And back to earth they crash


Whether or not the Paul Mara penalty was the turning point of the game tonight  — put it this way: it certainly didn’t help — it does come with a backstory.

Most of you know it: Patrick Kaleta’s high hit on Mara last season is what broke the Rangers defenseman’s face and caused him to miss 12 games. Tonight, Kaleta left his feet again, and Mara responded. He said was sorry for the penalty, but not for his reaction.

“It’s not a five-minute I wanted to take. I didn’t think it would go that way and I apologized for that,” Mara said. “I said I was sorry to the guys. I’m sorry I put the team in a situation where they had to kill off a five-minute penalty, but I’m not sorry for what I did standing up for myself when a guy leaves his feet like that.”

Complicating matters is what Kaleta said in the scrum immediately after the fight, when he taunted Mara about his injury.

“Pretty classless,” Mara said. “If you hurt a guy in this league, you don’t want to hurt him. But he had the nerve to say that to me.”

Although Mara didn’t use the word “nerve”….


Meanwhile, the Rangers are now 5-1, and the line of Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, and Markus Naslund is struggling. Everyone knows it, the players included.

When I asked Drury if he’d be open to going back to center, the captain said he’d consider anything at this point.

“I’m open to anything, as always,” Drury said. “I’ll do whatever Tom says, but I certainly would like to have our line be more involved, whatever line that is.”

OK, that’s it for me. I’m taping an interview with WFAN momentarily. It should be on at some point late tonight, well after I’m asleep…

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  1. repost:

    Drury should have never become a Ranger. A real Captain also would have been able to make a case for Mara and not get him dumped from the game…. Not only does he absolutely suck as a $7M cap hit… He is literally disgracing the NYR Legion of Captains….. Not getting back on that shorthanded goal should cost him his letter and his top line position. I’m willing to bet Callahan would have broken up that play if he were on the ice.

    (In my dreams)

  2. Drury is fine, but he tries to do too much. Naslund and Gomez need to draw more attention to themselves so Drury can get open. He’s not a playmaker.

  3. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Drury: “I’m open to anything, as always,” Drury said. “I’ll do whatever Tom says, but I certainly would like to have our line be more involved, whatever line that is.”

    If that’s the case, Renney tell him to pack his bags and catch the next flight out of town with the Sabres! Geez is this guy bad, and most of you don’t see it.

  4. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Ok… a little harsh. He’s not bad, but he’s not a top line center. He’s not a PPG specialist (trying to one-time shots ala Shanny). He’s just a good player who could a fat pay-day…and now we pay for it, both on the books, the cap, and on the ice.

  5. Staal Wart

    Girardi is a capable player. He has offensive tools. He is not Malik.

    But if you continue to suggest that he is not only not improving in his own end but is actually regressing, you’re a fool.

    Right now his rep arpound the league exceeds his actual worth. Like Tyutin, who brought Z, Girardi is expendable to the nnnth degree.

  6. Why is Girardi so high in so many people’s minds? He is a disaster in his own end. What’s the deal? He is worse than when he came up two years ago. Not a good trend.

  7. Just to make myself clear: Girardi is regressing. All who for whatever reason cannot/will not see this, please wake up and smell the house blend.

  8. For every great play girardi makes, he does something stupid with the puck. Had it not been Kalinin playing a pretty solid game tonight (for once) he mightve caused another two goals with his giveaways. I won’t say he’s bad or want him off the team, but even when we were winning and also last year, you could see why he wasn’t drafted.

    About the loss, it’s better it came now. Not really a big deal as long as they rebound. This is by far the worst game we’ve seen them play (looked as bad as last years team at times) so lets hope we don’t see it again.

    I also pray sather doesn’t panic and sign shanny now.

  9. BTW, go to and watch Renney’s press conference. Just look at his face and know that he definately ripped into the team after the game.

