One last jab from Avery


We’d be foolish in thinking Sean Avery would escape Madison Square Garden without causing at least a minor stir.

So in the absence of making any real impact on the ice, he instead settled for a jab at Stephen Valiquette, who in a story in today’s Post, implied that Avery had worn out his welcome in New York.

“Valiquette is really a minor-leaguer and he’s got to get noticed, so what better  way than to talk about me,” Avery said of a goalie who is actually 2-0 with a shutout so far this season.

Again, we shouldn’t be surprised. Nor should we be surprised that the Rangers were soon bypassed after an encouraging start. It’s a familiar trend: score early, overwhelm your opponent with chances but fail to cash in again, then suffer the consequences late.

“We have to adjust a little bit, but we had our chances,” Scott Gomez said. “You are in trouble when you don’t have chances.”

Henrik Lundqvist rightly noted that a defensive breakdown in the third period led to the puck on the stick of the wrong guy in the slot. Sure enough, Mike Modano buried it. Game over.

As for Avery, Lundqvist wouldn’t say what the left wing said to him, but it sounds like it wasn’t family material.

“It’s not going to be in the newspaper,” Lundqvist said.

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  1. gotta love good old avery. haha.

    “how could they be so gassed? even though they played more games they are trained for this. its not like were in feb. or march for them to be so flat right now.”

    its still tiring though. I mean the trip to Europe was definately exhausting and right before they left they played 4 straight nights. So I think its a huge factor moreso because other teams are fresh. I know they are professional athletes and train to stay in shape, but they are also human and the human body has its limitations. No matter how hard to train to stay in shape, its hard to play the schedule they just had and not be tired.

  2. I would bet my last cherry sour patch kid that we make a trade before this weekend. Like tomorrow. Would make sense, so we would have time for a new player or two to practice with the team. And I know it was only his second game of the year, but Rissmiller looked slow and god awful. I don’t know what is going to happen concerning a trade, but I don’t think I want to see any more of Rissy.

  3. Topcorner, All Avery did was smash his own face into the glass and go out of his way to try to hit people, and get knocked around a few times. You saw his play correctly, garbage. We lost, so in his eyes he did what he had to do to win and probably thinks he helped his team.

  4. repost

    just got home from the game. i dont expect seeing prucha in on fri cause i saw him getting out of the cab at 6:55 with his rediculously good looking gf. i was gonna say u should be playing but renney doesnt know what hes doing. all i could do is stare at his girl. she was taller and skinner than him. great move renney sending the 4th line out there when we need a goal.

  5. Repost:

    I was at the game. Poor Drury, can’t find anyone to play alongside. There was no flow to that line all game. They spent most of their ice time in our D zone. Rissmiller is god awful. Sam said it best in his 913p update. Ship his a$$ out with Prucha to Colorado for picks and bring up Potter. Sit Rozi or Kalinin from time to time because Rozi should ride the pine after tonight’s game to wake the F up. He has played like one of NASTY’S Red Robbin bathroom trips that last few games, an tonight he had company in Rissmiller.

    Naslund – Drury – Korpedo.

    Avery looked like a complete putz out there.

  6. Hey guys I have some interesting facts for all.

    – The Rangers have played in 9 games, 7 since the start of the season. They also played 4 straight preseason games before leaving for Europe and 2 in 2 nights while being there.

    – The most played by any other team is 6 total games by Pittsburgh, San Jose, Vancouver, Nashville, Chicago, Dallas, and Anaheim.

    – Out of the teams that went to Europe, the Pens have played the most since being back in 4 games. Ottawa and Tampa have both played 3.

    Just kind of interesting how we were screwed with so many games early. However the positives are that they now we will have less games down the stretch and hopefully won’t be as tired.

  7. Haha, that was an easy one. He should come up with something more original, not something that he already used for Clarkson! Still funny, though. Avery still warms some piece of my heart. :)

  8. I think we need to rethink our offense. I know that this is only one game, but honestly, how many sh!++y teams do we have to face to realize that we are no good at scoring. Rangers make ALL goaltenders look like Roberto Loungo, or do I dare say, Martin Brodeur. The only goal we had today was pure luck. In fact, I dont even want to give Naslund credit for it, because anyone could have scored that goal (Prucha could have even scored it). Drury, once again, looked terrible. You cant even say that he was great on defense because both of the goals were scored when he was on the ice. I want to take that C off of his chest so badly, but I know that that would be a terrible idea for his confidence. Naslund is too old also. Rissmiller was the worst that I had seen him so far, which is very little (which Im pretty happy about. Dawes was once again invisible. Gomer didnt have his legs today, despite what the announcers were saying. I don’t know why everyone is stuck on this all speed idea. We could have one line that just slows things down, that method was used quite regularly by the Rangers first line last year. By doing this it would add another angle to our team, you can’t just use one method to stop us. Also, we need to trade for some sort of sniper, or someone that can simply bury a puck. I thought that was Dru’s job, but I guess not. His job is to take up effective players ice times. Everyone just looked like they were dead…and dont blame this on the long span of games. Ive seen countless times where teams have long spans and the last game they look the best. And after the Eurotrip they had an extended break. I dont want any excuses from this team, they looked terrible today.

