is some merit. I don’t agree 100%, but I do agree that Prucha has not been given the chance Renney promised he would be given. In addition, we need SOMETHING out of Drury, and soon. He has what, 1 assist? I agree, $7 million needs to = tangible results. Yeah, he’s a hard-worker…but so is Colton Orr.

    Where I disagree is just with the general attitude. It sounds to me like Salty, and some other people on this blog, would prefer a team with NO stars. That just doesn’t make sense to me. You need a big-time, big-name player. You can’t just run a bunch of role players out there and expect to dominate hockey games. Regardless of what people here feel about Jagr, you can’t deny the impact he had on this team. Right now, Drury, Gomez, Naslund Lundqvist, and I think Zherdev need to be the “stars” of the Rangers. Yes, you want the consummate team, but you need your high-profile players to deliver in big spots when role players just aren’t enough.

  86. You know, speaking of Zherdev (for a nice change of pace), I think he’s looked pretty good so far. It’s certainly tough to come to a new team(with a much brighter future than CLB), a big city, not speaking fluent English, high expectations, etc. And all in all, he’s managed pretty well with a pair of goals and a few assists. He helps make his line a threat everytime they hit the ice, and adds a (euro) dynamic, that deployed properly can be very successful.

  87. (call-back time)… and Apparently, Zherdev looks bigger out of uniform than certain online bloggers thought.

    that line will live in infamy forever.

  88. I think Zherdev is my favorite of the new players so far because I see the potential (Voros has been phenomenal too). I want so badly for him to succeed and become that true sniper that we need. He has all the talent in the world, he just needs to play smart, especially near his own blue line. I can see Zherdev turning into a fantastic Ranger though.

  89. I’m ok if Drury isn’t lighting the lamp every game. However, a player who ‘works hard’ and doesn’t score should at least back-check so players aren’t scoring easy goals. His +/- is the worst on the team.

    My beer of choice is Honey Brown, btw.

  90. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I love Beer’s comment…”Your unhealthy hatred for Drury is fun to joke about.”
    It’s called objectively watching the game and deciphering between the MSG propoganda and the real player.

    Staal – hahaha. Fair transition and I agree, it would probably be yuengling. My disdain was for this quote: “Geez we are here arguing and fussing about a player who rides pine and when he hits the ice doesn’t produce.”

    At this point in the day though, I have too much work to continue the Drury and Prucha discussions…In short, I don’t think Prucha could really find another 30 goal season again. But if he played the PP and on a line with a good center, he could probably bag 20-25.

    Its too difficult explaining the Drury issue anymore and I dont even have enough time to do it…sorry to make such harsh statements guys, it’s just very frustrating seeing someone who I very early on saw for far less the player much of you all saw him as (mostly because his skills don’t match the $$ he takes in from our cap) and now that he’s really struggling, hearing all the excuses. He’s the captain now. No excuses. Suck it up…its even worse when he plays defensively poor games (which he has done for 3 of the last 4). Anyway, enough of my rambling because the point has been made.

  91. I had a great lambic the other day (by that I mean Oct 5) at the Vol de Nuit, a Belgian bar down by NYU… it was delcious, I dont usually like lambics, but I tried that one and yea… good. I also had a honey sweetened beer… and you know what is deleiicous is mead, but its not beer, its more like a wine/champagne kind of drink, but as I understand it the brewing process is very similiar to beer making.

    I used to go to school literally around the corner fomr a bud plant so I became veyr familiar wit their products when we went on the tours…

  92. I like Yuengling too, if nothing else, its just fun to say. Everybody just sit at your desk/cube/other at work and say it once, then giggle.

    And watch your co-workers look strangely at you and slowly back away…

  93. “I love Beer’s comment…”Your unhealthy hatred for Drury is fun to joke about.”
    It’s called objectively watching the game and deciphering between the MSG propoganda and the real player.”

    It’s called, repeat it enough and maybe eventually ‘you’ can say “I told you so”.

  94. Yuengling is a great beer for the summer. This time of year I’d go with Spaten Oktoberfest or any other Oktoberfest for that matter.

  95. Anyone ever had Lumpy Gravy beer…its got a picture of Frank Zappa on it…really good and only comes in a bigger bottle.

    TrueFans, I posted it out of frustration…I really am sick of talking Prucha hockey. It seems that every other day our discussion is on Prucha and on the off days we are discussing the player who is taking a spot on the 3rd line…Rissmiller, Sjo. etc.
    Sorry I was just frustrated.

  96. It’s called, repeat it enough and maybe eventually ‘you’ can say “I told you so”.

    Allow me to expand on that and say that if it were any other poster, they’d have benefit of the doubt. But not him.

  97. anybody have Arrogant Bastard ale? my good friend got me a 40 of that stuff and told me it should fit me perfect. (I don’t understand how we’re friends…) The description on the side of the bottle starts with “Your palate probably isn’t refined enough to enjoy this beer”… good stuff.

  98. HAs no one tried the oldest bottled beer in America?


    Check it out, really is the oldest operating brewery. Not really sold outside of the tristate area/East Coast.

    Way cheap per six pack (Goes for around $4.95 here in JErsey.

