The Rangers would love to return to Detroit in June (Updated)


Detroit is beautiful in June, in case you haven’t heard. I can’t speak for the weather, the mood, or the convenience, but I can say that if you’re the Rangers and you end up back in the Motor City in a little less than eight months time, you’ve probably done something right.

I know, I know, back to reality. The Rangers have won six of their first seven, but the last two games have included a dispiriting loss and a grinding, edge-of-your-seat win over a team many expect to finish at the bottom of the league standings.

Not to be dismissed as well is that just as the arrival of Marian Hossa’s arrival in Detroit has made the Wings the clear favorite to win the Cup again, there’s no guarantee that will lead anywhere (something my friend Lynn Zinser of the Times “expounds upon today”:

So in other words, a lot has to happen for these two teams to see each other again. Let’s repeat: a lot has to happen.

But it wouldn’t be the craziest thing in the world, either.

Meanwhile, some notes and thoughts:

<li>Raise your hand if you remember the last time the Rangers faced the Red Wings in a regular season game. I do. It was two seasons ago in early February. The Rangers were outside of the playoff picture, and they ended up blowing a two-goal lead in the third period to lose by a goal. At that time, I wrote something along the lines that the season was now officially a lost cause.

But as it happened, that was also the day the Rangers traded for Sean Avery. The Grate One made his debut the next night in Jersey, the Rangers ground out a needed point against the Devils, and most of you know the rest (short version: the Rangers made the playoffs that year, then again the next year, Avery got an internship at Vogue. I think that pretty much covers it).

<li>Not sure of the lineup tonight, but I share all of your concern about Markus Naslund, who was again a non-factor last night. It’s funny, there are similarities between the way Naslund is playing now and the way Martin Straka played at the end of last season — both highly-skilled players who seem to be a step behind the play, and can’t generate anything as a result. It’s not that they’re a liability, it’s just that they don’t do enough.

Here’s one big difference: when Straka struggled last season, Rangers fans still had been given a sense of what the Czech wing could do based on his performance in New York the previous two seasons. Naslund has obviously been a top player in this league for a number of years. But to this fan base, there isn’t the same reference point.

For the record, though, there’s no way I see Tom Renney sitting Naslund down anytime soon, so don’t even ask.

<li>As for Petr Prucha, who was again a scratch last night, I’m not sure I get what’s going on there. At the beginning of training camp, Renney made repeated reference to giving the wing an opportunity to produce like he did his first two seasons in this league.

I think we can all agree this  cycle of two games in, three games out, one game in doesn’t constitute real opportunity. That’s fine if the team is ready to part ways with Prucha, or if it simply feels he doesn’t provided as much as the likes of Nigel Dawes, Dan Fritsche, or Fred Sjostrom. With at least a couple of those players, I agree.

But what the team can’t do is continue to tear at the kid’s confidence and then blame him for not producing.

OK, that’s all for now. More later….

Update, 5:39 p.m.: Lauri Korpikoski “is back in”: and will take Dan Fritsche’s spot at right wing on the line that also includes Chris Drury and Markus Naslund. The rest of the lines stay the same as last night.

In other news, as I expected, Sean Avery is not planning to talk to the media when he returns to New York on Monday, but is instead issuing a statement.

Is he running for President or playing left wing?

Anyway, here it is, by way of the Dallas Stars. There is no mention of Vogue or call girls:

“Thank you all for your inquires and requests for interviews. I also wanted to thank you guys for the great work you did in the coverage while I was here; I appreciate your enthusiasm about the team and the game in general. In my effort to focus on the game at hand, I would prefer not to do a lot of interviews so please accept this statement in lieu of full court press.

I extremely enjoyed my time in NY playing for the Rangers. Jim Dolan runs a first-class organization, the fans are as passionate and as tough as they come, and they make MSG a very special place to play and call home. I wish the Rangers all the best and I hope that they have a great season. I have no animosity towards anyone in this organization for not bringing me back; that is sometimes how things work out. On the other side of the coin, however, I am very happy to now be a member of the Dallas Stars organization. This team is one any player would be lucky to be a part of, and I think we have a very exciting and positive season ahead of us.”

Update, 9:40 p.m.: It boggles my mind that hockey still struggles to gain traction in this country, especially after games like tonight’s.

Please, do the game a favor: go find your friends who don’t like hockey, and show them a tape of this game. If they still don’t like hockey, I recommend you find some new friends.

It wasn’t perfect, especially given the final outcome for the Rangers. And while there’s still plenty to take issue with — Too many men? Really? — I think we can all agree a point in Detroit, on the second leg of a back-to-back, after twice falling behind two goals, isn’t terrible.

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  1. Sam,
    I agree about the whole Prucha deal. But Naslund is old and washed up to use everybody else’s terms. He looks like he is still in Prague.

  2. leatherneckinlv on

    I agree…Prucha is a very good player on the wrong team and system and the more he is used as is the less he is of value in a trade and an unjust tactic for the kid…let him go already and trade a few of these players who are not a fit including Naslund and Kalinin for pieces to the puzzle to fit Renneys team..the needs I see so far is overall team toughness and a natrual goal scorer of the power forward type…not the Gaborik type..if I were Sather..I Sather i would put a call in to the San Jose Sharks for a feasibility of a trade for Marleau and Douglas Muarray..I just have a intuition that Prucha will be an awesome fit for the Minnesota Wild..Give an A for effort and realize the F in results…to stay the course is insanity

  3. now why in the world would the sharks deal marleau when they are off to good start hes playing well and prucha is a waste.

  4. Since this is the only place I can vent anything Rangers related, here are a couple of my gripes with the coaching staff…

    I will give Renney credit for implementing a system that seems to work well (whether that’s because of a certain #30, I don’t know, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt). They’ve made the playoffs and have been a respectable team in the league since he started coaching them.

    That said, his lineup and on ice decisions are awful! The “First” line looked like a third line last night, the second looked like the first, and the third looked like a second. Huh? Prucha goes out and is the best player on the ice two games ago and gets benched the next game for Dan Fritche? Huh? It has become increasingly clear that Dubinsky is the top center on this team, Gomer is a 1b center, and Drury is the third line center.

    No matter how much you pay him, Drury has always been a great third line center/decent second line center. Cally and Prucha have shown chemistry, why not stick Drury between them? It makes sense, but that’s not Renney’s strong point. Naslund should play with Gomez or Dubinsky, as he is one of four top six forward on the team (with Zherdev as the other).

