From the Garden, history awaits


Tom Renney shrugged at a question just now about what the best start in franchise history would mean to him.

“I’d be happy for the players. That’s great for them,” Renney said. “It’s a nice little feather, but it’s a big headdress.”

It’s a running theme, if you haven’t noticed.

Some other notes:

<li>In the hallway outside the Rangers locker room, Lauri Korpikoski looked over a collection of his sticks in the rack, before turning to a couple of us writers.

“Which one?” the rookie center said.

They all look good to me, I said.

“I haven’t been that lucky this year,” Korpikoski said.

The kid’s got a point.

<li>Apparently it’s the job of the team’s leading scorer to be the loudest guy in the hallway. Last year that guy was Jaromir Jagr. Tonight while Tom Renney was conducting his pre-game media briefing, it was Aaron Voros and Brandon Dubinsky, each with seven points, drowning out the coach with a loud conversation.

<li>A plug for a friend and my co-owner: Zip today gave me a copy of his new book, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:
Heart-Pounding, Jaw-Dropping, and Gut-Wrenching Moments from New York Rangers History”: which is an entertaining tour of the team’s rich past. I dug into it this afternoon and stumbled across a number of worthwhile new nuggets.

For instance, did you know that the classic rock band, Foreigner got its inspiration for the song “Double Vision” after watching John Davidson take a shot to the mask?

The only problem with this anecdote is that I now have that awful song stuck in my head.

Other than that, great book….

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  1. haha I don’t know if its needing a change from all the recent events, but I actually laughed out loud at that double vision line. As soon as I read it, the song got stuck in my head too… I feel good things about this team, I’m excited as hell for tonight and the next 6 months (then playoffs).

  2. They actually mentioned that when the Rangers were playing the Sabres in the playoffs a couple years back. Apparently Foreigner were Sabres fans, after JD got hit in the mask with the puck (also against the Sabres in the playoffs) Jim Gordon kept saying that JD must have double vision over and over again. That’s when they got the idea.

  3. Buffalo let Drury slip by not giving him a new contract untill the season was over ( sabres policy ) Drury then desided to come to New York . Sabres were so hot the year they set the record and Drury knows just how to keep the ball rolling …Drury playing the Sabres tonight , he will be great !! This game the first line is gonna get noticed!!! Go Rangersssss!!!

  4. That was a good period by both teams. I feel lucky that we were able to come away with the lead, but the Sabres didn’t get too many good shots, even when they were in good position. Nice to see Orr draw a penalty at the end. The Rangers are still doing a great job on the forecheck, but Buffalo has some young speed, especially with their replacements up the middle, so the Rangers must be wary of that.

  5. I think that was Freddy Shoes drawing the penalty. I could be wrong though.

    Decent period. I didn’t like the end. Also didn’t like how the Sabs made Hank scramble twice. I cant believe Vanek didn’t score the 2nd time, i should have took the puck to the back hand and pass it by Hank’s pad, then go to the forehand and bank it in, and hope if anything it will flip over Staal’s stick. That was just a dumb decision to shoot from that angle, without banking it off of a player at least.

    Hopefully we score on this PP, Sabs are always tough in one goal leads. Nice period by Gomer, nice re-direction.

    The first PP unit is looking horrible. Gomer keeps trying to go to Rozi, and make a bad pass, he needs to go down low, he’s way to close to him.

  6. Sluggish first period for both teams. Callahan imo was the Rangers best forward. He threw the body all over the place. Outsise of the goal nothing much else happened. Hank did show nice patience on Vanek in front.

  7. Someone wake the Rangers up . The Gomez line has been quiet as a church mouse and the Dubi line seems off so far tonight.

  8. haha, your boy Betts scores again, but this time on Lundqvist, so much for amazing defense and PK from that dog.

  9. Lunqvist has been terrific. Another robbery of Vanek. No other Ranger(other than Hank) has stood out in a good way. Kalinin continues to be a turnover machine.

  10. Mara deserved the 5 minute major but the game misconduct is ridiculous. I have no issue with Mara’s actions as Kaljeta hurt him with a dirty check and just missed one toight.

  11. Rangers not looking great tonight.

    BTW, I think Kaleta may have insulted Mara’s mother. Whoa, was he pissed. I know Mara wants to get the team fired up, but this was the wrong way of doing it.

    We’re handing them this game

  12. Kaleta broke Mara’s face last year.

    Great catch Henke…I guess you never learned how to close your hand on the puck. Even worse, awful step by Rozsival and awful backcheck by Drury.

  13. Joe had nothing to do with firing up the team. Kaleta put Mara out for a month with a cheap hit last year and went for the same kind hit today. That is why Mara went nuts. Great shift by the third line.

