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It wasn’t long — a little more than a half hour, actually — but the fact that the Rangers skated at all today proves they’re not content with their 4-0 start. Actually, strike that. The 4-0 start part is fine. It’s more that the Rangers aren’t thrilled with how they’ve played in getting to that point.

“Tom’s not going to let anything slip. Tom’s always got our back 100 percent and he sees things he doesn’t like and we agree with him,” Scott Gomez said. “There’s always room for improvement. As soon as you start to think we should have a day off, that’s BS on our part. Great coaches definitely let you know, and he’s one of them.”

The team had a video session prior to the skate, at which time some of their troubles getting the puck out of the zone and careless penalties were addressed.

It’s worth asking: Have the Rangers won the last two games purely because they’re further along in the process than the teams they’re facing?

“I don’t know,” Brandon Dubinsky said. “I can’t say yes or no because I wasn’t at these other teams’ training camps, so I don’t know how well they’ve prepared. I think the bottom line is we’re getting fantastic goaltending right now and we’re finding ways to get the job done.”

Some other notes:

<li>Tom Renney doesn’t appear to be making any roster moves for tomorrow. The three extra skaters in red jerseys today were Petr Prucha, Dan Fritsche, and Nigel Dawes. Given Fred Sjostrom’s performance the last two games, it’s fair to say he’s bought himself some time in the lineup.

<li>Brandon Dubinksy on his fight with Mike Richards, which came when the Rangers were ahead 4-0:

“I told myself I wasn’t going to fight this year, but it’s something you have to do once in a while when challenged. But I wouldn’t get used to watching it.”

Dubinsky didn’t have much of a choice with Richards, who virtually pleaded with the Rangers’ center to drop the gloves.

<li>Renney hinted earlier that there will be more optional morning skates this year for the team, including some when he discourages players from taking part at all. It sounds like tomorrow will be one of those.

<li>The start of the fantasy hockey draft is minutes away, and Zipay has already sent me somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 e-mails asking who we should pick with our first (third overall) selection. You heard it here first: assuming Alexander Ovechkin and Sid the Kid are both gone, Charlie’s Chiefs are prepared to select Evgeni Malkin.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

Update, 7:33 p.m.: The draft has been exceptionally slow-moving, so our only pick so far has been Malkin (this after Zipay made a last -second pitch for us to snag Dany Heatley). Look for the Chiefs to add some grit in the second-round — or a goaltender, or perhaps ideally, a gritty goaltender.

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  1. Adam and his apple on

    get zetterberg, you dont wanna be rooting for malkin the whole year especially when he plays the rangers youll have conflicting interests

    is it just me or did lundquist really work on his stick work in the offseason? theres already been 3 passes from henrik to our guys waiting at the enemies blueline, if he does this the rest of the year itll definitely add a dimension to the rangers game that hasnt ever been there in all the time ive been watching (since 91)

  2. Speed was never an issue with Betts, I don’t understand those that say he is slow. The main problems with him is that he absolutelly cannot pass and absolutely never throws big hits. And it doesn’t look like he has or will any time soon improve in those 2 areas. Sjostrom’s main issue is he never thows a big hi. In fact both Betts and Sjostrom shy away from even finishing their checks by peeling off.

  3. Rangers stopped playing after the 1st period. Vally kept us in a game we could have lost. Shoe-string is becoming a keeper. Still need to put Fritz in the line up. What’s with Gomez’s drop passes to Kasper the Ghost. Callahan needs to play more on PK.

  4. Sam-

    Go for a goalie if you can’t get AO, Crosby or Malkin. Luongo, Nabakov, or if you have to…Fatso (hey I don’t play around in fantasy).

    You can always get supplemental scoring later. Kopitar, Mike Greene, Patrice Bergeron, and even a sleeper like Tom Gilbert from Edm will help, but good goaltending is essential.

