Shanny still waiting


One more item:

With the Rangers’ glut of forwards and lack of salary cap space, it appears Brendan Shanahan is in free-agent purgatory.

His agent, Rick Curran, said “absolutely nothing” had happened with his client today.

“Until you see the Rangers have made a move, nothing can happen,” Curran said.

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  1. Sounds like he’s getting testy answering the same question over and over.

    I wonder if Curran has any other FA’s that he’s representing right now. This guy just hangs around the msg training center all day?

  2. Ok so, I’m pro Prucha…

    I have nothing against Shanahan or at least I didn’t until now. Since Shanahan has been in NY, it has been to the detriment of Prucha and probable others. It is the same feeling I had toward Jagr. He was terrific post-lockout NYR era. He is gone now and that was exactly the right thing to do at the right time. Not re-signing Shanahan now is the right thing to do at the right time. This team is on the brink of a great new season – new speed, new captain, new look, new power-play. Give Prucha a FAIR chance to be the natural goal scorer HE IS.

  3. Just a thought but at what point does Shanny become disgusted with the Ranger situation and sign with the Devils or some other team? He’s being the ultimate team player and not griping but he has to be seething inside.

  4. Jay, I’m with you 100% on Prucha but it appears the organ-I-zation doesn’t share those feelings.
    I would love to see Prucha playing with Dubinsky and Zherdev but that’s not going to happen.

  5. Ship out Prucha to the west coast for a pick so that he can be someone else’s IR problem in November.

  6. Rob L. – He would be pefect with Dubinsky and Zherdev. He has the speed, hands, work ethic (every single shift) and CREATIVITY to be matched with Zherdev.

    That would be a dangerous line.

  7. Jay,

    while I don’t agree that Prucha has what it takes to be a good player for this team (I believe his 30 goal rookie year was a product of playing on the PP alot with Jagr), I do agree that it’s time to move on without Shanahan and give other players a chance.

    It was evident (to me at least) when they played Tampa that the team was built around puck control, speed, and smothering play in the neutral zone. I love Shanny’s grit and his natural goal scoring abilities, but he’s too slow for this team.

    Sather needs to just tell him, we love you, but it’s not a fit.

  8. Flyers losing Randy Jones to the IR (hip surgery). That’s their 3rd dman to go down before they open the season. Glad we get one in with them while they’re missing some guys.

    It’s not so much losing Hatcher (which may be addition by subtraction, speed), Jones, Parent on the blueline. Its that it forces some juggling, and new pairings.

  9. Yeah that is right that the arena of his father will not be finished by 2010 but Russia is not his home…The Czech first league is definitely as good as as the KHL and I can tell you, guys, I have seen live a game in Prague during the lockout between Sparta Prague and Kladno when Jagr played for Kladno and it was far more lively than this game today in Moskva.. And I can tell you that travel in Russia is more grueling than in the NHL. If Omsk needs to go to Novosibirsk frequently is same as the Rangers playing at Staples Center against the Kings….

    I have only one explanation that Jagr personally promised Abramovich that if he would end his playing days in the NHL he would come back to Avangard..that can be the only reason….!!!!

    But by the way.. I am sick of the speculation around Shanny…It will be time to get a decison, one way or the other…Those speculations won´t help him or even the Rangers…

  10. Beer Me!’s math lesson:

    rozy + prucha + rissmiller = 7.6mil

    gaborik = 7.5mil

    nas + gomer + gaborik
    Z + dubi + Drury =

    2nd cup in my lifetime.

  11. onecupin67years on

    I hate to say this but I think dawes will be moved before prucha. I think Dawes has more upside than peewee prucha.

  12. beer me – that puts roster at 21. have to add back one or two to get back to 23 with injuries and all. so add about $ 1.5 mm to the incoming salaries.

  13. I mean, he certainly has more of an upside for a team that’s GETTING him. He makes 1/2 as much as Prucha and is a few years younger.

  14. 7/1/09 FA’s
    Rissmiller (ufa)
    Orr (ufa)
    Vally (ufa)


    Don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing it’s the same as last year. Negotiations can start for rfa’s on entry-level contracts in January.

  15. beer me – you have to get me a job there.

    still think as injuries develop they would wind up with 23 players so would have to add another Potter type in addition to Potter. just that the 3 for 1’s don’t give as much cap space as people think when you add in the flesh out the roster guys.

    just so we’re clear you are one of my favs here except maybe too many links which causes me to read even more. so when i disagree i disagree respectively.

  16. theres something goin on @ the NHL store tomorrow from 11-3 as well i might leave staten island a little early to go there and chill for a bit…

    so excited!