  10. you people are ridiculous. Its one loss and drury is the least of the problems. By the way pruchs was the best ranger on the ice

  11. Leetch is the man on

    IMHO and probably evveryone elses we can see that the first line is not prodcutive right now and should be doing more. BUt personally lets be serious here, its benn five freakin games!!!! i like Renney as coach but already when the team was playing poor he changes the lines. I dont get it, its not like we have been in a slump for 10 games. Gives the lines a chance to click and correct themselves, build some more confidence here. He switches things wayyy to quickly. Thats why we have a problem building chemistry. On another notes i love Prucha, but his time is up we slow down his progression and we should unload his salary along with rismiller with either a solid stay at home defensmen or a better winger, but thats up to Sather not me. Hey its only one loss will be back.

  12. Leetch is the man on

    Prucha did play well, but he will not flourish in this system becuase his confidence is down and the organization doesnt believe in him anymore. Sfter a 30 goal season his ice time went down. Go figure but we need a big d-man or some sort of sniper/goal scorer. Gaborik for Drury and Prucha could work….always can dream

  13. “It’s two hits on me that he has jumped,” Mara said. “I just made a decision that enough is enough from that little guy. If he was a man, he would’ve dropped the gloves and stood in there. I did what I had to do.

    “I’ll always remember that hit. And when he was in the scrum he made a pretty classless move, asking me how my face was. You don’t want to hurt guys in this league, and to have him say something like that, it’s classless.”

    YEAH MARA!!!! Seriously, he’s a tough guy again. Bout time, although I didn’t really want the 5 minute major. As Renney said though, at least someone showed they cared and had passion tonight.

  14. Dru dies everything for this team like a captain us supposed to and ni he couldn’t stop the red from tossing mara – he went after a dude who didn’t drop his gloves ( which will be good for this team).

    Why is pruchs confidence down – because he hasn’t scored in a couple games – then what about the rest if the team. He is the hardest worker and goals will come.

    Rennet changed the lines tonight because the offense wasn’t doing anything – that is what coaches do

    How bout you all enjoy 10 points out of a possible 12

  15. Leetch is the man on

    Yea changing the lines provides a spark but they were ridiculous pairngs and should just let the guys ride it and correct it themselves. I love Prucha but i feel that he thinks he is unwanted and unappreciated. He was scratched a lot last season but mostly because they never gave him the chance to play when he was active. Hopefully he scores more and hell be fine. As for Drury i love him as a player but worth about 4mill but thats a different story. hell be here for a while unless Sather pulls off somethin nuts

  16. it’s always good to see posters who have not posted all season making sure they are heard after we lose a game. if the shoe fits wear it. at least Bob posts either way when he’s not banned that is.

    talk about an unbiased opinion blaming the captain for Mara getting thrown out. hopefully we’ll win the next few so you can go back to not posting.

  17. Leetch is the man on

    i usually post when they win as well but have benn busy and using a different name…but psoting when they win and complaining is stupid. They didnt even play terrible tonight, buffalo just played better.

  18. Buff did play better but we played terrible. Hate to say it but this is the kind of game you miss avery.

  19. I hate to admit it, and i think some people are taking it a little overboard, but to say that was a forgettable evening for drury is an understatement. On both of Vanek’s goals he is gliding behind hoping Lundqvist makes the save. I would like to see him dive, but at the very least keep his feet moving. I remember a penalty kill last year where shanny missed on an oddman rush, but busted back and broke up a one timer by diving. That’s the kind of effort i expect from drury. I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out theres some sort of injury nagging him, as he is too proud a player for lapses like these.
    Naslund looks old. Another place shanny excelled two seasons ago was positioning himself just out of reach of a defenseman, where he could get a good look, a shot on goal, which is why he was so productive that season despite his slowness of foot. This is what makes dubinsky so good: how much he absorbed playing with the two 600 goal scorers. the kid is a sponge, and watching him protect a puck along the half boards (a skill he developed as last season progressed) is reminiscent of # 68. He gets in that good shanny shooting position too.
    Finally, for those of you who think girardi is regressing: you would look like that too if you were playing along side kalinin. Girardi has been exceptional on the PP by keeping it simple, and his composure in the rangers zone is a necessity playing with kalinin. He has that calmness which leads to a great first pass ala malik during his first season in blue and the biggest strength to redden’s game.

    my apologies for the novel, but i was inspired by sam’s plug for zipay’s earlier.

