Day off for Gomez (Updated)


I’ve been derailed today by a golf assignment, but Jeff Gold just checked in from practice to say Scott Gomez, who has apparently been fighting the flu, is not on the ice.

Meanwhile, Gomez’s absence does delay any possibly line reconfigurations that Tom Renney may have been contemplating. It’s a tricky balance, when you think about it: you don’t want to overreact to just one loss in your first six games, but you also don’t want to neglect an issue that has been brewing for more than a week.

My opinion, which counts for absolutely nothing: give the Naslund-Gomez-Drury experiment one more game. You’ll have plenty of time to tinker moving forward. But you need to see if it definitely doesn’t work before you rule it out.

In other news, Dmitri Kalinin, who had another, um, interesting game last night, is also not on the ice, for reasons that are unclear. Should he not be able to play tomorrow, the Rangers would need to summon a player from Hartford.

Update, 3:30 p.m.: Jeff Gold reports that Gomez and Kalinin were each out with soreness after getting hit with shots last night, but both will play tomorrow. The plan is also for Tom Renney to keep his lines intact at least one more game.

Finally, it sounds like Stephen Valiquette will play tomorrow so that Henrik Lundqvist can rest up for the Red Wings on Saturday.

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  1. True – I’m not tearing the guy apart. But he and I have produced the same amount so far. I think he SHOULD play tomorrow night. But I don’t think he did anything spectacular last night. He DID get knocked over by a stick check though. We’ll see how he does tomorrow night if he gets the chance. But I think the other 3 guys to fill that spot coulda done just as well last night. And 2 of them make about 1/2 the salary.

  2. “…give the Naslund-Gomez-Drury experiment one more game. You’ll have plenty of time to tinker moving forward. But you need to see if it definitely doesn’t work before you rule it out.”

    I agree. And playing Toronto is a good test for that line. If they don’t come up of it with a goal or two, then it’s time to ‘tinker’. But I’m a little afraid of what that might mean.

    I don’t want Dru changing positions all season. I don’t care what Mrs. Dru wants! ;)

  3. Last night’s game reminded me of how we looked in the pre season. And also, we got away from our formula on the PP. Just take shots at the net with someone in front. It works!! There were too many times last night, when we did get a shot off and nobody was in front to get rebounds, and I think it has a little to do with being outplayed, and a litte to do with getting cocky. I thought Hank was good though. Nobody really made any case for Hank last night. I feel that he kept us in the game early with some pretty good saves. He lets in some of those early chances and we drown faster than a retard bobbing for apples. Sorry if I offended anyone with that last comment. My cousin is retarded, and well, I guess it doesn’t make it right for me to say it, but I am the Nasty 1, what can I say. So if I offended, Sorry.

  4. should I bother ging back over the older posts?Or is everyone freaked out aout being 5-1?? We aren’t perfect and it wasn’t a good game, but we can;t win them all ad ai’ll tqke 10 of 12 points

  5. doodie machetto on

    I think that the Gomez line is a failure. Gomez and Naslund show flashes of chemistry, but Drury is all wrong for them.

    The problem is that Drury could best serve this team as a 3rd line center, with large amounts of PP time. I think Gomez and Naslund have shown flashes of chemistry, but they haven’t found that perfect third guy to make the line click.

    Think of it this way: Jagr and Straka last year have chemistry, but finding them the right third guy to get them to click took time, and eventually Dubinsky emerged as that guy. But remember when they had Nylander as the third guy? They were the best line in hockey in 05-06, and definitely in the top 5, maybe even top 3 in 06-07. Gomez and Naslund need that third guy, and so far, we know it’s not Drury or Zherdev.

    The problem is, how do you put your $7mil recently named captain on the third line? Slats can’t even dump Rissmiller because he’s afraid of looking stupid; how is he going to handle the gaff of paying 7 million to his third line center?

    As for who plays first line RW instead of Drury, it has to be someone to compliment Gomez and Naslund. I think Naslund is the goalscorer on the line, so the third guy should be someone else who can pass, but at the same time, he needs to be able to finish better than Gomez. So, who do the Rangers have that is a good passer and decent finisher? Nigel Dawes. I know he’s a left wing, but if he could play right, I think he would do pretty well on that line. I’d even be interested in seeing Lauri Korpikoski there.
    Alternatively, if Naslund could play right, and let Dawes or Korpedo play their natural positions, I’d be interested in seeing that as well.