    I’m stopping, I could write a novel but I actually want people to hear my opinions and mull them over… Sorry for the long post.

  5. I sure hope all the people out there that were predicting Naslund was going to be such a great replacement for Jagr, I sure hope you are all happy with what you got. All the blame for the powerless play that passed passed and passed a few more time, do you still blame it on Jagr, funny I am seeing the same thing other than Jagr being on the ice! Maybe we should have suck with the known and passed on the unknown that is now biting us in the A$$ and we are paying him way too much money to get rid of him. Just a thought!

  6. Sorry, one last point I forgot to make. The only two guys on the team who have the potential to be top 6 forwards (Outside of the four I just mentioned), and they are Dawes and Prucha. I love Cally, but he is like Drury, a great third line player, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! That’s their skill set, that’s their defensive awareness, that’s their decent scoring ability. That’s absolutely not a knock on either player. Seriously, I’m done now, thanks for reading.

  7. Ginny i am liking that post! I love when people blamed crap on Jags. It got shoved right back in their face.

  8. leatherneckinlv on

    If Gretzky could be had in a can I said..a feasibility call to see if its possible…It really is time to let some of these player…and add players that will fill the needs and buy into the Renney system..NOW..not at the trade deadline….infact we should become a team that has no reason to trade at the deadline..start that chemistry now..not later 2 lines are set the Duninsky line and the Betts line…leave those as untouchables..D needs a physical preseance with only Staal as an untouchable and Kalinin as a must go and the rest could be had for the right trade..Corey Potter and Dane Byers as two solid recalls to fill in spots..Byers will fill a nice need..toughness infront of the net and we all saw how good Potter was in preseason

  9. nice post Sam. I agree 100%.

    leather, this isn’t NHL 09. GMs aren’t just looking to throw guys at Sather. your ideas for trades would never happen in the NHL unless the GM is…I dunno…Garth Snow?

  10. leatherneckinlv on

    Lol Jonny D..or Sather…so there is hope..Sather, Gretzky in edmonton..ring a bell?..I never played any online fantasy games or psp games…of note…Mike Kommisarek is the jewel of next years free agent list..but thats next year so what would youz do as a solution if you were Sather first then as Renney

  11. Naslund will score. It took Gomez and Drury both more than 7 games to fit in last season, too. Jagr couldn’t play on in this system….face it, he’d have slowed things down to a crawl. He’s one of the greats…but not a fit here anymore.

    Why knock Kalinin? He’s been far better than Rozsival. Rozsi needs more time to come back from the hip surgery.

    All the tears, wailing and gnashing of teeth….and this team is 6-1.

    Play Fritsche more.

  12. leatherneckinlv on

    look at the goals scored…the team will be on the losing end of alot more than I care to think of 2-1 games..our Goalies are awesome..but they are not Supermen…i wont deny the fact that its a great record..6-1..however here is your first major test..Detroit..we still have not played the Penguins..or for that matter Washington a goal scoring team so yeah..I am real Joe..if you think this team as is will contend for the stanley cup..then..I pray you are correct but reality says to me..Montreal and Pittsburgh would eat us alive in the playoffs..depends who we would play either low scoring games…Do I see a solid foundation..I do..this is a solid B in grade team…certainly not an A+ would leave the team as is?

  13. Coach, we are knocking Kalinin the guy is Malik’s brother. He makes really dumb decisions let alone he is partnered with Girardi. Both of them are a nice pair to skate around. Except Girardi has that toughness (at times).

    Dont ever say Jags couldnt play in this system, dont blame this on him. Why does everybody think Jagr got slow. He is a heck of a lot faster than Naslund. Everybody knows when Jagr is out there may i remind you. I wonder if you think Jagr is as slow as Shanny is?

  14. hey greg L, if you think zherdev played a good game last nite then u don’t know much about hockey, im not singling him out as the worst player on the ice at all, but he is someone who i heard has a great skill set and i just haven’t seen that yet…of course it’s early but i have seen flashes of why a terrible team like the bluejackets would trade him in the first place

    u can’t/shouldn’t be comparing prucha to frische/sjostrom, they are completely different players or at least they should be used as such. if prucha is go to do any good he needs to be w/a playmaking center and on the pp. him playing 10 mins a game w/ callahan and koriposki isn’t gonna help him or the team. dawes is better served for that role as is fritsche, sjostrom is a good 4th liner

    if you have been actually watching the games you would know that yes we are 6-1 but a lot of that has to do w/how the teams we have faced have looked/played than us dominating in 6 games

  15. i don’t think we’re winning the cup either. certainly can make the team better. but as rudely mentioned by dr house the cap is a big part of things. and other teams don’t necessarily want our crap for their stars.

    and you think Potter and Byers are the answer?

  16. leatherneckinlv on

    Not the i said..for roles that can be filled on the team…Potter is far better than Kalinin and Byers will add to team toughness…so both will of the pieces to the puzzle…however this team needs a tough power forward who can score the goals in front of the net on rebounds and a tough intimidating defenseman that will make the opposition think twice when coming into our zone

  17. Coach it may have taken gomez and drury 7 games to get started but they still had less points than Jagr. Naslund will never fill Jagrs shoes or skates i guess I should say.

  18. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    This post makes me sick… “Not sure of the lineup tonight, but I share all of your concern about Markus Naslund, who was again a non-factor last night.”


    Is it possible Naslund and Gomez are suffering because Drury has held them back?! Drury has one assist, a primary assist that he earned because Wade Redden scored on a rebound. *GET DRURY OFF THE TOP LINE!* He shouldn’t be the “go-to” guy and THANK GOD Renney didn’t put him in for the shootout. Good move.

    Let’s start worrying about our $7million (1 assist) captain before we rip Naslund’s 4million and 4-5 points. *Doesn’t that sound logical?!!!*

  19. I hate to say it, but those posters who said Drury and Gomez were mediocre offensive talents seem to be correct. Potential doesn’t win hockey games, finishing does. So far it seems clear to me the Rangers need a true scorer in a bad way. Markus Naslund may have been that guy, and wouldn’t it be nice if he regains his stride, but it’s hard to see that happening. Hopefully the season plays out differently, but I, for one, haven’t seen a glimmer of a “click” by our supposed top line.

    On a related note, not nearly enough has been made of the coaches’ inability to coax an adequate power play out of the Rangers in years. 0 for 8? Gimme a break. If one power play goal can win a game, very good teams get it.

    That being said, it’s still fun as hell to see them win and to be getting points before the mad dash to the playoffs. And I eat every negative word I said about Valley. He’s turned out pretty good and it was cool to see him get the crowd love. Go Rangers.