  5. Sam,
    I thought the NHL was going back this season to white jerseys at home and color on the road. I think there is something to seeing the different colors coming into your building vs. seeing Rangers at the Garden always against white.

  6. Sam,

    If I sign up to get the blog update via email, will I only get your update or every blog at LoHud? Please let me know. Thanks.


    Bob, Betts is a major reason why through 4 games we have yet to give up a PP goal, including the extended 5-3 against Philly, who had the #2 PP in the league last year behind Montreal

  8. I bleed Rangers blue on

    hey sam, The only thing im really curious about is in a league full of rangers commentators and press, where will Henrik Lundqvist go? Dont get me wrong hes a great goalie. But in a league not based in NY he usually goes in the 2nd round. In the leagues ive played in with a group full of homers he always goes in the 1st round. This year in my league he went 5th overall(not by me). Personally i like drafting him just so i can root for him. just give us a word of where he goes.

  9. Further along or not… this is precisely what the NYR needed. Get out of the gate with some success and then hopefully they won’t have to work so hard towards the end of the season… refill the gas tanks for when it matters.

    I loved the forecheck last night (when they were employing it). It was exactly what other teams were doing to us last year… agressive, not allowing any time/room to breath.

    Whoever brought up Mara in the last thread was dead-on. Since he grew that play-offs beard last season he’s been solid… if not better than solid. Love the mean streak too!!!

  10. What Ive thought of the Rangers thus far.
    Naslund-invisible in the past two games, responsible defensively, I feel like he might run out of gas though.
    Gomez-seems to be quicker every year, great passer, needs to let it rip more often, that shot of the post was remarkable
    Drury-needs to find the back of the net for his confidence, has been great defensively,
    Voros-a great second line pick, sticks up for his teammates, has confidence, works well with Dubi and Zher, weve been looking for a solid guy in front of the net
    Dubinsky-I think its safe to say hes been the best player thus far and hopefully hell continue that, complete package
    Zherdev-great offensively, defensive liability, too many moves leads to turnovers in the neutral zone, lets hope the offensive gain outweighs the defensive mistakes
    Callahan-workhorse, lots of energy, needs a confidence booster, has been fierce
    Korpikoski-needs to get the jitters out, pretty much invisible, seems to work hard though, I think we need to send him down and give him another full year in the AHL.
    Rissmiller-also invisible on O, nice solid hitting though
    Sjostrom-has potential, can put the puck in the net, not the greatest hitter (but who cares), good 4th liner
    Betts-great PKer, showed he can put the puck in the net, always in good position, defensively responsible
    Orr-always sticks up for teammates, much faster, drives to the net, more defensively responsible then last year
    Redden-great shot, in position, nice passing, great addition to the team
    Roszival-great shot (should have used it last year), defensively strong
    Girardi-strong hitter, in position, great on D, not the greatest shot, but you can’t ask for 6 Defensive Offensemen
    Mara-seems to have a Samson effect, as his beard gets longer he gets better. Very solid in front of thet net and is very angry this year. Looks and scares me like the Brawny guy.
    Staal-invisible(in a good way), rarely makes a bad play and deserves more ice time, unfortunately all of our defensemen have been solid
    Kalinin-solid for the most part, its a great feeling to say that he is our worst defensemen because he is not bad. Needs to work on where to pass the puck sometimes, but gets back in position when making a bad turnover
    Prucha-once again invisible. I feel bad for the kid, I think he needs a new start somewhere else. Confidence is a key in hockey, defensive liability
    Dawes-such quick hands, but also invisible. Needs to rip a shot more often, defensive liability
    Fritsche-invisible…wait thats because he hasnt played yet, looks nasty, but I havent seen enough, maybe hes not good on the defensive end?
    Potter-deserves a chance in the NHL, great in the Preseason
    Lundqvist-seems to have his head in the game, a necessary component to the teams success this year
    Vali-good backup

    Altogether I feel like this team has a great chance. We keep shooters to the outside on Defense, rush the net on offense, and control the neutral zone for the most part. The only thing we need to watch is giving away odd man rushes. This team has more chemistry then I have seen in the past decade. As long as some of our key players keep their confidence (Dubi, Voros, Redden) and others gain some (Drury, Korpi, Cally) I think we will have a successful year. Momentum is half of the game, and right now we have it. We need to keep driving forward and concentrate on the next game ahead of us.

