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So much for Tom Renney sticking with his top line of Markus Naslund-Scott Gomez-Chris Drury. The coach is breaking the trio up, and he has Lauri Korpikoski’s aching wrists (I said “arm” before so I believe this still counts) to thank.

With Korpikoski out, Renney opted against putting Dan Fritsche or Ryan Callahan at center, and instead will move the Rangers captain between Naslund and Dan Fritsche.

So let’s review the lines:





A couple of things on this: One, Renney said he hoped this was a “one-off” meaning he could move Drury back to wing if Korpikoski is well enough to play tomorrow. That said, the coach would wait to see what happens tonight either way, so it’s safe to say if he sees any worthwhile potential in the new lines, he might stick with those.

I think we can all agree that the old top line didn’t set the terribly high, so I doubt the coach would be in a rush to go back to it.

In other news:

<li>In case you thought they forgot, the Rangers sound like they’re still trying to make a move to deal with the 15 forward/six defenseman imbalance they’ve been carrying since the start of the season.

“We have to look at it,” Renney said. “I know Glen (Sather) is obviously trying to do what he can. It seems like every year it’s always eight, 10, 12 games before teams identify with their needs so if you want to do something or make a move on somebody or bring somebody in or whatever, it seems to take time.

“It’s funny you say that. I was driving in tonight asking myself, ‘Can Orrsy really pivot?'”

Needless to say, Renney hopes it doesn’t come to that.

<li>As reported earlier, Stephen Valiquette gets the start tonight against the Leafs so Henrik Lundqvist can play tomorrow against Detroit. Valiquette went 2-0 against Toronto last year, with a 2.08 goals-against-average.

<li>The coaches and broadcasters will be wearing purple ties tonight as part of the “Hockey Fights Cancer” initiative.

Update, 7:00 p.m.: I admit, I occasionally refer to the Rangers’ “first line” and “second line”, but really, it’s irrelevant — especially now. No question, when Drury, Gomez, and Naslund were together, that was the Rangers’ top line. But as long as there is not a huge discrepancy in ice time — and there usually is with the “fourth line” — there’s no real order.

Update, 7:04 p.m.: Of course, while the order of lines doesn’t really matter, who starts the game occasionally says something. Proof that Renney was OK with Paul Mara’s penalty from Wednesday night? The defenseman gets his first start of the season.

Update, 9:40 p.m.: At least on entertainment value, this went from the worst game of the season to the best after a wild third period and overtime. Now we’re off to a shootout, although there appear to be some Zamboni problems…

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  1. I get that the top line was not working, I do not get Dawes being a healthy scratch for two games and then going to the first line? Also, Drury and Callahan showed great chemistry last year, why not stick them back together?

  2. for whoever posted (a couple of posts ago) about the jersey special on rangers.nhl.com, THANKS! Thanks to you, I got a jersey today, with FREE lettering. I’m happy now.

  3. WEIRD lines, but I would guess with those combos, that Korpi has a steady place in the line-up. I can’t see those lines sticking…

  4. cally is a good third liner, but he is not the guy gomez should be setting up. tnte have been a great chance to see prucha play a whole game w/gomez.

    i guess renney is always gonna be defensive minded but these lines remind me way too much of the devils, cant say i like them

  5. I haven’t been happy with Pruchs, but im a little pissed that Cally gets to go to the 1st line with Gomer, and not Pruchs.

    The lines are alright, but the last thing we need is to disapoint Dru, and Nazzy sticking them on the 3rd line, even if its 1C, its still the 3rd line.

    I like Dawes on the first line. He needs to know the fans expect him to put up at least 20 goals or hopefully more. Maybe scratching him, and putting him on the first line will wake him up, and he’ll start putting some pucks in.

    My lines would have been…

    Pruchs – Gomer – Naslund
    Zherdev – Dubi – Voros
    Cally – Dru – Dawes
    Orr – Betts – Freddy

    But eh, hopefully this all works out.

    Actually to be honest, i would have liked to see Zherdev with Gomer, and Dru, and Nazzy with Voros, and Dubi first. But like i said, hopefully it works out.