  20. wouldn’t it be great if we had a player who had a history (albeit not a long one) of scoring on the power play who we could now give a chance….oh wait

  21. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Pete – hahaha. That’s a great point, and I agree.

    LI Joe…what didn’t make sense? I’m really confused why Drury gets a pass and Naslund gets a bash?! Gomez has been sick and hurt. Naslund needs to produce more, but Gomez’s health and Drury’s hands are not lending themselves to helping him.

    I’m more concerned that every Drury slapshot, semi-breakawy, one-timer goes wide or in the gut of a goalie…especially compared to my concerns for Prucha/Dawes/Naslund/Betts/Orr/Girardi/Kalinen and whoever else everyone on here bashes.

  22. “But what the team can’t do is continue to tear at the kid’s confidence and then blame him for not producing.”

    Right. They shoulda dealt him LAST year. And slats still won’t pull the trigger.

    The game was fun to be at last night after I figured out who was playing with who. I guess it’s not the worst thing if you mix up half your fwds, and still come away with 2. I won’t list them, but take a look at the scores of the games so far and more importantly, the way they were reached. They’ve won games in a few different fashions (hey, avery’s coming to town soon…) and to be successful, you better have the ability to do just that.

    Naslund…He’s European. Not a knock on the guy. But he’s two years late to Broadway.

  23. “Potential doesn’t win hockey games, finishing does.”

    ChrisF – Everything and anything has been winning hockey games for us lately. So I can’t say I agree with that. But it doesn’t last long. I can agree with that.

  24. I think we can all agree by now that Renney is a moron and a liar. Even Sam Weinman is starting to get it, good for him.

    1. Betts has yet to be rotated out of the lineup, I guess Renney cannot fathom winning without the Talented Mr. Bettsy.

    2. We are not going anywhere fast if Betts keeps getting anywhere near 14 minutes of icetime. This hurts the team, it hurts the confidence of players that can actually score and hurts development of young players.

    3. the 3 vets Drury, Gomez and Naslund are underperforming and a smart coach would try to wake them up by rotating them out of the lineup. If they don’t start producing start looking for a new retirement home for them and STOP f$^&ing signing these overpriced UFAs.

    4. the 3rd line has too short of a leash, they can’t be creative if they know that 1 mistake can be the end of their NHL career because there are at least 3 other replacements waiting for a spot and a 7 more in Hartford. Make some trade already and and let the 3rd line and all lines be more offensively creative.

  25. true fans – what does not make sense us the depth of your hatred for drury. you seem to want him to fail. even putting your dislike in bold. if you think he’ll be at this pace of a 12 pt sesason i have a bridge to sell you. why because your boy prucha is in and out of the lineup? you and your buddy can take a hike for all i care. we get it drury is to you as betts is to bob. are we going to read this nonsense the next 4 yrs.

  26. leatherneckinlv on

    What seems to be the problem with Betts…bob.our 4th line is one of the best in the NHL and infact playing better than our 1st and 3rd lines…also..dont forget he is a PK on our team and does an outstanding job there…also look into his defensive zone face off winning will suprise you..a team needs roleplayers and that 4th line does it very well…Sjostrom and Orr’s improvement in the off season and Blair Betts intelligence and hockey sense make that a very reliable 4th line..they are fine bob…put your concerns on Naslund and the ineffectiveness of our 3rd line..worry about not having that imposing defenseman…why worry about a player who does his job well

  27. Drury centering a line with Naslund and the Korpedo tonight. Fritsche out, all the lines the same as last night except for Fritsche. This all from Andrew Gross.

  28. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Joe, you make a fair argument and I don’t mean to beat the Drury Drum too much (I realize it gets annoying). It should be noted that Salty and I both have said (for the past 15-17 months) that Drury is over-rated, and that is becoming more and more apparent. I don’t think Drury will have 12 points and I HOPE he scores 25 goals this year. But I’d rather see him do what he does well. He’s a solid shut-down third line center, he’s not a PP or top line threat and it is confusing to me when people want to start point their fingers at Naslund, Prucha, and Dawes for failed offensive production.

    If Drury’s going to play on the top line (which he has most of the year) then he needs to produce like that. IF not, it’s ok…but then he should move to a third line and play with players who compliment him.

    I’m ECSTATIC that the Rangers are 6-1. That’s amazing and it really makes all of us happy…but I would like to see them play a little better offensively, sounder defensively, and find line combinations that put each player in a role they will succeed. I don’t believe Renney has done that with Prucha or Drury especially.

  29. I don’t really understand the Naslund bashing when other guys need to be stepping up offensively as well. The second line has had a few good games to help carry the team offensively, but that’s really it.

    The third line has looked it’s best when PRUCHA was in, and since everyone here is an expert, nobody can argue with that. Fritche definitely has potential, but I think he needs a bit of work in the AHL, he was the third line center for an awful team last year… But next year he could be valuable.

    Gomez has had the flu on the top line and as the puck carrier, which has hurt Naslund and Drury. Drury, as the captain, should be the guy stepping up with his center not at 100%, but instead Drury has wilted under the pressure and become more of a liability. I guarantee you once the Rangers have a few days of rest, Gomez and Naslund will come out of it clicking.

    The fourth line has been the most consistent line on the team, Betts and Sjo both have goals and Orr may have actually learned how to play hockey.

    Random thought… Anyone else think that Pock could have been this year’s Jason Strudwick? That would have solved our defensive depth problem as well as provide a forward to play in the event of a benching.

  30. In the bob world of hockey, all you have to do is be young and hit. If you do that everything else takes care of itself. Once you are past 30 you are garbage.

  31. true fans – keep in mind that many ask for a guy to get in front of the goalie especially on the pp. drury has been doing that and getting beat up for it. results are not there yet but his usual stats s/b there by the end of the yr. and he does have a defensive presence.

  32. chris drury at 7 mill a year kills us. we dont have enough snipers consistently who could score. i got roasted on this blog when i said dawes cally and prucha are not good enough to be top 6 forwards. plain and simple there not. naslund is washed up and our captain for all the little things he does at 7 mill a year it kills us. hes not a true goal scorer and only reason he had 37 2 years ago for buff was there system of run and gun hockey. i bet anything they lose 4-1 tonight or worse. its amazing we have 12 pts out of 14. it wont last much longer if things dont change

  33. So Sam gets on Naslund but not Drury for his shitty play. As Billy Wagner would say fuckin’ shocker! Come on Sam be objective and ask Drury the tough question and when I mean tough questions I mean not questions about his thoughts on the stupid Alcs.

