Prucha back in as Rangers go for franchise record (Updated)


So the carousel at third line wing continues to turn as Petr Prucha takes Dan Fritsche’s spot alongside Ryan Callahan and Lauri Korpikoski tonight against the Sabres.

Prucha hasn’t played since the two games in Prague, meaning this is his season debut for games not played miles from his hometown. He didn’t score in those games, but that was probably the best showing for the third line so far this season.

“He just plays hard,” Tom Renney said. “He’s always a good contributor in different ways. We’d like to see him feel good about contributing offensively, but we’ll take the rest of it no matter what.”

A win tonight will give the Rangers the best start in franchise history at 6-0.

“For us you have to go in with the attitude that we can win 82 times this year,” Brandon Dubinsky said. “Because each night the score starts at 0-0.”

Some more notes:

<li>I asked Renney what he’s seeing out of his top line of Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, and Markus Naslund, which hasn’t scored a goal since returning from Europe.

“Trying to manufacture probably a little too much,” Renney said. “Tryting to set up the perfect goal. Most teams are pretty good at this, which is work the ice together, not just three guys, but all five…When you become disconnected for trying to do the extraordinary, at times that compromises any line. I think these guys want badly to make a difference in a game, and they have to understand each shift is a process in itself. It’ll come.”

<li>As expected, the Rangers European scouts, including Russian scout Vladimir Luchenko, will be in attendance today for Alexei Cherepanov’s funeral. No one else from the team could get Russian visas. Renney hadn’t spoken to Jaromir Jagr or Omsk head coach Wayne Fleming, but he did trade text messages with both.

Meanwhile, I asked Dubinsky if he had spoken to Jagr, and he said was meaning to call him. By all accounts, it sounded like the former Rangers captain had the type of mentoring relationship with Cherepanov that he had with Dubinsky, and Dubinsky said he wasn’t surprised.

“He’s always one to care about his teammates,” he said. “He’s probably seeing his hockey days are limited so he wants to pass along his knowledge down to younger players. That’s one thing about him he never got credit for, how genuine a person he was. I know a lot of people knocked him for being selfish, but he wasn’t. He just had his own way of doing things.”

Given the amount of credit Jagr has received recently as a teacher, I asked Dubinsky what many would assume is an absurd question: whether Jagr would ever want to coach. I personally couldn’t see it, but hey, stranger things have happened.

“That’s probably a stretch,” Dubinsky said. “I just don’t think he wants to manage 25 guys. He’d like to work with guys one-on-one, but it’s not his way to want to look after a group.

“He certainly helped me a lot — not only did he help me with my skills, but he helped me realize I had the ability, which gave me confidence. He was pretty instrumental for me.”

Update, 1:09 p.m.: Blueshirt Bulletin has “a translation of an interview with Jagr about Cherepanov”: Very sad stuff.

<li>Patrick Rissmiller skated today for the first time since injuring his ankle Saturday in Philadelphia.

<li>Wade Redden’s dad is in town to visit his son, making his first visit ever to New York.

More later…

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  1. ill bet someone the 3rd line looks a lot better this game. and if u saw my first post in the previous thread u will see im very close with renney.

  2. I’m a big Prucha fan but my question is why hasn’t he or the Rangers made him bulk up in the past two off seasons?
    He plays like he’s 6’2″ 210 lbs but gets knocked around like a prebuscent girl.

  3. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If they lose tonight, how much will you bet all the fans who bash him (without good reason) want him out of town?

  4. I hope he has a good night. It’s win/win for everyone if he plays well. Help win a game with a goal or two, help showcase himself with a goal or two.

  5. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Beer, i hope you’re right…I really do. If we can get him going he could be the PP threat he was his rookie year and $1.6million for 25goals would be an excellent trade off and adds another dimension to this team (which is struggling to find more than 1 line of offensive production a game).

  6. I wouldn’t mind seeing Prucha get some pp time. Throw him out there once in awhile with Gomez and Drury on the pp. Naslund has looked pretty bad the last few games(not as bad as Drury but still) Callahan is really the only guy on the third line that has shown anything so far.

  7. Hopefully the only reason Prucha is in tonight is because they are showcasing him for a trade. Of course, if he continues to play like he has for the past 2 seasons he won’t bring much in return.

