Cherepanov laid to rest


This photo of Jaromir Jagr offers a window into the grim scene in Omsk today. For more, the Slap Shot blog at the Times has “links to two videos of the funeral”:


I can’t even imagine. I realize fans here are mourning, as they should. But it’s a completely different scenario when it’s someone who has already been part of the fabric of a team and a community.

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  1. I was so used to seeing pictures and videos of a smiling and joking Jagr. This is too much to handle.

  2. Jagr doesn’t just look serious. He looks devastated. I can’t imagine how horrible they feel over there.

  3. yea jagr does look like hes devastated. tahts pretty much written all over his face. still cant get over this terrible tragedy. God Bless and rest in peace Alexei

  4. AP has a photo of Cherepanov’s mother weeping in front of his open casket, its just heart breaking.

  5. doodie machetto on

    I’ve never seen Jags like that. He looks awful.

    As for Cherepanov, this world was just robbed of one its bright lights.

  6. RIP

    There are no words to explain the devastation Jaromir Jagr portrays in this picture. Unbelievable, I really think he took the kid under his wing this year with the intention to nurture him and make him 100% prepared to make the team and make an immediate impact next season in the NHL. I’m still in shock and this picture doesn’t make it go away anytime soon.

  7. It looked Jagr was doing for Cherepanov, what he did for Brandon Dubinsky last year. For Jagr to be talking to him on the bench and for Alexei to collapse in front of him like that will be a recurring thought for Jags for a long time. I feel awful for him as well.

    My wife is about to give birth to our first child any day now, and I can’t even fathom what Cherepanov’s parents are going through. To be 19 years old, with all of that talent and a wonderful life ahead of him, to have it taken away like this is just horrible. My prayers go out to his family.

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  9. Just a horrible horrible event. It is so hard to understand why. 19 yrs old is TOO young. He was so talented. Just a very sad story. I pray for his family. Its unnatural to bury a child. No one should feel that horror!

  10. This was a tragedy. On Monday night, when the PA announcer at the Garden announced about Cherepanov’s passing and we had a moment of silence, I did shed a tear. I pray for the sake of all sports players that something this never happens again. Looking at that photo at jagr and reading about how jagr was the last person to talk to him, my heart goes out to our former captain as well as Cherepanov’s family.

  11. Does anyone know how to email Jags?

    We should all send him our thoughts. It just goes against nature for any 19 year old to die, but for one as gifted, it goes against heaven, too.

  12. Ive seen Jags have some painful looks on his face, like when he separated his shoulder in 06 against the Devs, when we got eliminated in the semi’s against the Sabs in 07, when he got hit in the mouth with a puck, and lost some teeth, in 07-08, but that pic right there, is definitely by far the worst.

    He watched that kid die right in front of him. I wouldn’t blame him if he just retired fully right now, cause that thought will never go away, and when it does, it will always come back to haunt him at some point in time, for as long as he lives. But then again, knowing Jags, he’s probably gonna play this season for the kid, cause that’s what Cherry would want. I hope this lights the fire of all fires under his ass, and he takes OMSK to the finals, and wins it all (what ever they call it over there).

    As for tonight. Id love to watch Nyr win this, to have there best start in franchise history !!! That would be amazing !! All those years this team was in the league, and original 6 team, and this year we get off to our best start EVER !! I really hope we can win this one.

    3 of there centers are out tonight. We need to take advantage of that, and just dominate. Gotta watch Vanek, Roy, and Pomminville among others. Dubi needs to continue his dominance against the Sabs like he did last year, scoring goals in all 4 games. Tonight, id love our 2nd line to continue to play great, but if we win tonight, i want it to be because of Nazzy, Gomer, and Dru. Orr needs to beat up Peters, and Rivet. Play the game physical, stay out of the box, continue our success on the PP, and PK, and Hank needs to have another great game.

    LETS GO RANGERS !! Gotta win, its friggin home game.

  13. I would suggest that the Ranger wear a small cherry on thier helmets to honour him . He was going to be our star. With our last Captain helping him get there . Absolutely sick .

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