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Taking advantage of today’s optional skate, young Charlie (age: 3, shoots: left, passes: infrequently) and I spent our morning with our sticks down at the basketball courts playing street hockey as even younger Will (age: 9 months, shoots: undetermined, crawls: everywhere) napped.

Once in a while Charlie found it amusing to shoot a ball toward the stroller to see if he could wake his brother up. The brother-tormenting part is worrisome, but at least he shoots more than Rozsival.

Anyway, that’s all I have for hockey news so far today. I can’t even tell you who we snagged with our second pick in the fantasy draft since I haven’t checked in, but I will issue a full report on that later.

Update 1:15 p.m.: “Dan Fritsche is in for Patrick Rissmiller tonight”:, where he’ll play the left side with the Korpedo and Ryan Callahan.

Update, 1:51 p.m.: Fantasy update. Maloney and Albert are on the clock, as they have been for the past several hours. Perhaps Maloney is wondering if he can come out of retirement to select himself….

Update, 1:54 p.m.: It’s been noted that I should keep the cheap shots at Dave to a minimum seeing how we occasionally skate together and he’s been known to come in with his elbows high.

Have I mentioned that Dave is the best radio analyst in hockey?

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  1. Kinda a dull hockey day considering we play NJD tonight, and we’re currently 4-0. But then again, that’s seems to be par for the course for this blog. When things are quiet…its usually good. When things aren’t so good, everyone’s a GM/coach.

  2. So no DP again for NYI. 2 games in, and their 15-year man is on the shelf.

    McCabe does NOT have a broken back. That’s a good thing, right Staal? haha

    Peca suspended indefinitely…btw, my fantasy hockey team is named The Peca Heads.

  3. Beer, if the back is broken I can’t do anything…in fact the only thing I could do is hurt them more…
    BTW do you want to know the most famous person I ever adjusted?

  4. haha I wonder if DP retires if it’ll have an effect on these LONG term contracts being thrown around…. 4M a year isn’t BAD, but it would suck to lose for like 10 years…

    Beer – Peca heads is an AWESOME name.

  5. This is the only video of the Peca incident I can find. Its right after the Morrow goal (about 1:15 into the vid). Doesn’t look like much to me, but the vids not that good.

    Peca says he just grabbed his arm. League said he ‘hit’ him.

    posting link next…

  6. “The Carolina Hurricanes are looking for help up front after the long-term injuries to Justin Williams and Scott Walker. They’re shopping one of their excess blueliners.”

    Sounds like slats should be on the horn with CAR eh?

  7. I remember when the devs tied it in game 7 with 7.7 secs left onclock. Richter looked he he bumped ref then. devs and isles fans thought he should have received a penalty.





  9. Whew! I have finally caught up on all of the posts from the weekend when I was without internet (so I couldn’t plug in Vally to my fantasy lineup on Saturday, but maybe that was a good thing). I’m surprised more people weren’t complaining about the officiating that seemed to favor the Flyers trying to get back into the game. Yes, I was thinking about the Canadiens game last year the whole time after the first period. I was surprised Stevens didn’t pull Biron after he looked lazy on the third goal, Sjostrom’s wrap-around. I can’t understand what Gomez was doing when he took that penalty by wrapping his arm around a Flyer for no reason. I have to say that I called that Orr-Cote fight and was so happy when it happened on their first shifts. Mara didn’t even get a fighting major for when he dropped the gloves because it was more like a hugging match. It’s nice to see Betts already with a +3, with no goals against; it’s a good start for his defensive stats. It’s too bad Rozsival couldn’t be given a minus for the shorthanded goal, since his turnover was the cause of the ensuing faceoff.

    I’m hoping Dawes plays tonight because of his success against Brodeur and the increased likelihood that we will have a shootout. I know Zherdev would have to be in our shootout lineup, followed by Naslund I’m guessing. I don’t know if Dubinsky has such great breakaway moves, but I would like to see Sjostrom or Korpikoski in there.

