It’s almost here


After all this waiting, the moment is nearly upon us.

I’m talking, of course, about our second video chat tomorrow at 1 (Oh yeah, the Rangers also have their MSG opener tomorrow night, if you care).

Anyway, “here’s the link”:
to follow for the chat, but I’ll invariably post it again tomorrow as well.

There will be a lot to discuss, and I’ll have some answers, but not all of them. As of this post, the Rangers still have the same 15 forwards they started the season with, and Brendan Shanahan is still the most overqualified stay-at-home dad this side of Michael Keaton in “Mr. Mom”.

That could change by the time of our chat, or who knows, maybe it changes smack in the middle of it. That would be fun, too.

Until then…

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  1. Hello friends ok I will have no internet tomorrow so I am going to that Pizza place in Penn at around 530 and then I will go to the garden hope to see some of you fellow lohud bloggers!

    Also for the one or two that have my cell number if some big announcement involving Shannahan gets made can you txt me!?!?!?!?! Or well any news that is kind of important I suppose. Thanks!

  2. have a beer for me Jorek…i’ll be watching from home. The Garden should be rocking….GO RANGERS!!!!

  3. Thats the spot across the street? Good for after game festivities but it gets very crowded. Only reason I say no to pregame is cause I will be looking for something to eat that is quick and cheap before I enter the world of overpriced food known as the Garden (and every other sports complex in the Grand Old US of A)

  4. Just saw the Coyotes dumped one of their forwards to the Pens for a draft pick. Might be time for Maloney to go and get Prucha.

  5. LI Joe

    the only place suggested is that double teamed store which may or may not be near gate 66.. but since there is only one of them it would be easier to find…

  6. Salty, you gonna meet up with us pregame and midgame?

    Rose’s Pizza in Pen (or cafe 31, but its more expensive and Jo and I will be looking for food cheap and fast, that means pizza! its allr ight if y’all go elsewhere…

    we’ll hopefully see you inside at perhaps the double teamed store?? I’m only going to be on one more hour, so if it isn’t finalized by then I won’t know :(… and in that case I hope y’all have fun…

    someone ask Sam in the chat if he’ll come out and party with his loyal posters…

  7. The difference between Def Leppard and the Red Wings: Def Leppard sucks every night, and Detroit just sucked tonight. Detroit had more turnovers than a bakery.

    Rick Allen from Def Leppard managed to get a domestic violence charge for beating his wife in spite of the fact he has 1 arm. So I ask you, condemn violent behavior or applaud his ability to overcome a handicap?

  8. OK, so the asshat lead singer just put the Cup on the table upside down. He should definitely be killed by the crowd

  9. I Bleed rangers blue on

    I dont know if anyone is actually watching this stupid def leopard concert…but im waiting for the game and i just saw he put the stanley cup down UPSIDE DOWN!!!!

  10. LI Joe don’t know where we could meet does anyone have a specific gate to meet at in between periods. Though I will be up in the 400s as will Ag and she has a bum knee so not having to travel far would be cool!

  11. I Bleed rangers blue on

    they didnt do nething their from detroit…if he did that in new york they would of rushed the stage!

  12. there is a team store in 300 level (i think behind the net the Rangers shoot at twice) and one in 100 level (center ice behind team benches).

  13. awesome
    my girl will be wearing a lord stanley rangers “away” jersey with 94 on the back…
    hope to see tons of people there tomorrow…
    all 18,200 of ya, lol

  14. Amazing that in Detroit you can be shot for stepping on someone’s white Nikes, but if you desecrate the Wing’s Stanley Cup…nothing.

  15. Jo and Ag, I got both of your emails and I will be in touch tomorrow. I can’t fuggin wait and I feel like calling out of work, but unfortunately I can’t. Oh well. I hope to see you all tomorrow. So we are doing the team store on the 300 level? I will have my white Hank jersey on, maybe a blue ranger hat, maybe not. Not exactly sure yet.