  20. Leetch – was not referring to you.
    Turcotte – well said

    I too expect much more from Drury. but unlike some I think he’ll give his all and if healthy have his normal type season. 25 goals fine 2 way play etc. and his goals in victoria cup while “only exhibition’ actually helped turn the teams confidence around heading in to the reg season. so today in particular was pretty bad but a proud player like him will come out harder in next game. and if he’s banged up let him sit a game or 2 we have decent players sitting out.

  21. Leetch is the man on

    Li Joe- yea i said the same thing to my dad about Avery when we were watching the game. We needed him to mix it up a little with his flare out there. Could have changed somethings late in the game.

  22. chris – miss avery doing what? not backchecking and just yapping at the other team? he wouldn’t have helped us in this game. look at what hes done already in Dallas. another game misconduct and he’s suspended.

    I think what people are forgetting about the 1st line is that it goes as Gomez does. Gomez hasn’t played well at all lately so you can’t expect Drury or Nazzy to play well. Gomer holds the puck the longest and makes the plays. I know he’s been sick, and he was skating better tonight, but his decision making was pretty bad. When he calms down and gets his game together, I think Nazzy and Dru will too because they opened up great, but have faded since.

  23. I really didnt see the game except the last 10 minutes in the 2nd period but Mara did the right thing. Its not is fault that Kaleta didnt want to be a man and fight. Other than that i really cant comment on because I didnt see it.

    One thing that bothers me is that no one has anything nice to say even when we were 5-0. All I keep reading is how awful dury is or something like that. Hes off to a slow start, it happens hopefully the same thing with dawes. things will come around and i am sure Redden or Rosival will too and everyone will start bashing them.


    Please tell me how Avery would of helped unclog center ice and win more battles for puck on the boards.

    I will agree that something needs to be done about the 1st line but to push the panic button now is just INSANE.

  25. “talk about an unbiased opinion blaming the captain for Mara getting thrown out.”

    all I know is I was at the game and I saw the BUF captain (Rivet?) over in the ref circle waaay long before Drury meekly and slowly glided over with his stick slung over his shoulder like a f*cking peewee walking home from practice.

    In case you didn’t notice, Mara was in the box originally. The game misconduct was decided on after the fact, and I am willing to bet my dollars to your donuts that that Rivet (who the f*ck is rivet?) held court immediately and Drury arriving late to the show did not help at all. Shanny would have been over there from the get go, at the very *least* to hear what BUF was saying the refs so that he could refute.

    The Drury apologizing is getting very old, *very* fast this season. Everyone gave him a pass last season, but this season he’s wearing the C and he is even worse. No you cannot blame him for everything but I sure as HELL lay tonights loss on him. I hope that short handed goal he let walk by him keeps his little mushroom soft for a week. $7M per year for that fat little sausage. I wish I were Sather, he’d be stripped of the C overnight, and if he didn’t shape up in the next 2 games (and MAINTAIN IT, not just get some lucky shit goal that happens to go in the books as a GWG meanwhile it came in the 1st period) he would be gone overnight for pucks and picks

    Drury is a hack hockey player and if you dont see it by now, a year of watching him every night you have bought into the complete bullshit surrounding him. Every shot he takes goes perfectly into the goalie. Goalies never have to “make saves” on him he just shoots it into their midsection. Man does he get under my skin.

    Mara rules by the way. LOVE that guy.

  26. Overboard is an understatement – jeeesus one loss and Drury is the devil, Girardi has become the 2nd coming of Malikstein, Prucha is the best player on the team and we’ll be finishing last because we possibly overpaid for Drury by $1m. Not to mention the number of blog posters who will be knocking on Dolan’s door asking for either a GM job or managers job because sitting in the stands or watching on TV qualifies them much better than Slats or Renney.