  6. Maybe Renney is trying to showcase Dawes? Or possibly this could be Pruchas last couple nights in NY? Either way, I feel that both of these players could be very effective, on a different team. Lets hope we get another 2 points tonight. Alright, now its time for Hooters.

  7. I think Naslund goes to the third line as well so not to make it look like Drury is being punished and sent there for not producing. I don’t have a problem with the shake up though. Might work out very well. I could give a shit who plays on what line as long as we win. Let’s Go Rangers!!!!! I want a big win tonight. I also want to see a relentless forecheck and attack tonight. No skates dragging. And I want to see shots from the point and people in front on the power play.

  8. didnt gomer and naslund have great chemistry together. can we please stop numbering lines, this is real life not nhl 09

  9. Cally deserves it. Ironically, as I said earlier today, he’s been playing as hard as anyone.

  10. How long do you think Dubinsky will be on the Rangers? I want to get his jersey if i get a good answer since the sale ends tonight. Anyone?

  11. just about every team in real life buys into the idea of having at least 1A and 1b lines, renney seems to be trying to buck that trend by putting third line players on 2 different lines

    and i don’t blame renney entirely(tho he certainly could give prucha a chance to play w/gomez) the real issue is that we don’t have any offensive wingers in our system. even before the recent tragedy w/cheraponov, we have seemed to only stockpile clones of ryan callahan, which we need some of, but u can only have so many smallish forwards who aren’t gifted scorers, no matter how well they kill penalties

  12. Dubinsky will be here for a long time. I would like to get Zherdev, but I wonder if he will resign next year.

  13. Those are some whack-ass lines, but who knows. I also would have liked to see Prucha on the first line.

    I almost missed the Sharks on that quiz, but got all of them in about three minutes! :D

    Nasty 1 – You need to tell your source to not tell you crazy things that make no sense about Gaborik.

    Hopefully, it can be a quick lead, then back off a bit to save some energy for tomorrow’s game. Since the Maple Leafs’ first game was on Versus, I watched most of it. I feel like they were really boosted by Osgood’s terrible puck-handling in front of the net when Toronto was on the power play. Then Detroit had to play from behind for the rest of the game. Somehow, Detroit looked better without the puck than with it, which I’m pretty sure is a bad thing. It just seemed like an off-night for them, so hopefully we can have a bit of the same tomorrow.

  14. ORR your line makes the most sense. This must be a ploy to showcase Dawes / perhaps Callahan.
    Should be a fun game to watch. I havn’t seen Dawes put up a good game in awhile, so I hope he takes full advantage of playing with gomer.
    Drury’s line could be the sleeper. Something tells me they are going to have a good night.


    Big win Boys.

  15. Micheletti just said that the Leafs haven’t named a captain, but I believe it is Toskala, as told by the Versus crew in their first game.

  16. So far this game has surpassed the Sabres game in sheer boredom. This game has zero flow. The Rangers only really chance was Dawes’ deflection. The Leafs only real scoring chance was when Moore hit the post. Outside of that nothing is happening.

  17. That really was a boring period of hockey. I’d rather watch paint dry. For some reason I feel like the line of Naslund Gomez Drury would be good in this game. I hope the pace picks up in the second.

  18. MATT

    What the hell does that even mean ?

    As for the period. I wasn’t happy with it. They outplayed Nyr by a little in my opinion. The PP looked pathetic again. Time to split up some of these D-men.

    If Mats is coming back. Im still up for signing him. Just get Rozi out of here, and were good to go.

  19. I think it might be time to trade away some big contracts. Naslund is invisible. Gomez is a turnover machine and just isn’t creating enough offense with that speed. And neither is hitting. And it clears up 11.5 million in salary. At this point Dawes and Prucha are getting more and better chances and are throwing their bodies around.

  20. Not for nothing but if I’m a guy in and out of the line-up I really can’t understand Fritsche making the comment during the intermission “I didn’t come here with a plan to change my game… I’m always going to play the same way….” I hope he was just nervous in front of the camera because that is a ridiculously stupid comment. I know the guy is only 23 and not overly mature but you can’t teach smarts. If you’re not making it into the line-up there are only a couple of options – you don’t have the skill, you’ve not progressed far enough in the learning process or you’re not using your physical gifts correctly.

