Shanahan told to be patient (Updated)


So what’s another forward when you already have three sitting out?

According to Rick Curran, Brendan Shanahan’s agent, the right wing’s return to New York is still very much a possibility

The possible hold up? You guessed it. The Rangers have virtually no money under the salary cap (with $250,000 or so, they couldn’t even sign a player to the league minimum now).

“Suffice to say we’ve had conversations, as we’ve had all summer,” said Curran, who said he’s renewed conversations with Glen Sather since the Rangers returned from Prague. “We know what the problems are, and unfortunately, there’s nothing that we can do to solve them. We’ve been told to be patient, which is what we’ve been.”

So if the Rangers are serious about bringing Shanahan back, how exactly do they make it happen? I would have to imagine it would mean a deal disposing of at least one forward, and possibly two,. The two most glaring possibilities are Patrick Rissmiller at $1 million and Petr Prucha $1.6 million. I’m not saying those are the players headed out the door, but seeing how both players were skating on the six-person fourth line today, both could be deemed expendable.

Another possibility is Fred Sjostrom, who also skated on the fourth line today, and who made clear he didn’t want to be dealt. Not that it’s up to him.

“I want to be here, but it’s out of my control,” Sjostrom said. “It’s a business decision. I’m just worried about playing here and trying to win. But yes, I want to stay.”

Update, 1:45 p.m.: Keeping with team policy, a Rangers spokesman wouldn’t comment on Shanahan rumors. But he did say nothing was imminent.

Update, 2:56 p.m.: Meanwhile, since “I was the one to first bring it up”:, I would be remiss in not pointing out “that Detroit GM Ken Holland shot down the possibility of Shanahan returning to the Red Wings.”:

You’ll recall that Rick Curran said one of Shanahan’s former general managers had expressed interest in the player. By my count, that leaves Lou Lamoriello (Devils), Jim Rutherford (Carolina), and of course Glen Sather as remaining possibilities.

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  1. Crazy rumors all over the place. Prucha, Dawes, Fritsche all rumored to be packing. Rangers possibly trading with St. Louis or Vancouver, possibly getting Ryan Kesler and/or Bieksa back.

    No I did not make this up, I never do. I just don’t care how accurate it is because at the very worst, we have something to discuss….

  2. wont like shany signing at all, will still root for him, but just no need. he will only get slower as the season progresses and he will most likely get hurt again, freak accident or not.

  3. Sounds good to me. I can see us trading with our old buddy JD or with our friends in Phoenix. Ha, maybe even Edmonton. I know that that kid Bieksa is supposed to be a pretty good dman. And Kesler is pretty good as well.

  4. Shanny…nothing like shooting ourselves in the foot. Damn Sather already has his quota of dumba$$ moves for the year…Rissmiller? and the over abundance of forwards and now Shanny! What a mistake! I wish Sather would swallow that cigar

  5. Hope they resign him. Sick of hearing about his lack of speed, Red Wings had plenty of speed and plenty of 39/40 year olds on their championship team last year. I think Sather realizes the importance of a veteran like Shanahan (even in a reduced role).

    Where exactly is ” Dreger is reporting Shanny signing is imminent.” appear?

  6. Whats does Obama and Bin Laden have in common?

    The both are friends with guys who tried to blow up the Pentagon.

  7. I’m totally fine with Shanny coming back. Some of you make it seem like he’s going to make us worse. Keep in mind our team is still loaded with “what ifs”. We know what we’re getting with Shanny.

    If guys like Pruch, Dawes and Freddy Shoes came into camp and wow’d the coaching staff like Dubi and Staal did last year we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. Fact of the matter is, they didn’t.

    By bringing Shanny back now, opposed to in the off-season, the Rangers have already established it’s Scott and Chris’s team with Shanny becoming an additional part, but by no means the focus. If this was the idea all along, it’s a smart marketing and strategic move as far as team personality is concerned.