  11. “unfortunately all of our defensemen have been solid.”


    just kidding but that line made me crack up.

  12. yea i wouldn’t say our d as a whole is solid, we have been fortunate to have good goaltending ann opponents who can’t bury chances (see Chicago). redden looks good on the pp but he just can’t seem to stop people from blowing by him on the side, not a good omen for yr 1 of 6. and i’d say our whole first line looks lost with naslund looking more like a good defensive thirdliner than a first line scorer at this point

    a wins a win, but i wouldn’t expect opponents to be so inept (all three teams we’ve played) going forward

  13. After Orr-Cote and Dubi-Richards and Mara and…eh I forget I was hoping for Rangers to keep hammering (and for a Kate Smith-Robert Merrill brawl or a Palin-Obama brawl)…instead I get a third period of stick checks, back-passes and excuse me-pardon me defense……so I watched the beginning of the Flame-Canuck game ( had like 3 fights including Igilna-Mitchell; one of the best fights I’ve seen in a long time)then I went to church….


    Take it easy, its 4 games in. Korpedo is playing solid, he’s not putting up points, but he’s playing smart ,not doing anything wrong. You cant just expect him to start scoring every game, if you were to send him down to the AHL for that reason, then Dubi would have been down there last season, and not up with the team.

    BTW – Mara is becoming one of my fav D-men on the team. This guy is the damn man. I loved how he jumped right in after Coburn shoved Gomer, and he dropped the gloves with Richards, and that Hawks player, and Clarkson in pre season. He has a good hard shot, which he needs to use more of this season, he’s smart, doesn’t make mistakes, he was a great player to re sign, he wont hurt us, and he’s a great team guy, and wants to be on this team, not for money, just for the chance to win a cup.

    As for Kalinin, he looked solid the last 3 games, but has made a few mistakes. His penalty in the last game in my opinion was not a penalty, that was a good defensive play to make up for a bad one.

    The PK was fuggin fantastic. 15 for 15, fuggin 1 SHOT on that 5 on 3, along with the 5 on 4 to follow. I hate to say it, but i was thinking in my head “this is BS, were aboot to blow a 4-0 lead” and they managed to kill it off, good stuff.

    Dru, NEEDS to score a goal, to get something going. So far Dru, Dawes, and Pruchs don’t have anything, and everyone else who we expect to be some sort of offensive threat has already scored, like Rozi last night, except for them. Dawesy needs to play the next game, hopefully being scratched will help him out, and show him his jobs not safe.

  15. At least Drury has had chances… rang one off the post last night I think… and he’s been in it. Dawes and Pruchs when they havce played haven’t really even sniffed a chance.

    Drury will get goals. Don’t worry.

  16. Not real sure what Rissmiller did to stay in the lineup. Fritsche deserves a look. Korpikoski really has been invisable he needs to pick it up or else he’s going back to Hartford.

  17. I agree, Drury just needs to keep shooting the puck. Its not like he is sitting around doing nothing. He is pushing, just no luck so far. I believe in him!

  18. hey Orr.
    I just think we should send him down so he can get another good year of experience so he’ll be better. This kid has potential, I just think we should develop it a little more before he starts playing every game. I’d rather have him in the ahl over sitting on the bench, which I believe will happen because of his lack of production early.

  19. This is the kind of crap that drives me nuts:
    “At least Drury has had chances… rang one off the post last night I think… and he’s been in it. Dawes and Pruchs when they havce played haven’t really even sniffed a chance.
    Drury will get goals. Don’t worry.”
    and then …”I believe in him.”