    After the Rangers game was over on Saturday, I watched the end of the Devils game. That was pretty wild with the Devils more than tripling the amount of Penguins shots, and having their tying goal go directly off of Gill’s skate, Rozsival-style. It’s too bad they couldn’t end it in regulation, but the Devils took in in overtime with a wonderful long pass from Zajac to Parise, from the defensive to offensive zone. I was also surprised to see that Holik is on the second power play unit. Wow, Fleury got the #1 star for his 47 saves since the game was in Pittsburgh, even though he lost.

    I thought Sam said in the last post that his pick was #3?

  10. going to the game tonight! going to be in section 347 row A…. ill probably end up @ jimmys burger shack before the game….
    if anyone wants to talk politics…. hahahh

    lets go rangers!

  11. doodie machetto on

    Gerry, my friend was on Driver’s team in one league. They made him play goaltender because he was too good to skate with everyone else. I saw him play a few games; he was one of the better goaltenders too.

    But my friend said Bruce was actually a really nice guy. I don’t know if he whines during games, but apparantly off the ice he’s a real gentleman, and signed stuff for all of his teammates.

  12. doodie machetto on

    ““The Carolina Hurricanes are looking for help up front after the long-term injuries to Justin Williams and Scott Walker. They’re shopping one of their excess blueliners.”

    Sounds like slats should be on the horn with CAR eh”

    Slats should sign and trade Shanahan. How awesome would that be?

  13. Sam did say that Rutherford is a former GM of Shanahan, so he might already be interested. Why doesn’t he just sign Shanny himself? The problem might be that Shanny really doesn’t want to leave his family during the season, but there will be a decent amount of free time to make it up from Raleigh, I’m sure.

    What a sports day today! Baseball starting at 4:30, Rangers starting at 7, Giants starting at 8:30.

  14. according to Zipay, Fritsche in – – Rissmiller out. I would have went with Dawes given his success against Brodeur in shootouts but Fritsche needs a look also.

  15. this is why the depth is a good thing. no reason for players to play banged up especially the 3rd and 4th liners. looking forward to seeing Fritsche play.

    still expect Prucha to be moved somewhere maybe even back to europe. can still see korpikoski being sent down if team needs a 7th dman or some cap room with a 22 man roster instead of 23 man roster.

  16. I wonder how many games Sjo has to keep up the effort to lock himself into the lineup. Or even, keep himself in NY.

    Of all the depth guys, I think he’s one that I’d keep. On/off ice he seems to fit this team a little better than some of the others.

  17. I agree Beer, I like Sjo, but I like Fritsche too. Rissmiller, I don’t care either way. He may be a nice guy but for what he is he’s an expensive nice guy.

  18. I like in that article BEER ME posted, it talks about Malik’s physical presence!! ….. Thats funny

    By the way i made it out alive from the Rangers/Flyers game on Saturday, and extended my Brian Leetch jersey to 7-0 against Philly at the Wachovia.

  19. Watching NHL Live! on NHL Network, EJ Hradek just tore Mike Milbury a new one and boy was it funny. He said that all he does is make wise guy comments on the air, and that they must think that because his whole career as a GM was a complete disaster he must have a shred of credibility….priceless.

  20. doodie machetto on

    “I like in that article BEER ME posted, it talks about Malik’s physical presence!!”

    Yes, as in, he’ll be present, physically, on the ice. But his “presence?” That’ll be felt on the sticks of opposing players, as he hits them with tape to tape passes in the slot. Or it could be on their arms, hips, waists, legs, torsos, and hands, as he finds anywhere on their body to hook on after they blow right past him.

  21. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Maybe Avery’s trying to get the suspension and time it so he doesn’t have to come to the Garden next week.