  14. When Sjostrom and Betts throw or attempt to throw a hit I just can’t help laughing at how pathetic they are.

  15. Third line needs more ice time. They are bound to get a goal. They are the only ones that are really skating. Although Dubi started it up the shift before that.

  16. bob he never catches the puck period. he just throws his glove at it and tries to bat it up or away. I know he wears a bandage on his hand always so maybe that has something to do with it (injury from a few years ago or something), but he never catches the puck ever.

  17. Kaleta didn’t intentionally hit Mara head on head, so I don’t really understand Mara’s reaction.

  18. Does anyone know where you can watch the game online?…it is blacked-out on the NHL network. go Rangers…

  19. Rangers NEED to get more aggressive. 9 shots through 2 periods is unacceptable. On the bright side, it is only a 1 goal game, and knowing how explosive this team is, we can totally make this happen

  20. Hockeymanrangers on

    Sabers are playing good hockey, we on the other hand are not. I am impressed with how they are keeping our shots on goal down to so few.

  21. Mara didn’t have the puck though so Kaleta just ran him. Hes a pest thats annoying as hell so I could understand why mara was pissed. It was still stupid and he should wait to take it out on him with a clean hit.

  22. bob
    October 15th, 2008 at 8:29 pm
    When Sjostrom and Betts throw or attempt to throw a hit I just can’t help laughing at how pathetic they are.

    bob when you attempt to make a point I can’t help laughing at how pathetic you are.

  23. i hope this intermision helps them get their heads together. that was not a good period.

    new lines

    naslund gomez callahan/korpi(they will score w/ these guys)
    voros dubi zherdev
    (insert your choice here) drury korpi/callahan
    orr betts sjostrom

  24. This is pathetic. Nyr isn’t gonna win every game, but they’re not even playing tonight. Start throwing some fuggin pucks at the net, enough of this fancy bullshit. Jesus christ, its not that hard.

    There is no excuse for that stupid penalty Mara took. I like the mean streak, but not when its costing the team a potential win. Fuggin pathetic.

    How the hell did they give him 5 and a game misconduct ?? That’s idiotic, im sure if it was the Canadians, it would be 2 mins. Should have been 4 mins.

    They better get there shit together this period. Enough’s enough already, they’re letting themselves get bitched by a team missing 3 players.

  25. Thats two on Drury. He’s having a really lazy game. Not backchecking hard or anything. Redden did the right thing because he saw nobody coming back to get Vanek and Drury just let him skate right by him.

  26. Its only one game. But hopefully it wakes up the team and shows them they can’t just show up. We’re fine. I’m more pissed that Drury isn’t skating hard out there. Hes not doing all the little things he usually does.

  27. oh btw, I should say that Buffalo is probably the most underrated team in the NHL. They are a good squad that a lot of people have written off already when they really shouldn’t be. They are very fast and a solid defensive club.

  28. Idiot coach is back!!! 16 minutes to go down by 2 goals and he puts that garbage 4th line on the ice–pure genius.

    Get rid of Betts and Sjostrom already, they stink. The “top” line looks like a disaster.

  29. it’s like Buffalo has 5 defensemen out there… it’s sick the number of pucks that haven’t even made their way through to Miller

  30. Rozsival has had a wretched game today. I would say him and Drury have been the worst Rangers. Korpkisoski, Prucha and Cally are the only Rangers playing well.

  31. i really think drury needs to be a center. he is a great defensive player/ face off taker and at the center position he knows it is his responsibility to get back

  32. bob -it’s an 82 game season. with 6 games in 9 days. it’s not just about this game. they play fri and sat too. so rolling 4 lines is not the worst idea.

    what would you ever complain about if betts was no longer here.

    and you still never answered question on why you came back here. was your ban lifted?

  33. The pp and pk units have been terrific the first 5 games(and the main reason for the 5-0 start) but today it was the reason for the Rangers loss.

  34. Hockeymanrangers on

    Yea Drury at this point is bombing as a captain. 2 lazy plays when he should be stepping up. I know we can’t win them all but the one thing we lack tonight is 100% effort.

  35. bob…don’t you have anything new to say?
    I mean the same thing over and over and over…its too bad you can’t meet with Renney over lunch and express your feelings. That way we would have to read your pathetic drivel.

  36. 9 minutes to go in the 3rd period down by 2 goals and Renney jerk AGAIN puts the offensive wizard Betts and Co. on the ice.

  37. there is bob again thinking about now and not a game or 2 from now. like a newborn that needs to be changed you have 1 thing only on your mind.