    That guy should be camera saying “I’ll do whatever the coaches and the veteran players tell me”.

  21. Hey, is anyone else dealing with Directv’s bizarre blackout scheme on this game? I live in San Antonio TX and I’m Blacked out on MSG.

  22. JJP
    October 17th, 2008 at 7:57 pm
    Not for nothing but if I’m a guy in and out of the line-up I really can’t understand Fritsche making the comment during the intermission “I didn’t come here with a plan to change my game… I’m always going to play the same way….” I hope he was just nervous in front of the camera because that is a ridiculously stupid comment. I know the guy is only 23 and not overly mature but you can’t teach smarts. If you’re not making it into the line-up there are only a couple of options – you don’t have the skill, you’ve not progressed far enough in the learning process or you’re not using your physical gifts correctly.

    I agree, that was really stupid, and he said it before in the summer, so it wasn’t nervousness. Does he think that his game is perfect that he doesn’t want to change it? I think he is invisible for most of the time, he could play with more energy and more hitting and better puck skill.

  23. At least Staal droped his gloves “like a man,” as Mara would say. How come no instigator for Mayers? Shouldn’t he be tossed like Mara? Staal did have a fight last year, I’m pretty sure.

  24. good non call joe how about when gomez was pulled down GOD FORBID THAT BE CALLED how is that not a penalty?

  25. 1. how do we not take the puck into the offensive zone on a 4 on 2
    2.sweet save by the big valley

  26. deja – He said that the penalty should be called on the pull-down. That was some beautiful defensive work to stop the would-be Gomez goal.

    Is there any chance that annoying guy in the crowd with the horn could stop using it.

    Great save by Valiquette, but the fans are getting restless!

  27. “Betts had a good start to the season”? Huh? What? Did Renney tell you to say that on the air, Joe?

  28. MATT

    Not you, the other Matt.

    Another ridiculous period. Taking penalties, wasting the PP. Gomer should have scored but he didn’t. If we get shut out, that’s his fault. That was a friggin tap in, he had a WIDE open net, and he didn’t cash in. Maybe that’s why he never scores more than 20-25.

    I don’t like the fact that we can get a goal past this shitty Leafs team. I don’t like it at all.

  29. WOW… what a crapy game that is… and y is our prodigy for a coach keep sticking Gomez-Naslund-Drury out on power play together? Put Nik instead of Dru…and Staal instead of Rozi… welcome to reality ranger fans… it started in the game against Sabs…

  30. Hey Al “Austin Powers” Trautwig, it’s not too late for braces you sports archaeologist you.

  31. Toskala gets killed with 11 goals in last two games and we cant buy a single goal against him??

  32. A game like this is part of the reason people dislike hockey. Then again, others think it goes to fast to see the small puck, so I don’t know.

  33. I usually don’t complain about such things, but why did we have the Betts line out there for the faceoff with about 30 seconds to go rather than the Dubinsky line, our best line, with Dubinsky being hot on faceoffs recently?!

  34. Toskala played great in the 3rd period. Outside of that the 1st two periods we didn’t challenge him much. We completely dominated the 2nd half of the game but couldn’t play. The team we’ve seen in the 2nd half of the period is the team I want to see every night though. Just outskating and out working everyone. Lets hope they win it in the shootout, although I have a bad feeling about this.

  35. I will take the 2 points. We OWNED the 3rd, but haven’t scored a goal in 5 periods. They better get some rest tonight.

  36. Huge win.

    I hate to say it, i was cursing up a storm, and thought for sure we’d lose after Rozi’s lazy pathetic PP, but somehow someway they managed to win this one. Good stuff.

    Im not worried aboot surrendering a point to the Leafs, i feel like they wont make the playoffs, so its no big deal, but you never know. Just glad we won.

    Vally is the man, and he’s the kinda backup every team needs, solid and knows his role, and doesn’t second guess it, and can help out the starter.

    Hopefully Hank, and everyone else is ready for the Wings tomorrow. This wasn’t a good game, the last two no were shitty, they gotta make a statement with a win over the Wings. They need to show they can play with the big boys, and fuggin win.