    Hello people! Prucha played 2 games on the third line. Even Dawes played with Zherdev and Dubinsky before they really clicked. Neither saw powerplay time.

    Stop making damned excuses for Drury. He plays on our top line. He plays wing now. He plays PP time. He plays ES time. He gets breakaways and one-timers setup for him more than anyone else. He’s our F’ing captain. NO more damn’d excuses, time for Mr. “clutch” to put up. That’s just the raw deal and I don’t wanna hear any crap about little league or the hobey baker BS. Time to “lead” this team, Mr. Captain.

    On that note, if you’re all also going to prove your ignorance saying that Prucha “wasn’t getting chances like Drury” I’m going to scoff and send you back to your hockey ABC’s. Put Prucha in Drury’s spot on that line and on the PP and I guarantee he’s got 2 goals already. Put Drury on the 3rd line and he has nothing…oh wait, that’s what he has already!!! haha

  20. I don’t know, i just think Korpedo is better suited for the Wing. Putting him at center just might be to much for him. I think they should just put Cally there.

    Either way, its to soon to dump him.

    I was just on TSN and i saw a Sean Avery video. This guy sooner or later is gonna get traded. In practice he’s just skating around, he’s not around the guys. Jeez, this guy’s only friend there must be Hull. Its Aves fault, i was “bleeding blue”, but chose the green instead. Now Nyr is 4-0, and his team is 0-2.

    Im not trying to say Voros is gonna be a star, and score 30-40 goals, but there was a poster on this blog that said something like “When we got Graves he was a 10 goal scorer”, and that was a great point. Like i said, im not expecting him tp be a huge scorer, but you never know, he can be a huge asset to this team. He has a goal, and 3 assists so far i think, two assists came from him deflecting the puck in front of the net, so as far as im concerned, he is a perfect replacement for Aves. He isn’t a great agitator, but he’s smarter with the puck, than Aves, he can screen the goalie better than Aves, i think Aves is a better hitter, but Voros takes less penalties, and puts his team before his pride. Everyone was saying when Slats signed this guy “i hope this isn’t Avery’s replacement”, im happy he is. He’s a good team guy, and i already like him better than Aves. Im pretty much over the guy.

    Although, i still wouldn’t mind if Nyr managed to get Jordin Tootoo over here.

  21. From Blueshirtsbulletin:Dmitri Kalinin hadn’t turned the puck over so badly, it wouldn’t have been an issue. Kalinin has not been the disaster he was in the season opener in the three games since, but he does continue to have his turnpike moments, opponents going through his toll gate as if they have EZ-Pass.
    pretty funny.


    Highly doubt that. Pruchs’ shot pretty much sucks these days, he hits the same spot which is right in the chest area, which means unless the goalie got stabbed with a huge pipe, that fuggin puck is not going in. Pruchs does that same annoying move on a one timer where he drops to one knee, and either fire’s it wide, or just misses the puck and falls to his back. Pruchs, has lost it. I definitely would like to see him play on the top line, but at this point, you HAVE to trade him while he has SOME value.

    Trade Pruchs to the Preds for Tootoo, and maybe they’ll throw a pick in if they’re dumb enough. With Toot’s, every team will be playing with there head up, for sure. Yeah maybe he’s a cheap shot artist, but you know what, with a guy like that, you’ll see a lot less cheap shots thrown at Nyr, because they’ll know, what goes around comes around.

    Im sorry SU Bob, but Pruchs isn’t anything special, whether its only been two games, he must get traded.

  23. maybe your right orr
    I just see a lot of potential for this team now, but even more so in the future with our solid core of youngsters. If our first line starts clicking the way our second line has, and there are no injuries we have a chance at being a Stanley cup contendor.

  24. Sam,

    Post the full fantasy roster when you get a chance. I’m sure I’m not the only curious one.

  25. Drury has had maybe a half dozen effective shifts in the first 4 games. He had a rough first half last year and the Rangers can’t afford another subpar first half from him.