  9. It’s hard to ein when the puck’s in your zone and you’re killing penalties. Watching Avery get knocked on his ass teying to get out of his zone was beautiful. I was there but didn’t see what he did to Henrik. Henrik swiped at Avery but not sure what happened. Anyone see it? He was yapping with Vali and Dubinsky during the preskate.

  10. hahahaha, I love it. From “Avery ,Avery ” last year to the Maaaaaaarty-like “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-VRY” chant tonight. I LOVE THE GARDEN!!! Missed opportunities, SLOPPY passes and terrible D led to the loss. they were just discombobulated. When they get a ton of close chances and nothing goes in, it’s inevitable that the other team is going to score again and win the game… just standard Ranger outcome. At least they get a few days rest before Friday’s game unless Renny works them and keeps changing lines and players. Nothing like musical chairs…

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Poor Drury, can’t find anyone to play alongside…
    Naslund – Drury – Korpedo” Haha…

    I was thinking we mix up the lines even a little bit more:
    Naslund – Betts – Prucha
    Sjostrom – Drury – Orr

    Maybe Naslund would start producing then.

  12. I was at the game; decent start but tired second and third. Whatever; I’ll take 6-2-1 after 9. They need some rest.

    Rissmiller doesn’t fit in with this team he should be waived. Hopefully Korpo is back in on Friday.

    Try Naslund with Korpo and Cally and moved Dawes up with Drury and Gomez.

    If Prucha isn’t in the plans, he should be dealt. Anaheim is having trouble scoring. Rangers should try to inquire about Francois Beachemain or however you spell his name for Prucha, Kalinin (who hasn’t been bad) and a pick. It sounds like an EASports trade but maybe Anaheim would bite.

  13. that was a disappointing loss. i think naslund and drury need to split up, 9 games and nothing has clicked between them.

    naslund gomez dawes
    voros dubi zherdev
    callahan drury korpi
    orr betts sjo

  14. HECK, I totally disagree with your assessment of Naslund’s performance tonight. Of all the Rangers, I thought he played one of the best games. He made several strong moves to the net and worked hard on the puck. The goal was a nice one and very well may have been a planned thing. I don’t know if you play hockey yourself, but I do 3 times a week. Even in my beer league, shit happens fast. Rozsival’s shot came off the boards FAST and Naslund finished perfectly, Turco stood no chance. Just because NHL players make stuff look easy, doesn’t mean it is. Give credit where it is due.

    Rissmiller did not look good at all and, as much as I hate to say it, so did Drury. His defensive play has been very sloppy as of late.

    Rozsival still has an uncanny ability to take a penalty when you absolutely need to score.

  15. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    NYR, switch Cally and Dawes (Cally had nice chemistry with Gomez) and I think those lines are a do-able. Also, Korpi’s gotta go…not NHL ready, but who’s going to play in that spot? How many shots on net does Korpi have anyway? 4 in 8 games??

  16. Leetchhalloffame on

    Was at game tonite. Rissmiller was god awful. Waive him or send him to Hartford. Whatever chances they had in first 2 periods they missed the net more often than not. Not many chances in 3rd. Best part of the night was seeing Avery getting knocked around, but he got last laugh with the win. We need

  17. As for the Avery thing, I can pretty much write him off now. He was a total non-factor in this game and has the nerve to mouth off to Vali. I loved Avery while he was here, but now he’s not. My support goes to the players on my team. The way Vali has played the last couple years, I bet he could get a starting spot on a team that needs goaltending bad, like Colorado. But instead, he’s stuck with the Rangers for less money and makes us a better team. He’s loyal to my team, so I’m loyal to him. Now Avery is insulting my team, and that’s not cool with me.

  18. Poor Drury are you kidding me? His crap play is a huge reason why whatever line he’s on is the worst line on any given night.

  19. yeah I do not understand the 3 extra forward routine..

    Rissmiller does look slow and terrible… They lost because they have no clue how to beat a 1 – 4 defense..

    Dump the damn puck. They need more offense; give Prucha a real chance if he fails get rid of him also..

    they need 1 more sniper…Worse game of the year, the Leafs game they got shut out but generated many more chances…

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