    As for the third line, Drury and Callahan would be a great forechecking third unit. Cycle Prucha in and out with whoever isn’t on the first line between Dawes and Korpedo to see which unit clicks best. Have that line take an offensive zone faceoff, see how many penalties it draws from being able to forecheck and cycle, especially when Drury wins most of his faceoffs.

    I know some people hate when others post line combinations, but I love it, so here is what I am suggesting:


  6. doodie machetto on

    Sorry, that first sentence of the second paragraph should read:

    “The problem is that Drury could best serve this team as a 3rd line center, with large amounts of *special teams* time.

  7. lol guys all right, I think I won’t then… I wonde whats up with KAlinin, and after the game, the guys we saw looked real somber, I wonder if Renney ripped the team…

  8. yeah but if we bring up somebody from Hartford, we have to send somebody else down… Who can be sent down without passing waivers? I think the only guy is the Korpedo. And he’s played himself into a spot.

    I THINK if we send down somebody to Hartford who has to clear waivers, then we can’t use him again for the rest of the year without subjecting him to re-entry waivers. In which case we absorb 1/2 their cap hit, if they’re claimed…

  9. doodie machetto on

    Also, I’d keep an eye on the Voros-Dubinsky-Zherdev combo. There’s no doubt that it has been very good, but we shouldn’t assume that it should stay together permanently. Remember, this is probably the best 5 or 6 games Voros has ever played in his entire career. He was signed as a replacement for [A-]Holeweg. It could just be a lucky flash in the pan, a la Marcel Hossa. Of course, if he continues playing at a high level, we got him for a song at 3mil for 3 years.

  10. The ONLY change that I would THINK about making for tomorrow night is the 3rd line winger spot. It’s too soon to “tinker” with the top line.

    All 3 are seasoned pro’s. All 3 want to perform. All 3 are itching to break out. One more game.

  11. doodie machetto on

    Beer, that’s well and good. It’s early in the season and I definitely don’t mind letting it go for another game, maybe even two. But supposing that it fails again tonight, what do you think about what I have said?

  12. Who cares what number the “line” has in front of it. You put 3 lines on the ice that score, score, score. The Rangers become a force to be recond with, most teams can shut down one line.
    Doodie’s lines could work. Drury is better playing as a Center.

  13. Ha, of course I do. And I loved the movie. Tropic Thunder was one of the funniest movies I have seen in years.

  14. I agree with Beer:

    One more game, keep the same top line.
    IF it fails to produce any points, tinker in practice and move the pieces around for the next game, while keeping the Z,Dubi,Voros Line together

    I think Renney said it best the other day by saying the top line is trying too hard. THere all itching to get on the scoreboard, and squeezing your sticks too hard creates impatience which leads to trying to MAKE stuff happen.

    One more game, then tinker

    Prucha, ehh.
    I’m over him at this point. I hope he’s the trade. Got to love his effort, but thats about it.

    And what about Korpi saying to I think Zipay the other day that he hasnt been playing well?

    Is he the expendable player to get sent down to Hartford?
    Maybe a conditioning stint would do him wonders?

  15. dood – I think the thing I agree with the most is that you can’t bury your captain making $7mil on the 3rd line. I don’t care how much sense it makes. Right?

    The thing I disagree with the most is that “the gomer line is a failure”. I don’t think ANYTHING can be decided in 6 games. If that’s the case, well then Voros records more points this season than Crosby (who doesn’t have a goal yet in 4 games)??

    I think last night was a lack of focus and passion. Maybe too much too soon? Maybe too cocky? I don’t really know. I also don’t care to dwell on it.

    I don’t change any combos yet. The PP…that’s a different story.

  16. The more I think of it, I don’t think that ON PAPER, there is a better way to construct the lines. I think that the way they look is perfect…on paper.

    #1 line played well in the first 2 games. “The Xbox’ers”(as I will call them) played great the next 3 games. Last night, no one played well.

    If that’s the course they’ll take through 82 games. I’d be pretty freakin happy. Sure, it sux to pay your ‘top’ line $19mil. And you’re 2nd line $4.5mil (or something close). But sh*t happens.

  17. Cindy Crawford on


  18. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Ah yes – the rustling of feathers, the shadows across the sun, their calls “wesuk-wesuk-wesuk” answer by “itoldya-itoldya”. The boo-birds are back early and migrating between Greenburgh and Manhattan like a flock of vultures. Just because they’ve been quiet doesn’t mean they haven’t been lurking in the rafters just waiting for their opportunity to take flight.