  26. Not really he hasn’t gotten a fair chance last year and this. He was a great pp scorer now he gets zero pp time. It makes zero sense.

  27. GRAVES

    The thing is, this team isn’t changing with or without him. Were 4-0, he’s had nothing to do with that. He has some offensive threat that he hasn’t had in a year, and change. He’s done absolutely NOTHING in the playoffs, in 3 years, not even scoring a single goal, and having probably under 5 points. He isn’t a defensively talented player, he CAN be a threat on the PP, but for some reason, just not on ours. I hoped it wouldn’t happen the last two seasons, but now im finally in favor of it. Its time to move on. Like i said, trading him wont hurt us, it wont help us, its just to shed some salary, and get a pick, or a prospect, or we can scam some team into giving us something worth it.

    It wont happen, and i hate bringing Toot’s name up for the 3rd time, but who knows, maybe the Preds would be interested in him, seeing as how they lose there 20-30 goal scorer, Radulov. You never know.

  28. OH NO !!!

    Malik might be signing with the Lightning !!!!! Lol, Barney’s job at ESPN just got even more unsafe. The Bolts blew a 3-0 lead against the Canes in OT. Good ol Barry will probably be gone real soon, if they don’t turn things around. Its still early, but still. If Stamkos doesn’t start showing his talent soon, he could be keeping Del Zotta some company down in the OHL. He has 7 more games to prove he can stay.

    Also bad news for Philly Flowers. Randy Jones is done for 3-4 months. Maybe they should sign Harry.

  29. Sam,

    Can I get in your fantasy league next year? I think I can win it all. Let me know if you guys have some room.

    P.S. Renney is the Roger Neilson of the 21st Century Rangers

  30. What the HECK That’s a fantastic evaluation of our team. You’re right on the money in every case. Naslund is quite a major disapointment. Frische needs to play. Again Callahan needs to play more on the power because of the way he controls the puck. The Gomez and Drury line will get much better with time. It’s amazing how effective Rozsival is when he doesn’t have to pass to Jagr. Redden will also earn what we’re paying him. He’s a latter day Bobby Rouseau in what he does for the power play.

  31. GARDEN

    That’s very true. Dubi could have a major season, and would want a big pay day. But i think he’s gonna be the kind of kid that wont get greedy. Some think in the next 5-6 years Staal could be the Captain, i think Dubi could be, you never know.

    Its just great to have good young home grown talent, with guys like Hank, Staal, and Dubi.

  32. Anybody have a video of Peca and the ref? Can’t find it anywhere and I’m curious what warranted a suspension.


    Check Peca said all he did was grab the refs arm to slow him down, cause he was skating away.

    Refs SUCK. You cant even get them to give you a mother fuggin explanation ?!?!?! Buncha stupid idiots. Is it any wonder why fans get nervous, and think refs try to screw their team. I hate refs, i have zero respect for them.

  34. Even though we only scored 2 goals in each of the first 2 games, we totally dominated. Was it that Tampa sucked or was it our lineup that afterwards was altered?

  35. “Bob Shoe-string and Betts are still necessary to the success of our PK”

    nope, we have plenty excellent penalty killers–Fritsche, Naslund and Rissmiller are proven PKers on top of Drury, Callahan, Gomez, Dubinsky, Zherdev as well as Korpikoski.

  36. man lay off dru i mean u see what he did against metalurg magnetgorks,ok hes gonna score. as long as were getting balanced scoring its ok. id rather it be like this than have 1 monster line like ottawa that makes it easier for teams to defend against

  37. we need Joel Lundqvist and bring back hollweg for his hitting. get rid of Betts he doesn’t hit and can’t score.