  8. Prucha can’t bulk up b/c well, the guy simply can’t. Remember that friend from HS who could house double quarter pounders with cheese at lunch everyday, but never put on a pound? That’s Peter Puck. He just can’t gain weight — slim dude.

  9. I want production from all lines, but as long as we are winning I don’t mind the testing new people on the third line until something clicks. I agree that someone needs to be moved soon enough, but again, as long as we are winning it doesn’t seem like a dire need. I would have loved for things to work out for Prucha, but it doesn’t look like it is going to. I hope he proves us wrong. If you had to keep one of Prucha or Dawes, who would you pick and why?

  10. Whoever invented tissues with lotion in them should be thrown from a bridge. What a nasty feeling it leaves under your nose. I suppose if you were sick, with a chaffed nose maybe, but just for your every day snot rocket shot, no thanks. Definitely a HUGE thumbs down from the Nasty 1.

  11. Nasty 1,

    Prucha no questions asked. even if he doesnt score he still forechecks hard and doesnt take a second off. like everyone else said dawes is inviisible if he doesnt score. compare how the third line looked in prague and every other game. which games did the 3rd line look the best?

  12. Nasty – I’m dying for some of those tissues right now.. Just waiting for lunch time so I can get to Target and get some. Napkins just don’t do the trick

  13. not to be a tikey whore, but my tickets are still available for tonight…. section 304 (corner by Henrik), $52 each, 2 of them.

  14. There was a period of time last year when Dubi centered callahan and prucha and they clicked, but there is no way in hell that I would ever split up our second line right now.

  15. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    This year, Prucha has looked better than Dawes. Dawes has more potential because he’s heavier (less easily knocked off the puck), but that also means he’s slower. I thought Prucha looked good in pre-season and made alot of chances for himself. He didn’t finish, but neither did a lot of guys in preseason and even now 5 games in. I just don’t see why Prucha hasn’t been given an opportunity unless this team is that concerned about his health and wants to desperately move him before he gets injured.

    The other issue I recall with Prucha is his knee injury last year. When he came back, Jagr had already paired up with Dubi and it seemed both Jagr and Renney lost faith in Prucha…i’m not sure why, but it seemed they just gave Prucha less attention (TOI, PP time, and time with the top lines). And that’s not necessarily becuase Prucha did anything wrong either! Remember, Avery had a 6-7 game stretch with Jagr and Dubi where they combined for 18 goals or something but Jagr asked for Straka to be back on his line THE DAY he was back in the lineup. I can’t help but think alot of PERSONAL decisions effect the way Renney shapes his lineup, the Jagr/Avery is just one obvious example.

  16. yeah I’m illiterate… tikey SHOULD BE ticket.

    I am NOT referring to my tricycle in 4-year-old-vocabulary.

  17. coach noonan who do u think should play over prucha

    Shanny. But only if he agreed to take a lesser role and get scratched like Prucha. Other than that I’d play Petr Prissy Pants Prucha.

  18. Prissy Pants? I don’t know if that is accurate bro. The guy plays hard, but yeah, he gets knocked around. I will take a guy who plays bigger than he is over a big guy who plays smaller than he is any day of the week.

  19. Jeevs….$50 for the pair and I’ll take’em. ;)

    Jagr/Avery worked well together. But if you go to the game by game stats, you’ll see that when Avery was scoring, he was on that line. When he was however, Jags stopped producing. Really strange, but the #’s don’t lie.

  20. Nice quotes from Dubi on Jagr. Just another example of what a scumbag and flat out liar Mike Dinglebury is. I am sure he’s never talked to a Ranger or sent a second in there lockerroom before a game.

  21. doodie machetto on

    I’d waive and demote Rissmiller and Fritsche, then play Prucha and really try to showcase him, then deal him, unless of course, he somehow returns to his top form, but I find that unlikely.

    I would play Dawes because I think he has the most upside of any of those players and because he is great in the shootout, should we find ourselves in one. And since Fritsche is only 22, he can be demoted and recalled freely, correct? So, they can work him into and out of the lineup as they please, along the Greg Moore highway.

    As for Rissmiller, I’d let him play out the year in Hartford.

    Great quote from Dubinsky on staying focused for all 82 games. If we can keep him a Ranger for his entire career and he stays healthy, he will break all franchise scoring records and supplant Messier as “The Captain.” He really is something special.