  22. Courtesy of Andrew Gross:

    “Ex-Ottawa Senator Wade Redden, a veteran of his former team’s bitter rivalry with the Toronto Maple Leafs the past 11 seasons, got a taste of how intense his new team’s rivalry with the Devils is in the preseason.
    “At one preseason game, it wasn’t even against the Devils, I saw a fan with a Devils’ jersey on and he was getting booted out,” Redden said. “I’m looking forward to that, for sure.”

  23. doodie machetto on

    Sam, who is on your team so far?

    I hope you didn’t get a gritty goaltender. Then you would have Rick DiPietro.

  24. Go figure- Ryan Hollweg just took a penalty for hitting from behind costing his team a goal!

  25. hollweg 5 min major and faces an automatic 3 game suspension. i am watching game. he will miss ranger game on friday

  26. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Wow – you’re kidding me. Hollweg do that?!?! Since when?
    (Sorry couldn’t resist)

  27. I know alot of people were upset to see him go. I appreciate what he did here, but how crazy do you think Avery would be here with a new fat contract? I could see him being totally out of control and not buying into the team first idea. I’m not bashing him, I just think the way things fell into place, we’re better off.

  28. Ryan Hollweg just took one of his classic hit from behind majors and the Blues who were down 3-1 and looked like a beaten team score 2 PP goals to tie it and look energized. Oh the memories, good times and warm feelings. NOT. Thank god he’s off the Blueshirts!!!

  29. Everyone read that blog above about Sean Avery. Its so incredibly funny to read about how many people hate Sean Avery and think he is the worst addition ever. I have total respect for the guy because he obviously is a great agitator, i just dont think hes worth 4 mil. To have him and Hollwegg gone means most of the drama is gone. Its nice to see smart penalties instead of selfish penalties.

  30. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I like how this team is coming together. People will find something to moan about and I agree they have some rough spots to smooth out – but I like they dynamics of the team. Said it before – make some cap moves and lock in Staal, Dubinsky, Girardi. If Dubinsky continues playing the way he has as well as the leadership qualities he’s shown, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as a franchise player. But IF is a big word. I think we’ve got enough good stock in Hartford to fill in any holes.
    Tonight is going to be a good one. You know the Devils want us bad and are going to come at us extra hard. Are we going to be ready – 60 minutes worth of ready!

  31. i hope we find a hidden gem in the draft for the hollweg trade… that would be too great.

    gardenfaithful- i can only hope dubi is a franchise player… and i dont think it is too big of an if at all, he looked as if he was gonna be a star last year playin with jagr as well

  32. “The Philadelphia Flyers have acquired defenceman Andrew Alberts from the Boston Bruins in exchange for 22-year-old forward Ned Lukacevic and a fourth round pick in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.
    The 2009 fourth round pick will turn into a 2009 third round selection if Philadelphia resigns Alberts at the end of his contract, which expires on June 30, 2009.” TSN

    Ok…I’m guessing this is a typo or something, cause that doesn’t make any sense. The next draft IS the 2009 draft. If they wait to sign him at the END of his contract. That’s a week after the 2009 draft. Don’t know how you change a pick a week later.

  33. nyrincident,
    a few weeks ago we were hearing that Dubi did well because of JJ, and his success was attributed to Jagr. I pointed out that I thought JJ did well because of Dubi, and now more than ever Dubi so far has proved that he is more than capable of really being a star in this league. Last season he I thought he looked like a young Vinny Lecav… but didnt’ want to make that jump. But he does it all and his fighting skills have improved as well. Remember when he took that shot last season with the defenseman from I think it was Ottawa.

  34. Paging Nasty 1 and Kasper to the floor. Come on boys…I wanna talk hockey… at least till patients show up.

  35. Beer Me! – On Curt Menefee (totally off-topic), I believe he worked on FOX5 before SportsDesk, and he has been on the NFL on FOX for at least five years now, working play-by-play on one of the lower teams at first, then he was the in-game guy when James Brown left and Joe Buck was the pregame host when the studio went on the road. Since last season, Menefee has been the number one studio host.