  38. rangers better lock up staal and dubinksy as quickly (i believe post Jan 1 is earliest) and for as long as they can. no matter how much the player likes playing for a team 9.5/10 will sign an offer sheet for more money. maybe a guy like lidstrom never would but if joe sakic had no problem signing with us when he was clearly the guy in CO, i dont think many players would think twice

    sather’s rangers have not yet created an environment where players are willing to put the team first and thereby take less money. the one player who did that was prucha (who at the time would/could have gotten more money in arbitration) and supposedly mara but that seems to be more the result that the rangers or others weren’t willing to pay him more.

    its telling that for as big a scumbag as marty brodeur is off the ice, he took a below market deal for the devs whereas henrik requested/got top dollar (can’t say i blame him but still doesn’t help the team),

    so i wouldn’t count on staal or dubinsky taking below market deals with the rangers or not signing an offer sheet if they become rfas.

  39. bob, it was because tampas d is horrible. also tampa has so many new guys, new coach, its gonna take awhile to develop chemistry between them but i do think betts and orr are playing better because of the competition between them and riss, shoe, fritz, and pru. while i dont expect to see betts score that often, i think he’s still needed for his d

  40. bob – we need Joel Lundqvist and bring back hollweg for his hitting. get rid of Betts he doesn’t hit and can’t score.

    my girlfriend has a message for you – “we are looking for people with talent, not people who can continually take bad penalties at the wrong point in games, not someone who is watched by the league on a nightly basis…”

    she laughed at you bob…

    shes still laughing./..
    ok shes done now…

  41. The whole first line has been a disappointment just offensively. I mean they ate getting some chances but aren’t getting great chances. It has to do with the fact that gomer isn’t 100%. Either way him and nazzy still have 4 points in 4 games.

    We haven’t needed them either. I think when we don’t get secondary scoring in a game, they’ll step up. Also drury isn’t scoring because he’s setting screens. He may only have just one point, but he’s directly cause at least 3 or 4 of our goals because of him sitting in front. Just because you don’t see him on the scoresheet doesn’t mean he’s ineffective.

  42. agree jonnyd. i said before that dru will start scoring i mean the season just started. i guarantee u that if betts and rozy or shoe dont score last night he does, especially if were behind

  43. it’s just funny cuz I come on here and if I didn’t know what the team was doing, I’d think we were 1-3 or something like that. Naslund has 1 point in every game and has been taking the body and making some nice moves but people say he’s been a disappointment? He works hard every night and shows great chemistry with gomez and dru. Just watch them pass around teams and it’s great to watch. When gomez isn’t 100% it hurts them since he holds the puck most of the time.

    Dawes, korpedo and prucha haven’t played well, but they haven’t been awful. They have all been quiet offensively, but defensively they’ve made smart plays and eventually they will turn their offensive games around. Rissmiller had some good offensive chemistry with korpedo and cally early on and had a few shots before going down with an injury, but even after he stayed physical.

    I love have 3 forward scratches because it pushes guys to play their best everynight if they wanna stay in the lineup. I’m not saying keep it like this all season, but we have many vet d-men that bring it every night so we don’t need a 7th man to scare them. The forwards are young so having 3 scratches that can all come in and play like they never missed a beat is great so the guys in the lineup don’t get complacent. I’d probably play fritsche and Dawes with cally tomorrow just so danny gets his well deserved shot and Dawes might build up confidence since he has success against marty.

  44. Sam, thats the best pick at that position. And Malkin will probably outscore Crosby too, at least in goales for sure. If there is a goalie rush you should definitely grab a top goalie (if one is available).

  45. Bob – he scores and you’re still ragging on him.
    Cut the guy some slack. Its not like he gives to or receives passes from accomplished wingers is it? One shift with Z and back of the net!!

    Plus we’re 4-0 and haven’t really played that well yet (apart from the Voros-Dubi-Z line). Hopefully all the players are feeling the pressure of having too many forwards, one mistake or a quiet game could have you riding pine for a couple of games.

  46. I vote that Bob stops posting for at least one full post. He gets my “dopey poster of the day” award on this blog.

    Ragging on Betts and then saying we need to get Hollweg back?