  38. lol 6 games in Bozo Bob is trading Naslund. He has a no-trade contract as well as a no movement contract you yutz.

  39. This is better for the Rangers in the long run. I honestly think this Buffalo team is a top team in the East (which is hard to say because its so early but I liked what I saw in their first 3 games). It just shows that we have to work even harder to beat teams like Buffalo that are fast and close down the ice. I mean you have to credit the Sabres for just shutting us down.

  40. They were bound to have a stinker at some point. Rather it be this game then against Detroit where they could get whooped by more than 2 goals.

    Prucha has no puck skills whatsoever, he seems to butcher every chance he gets in a good shooting position. Something has to be done with that first line.

  41. in Prucha’s defense (same goes with Fritsche Rissmiller) hard to be a world beater when play 1 out of 4 games.

  42. y is everyone so preoccupied with bob? lol i mean i am sort of new around here… but isn’t this the place to express what u think about the game… the team… the COACH lol… and so on…
    i guess bob has been an unwelcomed guest before…

  43. It is all Renney’s fault. The overplaying Drury and Gomez last week, not giving 3rd line PP and ES time when up 2-4 goals, rotating forwards instead of having the brains to admit that Betts and Sjostrom suck and should be traded.

    Ruff just took sucker Renney to school. THAT was brilliant coaching by Ruff.

  44. I know its only one night and some of you won’t agree with me, but Staal and Kalinin have been our best 2 D tonight. Girardi and Rozy have been brutal though, especially Danny. He keeps trying to do too much I think with the puck (and Buffalo is closing all the lanes) so they just keep stripping it from him.

    BTW, Buffalo beat Montreal in their opening night and only allowed them 1 goal. That team is an offensive powerhouse.

  45. prucha may not be finishing but he’s getting the opportunities to score. That means he’s doing something right

  46. because bob has a history in this blog from a ywar or so ago. and it gets a bit boring saying betts needs to go he stinks every post.

  47. im going to buy

    we can all go over there and chat and once bob comes over ill just block his ip address…
    and then once i get his ip address we can go and visit him

    all in favor?

  48. we need to take this as a lesson and destroy the leafs. stick with the lines, i’d like to see dawes back in for prucha though.

  49. Obviously it’s one game but the 5-0 start did mask some things. The lack of offense from the supposed first line along with the turnovers by the dmen. Time to move Drury back to center and try Cally or Prucha on Gomez’s wing instead. Also break up the top two d pairs. Play Girardi with Redden and Staal with Rozsival.

  50. What the F is wrong with Drury? Don’t care what anyone says, he has to elevate his game, he bin stinkin’

  51. lazy effort tonight, and they absolutely deserved to lose. Maybe a good gut check loss like this will wake them up and make them work next time

  52. You’re all pretty pathetic for even talking to Bob. Most of you always say, “waah why don’t you just skip this persons post, or that person” why don’t you take that advice yourself.

    He’s not even a Ranger fan, he probably gets raped by his dad, and needs time on the internet to feel like he knows everything. So when Nyr loses, he acts like he saw it coming from a mile away.

    Do yourselves a favor, and skip the posts, unless you enjoy his “entertainment” which clearly is the case.

    As for this game. It was pathetic. Sabs are good, but im not giving them the credit that they might think they deserve. Nyr just flat out sucked in this. Gomer embarrassed himself on the PP tonight. He looked like it was his first time ever on a PP, with a bunch of newbies. Dru was a ghost, again. Nobody was good. Pruchs showed again, that he cant buy a goal. Just embarrassing. They let Hank get bitched tonight, terrible D, stupid plays, putting the puck in there own net. Then Mara doing a typical Hollweg play, thinking aboot himself over his TEAM !! Anyone who says they don’t blame him, you’re idiotic for saying that, cause if it was Hollweg, you’d throw him under a bus, and curse him to hell n back. He screwed his team tonight. He better come back the next game, and make up for that stupid penalty. God damn shame of a game.

    I hope the team is embarrassed as i am as a fan. Now just in case they didn’t realize it, its to early to get “excited” aboot this team. There’s a shitload of games left. Take this loss, and use it to your mother fuggin advantage.

    What a waste of time this game was.

  53. I seid Buffalo would be our first test. They play the same style of hockey as the Ranger. Lots of speed and back checking. They out worked us tonight plain and simple.
    Prucha looked good on everyshift I seen him on the ice. They should have called a hooking penalty when he was curling in front of the net.
    The first line looked flat.

  54. First stinker of the season , looks like alot of fans left the building with under 6 min to go .The Buffalo televised commentators were awful and made the game hard to watch .

