Korpikoski, Prucha, and Lundqvist out; Fritsche, Dawes and Valiquette in


Those are your top stories this morning before the Rangers face the middling, and as a result, dangerous, Toronto Maple Leafs.

Lauri Korpikoski is out with what sounds like an arm injury, meaning most likely Ryan Callahan will center a line with Dan Fritsche and Nigel Dawes. Tom Renney also allowed that Chris Drury could be back at center tonight, so stay tuned to see what the lineup looks like.

Korpikoski has apparently been dealing with the injury the last two games, which is funny since

“It’s hard to say. He feels much better today than he did yesterday,” Renney said of Korpikoski. “Yesterday he wasn’t good at all. So we’ll let the medical people take care of them and he’ll be good to go.”

Stephen Valiquette gets his second start of the season. “Two out of three,” Renney said when explaining why he went with the backup tonight. “I’d like Henrik to beat the Detroit Red Wings.”

Some other notes:

<li>Renney on Denis Savard, who was axed just four games into the season as coach of the Blackhawks: “It’s unfortunate. We’re all in the crosshairs at some point. He’s part of the fraternity. I’m sympathetic for him. I thought he had done a really good job.”

Of course, Andrew Gross points out that Renney also has a longstanding relationship with Savard’s replacement, Joel Quennneville.

<li>Chris Drury, die-hard Yankees fan, on the Red Sox remarkable comeback last night in the ALCS:

“I wasn’t too happy about that. Paulie (Mara) was texting me the whole time.”

<li>Both Scott Gomez and Dmitri Kalinin are healthy enough to play after missing practice yesterday.

More later….

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  1. Well, I wouldn’t doubt that the ‘arm’ thing is an excuse, and Korpi could play if we didn’t have 43 fwds on the roster. But it’ll be good for him to watch from above.

    Prucha out for Dawes…we have too many fwds, you can’t sit a guy for too long.

    Changes in general…As much as you don’t want to underestimate an opponent, this may be a good game to expirement a little.

    Who’s Kaspar?

  2. Tooooo many fwds. Guys that are sent in need a hat trick or fear a benching next game. So much for no changes. Korpi sitting isn’t the worst thing, just get him in next game.

  3. doodie machetto on

    “I’d like Henrik to beat the Detroit Red Wings.”

    -Great challenge to Hank by Renney. I rip on him pretty frequently, but when he does something I like, I really want to give him credit for it. I LOVE that he is putting this out there.

  4. 22 – personally, I woulda kept the same lineup and told them to GET IT RIGHT! But it IS Toronto, and I guess they’re hoping its more like a scrimmage!


  5. Glad to see at least once a season Renney does something to make you happy DOODIE. I remember last year that you gave him props for something…once. I think it was the Malik thing in Edmonton, right?

  6. I fear they will demote Korpi to Hartford. I keep thinking about how Dubinsky could not buy a goal in the early going last year, they stayed with him, and now, frankly, he should be the team captain, in my book. Regardless, what an enormous reward the team got from staying with a promising kid through his difficult transition to the NHL, just a year ago. Staal is another one who struggled early last year, and got progressively more confident and better.

    Korpi is a keeper, slow start or not. Just getting his feet wet. When he bags a couple goals he could be on track for a really productive, long-term NHL career, hopefully, most or all of it on Broadway.

  7. Nasty, I don’t mind those lines either. However, I really want that top line with Drury on it to click and then we have 2 stud lines, if everyone keeps it up.

  8. yes they did staal. I didn’t mean to imply that *I* thought it was one.

    But there were times last year that when the lines were juggled it ‘sparked’ everyone, and they looked great. But it’d only last for 2 games.

  9. Cake, I agree on Korpedo…but I don’t think they will send him down not yet at least…this kid flat out earned a spot on this roster and the jump to the NHL isn’t easy. I’d give him at least the first quarter of the season before I sent him anywhere.

  10. Buddy of mine just called me and is hearing Prucha, Korpi, and Sanguinetti for Gaborik. I am not making that up, but that is what he just told me. I can’t see how that works because of the cap. But what would you all think about that?

  11. And you all know me, and I am not one to throw rumors out there like that. I am just going on what I was just told.

  12. I don’t think that would happen at all. They are going to want a Dubinski type for Gaborik and in my book, I’d rather have Dubi over Gabby (Mr. Groin Pull) any day

  13. Gaborik too injury prone, too much money, and he won’t be back here next season…Giving up too much for basically a rental (even though it’s a full year rental)

  14. Maybe I am not understanding??? Could someone tell me what the heck Korpiskoski is doing that warrants him sitting at all? Maybe I lost my understanding of the game of hockey because I see a player who hustles his tail off. He and Mara were of the few that looked as if they gave any effort at all against Buffalo.