  36. Sam, please keep us alerted to when we can truly assume the Shanny non-story is dead and buried. Thanks.

  37. Adam and his Apple on


    ok now that i have your attention, i have a lady friend in from buffalo (yes shes a sabres fan) but yeah im lookin to bring her to a good hockey bar in the city, you guys have any ideas?

    thanks in advance!

  38. The Flyers were dying for a dman and the B’s were looking for more cap room. The trade helps both teams. I am sad as I was hoping Kukonnen and Eminger would have played 60-70 games each.

  39. I am hoping this is B.S., one troll says something and then it spreads like wildfire.

    How are we certain that whatever that Russian website says is what this translates too.

  40. Jeezuz….Early reports saying that Jags accidently elbowed Cherry in the chest which stopped his heart and Cherry needed to be resucitated. These are just early reports but if true, I hope Alexei comes out of this fine. Poor Jags….he must feel terrible.

  41. well this news about chereponov doesnt sound good.

    staal- gotta agree with you. i think they both did great things for each other. dubinski being the youngling that he was, trying to free space for jags. and jagr mentoring dubi (just look at dubis first goal of the season, very jagr esq shot).

  42. Beer Me! – I have always liked Curt Menefee, too.

    Game misconducts being handed out like they are going out of style in the Sabres-Isles game, and they’re not even halfway through yet. I’m trying to figure out why the Isles are wearing white at home, since that is not their third jersey. Speaking of third jerseys, I am looking forward to seeing the Hurricanes highlights tonight.

    Hollweg already received a two-game suspension for hitting from behind/boarding three times in 41 games, including preseason, since that’s when it happend. What happens now that he has another; does the 41 game counter just start anew? Tallinder definitely should have received a penalty like this for hitting Comrie from behind during the Isles game earlier, but he did not, and somehow Comrie ended up with the only penalties for high-sticking (retaliation) and roughing (somebody should have matched that one).

  43. wow, prayers for Cherry. Hopefully he can pull through this. Prayers for Jagr too. He’s a good guy and was a great Ranger. Scary stuff

    On a more positive note, the Islanders are getting shalacked 5-0 in the 2nd

  44. The point of the elbow or whatever must have hit Cherepanov’s chest in the absolutely wrong place. That’s scary, for a 19-year-old hockey player’s heart to stop.

  45. Unconfirmed but reports out of Russia is that Cherry had passed away in the hospital. I dont read Russian but just taking others words on the translation. I pray this is very false.

  46. uhhh…uh oh. I don’t know what I’m reading here. The link above from blaze has another link in it to a russian site. When I copy/pasted into online translation…
    “23:30 Tcherepanov has died in hospital (36) 22:45 КХЛ. Riga “Dynamo” has conceded to “Locomotive”, “Hero” has won “Avant guarde”………….

    I’m merely relaying what I’m finding out there. Nothing more, nothing less.

  47. New York Ranger prospect Alexei Cherepanov collapsed on the bench at or near the end of Omsk’s Kontinental Hockey League game today.

    Medical personnel were attempting to revive him.

    No further details are available at this point.

    Cherepanov’s agent, Jay Grossman told TSN that because of fragmented information he is uncertain of the 19-year-old’s condition.

    Grossman said that according to an eye witness report, Cherepanov was body checked, got up and skated to the bench where he collapsed and his heart stopped, prompting CPR.

  48. ThisYearsModel on

    Looks bad. The web site is reporting that Alexi Cherpanov passed away at the hospital. Unreal.

  49. Liquid, I also saw reports that his heart was restarted and he is in stable condition at the ICU. Let’s hope that he’ll pull through. Hockey aside, it’s crazy to think of guys younger than me have serious health emergencies. Poor Jagr must be beside himself

  50. Yep, TSN report says that he has died. This is tragic. They will probably postpone tonight’s game. This is very scary and I feel really awful, for Jagr, too. Just wow.