  34. That first line (and Drury) can’t keep playing this way.

    First off… it’s early… this squad isn’t firing on all cylinders but who wants them to be… it’s October not April.

    Second… they are getting chances. Especially Drury. It’ll come.

    These guys are finding ways to win when they’re not at their best. That says something.

  35. personally, i think tom renney needed to let the top line play together for longer than they have been for real results. instant chemistry doesnt happen that often in hockey, and some of the most successfull top lines in history needed some time to gel. It took everyone on the redwings a while to learn how to play with the “i will know where everyone is on the ice and dont u dare bang ur stick on the ice for the puck” pavel datsyuk, and it took a month for hossa to start clicking with crosby. the naslund-gomez-drury line wasnt even used in preseason so u cant really say that theyve had that kind of practice or preparation from from the start. i think if they were allowed to play together for a while theyll start to recognize where and how each of them plays.
    one thing that i have noticed also, is that all the hooplah about jagr being gone and redden being aquired and rozsival being allowed more breathing room, there still have not been alot of shots from the point on the power play, mostly when their unit is out. they need to start delivering on that promise and start shooting and dumping pucks to the net and not looking like the anemic downright slow pp that theyve shown they can be when they played new jersey and toronto.

  36. Drury is getting the chances, Naslund isn’t getting any. Only one the last game i think.

    I hope this changes, cause its worrying me. Even if we make the playoffs, do any of you think we can go far, if we have one line doing all the damage ?

    It doesn’t work that way.

    They gotta get their shit together, quick. Its still early, but i don’t want this to drag on. Id consider putting Nazzy or Dru with Dubi, just for the hell of it. See how it works.

  37. zetterbergs not playin tonight right? if not that should help a little but dont expect alot of goals comin from rangers tonight. lets hope they can hang with the wings and give them some confidence if they win

  38. and please stop complaining about drury. this time next month if he doesnt have more points than betts or sjostrom then start worrying. but right now were winning. theres no reason to jump on the guy until we start losin a few

  39. Adam and his apple on

    heres my 2 cents on the drury and gomez matter, its the 8th game of the season guys, did you see how drury elevated his game against mettalurg? that game had a playoff atmosphere, drury will be fine, 7 million is too much i agree but we cant go back now, im just happy hes on the team, most likely he will never reach 37 goals again as he did in his career year, but his worth to the team cant be measured in points

    as for gomez, he has the flu, give the guy a break!

  40. Sam, would it be feasible for you to update at the TOP of the post again? Speaking to a few people, that was a lot easier to read.

  41. ADAM

    Mettalurg, Detroit, eh i guess they’re pretty equal……NOT !!

    That game means nothing. This is the NHL, not the KHL. But i will worry if Dru doesn’t have as many points as Voros at least.

    I like the 3rd line, but id like to see Korpedo on the 1st line with Gomer, and Dawes, since he’s faster than Cally. But hopefully it works out.

    Lol, this team doesn’t have Zetterberg, but they’re still as scary as they can be. Hopefully we win tonight.

  42. I think moving Korpedo to the wing might be a nice fit… that’s where he seemed pretty effective in the Pitt game last season.

    But I must admit, I thought Renney would keep Drury and Gomer together… move Naslund maybe, but those two at least seemed to have a little something going.

  43. So what coaches are available? Renney is way past due being fired. Maybe with a new coach/system we will be a team like Red Wings–hard working, quick, high scoring and great defensively.

  44. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Drury -2 already in this game…here comes a real test. I’m excited that Drury can prove himself NOW (not being sarcastic), lead this team, score a clutch goal, and get his head back together. He was floating around on coverage for both of those goals against.

    This game could MAKE our season…lets go Rangers.

  45. Jesus Christ. Joe is right, Rangers are giving Detroit too much respect. Gotta turn up the hitting, play them harder. That lackluster shit isn’t gonna work against the Red Wings. 2 goals is not insurmountable, but they have to lock it down now. We’re a good team and we need to play like it

  46. bob
    who do you like on the team?
    cause all i ever read is who you wanna get rid of and who sucks

    do you ever point out something that someone did right?

    or did i miss it?

  47. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Whoever wrote that Avery statement did a solid job. Obviously Avery makes inflammatory comments and the Stars (and maybe the NHL and Avery’s Agent/Promoter) wanted to avoid fireworks. Sam, could you start doing your job objectively and leave your subjective criticism out of it? Thanks, I want to hear about the players righ now, not you crying and moaning because you lost the soundbytes of Jagr and Avery.

    It’s funny how you didn’t B&M last year when Avery gave you a ton of work…you think you’d be a little grateful to the Grate one.

  48. leatherneckinlv on

    not 1 team has played with any fear of the Rangers as a point made toughness, that intimidating defenseman and a power forward is being demonstrated…this team is in the bottom of the top 1/3 of the league..they can not continue like this even though the score is 2-1 right now

  49. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Here we go boys…lets build some character!! Gomez and Cally…Cally’s been playing well for many games and I like seeing him with a center who can feed him. In wonder if Gomez is close to healthy, looked much better breaking the zone on that drive.

  50. Renney is a really dumb coach, he got at least 3 extra good forwards, and yet when Gomez has a flu and Korpikoski has some injury he doesn’t utilize the depth at forward position.

  51. Genius Renney is double shifting the offensive wizard Betts. This is just pure genius.

    When will these 2 turds be gone from the team?

  52. The Drury line has been horrendous. They are already -2 and every shift they are hemmed up in their own zone.

  53. Joe,

    He does but he hasn’t found his finishing touch yet. He looks like he’s on the verge of a huge goal every time he has the puck in the offensive zone. I like the kid a lot, it’s only a matter of time until he starts to put up some goals.

  54. bob
    continue to avoid the question
    instead of bashing everyone you hate why not show us that you can talk about someones upside…
    did you not see the shift sjostrom, betts and orr had around the 10 min mark?
    good pressure, first actual scoring chance… but just continue to overlook it…

  55. The Red Wings just play on a different level than all other teams. The way their dmen move the puck(espicially the great Lidstrom) the way their forwards drive the net and backcheck every bit as hard is just something special. Rangers to their credit played alot better the last ten minutes of the period.

  56. I think the only way to beat this Detroit team is to outwork them. They have an immense amount of talent, and if we screw up they will make us pay. But its obvious that if we work harder than they do, we can make good things happen. Gomez worked hard and Cally got that goal. Korpi and Sjo are working hard and almost tied it. Dawes is making great plays, keeping the puck moving… looking good now. Too bad we let those 2 quick ones up.

