The Rangers are 5-0. At this rate, the blog could go out of business.


I just realized if the Rangers keep winning hockey games, I’m going to run out of things to write about.

I’m sure you’re concerned.

More later…

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  1. Dubinsky has been awesome and his sidekick Voros has been amazing as well. 2nd home game the same 3 stars along with Henrik

    I know there has always been some Renney bashing. but he deserves credit for putting Voros with Dubinsky and Zherdev. and Sather signing him deserves kudos as well

  2. “WOWZA! what an emotional day.

    the dubinsky zherdev voros line has been great thus far!”

    well said. still cant even grasp all of this. my heart goes out to cherrys family and friends. even thru the win it was still hard to get too excited about anything. this whole thing kinda leaves you just speechless ya know.

  3. the difference is that this year they are a T-E-A-M !!

    they got rid of the selfish pouting bigshot and his posse pals who were nothing but a couch clique that divided the team with his undue influence over personnel, strategy, tactics, and style of play.

    there’s no “i” in team, but there is an “i” in selfish.

  4. That video makes me wanna throw up. Seriously.

    As for the game. Great job, by everyone. The PK was great, the PP was good, Hank came up big. 5-0, nice !

    Gomer, Nazzy, and Dru seriously gotta get it going. I don’t mind Dubi, Nicky, and Voros having such a great start, and leading the team in points, but were paying Gomer, Nazzy, and Dru a lot of money, so they need to start chipping in.

  5. I never post anymore because of all the idiots on this site but I would love to know if anyone still pissed we don’t have selfish Jagr. Team looks good and for once there a team

  6. Awful news today friends. RIP Cherey, we will always wonder just how special you could have been in NY.

    Rangers look great though. I’m not quite surprised although very impressed. I will save my Drury issues for tonight but he sure looked like a pussy taking 3 punches to the face like that and not dropping gloves with L’brunner, no?

    No Renney issues yet either…. It’s a nice feeling.

  7. They did nothing for this poor kid while Jagr watched-not that he could have done anything. People were clapping when they carried him off. I hope hockey learns to carry defibrilators after this.

    RIP Chery…

  8. here r coach matts analysis of the game. the 4th line has looked good even though im not a fan. if they keep playing like this they can stay if they take a game off then the coach makes them take a game off. prucha plays on wed. the third line has been incomplete without him. and staal has a lot of poise with the puck. goodnight and be well.

  9. Dubi made a really soft play otherwise it’s a shutout. Still, fairly impressive. I’m a bit concerned about the lack of a threat from our first line as I suspect the second line won’t continue to produce at that sorta clip the whole season but you can’t fault the effort. For the most part a fairly well played complete game. Langenbruner’s an idiot and I wish Drury had plastered him with a nice uppercut but it was probably a pretty smart play to hold off. It really should have been en extra 2 to Dooshenbruner anyway but the ref’s as usual were reffing the score and not the game.

  10. I know it doesn’t so anyone any good, but from that video it appears that Cherepanov collapsed onto the floor of the bench and for an entire minute of that video – plus probably 30 seconds before that at least – it appears that nobody lifted the kid up, put him on the bench, or even attempted the simplest of CPR measures. Honestly, this is the one circumstance where a defibrillator and/or CPR could definitely have helped. And those are measures that need to be instituted immediately – even a lapse of 90-120 seconds makes all the difference in the world.

    I guess there’s no point in this, though. He very likely had a congenital defect known as HSS that nobody picked up and this may have been very dfficult to avoid. Just horrible and a tragedy, and sad to see Jagr standing there looking helpless. He’s gotta be having a hard time of it right now, too.

  11. well we are 5-0 so there shouldn’t be too much negative to write about the team. I’m sure the vet line will kick in their share.

    someone on the hof boards suggested a charity game next yr with Rangers vs Omsk at Garden with money given to Cherepanov’s family. seems like a good idea to me. still an unbelievable tragedy.

  12. Amazing that they’re 5-0 considering Drury has added nothing. Gomez and Naslund have been very quiet since the first two games. The supposed second line has been just amazing. Voros must be feeling great beating up on the team that gave up on him. Dubi has been about as good as any player in the league so far. I can’t say enough good things about Staal. I would say his game never jumps out at you but he makes a hundred subtle plays that helps you win. He makes a poke check breaking up a forecheck or he spins away from the forecheck and makes a good clearing pass. Girardi is nearly as strong in his own end and he’s a very smart player in the offensive zone. Nice to see Cally get rewarded for his swashbuckling game with an empty netter. Hank once again outclassed Brodeur in net.

  13. @ LI Joe-
    a charity game sounds like a wonderful idea for next year to help out the Cherepanov family.

    Meanwhile, I still can’t get over how this kid has left the world. From a human perspective. I’m not even talking hockey now. It’s sad to say, and i know there are a lot of stories going around about the event that transpired leading to his death, but i am now hearing that the defibrillator that could have saved his life lacked a working battery. Could his death have been prevented?

  14. You may have to reconsider the 3rd line configuration (and maybe the top line), they have NO points playing together and only 1 (Cally’s empty net) point in total, the 4th line has more points than the 3rd line with 25% less ice time. Although Korpi has been quick, he is not creating enough offense, and I know changing the winger every game can’t be helping but that is Renney’s decision and he knows the consequences. We are basically a 1 line team at this point, our specialty teams are why we are winning.

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