Malik signs with Lightning


The long-awaited signing of that infamous free agent veteran finally happened today.

Mats Sundin? Brendan Shanahan?

No, silly — Marek Malik, “who inked a one-year deal with the Lightning”:

And to think, we’re still looking for defensemen on our fantasy team. If only “generating boos” was one of the statistical categories.

Seriously, good to see the big guy back for another year. Love him or hate him, he’s an NHL defenseman, and he provides some needed poise to a young Lightning backline.

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  1. he’s not that bad and I know most won’t believe it, but he helps their d. The only thing I find funny is that the media there thinks he’s going to make them more physical. Haha. He will help them with turnovers in the dzone because he takes hits instead of just throwing the puck away.

  2. Voros-Dubinsky-Zherdev

    How about that?

  3. Voros-Dubinsky-Zherdev — they are playing great

    Dawes-Gomez-Naslund — 3 players with similar playing style–almost like Gionta-Gomez-Elias line

    Drury-Korpikoski-Callahan –a rookie and the captain on 1 line, Drury doesn’t need to be on the top line when he already is getting a ton of minutes on special teams.

    Prucha-Fritsche-Orr — energy, offense, and hitting.

  4. Sorry Bob, Dawes does not deserve in any way to be on the 2nd line. Nor should your top paid players be on the second and third lines, including your captain. The first line will get going again when Gomez gets over the flu. When Gomez goes, that line goes.

  5. My least fav Harry moment….

    Nylander scores two goal against the Sens, we blow the two goal lead, then Malik turns the puck over, and pathetically sticks his stick out to try and block the shot, when it could have been an easy one for Hank to stop, and he deflects it in. We lose 3-2. Ugh !!

    Good luck, Tampa.

  6. As hated as Malik is with all us rangers fans, he does have the prettiest shoot-out goal in the short history of this game deciding event. I still you tube it every now and again so I can see it once more. I can’t imagine it ever being topped in a game that matters.

  7. on nhl on the fly they just gave credit to betts for the no goals against on the pk…

    sorry bob
    doesnt look like hes going anywhere

    time for you to find someone else to abuse…

  8. Malik wasn’t that bad. Unfortunately with that size everyone always expects a different style of play. The same idiots who scream “shoot” every second of the power-play are the same ones who booed Malik. Or they write columns trying to anoint the next player to boo when they haven’t done their journalistic homework.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Great, once he is in Tampa, he an J.Ward can swap stories of how bad they were in NY, and how much better the team was/is without them.

    My all time favorite Malik moment: puts a tape to tape pass to Ryan Getzlaf in the slot, Getzlaf one times it past Hank.

  10. bob,
    sjostrom is way more offensive than prucha will ever be in the new tougher NHL. Sjoie is faster, bigger, and more effective overall.

  11. I agree Dan every once in awhile I watch that one too! It was awesome! What a night! What a finish!

    And yeah I agree you gotta have Betts as your fourth line center.

  12. a plus 67 while he was here…

    better than chara over the course of the 3 seasons who was a plus 9 over 3 seasons (2 with boston)

    i understand his game wasnt physical and he was not a good skater… i get it…

    hell be a decent acquisitions for the lightning at a relatively cheap price… a cap hit of just over 1 mil…

  13. im sure it is… but just the same as a 5-0 record is still 5-0…

    im not saying we should of kept him…

    just stating facts

    fact – bears like beets
    battlestar galactica…

  14. Man, listening to these dumb bandwagon jumping fans you get the feeling that 29 other teams stink because they ain’t got Blair Betts who is now a definite Selke trophy nominee.

  15. leatherneckinlv on

    my lines and D pairings would be
    naslund gomex and drury
    voros dubui and zherdev
    byers fritsche and callahan
    sjo betts and orr

    staal and roszi
    redden and giradi
    mara and potter

    sign Mclaren and trade Prucha, kalinin and dawes..good players and just not a fit for the team…bring up byers as he will add to the team grit and take that aspect of the game away from voros..voros has chemistry on that line and needs to be on the ice not the sin bin..potter and mclaren also add to team a good center..let him refine himself in hartford,,,he needs ice time and not lose his confidence like prucha and dawes did

  16. Bob I said last year to keep Betts in. So I am not on any bandwagon. And in the dictionary dumb does not equal disagrees with Bob so chill out buddy.

  17. leatherneckinlv on

    also..blair betts has incredible hockey sense and there are a few aspects to the game we all love and he fits in great..i think our 4th line og sjo betts and orr is one of the best,,,only line needing tinkering with is the 3rd line

  18. They have done a good job in recent years in stopping other teams top lines. High impact/energy and good strong pk. I think that with someone who can play hockey (other than Betts)on the fourth line there might even be some scoring. In fact I think we have already seen that happen.

  19. bob
    you would trade or move Betts from the 4th line and put in Prucha? is this your first season watching hockey? Cause Prucha on the 4th line would serve no purpose whatsoever. Could you imagine seeing that last night against the 4th line of the Devils…Prucha would have been eaten by the likes of Holik…
    Do you think Prucha on the 4th line is suddenly going to make that a scoring line…he could n’t score with the best on our team and you think he is going to score with Orr and Fritsche…COME ON!!!

