The confusion never stops


Every time I feel like I have a handle on the collective bargaining agreement, another wrinkle arises that sends me back scratching my head. And this is again the case when it comes to defenseman Brian Fahey, who yesterday I reported would have to go through recall waivers if he was summoned to New York by the Rangers.

Now I’m told that isn’t the case, and that Fahey could spend the season flowing freely between Hartford and New York without exposure. This was first pointed out to me by Chip McCleary at the reliable “”:, and it was confirmed by Rangers assistant general manager and cap guru Cam Hope.

So there you have it. It’s not the first time I’ve been wrong. And sad to say, it won’t be the last.

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  1. Yeah, fahey is free to flow back and forth. But not until there’s enough cap room for him! Unless he makes under $245K.

    Who’s getting moved today!?!?

  2. where is Rose’s??

    ANd what gate are we meeting at in the first intermission break? pick a gate on the 300 level so we on the four hundred can get down to you and anyone on the 200’s can come up…

  3. real bar… Tracks? or Cafe 31… thats about all I got…I like MOlly Wee’s but its to crowded and I don’t know the other bars there…

  4. Mustang Harry’s(7th), Blarney Rock(31st), Stout(31st…just past Blarney)

    Cafe 31 is cool(used to be better), but the beers are like $6.50

    What am I talking about…I’m not even going! (yet)

  5. Ag-it’s in Penn away from the main board. Same side as TGIF but about 25-30 doors down.

    Beer-Friday’s game is a tough ticket but you’re pretty well known on the board so your chances are better than most. It’s always a good idea to hang in the lobby, there’s always somebody who got stuck with an extra tik.

  6. 22 – Tougher when you’re dragging a ball and chain! oooohh…did I say that out loud?

    Not so much about finding the tix…more of finding the cash! haha

  7. I know Beer, I’m 2 1/2 years into the ball and chain thing. You know how all your friends tell you to just wait until you’re not a newlywed anymore? Dam, they were right. Good luck.

  8. oh, believe me. I’ve seen what’s out there. And I’m actually surprised they’re not more. Ticketmaster even has tix that were released.

    But until I see a FREE pair…my woes continue :(

    Poor Beer Me!

  9. 22 – Thanks for the reassurance pal!

    matt – I saw that too. I don’t think I’d believe anything until gametime on Friday. I’m kinda surprised nothing has happened yet. As far as our roster is concerened.

  10. what has Voros done to warrant a bump up to the 2nd line? Is he really going to be able to keep up with Dubinsky and Zherdev? I don’t think so.

  11. Beer and others, try giving this number a call 212-307-7171. I got a text from NYR saying tix available.

  12. Sioux-per-man on

    Voros will be in there to help clear the net in front so Z and Dubi can make a play.

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