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This was Tom Renney when asked how excited the Rangers should be about their fast start. The coach, in my opinion, struck the right note.

“Just stay humble. Work hard. Work harder than the other team every game, and work harder in practice,” Renney said. “Take nothing for granted, especially on a day like today. How could you? It’s a gift to be playing in this league. It’s a gift to walk the planet. So you know what, leave it on the ice every single night and let the results take care of themselves.”

That’s it from the Garden on a day in Rangerland. The team is off tomorrow, but I’ll check in for sure at some point…

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  1. Good to see they played inspired hockey for this kid…..Big Win, but def. a very very sad day……

    RIP Alexei, my heart is broken for your family

  2. Man, that video on YouTube sure is tough to watch. Terrible shame to lose such a young life, let alone such a talented player. Poor Jagr must be a mess.

    Great win tonight, but there’s nothing that can make this day feel right.

  3. My heart goes out to Alexei’s parents…terrible thing to lose a child…he was on the verge of beginning his own life’s journey…just a tragedy.

    As a Ranger fan, I regret losing the opportunity to watch a skilled and talented young player…there’s no denying what he would have brought to the Rangers. He was on his way…off to a great start in the KHL…Jagr told Renney that Cherepanov could have played on the Rangers 2nd line right now…he would have have finished out his contract, the honorable thing to do…June 2007 seems so far away right now…a night that seemed as joyous a night as any of recent memory for Rangers fans…watching Cherepanov fall into the Rangers’ laps on draft night…all the promise that night held…life is so fragile sometimes…sad, sad day…a nice win tempered by life’s harsh reality.

  4. “Take nothing for granted, especially on a day like today. How could you? It’s a gift to be playing in this league. It’s a gift to walk the planet. So you know what, leave it on the ice every single night and let the results take care of themselves.”

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful words by Tom.

    R.I.P. ALEX. I was waiting to see you at the Garden…


  5. RIP A. Cherepanov. Unreal tragedy.

    To the mundane: Dan Girardi is an above average defenseman when the puck is in the offensive zone. Unfortunately, he is not even close to being an average NHLer in his own end. Multiple mental errors, sloppy with the puck, not nearly physical enough to worry any forwards he is meant to check.

    If this slot is not upgraded — esp. given who his partner is apparently going to be (and we know since Sather signed DK, he ain’t going anywhere) — either by a new player or a major improvement in Girardi’s play assuming he keeps his job, the team will suffer when spring comes and the going gets tough.

  6. Wow Laurence…I disagree 100% just another sap looking for something to pick apart after a pretty solid game BUT, after what happened today, does it really matter?
    Your in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. Nobody’s perfect. Girardi’s done SO much good since he arrived in that game against Philly in January 07.

    Good win. VERY sad day. Hopefully AC is in a better place :(

  8. Wartman: Yep, just another sap who sees what’s right in front of him. “100%” must mean you see an All Star. Hah!

  9. Laurence is a secret NJD fan…

    i think the Rangers as a team is playing outstanding hockey… i absolutely adore this team… the city and always will… we are wining hockey games here … whats there to complain about? although the so called first line isn’t playing up to their potential YET, i hope…
    they are definitely top line salary wise…

    … and Dubinsky is a super star in the making… best player on the team… after The King of course :)

  10. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Is anybody concerned that our second highest TOI forward, top-line winger, and Captain has 1 point (assist) in 5 games? Is anyone thinking maybe he’s holding Gomez and Naslund back? I wonder why EVERYONE (just about) wants to rip prucha so badly, but nobody every holds Drew accountable. We’ve had 3 one-goal games, still hasn’t shown up. Was it all just MSG hype you all bought…?!

  11. Lawrence is right. Girardi has leveled off big time. For a refresher, look at the goal that Hossa scored to eliminate this team last spring. Girardi hand-wrapped it, delivered it. And I see no change that tells me he’s improved at all.

    What is with some of you guys, 5-0 start means no one can point out the obvious?

  12. no 5-0 means the naysayers with their agenda will always grace these blogs with their useless drivel. there are more of them and they post more frequently when the team is mediocre or worse. but some insist on posting garbage so they can be the 1st to say I told you so when the Rangers do lose a game. too bad the blog doesn’t have an ignore this user function. could be very effective in removing spam.