  8. Curran will again talk with Rangers GM Glen Sather later today with the hope that “by the end of the day, we’ll be able to sign with the Rangers.”

    Per Andrew Gross

  9. I get mine from a message board that about 10-15 of us have had going for 10 years or so. All guys I know and trust and some of them have some sources. Doesn’t mean they’re right, but if they report they’ve heard something then there really was somthing to it. Doesn’t mean any of it happens.

  10. who here actually thinks Shanny is gonna make much of a difference in the line-up? I mean really. Is he gonna score 20 goals in a reduced 4th line role? Is he gonna hit and play gritty in a 4th line role? NO FREAKIN WAY! The whole idea of signing Shanny is plain stupid.

  11. Except that after the Wings dropped Shanny they went to the Conf. Finals and then won the Cup. Before, two 1st rd, 1 2nd rd exit.

  12. That is exactly what I said yesterday about the Shanny situation. They wanted to pass the team over to Dru, Gomer, and Naslund before they signed Shanahan. I don’t think he hurts our team at all.

  13. Hockeymanrangers on

    I have said this all summer WE DO NOT WANT SHANNY. And now that I have watched the men against Tampa over the weekend it just confirms this. Yea I know it was just 2 games against TAMPA but still. All lines are so much faster with out Jags, Shanny and Straka. Starka had some speed but Jags slowed him down. Where in the _ell does Shanny fit with any of these lines??? I think we DO need another good heavy D-man, and we could give up a forward or 2. If they sign Shanny I swear it’s just to satisfy him, so there are no hard feelings with him. I really hope we DO NOT sign him.

  14. ThisYearsModel on

    Come on, guys. Why would Vancouver trade either of those guys for our castoffs? Answer…..they won’t. Kesler is an up and comer, and Bieksa is a tough defenseman with offensive upside. No way the are coming here unless a top prospect goes the other way.

  15. Thanks for the link Mark!

    Don’t want to get my hopes up, but this is the most promising a re-signing of Shanahan has been lately. Been a huge fan of his since he left the Devils. Now own a Red Wings and a Ranger jersey with his name. Would like to see him play his final year with blueshirts even in a reduced role. I think he can only contribute to this team if used wisely by coaching staff.

  16. Brandon,
    What are we getting with Shanny? Please tell me…the 20+ goal scoring guy playing on the top 2 lines or the reduced role Shanny that we don’t even know exists…or the injured Shanny who proved last season that he’s seriously slowed down. I’ll pass…
    he says money isn’t the issue but he wants too much.
    I guarantee you…we sign him and our power play slows to a grinding halt…

  17. I’m staying neutral on the Shanny thing. I just named my dog after the dude, so it’d be nice for him to stick around.

    But that statement is everything wrong with the situation. From my perspective anyway.

    Prediction: Signs for 1.5mil.

  18. I’d love to believe he can pot 20. But I also thought he agreed to play lesser minutes in a lesser role. So I’m not sure the 2 line up.

    At least it gives my other prediction a chance! That Shanny will score more GOALS than Sean Avery this season.

  19. Hockeymanrangers on

    No way Shanny can be on the Zherduv Dubi line NO WAY. He MIGHT be able make it into the zone by the time Dubi and or Zherduv get 2 shots on goal. If he’s lucky.

  20. If Shanny comes back, it’s probably a classic Sather three-team deal involving Prucha/Dawes, Rissmiller, & Kalinin. Bad part is if Prucha goes – it will be the second season in row he gets screwed by Shanahan.

  21. With the amount of penalties in the “new” NHL, Shanny would get time on pp/pk with the occasional 4th line shift without taking ice time from a youngster. Renney could also double shift a wing to get Betts/Orr some ice time. I’m also neutral to him coming back or not.

  22. stop with the negative stuff on Shanny. Meaning he is slow, he was never fast to begin with.

  23. I’m sorry, but I don’t think that one player can mean failure for our team. Unless it was Hank getting hurt or something like that. Shanny maybe being on our team will not hurt us.

