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Here’s “my story in today’s paper”: in which I maintain my role as resident buzzkill, once again acknowledging the team’s fast start is only a small measure of a season.

Later today I’m looking into spoiling a few kids’ birthday parties.

Anyway, the team skates at 10:30. We’ll see what Tom Renney has in store for his lineup, although I would think Dan Fritsche will get another look playing on the third line.


In other news, our Charlie’s Chiefs fantasy team (Charlie being my first-born, Chiefs being an homage to my favorite movie) is beginning to take shape.

Admittedly, our first four picks had a decided Mid-Atlantic slant: Malkin from Pittsburgh, Green from Washington, Fleury from Pittsburgh, and Richards from Philly. Then before the fifth round last night I packed it in and let Zipay take the reins the rest of the way, where he snagged the likes of Jonathan Toews, Olli Jokinen, Niklas Backstrom, Teemu Selanne, and Mike Komisarek, among others.

The draft isn’t done, and we still may still pull off a few surprises, but I like our grit, character, youth, and intangibles. Never mind that none of these qualities have any real bearing on fantasy hockey. We’re still the class of the league, and Zipay and I can feel comfortable retiring to our owner’s suite for cigars and brandy.

Regrettably, we don’t have any Rangers on our roster yet. I believe we had two last year in Chris Drury and Michal Rozsival and I’ll admit there were occasions when we’d ask the players how they feel in part for our jobs, but also to see if they were worth plucking into that week’s lineup.

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  1. Sam….The info below your picture says you are 31….You don’t age?

    Any word from Renney on where he stands in the “tryout” process of the guys like Dawes, Prucah, Rissmiller, Fritsche, and Sjo? I mean I am guessing he won’t tell you that one guy is out and one other guy is a lock, etc., but is he going game by game with the lineup or what?

  2. I posted 3 comments at the end of the last thread.

    I agree, go with Frit tonight again. He did nothing to play himself out of the lineup.

    Newman…same thought here. How long to you keep this rotation going. You can’t bring a guy in for 1 game. It’s gotta be 2 at a time. 1 game does very little to evaluate a guy after he’s been sitting for a 10 days. Make a move already slats!

  3. Rissmiller should be back in for Monday’s game vs Dallas. A physical team.

    Prucha vs Toronto Friday night, and they can take him with them when they head outta town.

  4. Sam – Where did Paul Stastny go in the draft? I’m very high on that kid. 85pts this season…I’m tellin ya. Woulda had it last year if not for his stupid appendix!

  5. Three sentences on the Rangers. Three paragraphs on your fantasy hockey league? Are you thinking of expansion? ;)

  6. i was just looking at some stats.

    brett hull scored 228 goals over a 3 year span. avg 76.

    Gretzky…250 goals over 3 year span. avg 83
    If you added the year after (4th year) its 323. avg 81 goals per year for 4 years. That’s incredible.

    I don’t know if either of those could be matched again. Ovie had 65 last year. He’d have to have 80+ goals this year AND next to match hull. And still not even be close to #99


  7. quick side note, anybody looking for 2 tickets for tonight? Section 304, Row D (near the front), for face value ($52).

  8. Beer – Ovie is the only person in the league that will come close to it…. unless Kovalchuk or Nash were playing somewhere other than Atlanta or Columbus.

  9. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    brett hull scored 228 goals over a 3 year span. avg 76.
    Gretzky…250 goals over 3 year span. avg 83
    If you added the year after (4th year) its 323. avg 81 goals per year for 4 years. That’s incredible.
    I don’t know if either of those could be matched again. Ovie had 65 last year. He’d have to have 80+ goals this year AND next to match hull. And still not even be close to #99. Sick.

    Beer, part of that (perhaps ALL of that, certainly with Hull) was the era. Team’s play traps now, goaltenders are bigger and better, offensive units were more creative because they would score more goals (and give up more odd man rushes). I bet players like Ovechkin and Kovalchuk would have scored 70-80 goal seasons back then, but they can’t now because of the defensive systems.

  10. doodie machetto on

    I’d waive and demote Rissmiller and Fritsche, then play Prucha and really try to showcase him, then deal him, unless of course, he somehow returns to his top form, but I find that unlikely.

    I would play Dawes because I think he has the most upside of any of those players and because he is great in the shootout, should we find ourselves in one. And since Fritsche is only 22, he can be demoted and recalled freely, correct? So, they can work him into and out of the lineup as they please, along the Greg Moore highway.