    So we took a loss in game 6. I guess that means we need to pack up the lockers and call it a season. Puhleeze! Sure, Buffalo may have played our game against us, but overall we beat ourselves. It looked like we were skating in slow motion as opposed to previous games and the energy level was not there. I don’t know maybe fatigue or the what happened with Cherepanov finally set in (not making excuses) but the first loss is overwith. The true test will be how they work it off and come out of the gate on Friday and Saturday. I don’t think the lines should be changed, give it another shot through this weekend. One thought – switch out Korpikoski and Callahan (who if I remember correctly didn’t do too bad at center).

  19. doodie machetto on

    The current problem up front also demonstrates is how thin the team and our system is on the right side, something that was further exacerbated by the recent tragedy.

    We lost our top two RWs this summer (Jagr/Shanny), while our third one is nothing more than a solid 3rd liner (Cally). We replaced one of the top two spots (Zherdev), but still have a hole to fill.

    For the record, I am NOT suggesting Shanahan fill that spot. He is no longer capable of filling that role, nor was he capable of filling it last season. But RWs should definitely be our main priority heading into the draft. Parenteau and Jamtin are the only ones even remotely worth a damn offensively in our entire farm system.

  20. “I know EXACTLY who I am. I’m a dude, playin a dude, thats disguised as ANOTHER dude!” Tropic Thunder !

  21. doodie machetto on

    That Savard firing is BS. Look what he’s ahd to work with over the past couple of seasons, and he has somehow made the team competitive. So they had a slow start, big deal. Looks to me that there were other forces involved, maybe the desire to put Quenneville in. In which case, it was a really classless move by the Hawks organization because he could have easily found a job this summer.

    Whichever team manages to hire him will really luck out, especially if they have a lot of young players.

  22. I remember Savard skating circles around everybody in the old Chicago stadium with the loud organ and blasting horn. Anybody feeling old like me?

  23. right doodie. Quenville’s a decent coach, I don’t know if he’s “better” than Savard. Don’t forget Bowman was hired by the team. I think they shoulda just made a move in the summer if they wanted to replace him.

    Want a RW? Gaborik. It would take a trade of Espo-proportions to bring him in. And you’d never be able to resign him for the $8.5mil he wants anyway in July. PLUS, it’d cost you one of your young blue chips.

  24. doodie machetto on

    GardenfaitfulinFLA, I don’t think you were directing your comments at me, but if so, I don’t mean to sound like I’m boo-birding. I think this game just served as a reality check, that some nights we’ll look amazing, and other nights we’ll have stinkers. The important thing is to look at the problems and try to address them moving forward.

    Beer, perhaps the word “failure” was a bit strong by me. It just doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen to me is all. As for what you said about not being able to construct better lines on paper: really? on paper, you think Voros-Dubinsky-Zherdev is a good line? On paper, Voros should never leave the 4th line. But, in reality, here he is, playing great offense. My point is, sometimes you need to put rip up the paper and start over with another piece of paper, until you find the one that works in reality.

    That all said, I think they (top line) should be given until this 7 game stretch is over before it gets scrapped. If they can’t get it working by then, I think it would be safe to call it a failed experiment. And I would wait until then to break it up because I don’t think you should be making big changes during such a grueling stretch.

  25. Adam and his Apple on

    ok heres one of my problems with renney, if you are going to tinker with the lines, do it inbetween games, not inbetween periods, i was at the game last night and they just looked so out of synch in that 3rd period and while they were getting some chances, if renney would have kept all the lines together i think the desperation would have kicked in and the original lines would have been fine

  26. Part of the Game on

    Where was Orr and Voros in the third period last night?

    If I was coaching the Rangers, Kaleta has to fight for his life the whole third period. Cheap shots Mara two years in a row, and no team mate goes after him? Are you kidding me?

    Not supposed to let that crap go. Next Sabers game is not about winning or losing. Its about the team finding their collective jewels!

  27. Well, I would hope they find their jewels before the next Sabres game. How about before Saturday night? Ha.

  28. doodie – yes. I would have put him there in Europe too. I was very high in him BEFORE he was even signed by NY. He has more upside that you may believe. He plays a very very simple game. Few mistakes. Decent hands for a guy his size. He can scrap when needed. He adds A LOT more than people that just don’t know him yet think.