  16. Well guys… I’m out now… no more interent tonight…

    I’ll be at Rose’s pizza (Penn station same side as tgif) before the game and the team store in the 300 level ibetween the first and second period… hope to se ey’all there!

  17. Aaron Ward doing his usual dope job. He took a “puck over glass” penalty four seconds into a penalty kill in the first, and now he chokes up the puck for a great chance by Sakic, with the rebound buried by McLeod for the Avs’ third goal. Keep on keepin’ on, Aaron!

  18. Brandon Sugden is a Ranger
    Posted by By Lindsay Kramer/The Post-Standard October 09, 2008 5:46PM
    Funny how things work out, huh?

    The New York Rangers were one of four teams that voted to block the un-retirement of former Syracuse Crunch enforcer Brandon Sugden. Then the NHL stepped in, and got those four teams to change their minds.

    Sugden tried out for the Islanders, but they let him go. Now, he’s agreed to a tryout contract with Hartford. Hartford is the affiliate of the New York Rangers.

    I guess New York wasn’t happy with the notion of Sugden trying to play again this year, unless he was part of its organization.

    “Well, I don’t hold that against them at all,” Sugden said from his Hartford hotel room on Thursday. “They thought maybe if I was playing against them, it wouldn’t be good. I was ticked off, but I understood it wasn’t personal, it was business.”

  19. Sadly (as of now), I will not be attending Opening Night @ MSG for the first time since Mess, Lindros, Nedved & Malhotra were our centerman.

    Unless a pair of tickets falls from the sky tied to a bag of money!

  20. pig – (prev thread) Hossa, Kovalchuk, AND Gaborik (if he makes it) will all be UFA’s this summer.

    LA Kings are going to be crazy sick next year!

  21. “There’s going to be quite a few butterflies for me, even though I’ve played a lot of games,” said Markus Naslund, the 35-year-old forward who was signed as a free agent. “It is a special place to play. How many chances you get to play the home opener?”

  22. BM – Kovalchuk is UFA in two summers. Hossa is the best potential UFA, but there’s no way Sather can afford an 8m+ contract unless the cap goes up to like 65m lol

  23. Correct you are Pavel! That’s the last time I take Spiderpig’s word! jk pig, haha

    I don’t think any of those guys are coming our way. And to be honest, its probably better off. Obvisouly having one big star on the team doesn’t get you very far. Having TWO gets you to the finals, but it takes a TEAM to win one.

  24. Ya know what really grinds my gears?

    The NHL wants SO badly to promote the NHL in AMERICA. Yet last night the Avs had a ceremony for AMERICAN-BORN hockey players going into the US HOF. Instead of showing how much AMERICAN-BORN players BOTH MEN AND WOMEN can achieve in the sport, they televised a BRITISH-BORN band.

    Make sense to ANYONE?!

  25. GREETINGS RANGERS FANS – I’ve been reading your posts here since early September, and I must say this has greatly added to my excitement regarding the upcoming season. Overall, your insights are only overshadowed, some very sharp witted individuals. Looking forward to hearing todays news from Sam regarding the lineup, Shanny, Pru, and the rest of the BOYZ.

  26. MINDEN, Nev. – Clint Malarchuk, the former NHL goalie best known for having his jugular vein slashed by a skate in a 1989 game with Buffalo, is recovering after accidentally shooting himself in the chin with a rifle.

    Malarchuk’s wife Christy told sheriff’s deputies that the .22-calibre rifle discharged after her husband placed the butt on the ground between his legs. He had been shooting rabbits.

    The 47-year-old former player, now a goalie coach with the Columbus Blue Jackets, was flown by helicopter to a Reno hospital for treatment Tuesday.

    “Our concern is with Clint and his well-being,” the Blue Jackets said in a statement Thursday. “We are optimistic that he will have a full recovery very soon.”

  27. Welcome to the blog Mac Attack…
    is it 7 yet?
    Pavel…wow. I would steer clear of guns, buses, trains, skates…dogs and Colton Orr.

