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It goes without saying that one loss in October hardly qualifies as “adversity,” a word that hockey teams love to throw around at various points in the season.

Adversity — real adversity — is a losing streak, or multiple injuries, or some other outside factor. Adversity, for instance, is what a team like Avangard Omsk faces right now, although that situation ventures closer to outright horror.

But the Rangers even in dropping one measly game to Buffalo do have a chance to show how they respond to an off night when they face the Leafs at the Garden. If one loss becomes two, then you can say the team has finally returned to reality after its brilliant start. If tonight ends in a win, then Wednesday may prove to be a mere pebble on the road.

It’s all about how you frame it, and already Tom Renney has made clear “he’s not going to make any drastic changes”:http://www.lohud.com/article/20081017/SPORTS01/810170380/-1/SPORTS (other than maybe Stephen Valiquette in net). Nor should he. In fact, the one line that has been subject to the most changes of late, the third unit, was actually halfway decent Wednesday, so I’d like to see the same personnel employed for at least one more game.

Again, though, I don’t get a vote, which really irks me…

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  1. To be honest, given how early it is in the season, even a second loss wouldn’t be earthshattering as long as they put forth a better effort, and a lot less errors (mental or otherwise), than they did Wednesday.

  2. onecupin67years on

    If the rangers continue to have these lack luster games then I think its time for a coaching change.
    The rangers always seem to have better than average talent, which always seem to underachieve.

    A team usually takes on the persona of the coach , Tom just seems to be too laid back, The players have to step it up in crunch time ,when it counts, what is this teams personality?
    High scoring -run and gun ? Hitting? Strong D minded?
    That Buffalo game was snore fest .
    The Rangers seem to marginal scoring and d hoping its always enough to squeak out a win.

  3. I’ll start panicking if we are embarrassed by a Sundin-less LEAVES.

    This team needs to do the simple things to be successful.. just keep firing at the net and let Drury/Voros/etc clean up the garbage. A goal is a goal.

    I’m tired of the fancy crap.

  4. shame Hollweg won’t be in tonight. I think I’d like to see him and Orr drop the gloves after Hollweg runs someone.

  5. “A team usually takes on the persona of the coach”

    A stretch to begin with. But you know what? GOOD!

    Because then you can credit the COACH for turning the franchise into a competitive one.

    It works both ways pal. Or it doesn’t work at all.

  6. I agree with LI Den…
    they really came out flat on Wednesday…and its no biggie if they bounce back and play well tonight. Wednesday they got sucked into not playing there game, passes weren’t crisp and they were not hitting much. Not to take anything away from Buff because they played a perfect road game.
    Tonight they have to get back to there possession game.
    Trade Betts…I mean Bob

  7. “A team usually takes on the persona of the coach”

    Yea, Jagr’s Rangers really bought into that.

    Renney has been a very good coach here. Is he an elite coach? Probably not, but I’d much rather have him over most coaches out there. Although, I wouldn’t mind seeing Torts behind the bench…

  8. The Rangers haven’t really looked that great all year thus far, and they are 5-1. This means that they are finding ways to win when they aren’t at their best and that we should expect good things to come when they get on track.

  9. I would really like to see Dawes get another shot…he deserves it. He has the most upside out of Prucha, Sjostrom, Fritsche, and Rissmiller.

  10. onecup…out of the last 6 games…how may “lack luster” games did you see other than Wednesday. Have they dominated every minute of every game…no but they aren’t expected too.
    If the Rangers dominate every minute of every game would there be a point in watching?

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  12. i look at this as a must win early season game due to fact u have red wings tom in a game u figure on paper u lose. to lose both this weekend after 5-0 start defeats purpose. u cant lose to toronto at home.

  13. Just leaving a comment so everyone knows

    My jersey from nhl.com has been fired for losing to Sabres

  14. I don’t know if I consider sat a loss even on paper.

    They’re 2-1-1, osgood looks like garbage (I should know, fantasy goalie). Datsyuk and Hossa are still goal-less. And Zetterberg missed the last game(maybe next) with a groin problem.

    They’re stumbling out of the gate. Nice to play them in October. Should be a great game.

  15. I kind of agree with the fact that a 5-3 start after a 5-0 start isnt what you’re looking for, but I wasn’t looking for this good of a start due to the Europe trip. We have 4/5 wins all of October last season so this is a bonus (We were terrible in Oct last year though). I still don’t understand home Tampa has 7 games in 26 nights and we have 7 in 11 or whatever

  16. zetterberg out 7-10 days however i mean tought to think rangers walk in there and win especially with wings losing at home last night. they need to beat leafs its a must

  17. onecupin67years on

    stally.. I was referring to the last game. don’t read to much into it.my point is that yes you will have bad games..every team does.. but what is this teams personality?
    with all the personnel changes you have give some time who gels with who ,but what type of team is sather assembling and can Renney be capable of coaching what sather puts toghether, renney may be knowledgeable about hockey but can he direct this team to its apex rather than where its going.
    The coaches that gets the max out of its players usually win,can renney do that?

  18. Sounds like onecup had one cup too many of Bullshit juice with his cornholeiO’s for breakfast.

  19. Sather is assembling the team that plays Renney hockey….you just don’t make sense

    And where’s it going? They are 5-1

  20. For some reason, I’m really psyched about the game tonight. Don’t know why – home game vs. Tor. I can’t even watch in real-time but I’m looking forward to getting the DVR queued up at about 8 and settling in for good game.