  22. Nasty – it’s getting there. If I use napkins much longer it will be. Fall allergies hit me like a freight train yesterday

  23. Most of you know where I sit in the Prucha debate.

    I also want to state something for the record that I think is clear but just to reinforce: I want nothing more than for the Rangers to win 50+ games this year and contend for the Cup.

    If that means that Prucha is the guy to help get us there and can pump in 20-30 goals on whatever line with the Blueshirts, then I am all for it. Prove me wrong Peter Puck. Please. Nothing would make me happier to be 100% wrong on Prucha.

    True Fans…if they lose tonight and Prucha plays fantastically and creates chances, hits people, DOES NOT get tossed around like a rag doll allowing the Sabres to get pumped up as a result, I will not bash him. I promise. I will be as objective as I know how.

    But if the Rangers win and Prucha puts in another lack-of-results performance (shots right into the belly of the goalie that even I could stop, gets pushed off the puck, messes up defensively, takes foolish penalties, scores no points, etc) then I will not be so nice.

  24. i really want prucha to succeed there is no doubt about that, but hard to really get going as a player if you only get to play one game and then u hit the bench again, this goes for all the 3rd line rotation,

    obviously itd be great if prucha scored a goal and got to play again, but it would also be great if someone got more than a game on the third line to develop chemistry, etc

    i know its early but at this point naslund looks like he would fit great on the 3rd line…sure hope he picks up his game soon and that goes for captain drury too,

    they are winning so can’t get upset, but would be nice if the first line actually looked like a first line or hell even looking like a second line would be an improvement

  25. doodie machetto on

    Newman, you came up with some stats based on his GP over the past 3 years. Can you do the same with his ATOI?

  26. DM – all forwards other than korpikoski have to go through waivers. we really only have 1 extra forward as with injuries they always have and will happen. still expect a player like Prucha to go due to salary and lower production. or still maybe korpikoski due to salary and can pass freely through waivers.

  27. doodie machetto on

    LI Joe, I thought Fritsche could move without waivers like Callahan could last year. I think Cally and Dubinsky still can too, if I’m not mistaken.

    I am not saying you’re wrong about Fritsche, but why is it that he would have to pass through waivers?

  28. Avery was smaller and plays like he’s bigger. Theo did that too. Prucha does not.

    I respect his offensive ability, but if you’re going to get your clock cleaned every time you try and collide with someone who has 20 pounds on you, you may want to find other ways to contribute to the TEAM.

  29. Beer – you trying to burst my bubble? I can offer the same tickets as ticketmaster, but without the $20-$30 in fees they charge. So THERE!

  30. doodie, he can’t I tried but I cna’t find TOI stats beyond this season. But since he was on the top line and pp his first year we could assume he got about 17 minutes on average.

    in the second year he got some pp time but not much, put him at 15.

    Last year I think it was 11. But that is recollection and so probably not accurate…

  31. Since when did Theo Fleury “play bigger”? He’d do the same exact thing as Prucha. Work up a head of steam, hit somebody much bigger than him, and go flying as a result. Its not the most effective hit, but there’s the work ethic there.

  32. At least Prucha when he played in Prague was not invisible. It seems with Dawes and Fritsche You notice them when they score or get an assist, but if they do neither they are totally invisible. If Pru is having a difficult game at least he noticeable because he at least tries to play as big and physical a 175lb player can and hit someone. People complain all the time about the lack of toughness on this team and here is a midget that at they very least tries and does not shy away to physical contact.

  33. Don’t harp on one of my examples!

    He needs to find other ways to contribute instead of taking himself out of the play.

  34. Gardenfaithful:

    I put that picture right next to the one of Jagr next to Dubinsky after he scored a goal in the Penguins series.

    What a great picture… It’s an awesome chronological order!

    I definitely see Dubinsky as a future captain–he acts and plays like a leader already.

  35. doodie machetto on

    OK, just looked up the waivers rules. LI Joe, you are right, Fritsche would have to pass through waivers. However, I believe after reviewing those rules Ryan Callahan, Brandon Dubinsky, Lauri Korpikoski, and Marc Staal all can be demoted without being exposed to waivers.

