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On what can only be described as a surreal night at the Garden, the Rangers hold a 2-0 lead on goals by Brandon Dubinsky and Aaron Voros, giving that line an astounding six goals in their last three games.

Just a suggestion: Maybe Tom Renney should consider keeping them together.

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  1. we need to get some size on this team to make an ice hockey reference i always feel like its 3 fats against our 3 skinnys

  2. Korpkoski has likely played his best game. He has used his speed nicely. He drew the pp in which Voros scored. Voros so far looks like the power forward the Rangers have been looking for years. Hank has faced a bunch of tough shots lately and has been great.

  3. It was bound to happen. Soft attempt of a clear by Dubi lead to the goal. The last 5 minutes have been all Devils.

  4. That goal was pathetic, could have easily been avoided. Hopefully they score on this PP, and get the lead by two again.

    Voros is the man, i loved how he was rubbing that goal in White’s face, saying “I Scored”, lol, good stuff.

    We need 20 solid minutes, no dumb mistakes. Hopefully that all starts with a PP goal.

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow. Crazy news about Cherepanov. I hate to sound little selfish at a time like this, but it REALLY hurts the future of the team. And I mean that not to be selfish, but to compliment him on what an dynamic player he already was and was yet to become.

    It is a shame that we and the world will never know.

  6. We need a power play goal here. I didn’t like that goal against. We have to clear the zone hard when given the opportunity. I really like Voros too. I didn’t like him being pushed down our throats by Sam and Joe before the season even started, but I guess they were right this time. Good stuff. I want this win very very bad.

  7. Great job by Dubi carrying the puck in the zone setting everything up. I bet you he’ll lead the team in points this year. Girardi has quietely been really good so far this year. He will lead the dman in points imo. He is silky smooth with the puck and always gets the puck on net.

  8. What happened to Betts” offense today? LMAO. Get this useless scrub out of here along with Sjostrom.

    Fritsche looked ok and very fast.

    if “top” line doesn’t wake up next game, they need to be broken up and Prucha and/or Dawes have to be put in the mix.

  9. so many of our goals this year have come off the shot from the d man why were they refusing to shoot

  10. enough of the “SHOOOOT” chants. while i agree the rangers could be more aggressive shooting the puck, you have to give the players a chance to set up the power play and find the open man.

    if you disagree, think about the power play in 1994, i can hear sam rosen in my head – “leetch to zubov, back to leetch…”

  11. HockeymanRangers on

    Very very sad news of Cherpanov, I am shocked that someone so young and so athletic can just go like that. Bless his family the team and the entire Russian league.

  12. you cant beat us
    you cant beat us
    you cant beat us

    so good game overall there are still some things that make me cringe but there are a hell of alotta positives and you cant beat a 5-0 start.

  13. Amazing that they’re 5-0 considering Drury is has added nothing. Gomez and Naslund have been very quiet since the first two games. The supposed second line has been just amazing. Voros must be feeling great beating up on the team that gave up on him. Dubi has been about as good as any player in the league so far. I can’t say enough good things about Staal. I would say his game never jumps out at you but he makes a hundred subtle plays that helps you win. He makes a poke check breaking up a forecheck or he spins away from the forecheck and makes a good clearing pass. Girardi is nearly as strong in his own end and he’s a very smart player in the offensive zone. Nice to see Cally get rewarded for his swashbuckling game with an empty netter. Hank once again outclassed Brodeur in net.

  14. Voros is going to have a superb year so will Dubi and Zherdev, hopefully Renny keeps this line together, also Staal and Girardi were outstanding.

  15. Just saw the video of the doctors working on Cherepanov after he collapsed I wish I hadn’t watched. They didn’t even have a fucking stretcher he had to be carried off by his teammates unbelievable. To see his legs just dangling there(as he’s carried off) was stomach churning. I saw his last shift on you tube and really nothing happened no hits no nothing.

  16. You may have to reconsider the 3rd line configuration (and maybe the top line), they have NO points playing together and only 1 (Cally’s empty net) point in total, the 4th line has more points than the 3rd line with 25% less ice time. Although Korpi has been quick, he is not creating enough offense, and I know changing the winger every game can’t be helping but that is Renney’s decision and he knows the consequences. We are basically a 1 line team at this point, our specialty teams are why we are winning.

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