    Yummy delicious

    Oh and deal Prucha, haha

  99. Yuengling is fantastic!

    Predictions for tonight?

    Rangers win, 4-2. Drury gets of the schneid with a goal, and Z nets one as well. Avery will get a nice ovation, but will also cause at least a scrum or two.

  100. Beth- I have been to Sunset Grill and Tap and was not that impressed with them and their service stinks. It took forever for us to get our drinks and food when I was there. Also they don’t have any anheuser busch products and those are some of the best…well thay didn’t at least when I was there.

    I think Avery will fight Voros and for this one reason. He wants to show everyone that Voros is not as good as he is. He wants to say look you should have offered me more money and signed me instead of him.

  101. Im hoping for a win
    Dalls may be dangerous at there sucking and may look to prove they can win in MSG again

    Hope Avery is a non factor, Fights voros, and loses
    should be a great game

    C U all 2 morow, im leaving work early, (to get some yunegling!!)

  102. David – a lot of the beer snobs that go to a place like that would disagree with you saying AB has the best beer products..

    Surprised you had bad service though never had any problems there and I go there every time I’m up in Boston which is like once a month. All you can eat Taco and Fajita brunch bar on Sundays.

  103. Predictions:

    Hank gets beat by bad goal.
    Mara takes penalty battling Avery.
    Avery plays under 13min.
    Micheletti finally proposes to Staal.

  104. I really don’t like Yuengling…I like darker beers for sure but if its the only one…no problem.
    I really like IPA’s, Porters, Stouts etc. I visited Lancaster Brewery and there Milk Stout was out of this world.

  105. i do find drurys comment re Avery pretty funny b/c Drury did the same thing only better ie had one great year and cashed out, see ryan malone as well. so kudos to drury and if anyone to blame its sather for handing out a contract of that amount based on one year of performance

    drury can be a productive player for us but i doubt he ever puts up 30 goals let alone 37.

    i really want to like him as a player b/c he’s from ct, tries hard, etc but needs to start doing more than firing helpless slapshots at the goalie’s chest or above the net

    gomez shot isnt much better but at least he is a good setup man, drury doesn’t have the passing ability of scotty sadly

    msg may need stars ie names on the team, but just b/c u pay someone a big contract doesn’t mean they are a star or are a star anymore

  106. I went to Amsterdam last summer with some friends and we took the heinken tour. They have this beer thats almost ice cold its absolutely amazing.

  107. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Beer Me! gets some work done today…
    Damn, I lost that one!!

    Beer, believe what you’d like about Prucha and Drury. It’s clear 2 years can’t convince you otherwise. My friend made an AWESOME point the other day which captured the Drury “mystique” very clearly…..when you have a player who’s put on 90 seconds of every powerplay, the last minute (or two minutes, as was the case last week) of every game, into OT more than any other forward, plus killing penalties and playing 23-26minutes a night…then how can he NOT end up scoring 20+ goals? I hate being right about something like this because it’s hurting the damn team we both love. Drury WILL eventually score, Betts has already…its just that building the team AROUND Drury (the top line first 7-8 games, PP, Final minutes of games) is a waste of time and not productive for this team. Maybe I’ll eat my words and Drury will have an 80 point season…but a 55-60 pointer is what I expect from him and I can’t BELIEVE we might lose young players in the future to pay him for this production.

    BEER, you’re whining about Avery is older than mine about Drury, hypocrite.

    Staals – I agree, no reason to argue over Pruch’s as it’s apparent his time is up. I hope he does well wherever he goes (it seems apparent a trade is inevitable).

  108. “It was definitely a love relationship, where he just wanted to get the best out of me,” Kane said.

  109. I saw that too Beer… Kinda scary, he was the kid’s coach for a YEAR… not like his 1st 5 years, 1 year.

  110. “I went to Amsterdam last summer with some friends and we took the heinken tour. They have this beer thats almost ice cold its absolutely amazing.”

    Matt – I went to Amsterdam about 8 years ago. All pumped up, get there, and the fuggin brewery was closed for renovations! DAMNIT! Just like Wally World! I forgot about it rather quickly though ;)

  111. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Anybody else realize we haven’t won a regulation game in the past 3…hmmm, lets stop that trend tonight.

  112. beerme – are you kidding. you’re fine. it’s people like you that keep me here and make me think maybe i still have some sanity left.

    you’re very fair minded. much more so than me i think since i let a handful of “fans” here get under my skin.

  113. please, the name says it all BEER me. he’s not about wine or wining at all.

    there’s my bad pun of the day, I’m gonna take a nap now.

  114. I only know of a few whiners on here…
    Beer your not on my list of whiners.
    I don’t think I’m a whiner either but generally I do stick up for players on my team…
    my most bitched about players…Hollwegg and Malek

    I hope I’m not a whiner…at least not here. Just to the wife…LOL

  115. Beth- Yea I know I am a simple guy when it comes to beer. I went once for my roomates birthday and we were there for over 4 hours mainly because it took an hour for the food and an extra hour for the bill to finally come.

    “All you can eat Taco and Fajita brunch bar on Sundays.”
    I wish I knew about that last year when I was going to school near it.