  51. updated in TSN artcile

    “He was a great kid,” Cherepanov’s agent, Jay Grossman told TSN. “He had a great smile and was an outstanding player with a great future on and off the ice. It’s both shocking and devastating news for all of us. “

  52. This definitely brings tears to my eyes….Kid had everything in front of him to be world class and potentially a household name and live a great life…

    My heart goes out to his family.

  53. No, you’re right staal. It doesn’t. Tough to come out after this news. Hopefully they can keep it out of the lockerroom as long as possible.

  54. I also haven’t seen anything about Jagr being involved… something about this doesn’t seem right to me, 19 year old kid’s heart shouldn’t just stop

  55. Your heart doesn’t stop from an elbow to the chest. It would have to be significant and major force for that to happen. Jagr would have had to been skating at full speed as fast as he could and landed a flying elbow directly in his chest hitting the most perfect spot.

    Clearly, he had some kind of condition as Im sure we’ll find out later what it was.

    Devestating news. Hard not to think a little selfishly too…

  56. I’m just horrified… I can’t believe it. I was psyched up for the game tonight, now I just feel empty. Best wishes for his family.

  57. If it was Commotio Cordis, it doesn’t take a preexisting condition or even that hard a hit. Just enough of a thump to the right area at the wrong time and your heart rhythym gets interrupted. It happens all too often in sports, especially with younger players for some reason.

    If the reports are true that the KHL does not keep portable defibrillators on-hand at their rinks, its even more of a shame.

  58. nothing on the rangers website. the team clearly knows about it though. they have to especially cause he was young and im sure anisomov and him were friends. and grachev too.

  59. Thordic, I saw your post on a different board. I’ve also called a family member in Medicine to confirm. Unfortunately, it can happen.

    What a complete shame.

  60. Given a shot to the heart CAN stop it, but I wouldn’t think so wearing modern shoulder pads, they ALL have heart guards in them to prevent just that and spread the impact to the whole chest

  61. Brandon October 13th, 2008 at 3:58 pm

    Your heart doesn’t stop from an elbow to the chest. It would have to be significant and major force for that to happen. Jagr would have had to been skating at full speed as fast as he could and landed a flying elbow directly in his chest hitting the most perfect spot.

    Clearly, he had some kind of condition as Im sure we’ll find out later what it was.

    Devestating news. Hard not to think a little selfishly too…

    Not true, sometimes it doesn’t take much.

  62. Terrible news. So tragic

    He probably had some kind of heart condition that was never seen or diagnosed.
    Not unlike JOhn Ritter

    Those things are impossible to see unless your looking for them

    I bet Jagr is devastated

  63. I wouldn’t even think of that as far as standards in the league Beer, They’re generally using the same stuff as NHL players, RBK (and all it’s umbrella companies CCM, Jofa, Koho,etc), Nike Bauer, Warrior, Mission / Itech, it’s not like they’re all using Cooper stuff from 1978 over there

  64. The Tsn link doesn’t say anything about Jagr being involved in the hit. Sounds like the defibulators weren’t working plus it took the ambulance a long time to show up. I recall when Jiri Fischer’s heart stopped in a game vs the Preds and thankfully they had defibulators nearby and his life was saved. The ambulance was already there so he got to the hospital quickly. They are saying on MSG+ that it was a heart attack.

  65. wow, speachless….

    somethings to note:

    – cherepanov obviously had a previous heart condition
    – all that money in the russian super league and they cant afford a freaking portable defibrillator on the bench…


  66. Horrible thing to wake up to. My heart just fuggin sank. All hockey aside, potential, talent what ever, the kid was only what, 19 ? This is horrible news. The kid was living a dream year playing with his idol. This is just horrible, nothing more nothing less.

    I hope it wasn’t drugs, cause that would suck. You never know, all the pressure surrounding him, that’s how these things start.

    Nyr should have a moment of silence tonight.

    The last two seasons now, Bourdon, a young Flames prospect, and now Cherepanov died, all under the age of 21 i think. God damn tragic.

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