    Lets go Rangers.

  37. the rangers had 1 good period.

    they need to figure the offense out but we will take the points…

    Vally is a good backup..

    I thought Dawes played better

  38. Just wanted to say this was a game we would’ve lost last year. On the Rozy penalty I was like “omg its over”. but this team isn’t like last years team. they didn’t start great but picked it up and found a way to win. 2 points, thats all that matters.

  39. thank god we won this one. it was the first game in my new jersey couldnt stand to be 0-1 to start with it.

    any one else feel like our fourth line was the best tonight?

  40. I think the Dawes-Gomez-Cally line was just as good in the 2nd half of the game. But 4th line was the most consistent.

    BTW, I’ve been trying to start the Vally chant since last year and everyone is like “no booooo”. Then tonight they finally started it. Guy has deserved his chance to backup henke on more occasions than he did last year. We need two solid goalies to have success this year and it looks like we do.

  41. Whoever said the Leafs should be playing SC Bern (ahem…cough beer me) please don’t say stuff like that again…LOL
    This was one of the hardest games to watch in a long time…it was brutal.
    Kudos to Valli…Great performance!
    And to all the Sjo haters…well you know…I say no more.

  42. the rangers need to play much better saturday else they will get spanked….

    Staal did not play as clean a game as usual, kalinin did play better but he is our worst D man in my opinion..

    They need to still shoot the damn puck…

  43. Sure wasn’t pretty but two points is two points. They had a terrific third period where they just dominated the Leafs. The reason they didn’t get a goal was partly due to being unlucky with two posts(well actually three) Even the seemingly lifeless Chris Drury came to life. He did botch a couple scoring chances but at least he’s getting chances. Gomez flew around in the third. The pp was just horrid. It would have been the #1 reason if they would have lost. Voros was terrific driving to the net time after time. Dawes showed some life at times. Girardi imo was the best dman. Unlike Rozsival he’s always looking to put the puck on net. Valley was terrific. He came up so big saves espicially when his teammates looked sluggish the first half of the game. The pk was as good as the pp was bad. He came up big in ot when the Leafs were buzzing on the pp. I liked the live in the third but if they put up the same performance tonight again an elite(albeit struggling) team they’ll have no chance of winning.

  44. hell yea jonny d. vallys great. i heard the vally chant tonight and i feel good for the guy. im sure its hard being a backup not only cuz you dont play much but when u do u gotta make the most of it and not be rusty. anyway i thought for sure we were losin after the rozy penalty but we won so im happy. lets hope dru gets a goal tomorow. and we beat the wings!

  45. I thought the PP was fine just a lot of the shots they were taking were blocked. Early on the PP sucked but then we started owning the Leafs but just couldn’t get it either to the net or past Toskala.

    Also, I know this might not sound believable but our 4th line looks so much better this year only because of Colton Orr. I think Betts has decent offensive potential and we know Sjostrom could be a 2nd line wing, but they were both together with Orr last year and our 4th line was just bad. Since Orr worked on his skating and hands in the offseason, hes been a much improved player. He might not be scoring a lot, but just watching him make simple plays with the puck and have the confidence that he can skate with it and make solid passes has made that line 1000x better.

  46. also the rangers really started hitting alot in the 3rd. voros was a monster out there. im happy we played physical towards the end. hey when its all said and done. nobody remembers crap except who won. and as bad as a game it seems, we still won.

  47. i was really hopin dawes scored in the shootout. renny gave him a golden oppurtunity there. i wish prucha wouldve played instead

  48. We all know Sjostrom can be a second line wing. We do? I don’t think he’s much more than a 10-12 goal scorer far from a second liner. That doesn’t mean he can’t be a solid contributer but just not a second liner.

  49. I have no idea what Naslund is doing out there.. Something is not right with the guy, he just isn’t geling with any particular line, and on top of that he isn’t even getting power play time. Annnd this guy is a big money guy on this team.

    Nicky Z is the man, that play where he made that pass from his back that almost led to a goal was out of hand..

    I hope Fritsche and Dawes come out tmrw because neither player justified the right to be back in the lineup again. Hopefully the Korpedo is ok, and Prucha is inserted back into the lineup.