  13. CCCP wrote: “I absolutely adore this team, the city and always will…”

    Excellent response! Now on to the swimsuit competition in this year’s pageant!

  14. Nice words from Tom on a tough night. I am obviously loving Voros, especially for the fact that he is signed for three seasons at $3 million total. These diamonds in the rough are essential with a salary cap. Of course, it has only been three games, so we must see it over the rest of the season, but he is on pace for 61 goals, haha. It will be good to have a couple of easier teams coming up before a tough game in Detroit; the team must still take these games seriously, of course. Maybe they could shake up the lettered line with Korpikoski’s line (anything has to leave the Dubinsky and Betts lines as they are), but it just doesn’t seem necessary while the team is winning. 10 points in 5 games!

  15. Laurence… great response! now back to the “name that stereotype” trivia game…

    and by the way i am from Odessa, Ukraine… believe it or not there is more than one city back in former USSR :)

  16. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Li Joe, you don’t even wonder where Drury’s gone? Even the Rangers had practice after going 4-0, on a scheduled day off. Do you not understand how sports work? Get an edge, keep the edge, win the games…I’m sorry for questioning your man-crush, hope you weren’t too offended.

  17. Girardi did turn the puck over in our own end because he tries to do too much sometimes. He makes some great plays, but also loses the puck a couple of times in key places on the ice. Thats really the only problem I’ve had with him this year and end of last. At least Kalinin is there to back him up this year. Toots was in the blue seats when Danny turned the puck over last year.

  18. CCCP — Yep. Petrograd, Leningrad, Girardigrad. I could go on for hours.

    In all seriousness, best wishes. Ukraine is an amazing place. I was there, in Odessa, two years ago. But I am very happy the USSR/CCCP is no more.

  19. That video of Alexi was sad and upsetting, and I am not sure why I even watched it. Oh man what a sad day. No stretcher, and no ambulance, that is what makes me the most upset.

    God Bless you Alexi

  20. I think I might like to see dru on the third line after dawes comes back and proves himself worthy of a spot on the first line (which I’m hoping he will). It’s not so much that Drury doesn’t belong on the top line as it is that dawes will benefit and produce more (partially from increased confidence and even pressure) from being with our top forwards and Drury will add some depth and experience to help get the third line to reach it’s potential. Also, Drury could probably really benifit from the energy posessed by cali and korpedo. Not being on the top line might also free Drury up some, and help him get more opportunities.

  21. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Am I the only who would like to see Prucha get a chance with the great skating and passing of Gomez and Naslund?

  22. I was very moved by Tom Renney’s words. What he said was very real and very humbling. I’ve been moved all day since I came across the news of Alexei’s passing. I remember how surprised I was when Mickey Renaud of the Windsor Spitfires died so suddenly. It all hits home pretty hard.

    I am so sorry for Alexei’s family and all his friends, he obviously had very many. They are in my prayers.

  23. What was really encouraging tonight was seeing the whole team tighten it up in the third period. I think they were all pretty tired of their bad habits, and knew they kept letting up. there is not real good reason to let up, it is not physically related, it is all mental. It was great to see them adapt, that means as much to me if not more than a 4 goal first period.

  24. Zherdev knew Cherepanov so thats why he was kinda upset by the whole thing still. And he went on to have a pretty solid game. Zherdev has played hard since day one but tonight he was trying even harder it seemed.

  25. Johnny D, thanks for posting that pic. So sad to see AC pass on, but if there is a silver lining to find in this, it may be that it helps to further galvanize the team together. Reminds me of how things were after 9/11. Through this immense tragedy, people bonded together like never before. Not that I’m comparing, but you see my point. It’s a great thing to see teammates looking out for each other, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Dubi and Z have that bond, and the success the Playstation line is having.

    It’s definitely a scary thing to think about. You never know when your time is up. What happened to AC will probably cross my mind when I step on the ice tomorrow, but I guess that’s the mystery of life. You savor moments because you never know when your time is up.

    On a side note, I can’t remember a group of Rangers more exciting to watch than the PS3 line. Those dudes are pumped

  26. Joe – i agree about the PS3 line, they seem to encapsulate everything we want our team to be. Do you think when we are down a goal in the third period some time in the future the garden crowd will start a “P-S-3” chant?