    We’re 5-1, i’m mildly concerned by the lack of production of the top line but maybe Callahan should get a couple of games there to see how he does, or try swapping Z and Dru for a game or two. I have faith that Renney will work it out and that Gomez’s flu will also clear up and that soon a move will be made to re-balance the roster. Either way its not the serious drama some are making it out to be.

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B
    October 15th, 2008 at 10:41 pm
    I’ve been saying this for about 5 days…Put Prucha with Naslund and Gomez. Put Prucha with them on the PP. He’ll produce. Put Drury with Korpikoski and someone else, because he’s holding back the offense of the “top” line.

    The best part of Prucha’s game was that goal he scored in the first…no it was the 2nd…3rd? OH yeah. But when he set up korpi and cally for their goals…oh wait. He didn’t!?

    He played a pretty good game for coming in cold. But if you really wanna stroke this guy, you can wait after the game and maybe get his # or something. You can do it! It’s one game.

  28. I hope were up 5-1 next time we play them.I would gladly see Mara go after that little btch kaletta again.

  29. It’s posts like the last 100 or so here that make me want to find a new blog. 95% of you are f’n PATHETIC. 1 Fuggin loss and you’re ready to pack it in.

    We were beat last night by a system that’s been in place for the last 11 YEARS. You find success by sticking to what works. See: NJD, DET. The longer you take to perfect a style, the more effective it will be. Ruff is a f’n crybaby when it comes to the officials, but the way he gets his team to tighten up defensively is impressive considering the changes that he’s been forced to make the last few days losing a couple centers. Not to mention with a goalie like Miller, if you don’t crowd that crease, you don’t win.

    I’m not worried AT ALL about the game last night. It gives them a better idea of what they need to do to compete with teams that are as quick, and quicker than they. If it were Pitt, we woulda been blown away.

    If you want excuses, there’s tons you can point out. But they won’t do you any good. There is NO single player that can be blamed for anything last night. It was a team loss. Top to bottom.

    Mara had to do what he had to do. Good for him. 5min major or not.

    Adjusting the lines towards the end was the right move. All 12 fwds were flat(in combination). I’d put them back to original tomorrow night and stay the course at least thru Oct.

    It’s 1 loss. It was not to a divisional team. No one got hurt. And we found out what happens when 20 guys don’t show up. Let’s fix it and get ready for Toronto tomorrow night.

    I asked yesterday about an update on practice, then was advised that they had the day off. I think that may have been a mistake.

  30. I am with you Beer. One game. I’d rather have them lose a few and face some adversity. And this is the reason why. All of you who bitch and moan about what this team is doing right while they are winning. Well if the team is winning and they are doing things poorly, then they are more likely to change things around a bit if they are doing things poorly and losing. A championship caliber team needs to know what it feels like to lose, to correct what is not working and missing from their game, and to get the taste of losing, swish it around their mouths a bit, and absolutely hate the taste. In fact, I am glad we started 5-0 for that reason alone. I am glad we got a little cocky even, to then get a reality check like this. In my imagination, it came at the perfect time. Look for this team to bounce back hard this Friday and dominate Toronto. And screw it, I predict we win back to back games this weekend.

  31. The bitching and moaning was going on before the loss. Some people just complain all the time. I’m interested in seeing the reaction on the ice on Friday. If they fall flat again, then I’d worry a little. Relax all you complainers, we’re only in October.

  32. Come on Salty – you don’t know shit about what was said between the respective captains and the refs, pure conjecture on your part. You’re just using the incident to get up on your soap box about Drury. Blah blah blah. What’s next – Renney should be fired?

    Maybe Mara didn’t deserve it but I’ve seen plenty of incidents over the years where one player drops the gloves and the other doesn’t and the instigator gets the misconduct hook. It can go either way. Big deal the team is 5 and 1, I’ll take it.

    I can’t wait for the Rangers to play the Penguins, hopefully Mara remembers the two cheap plays that Malkin pulled on him.