  17. haha. And you know, sometimes when I get home, I complain to my wife that I don’t like my job. I know how wrong it is, believe me.

  18. I’m not going to say that Prucha has not had his chances but I will say that he hasn’t had a “comfortable” spot in the lineup for quite some time. It would behoove the Rangers and Prucha if he were dealt. Renney obviously doesn’t believe he has what it takes; or he doesn’t fit in with what Renney is trying to do out there on the ice. The guy can obviously put the puck in the net. He HAS ability. We’ve all seen it. He just isn’t working out in NY and we all know it. I guarantee you that he will start scoring goals for another team. That doesn’t mean the Rangers shouldn’t get rid of him. It’s a win/win for both the Rangers and Prucha. He gets ice time and the Rangers get cap room.

  19. oh…yeah, and I agree that you always need some space to fill in here or there. You can’t put a guy on the IR if he has a cold. So you need the flexibility to carry extra’s.

  20. Rose’s Pizza is in Penn on the same side as TGIFridays…

    I am going to be up by the nhl store as well. They are closing downt he block and the zambonis are performing

  21. Bembel–Maybe Jagr wanted to play somewhere he doesn’t get booed and have his effort questioned all the time.

  22. Beer me, can you remember the guy who scores five in one game against the Rangers in 6-3 or 8-3 loss in December ?????:):)

    Is this the year, when you make your math lesson right ????:):)

  23. Agravaine, I can remember to have a beautiful steak at TGI Fridays the last time I was in NYC..I can recommend for a good pregame meal before tomorrow night !!!!!;):)

  24. No matter what, I think these guys are not safe for the next few days:

    Prucha, Dawes, Rissmiller, Fritsche.

    If there so intent on signign Shanny, two of them at least have to go, along with whatever 11th hour trade SAther may make.

  25. …….
    Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren spent much of Wednesday trying to land a veteran defenseman who can replace injured rookie Ryan Parent, who will miss the opening three months of the season with a labrum tear in his right shoulder.
    “We’ve got a lot of calls out,” Holmgren said. “But nothing to report. Not yet anyway.”

  26. Jay – I agree with you. I thought that we were going with this as Drury and Gomer’s team. I like Shanny, but the time for him on this team is past. Even without Shanny around we still have a glut of forwards. Rissmiller should never have been signed, Voros is the better option. I would like to keep Sjostrom and Fritsche on this team. I think Prucha and Rissmiller are the odd men out, especially since their salaries are higher then Fritsche and Sjostrom’s. However, let’s hope that the roster space is reserved for our young guys, not SHanny. I think Potter deserved to make this team out of camp – maybe he should be given that option.

  27. Jeever, MSNBC is the network of Olberdouche, so there’s no reason to ever give them web traffic.

  28. Pavel, I don’t care about web traffic, but I DO like making fun of people who clearly know nothing about hockey. its part of the chip on my shoulder from being a fan of such a niche sport.

  29. onecupin67years on

    Beer me -c’mon, upside is productivity, better all around play, he is still young and has great hands, he is still learning.

  30. Wow, Tim Cowlishaw, the only person on _Around the Horn_ that knows hockey, just picked us to win it all. That just made me all tingly!

  31. So where are we all meeting tomorrow night for a drink and how will we know what each other looks like? Ha.

  32. DanTheRangerFan on

    wow this might be a scary event for some of you….meeting each other…could make for a crazy fun night…or an aweful night with the bubonic plague… just dont invite bob and its all good

  33. Actually shit, some of you know what I look like from that beard growing thing that doodie and I did.

  34. Here’s an interesting thought that was just bumping around in my mind: Hossa and Kovalchuk are both free agents after this season, right? It would be interesting if a team with some cap space and not too many big contracts were to sign both of them, a la Drury and Gomez with us. I wonder if LA would be a candidate for this. Other teams with a low cap number for next season as of right now: Montreal ($22.5M), Colorado ($35.5M).

    According to Doc, Toskala, the goaltender, is the captain of the Leafs!

  35. Anybody watching this Leafs vs Wings game ?? Pretty enjoyable, thus far.

    As for the Shanny stuff again. I got the friggin flu, i cant comment on that subject anymore. I just wanna watch some Rangers hockey. Cant wait till tomorrow.

  36. Yeah, that was pretty pathetic. Kubina got a free one there. I feel pretty happy that the Leafs shut out the Wings for a whole period. For anyone who panics if Nyr isn’t scoring goals after 20, and start to think this team cant score. If Leafs manage to win this, boy, that would be something.