    As for Cherepanov, i can only add this: when my dad died my Gran said a parent should never have to bury their child. I feel for his family and his team-mates. NYR has lost a future star but his family and friends have lost much more.
    RIP Alexei.

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B, I agree 100% with you about Prucha. I have only posted a couple of times because it just seems as if all the NHL coaches on this Blog have joined Renny for whatever reason in denigrating a very good player who really has gotten the shaft and make every excuse for anyone else not scoring etc. The real shame is if Prucha plays and scores a few goals, the opinions and feelings will change faster than a “New York Minute”.
    No disrespect meant with the NHL Coach Comments, just getting very frustrated with this situation. The Rangers have ruined many young players before this and after discarding many others a good many of those went on to good or better NHL careers.

  28. I’m so glad that I have emails from late June telling my bro that we were going to grab Voros on 7/1. And his replies telling me its a waste of a spot. Well, it’s nice to have something to rub in someone’s face once in a while. Voros is a pimp.

    Lots of good things to say about the squad right now.

  29. I wouldn’t change a thing about the lineup. Keep Prucha or Dawes as your extra forward, and do what you gotta do with the rest. Not that Fritsche looks like a superstar out there. But that 3rd line winger spot doesn’t seem to have an identity. There’s a guy out there that would LOVE to fill that spot though eh? ;)

    You know who I’m talking about. haha

  30. I really don’t see Shanahan fitting in anymore with this uptempo team. Before the season started, I thought he would be a good asset at the right price. This team needs a few small adjustments, that it. The only way we would see Shanny play for us is if injuries were to hit later in the year. He would then be a very small cap hit with very fresh legs.old legs, but fresh legs :)

  31. Yeah, I don’t think I was completely serious about that. Honestly. But it sounded right last night after some celebratory beers. lol

  32. Where is everyone?

    Trade Prucha

    Sign Shanny

    Renney is the best coach the Rangers have had since Emile.

    Avery’s a tool.

    Is ANY of this working?! Hellooooo?

  33. A sad day yesterday even when we handily beat our newest arch-rivals (I mean I think the Devs have supplanted the Isles as the team currently we MOST like to beat.) When I realized I will be 38 this month and Cherep was half my frickin age, it really hit me. So sad!

    True Fans…you said two things that I think are just plain silly. Prucha was good 2 years ago. He stinks now. Period. He has been given chances time and again last season, in the playoffs, and this season and has shown nothing.

    Then you compound your foolish statement by saying Prucha should go on the first line for Drury. You asked if you were the only one who wanted to see Prucha out there with Gomer and Naz. I think the answer is No. You and the guy who used to blog here named Prucha27 or something…you are the only 2 who want to see that. Trade Prucha now while he still has some value.

    Your hockey intelligence is not too high. Sorry. You say Prucha deserves a shot and then you say Drury sucks. And you have the audacity to compare Drury’s lack of production to that of Prucha’s as if their complete games are anything similar? I am not going to waste my time on this anymore other than to ask, where did Drury finish on the goal scoring list of this team last year and how fast did he storm out of the gate?

    The only place on O where I see this team needing to figure something out is the 3d line winger next to Korpi and Cally. I think Fritsche did OK last night. I kinda felt Rissmiller played great the previous game. Dawes, Prucha, Fritsche, Rissmiller….who knows? I will say that the 3d line DID NOT provide enough spark last night. My brother said he thought Shanny could do something on that 3d line. I thought he would not be fast enough. I think you try and pkg two or 3 of those mentioned for a real solid 3d liner. Or trade 2 of them for a goalie and then pkg that goalie with the 3d player there for a real 3d liner. Just a thought.

    On D, Kalinin is scary. Clearly he is this year’s Malik (and European too…shocker!) I agree on the above about Girardi. He has some decent offensive skills (better than expected I mean) but his D work in the D zone borders on sloppy. Staal is the man. Just calm, cool, and collected. Redden so far so good, though a touch slow. And Mara has exceeded expectations so far. Rosy is the same as last year…brainfarts galore but some offensive sparks at times.

    Voros is the man! Dubi Zherdev Voros the best line of the year so far…hands down.

    Colton Orr is the most improved skater on this team. I only wish he had fought Clarkson, Rupp, or White/Holik (I can dream right?)

    Sjostrom really showing he wants to play.