  24. Beer Me!, that is awesome you named your dog after Shanny. I was reading through a website today that had people send in their memorable stories from Yankee Stadium. I came across this. I think it’s hilarious on a number of points, the first that Shanny was wearing a Maple Leafs jacket to a Yanks/Blue Jays game.

    • Five For Fighting. Due to some ridiculousness, my uncle was buddies with a number of hockey players in the 80’s and 90’s. He got pretty close with a bunch of them which resulted in Brendan Shanahan showing up for one of the family weddings. We’re from the Bronx (so I’ve got tons of these stories but I digress), so while he was there, him and a friend of his wanted to catch a Yankees game, and the Blue Jays happen to be in town. Uh-oh. They show up to the game wearing Maple Leafs jackets (he’s from Toronto) and we sit in the bleachers. I position myself over a bit so as to not catch a beating (I’m pretty young at this point) but still want to be close enough to be hanging with these two huge guys. The game is dragging and people are getting hammered and Shanahan is yelling out in support of the Jays and the bleacher creatures are coming back on him pretty hard. It builds. And builds. All of the sudden somebody snaps and starts really jawing, a fight breaks out and Shanahan and his buddy are just destroying people. Seriously, do not mess with guys who are paid to be huge and are used to getting only 5 minutes of reprieve for giving someone a serious beatdown. Eventually the cops break it up and both of them and a bunch of others get escorted out, and Shanahan, with blood on his face from taking a few shots, isn’t mad or yelling, he’s actually laughing like a kid on a amusement park ride (I’ve been terrified of him since and this was easily 15 years ago). The guy (maybe all hockey players?) was absolutely insane but he definitely got his money’s worth from Yankees Stadium. — Jack Hanlon

  25. wow, after all of the moves we made in the offseason to improve the base of this team and make us faster and more physical over the next couple of years, signing shanny would really defeat that purpose and push us a step back. i really hope its not a panic move because we didn’t score much in 2 straight games. Shanny won’t help that. The only way I can deal with this is if its for cheap and hes getting 4th line minutes. Outside of that, our season and PP will get ruined if hes on the squad.

  26. ok maybe not the season. haha. but the PP will look just like last year with everyone deferring to shanny. I don’t think Drury or Gomez would be happy either because it kinda takes away the fact that its “their” team now.

  27. Shanny would be useless on the fourth line. With Dubi Zherdev he can trail the rush and when the puck goes the other way, he heads to the bench. If we’re lucky.

  28. Kesler and Bieska are both making good money trades for either won’t open up cap room. I don’t believe either is getting traded anyway.

  29. basically said what that guy in toronto said… ej said he thinks shanny can contribute somewhere but that he doesnt see where he fits on the rangers and doesnt think its a good move…

  30. Ah yes, but St. Louis currently has no #1 defenseman. And we have this guy named Roszival….

    Now that one I thought of.

    What is the story with Gaborik, by the way?

  31. BTW I personally am all for the team standing pat, maybe moving Sjostrom and/or Rissmiller, finding a way to get Fritsche in there and continuing on the way they are. Personally I’d rather not have Shanny. I don’t see how he fits at all…..

  32. The thing about Eklund is that even the stuff we’re hearing, that we know is real (Shanny possibly signing) he doesn’t report. So clearly he’s not even sharp enough to keep up with the beat writers and their blogs, although he once did show up on JDP’s blog to defend himself, which was hysterical.

  33. Maybe he’ll get dealt to CAR and get hurt in practice like the rest of them.

    You know, I bet if Jags knew he wouldn’t have to work that hard, he woulda signed there too.
    Take that!