    Dawes is iffy. He signed at 19, before the lockout of 2004-2005. Technically, at that age, he should have 4 years or 160 GP before he would have to be exposed to waivers. The key is whether the lockout season counts towards the 4 years or not. If so, then he would have to be exposed to waivers this year. If not, then he could be demoted this year without waiver exposure.

  36. prucha: 05-06: 13:42 average time on ice
    06-07: 13:00
    07-08: 11:39

    i don’t know how much pp time went down across those three seasons, but for sure the moment shanny arrived prucha’s pp time decreased significantly and then disappeared altogether. prucha is gonna be no good to this team if he plays 8-10 mins on the 3rd line only, he needs to be with a playmaking center (ie Gomez) and on the pp and if they aren’t gonna use him at least on the pp then he’s better off being traded

  37. Prucha averaged 13 minutes a night in his first year(mostly on the pp) In his second year he got about 11 minutes a night(he got a good amount of pp time in the second half) Last year he got around 9+ minutes per game(with zero pp time)

  38. newman:

    “But if the Rangers win and Prucha puts in another lack-of-results performance (shots right into the belly of the goalie that even I could stop, gets pushed off the puck, messes up defensively, takes foolish penalties, scores no points, etc) then I will not be so nice.”

    OK, Prucha did shoot a couple into the belly of the TB goalie, but he’s gripping the stick too hard because he knows he may not get another chance to play unless he scores. Once he gets one, the gates will open. At least he’s getting shots on net, unlike some other Ranger forwards.

    He hasn’t gotten pushed off the puck, hasn’t messed up defensively (he’s even +/-), and hasn’t taken ANY penalties. Plus, when he was out there he sparked that line – at least you noticed them generating good chances. So WTF are you talking about?

    Prediction: If Prucha plays a regular shift, he scores a goal tonight.

  39. Jeever I’d be all over those tickets, but Im in North Dakota.
    I like watching Prucha play, but he will have to score to keep his ice time. I don’t mind Renny shuffling the deck for the hot hand on the third line. We have depth, which is good, for a long season.
    Korpikoski is the only player that can clear waivers. Everyone else would be claim by someone, if they tried to send them down.
    Don’t you think Prucha is worth more than a 3rd or 4th round draft choice?
    If you had to have a problem at 5-0, I’m glad it is WHO gets to play on the third line “tonight”.

  40. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Thank goodness, some sanity hit the blog!! The TOI time, 3rd/4th line issues, PP time are all why Prucha’s production dropped.

    And as far as: “But if the Rangers win and Prucha puts in another lack-of-results performance (shots right into the belly of the goalie that even I could stop, gets pushed off the puck, messes up defensively, takes foolish penalties, scores no points, etc)”

    Ummm…where’s Drury and Naslund on your criticism there Newman? Drury’s shot everything into the gut, including two semi-breakaways and endless PP chances. Give Prucha a chance, he’ll finish.

  41. So far that position on the third line is still open in my eyes…. Dawes had the best chance of solidifying it and messed it up with his lack-luster play. Prucha looked good in Prague, but its the same old story with him- he cant find the back of the net. Rissmiller is Wolfpack material, and Fritsche didn’t razzle dazzle me which he should have. Freddy Shoes has seemed to have locked up a spot at least on the 4th line for now. The kid has wheels and is playing hard.

    So if you asked me who deserves the start tonight, id say Prucha over Dawes over Fritsche over Rissmiller over Hugh Jessiman.

  42. Nasty, thanks for the link about cherepanov. Still sad. The thing that really bothers me is how quickly he’s now buried. They jumped right to a conclusion about his condition, but wouldn’t a thorough autopsy take some time? I know it’s 1/2 a world away and things are different there, but something is fishy.

  43. Another explanation for Prucha’s ice time decline over the years is that he can’t score anymore.

    Its easy to put the cart before the horse and say “well if he had more ice time and was on the power play he’d score more”, which all things considered is probably true – for the average hockey player more ice time should equal higher production.

    Obviously, the coaching staff on the Rangers thinks there are players on the team that offer 1) more offensive production or 2) a wider skill set than Prucha so he’s getting less ice time.

  44. 22figure8

    It isn’t really fishy. It is Russian custom to bury the dead on the third day and hold a memorial 9 days later.

    Condolences to the Cherepanov family…

  45. My heart goes out to Jagr.

    Korpi had a great game against the Debbies. He drew the PP that Voros scored his second. Prucha will be under so much scutiny tonight. I hope he does well. He needs to focus on balance when he shoots the puck instead of trying spino-ramas.