    1 loss in no big deal , Renny panicking and slapping around the lines was just sick ,,,the team played even worse !!! Mara stuiped fight with himself was a Holleweg type move . The whole team suffered and gave up a goal on the PK and on the PP .

    The team looked tired and out of sync for the first time this season ,,,it takes 82 games to get it right . This one loss should be another wake up call sinse that game in Prague . The team look awful and got what they deserve …a loss , plain and simple.

  55. Orr said

    “It was pathetic. Sabs are good, but im not giving them the credit that they might think they deserve. Nyr just flat out sucked in this.”

    I hope that just smothering the other team does not work for Buffalo. I hope it gets shoved back in their face, but so far this season it has worked for them. As a fan of exciting hockey, I hope any team at all can expose their weakness and make them pay for it.
    But the Rangers definitely were not thinking on their feet tonight and they did not deserve to win.

    I think a certain level of physicality might expose their weaknesses, but then again, physicality is probably the achilles heel of NYR. I always worry about our lack of bone-crushing, not talking about fighting, talking about just one leveller kind of guy on the blueline. We talked about a Brooks Orpik (if not him specifically) during the offseason for a very good reason.
    And I know enough from many years of playing hockey myself that one mean guy always adds that extra level of texture to your team, takes you further. We could have used some of that tonight against Buffalo.

  56. “Ryan
    October 15th, 2008 at 8:35 pm
    bob, I thought they don’t finish their checks? Which is it big boy?”

    apparently those hitting attempts were so pathetic that even the score/stat keepers didn’t deem them worth being considered hits.

  57. I was at the game tonight. I’m on the train back home. I’m kind of sad right now. We just looked flat and tired tonight. There were few times tonight that anyone really gave any extra effort. We were slow to the puck and anytime one of our guys had the puck we had 3 sabres on us. Hopefully a lesson learned. Lots of Sabres fans in the building tonight. I hope we come out pissed off and play hard on Friday night. Its not going to get easier on Saturday night in Detroit. I’m not that worried yet, but another effort like that and I might start to worry a little. Say what you want, but Prucha deserves another game after tonight. He played hard and even manufactured some of his own scoring chances. A theeb a theeb a theeb that’s all folks!

  58. nasty – being that you got tix for free at least you got your moneys worth. i tried to get a pair at about 1/2 price but was outbid by $1 on ebay. although the other one prob had a higher bid still.

  59. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    So here it goes, Prucha was pretty good tonight, huh?! Drury looked awful. He sucked as a top-line winger. He blew as a defender. And he was a worse Captain with poor effort!! Here’s the thing, he’s NOT a first line Player!!!

    I’ve been saying this for about 5 days…Put Prucha with Naslund and Gomez. Put Prucha with them on the PP. He’ll produce. Put Drury with Korpikoski and someone else, because he’s holding back the offense of the “top” line.


  60. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Ian said: “Prucha has no puck skills whatsoever, he seems to butcher every chance he gets in a good shooting position. Something has to be done with that first line.”

    If you don’t realize Prucha was only guy creating chances you should go get Lasix. If you prefer the offensive production we got from the other 11 players over Prucha you should get a lobectomy because he (easily) and Cally were the best forwards tonight.

  61. Drury should have never become a Ranger. A real Captain also would have been able to make a case for Mara and not get him dumped from the game…. Not only does he absolutely suck as a $7M cap hit… He is *literally* disgracing the NYR Legion of Captains….. Not getting back on that shorthanded goal should cost him his letter and his top line position. I’m willing to bet Callahan would have broken up that play if he were on the ice.

    (In my dreams)

  62. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Salty, he’s the best ever…he’s always clutch…he was the little league world series MVP…”he’s just a natural winner”

    …didn’t you know that? LoL

    I hate being right about a Ranger not performing up to the hype you all bought (especially to the detriment of our favorite team), but it’s not true!! Drury’s a low level second, upper third line center. Fact.

  63. Kalinin is awful…i’d almost rather have Malik back in his place. He gave away the puck numerous times in the first few games. No good!

  64. true

    right here… working…

    i have stated that prucha has produced on the pp and have also stated that he even centered on the power play and scores something like 16 goals his first season centering on the pp (im probably wrong)…

    so whats up?

    said so back on bb last season…

    he wasnt burying his chances he deserved to sit… so did dawes… sometimes you need to sit someone to wake em up…

  65. it’s always good to see posters who have not posted all season making sure they are heard after we lose a game. if the shoe fits wear it. at least Bob posts either way when he’s not banned that is.

  66. good for paul mara…he stood up for himself and yes a bad five minute penalty but like maloney said during intermission the team should have rallied around him and killed it off…they did miss mara the second half of the game…drury is a winner and he will be fine

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