  33. Beer, that picture is HILARIOUS!!!!! Ha, nice one. I have no problem with anyone bitching and moaning, because we are all fans here, well at least I think most of us are. But I will still call it as I see it. Salty, although I don’t always agree with him, has been consistent with the things he says. And he has every right too. Others can disagree with him and that is fine too. But some people on here definitely post really stupid shit just to annoy people. For that reason, I will not name names or respond to their posts at all. I think we all are excited with the potential this team has. Some think it is being guided in the right direction and others think that it is not. I like the people on this team, and once their roles are more clearly defined and some things are tightened up, I think we will see a team that could be a real threat in this league. Even the mighty Canadians almost blew a 3 goal lead last night. The season is still young. But just like our team that is young, we will learn from our mistakes.

    I like the way Mara is playing, and I have no problem with what he did last night. Even if his play meant us losing the game, which I don’t really think that play alone lost us the game, I am glad he did it. You have to send messages and set boundaries. I would have done the exact same thing.

  34. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I’m very pleased that as I scrolled down and read the comments, they got more and more intelligent. I don’t know if I could’ve gone on with all the nonsense being spouted.

  35. i’m fine with what mara did, you have to protect yourself, bottom line….i don’t see why everyone thinks girardi is so awful….yea he’ll make a mistake w/ the puck but you know what, so will Lidstrom, so will Phaneuf, so will Neidermayer. It happens, they’re human. i like girardi a lot- he’s learning how to play the body a little better and i’ve noticed a bunch of rly nice defensive plays.

    w/ regard to drury….i wholeheartedly agree that he shouldve been talking to the ref or atleast listening to what rivet was saying…it’s inexcusable as a captain to not be over there…i don’t know what i’d do, get messier back maybe?

    as a player though he’s who he is, he’ll take a slapshot in a shootout, he’ll shoot into the goalies midsection, etc. but he’ll get you your 20-25 goals– accept it.

    1 loss, we’ll get back on track.

  36. Prucha was very good last night.
    Mara is the Man – I have no problem with what he did even if it cost the game. Kaletta is a classless coward.
    First line needs to be…fixed – fast.

  37. onecupin67years on

    Wow , I can’t believe some actually thought that the Rangers would never lose, not only that , you guys constantly give Drury and Gomez no respect for their play,but I guess we all have higher expectations for the F/A Sather signs.Drury and Gomez are not the elite of the NHL and we shouldn’t expect 40+ goals from each of them.
    As for Prucha , all I see is a guy who can’t finish and sometimes is all over the ice and never in the right place, and with 3 seconds left he can’t even score a meaningless goal. Trade him get anything for him.

  38. Here is my take:

    1) We are 5-1. 10 pts out of a possible 12. I didn’t think we were going 82-0. Glad we got slapped around at home actually to keep us humble and hungry. Fine. The sky is not falling.

    2) On the Prucha thing: He played alright. Perhaps top 3 forwards on the ice last night. He had a nice blocked shot in the first. He broke up a play on a backcheck in the 2nd. He had a few nice chances in the 3d. But that’s it. He gets a B in my book and a chance to play again. But if he wanted to shut all the critics up, he would have potted one of those chances. Period. He was top 3 forwards on a night when no one showed up. RocketNYC, I won the bet against your prediction.

    3) Drury will be fine. His standing still on that Vanek 2 on 1 finish is inexcusable. He is still feeling his way around. But no surprise to see Salty calling for his head (and some others). Salty has always hated Drury, esp his HUGE salary.

    4) Zherdev needs to shoot more.

    5) Marc Staal is our #1 D-man. No question. Redden looks good offensively but he is slow skating backwards. 6 years of that…Jeez. Girardi, I am torn. I wonder if he misses Toots? Give him some time to warm up to his new partner.

    6) How observant is the coaching staff? I mean the guys on TV and me watching could clearly see how Buffalo was playing the PK. How come they could not adapt?

    7) I thought the 4th line played decently (although Betts knocked one of those goals in.) But do they really need to play on the PP? That was a little much.

    8) 76 games left guys….RELAX.

  39. Newman – #7, there was only 20 seconds left on that PP. Were they out there again at some point? I may have missed it while taking a dump and forgot to hit pause on the dvr.

    I don’t think Girardi has been bad at all. Actually, as I read around, many writers are praising him. Don’t forget combos got change 1/2 way through the game when Mara got tossed.