    Let’s go 6 and 0

  46. RocketNYR….I will take the other side of your prediction.

    And WTF am I talking about? His production has dwindled since his amazing season 3 yrs ago when you couldn’t look at another player without getting a holding or interference penalty. His game has gone downhill since the physicality has come back to the NHL. It is not one or two games he has played this year you pinhead. So unless you started watching the Rangers just this year (in which case you are talking out of your rectum), I suggest you recall his useless performance of the past season and a half before telling me he was the #1 star of the games in Prague.

    And everyone who makes the statement that Prucha has not been playing with the right players or whatever recently: If you are saying that, then you have to talk about the converse of that which is that when he scored all those goals he was playing with Jagr who was spoonfeeding him.

    I play in a roller hockey league on Sundays in the City. I am the old guy on the team and I am not part of the Doctor/Med Student core of the team. I get put with whichever tripod is leftover after they make the lines (4 on 4, so 2 forwards not 3) and I manage to score regardless. So I really don’t buy the argument of someone not producing because of who their linemates are. If you are getting shots on goal, some of them should go in.

    Again, I want to see this team win. I would love to see Prucha be the guy to fill that slot on the 3d line. But in my business I make bets with my head, not my heart.

    Prove me wrong Prucha.

  47. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Newman, obviously we all want prucha to succeed and that’s because we’re fans and we want to win.

    Here’s the problem with your argument and the “main-stream” criticism of Prucha. LOOKING AT HIS GOALS PRODUCTION DOESN’T MEAN HE LOST HIS SKILLS! If you have been watching the past 2 years you know Shanny took his spot on the PP. You also know that Prucha is too small to carry the puck (he gets knocked off easily). Thus, Prucha has shown he can finish on the PP (effectively) and somewhat effectively (Even strength) when he’s with someone who can carry the puck for him and set him up…Now, will that be Blair Betts, Ryan Hollweg, Colton Orr, Nigel Dawes, Ryan Callahan, Dan Fritsche, or Rissemiller? *PROBABLY* not.

    Could a player like Naslund, Zherdev, or Gomez set Prucha up the same way Jagr did in 05-06 and the beginning of 06-07?! Yea, probably.

    And saying that’s a detriment to Prucha (needing a good player to flourish) proves your own ignorance. Holmstrom makes a career out of guys who create space and shoot the puck, he scraps up the goals. Other players are good passers (Savard, Gomez, etc…) does that discredit them because they do better playing with Kovalchuk than they would with Chris Simon? Hell no dude. Wake up, 3 points are awarded on every goal for a reason, it’s a team.

  48. I don’t care how we score goals or who scores them. I just want the team to outwork and score more than the other team.

  49. I’ll tell you one factor that never goes into the decision making of who will play and who will sit… “Who’s better in the shoot-out?”

    Ha, that’s basically conceeding that there will be a shoot-out and while some guys are better than others, it’s a skill, not part of the game.

    Guys earn ice time for what they do for 60 minutes, and sometimes 5 more. No one is signing bigger contracts or suiting up for an extra game or getting longer shifts because they scored 10 shoot out goals with only 5 regular season goals.

  50. doodie machetto on

    Here are Prucha’s total mins, total pp mins, ATOI/g and average powerplay mins/g. The PP number is a subset of the TOI, not in addition to it.

    05/06: TOI 931:02, PP 260:13, ATOI 13:41, APP 3:49

    06/07: TOI 1,026:45,PP 228:56, ATOI 12:50, APP 2:53

    07/08: TOI 721:34, PP 101:23, ATOI 11:38, APP 1:38

    It seems like each season he lost about a minute per game, all of which came from the PP. He spent almost exactly 10 minutes on the ice at ES each season, although, to be fair, the linemates changed significantly each season.

    Now that I’ve done all of the leg work, someone put together his goals per minute and per PP minute, and any other per minute stat you want.

  51. Not sure who’s got Cablevision and who’s heard or not but rumor is NHL Network will be coming to their HD programming.

  52. Everytime the kid (Prucha) gets in the lineup I think it’s his last shot.

    I for one hope he makes the most of it. All things being equal PP time, players he’s shifted with, etc. His job is to produce. That’s it end of story.