    My son (8) has recently become a huge Ranger fan.

    Also, tonight is my son’s first ever ice hockey clinic. good times…

  21. Ok
    I just re-hired my Jersey; you guys are right its too early to panic

    I’m taking it out to an early dinner before the game where they have a violin player

  22. is it a wonder that somebody with a handle like “onecupin67years” is down on the Rangers? If this blog was around 15 years ago, his name would have been “1940!”.

  23. Still looking Jay. Lou Lams doesn’t let much out over there. I didn’t see it, you?

    Watch out for Washington man! Down 3-0 last night on 3 ppg’s to Pitt (crosby STILL scoreless) and came back to win. One goal off a Crysob turnover, another an Orpik turnover.

  24. Yeah I don’t know how we loose to Detroit. I think the game against Detroit is the first REAL test…since our team is supposedly “modeling” the wings.

  25. onecup – i think renney is capable of coaching ALOT of teams. if he ever got fired, he’d probably be one of the top available coaches on the market. now if they don’t make the playoffs this year, moving him might be a consideration, but for now, listen to beer and post somewhere else, your taking up space.

    also, a quote i read from matthew barnaby

    “Matthew Barnaby of ESPN believes the NHL needs to promote Ovechkin and Crosby much more than they are now”

  26. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Don’t know how exact but found this from Star-Tribune in Minneapolis:
    Midway through the third period, Rolston slammed heavily into the boards. He had to be helped off the ice, but it turned out to be merely a sprained ankle for the former Wild forward.

  27. One game at a time. One period at a time. I hope they use Buffalo as a slap in the face. Don’t take a day off and get out worked.
    I hope they take it to the LEAFS. Get the first line going, and don’t back off.

  28. I read somewhere that it was a high ankle sprain to Rolston. We all know what that did to the poster boy for the NHL last year…. But Rolston said he’s happy its ONLY an ankle sprain… So who knows?

  29. ……But if my jersey loses AGAIN tonight thats it!!
    No more dinners, no more talking politics, no more morning walks and no more games!!

  30. “Don’t take a day off and get out worked.”


    I think that was in a post-game with Renney after Buffalo, no? Something very close to that.

    If you go out and play hard, and lose…well, then you got beat by a better team. DON’T go out there and beat yourselves. THAT’S execution. NOT perperation…99% of the time.

  31. Does anyone else other than me to read a comment above that says, “If the rangers continue to have these lack luster games then I think its time for a coaching change,” and thing that is the most ludicrous statement of the year thus far? I mean 6 games into the season and the team is 5-1.

    Talk about piss and vinegar….

  32. you know Kaspar, I was RIGHT about to address your last comment, but now I will continue ignoring your luxuriant blond locks.

    (by the way, I was gonna ask if that would mean no more long walks on the beach with your jersey as well?)

  33. I wouldn’t take much more from the loss against Buffalo other than a gut check lesson to the team that they’re not invincible and that if they put in a half-assed effort, they will lose. The Rangers had every opportunity to win that game, and chose not to. Buffalo out worked them. The Rangers would dump in, and instead of chasing it like beast and getting the offense going like we have up until then, Buffalo consistently beat us to the puck negating offense. General laziness all over the ice. If I were Renney I wouldn’t change the lines too much, just hammer home the point that nobody better take the night off.

    The lowly Leafs marched into Detroit and pissed in their cereal on their banner night. The Leafs don’t have the talent the Rangers have, but you can bet the Leafs will play their asses off and if the Rangers don’t match the effort they will have their hands full

  34. Kaspar October 17th, 2008 at 11:23 am

    Some of my favorite blogging days are when I am totally ignored……..

    Come on Kasper its ok…we really like you here…really

  35. Beer – I saw a replay of the wipeout and it was behind the play and almost off the screen. They showed him being helped off the ice with a player on each side supporting his weight. They never commented on how serious it was until today…

  36. Kevo said:
    ‘“A team usually takes on the persona of the coach”
    Yea, Jagr’s Rangers really bought into that.

    Renney has been a very good coach here. Is he an elite coach? Probably not, but I’d much rather have him over most coaches out there.’

    Agreed, although it is probably more true this year without a personality as strong as Jagr’s. It may also be true that the coach might reflect the GM as well. Slats is not an explosive guy, although he has been known to show more emotion that TR.

    Noonan, I saw a limited supply of liberty head jerseys in the Double Team store at MSG on Wednesday.

  37. Noonan, you can usually find the liberty head jerseys at hockey gear suppliers like hockeygiant.com or hockeymonkey.com. They don’t sell them lettered, but you can usually find the plain jerseys there

  38. Ok, the jersey broke tonites dinner date anyway..your right jeever; no more walks on the beach too

    I looked at the standings today and after tonight:

    Pitt will have played 3 gms since Europe
    Tampa will have played 3 games since Europe
    Ottawa will have played two games!!

    Rangers will have played 5 GAMES!!!, with two more in next three days

    Who makes this Schedule, Milbury, Bettman and Sean Avery????

  39. People seem to be complacent with Renny, me I think with the talent he is supplied,he is VERY SUB PAR I`m tired of hearing about THE SYSTEM if ya like Devil hockey go for it BUT if ya want to score more than a goal a game IT SUCKS. Yes defence is important BUT ya have to score. Pearn and Pelino should be sent to Hartfart with the rest of the has beens. No power play = No job enough is enough

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