    Beer…I know some will disagree but…on most nights I’d rather sit on my couch with a glass bottle of beer and enjoy the game PLUS I can now rewind watch a good hit, fight, or goal as many times as I want. Oh and food is free and there is no line at the bathroom

  28. True on opening night but you may just have to suck it up…FWIW I don’t see tickets and a bag of money falling from the sky…though crazier things have happened…right?

  29. YEAH, there is NOTHING like opening night at the Garden. I was able to get there the last two years, but wasn’t so lucky this year. I’ll be there this Monday & Wed. tho. CAN’T WAIT.

  30. Guys, I’ve been so sick and really weak and the best thing would be for me to lay on the couch and watch the game, but seeing opening night is always special. After I crack the first cold one on the LIRR, I’ll be ready to go.

  31. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I envy all you guys going to the game. That is the hardest part of not being up there anymore. If I realized then that I would miss it as much as I do – I probably would have never moved to FLA (big heavy sigh)! But – I do have the MSG Network and every game my living room becomes MSG South! I should do like the NHL Network commercial and set up boards and glass around my TV ;-)

  32. How do you have MSG in Florida? I’m moving down south (NC) in 3-4 years so I’d like to know way ahead of time lol

  33. # Matt October 10th, 2008 at 10:12 am

    beer everyone else in the country skips their bills y not u

    You can skip all but the electric and cable.

  34. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I have Direct TV and purchased their ‘out of region’ sports package which includes MSG and MSG+. It’s an add’l $10 but worth every penny. Unfortunately because I’m not in the NY market I still have to get Center Ice during the season ’cause they blackout the games (or have in the past) but I get pre-game switch over to CI and then switch back to MSG for post-game.

  35. Can’t wait! I should be in the city aroud 4:30 to prime the pump. Has it been decided if and where anyone is meeting?

  36. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    When I first moved down here – the only games I got was when they played the Panthers – there was none of the other stuff. I actually sat at my computer (in jersey and all) and listened to the radio broadcast of every game. Ah technology – it is a wonderful thing. Oh – you can do the same with Dish Network but they blackout the pre-season games – Direct TV does not – that’s why I switched.

  37. Jaromir Jagr on every channel..Right now I see him on the big screen smiling and eating a sandwich and drinking a (water!!) during the TENNIS KREMLIN CUP IN MOSCOW ! He was shown now for the fourth or fifth time grinning into the public..Shame on my commentator, he doesn´t seem to know him because he just talks about the actual game :):):)

  38. hey all, I’ll be there tonight. not sure about before the game, we might get there in time for warm-ups…

    as for between periods, maybe we should meet around gate 76? there’s a decent sized foot court there with different types of beer.

    if you look for me, look for the Indian guy wearing a Lundy jersey. I stand out in a hockey crowd :-)

  39. “Jaromir Jagr on every channel..Right now I see him on the big screen smiling and eating a sandwich and drinking a (water!!) during the TENNIS KREMLIN CUP IN MOSCOW ! He was shown now for the fourth or fifth time grinning into the public..”

    Well I guess he’s getting his wish of being the “center of attention” eh?

  40. Oh man once again I see him applauding the tennis girls, once again grinning..What the heck Jagr is doing there, they always show him making jokes !!!!

    Come on JJ, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN RED MOSKVA INSTEAD OF BIG MSG ???????????????????:)

    I can´t read the kyrillian language of the schedule of Avangard Omsk ! If they have another game in the MOSKVA area ????

  41. haha Beer, that was GUTSY.

    I’m kinda torn about that article. part of me is kinda happy, just because it gives hockey some publicity other than the usual Bertuzzi/Simon coverage we EVER get from mainstream media… but it IS a thinly veiled endorsement by the Flyer’s owner, having her do that.