    I am not being confrontational. I am asking anyone to tell me where they see a flaw (besides the natural growing pains of a young NHLer) in Korpi that warrants criricism at this point. Again, maybe I am not noticing something with my Voros-colored glasses???

  15. Matt, nothing. But those are the people who are in tonight. So those are the lines that I would put together with the people who are in the line up tonight.

  16. Just to clarify…I am not talking about the arm injury, I am speaking of the fans who are knocking his play?

  17. I don’t mind Korpi’s play, but if people are gonig to say that Prucha should sit, then Korpi should sit. I think he’s doing a good job, but people look at lighting the lamp…

  18. ok nasty thats fine then. but i really think if we did have the trade one of the two it should be dawes. hes cheaper so u can get more value for him. and for all the people that say prucha isnt great in his own zone. i remmeber him back checking well and going down to block a shot

  19. @ Kevo –

    Fritsche does have experience at center, so I wouldn’t be suprised if Drury stays on the first line, then have Dawes-Fritsche-Callahan as the 3rd.

  20. Kevo, Korpedo brings a much more rounded game to the table, he’s bigger and faster than Prucha.
    Prucha is in the lineup to light the lamp if he’s not doing that he sits

  21. Hey man, I have no problem with Prucha. People talk about him already having a fair chance. Well being moved from line to line, and not playing for at least a few games in a row, really isn’t a FAIR shot. All I wanted was for him to get 15 games this season. I feel that would have been a FAIR shot. But such is life I guess. Agree or disagree, but that is my take on the Prucha situation.

  22. Staal, I agree with you. I think Korpi should play….just trying to see why people would think he should sit. Like someone said, Dubi didn’t come out guns blazing..it takes time. Usually the first goal relieves some pressure (not counting the playoff goal), especially after making the team out of camp. He’ll be fine

  23. We really have to come out and dominate the game….We were on our heels the whole night…As Doodie pointed out, I love the fact that Renney is challenging Hank in a way…….Anyone see Naslund? I thought He signed a deal to play with US?

  24. The “whole night” was the game against the Sabs but i’m sure everyone was swift enough to know that.

  25. Matt, the argument could be made for Dawes.

    But what about say Fritsche….he can do what Prucha is doing, but for a lot less. If Prucha is in there scoring then its not a problem, or if there wasn’t a cap it’s not a problem. However, he isn’t and there is, so I think they have to look for alternative options. I feel that if Prucha was making under a million then I don’t think people would be hating as much…thats my opinion though

  26. Can Minnesota cover a portion of his cost under their cap?

    That would be a good value for the WILD if they can’t sign him. Korpikoski and Sanguinetti have a huge long term upside. Prucha would be a good fit on the Wild roster, and would get all the minutes he would need to get his scoring touch back.

  27. I think the problem is you can’t sit players for too long sooo… if Prucha is given a 15 game shot then Dawes has to sit for 15 games. What sucks is these players have to put up with this crap. I hate it. I think Prucha should be given more of a shot and I’m not sure about Dawes. I think Dawes/Prucha bring about the same to the table but to me Prucha seems to play harder and doesn’t give up. Sometimes Dawes just seems lazy to me, but I could be/probably am wrong.
    I would like to see both players given a shot.

  28. I agree Staal. Prucha never really disappears from a game like Dawes does, but Prucha doesn’t put up points in some games like Dawes can. They do bring about the same to the table, except the contract…

  29. Rob,
    Naslund in all his “great” shape somehow has disappeared. I’m not sure how they will remedy the situation…
    They can’t break up the second line thats for sure.
    and the one player who I think would add a great physical element to the first line would be Voros but you just can’t take him from that 2nd line.

    Prucha is not that physical player but maybe to send Naslund a message?

  30. I like to Fritsche get more a shot, I believe he deserves it especially from his efforts in pre-season.

    I have no problem putting Drury back at C, but my concern then lies in who plays 1st line RW….I do not think prucha & especially dawes are up for it. Do we give Cally a shot there, I dont know.

    We are 5-1… played well, for the most part, thru 6 games…I do not think it is necessary to start blowing up the roster but I do believe a decision needs to be made with the excess forwards.

  31. Stay the course with the top line. It’ll happen for them. And if not by 11/1, then make a change. That’s 3 dynamic players that have never played together. It’ll take a little time. I’m just too optomistic about how successful they could be when it does ‘click’.

    dawes/prucha? flip a coin.

  32. Beer I agree give them more time. I also think some of it may have had to do with Gomez and the flu.
    If any changes are made…believe it or not…I think Prucha should get the shot on the top line…it can’t hurt…can it?

  33. Cally will center the 3rd line. Then in the third period Renney will play with the lines and put Drury back with Dawes and Cally.