  37. we can yell and scream and argue with each other… but we are all ranger gms.. and thats what unites us….

    touching…. lol

    so yeah ill be that guy in the ager jersey… hangin with my girl.. shell be wearing a ranger jersey as well…


    i might have 2 extra tickets for section 414 i believe… ill know for sure tomorrow in the early am…

  38. Jo and I are twins so look for two girls who look the same! She will be wearing a third team jersey and I’ll be wearing a home team sweater.

    WHo is going to the NHL store tomorrow? We will also both be there… and we’ll be wandering around the garden from 4 o’clock on… so if you see twins.. thats may be us!

    SO are we set? Rose’s (in Penn station on the same side as TGIF) pre game… Jo and I ma get there around 5:30 but we’ll prob be going inside around 6/6:30 for preskate and stuff…

    Then first period break we’ll meet at the team store? (Is it Gate 66) You know which store, the double teamed… the big one… unless someone wants to suggest another location, but do it fast… Since Jo and I will be in the city tomorrow we won’t have internet access :( If we don’t decide tonight we won’t know where to meet… unless you fellas don’t want us there… in which case… its all right… I understand… :'(

  39. Im still very on board with bringing Shanny back. 4th line and PP time and we could have him sit every other game or so to stay fresh. If we trade away Prucha, Rissmiller, and Sjostrom we would clear almost 3.5 million dollars for Shanny and to bring either Potter of Fahey on board as well

  40. Just check out Martin St. Louis’ first three seasons in the NHL. He was bounced around by Calgary, his first NHL team and they let him go because they thought he was too small. Finally, at age 26 he emeged and has gone on to MVP status and a Cup. At age 23, St. Louis appeared to be less of a prospect than Dawes. Beware of who you’re so quick to trade, cause in this case, I believe Ranger fandom will regret moving other than Riismiller from the current roster. my goodness, give the team some time to play a reasonable number of games before you start demanding roster moves. Some of the suggestions I’ve heard over the last couple of days seems to confirm that bloggers on this site have greater ability in expressing themselves than they do in analyzing hockey talent.

  41. DanTheRangerFan on


    I agree with you some of this talk gets crazy for so early on in the season. I say lets see what they can do… But on the other hand I would add prucha to the “I would not regret moving list”. How much time do we really give someone…Where do we draw the line. We need goals we dont need his energy as much as we need him to put that black round thing in between those two red things…I think the words im looking for is PUT THE FING PUCK IN THE NET PRUCHA

  42. Yeah, I was wondering what the final game plan is. Still not sure what time Mrs. Nasty and myself will be getting in to the city. I will be wearing an away Lundqvist jersey. And chances are I look like someone you know. Not anyone imparticular, just someone you know. I get it all the time. Ha.

  43. somerset – don’t see getting rid of 3 forwards just so we can bring in shanny. can’t wait for the guy to sign elsewhere

    dawes – a non event if we keep him should be in the rotation of players to sit. i don’t see the comparison to St Louis i really don’t

  44. What a pathetic showing by the Red Wings so far. Here I thought the Maple Leafs would be a nice soft landing for them. Great elevation on the second goal by former Ranger Dominic Moore!

  45. cool cool… thats my phone so i have the info now and once i find out what the deal is with the tickets tomorrow ill get in touch with you…

  46. Hockeymanrangers on

    I have to put in my 2 cents worth, b/c there will be all kinds of talk tomorrow (Shanny, Prucha)and I will not be around any computers, until later but then I will be watching “THE BOYS” Come on troops, how can any one really want Shanny back? Why put in a guy at his pace. He will not be able to keep up and he will slow the team down. Why wouldn’t you want to give some of these young guys (speed) some NHL experiance now. I know Shanny can still score goals but I am thinking some of these young guys can score just as many and it will give them some NHL work. I am not sure who this player might be, but I think we have several to pick from. I think the mix we have now is really pretty good. And as far as Prucha goes I can take him or leave him, I like the guys 120% effort but it doesn’t seem to be working, and even though I think he might have worked on this he can get knocked off the puck a little to easily. Lets give these young guys a chance we could just have a star if we play them.

  47. LI Joe: Just give it a reasonable time period is all i’m saying. Under the proper circumstances (last year Drury-Dawes-Callahan was a very serviceable line) Dawes will flourish. But even he has to produce and should not be given unlimited time to prove his worth. I just know he has excelled–not just been average–at all other levels that he’s played, so that’s why I’m not going to be quick to send him to a competitor.

  48. akayama – that is fair. time will tell. we all have our favs so from that perspective i know we’re you’re coming from

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