    As for Rissmiller, I’d let him play out the year in Hartford.

  11. Mike Green as your #2 pick? I feel darn lucky to have snagged him in the fourth round!

    Some idiot did start a goalie war in the second round (picked Brodeur second overall… LOL) which allowed me to get Heatley at 5th pick.

  12. I am going to the game tonight. I feel like it will be a pretty good test. I watched the Sabres/Islanders game on Monday and the Sabres looked good, against a not so good Islander team, but good none the less. Vanek looks like he is set for a good year, so we need to just play the way we have been playing so far this year. They have a lot of injuries too, especially at center, so I think it will be a spirited game, but one we should win.

  13. Sabres forward Jochen Hecht will miss at least two weeks after having surgery to repair an injured finger on Tuesday.

    General manager Darcy Regier announced the news after Hecht returned to Buffalo while the Sabres practised in New York to prepare for a game against the Rangers on Wednesday. The team did not disclose the nature of the injury or which finger Hecht hurt.

    The injury occurred early in the second period of a 7-1 win at the Islanders on Monday, after Hecht opened the scoring with his first goal of the season in the first period. A 10-year NHL veteran and in his sixth season with Buffalo, Hecht is a dependable two-way player who was centring the Sabres’ second line alongside Jason Pominville and Daniel Paille.

    Buffalo (2-0-0) is already without centre Tim Connolly, who’s out indefinitely with a back injury, and forward Paul Gaustad, who’s expected to miss most of October after having surgery to repair a torn ligament in his right thumb last month.

    The Canadian Press

  14. To me, if we don’t trade or move either Dawes or Prucha or both now they’re going to significantly lose value later. If they’re not playing they’re just eating cap space.

    It’s absurd to have this kind of excess watching games. There’s some talent there and regardless of whether or not they can play on this team, I think they’ve both proved they can play in the NHL.

    If we wait to til the trade deadline we’ll get no name minor leaguers in return.

    Right now there is some interest and deservedly so.

  15. I think I am going to do a little Ranch 1 tonight. The tickets are free and the train ride in is going to be free too. So why not splurge a little right?

  16. Can someone explain to me how Petr Prucha somehow cannot make the lineup? 2 years back when they actually gave him a chance to succeed he did. Every time on the ice he give you an honest effort. He will do the dirty work to make a play. I definitely can’t say the same thing for Dawes. Besides his efforts in the shootouts, he’s a non-factor. I don’t know enough about Rissmiller or Fristche to comment on them since I don’t have much to go on.

  17. nasty 1,

    i always do ranch 1 at the game. chicken fingers and fries every game. ive been eating that same meal at the garden since i was 13.

  18. In my fantasy league, my wife just dropped Bruunstrom and picked up Voros.

    Only took 5 games for me to find a new favorite Ranger.

    You guys catch him on NHL live yesterday?

  19. Mmmmm, I can’t wait, but you definitely have to get them at the right time, or else you are missing half the game waiting in line.

  20. I put Dubi on my fantasy team.. I just had a feeling he was gonna have an awesome year and no one had picked him up. I actually shuffle between him and Jonathan Toews.. right now I’m in the market for a defenseman.. I have Scuderi but I’m not sure if I want to hang on to him or not

  21. how about the Prime Rib sandwich..?? if you don’t get there when the doors open you are waiting for the whole pregame skate and first period it seems.

  22. What I like about him over Avery, is that he is a big guy. Nobody can really move him. That is not a knock on Avery by me, because I never jumped on the I hate Avery ship we he went for the money, but all in all, if he was a distraction to the team, it was for the better. Either way, Voros looks like he is loving being here with us, and really has bonded with that second line. I just love when the future looks bright.

  23. I’ve got too many centermen on my team: Gomez, Sakic, O’Sullivan, Savard, Staal & Brind’Amour – anyone want to swap one for a D’man or Winger?

  24. DM – all forwards other than korpikoski have to go through waivers. we really only have 1 extra forward as with injuries they always have and will happen. still expect a player like Prucha to go due to salary and lower production. or still maybe korpikoski due to salary and can pass freely through waivers.

  25. nasty 1 and matt?!?!

    are you guys nuts?i thought everyone on here were true ranger fans.

    everyone knows the only place to “splurge” in the garden is the prime rib!

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