    This game is totally within our grasp, we just need to play harder than them

  57. Ha! Micheletti tells us that the Rangers have started to play, and shows as evidence Girardi getting beat TWICE in a replay sequence. In fact, Joe praises him for “staying with it” as the puck is centered right through the crease by the Wing who flicked Danny Boy off him like a gnat.

    What has Girardi done to earn this Teflon coating?

  58. PAUL

    Why don’t you, and everyone else do something smart, by ignoring Bob. Sometimes i think all of you enjoy talking to this vagina muscle.

    As for the game. Such a shitty start, 2nd goal could have been easily avoided, but the first was just a great deflection. Good thing Cally scored, hopefully they step it up in the 2nd period. At the very least, id like to get a point out of this, if this team isn’t gonna show up.

  59. The rangers defense is soft and not good, that’s the Rangers weak spot, there defense. The good teams expose the rangers defensemen. Fortunately we have good goaltenders.

  60. Tomg, yup, you’re right. Defense is our weak spot.

    BTW, could you tell me who your dealer is? You must have some real high quality stuff

  61. “What has Girardi done to earn this Teflon coating?”

    just being our best defenseman, best hitter, most physical player, etc.

  62. “Renney needs to start to pp with Dawes and Cally on Gomez’s wings not Naslund and Drury.”

    yes, but you forgot he is a moron

  63. bob writes that Girardi “is our best defenseman, best hitter, most physical player, etc…”

    I can see why you’re so popular here.

  64. I hate douchebaggery behind the net. I thought we traded Backman. Because Roszi sure looked like Backman on the play that lead to the last Detroit goal. Just plain ugly. He coughed it up because he was going to be hit. Well Roszi, you were going to get hit either way! And we do need Dawes and Cally out there with Gomer on the PP. That line is definitely buzzing tonight.

  65. Amazing shift by the Voros-Dubinsky-Zherdev. They just drove to the net and battled like crazy.

  66. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Voros isn’t buzzing…he’s making smart plays and getting into the right spots. Everyone’s working hard. Gomez and Zherdev are buzzing.

  67. Damn – a couple months ago we were like “WHO THE HELL IS AARON VOROS” Still think Sather does’nt know what he’s doing???

  68. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Campbell phoned down to the Scorer’s box “Plan B boys…”
    …whistle…2 minutes!

  69. Beer Me! and I knew that Voros is the real deal. Yay us!

    Renney was screaming at someone as they went to commercial after that too many men call. Such BS.

  70. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Mark, you forget that ALOT of fans didn’t want Mara back. A LOT of them, many who still post here. I don’t know why because he was solid (and perhaps the best player the latter half of last season and almost definitely the best dman in the playoffs). Looks great today too. Great game. Could Chris Drury step up around now?

  71. That was an exciting game. Too bad we had to receive a major screwjob by the refs which taints the game a bit, even though the Red Wings could very well have scored to tie the game anyway. These five goals against Lundqvist are bad for my fantasy team!

    Overall, though, it was a good comeback from a poor start by the Rangers, so I will have to be happy with one point. ARGH!

  72. that too many men call was just a bit of BS… cost them the game pretty much.. not sure why they were just standing around looking all confused during the 23 seconds of OT..

  73. Could of had the 2 points, damn refs with that call, but getting a point after a tough home game last night playing the champs isn’t awful.

  74. wow, what a move by datsyuk. Gomez or cally shoulda picked up Hossa but we got a point. Detroit didn’t play their best but picked it up when they had to. Voros shoulda let that puck go so we didn’t get too many men.

  75. This was the one game all year I wanted us to win more than anything. I will find out the name of the referee and never forgive him for that disgraceful call.

  76. orr

    yeah huh
    how soon we forget what it was like on the other boards

    dont need someone tellin me what to do
    ill do as i please…

  77. And it’s amazing how a team can play so vastly different in two games on consecutive nights, from a paint-drying boredom to real hockey excitement. I hope Renney doesn’t blame Korpikoski for the too many men call because it looked like he was yelling at the Korpedo for not getting off of the ice quite quickly enough. It did look like those consecutive hooking penalties at the end of the second were pretty weak calls, as well.

    It’s onto some fun with Sean Avery and the Stars on Monday, folks!

  78. Unacceptable loss. Detroit is not the better team but that is what the records will show. Refs should apologize to Tom Renney, the NHL, and me for the heartache they just caused.

  79. One positive is that we outplayed Detroit tonight. And the too many men call was awful, but Detroit took advantage of the gift they were given. I will take a point, though I am not happy about it. Also, at least we gave a point to a Western Conference team. 3 points in 2 nights is not awful. Definitely tough to swallow, but like my ex girlfriend used to say, as long as I have something good to wash it down with, it’s ok with me for tonight. And luckily I just cracked open a nice cold Yuengling.

  80. leatherneckinlv on lines were Dubi’s and Betts’s lines..and no team toughness showed its ugly face…opposing players will crash the net constantly like Hossa did on that overtime goal…they know they can without getting pounded..unless thats rectified…we will have more of these games..and yeah,,,,too bad the refs did ruin a great game..we need to get tougher by far our most glaring weakness…and why forwards on other teams crash our net regularily

  81. leather gomez was very good as well.

    against detroit with all the games we have right now he could have used fritsche or someone else and given orr a break.

    at least after mon we have some days off. naslund and drury could use some time off. that line looked terrible especially in the 1st

  82. The too-many-men call was crap — a make-up call for a couple non-calls in the Rangers defensive zone that while still questionable were more legit than that one.

    Cally has to know where Hossa is when his team does not possess the puck down low….

  83. Rozsival was pathetic. The idiot was going to Datsyuk, and then at the last second he stayed in front of Hank, leaving Datsyuk open, and the players out of position, and Hossa scores. Great job !

    Ill take the point, but it makes me sick that they were leading, and they blew it on a BS call, and a stupid miscommunication.

    Trade Rozi, sign Sundin. I cant fuggin take 3 more god damn years of this guys pathetic style of defense, i just cant.


    What ever, have fun. You’re just doing exactly what he wants.