  34. li joe thanks for the pic her name is amanda panda her parents rnt too smart. she loses pts for her name but it sucks cause she didnt choose it

  35. we’re 2-0 and team and amny fans are acting like we’re 0-5. I don’t see why Sather is being this dumn to bring him back. Have to think Dolan is behind this. As I’ve said in past I predict he’ll get # 3 mm. so evewn moving Prucha and Rissmiller won’t do it especially when add in another defenseman to our 23 man roster. one of the $ 2 mm dmen has to go as well in addition to Prucha and Rissmiller for the numbers to work. so those 3 would be gone and Shanny, Potter and Fahey would come on.

    good luck in signing free agents in future if they unload Rissmiller and Kalinin that quickly.

  36. I think Shanny, in a reduced role, is better than dealing with a bunch of never-will-be’s(ie..Dawes, Rissmiller, Fritche, Orr, Betts…..) on this current Ranger roster. The past few seasons Shanny has been one of the few players on the roster with any balls.Most of the rest were all softees. There could be worse things Sather could do. Oh wait, he has, just look at some of his offseason moves the past few years…

  37. LI Joe

    the same thing goes if they deal Rozsival… when a guy signs a long trm contract its becuase he thinks he’s staying for a while… If they sign a long contract and then shuffle the fellow off its going to make other free agents think twice before signing up

  38. I don’t understand why they would sign another defenseman.
    Hello?… Potter and Fahey both I thought were better than Kalinin oh and Shanny too!

  39. So apparently the wonderful Fabian Bruunstrom may not even make the Stars lineup to start the season. Those 2 co-GM’s really bought into THAT hype. They bought into the hype of another player too.

  40. I am really not that down on Kalinin either. People act like he is the second coming of Malik and he clearly is not. The second game against Tampa he looked. I actually like to see at least 10 regular season games before I start calling for someone to be traded. Prucha, I still would like to see for another few games, but I can understand many of your feelings on him, and Dawes as well to a degree. But not Kalinin yet, and not Rozy until I see him play at least 15 games. Christ, there is no jagr for him to defer to and he just had surgery this summer.

  41. staal – I think its cause the they really don’t want potter sitting that often. I understand it. And he could very well replace mara or kalinin next year. He needs minutes. But he looks great so far.

  42. i kinda thought something was gonna happen with rozsival when he didnt get an “A”… just because hes been with the team for so long… nothing more than that…
    that being said if that was the case dale purinton woulda been a captain a couple seasons ago… lol

    i am in no way saying rozsival is a leader of any sort… lol….

    rangers vs lightning on nhl network… not in hd… god i love my job… hahahah

  43. EJ Hradek sounded like a moron when interviewing Brandon Dubinsky. Dubi basically didnt laugh at any of his jokes.

  44. Nasty 1, I wasn’t really bashing Kalinin. I was just pointing out that we have a few young d-men who I’d look to before getting another via trade. Kalinin was just the first guy to come to mind. I will say he looked much better compared to the preseason games. But yes he played well in that second game…much better than Malik ;)

  45. paul,

    maybe but Rozi had an A during the preseason… and I wonder if he isn’t one of the ones in line if (God forbid) an injury or rest day comes up for our lettered fellows… the other temporary A was Betts I think.

  46. Shanny14, Never will be’s? Are you serious? Dawes put up 14 goals last year as a rookie in a reduced role (and hes only 22 I think), Fritsche is still 22, Orr is our fighter, Rissmiller is one of our grinder guys and still really young. You can’t say they are a bunch of never will be’s when you don’t even know what they have to offer in 2-3 years. They’ve all had some success, especially Dawes and somewhat Fritsche, so if they continue to build on that then it helps our team in the long run.

    Shanny hasn’t had balls since Knuble knocked his ass out cold 2 years ago (or I guess collided with). Shanny barely hits anymore, doesn’t fight, and only goes to the front of the net on the PP. Shanny 3-4 years ago, yes. Not anymore. Just about every player on our team now is tougher than he will be at this stage in his career….except Rozsival and Kalinin. But everyone else pretty much has him beat in that department.

