Prucha out? You’ll know tomorrow


Hello, Ranger fans, I am back for another season of filling in for our pal Sam, who was scratched from the lineup today. (I think it has something to do with a UNH-sponsored long division seminar but cannot be sure. There were rumors they may cancel the seminar for a lack of qualified attendees.)

Anyway, talk today focused on the new guys’ expectations for their Garden debut in blue, but I have a few tidbits from the skate. Here goes:

— Petr Prucha may be the odd man out again. No. 25 may find himself on the scratched squad tomorrow night after we saw Fredrik Sjostrom skate with Blair Betts and Colton Orr on the fourth line. Nigel Dawes was bumped down and will likely skate alongside Ryan Callahan and Lauri Korpikoski, leaving Prucha as the odd-man out. When asked about Prucha, Renney said: “We’ll make a decision tomorrow morning.” … I know, I know: Here we go again…

— The Rangers will stick with six men on D. There were no roster moves today to balance the roster. Renney said the club will field just six defensemen “at this point.” He didn’t elaborate but a move didn’t seem imminent.

— Hank to grab some rest? With the Rangers playing seven games in 11 days, Renney said he and Benoit Allaire talked about a plan to start Steven Valiquette in a game. We’re not sure which one yet.

— This one kind of feels like an opener. No disrespect to the good people of Prague (and, yes, the Rangers’ wins count), but tomorrow night is the unofficial/official NHL opener for this club. “It was a great experience to play in Europe, but you could tell it’s a lot different,” Henrik Lundqvist said. “It’s not like playing here with the atmosphere. That adds another level to the game when you have that environment.”

— Chicago is on the rise. Can you believe the Rangers and Blackhawks have not met since Feb. 18, 2007? Can you believe the Blackhawks haven’t won on Garden ice since Dec. 2002? Well, that happens to be the state of the league right now, what with it having the most unbalanced of schedules. The Rangers believes this Chicago team will be a different animal. With guys like Patrick Kane and Brian Campbell, the Original Six member may be set to regain some respectability.

palin.jpg — Dubinsky on Palin. He would’ve preferred to talk about a different topic, but Brandon Dubinsky said it was “certainly good for Alaska” that Gov. Sarah Palin would drop the puck Saturday night in Philly. Dubinsky, one of two native Alaskans (Scott Gomez is the other) had this to say: “She’s obviously a representative of where I come from, so that’s good. There’s a lot of different opinions out there on a lot of different subjects, but I’m just here to play hockey. I’m going to focus on that.”

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  1. i wonder what game vally will play…. hmmmmm
    maybe hell play against the flyers saturday?
    what was his record against them again?

    but im just assuming….

    29 more hrs!

  2. NHL schedule is more balanced then major league baseball and NFL even without revisions this year…what is this “most” stuff????

    I wont mention college football

  3. Kaspar…I’d disagree. The NFL can’t balance its schedule because the teams don’t play enough games. Baseball only really faces teams in its league, and faces each eight times apiece. And NBA teams play everyone at least twice a year.

    Don’t you think it’s unfortunate the Rangers don’t play the Red Wings or the Blackhawks every year? I do.

  4. Josh – so they need to get down to 24 teams. say bye to

    no need for 3 teams in tri state and devs have better facility and more recent past than isles

  5. Palin would be THE hottest Vice PResident of all time if elected. (Considering all of the prior ones were old men)

    Who wouldnt want to take to the penalty box.
    and keep those glasses on!

  6. Beer this is from a yahoo Flyer message board. This perason isn’t very happy…

    “What the heck — this is disgusting. I’m a diehard flyers fan but if “that one” drops the puck on Saturday, I’m dropping the flyers on saturday, too. Ed Snider should be ashamed of himself for letting his republican super rich ties get ahead of his sport. If he wants to make large donations to his party that’s fine – but don’t make my sacred hockey time a political stunt!

    This is a blue collar sport and we hockey fans would like tax cuts for the middle class. The republicans won’t even acknowledge that there is a middle class!!! Angry emoticon here. You’re out of touch Ed.”