  29. Maybe now is the time to start pushing for a trade. Prucha is a hard worker, but he gets nothing done and it doesn’t appear that he will get anymore ice time on a consistent basis. Maybe we can package him with Kalinin. I know it’s only game 6, but as we have all seen, and I am sure that the coaches have seen, this team still needs a little work. But we are getting there.

  30. Since Zipay doesn’t care much for golf, he added a bit more from practice.

    Its possible that Vally plays vs TOR, and a fresh Hank starts in DET. Makes sense.

    Kalinin took a shot off his foot last night, that’s why he didn’t skate today. Both he and Gomer will play tomorrow.

    I don’t remember if there was anything else.

  31. Savard was done once Scotty Bowman started working for the Blackhawks. If I remember correctly, Scotty is the one who brought in Quenneville.

    As for the lines, leave them alone (with a minor tweak with the 3rd line LW if need be) until after Monday’s game against Dallas (a total of three games). After that game, the Rangers are off until Friday. That will give Renney and the coaching staff a couple of days of practice to work any major line changes.

    If Kalinin can’t go, then the Rangers will be forced to drop a forward to make room for a d-man – unless they put Kalinin on the Injured List. I just hope they don’t decide to send Korpoikoski down because he has options. It is time for Slats to fess up to the Rismiller mistake and just send him to Hartford for the year – unless someone is willing to take his contract.

  32. I purposefully stayed away from the blog the last couple of days. The Cheraponov news was pretty devastating. But I should not have read over the posts written during the game last night and after. Some of the stupidest comments ever. Sorry, Salty, but saying that Drury isn’t a good captain because he didn’t stop the refs from tossing Mara is just ridiculous. Even when I’m playing in a beer league, I’m not changing the mind of a ref. The NHL is 10x that equation.
    The captain’s only function (in regards to communicating with the ref) is to get an explanation from the ref or ask him to talk to the coach. He might ask some questions or be able to influence future calls by pointing out inconsistencies, but he’s not going to be able to influence a call that already happened no matter what. You can criticize Drury for his play last night, which was definitely off, but to call him out for something like that is a stretch.

    Drury has proved his leadership more than he has not. He picked up the team and carried them on his back in the last pre-season game and he doesn’t just forget how to be a leader. But he is human. Cut the guy some slack.

    Buffalo played a great game, and I think they, along with Montreal and Pittsburgh, will be the toughest teams in the east.

  33. Hockeymanrangers on

    I haven’t read too many comments from this post, is any one talking about Naslund or the lack of his name even being heard. What has he done for us so far this year??? He better start clicking with someone or his name is mud in my book.

  34. I always find myself stumbling over the Buffalo names. And it was worse when they had Kalinin:Kaleta, Kotalik, Talinder, Sekera, Spacek, Lydman, Numminen, Pominville, Paille, Lalime. It’s like a bad tongue twister.

  35. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Doodie – it was not directed at you or anyone in particular.
    But we all know there’s a few out there who wait for a loss so they can pipe in.
    I agree we will have good and bad games – it’s a long season. It’s how we respond to the bad is the key. Do we work it off and come back stronger or continue on the same path. This weekend will be the test. I think we should keep things as they are through this weekend and see what happens.

  36. ……
    “Whatever I can do to help the team out, I will. If it means I have to take a couple punches to get a power play, I’ll take a couple punches.”

    – Buffalo’s Patrick Kaleta after drawing a five minute fighting major on the Rangers’ Paul Mara in Wednesday night’s win.

    That dude’s a punk.

  37. out of all the guys who have been rotating through that spot prucha is the only one getting chances to score or doing anything. so why should he sit?

  38. he should say:

    Whatever I can do to help the team out, I will. if it means being a total heel and coward to get a power play, I” have no problme being a big *&^%”

  39. doodie, did you watch Voros in Minnesota? The guy ended up the season playing 1st line with Gabby and Demitra for a pretty decent amount of time. He would do pretty much what hes doing now and open up space for Gaborik and Demitra to skate around.

    Also Sam, maybe you should chill back on the ripping of Kalinin already when he hasn’t really done all that much wrong the last couple of games. Its like you are trying to sit there and see when he makes one mistake and be like “omg thats just like Malik”.

    The more you and other guys say hes going to be the next Malik, the more people will listen to you and make sure it comes true. I thought he did well last night and actually played better than his partner Girardi, who had a bad game and gave the puck away in key areas. Does that mean Girardi sucks? No (even though I think our fans overrate him a bit). But if you are going to say Kalinin didn’t play well last night, then same applies for Girardi and a few of the other guys too.