  47. Sather made no sense giving Rozi a multi-year contract…He was a horror show last season….

  48. If Dawes, Fritsche, Orr, Betts etc are never will be’s then Shanny is a never will be again!

  49. Agravaine
    true i forgot about that

    the gomez rumor was a while ago…
    but hes been beating the same dead horse stable for a while

  50. See, now that’s what I’m talking about with Eklund. There is absolutely no way in the world that the Rangers are parting with Scott Gomez. It’s one thing to hear something that sounds plausible and pass it along to you guys. If my source had come up with that one I never would have presented it to anyone because its clearly BS. And yet people actually pay for Eklund to make this stuff up.

  51. Those players are all replaceable. Dawes had some flashes of being a decent player, but, he is very inconsistent

  52. From zipay…

    “So it’s difficult to see where Shanahan, a frequent card player (hearts) with Sather on team flights last season, would fit in this reshuffled deck.”

    So that explains that I guess. Welcome back Shanny.

  53. Staal, that definitely wasn’t directed at you, I was just saying that Kalinin seems to be the new whipping boy around here, and it definitely isn’t deserved yet.

  54. I know Nasty 1…I know…I just felt the need to clarify.
    By the way…this week is long and its a new season.
    How bout a Nasty 1…

  55. STAAL

    If you think Shanny’s playing on the 4th line, you must be drunk off a mixture of Jack n’ Crack. He’ll play 3rd line, at least.


    Maybe i read that wrong. But Shanny dropped the Wings, not the other way around. Unless that’s what you meant.

  56. At this point in time, most of the team is replaceable, with the exception of a few. He brings more to the table than the others I have mentioned. I just think there could be worse things the Rangers could do than bringing back Shanny

  57. In the summer of 93 i got my kids a dog,we named him Ranger,He was a collie, sheppard mix Great dog,smart.We all know what happened that hockey season.
    Well my kids were 6 and 4 then, 24 and 22 now.We had to put him down in june. I’m gettin another dog this week.
    So I’m looking for a name that will bring us another CUP.
    Any ideas………..

  58. Orr

    Unless you know any of the principles involved in Shanny’s departure from Det, you don’t know how it happened. You read it somewhere doesn’t count.

  59. Hmmm, let me think here.
    OK, well this is pretty funny, and kind of mean to laugh about, but hey, I am the Nasty 1. As you all know, or didn’t know I am a teacher. And the other day I was out for recess duty and the kids were paying football. And all of a sudden a group runs to me and says, “Mr. Nasty, Mr. Nasty come quick, _ _ _ _ _ _ is hurt and he won’t get up, he is talking, but he won’t get up.” So I ran over and this kid was just sitting there, in tears. So I offered to pick him up and he didn’t want to move. So I told the other kids to go play on another part of the field and talk to him to find out how badly he was hurt. And he looked around to see who was still around, and wiped the tears away from his eyes, and said, “Mr. Nasty, I crapped myself.” I say, “WHAT???” And then he went on to tell me that he had been out for 2 days with a stomach flu and he guesses he wasn’t over it yet. I got him his fleece, had him wrap it around his waist, and told him to shag ass on down to the nurse. Just can’t make this kind of stuff up. Ha. How was that?

  60. JONNY D

    Yeah you’re right !!! We don’t need Shanny, we have a bunch of tough pricks in the lineup. Drury, Naslund, Gomez, Dawes, Cally, Dubi, Freddy, Prucha, Betts, ORR. Lol, gimme a break.

    Once again, everyone is glued to there excuses. Shanny will gain the zone by the time Dubi, and Nicky have two shots on goal. Hey, did you ever come to think while he’s breathing heavy in the neutral zone, maybe Nicky will turn the puck over, and Shanny can destroy who ever is trying to break out, thinking there’s nobody there, but it turns out slow man Shanny was hanging out. Cmon be realistic, Nicky loves the drop pass so much, drop it to Shanny he rips one on net, Dubi picks up the garbage. Or just put Shanny with Cally, and Korpedo, let them work hard along the boards, and set up Shanny.