    #4…couldn’t agree more. Pretty much agree with all of that Newman. nice post.

  40. you know, if you had told me a month ago that the Rangers would start 5-1, I would have been thrilled… That’d include a European trip, coming back home, 2 divisional games, that’s a lot to fight through. I was happy with last night, but I’m still happy with the team overall.

    We keep winning 5 out of 6 games (not like that’s likely), we’ll have a little over 130 points. And people would STILL complain.

    When I was watching the game last night, I was just thinking that Buffalo’s playing our style, shut down, stifle the other team, and they did it PERFECTLY. I don’t mind losing a game like that AS MUCH, because they played a great system last night.

  41. Honestly, I think the Rangers needed a loss so that the “undefeated” pressure didn’t build too much. Now that it’s over, get back to what you were doing last week and win some more. And I was more pissed at Redden’s glide before that goal than Drury’s. Redden might as well had not been there. What was he waiting for? GO AFTER the guy with the puck BEFORE he makes a play…don’t just sit there waiting…

    And if the other team is blocking everything you’re putting towards the net, why not shoot at the net instead of dumping it in the corner when entering the zone? The only time the Rangers had a clear view of the net was just before they’d dump it in. Who knows, you might get a rebound or bad bounce right?

  42. Steve good point… Rozie (as much as I hate him) shot at the net from the blue line in the 1st, and that was the 1 time the puck went behind Miller…

  43. I think I was the one a couple of days ago that said, “wait till they lose their first game to see how many people complain.” This is pretty much what i pictured. I do understand the frustrations on drury, and I think they will continue all year as long as he has the C and as long as he doesn’t put up numbers. But yesterdays loss was the WHOLE teams fault. Even the 2nd line didn’t look like themselves. Buffalo did play awfully good last night, especially in their own zone. The NYR did not dominate the puck like they have, but now they know what to fix. We should all expect them to come out very strong in tomorrows game.

    Nasty – Very true about them needing to lose a game in order to see what makes them vulnerable.

    Beer – Great pic! lol

  44. The rangers played a stinker, big deal, there are 76 games left, it’s going to happen. People need to calm down, jeez!!!

  45. Maybe its just me, but did anyone actually think Paul Mara wasn’t getting kicked out last night? The only thing Drury could’ve asked for was to try to get Kaleta 2 for charging, but since they didn’t call it initially that wasn’t going to happen. Saying Drury didn’t stick up for his player is a joke because theres no way hes keeping Mara in that game no matter what he says to the refs. Thats just reaching for things to complain about.

  46. 5-1 is an excellent record to start with. Perfection is just a fantasy. We all know about Ottawa last year, but I think even more telling is the Buffalo team the year before — 10-0 start, remained dominant all season, won the President’s trophy…and lost in the conference finals. Oh, and what was that football team last year again?

    Nasty’s point about having to taste defeat to win in the long run is excellent.

    And I knew Mara did the right thing instantly, because he just flat out pummeled that dude Kaleta. It was like the scene in A Christmas Story when Ralphy went into a blind rage and beat up that bully in the snow. It was obviously personal and necessary.

  47. wow. Since someone else brought up christmas first. My sister in law just sent out an email with this. Name the movie..

    “Hey. If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one. I’d like Frank Shirley, my boss, right here tonight. I want him brought from his happy holiday slumber over there on Melody Lane with all the other rich people and I want him brought right here, with a big ribbon on his head, and I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey sh!t he is. Hallelujah. Holy sh!t. Where’s the Tylenol? “

  48. WOW! What a classic. Christmas Vacation, and quite possibly the last funny thing that Chevy Chase was involved with. What happened to him. Used to be so damn funny. Kind of saddens me.

  49. It so much easier to catch up on the blog when you skip over the posters that don’t have a clue.

    I don’t blame Mara at all…in fact I hope he does it again.