  34. can it hurt? I don’t know. But if it happens, I can garuntee you we’ll be a LOT closer to .500 than we are now.

    I’ll be in sec404 tonight. Blarney Rock on 33rd for pregame.

  35. Repost

    I looked at the standings today and after tonight:

    Pitt will have played 3 gms since Europe
    Tampa will have played 3 games since Europe
    Ottawa will have played two games!!

    Rangers will have played 5 GAMES!!!, with two more in next three days

    Who makes this Schedule, Milbury, Bettman and Sean Avery????

  36. Sean Avery always wanted to be a fashion advisor to the stars. But he didn’t expect it to be the Dallas Stars.

    some gimme a rimshot for that cheesy one!

  37. cakewalk – Dawes and Fritsche are both pretty young in range of 23. so sitting Korpikoski especially with the arm is not killing the youth movement. I expect Korpikoski to be sent down for a little while probably in time for the Detroit game for a 7th dman. injuries will continue to happen so things will sort themselves out.

  38. I think we should keep the lines in tact as well, but if anyone deserves a shot on the 1st line I think it should be Cally. He’s been skating harder than anyone.

  39. Projected Lines vs. Rangers


    Stralman-Van Ryn


  40. I know, I know… *I* posted line combos. But they’re not ‘my idea’ of what I want to see. It’s what Tor has said they’re going with.

    god help them man. on paper…that team should be playing SC Bern every night.

  41. btw I went through some of my past pics and ut together this video for HEnrik


    I doubt any of you will know what the song is from but its form Newsies a musical fomr when I was a kid that I absolutely loved!!

    For what its worth, I spend the majority of games that I am at lookign through a camera lens so I literally am following the puck. O opening night Dawes was in, I don’t think I noticed him more then once in the game. Wednesday night Prucha was in. I remmeber him blocking a shot, getting some chances and doing some hard work on the boards.

    I appreciate that Dawes is a sniper, but I see Pru taking a bigger part of the game. Now when I watch the full games (not through my camera lens) I still feel the same way, but the kind of microscopic lens really does give a diffenret perspective. LIttle things someitmes on the puck that PRu does and Dawes does not. And then away form the puck I know Pru is paying more attention becuase he gets into position more often…

  42. “god help them man. on paper…that team should be playing SC Bern every night”


    Final score Leafs 4 Rangers 2

    thanks Beer!

  43. If Peter Prucha didn’t earn himself a spot in tonight’s lineup with the effort he put in Wednesday, then his days on this team might be even more numbered than we anticipated.

    He was 1 of 3 players who came to play, regardless of his inability to find the back of the net.

  44. Kaspar

    Rozi is the reason we weren’t shut out yesterday. He has more Shots on Goal then Redden.

    ANd aren’t you Lithuanian?

    see I reply too when I’m here.

  45. Marian Gaborik has been sidelined with what the Wild is calling a “lower body injury.

    plus, he going to be looking for a 10 year/100 million dollar contract.

  46. poor kid Pruha… what does he need to do to be kept in the lineup for more than one game at a time? skate bare-assed on ice? Unbelievable…

  47. Sanguinetti and Korpi = two vital pieces in a championship future. I am against trading the really talented kids. However, one positive, when it comes to trading several red or white chips for a blue chip is that the team acquiring the blue chip ALWAYS wins the trade short-term, and usually wins the trade, long-term, same as the winning “Monopoly” theory of trading four houses for a hotel, or something to that effect.

    Another reason I am against this rumoured trade is because, frankly, this Ranger team looks short as regards the offensive contribution our D’s are going to make this year. Low composite goal and assists totals are a real concern. I still say Bobby S., when deemed ready, will anchor our PP as few blueliners before him here have done. Someone is going to have to replace the Mara’s and the Kalinen’s of the world in the next year. It says here Sanguinetti and Potter should get the first chances.

  48. but can’t anyone better than Dawes play RW? i mean i know Gomez and Naslund will pick up for his slack and he’s fast and all but still..

  49. I guess Renney is banking on a shootout tonight, thats why Dawes is in. And thats only when he shows up.

    Poor Prucha, he must need a 3 goals 10 assists a shutout and a fight to stay in the lineup

  50. The hell? Prucha was terrific vs the Sabres taking him out of the lineup for what? He continues to get the shaft. Hopefully Drury bothers to backcheck tonight.

  51. I’m sad to say I only got 28 teams. Somehow I missed the Ducks and Blackhawks. lousy West conference.

    I’m psyched for tonight, and I’m with you beer. I’m getting lit up tonight.

  52. Word from the Rangers is that Prucha is out of the lineup tonight cause his ass is sore from sitting all the time.

    That’s … sitting.