    I wouldn’t want him on the team if the team didn’t. But they do, so i do. If they thought it was the wrong move, im sure they’d step up and say it.

    Side Note – The Isles are gonna play there top pick Bailey this year. I HOPE that kid is a bust and beyond, cause they had there chance to draft Schenn, and he looks like he can be a damn good D man.

    Lol, and the dangerous Philly Flowers lost against the Philly Phantoms last night. Lol, they had Briere, Gagne, Richards, Carter, Knuble all in the lineup, with Biron in net, but they lost. Ouch. Although that’s good for them, knowing they have some promising prospects. There also starting there 1st rounder from this year, Sbisa.

  61. Nasty 1
    mid-season form my friend…
    BTW I love calling for a Nasty 1…Highlight of my day!

  62. Thank you Stall. It is always nice to feel appreciated, ha. And I feel them losing to the Phantoms is worse than if we lost to Mettolarg or however you spell it.

  63. Orr…just so you know Shanny is not a “tough prick” anymore…remember the infamous Knuble hit and then the knee injury last season…Hasn’t been the same since…




  65. I would like to nominate myself as the official caller for “the Nasty 1”
    all in favor…

  66. all good suggestions…lets see…

    The pets my family has had named after rangers…

    Bird named “beezer”
    Rabbit named “ranger”
    Dog named “Kyp”
    Dog named “Esa”
    Newest Dog “Shanny”

  67. BLURT

    I was a big Wings fan before turning into an Nyr fan. Shanny, and Jagr was how i got into hockey. I know why he left, and i sure as shit know that Holland didn’t want him to leave.

    That doesn’t matter though. Nyr fans will never be happy. There will always be something to complain aboot. Always a whipping boy, someone always does something wrong. Most fans never give a player a chance. I knew a couple of retard Nyr fans who stopped watching Nyr cause they signed Gomer.

    I cant stand the majority of them, there a bunch of whiny pieces of sh*t.

    So what if the guy signs. What did he do last season that was so wrong ? Stats , and age aside, i wanna know exactly what he did. And don’t give me that young team BS, that 2-0 BS. I don’t know if any of you realize this but we played against a team that’s NOT making the playoffs, unless they win there division. We play a young BratHawks team that could make the playoffs, but who knows. The real challenge doesn’t start until Saturday. So don’t talk aboot those two wins.

  68. Orr, Bailey is not rated nearly as high as the Isles’ Okposo. The Isles will be the laughing stock of the league, but unfortunately, I think that kid can play. He’s a gamer with a nose for the net.

    Too bad he doesn’t have anyone to get him the puck.

  69. “Crazy rumors all over the place. Prucha, Dawes, Fritsche all rumored to be packing. Rangers possibly trading with St. Louis or Vancouver, possibly getting Ryan Kesler and/or Bieksa back.

    No I did not make this up, I never do. I just don’t care how accurate it is because at the very worst, we have something to discuss….”

    ^If that happens that may go down as one of the best moves in Sather’s tenure with the Rangers and Vancouver would go down as having made one of the worst moves ever. Prucha is a bust. His first season was a fluke. Dawes is way to inconsistent and has shown nothing so far this year. Getting Kesler and Bieksa would be the EXACT pieces that this team needs to be a real contender. Kesler is big, young, tough, fast and can play all aspects of the game, oh an dhe can score too. Bieksa would be the big stay at home D man that we have been missing. I know it is just a rumor but that deal would be amazing.

  70. Nigel Dawes will be a star…
    the Dawg scored 14 last year, has “the touch” and can pass a lot better than anyone gives credit to him for…

    but by all means ..YES…lets give him the bums rush out of NY

  71. STAAL

    Not saying he is. Im just saying, we don’t have ANY tough pricks on this team. I don’t see why that matters that he’s not “tough” since we really only have one tough guy, with Orr. Also, that’s a pretty idiotic thing to say. Saying he’s not a tough prick cause he has a head to head freak collision with Knuble, and a knee on knee collision with Penner. That makes no sense what so ever, and pretty dumb to say. I hope i read that wrong, cause if not, then that’s the dumbest excuse anyone can come up with for a player not being tough. Its not like he’s friggin Spiderman, his toughness doesn’t tingle, how is he supposed to know there’s a player headed right for his head ?

