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The Dallas Morning News’ Barry Horn has “this insightful look at Sean Avery”: in anticipation of the left wing’s return to the Garden tomorrow.

We’ll have plenty more on this tomorrow, but my guess is the night begins with appreciative applause for a player who was instrumental in the Rangers’ previous two playoff runs.

As for what happens when Avery does something uniquely Sean Avery-ish, well, that’s a different story.

More tomorrow…

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  1. I posted this before but they should play Madonna’s song
    vogue if they get an oppertune chance for him it would be
    pretty funny.

  2. leatherneckinlv on

    eh..why even worry about Avery in that way..lets focus on another win,, Lets Goooo Rangers

  3. Nyr better win that game. Im not impressed at all with the Stars. Turco has given up a shitload of goals, a lot of soft ones.

    They’re dangerous, especially with Fabian Brunnstrom who has 4 goals in his first 3 games. He could be one dangerous SOB that didn’t even get drafted.

    I can care less aboot Avery. He has 2 assists, and Voros has 5 goals, and 3 assists. He’s doing more than Avery could have done here, so far.

  4. Here is my past four game evaluation of the new York rangers. As everyone knows you can’t just base your whole criteria of players on one game, so I like to take evaluations in groups of four games.
    Dawes- had a decent game last night, but looked invisible for the 3 games prior. Maybe he will succeed with new lines?
    Gomez- wasn’t healthy, but still quickest player out there. Great at taking the puck end to end. Needs to work on finishing skills though.
    Callahan- one of the best workhorses out there. Seems like a 3rd liner, but works well with gomez.
    Altogether this line has seemed to click more then any previous 1st line. Definitely worth it to give it a couple more chances.
    Zherdev-dangerous individually, adds a new threat to the line. You can’t always think he’s gonna pass it so it’s hard to cover him, that being said he loses the puck in the neutral zone too much.
    Dubinsky- born leader. He will be captain on this team if rangers keep him for a long time. Works well with anyone.
    Voros- great in front of the net, much better then drury. Amazing replacement for avery. Works well with Dubinsky.
    This is our best line. So many different angles of threat. Should be our #1 line.
    Naslund- completely out of gas. Never in a position to score, worst pickup of summer.
    Drury-worst pickup of 07 summer. Does not have a good shot. Is not a good playmaker. Not a good captain. Good on pk. 7 mil for a 3rd line player.
    Korpikoski-needs to go to ahl for one more year.
    Altogether this is our worst line. Can’t put the puck in the net.
    Sjostrom betts Orr- best fourth line. Could not have said that last year, but they really improved there game.
    Roscival-redden need to be split up. Both same style of play. Both have good shots.
    Mara- staal best combo for d. Mara has fiestiness. Staal has young legs.
    Girardi/Kalinin- need to be split up as well. Not terrible, but not the best.
    Our d isn’t that bad.
    Dangerousicity of o
    Line 2, line 4, line 1, line 3. Maybe line numbers don’t matter. So 2-1-1. Not to shabby, this team is dangerous but I do think we need to tweak something in order to win it all. As if 8 games means everything. As long as we stay above 500 every 4 games I’ll be happy.

  5. I guess we’re (and Hank) are glad the NHL came up with the Avery rule now. Perspective is a funny thing sometimes.

  6. Interesting to break down player performance as regards with and without the puck, to get an overall sense of worth.
    Some don’t score, but add a dimension on the ice, anyway. Some do score/assist but have holes in their game all over the ice.

    NASLUND is a puzzle – invisible offensively, so far (one even-strength goal in a key situation), but has, by far, the sharpest takeaway-giveaway ratio on the club, at 11-1. Remember, Jagr was the worst player on the club in this category, last year, but was always forgiven for his numerous shortcomings because of his offense and his (phantom) “leadership.”

    NASLUND has nine hits so far, average for our forwards; he falls down in the blocked shots category, with NONE. Betts leads all forwards with seven, so far.