  7. Josh, I don´t if you have read my messages at the previous entry when I saw Jaromir Jagr playing for Omsk…So I will repeat it here:

    But once again the question : How can you prefer to play in this kind of league with an atmosphere of an refrigerator in contrast to playing in an arena like MSG, Woachovia Center, Air Canada Centre or Centre du Bell ! It is just ridicoulous..Jagr made so much money in the NHL that he definitely does not need to go to Russia for the money. It is really a joke, and even the level of play is not that impressive. I would have understand if he would have returned to his native country to play for Kladno or for his father ´s team who built a new arena, but to Russia???????????????????????????????????????

  8. Sorry Josh
    I’m Jumpy, Just watched jags new team score 5 goals in a game
    5 goals in one game Ranger fans

    Anyway; I understand the NFL’s lack of games getting in the way of Giants vs Browns or steelers vs eagles but bottom line: old time rivalries where gamnes take place every 4 years now didnt kill the NFL

    By now rangers have much hotter rivalries with Devils, Flyers and Isles; teams that werent even around during original 6

    I’m happy with 1 game a year vs the original 6
    I’d be happier with 2 games vs all non divison teams (thats 50 gms) and 8 each vs division opponents (thats 32 games)
    addem up you get 82

    the problem Hockey has is that their isnt an “American” conference and a “Canadien” conference with old traditions like in BaseBall and Football have with their historical

    Imagine this Canadien Conf Mont, Tor, Edd, Ott, Calgy, Van, new winnipeg, new quebec/hamilton plus Colo, Buff,

    and an American Conf with everyone else ( minus LI Joes nasty 6 )

    adjust and even the conferences as you wish

    Everyone would play a west coast swing, travel would be equal

  9. bembel- i could be mistaken but i think jagr had said he wanted to return to omsk to finish his career where it started.

    i guess palin thought they needed a little help in PA. she gets to drop the puck while on tuesday The Dead is reuniting for a show for Obama.. i wonder whos getting more votes out of the plublicity…

  10. bembel,

    Jagr’s father’s rink wasn’t going to be ready this year, at least thats how I understood it, and that was why he was hoping/asking for two years form the Rangers.

  11. Yeah that is right that the arena of his father will not be finished by 2010 but Russia is not his home…The Czech first league is definitely as good as as the KHL and I can tell you, guys, I have seen live a game in Prague during the lockout between Sparta Prague and Kladno when Jagr played for Kladno and it was far more lively than this game today in Moskva.. And I can tell you that travel in Russia is more grueling than in the NHL. If Omsk needs to go to Novosibirsk frequently is same as the Rangers playing at Staples Center against the Kings….

    I have only one explanation that Jagr personally promised Abramovich that if he would end his playing days in the NHL he would come back to Avangard..that can be the only reason….!!!!

  12. Sally – Dubi’s doing the right thing and not really making a statement either way. He’s obviously saying that he doesn’t want to make it a political conversation, and there’s no reason for him to get caught up in controversy by spouting off on the topic.

  13. I understand a little sitting Prucha, but why play Sjostrom?? … Play Fritsche … he had a way better training camp.

  14. Steve – Dubi always does the right thing, that’s why he’s my favorite!

    I’m just saying, “There’s a lot of different opinions out there on a lot of different subjects” is pretty sharp, that’s all.

    I feel kinda bad for him right now.

  15. I’m glad Dubie kept quiet on the issue. I’m almost ready to get his name on my blank away jersey. Had he chosen the party I despise, I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to getting his name on the jersey. I know it sounds stupid, but that’s the way it is.

  16. Yeah, the Palin thing stinks. I can’t avoid the woman almost as much as that Sarah Borelis song or all that other soft radio crap. Hockey is my escape from politics etc. I wouldn’t even want to see Bill Clinton or Stephen Harper drop a puck.

  17. I think it is okay for Obama to drop the puck…

    as long as he passes through security and the metal detector.

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