  72. “My friend named his dog Madison’

    thats funny 22figure8…my dogs named Oscar…I mean my uncle

  73. orr – the young guys like Bailey and Schenn may not stay all yr. they can play up to 9 games before they would have to stay in nhl all season. or then sent to juniors.

    those teams and several others are in the race for worst. so anything to keep losing might be their mantra. trading vets or letting a promising young player get more time in juniors even if he is basically nhl ready.

  74. Wow ORR, sounds like you care more about Shanny than the Rangers. What happens when he retires and goes to work for the League? You gonna root for the refs?

  75. Thanks for all the names,Sorry Matt both are boys.Believe it or not my neighbor dog is named Renney,But not that Renney,he’s a flyers fan and its after micheal renburg remember him x-nhler-x-flyer….I do like Madison though

  76. TORONTO (October 8, 2008) – Chicago Blackhawks left wing Ben Eager has been suspended for three games, without pay, as a result of being assessed a match penalty during NHL pre-season game #81 against the Dallas Stars, October 2, the National Hockey League announced today.

    Under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and based on his average annual salary, Eager will forfeit $9,677.43. The money goes to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

    At 9:45 of the third period, Eager was assessed a match penalty for attempt to injure Dallas player Sean Avery. At the time of the incident, Eager was on the players’ bench and swung his stick in the direction of Avery, who was on the ice.

  77. Hockeymanrangers on

    Sam run a pole of who wants Shanny back and who does not. I kind of think from the post’s here it looks pretty close. I get the first vote NO.

  78. I know this couple, one is a Ranger fan the other a Devil fan. They have two dogs, Richter and Brodeur.

    Must be a fun house on game night!

  79. Is it possible that NYR and Shanny have already agreed to a deal, and that a contract has been signed…but not yet submitted to the league until Slats can work out cap room?

    Sure, it’s possible. It’s possile the deal was done before the euro-trip.

  80. Not for nothing but that post on Bertuzzi/Naslund reminds me of Naslund’s comments about Steve Moore and the lawsuit. I personally thought Naslund’s comments about Moore were pretty classless considering the guy suffered a broken neck and lost his livelihood.

    Quotes – “I’ve got no respect for him at all. This is just a guy who’s trying to hit a home run [financially],” Naslund told the Sun. “Someone who wasn’t good enough to play.”

  81. I have a bad feeling about today. That being said, no matter what happens I shall have good feelings Friday at 7.

  82. BLURT

    Just cause im not a typical Ranger fan that bashes EVERY player, after they make ONE mistake, doesn’t mean i don’t give a flying fugg aboot the team. Im a Shanny fan no matter what. There’s only ONE god damn reason why we shouldn’t sign him, and that’s the money, and what we have to move to sign him. But the people that are rumored to be moved are players that are not doing much for the team. Like Pruchs, Rismiller, or Freddy. Pruchs, and Freddy don’t have a single playoff goal,and don’t seem like they will contribute any more than 10-15 goals, so id prefer to have a vet, who’s gonna put up 20+, and is more smarter. Im not gonna come up with lame excuses to not sign the guy.

    Like i said, im a Shanny fan, but at the same time im more of a Rangers fan. Im not blinded by my respect for the guy, i know when to put all that aside, and know what’s best for the team. Signing him is NOT hurting them, its NOT holding them back, despite what everyone thinks. But also like ive been saying, i have confidence in this team, with or without Shanny, so if they don’t sign him, then i don’t care, if they do, then that’s cool, and ill continue to root for him like i have been doing for the last 6 or 7 years.