  84. leatherneckinlv on

    yeah…Gomez was good until the OT all 4 fell asleep watching Datsyuk…especially roszival..not once did he look to see if anyone was crashing the net…which is what Hossa did and Callahan was a step too late…Somethings wrong with Roszival physically I think…Paul Mara and Staal are our best D-men combo..i think its time to pair up Redden with Girardi Kalinin pairing isnt clicking and the Redden Roszival is passing too much and not shooting…in fact pair up Roszi with Potter and have kalinin as 7th D-man..if we cant trade for that imposing defenseman

  85. All Hail King Lundqvist on

    That too many men call was absolutely atrocious. WOW. Refs should be held accountable for their actions: players should be able to criticize them and their calls should be subject to fines pending a review. A horrible game-changing call like that should have the ref forfeiting $5,000 worth of salary. It is absolute bullshit that Renney or the players cannot criticize that call for fear of being fined. The shoe should be on the other foot.

    The refs GAVE Detroit that game. Terrible, terrible call in a one goal game with ~ 5 minutes to go.

  86. It’s funny going back and reading a few posts that turned out to be totally off-base. Dawes is the invisible man and guarantees that the Rangers would not score big tonight. Fun times!

    Nasty 1 – I don’t know if I would say that we outplayed them. It looked pretty even to me. For all of the sustained pressure we had, the Wings had some good chances, too. It is definite that Lundqvist had a better game than Osgood, since a couple of the goals he could not do much about and Osgood let in a real softy.

  87. All Hail King Lundqvist on

    1 point in the Joe isn’t that bad, though. Too bad the team didn’t show up for the first 5 minutes, might’ve been a different outcome despite that abortion of a penalty call.

    Worst call this season.

  88. The Rangers played with and after the first 10 minutes of the first they likely out played them. The Rangers made two mistakes that cost em the game. Having too many men on the ice and in the ot Gomez turning over the puck and Redden not taking a guy out in the corner and Rozsival falling asleep in front. I must apologize to Drury(as horrible as he’s been) when I called him the worst Rangers in fact it’s Rozsival who has been the worst Ranger. I loved the way the top two lines played as well as the Staal-Mara pair. Mara is playing like a man possessed. He threw some monster hits and was getting in peoples faces. I love the way Voros goes to the net. Callahan and Dawes have breathed new live into Gomez and that line has terrific chemistry. Can’t say I’m a fan of the Drury line that struggled early and settled down a bit later on(still the created very little) Lundqvist even though he gave up 5 goal imo was pretty good. He struggled early with rebounds and settled then settled down and made some spectucular saves. Renney either needs to break up or cut down the minutes(for now) of the Redden-Rozsival pair.

  89. Mara is finally playing like I always wanted him to.

    Gomez is getting too much icetime.

    Betts was actually playing well, and hard and throwing some good hits, I wish he keeps it up.

    4th line was looking very good.

    There were lots of bad calls and noncalls.

    I think 3rd and 2nd lines would be better if Korpikoski and Zherdev switch places. Korpikoski would be a great fit with Voros and Dubinsky, while Zherdev looked like he had great chemistry with Naslund in preseason.

  90. They Rangers surely had too many men. Why is everyone bitching about it? The thing that should be bitched about is that the Rangers get so many too many men calls on them over the years. It is bad communcation on the bench I think.

  91. The refs should get fined. You cant do fuggin shit if they make stupid call. or else you either get fined or suspended. It pisses me the fugg off. They call a bullshit to many men penalty, but forget to call the slash on Zherdev with a little over a minute left in the game, more or less.

    I hope Nicky isn’t hurt, he looked like he was in pain on the bench.

  92. leatherneckinlv on

    bob..cant break up the Dubi Zherdev and Voros line..they are our best offensive line…i still think a trade will fix the third line and put in Fritsche..lets see what he can do in a 5 game trial…also..bring up Byers,,,we can use his toughness and like Voros..he goes infront of the net,,and the kid can fight…he will help

  93. GRAVES

    That was NOT to many men. Korpedo was aboot to jump over the god damn fuggin bench !! It makes no sense at all. I guess the refs expected him to shove his teammates out of the way, so he can get there.

    These refs are retarded pieces of shit. Soupy better grow a pair of pinky hairy ones, and fine these idiots. Its not just this game, it happens nearly every game.

  94. Rangers outplayed Detroit onli for a portion of the game, but for the most part they were outplayed and outcoached.

  95. orr

    like i said
    how soon we forget about the other bulletin boards we used to post on…

    i asked a valid question and he answered it…
    the end

  96. That game was played at a breakneck speed. 17-14 shots in the third. I wish all games were played like this. It felt like a game from the salad days of the 80’s and early 90’s.

  97. Bob yeah let’s break up the top line good lord think man. Makes sense that Cally and Dawes would have chemistry with Gomez they are Gionta type players.

  98. I think Fritsche is the one getting traded, he doesn’t really impress me with his physical game which he proudly claims he will not change, nor with his scoring ability. But Byers, I definitely want a lot more than Fritsche.

    Zherdev isn’t really clicking that well with Voros and Dubinsky. So I think it is safe to experiment.

  99. graves9
    October 18th, 2008 at 10:16 pm
    Bob yeah let’s break up the top line good lord think man. Makes sense that Cally and Dawes would have chemistry with Gomez they are Gionta type players.

    you think, I was right about Gomez and Dawes being a match, so trust in my judgement about Naslund and Zherdev and Voros-Dubinsky-Korpikoski.

  100. Has any ref in the history of NHL been fined, suspended or fired for making idiotic or simply wrong calls? Ever?

  101. “again”? McCreary has sucked for 20 years. Maybe more.

    I’ll take a point on the road that you don’t see often, played with new lines, played vs the defending champs (minus zberg), back to back nights, on the road, trying to stay humble on a hot streak, lost by a bad call (that I never ever admit)…….

    … Yes Sam, I think its ‘president’. Because that’s some of the finest question-dodging I’ve heard in a while. …

  102. All Hail King Lundqvist on

    If the NHL wants viewership and respect, then HOLD THE REFS ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CALLS.

    – Fine Them (pending a review of the call).
    – Allow the players and coaches to criticize the officiating.
    – Make the refs hold postgame interviews where they can comment on their calls (and missed calls).

    DO SOMETHING. The officiating in this league is inconsistent and at times, corrupt.

    I’m still pissed. The Korpedo was about 3-4 feet at most away from the bench when Voros played the puck. I thought the rule was 5 feet from the bench? And that’s supposed to be a liberal 5 feet.

    Fuggin’ refs. I wouldn’t be so pissed if this was vs. Toronto but it was against Detroit, dammit. The Rangers should’ve won that game 4-3.