  50. That was actually a happy loss last night…Mad-Mara laid a swirl of punches to that idiots head and I dont need any record breaking start to have people start predicting Rangers to finish first…look what happened to Ottawa last year…just win 6 of 10 all year-thats 48 wins that will get us in

  51. Are you surprised Clark?

    Eddie, if I woke up with my face sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised.

  52. First loss, it was bound to happen, glad we got that out of the way.
    It was tough to watch Buffalo out work us, it was like they took a page right out of Renney’s book. It’s pretty simple, if we don’t work, we don’t win.
    Callahan was all over the place, maybe they should “mik” him up more often. I could see why Renney put him on the thirds line for the last period.
    I’m with Beer, a better fit would have been Prucha. His speed would be better fit with Gomez. He had a good night I would like to see him play another game.
    Drury and Callahan would be a better fit with Korpikoski. Korpo could be the “Voros” on that line.

    Gotta Love this game……Rangers are almost there!!!!

  53. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If prucha was only a top 3 forward last night, who was better?

    If prucha should be traded because he can’t finish, then why is drury on the top PP unit, 6 games deep, finishing the last 2 minutes of a game and he’s got one assist to show for it?

    Time to start seeing who’s making opportunities and prucha sat for more than a week. He looked good, better than drury has in 6 games.

    That said…I hope they both turn it on. I’m also of the mindset that last night’s game was a character builder. They really struggled. The Mara fight should wake the team up. They let up special teams goals left and right. But, overall, I think they can use last night as a great place to find tomorrow night’s motivation.

    Beer, I’m also dissapointed for you still not cutting prucha any slack. He aint gonna score every game. Deal with it dude….but he got chances and made opportunities *with a third line that’s looked flat all year!!!!* Give him some credit.

  54. Some Ranger fans are the worst…. team loses one game and some people wants to abandon ship… this is a team that won their first 5 games which included a hectic schedule and a convincing win over the Devils… I was at last night’s game and they looked horrible.. but give the guys a break.. who knows if the Cherepanov loss set in.. or a little fatigue finally caught up.. but until this team goes on an extended losing streak.. save the whining for your wives and GFs…

  55. I’m curious how Renny will play with the 1st and 3rd lines for the next game.
    Drury is up for a change. Why not let him center Korpo and Cally.
    Give Dawes or Prucha a shot on the first line. That could be the recipe to start both lines. What do you think?

  56. This is ridiculous. They lose ONE game out of six, and now people are clamoring for Drury to be traded. Are you particularly familiar with the game of hockey? Did you expect the Rangers to go 82-0? It’s one game. I hate to burst some of your bubbles here but I’m going to drop this bomb on you: the Rangers are going to lose some games. Crazy, I know.

    The first line will find some chemistry. Give Dru, Gomez, and Naslund some time. They’re experienced players who will find a way to make it work. The Rangers are employing a new run-and-gun offense that differs enormously from the pacing of the old one. These guys will find their niche. Drury is the captain, and as far as I’m concerned, he’s a good one who’s committed to the team inspires the players with his work ethic.

    Criticism is a healthy thing. But if you want to stand behind your team when they win, you have to stand behind them when they lose, too.

  57. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Ah yes – the rustling of feathers, the shadows across the sun, their calls “wesuk-wesuk-wesuk” answered by calls of “itoldya-itoldya”. The boo-birds are back early and circling migrating between Greenburgh and Manhattan like a flock of vultures. Just because they’ve been quiet doesn’t mean they haven’t been lurking in the rafters just waiting for their opportunity to take flight.

    So we took a loss in game 6. I guess that means we need to pack up the lockers and call it a season. Puhleeze! Sure, Buffalo may have had us in lockdown and played our game against us, but basically we beat ourselves. It looked like we were skating in slow motion as opposed to previous games and I really didn’t see a ‘team’ effort. Maybe it was fatigue or the circumstances of what had gone on with Cherepanov (not making excuses) but the true test will be how they work it off and come out of the gate on Friday. I’m still not worried and believe this team has the most potential of any of the teams since the lockout. I don’t think the lines should be changed. Maybe Coach should switch out Korpikoski and Callahan (who if I remember correctly didn’t do too bad at center).

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