    Hard time knocking the Betts-Orr-Sjostrom line right now.

  34. I remember only a few short weeks ago reading crap like this…
    Pearn sucks the PP is going to suck.
    Who is gonna score…
    Our defense still sucks.
    Trade Betts…NO trade Bob!
    Well understandibly its only 5 games in but…Our PP is light years ahead of last season…Pearn is looking pretty good right now and the success so far is only proof that last year everything had to flow through Jagr.
    We are getting scoring mostly so far from Dubi, Voros and Zherev. So the haters naturally have to rip into the first line. and its gonna sound something like this…Gomez and Drury were signed for too much money. Gomez sucks and he still wishes he was a Devil. Drury Sucks he makes too much money and where is Mr. Clutch now…and Naslund well he’s too old and should have stayed in Vancouver. I can hear it now.

    Most recently all you Girardi haters…Some how I get the feeling you either don’t watch much hockey or you don’t know anything about the game. Why? Because you seem to think that the Rangers are playing a machine…like the other team doesn’t adapt and change there tactics. Like a turnover should never happen…we it turns out that last night we came out and applied alot of pressure and guess what…The Devils couldn’t even get the puck past center ice. All they did for about 10-15 min was turn the puck over. Girardi turnes the puck over twice and…trade him! for the sake of argument who the hell would rather have back there…THAT WE CAN AFFORD?

  35. newman – agreed on almost every single word in that post.

    Move those players and go get a ‘great 3rd liner’. Whatever that means (haha).

    Need to go get a 6th/7th man soon also. Very soon.

  36. If I’m the GM here, I take Sjo OFF the list of players to move. Newman’s right, there’s not much to knock on that line. They play their role, and without #44, they stay out of the box too.

  37. haha holy crap if forgot to finish my post HAHA. It was supposed to say this…
    Most recently all you Girardi haters…Some how I get the feeling you either don’t watch much hockey or you don’t know anything about the game. Why? Because you seem to think that the Rangers are playing a machine…like the other team doesn’t adapt and change there tactics. Like a turnover should never happen…we it turns out that last night we came out and applied alot of pressure and guess what…The Devils couldn’t even get the puck past center ice. All they did for about 10-15 min was turn the puck over. So the Devils started appling pressure of there own and cycling down low…and yes they generated chances, which is what good teams do. Girardi turnes the puck over twice and…trade him, last season you loved him. for the sake of argument who the hell would rather have back there…THAT WE CAN AFFORD?

  38. everyone’s really gotta stop complaining about individual players right now, jeez 5-0 and this blog still has such a pessimistic feel to it. even though we are un-defeated(sounds lovely), we are still only 5 games in. i’d say, when december rolls along, it might be a little more appropriate to complain about girardi and drury and prucha. keep in mind, with any winning team, there are always a couple of players that arent up to par, but there are always other players to pick up the slack and get us 2 points; thats what makes a great team. thats what the rangers are right now. you think if we win the stanley cup , we’d still have people complaining?

  39. Sam,

    Any word on why Lou Lamoriello was sitting in the press seats with you? I don’t believe the reason he gave me when I asked him why he was down there. He said “Because the Rangers stuck me here” At least he has class, just like his fatso, non hand shaking goalie. I see where Martha gets it from.

  40. SAM! Can you ask this question of Renney today?

    “Now 5 games in, when would you say the evaluation period will end? Has it already?”

  41. I am glad that I scooped up Voros on my fantasy hockey team before the season started. Just had a feeling.

  42. Quick comment on Girardi – the guy takes practically no penalties, which is huge and very underappreciated. Not every defenseman can be a stud in the offensive zone, otherwise they’d all be making $5mn plus…..

  43. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hey Newman, it’s funny because I think the same of your hockey IQ and here’s why…
    Drury has 1 assist in 5 games, including countless PP opportunities and the most skating time of all the Rangers playing wing right now – but the only upgrade you make to the Offense is the third line – Did I read that correctly? haha.

    Second, are you happy with Drury getting 25 goals or are you one of those people who thinks he’s going to have a 30-40 goal seasons? I personally believe in this role, he should have 30+ goal seasons. His career average is 23goals.

