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So your team is 4-0 and coming off back-to-back wins. What are you doing on what was a tentatively-scheduled off day?

You’re going back to the rink for practice.

I’m not sure if it’s a message Tom Renney is trying to send his team, or if there are specific deficiencies he wants to address before facing the Devils tomorrow. We’ll know soon enough…

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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    …PRACTICING CHRIS DRURY’S SHOT ON THE “SHOOTER-TOOTER” and then having all 25 players, 2 goalies, Renney, Pearn, Allaire, and Pellino feed Chris Drury passes from every possible angle on the ice and ask him to one-time shots NOT at the center of the net.

    Time well spent, RenneY!!!

  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You could also try the same exercise with Prucha in a suit and a garbage pal in net to truly simulate game conditions and a 100% save pct.

  3. Can’t blame Renney for trying to find the best guys to put in spots. His move to put Voros on line 2 looks like a winner. First 2 lines are set (for now). Betts and Orr have showed they should be solid contributors for line 4. That leaves 4 jobs open with Callahan, Korpokoski, Sjostrom, Prucha, Dawes, Rissmiller and Fritsche fighting for those 4 spots. Callahan has the best shot of staying where he is and if he does, leaves 3 spots for 6 guys.

    Too bad there wasn’t a longer training camp to work out this problem. Once Renney decides who he wants, Sather might be able to deal the guys who didn’t make it for either one outstanding forward or a hard hitting defenseman.

    I’ve been a Renney basher for a long time but this may be the kind of team that fits into Renney’s style. What impressed me last night was they got the win without much from the 1st line with a flu-ridden Gomez. Imagine how good this team will be when they gwt a healthy Gomez back in there. Also noticed that Kalinen had his best game yet as a Ranger. Rest up and go get em tomorrow.

  4. What happened to the Ottawa senators last year that made them so terrible towards the end of the season and is it possible for the same thing to happen to us? That’s my main concern.

  5. I’ve long been an advocate of getting rid of Betts, but the player he has been thus far this year is different from the past. He still has that hustle and great defensive capability, but he skates faster, shoots and contributes offensively. He has earned his spot. The same could be said for Orr, who looks better than ever and can still fight like a demon.

    Korpedo needs to get further accustomed to the NHL game, but he’ll be fine. The shame of it is that we’re scratching good players like Fritsche and Dawes, even Prucha. But better to have that depth than not, and everyone Renney is playing is making a strong case to stick around. Freddy Sjo scores last night after being scratched. We’ll see what happens.

    I like that Renney is working the team today. There was a noted drop in the play of the Rangers from the 2nd period on. They played the rest of the game on their heels and it showed. We’re so fast, that when we were taking it to the Flyers, they were buckling. Let up, and they come storming back. Renney needs to teach this team they they need to play a full 60 minutes.

  6. Glad Renney got a nice reception when he was introduced on Opening Night–well deserved.

    It’s clear that for whatever reason, Prucha does not fit Renney’s style. With the abundance of 3rd/4th line players, it seems time to part ways. Maybe a change of scenery will do him some good and we may be able to get something semi-decent in return. The other possibilities for that spot on the line seem to bring a lot more to the table, be it penalty killing, physical play, etc.

  7. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    WhatTHEheck, your concerns are warranted – but are akin to Torre wondering how Mariano couldn’t shut down the Red Sox in game 4, 2004. Let’s get there first, then worry about that.

    In short, to answer your question: Divided locker room (particularly Neil and Emery; Emery fighting everyone and making racially based complaints), being driven by 1 line, good but not great defense, and questionable goaltending. People figured out that if you shut down Heatley, Spezz and Alffy, you could win games against them because Emery is/was a good but not great goalie.

  8. Woah Heck, let’s not compare the Sens’ start from last year to the Rangers’ start this year. Don’t forget that two of these wins were against the lowly bolts.

    The Sens had plenty of issues within the dressing room. Emery lost his starting spot when he got injured, and that became quite a distraction. He fought teammates during practice, he showed up late for practice, and he now admits that he partied too hard and had drug issues.

    All this stuff took the wind out of their sails, for whatever reason. The Rangers don’t look like they’ll have any chemistry issues. Guys like Drury, Naslund and Gomez are great leaders and Dubi, Z and Voros seem to be having the time of their lives. A goalie controversy will never happen in New York, so we can all rest easy.

  9. dont bring up the 2004 yankees, i still cant believe we lost. I dont think i will ever get over it. I still think we should get rid of some players.

  10. I will say that we are a top tier “good team” right now, and not a “great team” yet. With some tightening up of things, we can be a “great team” this year. I truly believe that. But we have to play a complete 60 minute game, and cut down on some turnovers and mistakes. Like I said a few days ago, I am fine with this team giving up some chances against if it means we are creating more chances and lighting the lamp more than the opposition. I think we will be alright, and I like the way that Renney is handling the team this year. Anyway, a win is a win folks. Sure, we can find things to absolutely bitch and moan about, but a good team will find ways to win. If we won that game 2-1 a lot of people would say, oh man, are we going to score more than 2 goals in a game. If we open up our offense we are still going to take chances, and some of those chances are going to be turned the other way. So before you start to rip in to the team, just decide which style’s flaws you want to bitch about. The style that plays a less exciting game and wins but is low scoring, or a style that is more up temp and high scoring, but also lets in a few more goals. The choice is yours my never satisfied friends :)

  11. And P.S. I really like the play of Paul Mara this year. He wanted to stay in NY, and he is playing with a very nice snarl to his game this year. I like the team toughness and sticking up for each other. All part of what makes a “great team.”