  42. Beer…
    I am so tempted!!! ARGH!!! I don’t know if I can “promise”
    Brooks can go to hell

  43. Beer, I really prefer the paparazzi think in sports as the political stuff !!:):)

    JJ is cheering on on another JJ it is Jelena Jankovic, and she won 7-6, 6-3..she throws some hand kisses into the public and JJ is grinning again..What a comedy my TV is almost exploding !:):):)

  44. Watching NHL on the Fly on the NHL Network
    -Neil Smith looks like he has AIDS
    -It’s reported that Marty Brodeur got a personal trainer in the offseason. Think Avery’s “fatso” comments got taken to heart? HAHAHA
    -Brooks is right. I bet Gomez takes the faceoff. Hopefully she falls. Ice is slippery

  45. Who cares if Palin drops the puck? If Comrade SOBama or Gaffe McGafferson were dropping the puck, you’d see the MSM spin it on Palin for not being a true ‘hockey mom’.

  46. ok so stout, cafe 31, mustang harry’s, harrington’s, or blarney stone…which of these should i go to pregame?

  47. JOE! I said the same thing to my wife last night about Neil Smith! He looks horrible.

    I always said that about Jason Blake too. Then a year or two later he was diagnosed!

  48. If you watch that Avery interview, you’ll hear that he’s alread been fined by the Stars for breaking the dress code. Mr Fashion broke the dress code? You had to FINE Sean Avery?

    Dallas’s turn for the side show.

  49. beer
    they said something about it yesterday on ATH… palin dropping the puck will just divide philly fans even if it is for a moment…
    shit shoulda never been done…
    glad its not @ the garden…
    like why couldnt she drop the puck someplace out west, lol

    getting ready to go into work and then hop a train to the city!!! hooray!!! so fuckin excited, lol…

  50. ok everyone, I’ll be counting on you for updates tonight if I can’t find a way to listen to the game while I’m up in Boston.

  51. beer
    yeah for real it doesnt even matter who it is… there involved and people arent all on one side you know, lol….

    if it was like Clarke running for president i dont think the fans would have a problem… hahahaha

    ok now im off to work…

  52. Paul, you’re right, Palin dropping the puck will divide Philly fans. But moments later they will be galvanized by their intense hatred for the Rangers and their common love of intoxicating beverages. I don’t foresee any riots breaking out

  53. for people going to the game and trying to meet up, I got a text from Jorek about that pizza place they’re going pre-game. Its Rose’s Pizza, next to kmart in Penn station.

  54. -I Bleed rangers blue-
    “they didnt do nething their from detroit…if he did that in new york they would of rushed the stage!”

    –Speaking of Detroit fans… I remember few years back when Detroit was visiting MSG… I think it was that first year of Shanny playing here… it was the game when NYR was leading 3:0 and ended up losing 4:3…so anyway… I was at the game… sitting in a section that was full of Detroit fans (don’t ask me how I ended up there) … there were at least 2 or 3 rows filled with them…these people were insane… waving freaking Red Wings flags and holding banners up… and talking a lot of smack for sure…so to make long story short … next to me there were two guys…Ranger fans… from Bensonhurst (wink wink)… so… one of the Detroit fans was talking sh*t nonstop… and I mean nonstop… and one of the dudes next to me told him a few good time to just shut the F Up or he get punched in the face… so they guy wouldn’t shut it… next thing I know…close to the end of the game the “Bensonhurst guy” just gets up… turns around… puts his fist together and just slams that Detroit fan straight in the face… I mean… It was a hard punch because it was loud in the building and u could still hear his fist landing on that poor guys face… I couldn’t stop laughing… it was funny because of the reaction of Detroit fans… they didn’t do sh*t about it…. And there was a lot of them… some of them were stunned by what was going on… but most of them just kept waving those Red Wing flags and looking over to us lol… and the guy who got punched he was just sitting and bleeding and blinking his eyes… holding his beer cup… I swear this was the funniest thing… and the bensonhurst guy simply said “I TOLD U SO REDNECK” LOL… I LOVE NEW YORK CITY!! LETS GO RANGERS!

    By the way… NHL store in the city is giving away 2009 Honda sport today

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