  50. Two points may be two points, but that was pathetic. 0-for-8 on the PP? And Valiquette earned the shutout, Toskala made no difficult saves at all, the Rangers just shot the puck right at him.

    No powerplay, no offense, inability to score, playing for overtime and a shootout win at home against one of the worst teams in the league – sounds pretty familiar, like a Tom Renney coached team. Maybe Drury will get some points soon, and maybe Naslund actually suits up tomorrow night. Whatever.

    This is one of those times – and there have been so many in the last 2 years – when the team ekes out a win but the bottom is about to completely fall out. Don’t count on taking any points out of these next two games, and perhaps a bit longer than that. I hope I’m wrong, but we’ve all seen this before. No matter the cast of players, it looks the same every time.

  51. leatherneckinlv on

    mattextreme …are you kidding…Fritsche was outstanding..anyone who needs to be demoted is Naslund,,,a benching might wake him up..the Voros ..Dubi and Zherdev line is a keeper…leave that line alone…as well as our 4th line of Sjo..Betts and Orr..my opinion is..we need to sign kyle McLaren..trade away Dawes and Prucha..both good player..just not a fit..on this team and Renneys system..Kalinin did have his best game today but McLaren is a need..KALININ IS NOT…we need a hard hitting physical D-man…last but not least..tough to argue really with 6-1 record

  52. Mclaren is shot. He is always hurts and he is as immobile as it gets. Trading Dawes and or Prucha for him would be pure idiocy.

  53. leather – unlikely they can get mclaren even if they want him. he would be subject to reverse waivers and if claimed would count 1/2 vs our cap if we traded for his rights. so would not get the player but still get the cap hit. he’s stuck in the minors unless a team is not up against the cap like we are.

  54. The passing is really poor. I watched consecutive passing attempts go off skates, past outreached stick blades or get intercepted. It isn’t the ice, can’t just blame it on the ice. I actually concentrated on the Rangers passing, I see better at WHL games, really. I don’t know why it is so poor, short or long it’s been off.
    If they can get the passing down,the talented guys might end up looking like talented guys.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    That was the worst display of finishing ive ever seen. Both teams were completely disgraceful. Awful.

    Thank God they managed to escape with the two points.

  56. Just got back from the game. Thought it was the best crowd of the early season. Lots of Lets go Rangers. Fritsche played well, had some solid chances. Vali played great, have to love this guy as the backup.

  57. i love how alot people complained about Jagr not being in the Shootout, but where were our captains? not in the shootout! I think Naslund was left in prague we might need to go get him.

  58. drury is not a good shootout choice. i think naslund and gomez could be ok. i think all three choices were good ones. dawes is very good in shootouts and had a good attempt today.

    naslund had pretty good attempt near the crease at one point.

    it’s a team game and the team is 6-1. love that valley has played a couple already. with many games early it’s smart choice. and if any one is banged up (Voros?) there are 3 healthy bodies that can go in for a game or 2.

  59. leatherneckinlv on

    no..i was not refering a trade of Dawes and Prucha for Mclaren…it was in referance of claiming him in the waiver wire and trading Kalinin to open room…as for Prucha and Dawes…well..if we could package a deal for a power forward in the realm of the old keith Tkatchuk type winger..or say this Ryan kid in Anaheim..another good physical D-man out there is Douglass Muarry…hey..think of it..Marleau as well…so maybe a 4 for 2 with draft pick type trade with San Jose..one other note..i really like Corey potter and Dane Byers for call ups to the team..both are outstanding role players for the team with Potter a solid chance to even surpass Girardi and certainly Kalinin..I know this…both prucha and Dawes will not flourish under Renney so we might as well get pieces to the puzzle that fit..in no way am I knocking these 2 players and its what i would call a win – win trade…Prucha would do really well in Minnesota..for some reason I see him being a fit on that team ad I see Dawes as a really good fit on the Sharks…our Goal scorining and physical presance both on D and forwards need to be addressed..or we will have alot more 2-1 losses than I care to seethe team is a solid B in grade right now…I come from abundance…lets make it a solid A+ team

  60. leather – as i mentioned before mclaren is in minors. doubtful he will be brought up by sharks since the cap hit would be 1/2 his salary vs the sharks cap if claimed by another team. if we traded for him as minor leaguer we could not bring him up for same reason. 1/2 cap hit and he would be on another team. and as mentioned by another person above he is really shot. his knees are not in good shape.

