Sean Avery is suddenly shy


Early rumblings are that Sean Avery won’t be made available to the media when he returns to New York on Monday. Pierre LeBrun at “has been getting the same impression”:

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise seeing how Avery has always shunned the public spotlight and let his hockey speak for itself.

I’m sorry. I just wanted to see what it would be like to actually type that.


In other news, our two vaunted Journal News columnists Rick Carpiniello and Sam Borden had their own live video chat today, and yes, some hockey was discussed. Check it out “here”:

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  1. onecupin67years on

    usually the guys the rangers trade always have a decent night upon their return: EDDIE,EDDIE,EDDIE……

  2. He does care about NY or the rangers, So who cares what he has to say. Dallas is getting pretty tired of his bullshyt

  3. Didn’t he ignore the media last year when he was here anyway? He only talks to the media when its beneficial for him so can’t blame him for that. haha.

  4. Sam – any chance you could not talk shit about current or former players during one your posts? I enjoy your blog but come on already.

  5. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Orr Said: “Dawes played only 3 games. Yeah he didn’t look good. But he had his time off, so he should get his shot.”

    But where? I think Korpedo should find the pine, Drury should center his own line (with Dawes and either Callahn/Prucha) and then put the other winger (Prucha/Callahan) on the top line with Naslund and Gomez. Leave lines 2 and 4 together as they have been good in the REAL season (preseason doesn’t count; as teams don’t ice full NHL rosters…which means the first line has failed to click in 6 games)…how long do you let this experiment run wild? If it’s 7 games, does that mean you try another combination and if that fails you go another 7? It’s a compound effect and I really think it hindered player chemistry when Renney was still tinkering with lines by game 50.

  6. JJP – I agree, moreso on the current players. I like the blog a lot, but I just don’t see why you go out of your way to diss a guy that is a misconduct away from being suspended or try to claim someone as being the worst defenseman ever when they have only played 6 games and haven’t been that bad.

    Actually the Avery thing is funny, but I still think you are stretching too far to try and get people not to like Kalinin.

  7. If Valiquette is starting tomorrow, I guess that means Lundqvist will have to face any of Avery’s wrath on Monday. Avery should man up and speak to the press. I don’t understand what his problem is; you would think he wants the publicity.

    Drury made $7 million last season while he was technically on the third line most of the time. I think he can go back there for at least a game to see if it can get some players doing a little better. Like others have said, Drury will still get his minutes from the special teams. I would like to see Prucha on a line that will get him some power play time so he can have some free space on the ice. They could possibly sit Korpikoski for a game if they want Dawes and Prucha in the lineup at the same time, trying Prucha with Gomez and Dawes with Drury, to keep everyone on their more natural wing. I don’t know, I’m just thinking out loud here to try to help two of our lines. Obviously, I love what has been going on with the other two lines, and think Kalinin has done a decent job, along with Girardi. I was afraid Mara might get suspended for what he did and we would be forced to make a move. I liked the fact that he stood up for himself against a punk; we probably would have lost that game anyway.

    GardenFaithfulinFLA – That’s a wonderful idea. Hopefully Avery will have some fun with Brodeur.

    JJP – Get a sense of humor.

  8. Today’s does of Eklund humor: “I do think Hollweg CAN play. Ryan actually is a *solid penalty killer* and has an *upside* that stretches past this goonery.” (my emphasis) Has he really ever watched this guy play? I don’t think he ever killed a penalty for us unless the whole PK team was injured, maybe.

  9. I don’t want to see that 2nd line broken up, but if they do I wouldn’t mind seeing Drury on a line with Dubinsky. Maybe B-Dubs energy could get Dru going.

  10. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I don’t want to see Drury on a line with Dubinsky, I think it hinders dubinsky’s growth. Dubinsky between Zherdev and Voros or Zherdev and Naslund are ideal. Maybe even Dubinsky between Zherdev and Prucha…but not Drury. Drury is a 3rd line center – put Dawes and Cally with him.

  11. Geez, can’t believe all the bad feeling towards Avery, how quickly we forget. This was always a better team last year with Avery on the ice than when he missed games. And he didn’t leave because he wanted to, he was allowed to walk away.