  103. Bob you dolt Zherdev has more chemistry with Voros and Dubi than he had with Nash or really anybody else.

  104. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m very happy about the game – I said early on (see my post) that this could make their season, and it might. Two 2-goal comebacks is awesome. The ref’s stole this game.

    Drury and Rozsival need to be sat, they are both more responsible for goals in the last 4 games than any other Rangers. It’s kinda pathetic. Please don’t defend either of them, I’ve been saying for a year both are bad and I think people are FINALLY starting to see it.

    Unfortuanately those two DUDs are signed for another 4 years at a combined 12million per. OMG.

  105. leatherneckinlv on

    Drury is in a rut,,,however he will get out of it..he is a veteran..not a rookie…he is getting his chances…the pendulum will swing the other way for him…Naslund is also snake bitten…and they play together….I am concerned for Naslund…as he is not getting in position for scoring chances like Drury does..Drury will rebound..this schedule is insane though..another factor may be fatigue and no real practice to work on things,,i am sure their practices are not full tempo at the momment…as far as Roszi…i think he is playing hurt..he is awful at the momment..and I do believe the pairings are wrong..I want to see Girardi with Redden and Roszi with Potter and Kalinin as 7th..Kalinin is only here for 1 year..let him be just that..and lets allow our own to grow..bring up Potter..however I stand firm on the team toughness I have posted a few times..we would really benefit from a tough D-man

  106. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    leather, as much as Sam slanders Kalinen, I don’t think he’s been that bad actually. I see Redden, Rozsival, and Girardi at fault for more goals against. On the flip-side, I think Mara’s been our best defensman for the last 55-65 games (including the playoffs). The man is a beast right now.

    On a related note, how nice is it to see Staalsy and Girardo flattening people.

  107. leatherneckinlv on

    yeah..those parings are not working..they dont seem to trust one another..a lack of pairing by far is of Mara and Staal..and i think Girardi and Redden will be a good one too

  108. I’m watching the Oilers game right now. I could see Prucha fitting in well with this young team, or maybe even with the Leafs…what can I say, the kid looks good in blue.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Prucha would be shipped to Edmonton for Gilbert Brule or Robbie Schremp and a depth defenseman. Both Brule and Schremp are in the AHL at the moment. I’m not saying that would help the team much as Brule and Schremp are the same type of smallish scorers as prucha is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Sather were to make a deal with his former club…

  109. PAUL

    “how soon we forget about the other bulletin boards we used to post on”

    What does that even mean ?


    I agree completely. These assholes have the balls to AVOID players, on the ice, and not even give them an honest explanation, and if they keep asking they get a penalty for “unsportsmanlike conduct” those pieces of shit, i hate them so much, i have ZERO respect for NHL officials, for that reason alone. You cant argue it without getting another penalty ? PATHETIC !

    BTW – Sharks just scored. Philly blew a 2 goal lead. Hopefully they remain winless, and lose in regulation.

  110. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Geez people…you sound like babies with your whining.

    The Refs made a terrible call. Their work is reviewed by the league and the number of games they ref (especially in the playoffs) is determined by the quality of their work. I’m not saying things are fair, the NHL seems to have favorites (Detroit, Pittsburgh, …maybe the Devils), but you can’t start questioning the system!!

    Captains can’t be allowed to talk referee’s into/out of penalties. It defeats the entire system of having an unbiased adjudicator. I’m not saying this because it was the right call, but it’s the fundamental reason for having officials. Crappy call, the Rangers got one point but didn’t step up to get a second, sh~t happens…deal with it and come back against Dallas with a passion.

  111. Bullshit Loss, but i like the Rangers attitude, and work ethic by not giving up and letting the game get out of hand early on. A few thoughts ….

    1. At least we got 1 point in Detroit on a back to back night.

    2. Does anybody feel Korpikoski isnt ready to play in the NHL yet??

    3. Paul Mara has been great and i’ve always been glad he resigned (at a discount i might add)

    4. Good to see Dawes scoring again

    5. I’d still take Naslund at 4 million to Jagr at 8 million

    6. Aaron Voros at 3 years/3 million is the signing of the summer so far for any team

    7. I will admit i didnt like Sjostrom, and thought he should have been traded after training camp, but im loving the 4th line right now ….. Betts and all !!!!

    8. 6-1-1 Baby !!!!!! I cant wait til Monday and Sean Avery. I’ll put money on Voros popping him one just to become the new fan-favorite.

  112. “2. Does anybody feel Korpikoski isnt ready to play in the NHL yet??”

    No…he just needs to be at his natural LW position. The same questions were asked about Dubinsky in the first part of the season, and look how that turned out. The kid has size, speed and strength on the puck that fits into the Renney system. But, let’s make snap judgments after 8 games.

  113. Korpedo was standing at the boards when voros put his stick on the puck. I only watched the 3rd period so far but Gomers line looked like it had a jump on the others, Dawes scores looks that that might be the line to keep.
    One bad call, but they steal a point out of Detroit.

    They could win on Monday and have 5 out of 6 points, I’m more than happy with that.

    Hossa is available next year……. He’s looking better than Drury.

  114. Paul Mara has limited physical ability, to go with the fact that he has some of the WORST hockey instincts, and consistently makes some of the dumbest on-ice decisions of any NHL D of his generation – and we saw yet another example of that, this past week. Being dumb, by hockey player standards, is not good. Hollweg and Strudwick pushed him in this dubious department, and this team is measurably improved for moving on from at least two of last year’s resident dolts.

  115. Great game last night. Good job pretty much all around. Coverage on tne OT goal was like the Wings 1st 2. Rangers had people there they just weren’t doing their job. Redden didn’t play the man coming into the zone and Rozie didn’t take the front of the net to take out Hossa. Disappointed to be so close but I’ll take the point.
    On the Too Many Men, I wastched Flyers/Sharks later and the same thing was called on the Flyers. Puck was on the opposite side of the ice near the far blue line with no one playing it and a Flyer was 1 step form the bench going off and another not 2 strides from the bench coming on. Whistle blows; Too Many Men. Ofcourse it was against the Flyers so I didn’t care so much. But now I wonder if it’s one of those petty things the NHL is going to pick on all year??

  116. Ladies and Gentlemen this team is for real.

    On back to back nights coming back against Detroit after

    being down two zero and then taking the lead.

    This should quiet the whiners just a little…

  117. Mara and Girardi STILL do not have an even-strength goal OR an even-strength first assist, all year. This is totally unacceptable. What the hell are these plugs doing out there? We are getting almost no offense from all our D’s. Their defensive play is poor enough. If Rozy, Mara, and Kalinen got shipped out tomorrow, no one in my home would be crying about it. Let’s make a trade or some call-ups for some help, before this overall D incompetence catches up with us. Hank is having to work much too hard, judging by the shooting gallery he faced in Detroit.