    If he can’t then he has no worth, unfortunately.

  53. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Riche, i hate to make you sound dumb but ALL things aren’t equal – that’s the whole point. Ummm…any more quesions?

  54. I took average min per game times number of games and divided by # of goals.

    05-06 – 1 goal for 28 min on ice
    06-07 – 1 goal for 46 min on ice
    07-08 – 1 goal for 101 min on ice

  55. Riche’

    well put. the rangers aren’t paying prucha to be a 4th line player who body checks and plays defense (we have enough of those guys). hes there to put the puck in the net.

  56. Riche’ wrong. Not when they stick him on the fourth line.

    Your making it worse for yourself…

  57. keep Prucha, trade Dawes. Pru gives the 110% effort, dawes is often a spectator on the ice.

    Rangers have become more of a forechecking team this year, and that is Prucha’s game.

  58. haha. I come back from an 1.5hr meeting to “waaaaah prucha this” “waaaaah prucha that”.

    His job is to score goals. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t play. To repeat from yesterday…He’s a one-dimensional player. If that dimension goes away…so does he.

    He contributes very very little (renney was being nice, come on) away from the puck. If he hits Miller in the logo I’m going to beat the piss out of my tv just for the hell of it. I can’t take it anymore!
    October 15th, 2008 at 2:14 pm
    Not sure who’s got Cablevision and who’s heard or not but rumor is NHL Network will be coming to their HD programming.
    SWEET! thanks!

  59. “Rangers have become more of a forechecking team this year, and that is Prucha’s game.”

    Colton Orr could do more damage by farting on someone that Prucha can on the forecheck.

  60. Beer –
    I must remind you that part of Prucha’s game is forcing turnovers on the forecheck much like Orr or Shoe.

    Some of which he converted to goals in 05-06 and 06-07.

  61. will Prucha ever score 30 again? no chance. if big salary Ranger guys don’t reach that, why would he?

    about 10 or 12 goals per season is realistic for him and his TOI

  62. Dru – I don’t disagree. But I don’t see it very often. Just being honest here. I WANT him to do good. We’ll see.

    And to whomever said Rissmiller is an AHL’er. I woulda agreed with you before he got in the lineup. But he really didn’t look that bad. Maybe not the player WE need. But useful elsewhere perhaps.

  63. And WTF am I talking about? His production has dwindled since his amazing season 3 yrs ago when you couldn’t look at another player without getting a holding or interference penalty. His game has gone downhill since the physicality has come back to the NHL. It is not one or two games he has played this year you pinhead. So unless you started watching the Rangers just this year (in which case you are talking out of your rectum), I suggest you recall his useless performance of the past season and a half before telling me he was the #1 star of the games in Prague.

    Hey asshole, I mean Newwwwwwwwwwmannnnnnnnnn…

    I started watching the Rangers in 1970, so stuff your attitude up your ignorant cornhole. You play on a Sunday roller team and that makes you an expert??? LOL!!! I play on an ICE team – big effing deal!

    If your geriatric brain had a clue you’d know that Renney screwed up Prucha by taking him off the power play where he was deadly. Jagr wanted Straka on the PP, and Renney listened. He replaced Prucha’s 16 PPG with Straka’s 8 PPG the following year, and Jagr went from 24 PPG to 7. Smart move, eh? Renney’s trademark – fix what’s working and ignore what isn’t.

    The only talking rectum around here is on YOUR side of the keyboard, Neeewwwwwwwwwwmmmaaaaaaaaaannnnn.

  64. I find it very interesting that while some people (most) agree and some in ‘the know’ say that Jagr played a very big part in ‘directing’ the PP last season, don’t seem to think that includes personel changes. I think you’d have to be pretty hard-headed to think that he didn’t play a part in the decision of who’d be on his unit (haha, his unit).

  65. “Coach Keenan also ran the team through a conditioning skate to a mix of music that included Motely Crue. AC/DC and the Foo Fighters. Keenan did this last season as well.” – TSN

  66. The 2:25pm wasn’t me. I think you’re missing my point Truefans…

    all things being equal meant that he doesn’t play great defensively, he doesn’t hit, he doesn’t kill penalties. The whole reason he’s on this team (regardless of what he makes financially) is to score. He hasn’t been doing that.