  20. Now Staal stop being an idiot! Bob is right isn’t that obvious!!! Anyone who disagrees is a dumb bandwagoner.

    P.S. is bandwagoner a word?? It is now!!!

    On another note had a thing about tn sports teams likely to relocate and the Isles made the list!

  21. Ok I want Shanny back I won’t lie, mostly cause when he decides to coach or join an organization I want his hockey brain in our rink not the Wings. But there was a woman at the game the other day and every five seconds she was yelling “where’s Shanny” to the point where even I wanted to kill her!!! And you can ask Ag I’m Shanahan’s biggest fan!

  22. bob

    callin me out cause i said that betts got credit on tv?

    my first ranger game was @ the meadowland… they played the flyers… bobby hull was a ranger that night…

    im 27
    do the math..

    my girl knows more about hockey then you do…

    dont matter how long ive been a fan… or how long ive played for… your statement the other day about bringing back hollweg was enough to prove to anyone how dumb you truly are…

    you typed it….
    you thought it..
    you are dumb…

    how could you possibly even think that hollweg is better than anyone on the team right now?

    i cant even believe i took this much time out of my day to acknowledge your remarks..

    as for betts he is definitely one of the reasons along with sjo, gomez, drury and lundqvist that our pk is friggen awesome…

    bob, for real… for everyone here.. please get a clue… watch a game man… for us bob… please?

  23. What happened to 15 posters that agreed with me that Betts has got to go? Oh that’s right Betts had 1 good game where he miraculously scored a goal and an assist and all of a sudden 3 years of stink are forgotten. This is pathetic bandwagon jumping. Fact is Betts still sucks, can’t pass, and can’t hit. And our PK will be awesome with or without Betts and Sjostrom.

    And Sjostrom? I rather have Fata who at least could finish his checks. Sjostrom couldn’t even score in AHL and in the juniors, he is all legs and not much else.

  24. leatherneckinlv on

    give me one good reason why…battery operated boyfriend (bob)that betts has to go…your ignorance will clearly i look at the nhl..truely..this 4th line of sjo, betts and orr is one of the best…how long have you been watching hockey?..what are the 4 major fundemantals of a successful hockey team??

  25. im sitting here and i have no clue what to even say to this guy… cause its really not worth it…

    i think i might have a brain aneurysm…

    im not even saying that betts is the next great one… hes doing his job.. and then some… while others arent “clicking” or producing…

    enjoy it bob… soak it in… our first line isnt clicking and we havent figured out our 3rd line combo… think about what might be when all that works out…

    i may have high hopes… but i think that goes with the territory of being a “fan”…

  26. I reckon Bob must be Fritsche or Prucha’s agent trying to drum up some support. Face it – Betts is here for at least the rest of the season, deal with it. He’s a UFA at the end of the season and looking at what we have in Hartford and on the bench he may not be brought back next year. Although at a smidgen over $600k he’s very cap friendly.

  27. Sjostrom played in the AHL for like a week if you don’t include the lockout. Hes on our 4th line when he’d be on most peoples 2nd or 3rd line. And I’ve always liked betts, so does that mean I’m on a bandwagon too? Only thing I’ve said is that I’d give Fritsche a shot over him if they rotated 4th lines.

  28. Don’t worry Bob the people who agree with you about Betts still do, I’m sure. I ust haven’t sen any posts from them. But i don’t think it was 15 maybe 5?

  29. Bob,

    I didnt want betts cause the last 2 yrs he wasnt good at all. he could only be on the pk and nothing else. this year he has been good so i cant say a word. but if he has some bad games hes gotta be benched. prucha shold replace fristche tonight.

  30. Beer, that $7.50 is for 16 oz not 24. Up .25 from last year. Still way too much and the reason you’ll see me on the LIRR with my 24 oz BIG BOYS.

    Malik’s OT gem was the first game I took my wife to. What an exciting game. The next game she went to was when the Asslanders killed us, Shanny had a hat trick but the comeback fell short. My wife was busting my balls about them losing and subsequently she hasn’t been to a game since :>

  31. Yeah, I’m not so sure I believe all those $’s.

    I was at the shootout game vs Washington too. Even Strudwick scored in that shootout!

  32. So what do you do with the 3rd line winger spot tonight?

    Fritsche surely didn’t do anything to ‘deserve’ to be a healthy scratch.

    Do you get Dawes or Prucha back in there? Rissmiller also didn’t do anything to ‘deserve’ a scratch, rather his foot caused him to miss the next game…right?

  33. If its my choice, and I’m basing it on what I saw in the last game, I stick with Fritsche.

    Of course I have no idea what’s going on in the skate this a.m.

    Then I probably go with Prucha vs Toronto Friday, Dawes the next night. Rissmiller vs Dallas on Monday(size).

    If you don’t dump one of these guys soon, they’ll be sorry that they keep bringing in ‘flat’ players, and get nothing out of them.

  34. I love how the malik sycophants conveniently leave out how he selfishly and petulantly was a traitor to his own team by walking out on them when he was scratched, and then in a later game refusing to shake the coaches hand because the little baby was still throwing a hissy fit over being benched.

    he is a pylon who belongs in a maternity ward or a psycho ward.

    it figures that the hapless clueless Tamp-ons would sign him. he and Melrose can share turnover stories

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