  40. I’m kinda glad there’s no way we can get this guy:

    Minnesota Wild star Marian Gaborik will miss tonight’s game at Florida because of what the team is calling a lower-body injury.

  41. doodie machetto on

    Jonny, I didn’t see Voros in Minnesota. But what I have seen are his stat lines. Just seems to me that he is playing well above his normal abilities at the moment. Let’s just keep an eye on where his level of play ends up. As I said before though, I’d be thrilled if he can keep this up, or even half of what he has been able to do so far.

  42. Kalinin is garbage. He’s the only defenseman so far this year making dumb plays that cost the team (although Mara’s was pretty boneheaded, but I can forgive the guy for sucker punching a guy that broke his face last year.) Kalinin looks lost at times, and is constantly making bad passes in the neutral zone. I’d say let’s give him another game or two to see if it’s a fluke then bring in a youngling.

    As far as the first line goes, the team can afford to wait for them to click because of the team’s strong start. At 5-1 you can afford to give guys another couple of games to see if they can get it going and THEN go into panic mode if they don’t click AND the team is losing.

  43. I don’t think Voros will be leading the league in points, but its not a stretch to think he can get 35-40 points playing in the role hes in now. Maybe even more.

    And yes, Kalinin is the only defenseman making mistakes. I guess Girardi gets a free pass because he can throw a big body check around every now and then. If you think Kalinin is bad and aren’t going to say Girardi hasn’t been great, then you clearly aren’t watching the games. Personally I don’t think either has been great but they haven’t been bad either. Its just Girardi gives the puck up just as much as Kalinin does in key areas too. How many times last night did a Girardi turnover create an odd man rush? I could probably count at least 3 times.

  44. The thing about Girardi is when he first came up he was just solid and did all of the simple things so well. Now he is just trying to do too much. He does have a pretty good shot and can make a decent pass, but he is trying to make a good pass all of the time now instead of just trying to make the simple play.

  45. Well thats what I’m saying. Its not that he’s been horrible, its just that his passes, or sometimes lack there of haven’t been great. Its not like Kalinin has done anything different than that, but everyone seems to forget when Girardi screws up just because he can hit better. Just because Kalinin doesn’t throw the body as much doesn’t mean he’s been awful. I personally think Kalinin is better with the puck than Danny, although some of his decision making has been questionable, but if you are going to criticize one, then you have to criticize the other.

  46. Firing Savard isn’t a bad move. Why would anyone think that. There not the best team in the world but they have talent, and he hasn’t been able to do jack shit with them. They’re even more talented, and they’re 1-3-0 to start the season. This isn’t just 4 games, its 4 more to add to the mess. Look at the Caps, even though it took them a month to fire there coach, it doesn’t matter. This is how it should be done. Let the players feel responsible, cause it is there fault. Quennville is a good coach, he could potentially be able to turn things around.

    But then again, i just don’t think this team can make the playoffs. But stranger things have happened.

    I don’t even wanna talk aboot Nyr, after that game yesterday, i need the day off, just like Gomer. They embarrassed themselves last night. I hope Gomer is dying from the fly (not literally) cause then that would show why is game is a little off. He was pathetic on the PP last night, didn’t know what to do, just pathetic, as well as the team. Dru, and Kalinin thought that they were still Sabres, and the rest of the team looked like they had something better to do. And Pauly must have had a hot date, cause he was in a rush to leave the game with that stupid penalty, that raped his team in the end.

    And that’s that. Time to move on.

  47. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Beer – found this:

    Notable tattoo: “Respect” and “Honour” on his chest, in Olde English script. “Myself and some of my friends got these together a few years ago,” he said. “Not hockey teammates, but guys I grew up with. Means just what it says — respect each other, treat each other with honor.”

  48. The worst defenseman by far last night was Rozsival. He pinched when he shouldn’t have – TWICE – allowing two 2 on 1 breaks by Buffalo. Then his lazy ass was nowhere to be seen as the goals were scored, and Drury gets the abuse for failing to get back in time.

    Micheletti was all over Rozi for his mistake on the first goal, but didn’t say a word about the second one. If you watch the replays, they are both directly due to Rozsival.

  49. darren dreger, tsn

    I received another call from Omsk head coach Wayne Fleming this morning.

    His team had just finished its first practice since the tragic death of one its stars, 19-year old Alexei Cherepanov.