    I know you and others feel he’s gotten a bad rap… not being on the PP not getting the minutes (I can’t remember him being on the 4th line….3rd line yes) etc. What you’re missing here, and trust me I’m a fan of his… is that he’s a borderline scratch every night. How do you go from riding the pine to being on the first or second line as you would have it?

    As I said I’m a fan. But at some point the 30 goal season (and the subsequent 26 goal year) become the exception not the rule. I hope it doesn’t happen but I think it already has for Renney.

  67. As much as I HATE Brodeur, I liked what he said about us after the game. He said, “Everyone on that team over there can skate, you don’t see anyone dragging their skates.”
    I loved every second of that quote.

  68. RocketNYR…so you swear to try and make your point. That makes you sound really smart. Trust me, it does. I believe your side of the argument now. Ha. Swearing makes you sound dumber not smarter.

    You are in the minority here in support of Prucha. I used to like him. He cannot keep up with the physicality these days in the league. Sorry man.

    Playing hockey (roller or ice) doesn’t make me an expert. I never claimed it did. (Maybe your reading skills are as good as your writing skills, I don’t know?) All I said was it debunks the BS about who you play with as important to your own scoring. Yes it helps to play with good players, but if you get shots on goal and you don’t score, that is your own doing.

    Prucha had about half a dozen chances this year so far in the preseason and in Prague and what did he do with them?

  69. That’s the thing Riche’. If we’re talking about Jerome Iginla, then you put him in ANY position he needs to be in to max out his potential.

    But not with a player like Prucha. The ONLY spot in the lineup as far as I’m concerened thats open is the 3rd line winger spot. And I think 99.9% of people would agree with that. More importantly, the decision makers agree with that.

    So you need a player that can fill that role. If it’s Prucha, fine. I think the 1st person to get hot in that spot runs with it. And that’s the way it should be. But at the end of this 11/12 night stretch loaded with games, the decision needs to be narrowed down. In other words, move one of the 4 players fighting for it.

  70. Oh yea. Something I was thinking of…

    Remember the first few games Renney had said that the PP units would not be different from the 1st 2 lines? The last game Zherdev moved up to the 1st unit. I can understand why. Being that the 1st unit hasn’t been effective on the pp to any extent, yet.

    It could also help Naslund get a little different of a look on the ice. Maybe help him break out. I don’t know.

    Maybe this question will be answered tonight. Or maybe SAM could inquire about it pre-game??

  71. doodie machetto on

    Beer, I disagree, partially. I don’t think it is just 3rd line (left) wing. In my opinion 3rd line center is open for business, and depending on how Drury performs (or doesn’t) on the 1st line, 1st line wing could open up as well.

  72. Yeah, I could see that doodie. But I wouldn’t move Dru. I stay the course with him up front. If the 3rd center spot changes. I’d put Fritsche there. Which means Korpi would be headed back to the A.

  73. “Did you get your wiring done on Friday in time for the game?”

    Well..yes, I did spend the first period watching with my thumb stapled to the ceiling, but yes it is done

    NHL center ice is a gift from God…..

  74. i really like the chemistry between drury and gomez right now… id try to plug someone in in naslunds place…

    but id just leave em be for now… let em get a couple more games with each other.,..

  75. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!Hopefully the line of Dubi, Voros , and Zherdev play like they have been playing tonight..Very exciting line..

  76. “wtf are you talking about Kaspar? You wanna fight? Put’em up blondie”

    Ok Ok Tuco…no mas

    I just wanted to add to my never ending defense of Shanny at least once a week………

  77. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Hey you already had one hand in the air when we scored and yes, Center Ice is the best! MSG South is rockin’ and rollin’. The only problem is when we score I fall off the raft and almost drown.

  78. doodie machetto on

    Kaspar, I don’t know why you are so in love with Shanahan when it was his bloated salary that contributes to your departure from the NHL.

    I’ve got an idea: dye your hair, scar your face up, and come back as Brendan Shanahan. You two move about the same speed now.

  79. “Kaspar, I don’t know why you are so in love with Shanahan when it was his bloated salary that contributes to your departure from the NHL.”

    He tells me back then that it was goofy kid Staal that got me demoted!…I hope you are wrong, I mean I put exlax in the kids lunch and glued his ass to his locker Bench and everything….