  12. Have 2 tix tomorrow in 347 for 120 for the pair cheaper then ticketmaster. Anyone interested leave your email, and I will get back to you late this afternoon. LGR

  13. I only asked because I had no idea. This team really seems to like each other (MAybe not the 3rd and 4th lines right now). My only other pessimistic point for the day,which was brought up from my roommate, is that Tom is right. The quality of teams that we have played thus far have not been the greatest. Tampa Bay is expected to have a crappy year (Although we were too and I think were better then that). And Chicago isnt expected to do so hot either. I watched them lose to Washington last night and it wasnt pretty. And the Flyers, they lost to there farm team the game before we played them. Thats pretty embarrasing. Someone please prove me wrong on this.

  14. WhattheHECK, being down here in DE for the past 6 years and now living in West Chester, PA, I get to watch a LOT of Flyers hockey, and most of my hockey friends are Philly fans. They are a legit team, and expected to do better than the Rangers this year. The game they lost to the Phantoms, their AHL affiliate, was due in large part to neither squad playing a real game, and goaltending. The game resembled the All-Star game of old, where there is a game but there is no hitting for fear of causing injury. Physicality is a large part of the Flyers success and eliminating that aspect of their defense basically turned it into a run-and-gun open hockey style free for all. Also, with Antero Nittymaki being injured in the off-season, he was sent to the Phantoms for conditioning and started for the Phantoms. The Flyers, preparing for the worst, picked up UFA Jean-Sebastian Aubin (the guy who lost to Ryan Miller in the “yo momma” contest). He lost his starting job to Jason LaBarbara in LA. His performance was less than stellar, and the Phantoms squeaked out a win. We of all people should know that the preseason doesn’t mean anything, especially since we were 3-5.

    The Flyers were the first real team we’ve faced. The Rangers look awesome, but no doubt are still a work in progress. The same can be said for just about every other team, though. Don’t get down on the Rangers win last night though. The Flyers are legit contenders and the Wachovia arena is as hostile a place to play as there is. Solid victory

  15. Speed was never an issue with Betts, I don’t understand those that say he is slow. The main problems with him is that he absolutelly cannot pass and absolutely never throws big hits. And it doesn’t look like he has or will any time soon improve in those 2 areas. Sjostrom’s main issue is he never thows a big hi. In fact both Betts and Sjostrom shy away from even finishing their checks by peeling off.

  16. Nssty1, you’re right about Mara. He has played great this year. You really don’t hear much about him, or Girardi lately for that matter. They’re both steady defensemen who do their job well and don’t screw up often. Mara has had a real mean streak lately though, which I really enjoy. The beard makes him look fierce, like a lumberjack, or the Brawny paper towel man. Either way, awesome. He’s even managed to get a few shots on goal, which is an improvement over last year where his laser shots miss the net by a country mile.

    TB needs defense like a cure for cancer. I’m not going to say that Malik is a strong D man, but I don’t think he’s as bad as he got branded here in NY. Rozsival would hang him out to dry and Malik would get the blame. He might be a good fit in TB where the fans will be more encouraging.

    BTW, Redden has 3 SOG so far this season and 2 goals. Nuts

  17. I was thrilled we won. The 1st period was great to watch. But when they stop pushing, its hard to watch. I swear those were the longest last 5 minutes of a game in a long time lol. BTW I’m surprised no one has really talked about that bullsh** 2nd goal by the flyers. The ref is an @$$. Vally made some spectacular saves. Drury was just ROBBED. I’m hoping he begins to score soon. It just hurts to watch lol. That goal by Freddy was insane and I’m really impressed with Betts’ play. I just hope they keep that fire and keep pushing for wins. So far I’m very happy with the team. I don’t blame Renney for making them work some more. There is plenty of room for improvement! Either way, I hope we crush the Devils tomorrow!!

  18. Bob, Betts and Sjo aside, the Rangers are not going to be a physically punishing team. Every once in a while, Dubi or Girardi will demolish someone, but we will be a fast puck possession team and not a grinding team. That’s OK, either can be a winner. Anaheim won 2 years ago by brutalizing opponents, whereas last year Detroit won with a less physical brand of defense (besides Kronwall, who hits like a freight train).

    Betts is a major reason why through 4 games we have yet to give up a PP goal, including the extended 5-3 against Philly, who had the #2 PP in the league last year behind Montreal

  19. Joe in DE
    Naslund and maybe Gomez , other than that …small or not . The Rangers do hit hard and to the point. Just because were not a bunch of over-sized goons your buddies are used to seeing in Philly. That style went out in the 70’s man. Like farrr out . Bobby Clarke thinks its all about the broadstreet bullies and having the Flyers ” All Big ”
    Flyers suck and your buddys down in philly land better start getting used to it . I m sick of Philly and devil fans braggin all thoses years , Time for some major payback and its philadelphia turn to be the losers . Sure sucks being a philly fan !!!

  20. JOe in de

    The reason that Mara didn’t get many shots on goal last season was because he almost never got out on the PP. It was always the passmaster (Roszival ) who still doesn’t look much different this season ( and he’s still sneaking glances into the corners hoping for the ghost of Jagr.)

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