    Even guys on this post started with their call names being “Shut Up Bob.”

    And BTW Sjostrom’s goal looked like a whistle had blown as everyone else was standing still. The Betts Sjo Orr line was arguably the Rangers’ best on Saturday.

    Also people, lay off Drury. The guy does all the little things right. Remember how everyone rode his ass last year and he finished like top 3 in goals or something? Just let him do his thing. He just became captain 4 games ago.

  47. Tried something different this weekend and need to share. As long as you’re in relatively good health, this is for you!

    Make a hamburger patty oblong/oval so it will fit a ‘regular’ slice of bread. Make sure you have a hearty bread for this.

    Replace that boring old hamburger bun with TWO grilled cheese sandwiches! Yes, one on the top, and one on the bottom! Throw some bacon on there and you have one of the greatest things you will ever taste.

    I found this on a website last week and had to try it. Highly recommended.

  48. omg beer me…

    that would be like all my weight watchers points in one sandwhich… but it sounds delicious….

    btw I went to SYracuse this weekend to watch them hoor Paul Newman by retiring Reg DUnlop’s number 7. It was a good time, this kid Filipov I think the Blue Jackets nuber one pick, he looked good. I wish they would get rid of the Fishsticks and give us an AHL team out on the Island… it was fun and much less expensive (but obviously noticeably slower) and there were a couple of good fights…

    can’t wait for tonight!

  49. I’m going to try it, but I’m not to sure if college food works with that type of thing. Tonights a big night. If we win we continue our streak against the devils. If we lose, oh well. It’s just one game

  50. Sam – if you’re reading, I’m in like 4 different hockey leagues this year, and I had the 3/4 pick 3 times. I spread the wealth, picking Malkin, Heatley, and Iginla (the 1 #4 pick) with them. As much as it hurt to pick Malkin, I could see him outdoing Sid the Kid this year.

    I for one am LOVING the 4-0 start. Yeah the games have had sloppy moments and haven’t been perfect, but part of hockey is winning the ugly games. I’d rather win an ugly 4-3 game than play well, and still lose 2-1 or something. In April, the only thing that’ll matter is the 2 points.

  51. Who is bob, for the life of me I have no idea who you guys are talking about…I’ve searched up and down the thread but I can’t seem to find any posts by him.

  52. lol Staal

    Bob has had a few silly posts he really hates Betts, and Sjo I think. He likes Kalinin and isn’t ready to give up on Dawes yet. Everyone should be doing a lot more hitting according to Bob, even if they would go out of position.

    He posts the same/similiar posts a bunch. He hasn’t really bothered me much, but as you can see he got under the skin of the others.

  53. BEER ME – I’am totally trying that sandwich tonight for the game, I just hope I won’t be paying for it in the morning. It also sounds like something that tastes a lot better when you’re drunk.

    As for the Rangers, I’d be very happy if they came out with a win against a Devils team, which in my opinion is gonna surprise a lot of people this year. They might even have a team worth watching when the Rangers aren’t playing without falling asleep! I agree with the fella who suggested playing Dawes tonight against the Devils. He played much too good in the playoffs last year to write him off yet. I say give him another month or so and see what happens. Hank’s always tought against the Devs, and should be well rested. This will probably be a 2-1 game with a lot of 5 on 5 play as both teams are looking to hand eachother their first loss.

    P.S. I currently play fantasy hockey with where you purchase players based on a salary cap.
    Anyone know of any sites where I can play with a draft?

  54. btw guys

    I missed the FLyer game… I see a lot of anger at Al something about Palin… and also what was his “language Q and A with Rozsival”??

  55. I really can’t take credit for the ‘invention’. But the ‘traffic jam’ is killer. Probably in more ways then one.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Dawes in tonight. He HAS had success vs Farty in the past.