    Fleming describes his players as “emotionally drained,” but says former NHLers Jaromir Jagr and John Grahame tried to lighten the mood by trash talking one another in typical North American fashion.

    Prior to practice, Jagr called a players only meeting in the Omsk dressing room and while Fleming wasn’t certain of the details, he noted it was the first time this team has been together as a group and understood the meeting to be powerful.

    Omsk was scheduled to play its next game on Friday, however this game has been postponed until Monday where a special ceremony will be held to honor Cherepanov.

    His number 7 will be retired and his sweater will be hoisted into the rafters as a reminder of the impact this young man had on the ice and in the community.

    In addition KHL officials have also proposed the Continental Hockey League name it’s rookie of the year award, the Alexei Cherepanov award.

    “Another tough day, but it will get better,” Wayne Fleming concluded.

  50. its good to see the KHL is at least doing the right thing afterwards, honoring Cherepanov. I only hope the Rangers do something as well…

  51. I realized that I didn’t explain why I would say that he’ll never retire. It was a conversation I was having here at work…haha. Don’t worry about it. Just enjoy the dancing!

  52. JR is good for the game. I hope he plays another couple of years and gets another chance at the Cup.

  53. doodie machetto on

    “The thing about Girardi is when he first came up he was just solid and did all of the simple things so well. Now he is just trying to do too much. He does have a pretty good shot and can make a decent pass, but he is trying to make a good pass all of the time now instead of just trying to make the simple play.”

    Spot on, Nasty.

  54. Prucha deserves to play tomorrow. He was one of the few that created scoring chances. I’m sure dreck like Rissmiller would have created the same chances ahahahahaha sorry. Prucha is a streaky scorer once he gets one he’ll start getting a handful in short order.

  55. I’m 100% behind Mara. Too bad he didn’t break Kaleta’s face. There are times, as many of you have said, that you need to do what Mara did, it was a good 5 minute penalty to take. To me, the following is the major problem the Rangers are facing:

    Rangers have played more games than anyone else. After tomorrow’s game, it will be 7 games in 11 days including the trip to Europe. This team is tired and needs 2 or 3 days off to get their second breath.

    Think that will fix a big part of their problems.

  56. Answer me this.

    Which idiot decided the team that travels overseas should come home and place the most games out of any other team in the NHL in their first two weeks of the season?

    It’s not even logical, let alone fair.

    These guys spend hours, days, weeks and months putting together the schedule and they looked over this?

  57. Has Dawes been effectively moved off the Rangers roster? I mean, 3 games in 4 nights and no mention that he’s going to return to action. Only that he (Renny)’s going with the same combinations tomorrow. Oh well, plus/minus leader one season, gone the next. Alas.

  58. Prucha shouldn’t play the next game, Dawes should.

    Im sorry, but now Renney needs to give Pruchs some tough love, even more than he has. If he doesn’t score on a top notch scoring chance, then he should be scratched.

    I wanna see how Dawes take the scratching, every time he got sent to Hartford, he came back up, and took it like a man, and played good. I wanna see if he does the same, and hopefully he does.


    I respect your opinion, aboot the Mara situation. But NOT when the game is tied. When is a 5 minute penalty EVER good ? Its not good if you’re up by 4 friggin goals, cause its a continuous PP, it never fuggin ends, they can score 12 goals on that PP, and its definitely possible. There’s no excuse for what he did. If there was, then Hollwood Boarder would still me on this team. That loss was his fault, along with the team that played like shit the whole game, but his penalty did NOT fuggin help. Im so pissed at him right now, after i kept saying endlessly how happy i am with the way he’s been playing, and acting. He better have a bounce back game.

  59. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Rockeynyr, beers right…rozsival contributed to allowing 2 goals, but he scored one…kinda (assisted). So let it go!! Haha, laughable.

    I’m also flabergasted by the people saying dawes should play tomorrow…did you see prucha last night? Did you notice dawes through the first 4 games of the season? I certainly didn’t.

    And for drury…I have no problem ‘burying’ 7million on the 3rd line if that’s where it should be. We didn’t pay him 7million to get a 100 points, so he might as well do what he does on another line and the pp and stop wasting space on the top line. 6 games folks…1 point!! Stop bashing prucha and look at who’s doing nothing through 6 entire games!

  60. i bleed rangers blue on

    OMG the devils thrashers game has to have about 200 people there…it looks like a high school hockey game…actually my high school hockey games had more people than this!

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