  61. Hey Sam,

    It seems like there is a lot less post game blogging going on then there used to be. I would certainly like more than just the snippet we get on MSG.

    Thanks for the great blog!

  62. wow, i was drunk, and i couldnt even watch this game. lets hope the team was as drunk as i was and forgets this game ever happened.

  63. leather – The Ducks would not be able to do that trade of Ryan; the whole reason he is in the minors is because his salary would not fit under their cap.

    Fritsche and Dawes both played pretty well, considering they went to the net and had scoring chances, since that passed for good in this game. I think it is time to sit an underperforming player from a higher line, ahem…Naslund. Since Drury is our captain, I don’t think it would be so good to sit him for any game, despite his struggles. However, I would expect the same lineup tomorrow night, maybe with another line juggle, though they did seem to get it together for a stretch in the third; too bad one of those post shots couldn’t go in for a goal.

    It was interesting to see the new 4 on 3 power play lineup tonight, with two defensemen on the ice after having none last season. I would like to see a player who can possibly dazzle with the puck, like Zherdev, on those open-ice power plays.

    LI Joe – It seems we only have one healthy body sitting on the bench right now.

    It was great to see Vally appreciating the fan support as he skated around after being announced as the #1 star. If only our offense was as inspiring this game.

  64. Fritsche was fine, but I really only noticed him on that one shift in the second period where he had two chances in a row. Hmmm, where did I see a similar performance? Oh, yeah, Prucha the last game when he had a similar shift. Except Prucha had a better overall game, blocking a shot and throwing some hits and the third line was the best it had been since Prague. I disagree with anyone who thinks Fritsche was any better than Prucha.

    Spider- I don’t think Rissmiller and Korp are that hurt. I’d expect both to be able to play tomorrow if needed.

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    Awful. I saw 40 guys last night who couldnt put the puck in the ocean.

    0-8 on the PP. Just thought I’d throw that number out there.

    And why wasn’t Drury in the shootout? Everyone killed Jagr for passing on it, why doesn’t Drury get the same treatment?

  66. And why wasn’t Drury in the shootout? Everyone killed Jagr for passing on it, why doesn’t Drury get the same treatment?


    I can pretty much guarantee Drury didn’t “pass” on anything… He was left out of it because shootouts/breakaways are another thing he is just not very good at, and he seems to always shoot the puck right into the goalie.

    Jagr got a hard time because he’s a 600G guy. Drury…is not gonna get a hard time about it from anyone because people know by now that he’s not a goal scorer.

    I do know what you mean though.

  67. I stopped watching the game last night. The rangers were just awful. I never seen so many bad passes. The rangers couldn’t even complete one pass and the power play looked like last years power play. I am hoping that it’s just two stinkers (games) in a row and not a trend.

  68. Morning after:

    Rangers must be a good team if they win 1-0 and all I can do is think to blast them! God-awful frustrating game last night

    Rozival should never be on a PP unit again…has a lethal shot but you can actually watch his body quiver as he dishes it off again….thats how afraid he is to shoot

    Vally saved the day..I’m thinking 55G-60G for Hank 22-35G for him

    Renney is not a good gum chewer..makes me want to strangle him

    We all blamed Jagr for the perimeter game….now there is no Jags and after a little success at smash-mouth-stand in front of the net hockey; we are right back to the outside game…gotta be Perry..or Renney

    4th line was best again…Orr is now a HOCKEY PLAYER…good for him

    That last note was positive

  69. Those are some fine points Kaspar. I’ve been pulling for Orr since he came up. Alot of the haters have been quieted.Where are all the valleycat haters? There used to be a few of them on here too.

  70. jagr said himself he wasnt very good at the shootouts either. But gomez on the otherhand scored last year hmmm…..

    A win is a win i could careless.

  71. no matter how you cut it, and last nights game was no help, but Im still happpily suprised to look at the stadnings and see the Rangers in first place in points in the entire league.