    Maybe if NASLUND sacrificed his body, once in a while, that would generate an extra scoring opportunity for him and his line, a couple times a game. Just a thought.

    So he is not generating offense, and not putting his body into the game, but is creating turnovers while not coughing up the puck. Consensus here is that he needs to do more than just not make mistakes. He needs to contribute in multiple ways. Playing with his body and not just with his stick and skates would be a good place to start.

  7. leatherneckinlv on

    What the Heck
    an excellent assesment..and I concur with biggest observation has been a lack of team toughness..a one dimensional defense..we lack the true hitter and the rush from his own end type defensemen…there has to be some tweaking doubt..I would call up Potter and Byers and trade a few players for cap relief and both a power forward to score the garbage goals a la Steve Vickers and a tough defenseman..San Jose has two players that i would love to see..Douglas Muarray and Patrick Marleau…they would help..there has to be a way….Its time to let Prucha go,,,its unfair to the kid to be in the situation he is in.. he will never be a fit on Renneys system so let him go and..same thing with a few other players… to solve the issue of cap hit on some of these players will require work..thats what Sather gets paid to do…do it Slats..not keep the team in bondage to some moves that had great intentions,,just didnt work..this team has a solid foundation..lets build on it now..not at the trade deadline let them gel now..not experiment again in March..

  8. Byers is off to a dreadful, non-productive start, but of course we hope he will come around, soon. Top left wing at Hartford so far is some kid named Soryal. Top Center down there to date is Ouellette. Byers, Moore, and Sanguinetti are the big busts, so far this early season. Potter is in and out, needs to show more consistency to rate a shot on Broadway. Brian Fahey on D is starting to look like the real deal.

    Rangers badly need a stud on the blueline, on this we can all agree.

  9. I disagree with some other evals, Dawes has played well the last few games. He has used his body quite a bit…

    Naslund is invisible they need 1 more scorer ata minimum.. kalinin is no bobby orr but he is much better then Malik. Overall the D has been OK, Roszi makes at lest 2 really bad plays each game, such as failing to clear the zone on a easy play etc..

    Dubinsky is a hell of a player…

  10. I’m going to wait before writing Naslund off. 8 games is a bit early to call him the worst signing of the summer, especially since he hasn’t been a liability. At 4 mil/per, he doesn’t make that much considering what upside he could bring if he gets his game together, and at 2 years we’re not married to the guy.

    Korpikoski looked pretty damn good last night against the Wings. He definitely belongs in the NHL and his game will continue to improve as he becomes more accustomed to the level of play. If we leave him in Hartford he’ll never develop. We’re going to have to be a little patient, he’s going to have some growing pains. But he’s a terrific player and he has a lot to contribute.

    Sjo-Betts-Orr is all the stuff we liked last year, and a whole new dimension. Complete ballers.

    I disagree about the team toughness thing. We’ve been a mentally tough team, battling back from 4-0 against Metallurg, fighting through a scoreless tie against Toronto, and putting ourselves in a position to win against the class of the league, coming back from an early 2-0 deficit. That kind of toughness is the kind that will win us a championship. Anaheim’s pugilistic brand of hockey has earned them losses this season. Our mental toughness has got us 13 of 16 points. Plus we have Orr to take care of business when it calls.

    Mara is one of our top d-men. He’s been playing the body and making good defensive plays. I don’t even want to hear about him kicking Kaleta’s ass. If the team worked 1/2 as hard vs Buffalo as we did against Detroit we would have given them the shocker. Mara stood up for himself, isn’t pride what being a Ranger is all about?

    Dawes made so many good plays last night I couldn’t even count. I’m not even talking about scoring chances, but smart plays on the boards to keep the play alive, the puck moving and to another player to generate a scoring chance. His goal was sweet too. Black Magic needed it.

    Who was standing in front of the net with his hand down his pants for the overtime goal? Rozsival. Talk about someone we should trade. He’s got a good shot, but for every goal he scores there are 2 we give up due to his lazy stick penalties or his being out of position. The fact that Hossa scored that makes it hurt so much more.

