Live video chat with Sam Weinman, MSG opener edition


Thanks to everyone who joined me for our second video chat. Here’s the replay for those who missed it:

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More from the Garden later…

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  1. Sam is the man!!

    He should change dorky picture on blog

    Kaspers girlfriend is banned from watching live chats from now on; or she will leave me and take my polka records with her!!!!

  2. lol…lots of laughs above.

    Great live blog today fella’s. Feelin good about gettin started tonight!

    (btw…I changed my name to sams evil twin cause I thought the moderator would limit the amount of questions per ‘name’)

  3. Sam is crazy, he advised me to have a coffee party until to 1am and I have a high blood pressure :):):)

  4. I am going to sleep now for a guys wake me up at a guarter to………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Well it was a tough day..First I saw Jagr flirting with one of my favourite tennis ladies, -what a jerk- and then I took part in this hectic video live chat getting the advice to hav a ton of coffee with blood pressure around 200, i mean that is too much for me !!!

  6. Not me…

    Picked up digital converter during lunch time that I need to hook up before game for NHL center ice package plus I picked up hammer,saw, nails, duct tape and hi powered air gun for stapling wires to ceiling….I get home at 6 and have exactly one hour to install!!

    Pressure pressure

  7. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I’m in the same boat as you Beer – I’ll be watching at home. (Trying to get the lanai wired so I can watch the game in the pool).

  8. Gardenfaithful

    You watch games from a pool??? thats it….

    I’m leaving girlfriend, I’ll bring the fried Pork loin chips and snail-dip

  9. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Don’t know if I have time tonight to get it wired (got 1/2 hour before pregame show from when I get home from work) – but should have it ready by tomorrow’s game.

  10. I’m also still here…but back and forth b/w patients…
    we haven’t heard from Doodie in a while

  11. Everyone knows that Chicago is not an ‘easy’ team to beat, right?

    They actually have some pretty good talent. This team CANNOT be overlooked. This lineup we’re facing tonight, is just as good as the philthy lineup tomorrow night…since they’re missing 3dmen. Otherwise, philthy is a better team…but not by a whole lot.

  12. kaspar – If you girlfriend leaves you…

    she’s probably better off anyway..
    Beer Me!

    Well Beer to tell whole truth, she’s more of a roommate anyway ok…she stores some stuff in my extra room and visits once in a while when she needs ammunition but just to say quick I call her “girlfriend”

    Forget it man! Hockey from a swimming pool! I’m there!!

  13. haha kaspar

    Jay – this is true. After their top 4, 5, 6, there’s not much. I guess they’re hoping for a LOT from campbell.

    At the same time, I think that their blueline is better than the injury-ridden flyers.

    I like Chi’s goaltending better than phi also.

  14. “I got MSG West covered here in Arizona!!!”


    Don’t those 5 Coyote fans give you a hard time?

  15. I don’t think I would. I know that savard had shuffled them a bit in the preseason, as every coach does. And I’m not 100% sure what they are right now.

    But at home, I wouldn’t anyway. The D pairings I probably WOULD. I would NOT want Kalinin on the ice vs Kane/Toews. Not to tear the guy apart, but he get burned 1 on 1 everytime I’ve seen him face one.

    Our lines right now are balanced enough that we should be able to roll 4 with confidence…at home.

  16. honestly, Chicago scares me more than Philly does. Philly WAAAAY overachieved last year, this year they’ll come back down a notch…

    Chicago’s got some of the best young talent, the “top FA d-man” this year in Campbell, and a dang good goalie in Huet.

    This game can’t be overlooked.

    Kaspar – swimming pool during HOCKEY season, wintertime? YIKES.

  17. Seriously though NYRinPHX
    whats the future look like in Phoenix for that team??
    You hear nothing but bad jokes about them (like mine)
    I mean they outdraw Devils and Islanders dont they?

  18. I agree but I think this is one area where Renney may be able to improve.

    He doesn’t seem to initiate a physical game (not that he should vs Chicago). I would really like to see more physical play early in games so that the tone is set by NYR and not that NYR have to respond to this type of play from say Philthy or ??? whoever.

    I don’t mean dirty/chippy – just solid check finishing…

    Flyers game will be very interesting – They look like they are starting the season like the Isles finished

  19. They’re actually getting better. Got Oli Jokkinen in the off season, a bunch of good rookies, Bryzgalov’s been good in goal since they got him midway through last season, Daniel Carcillo who’s Avery x10- I think they’ll be making a playoff push this year

  20. “As a matter of fact, I would tell Kalinin that if he saw either of them on the ice, to get his ass to the bench ON THE DOUBLE! lol’

    Doesn’t Renney’s defensive strategy drive you nuts??

    I mean switch Hank with Biron and the rangers are NOT a good defensive team anymore…

  21. Sorry kaspar, I disagree dude. I think Hank makes us better. And I think ‘us’ makes Hank better.

    jay – The inconsistency has to change. I think that there’s 20+ guys on this roster that have 150% committed themselves to the ‘plan’. I think that’ll show in the (hopeful) consistency this season.

    On the actaul physicalness of the team…I think still lacking it in our defensive zone needs to be improved.

    I said it a lot last season when folks wanted the NYR to go out and beat up the flyers, or habs…we have to ‘play OUR game’. Not our opponents.

    Our game is not a physical one. Smart with the puck. North/south. Shots. Bodies in front. 3rd man high. Skate hard to backcheck. Nothing through the middle (MALIK) moving back up ice.

    I don’t know if that really addresses your statements. I kinda got off track.

  22. I also think that for every ‘nice’ goal Zherdev scores, he’ll send one back the other way while trying to do too much with the puck. Hopefully our leadership on ice will prevent that from lasting all season.

    Zherdev is high risk/high reward. A big contrast from the rest of the guys. It’ll be interesting if they can find that line with him without hindering his creative play.

  23. Beer – That is kind of what I am saying – you said play our game. And I’m not saying we the identity should be anyting different. I expect a puck posession game for the most part with the speed, forecheck, backcheck etc. , but when lines one and two are not on the ice, part of that should be to establish the physical element early on. Not just counter it…

  24. Zherdev is going to be amazing if he can limit the risk part…

    Creative is putting it mildly…

  25. JAY

    Chicago’s offense isn’t that deep but they still have a lot of players that can cause trouble.. Kane, Toews, Sharp, Byfuglien, and Havlat. Hopefully Kane, and Toews play like crap, since its there first time at MSG, but i think that’s just a myth. Jordan Staal had no problem in his first time at the Garden.

    Either way, hopefully they have a decisive win tonight. Its the home opener, gotta win !! Huet gave up 7 goals in his last game, against the Jackets. So c’mon, gotta score some goals on these BratHawks.

  26. Beer me -love the beer math on Gaborik. That would be a dream come true, but I also think if Gabby came to New York, the Rangers would be a serious cup contender.

  27. if she is going to leave you for Sam….

    either you, her, or both of ya’s are quite unfortunate looking.

    back to hockey.

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