  56. Kaspar,

    in jeever’s link Henrik mentioned you

    “Closest NHL Friends: “Well, on other teams, my brother (Joel). Alex Steen’s a good friend in Toronto. On the Rangers, I like a lot of the guys on the team – Sjostrom. Nylander when he was here, of course. He took care of me on the team. Kasparaitis was really good to me when I was a new guy. He helped me out a lot.”

    Funniest Players Encountered: “Kasparaitis was pretty funny in the locker room. He talks a lot, you laugh a lot. I would say him. Kevin Weekes is pretty fun, too.””

  57. The Devils are who we thought they were!

    They’re not surprising anyone. In fact, there’s nothing surprising about them.

    They didn’t add a prolific scorer or change the dynamic of the team by any stretch. They’re the same team they’ve been for the past 15 years, except with far less talent then they had in the mid-90s.

    They’re going to win a bunch of one goal games, but what they’re not going to do is run away with the division or put teams into a methodical trance like they did 7-8 years ago.

    The NHL doesn’t allow for clutching and grabbing trap hockey. The neutral zone is smaller and you really have to play much more aggressive. Teams like the Rangers are successful defensively because they make alot of plays at the top of the defensive blueline — one reason we expose ourselves to odd man rushes so much. It’s an aggressive defensive style.

    They Devils limited talent. They’re not big and physical like they used to be and they REALLY lack scoring. Brian Rolston is not the truth; heck, he’s not even the answer. He’s a very average player who’s had his best years in the West and his best years behind him.

    Marty is a year older, Brian Rolston is a year older, Brian Gionta is not worth a bag of cool ranch dorritos and the Devils are not that good.

    If they make the playoffs, they’ll squeek in at 8th.

    Tonight’s prediction:

    Rangers 3
    Devils 0

  58. Yahoo sports is my favorite for fantasy hockey. I also have teams on espn and cbs. I have 9 teams going, this craps addicting!

  59. Jeeesus Beer!! Shall we send the paramedics now? There must be some serious calories & fat in that baby.

    I had #3 pick in 2 hockey drafts and went with Heatley both times.

  60. Here’s my nightmare opening night story. Thursday I had an upset stomach that killed me all day. Friday I felt better but not 100%. I was ok until I got on the LIRR. My stomach started in again. I usually bring about 4-5 BIG BOY bud lights on the ride, meet my buddie at Jamaica, kill the rest in the tunnel and top off at Roses. I thought a beer would help my misery, WRONG! My stomach got worse, felt like a lose box of razor blades were duking it out in my intestines. My friend could’t believe all the beers that were left and the ghostly look on my face. Got to Penn and took care of business. Got some Pepto and felt alittle better. As I go up the elevator to the blues, it kicks in worse then before. I got to my seat but stood up top thinking how I’m going to get out of this misery. After player intos, I decided it would be best to just go home.

    As I walk down the stairs to the train, I ran behing a pillar and RALPHED!!!! All pepto puke. Got on the train and made it back to Ronk in misery. Once at Ronk, behind a concrete pillar and RALPH!!!! Remaining pepto and caesar salad for lunch. Got home, laid on my bed and saw the last 10 minutes of the game. Shortly after, I passed out until Sat am. The guys in 407 better buy me a few next game I go to cause if I stayed, I would have given them an opening night pepto shower to remember. Luckily I felt better on Sat, even gave myself the beer test and passed with flying colors. So I made it into the building, but that was about it.

    Nasty might like the fact that my night included about 20 trips to the restroom. That’s it, I made it.

  61. Re Korpi not scoring but playing a solid all-around game – think Dubinsky – 2007. Remember – he could not buy a goal last year in the early going.
    Once he got some scoring momentum going he became a leader on this team. Recall, Staal, last season, also. Poor first month, really picked up the pace in November. I say we give Korpi until Christmas to get his nerves settled and his confidence up, and some points on the board, unless we are sorry we stuck with Dubinsky and Staal through their early struggles and need some “mentoring” Shanahan-type to replace Korpi. Ha ha.

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