    Naslund has a killer shot, and I think once Renney persuades his to use it he’ll snap out of his funk. He has a great way of moving to one side and shooting to the other. I think he’ll be fine.

    Great effort so far this year. Lots of work to be done, but it’s looking promising. LGR!

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    doc, i am done with you.

    Put Naslund with Gomez and Callahan, I guarantee the lamp starts lighting up.

  12. Jim
    October 19th, 2008 at 8:55 pm
    Prucha was the best player on the ice against Buffalo. We’ll never know how “good or bad” he can be for us until we keep him on the “SAME” line for at least 5 or 6 continuous games. Do you really think the 30 goals his first season and 20 the second are a fluke? I’m tired of the “he’s too small” comments (have you ever seen Gionta, Kane or St. Louis?) The coaches should just teach him to play like a 175 pounder and not like Voros. I “guarantee” if he’s ever traded he’s a 30 goal scorer on his next team. There is no comparison to the skill level he brings to the rink compared to Dawes (I know he scored against Detroit-why not put Prucha and Callahan on either side of Gomez or Drury for 6 games and see what happens), Fritsche or Rismiller. Give Prucha a legitimate chance, play him on the power play and the team will have the best $1.2 mil investment it ever made versus the $3+ mil Avery is making!

  13. True Fans- you need to get your head out of your ass and stop making callahan the next adam graves. Naslund is old like all you guys said about Jags, done washed up.

    you can guarantee all you want since you are the coach.

  14. There will be a few knuckleheads up in the Blues who will boo Avery. I am ambivalent. However, if he starts any sh*t, we got Colton to punch the snot out of him. Avery is a weirdo, an eccentric, maybe even a headcase. I liked him when he was here but now I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what he does as long as the Rangers beat Dallas.

    I ripped on Naslund, Drury and Redden last night but they’ve only played 8 games. Renney has been experimenting almost every game with the lines combos. Now it seems clear that Dubi should be centering Voros and Zherdev. Gomer with Callahan and Dawes and Betts with Sjo and Orr. That leaves Drury with Naslund and Korpedo/Fritsche. I don’t care if you call them second line or third line. Just let them get on with it and hopefully some chemistry will come.

  15. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    House, are you serious? Haha. You’re the same idiot who ripped Callahan AND Voros yesterday afternoon…you F’ing idiot, they both Scored!!! Hahaha. You’re the ecklund of this bored you arrogant, no-nothing, POS! All you do is B&M about Kalinen and Naslund…we get it. But you know what, they’ve been OK; not good, not bad. You know nothing and that fact that your other two whipping boys scored a combined 3 goals should shut you the F up.

  16. mhurley, I think you raise a good point. If the Gomez/Dawes/Callahan line click for good, and the Playstation line is working well, and our 4th line is doing well, there is no reason not to pair up Naslund with Drury and Korpedo. It’ll be a hardworking line. I know some will get on here and start saying that we shouldn’t be paying 7 mill for a 3rd liner, but we shouldn’t look at it in the perspective of lines in descending order or talent. In fact, I’d much rather have well paid, good players spread throughout the lineup rather than a concentration in the top line. This way we don’t end up like Tampa Bay where only 1 line is a legit scoring threat and the 3 other lines sole purpose is to not give up a goal and wait until the 1st line can get back on. Rolling three solid lines with star players and hard working complimentary players creates an offensive threat at all times, even working within Renney’s defensive first system. If we can make it work we’ll be scary all season. VERY few teams have that kind of depth

  17. Cakewalk – I have enjoyed your posts with the various statistics. That is a good and interesting take on Naslund.

    mhurley – I still say Avery should get booed for being a liar and and a-hole after he left. I bet Renney will get Orr out there against Avery at every opportunity, and Voros if not.