  116. Jeever,

    I’ve had arrogant bastard… pretty damn good. That same comnpany has an IPA that’s prettyawesome as well.

    If anyone ever gets the chance Kona brewery makes one hell of a porter called Pipeline Porter. Brewed w/ a hint of coffee. Out of this world.

    Brooklyn Pennant Ale is unreal for those with more of a hoppy desire.

    I can talk beer all damn day!!!

  117. I saw Kane crying and had to see the replay a day after because I missed why he was doing that …The way Kane was crying , I though it was about cherapanov dying but found out a day later it was about his coach beiing fired!!! Crazy . He was crying some pritty serious tears , hate to see if one of his teamate got killed!!! Another passionate player is great for the league .

  118. Truefans,

    You and I don’t agree on much ever (except we both love the NYR), but that shot about him getting some work done was low.

    I’m @ work too! lol

  119. haha I was flying back to NJ from NW Canada once, stopped at Salt Lake City airport for a layover. Went to a deli there and had the BEST named beer I’ve ever had. (Remember, Salt Lake City, home of the Mormons). Polygamy Pilsner. the little motto on the bottle said “Why have just one?”


  120. Tonight in Boston, the Bruins are -130 on the money line, while the Pens are +110 at wsex.com (World Sports Exchange). I am laying the $130 to win $100 on Boston, for two reasons. First, they are off to a good start, while Pittsburgh looks sluggish in the early going. And second, the Northeast Division is the NHL’s strongest division, to date this season, with a rating of 134 over a par rating of 100, while the Atlantic Division rates slightly under par with a score of 94, to date, on my rating system.

    Hockey has become more of a betting vehicle since the advent of the shootout and the discontinuation of tie games, which always complicated the betting mix. I wonder if this was part of the thinking of that “genius” commissioner who has more hidden-agenda angles going with his maniplation of hockey rules, than the fossils on the Board of Governors will ever know.

  121. I realize the conversation might be over (for today) but concerning the 3rd line, this is just something I threw together because I wanted to get a look at if there was ANY pattern to who was playing one game, who was out the next. I’m not seeing a trend. But here are the facts, so you can make your own determination. I’d go back and find PP time as well, but I didn’t have time today.

    10/4 – 1 shot, 15 shifts, 10:14 ice time
    10/5 – 1 shot, 13 shifts, 9:57 ice time
    10/15 – 3 shots, 15 shifts, 11:59 ice time

    10/4/08 – 0 shots, 19 shifts, 14:00 ice time
    10/5/08 – 3 shots, 17 shifts, 16:09 ice time
    10/10 – (-1), 17 shifts, 14:01 ice time (SHO goal)
    10/17 – 2 shots, 12 shifts, 10:34 ice time
    10/18 – 1 goal, 3 shots, 22 shifts, 14:36 ice time

    10/13 – 0 shots, 15 shifts, 9:38 ice time
    10/17 – 4 shots, 11 shifts, 9:26 ice time

    10/4/08 – 0 shots, 19 shifts, 11:03 ice time
    10/5/08 – 0 shots, 14 shifts, 10:37 ice time
    10/10/08 – 0 shots, 18 shifts, 12:43 ice time
    10/11/08 – (-1), 1 shot, 13 shifts, 8:18 ice time
    10/13/08 – 0 shots, 18 shifts, 13:01 ice time
    10/15/08 – 0 shots, 14 shifts 10:54 ice
    10/18/08 – (-2), 0 shots, 17 shifts, 12:08 ice time

    10/11 – (-1), 2 shots, 14 shifts, 6:53 ice time

    10/4/08 – 3 shots, 20 shifts, 11:58 ice time
    10/5/08 – 2 shots, 18 shifts, 14:19 ice time
    10/10/08 – 3 shots, 19 shifts, 12:03 ice time
    10/11/08 – (-1), 0 shots, 18 shifts, 12:12 ice time
    10/13/08 – 1 goal, 4 shots, 21 shifts, 15:47 ice time
    10/15/08 – 1 assist, 1 shot, 18 shifts, 13:04 ice time
    10/17/08 – no shots, 16 shifts 12:52 ice time
    10/18/08 – 1 goal, 2 shots, 24 shifts, 15:41 ice time

  122. haha sorry Matt, no I didn’t, that’s an actual beer. As soon as I heard it, my eyes lit up. it was good too.

  123. Anyone agree that Yuengling on tap is far superior to bottle? I truly think this is the case with Blue Moon as well- Just a thought to add to the Beer Convo.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!


  124. prucha sucks. All you sucky player fanboys will be dissapointed when the rangers dump prucha to the scrap heap. I remember when you all cried when they dumped kondratiev, ortmeyer, and most recently hollweg. Do any of them play in the NHL anymore? Or have any positive impact? There is better talent on the waiver wire.

  125. Avery made me totally forget about the Lundqvist twins matchup!

    Beer Me! – Trautwig brought up your favorite stat about with/without Avery with the Rangers. :)

  126. baba booey – i for 1 did not cry when any of those 3 left. i danced in fact when hollweg left. i would have driven him to airport and made sure he got on plane

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