  80. I hope this will spark some action on the 3rd line. A real shame that it hasn’t clicked yet especially with the talented Korpikoski and gritty Callahan, you’d think maybe they’d fly…

  81. Beer it’s been proven if Prucha doesn’t get pp time he doesn’t score. He was put on the pp in November of ’05 and scored 30 goals that year. 06-07 he barely played on the pp in the first half and didn’t score much. He got a chance when Renney put Shanny and Jagr on different pp units and Prucha had a terrific second half scoring 22 goals.

  82. Hate to chime in as everyone here seems to be a regular — but Prucha, like every other player in the NHL, has to produce in the spot he’s given. On this team, barring injuries, he’s not going to see any top-line time or much PP time so he’s got to score on the third. If he doesn’t contribute offensively, I’m not sure why he plays. He does work hard and forcheck, but there are plenty of bigger players with similar speed out there who can do the same. Voros was given a shot and he made the most of it. Dubinsky came in and did the same last year. You make your own breaks. Prucha needs to do the same. His first year, with the PP time and that cross-ice pass from Jagr isn’t coming back. He probably should have been traded last year.

    If he contributes though, that would be huge for this team. Someone needs to start scoring on the third line.

  83. graves

    gomez always gains the zone on drurys side… drops it to him, little give and go action…
    they seem to pass the puck back and fourth pretty well…
    especially in the tampa games…
    gomez always seems to find drury when hes not in front of the net…

  84. I just don’t get the current prevailing attitude – in all sports – that size equals talent.

    f-champs, you say that there are plenty of bigger players who can do the same job as Prucha. Who says that a bigger player is necessarily better?

    In fact, most of the best players in ALL sports have been smaller or average-sized athletes. Gretzky, Lafleur, Cornoyer, Kurri, and (currently) St. Louis, Savard, Zetterburg, Datsyuk, etc.. were and are all normal or smaller sized athletes.

    Smaller players usually have faster reflexes, skate faster, and have better hand-eye coordination than bigger players.

    So what is it that has gotten everyone so enamored of “big”? Is it the fact that a big guy can hit harder? Cause more damage? Since when does that equate to a better player?

    Hockey is all about skills, not causing injury. When it’s played right, it’s the fastest, most beautiful sport in the world. When it becomes all about injuring the other team, it’s an ugly game.

    I’d rather watch a team of Gretzkys and Lafleurs rather than a team of Dave Shultzes and Gillies and even Lindroses any day of the week.

  85. you need both types of player. you need the skill guys to do their thing, but you also need the Orrs to protect them, and make sure they are not prevented from doing their thing.

    also, both types draw fan support. I do not want to ever see hockey become figure skating with sticks.

  86. PRUCHA CAN’T SCORE HE WAS AT THE DOORSTEP AND COULD NOT PUT IT IN TWICE, I DON’T KNOW WHY IM WRITING IN CAPITALS BUT I LIKE IT, THE GUY IS A BUM.B.U.M, BUM!!!!!!!!! FRITCHE FOR PREZ!!! In all seriousness, Prucha can’t score, there is a mental block going on in the young man’s mind due to the fact that he never knows if he is going to be in the lineup and so much pressure is being put on him to score. That being said, Prucha is damaged goods here in New York, I bet he would thrive in another city but there is just too much on him at this point. Put Drury on the third line and bring callahan up to the first line, you will see more production because callahan will bring the grit and tenacity to the first line that it needs. Drury, Dawes and Fritche would be a good line in my opinion but it is all up to Renney to see these line changes, not me.

  87. Prucha was the best player on the ice against Buffalo. We’ll never know how “good or bad” he can be for us until we keep him on the “SAME” line for at least 5 or 6 continuous games. Do you really think the 30 goals his first season and 20 the second are a fluke? I’m tired of the “he’s too small” comments (have you ever seen Gionta, Kane or St. Louis?) The coaches should just teach him to play like a 175 pounder and not like Voros. I “guarantee” if he’s ever traded he’s a 30 goal scorer on his next team. There is no comparison to the skill level he brings to the rink compared to Dawes (I know he scored against Detroit-why not put Prucha and Callahan on either side of Gomez or Drury for 6 games and see what happens), Fritsche or Rismiller. Give Prucha a legitimate chance, play him on the power play and the team will have the best $1.2 mil investment it ever made!

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