    Avery is a damn good player, one who sucks to play against but is great to have on your team. I don’t have any problem with letting him walk, but damn Ranger fans, why all the ill will?

  12. Because he’s Sean Avery! One of those players you love when he’s on your team, hate him when he’s not. After monday we might hate him even more!

  13. Rangers without an even-strength goal AND without an even-strength first assist, so far this season…



  14. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Dawes and prucha haven’t played all 6 games either. And I think you’re missing the point with that stat (pun). It would be nice for the 4th line to have 20-30 goals this year. The third line 40-50. Second line 60-75. Top line 70-90. I think lines 2 and 4 are doing their work. Korpikoski and drury, however, are not even close and holding their respective linemates back.

  15. i’m def watching stars/devs…. should be interesting…

    I thikn we’ll also find out who avery had problems with in NY when he rolls back through town…. something tells me Avery will target the captain himself.

  16. As mentioned above somewhere, Avery stopped talking to the media before the playoffs last season. Mainly (as I believe, as do most) that it had more to do with his contract talks than any other diarrhea that comes out of his mouth on a regular basis.

    I think you’d have to be pretty naive to think that it’s HIS decision not to talk to the press. Hull vouched for Avery to get Jackson to agree to bring him in for $15mil. It’s only right that they want their team respected for their play when they travel through the northeast. Gag order #2 has been invoked.

    Sure, that’s speculative. But everyone gets a turn to speculate! (no, I don’t like him)

  17. “Midway through the third period, Rolston crashed heavily into the boards while turning up ice after the Thrashers broke up a New Jersey rush. He had to be helped off the ice by two teammates; the seriousness of the injury wasn’t immediately known.”

  18. Poll: Warm or cold reception for Avery? Do they boo him when he touches the puck? Does some Ranger drop the gloves with him? If so, who is most likely? I vote Voros.

  19. What I think needs to happen is for the top line to tkae a look at the second line. They are kind of made up the same (I’m using that loosely). However, Drury needs to be like Voros (I know the major size difference), but Dru isn’t afraid of going to the net. When they enter the zone, he needs to go down low. It will open it up for Nas and Gomer, just like with Voros. This will also make them be more simpler with the puck (i.e. throwing it on net and not making the perfect pass). Their points will come; they just need to put pucks to the net

  20. I think they will cheer for him if he starts and gets his name announced. We don’t really have a reason to boo him….yet

  21. I hope the next time Washington and Shittsburgh play, Ovie kicks the shit out of Cindy. I wish to God Ovechkin was a NYR. He would thrive in the city. Too bad it will never happen. And as a side note, I am happy to see Keith Tkachuk having such a good start to the year. The guy looks amazing right now. He is one of my favorite players all time.

  22. I would trade Hank for Ovie. Or Dubi & Staal & two 1st rounders for Ovie.

    Mixed reception for Avery. No one drops the mits. Or if Voros or Orr does, Avery will ‘turtle up’. Orr won’t fight Avery anyway. Well, really, thats the other way around. Orr/Ott is a real good possibility though.

  23. How about:

    Naslund Gomez Prucha
    Drury/Voros Dubinsky Zherdev
    Voros/Drury Korpi Callahan
    Orr Betts Fritsche

  24. As I finished typing that I’m thinking…”wait, we play 2 games before that!”

    If anyone should find out who’s starting in net for TOR, I’d like to know..thanks.

  25. So d-kal takes a shot off the leg, misses practice the next day. Back to backs the next 2 days, the back end of it is 1/2 way across the country, and NO extra dman?? They’re really going to use Orr back there if need be…in DETROIT?!

    Come on slats…make a move. What’s one more f*ck up, right?

  26. I know, I jumped the gun realizing there are 2 games between now and then. But I saw the top of this post and got excited….

  27. You know what I think is kind of interesting to point out? The stat everyone points to about the Rangers record beingdemonstrably better when Avery was in the lineup is kind of a ruse – that same trend was also the case with Marek Malik. So I don’t know how much stock to put in that.

    I liked Avery a lot during his tenure in New York, but there wouldn’t have been a place for him in the new line up other than sideshow. Besides, now we have Voros, who can harass Brodeur a little more quietly with the same results. Sounds like his act is wearing a little thin in Dallas.

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