  118. Why don’t folks like hockey? I think this game is a the perfect example. The officiating is the worst in major (or semi-major as the NHL has become) professional sports. Having to explain to folks why this is a penalty and this isn’t a penalty when there clearly is no difference befuddles most anyone I try and turn onto the game. So you have a non-existant (insert phantom call here) that clearly changes the outcome of a game and your casual observer that is just trying to figure things out finds it confusing and/or frustrating. Can’t say I blame them, I do as well.

  119. Cakewalk – Why the hate for Mara? Did you not see him cover for Staal when the puck jumped over Staal’s stick and Mara took out the Red Wing making his way towards the goal. He is our most physical defenseman, and doing it in a good way. That one time against Kaleta, there was already bad blood. Kalinin has done a good job this year, too, in my opinion, especially for having low expectations of him. Girardi has five assists, so I wouldn’t be complaining that they don’t come at even-strength.

    NICDIP – There had to be somebody touching the puck with an extra man out there for that to be called.

  120. Here are the thoughts:

    1) The 4th line was the most consistent last night. Sjostrom is maybe the fastest guy on the Rangers next to Gomer. Orr can do more than just hit and fight now. Betts is always consistent.

    2) How come we look asleep for half the game and wide awake for the other half. Is this just the ebb and flow of the game? Does Renney actually say to them, “Wake the F up!” Do the players just say to each other, “Come on, we are playing like a bunch of jerkoffs?” I mean at times they were asleep and at times they forechecked and hit like they were going to win the Cup. I don’t get it.

    3) Love Voros. Renney should NEVER break up that 2nd line. Please tell me why the are not the first PP unit every time. Voros in front of the net is deadly.

    4) The defensive zone play by the D (clearing the men out) and the forwards (watching the puck, not playing the man) is atrocious. This will be our Achille’s Heal this year. Was last year, will be this year. Mark my words.

    5) Glad to see Cally and Dawes light the lamp. Nice work by Gomer last night too (best guy on ice, both teams). Peter Prucha-lovers….u see why his days on this team are limited?

    6) Paul Mara is the best value sigining (along with Voros) of the offseason.

    7) 6-1-1, 13 pts out of possible 16….nice start.

  121. Considering that the Rangers actually lost this game in the first few minutes and NOT in overtime, I think we – they – the Rangers – did a great job of getting over any intimidation they felt. October is a long way from the heart.

    Anyone going tomorrow’s game vs. the Stars? I am, and I hope I’m not the only one who applauds #16. He wanted to stay.

  122. leatherneckinlv on

    If you all noticed…everytime the Rangers did fall asleep..Renney sent in the 4th line…that line is awesome for what its purpose is…by far the best 4th line in the league..What can be said about Voros, Dubi and Zherdev that hasnt been said…there are a few soft spots on this team..and an upgrade needed..i recommend they do it now..not later…overall the team has done a great job in securing points even with glaring problems…

  123. I think Mara has worked hard to improve his game. What bugs me about him, most, is his blind, cross-ice, center ice pass in Boston, last year, which was intercepted and buried behind Hank, in a flash. I didn’t like his overall game before that inexcusable rock. Maybe I put more emphasis on “hockey intelligence” than I should, but time after time I see teams losing games more than I see teams winning games thanks to brilliant play. Championship teams don’t beat themselves, and have a nucleus of really intelligent players, as well as talent.

    Looking over the stats I have on Mara (and the rest), his big plus is 17 hits, so far. Kalinen has 5, Redden 6, Rozy 5, Staal 13. Girardi leads D’s in this category with 21. So Mara is showing leadership and intensity, here.

    Blocked shots, Mara has 6, Rozy 13, Redden 10, Staal 4, Girardi 4, Kalinen 8. This was Tyutin’s specialty and no one has stepped up to fill the gap, as yet.

    In the takeaway-giveaway column, Rozy is 6-2, Girardi is 7-3, Mara is 1-1, Kalinen is 4-5, Stall 1-2, Redden 5-8.

    Penalty minutes for and against, Mara is 0-4 = that’s right, he has not drawn an opposition (one-sided) penalty all year. Redden is 2-2, Rozy is awful at 2-8, Kalinen is 6-6, Girardi is 2-2, Staal is 2-2. This is an overall improved category for the team, with the departure of Backman, who was taking 2-3 penalties a game while drawing virtually nothing in return.

    The best case for Mara, and any other Rangers D who might be deemed expendable, is that there is nothing on the farm to replace him/ them, right now. Much to my astonishment, Sanguinetti is a bomb at Hartford, so far, and Potter is also struggling. Brian Fahey is looking the best of D’s down there, but it is early, it will be another month before it is really sorted out.

    My basic premise is that the Rangers D is looking like our Achilles Heel this year, on both sides of the puck, and I wish, somehow, the team could and would address that, and soon.

  124. Speed Ranger – Avery did not want to stay; he wanted money over all else, so he went to the Stars. I can’t really blame him for that, but flaming the Rangers during the summer was unnecessary, so I think he should be booed.

    Unfortunatley, our captain’s line was the worst again last night.

  125. catwalk you have no idea about hockey…mara has been the best dmen on the rangers…learn about hockey then post another comment…mara is there best all around dman right now

  126. Avery was not wanted back by the Rangers.

    Drury is off to the worst start by an nidvidual in Ranger history. one point in 8 games (at this rate he’ll be outscored by – well, everyone), and a minus 4 with having lost his guy leading directly to 4 goals against in the team’s only 2 losses on a team that is 6-1-1. Can it get any worse?

  127. I often hesitate putting in my two cents worth in this blog, because I see too many folk here who still believe that Roszival is a major league defenseman.

    The man is following his countryman’s tactics almost to the letter. ( Malik). He stands in front of his net, completely oblivious to the threats around him and does the gandy dance of trying to poke pucks away from the crease, all the while ignoring the Grendel like threat directly behind him ( Hossa this time) and instead of stopping him by stepping into him, he makes a (futile of course) swipe at the puck and then lets the winner in. He is shy about taking the body, refuses to use the slap shot on the point and so help me I cannot imagine Renney’s thinking of always keeping him on ice during a defensive critical situation. On the PP he is a cipher. Period. But he’s always out there. So – lay on Macduff and give it your best shots.

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