  53. Prucha needs a hat-trick, three assists and a fight to stay in the lineup.

    Dawes just needs to get Tom Renney’s coffee before practice.

  54. CCCP and Jay….

    For Prucha to stay in the lineup….he needs a goal or an assist…

    I know, that is asking for A LOT.

  55. doodie machetto on

    “I like:
    Naslund Gomez Dawes
    Voros Dubinsky Zherdev
    Callahan Drury Fritsche
    Orr Betts Sjostrom”

    That’s exactly what I said yesterday.

    Great minds think alike. Oh man, that means I need to get my head out of the gutter if I think like the Nasty 1.

  56. Dawes
    games played: 3
    goals: 0
    assists: 0
    points: 0
    +/-: -1
    PIM: 2
    shots: 3
    TOI/G: 14:43
    ES TOI/G: 12:43
    PP TOI/G: 2
    Hits: 2
    Blocked Shots: 3
    Giveaways: 1
    Takeaways: 4

    games played: 3
    goals: 0
    assists: 0
    points: 0
    +/-: 0
    PIM: 0
    shots: 5
    TOI/G: 10:43
    ES TOI/G: 9:53
    PP TOI/G: 2:31
    Hits: 5
    Blocked Shots: 5
    Giveawasy: 0
    Takeaways: 1

    Dawes gts more time (not PP time) and the only thing he has better then Pru is takeaways 4 to 1. But Prucha hits, shoots, blocks shots, doesn’t have giveaways, what in this means Dawes should play over Prucha?

  57. His rookie yr Prucha had 14 ES G and 16 PPG 9:49 ES TOI/G 3:49 PPTOI/G

    06/07 14 ES goals 8 PP 10 ES TOI/G 2:53 PP TOI/G

    07/08 5 ES Goals 2 PP Goals 9:58 ES TOI/G 1:38 PP TOI/G

    I don’t know if we ever got all the nubers together form some threads ago

  58. ack, is it still all messed up? its been like that since 11 AM
    signal problems, all the lines were shut down earlier, now its just east of Jamaica, hmmm progress… lol my Mom just had a disagreement with a conductor yesterday, he was saying how the LIRR always runs fine…

  59. Westbound only has like 5-10 minute delays so that would be fine for after the game….its just getting to penn…i think theres a subway at the jamaica stop..the E line runs right into penn

  60. colorado at least you didn’t miss the avalanche or of course the Rangers

    if did by division it was pretty easy

  61. well here is hoping that the LI gets fixed… I am off the internet now and heading to meet Jo, then we will go to the game… I hope by the time we get ont he train it is solid…

  62. FYI – Great neck to Penn is only 30 minutes and does not stop at Jamaica. Could be an alternate.

  63. Sally- that is pretty funny… fortunately while dancing he didnt check anyone hard into the wall from behind :)

  64. Matt: You may be aware that I’m Dawes’ biggest booster in the blogosphere. All your analysis shows me is that neither dawes or Prucha deserve a place in the current ranger lineup! When you roll the picture back to last season it was Dawes who jumpstarted Prucha with pinpoint setup passes in the few games they played together. When it comes to passing in the offensive zone, there is absolutely no question Dawes has it all over Prucha. Don’t get me wrong; if Prucha miraculously returns to his 30-goal form, he’d be a keeper. What he is at the moment (as unfortunately is also true of Dawes to this point) is irrelevant to the Rangers’ early season success.

  65. i really hope for prucha’s sake he gets traded and does well elsewhere, ill still root for him like i still root for kovalev (tho prucha is no kovalev)

    and like someone said before, that trade for gaborik would have to include roszival or the like to work capwise i think

    and can we stop calling dawes a sniper. ovechkin/heatley/malkin…they are snipers
    dawes scored 14 goals last year, mike york had more his rookie year, not saying dawes cant be a nice scorer, but just b/c someone scored in juniors and the ahl doesn’t mean anything til he puts up numbers in the nhl

  66. for whoever posted (a couple of posts ago) about the jersey special on rangers.nhl.com, THANKS! Thanks to you, I got a jersey today, with FREE lettering. I’m happy now.

  67. My view on the Lines:

    Callahan can go get the pucks for the first line and give them some grit in the corners, something they have been lacking. I hate to play Drury on the third line, but the fact that you can’t break up that second line leaves little room to maneuver and get production. Cally can finish and I think this would even out the physicality in the line up a little although that third line still looks a little weak. Dawes can’t look invisible again, but I think playing with a guy like Drury could get him going in the right direction, hockey at this level is mostly about who you play with because they all need to be pretty good to get to the NHL. If dawes gets ice time with a drury I think good things could happen.

  68. I think we will see:


    I think Drury was a good fit between those two last year. It may get Dawes going enough so we can dump him for a pick.

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