    Im sure it wont last much longer, but a happy thing to see on a saturday morning

  72. Kaspar, lot of good points.

    The cycling and perimeter game is classic Jagr/Straka/Nylander style. But with all of them gone, the east-west game can’t get pinned on them.

    Dawes looked good, and deserves another look. He missed by a hair.

    With nobody in front of the net, every goaltender we face gets a good long look at every shot we take. The Playstation line is the only one with someone who parks in front of the net. Guess what line is the only one producing? No coincidence.

    Voros and Staal CRUSHING people. great to see.

    Orr is like a whole different player. He’s awesome. Betts looks great too.

    Nobody should hate on Drury or anyone else for not taking a SO. It may not be in their skill set. Nobody hates on Gomez for enforcing by throwing huge hit and fighting. Think about it. It’s just not what he’s here for. Having sick moves on a breakaway is a skill set all it’s own. Drury is leading by passing on the SO. He’s being unselfish, letting someone more equipped to do the job have the opportunity, and doing what is best for the team even if it takes him out of the spotlight.

  73. Voros was out there last night? I barely saw some of the players last night. Of course i always keep a tab on my favorites, but the other ones i didnt really see them out there.

  74. Voros got hurt last night. Sort of an awkward hit on an angle, and hurt his arm, but played the game.

    Maybe Pruchs will come in for him.

    Dawes does deserve to play tonight, he was good. I just don’t think putting Cally on Gomer’s wing is the right thing to do. Leave him on the 3rd line, that’s where he belongs.

    Hopefully Hank stays sharp, and the D backs him up. If you thought last nights game was frustrating, just wait till tonight. Wings came off an OT loss, they’re not to happy, im guessing.

  75. Cally is a third liner no point in moving him up. The first two lines are like the scoring lines and unfortunately he doesnt score alot. Move naslund to the 3rd line ha.

  76. dm – not 40 really only 36 or 38. can’t count back up goalies or even starters for that matter

    and i would not use phrases like everyone

    i did not bust on jj re not being in shootouts. was more about slow to get off ice on a change. and no one in their right mind would want drury as one of the shootout specialists. so renney or whoever is doing the right thing

    by the way no update from sam at games end?

  77. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Dr. House, there is no top line. There is no 3rd line. There’s a 4th line and 3 others…we need to figure out how to put the other together with good chemistry, but I don’t care if Drury skates between Cally and Rissemiller and I don’t care if Gomez skates between Dawes and Prucha…gotta just find some chemistry! Against good teams (Buffalo, Toronto somewhat) the Rangers have scored 1 goal.

    I think Prucha and Cally clicked well, put Drury between them. I’m not sure what to do with Gomez and Dubinsky’s lines, esp if Voros is hurt. This team is at a HUGE loss for offensive wingers; so much so that creating possible combinations is a challenge.

  78. id like to see dru center someone like cally and prucha or people who match that style of play, aggressive, good in the corners, etc…

    last season i thought dawes and gomez worked well together… especially against the devils, lol…

  79. clearly a terrible game last nite but glad we got the win. toronto has some decent youth, but for the most part that was an ahl team last nite with some nhl defenseman.

    no way id go with the same lineup tnte and u definitely have to break up the first pp unit. drury and naslund deserve to be sat a game but no way that happens. be nice to see prucha in there tnte w/gomez and dawes

    2nd line looked very pedestrian last nite, voros looked like the player he usually is ie a 4th liner. would like to see more out of zherdev, seems like he’s holding back and while he has been our best offensive winger, he hasn’t really looked like a top five pick yet

    dont mean to be overly negative but this team has a lot of work to do if it wants to be successful throughout the season and into the playoffs

  80. Prucha Gomez Drury
    Voros Dubbie Zherdev
    Dawes Korpi Cally
    Orr Betts Shoey

    Sweet , looks like we can win with this …Naslund watches from the bench to see what he can do to make a difference !!
    Hes a vet who should be taken out because he is not doing anything to help the team.

  81. Pete ….Goal posts , keep your dumb opinions to yourself ! Z played good and voros was good too . Were 6 -1 so keep your negatives for when were 1 -6 .

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