    Here’s the prucha point…Prucha played how many games last year? Prucha averaged how many minutes per game? Prucha played how much PP time? and Prucha’s most common linemates were thos 8 minutes he played per game? (many times 3rd and 4th liners). I’m sorry you’re too naive to see Prucha’s been black-listed by this team; they’re afraid he’s going to get injured. Why they took him off the PP after 16 PP goals his rookie year? Who knows. But when he did play the PP time and skated with Jagr he had 52 goals…sorry, you’re wrong.

  44. I want so bad NOT to bash Kalinin. And I’m not going to yet. But he’s walking a fine line man. There’s always going to be a weak spot on a team. But he hasn’t done a nearly a good enough job concealing that yet!

  45. So now it gets really interesting, although nothing will bring the kid back. From ESPN:

    MOSCOW — A Russian lawmaker said Tuesday that rising hockey star Alexei Cherepanov, a first-round draft pick of the New York Rangers, may have died due to negligence on the part of paramedics who responded to an emergency call.

    Russian investigators said Cherepanov suffered from chronic ischemia, a medical condition in which not enough blood gets to the heart or other organs.

    Pavel Krasheninnikov, who sits on the Russian Hockey Federation’s supervisory council and is a member of the State Duma, said there was no ambulance on duty at the arena where Cherepanov’s Russian team, Avangard Omsk, was playing.

    He asserted that emergency workers took too long to respond and didn’t have a defibrillator, a machine used to shock the heart. It was unclear how much time it took paramedics to respond.

    “There are elements of negligence here,” Krasheninnikov said in televised comments.

    When asked Monday about the availability of a defibrillator or whether medical equipment that might have helped Cherepanov was in working order, coach Bruce Fleming told he had been asked not to comment by team officials.

    An earlier report on the tragedy had suggested the ambulance usually stationed at the arena had left and had to be called back, delaying Cherepanov’s transport to the hospital. That report could not be independently verified.

    So “chronic ischemia” is not an actual medical condition. It has to be caused by something else. Did Cherepanov have some sort of chronic vasculitis, and inflammation of the blood vessels that would result in “chronic ischemia”? There is no such diagnosis as “Chronic ischemia”. Most likely he had something called IHSS, which is a congenital thickening and deformity of the heart muscle that could easily never have surfaced. People with that condition (I believe Hank Gathers had that) have arrythmias that result in cardiac arrest. A defibrillator, if available, helps significantly. Even CPR might have halped, which apparently nobody did for at least 4 minutes after he collapsed. And if that’s the case – and I think it is – you can forget the stories that he was “revived” at any point after that. Maybe they got a pulse, but that’s it.

    Terrible, terrible tragedy.

    Terrible tragedy.

  46. doodie machetto on

    “True Fans – we are 5-0 check the standings.”

    Examine that 5-0 and it’s not that impressive. We started by playing Tampa Bay team twice, a team so desperate for defense that they are putting in calls to Malik. And all we could do is eek past them in two 2-1 games, despite the fact that we had 41 and 39 shots in those games, respectively.

    Then we played a Blackhawks team that is still winless, with a goaltender who has been totally lost so far this season. It was also their first game of the season, and our third, and fourth if you count the highly competitve match with Metallurg.

    Then we played the Flyers, in our 4th (5th if you count Metallurg) game of the season, which was their first. We got out to a 4-0 lead after the first period, particularly because of 3 soft goals let in by Biron. But, over the rest of the game, we were outscored 3-0. So, not exactly crushing defeat there.

    I didn’t get to see the game last night against the MB30s, but it sounds like this was the first win that we should be satisfied with this season.

    So, 5-0, I’m not that impressed. Didn’t the team go something like 9-1-2 last November? Then it was below .500 for the next 2-3 months. So, again, to quote the immortal words of Mr. Harvey Keitel, “let’s not start sucking each others d!cks just yet.”

  47. 5-0…wow! The Rangers had every excuse to come out flat last night and they didn’t. It’s a long season and slumps happen, but I can’t remember a Rangers team look so hungry in a long, long time.

  48. True Fans, glass half empty kind of guy, would you say the opposite if we were 0-5?

    Eh, we were tired in Europe, eh Tampa is a new team, eh the Blackhawks have fresh young legs, eh the Devils were bound to beat us, eh it was the Flyer’s home opener. None of those were meaningful losses.

    That’s a really in depth analysis you gave us on the 5 wins. Good job.

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