    True Fans – What’s a no-nothing? :P It seems like almost every poster needs a whipping boy. I’m content to not have one right now since the team is 6–2. If I had to choose, it would be Naslund or Drury.

  18. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Spider, good point…(‘know-nothing’, haha). My whipping boys have been Drury and Rozsival for at least a year, both are playing poorly now, probably the worst of any Rangers on this team…but we’re 6-1-1 like you said. Naslund’s not been playing poorly because of his own hands or legs.

  19. avery does something stupid and his replacement and new garden favorite fights him to chants of vorros

  20. I agree with joe and mhurley. The other three lines are doing what they need to do. It’s just dissapoinribg knowing that our highest played players have been the least productive this far. And I’m sorry to upset you joe but naslund, thus far has been the worst signing. We signed a lot of good players. Wait…maybe that was a dumb statement, I forgot about rissmiller. Rissmiller first then naslund. and Dawes did score last night, but I need to see more then one goal and inconsistent defensive play before I give them credit

  21. HECK, point taken. Personally, I think the worst signing was Rozsival. Rissmiller comes in a close second. Naslund has been disappointing, but at the same time he hasn’t COST us goals like Rozsival has. Rissmiller isn’t a bad player, and is probably a decent signing at 1 mil/per, but we have too much depth and he has no spot here. If we would have spared ourselves the Rissmiller signing, and not resigned Rozsival, we could have spent 6 mil/per on a solid defender. If Naslund scores 20+, he’ll be well worth his salary.

  22. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Joe, I 100% agree with you. Naslund is $1.0million less on the cap hit than Rozi. Makes you wonder sometimes.

  23. Well mainly Rozi gives up goals because…he is a defensemen. Thats what happens in that position. Your a good defensemen if you can limit that number down to a smaller amount then the guy staring across from you. As of right now, (I am saying right now on purpose), I see Rozi getting more goals then Naslund this year. Also I see his +/- rating being above Naslunds as well. I honestly hope Naslund will prove me wrong and shoves my statements down my throat today. But as of right now, I see him losing more and more gas every game. But I do agree with you in the fact that Rozi got paid too much. He was a good signing, but it was way too much.

  24. I don’t think Rissmiller was a bad signing except for the fact that we are log-jammed on forwards. If we had space for him to play, he’d be making up for what he’s worth, but he hasn’t had a chance to. He played pretty well in the one game he has been in. Rozy and Nazzy haven’t missed one yet and have been completely ineffective at times.

  25. The abundance of fwds can’t last too long, we’ll need an extra dman soon enough. Hopefully they’ll be a 7th man ready when that time comes. But this abundance hasn’t hurt us at 6-1-1. I’m sure individually it’s hurting the guys who have to sit. But I don’t really give a sh*t who’s feelings are hurt cause they’re not in the lineup. I don’t care what the team, or they did for/on the team last year or the year before or whatever.

    W’s is what it’s all about. Regardless of the roster, line combos, winning ‘tender, bad calls, whatever.

    We’ve gained valuable points so far without some of the players that were to be counted on producing much more than message board fodder. Those players will contribute at some time, and it’ll show even more just how much depth we have. And time will tell just how far that can take us.

  26. Sam Please ask Renney straight out why Naslund hasn’t been skyboxed, and why the Prucha double talk. What positive effect is he creating with these guys, and why the patience double standard ?

  27. Jonnyd, I agree. Rissmiller wasn’t a bad signing in terms that we overpaid for him. In fact, I would argue just the opposite; he’s probably got a lot to offer for a meager 1 mil/per. But it is a bad signing in the sense that it erases 1 million of precious cap space when we are already scratching 2 capable forwards.

  28. Takeawys v Giveaways:

    Girardi 7:3
    Rozi 6:2
    Mara 1:1
    Staal 1:2
    Kal 4:5
    Redden 5:8

    Blocked Shots
    Rozi 13
    Redden 10
    Kal 8
    Mara 6
    Girardi 4
    Staal 4

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