  83. Trading extra forwards to sign Shanahan will: 1. exit some good young forward talent from the organization; 2. put MORE crappy D players of the Mara- Kalinen ilk ahead of Potter and Sanguinetti, each of whom could become the next Pock; and 3. completely screw up any chance the Rangers have for post-season glory this year by reinstating Shanahan who cannot skate and cannot shoot anymore and is just in it for the money and to add 10 goals, which is all he is worth now, to his career HOF resume. IT IS NUTS!

    If Sather does this we should have brought in Messier as GM, when Mess wanted it.

  84. WOW… That’s drastic. sign Shanny = miss the playoffs/not do anything in them? I just hope wherever Shanny ends up, he sinks like 40 goals and proves all the haters wrong.

  85. I am really starting to HATE Shanahan and his agent – two extremely selfish, money-grubbing bastards. Just like all the rest, of course.

  86. If Shanny is re-signed it would be a very class act of Naslund to give him back the “A”. Having Brendan as assistant captain again (even with limited ice time) would be the right move by team and acknowledge that although he did not accompany the team to Europe or attend training camp this year, he is still regarded as a team leader. Naslund can reclaim the “A” next year after Shanny retires.

  87. Mara’s one of the biggest bargins we’ve had (not on an entry-level deal) in a while.

    He signed a 1yr deal for less than he woulda got elsewhere, KNOWING that his time in NY is limited quite possibly up to this years trade deadline. And on top of that, he’s already playing for next years contract…whereever it is.

    No need to dog Mara. The kids aren’t ready to come up yet anyway.

  88. “There’s only ONE god damn reason why we shouldn’t sign him, and that’s the money, and what we have to move to sign him.”

    Uh, that’s TWO reasons.

    But, whatever. If it’s Prucha and Dawes who suffer, get demoted, waived, traded for a box of Cubans, maybe not such a loss, is it? And, if Shanny can’t make it through the reason, maybe we can bring up Artie.

  89. orr,

    Just because you “know” shanny will score 20+ goals and will not hurt the team doesn’t mean its the case. you don’t think shanny did anything that bad last year, but what did he do that was so great? He scored more early in the season when he had fresh legs, he started to slow down round christmas time, got hurt and then came back and played on the 2nd line when he shouldn’t have been playing at all. He was a hinderance on the ice at the end of the regular season and the playoffs. and one of the big reasons prucha isn’t doing anything for the team is that sather/renney chose to reward a rookie who scored 30 goals by replacing him with a fading former star, that’s not shanny’s fault, but it didn’t help the team at all. and top it off its not like he played here on the cheap. he got 5 million for his performance last year..hardly deserves anymore money from the rangers

    i get that people like the guy, but as a player he doesn’t really add that much to this team. to score 20 goals he would need to be on the 2nd line and pp and he can’t be used that way anymore unless we want a repeat of the last two years (great early, cool off round christmas, injury, then playing at half-capacity come playoff time)

  90. i these Shanny posters its makes me feel really happy. It totally would be classy for Naslund to give Shanny the A.

  91. Im with Beer’s way of reading the blog from now on:

    Lets take our own pole:


    And I dont mean street hockey.

    Cause alot of you talk so much sheeet and I have a feeling most of you know little about what it takes actually ON THE ICE when your playing.

    I played in High School and college. Was a Right Wing in High school and Center and RW in college on second line for Monmouth College til I shattered my ankle. Now play in a weekend men’s league for th elast few years.

    I knwo Sam played ands till does, and I think Ber and Nasty played too. Orr? cant remember

    The rest of the posts are from people I’ve never seen in two plus years of reading and posting on this blog

  92. “It was just announced on 1050AM ESPN Radio in New York that Scott Gomez will now be a regular guest on the station every Thursday.”

    How long until they call him “Steve Gomez” and say that he plays for the Devils still?

  93. Agravine- the e4 is this system Eklund “hockey rumor guy” who is rarely right uses. It goes from 1-5 with an e4 being like he really thinks its going to happen.

  94. I played in H.S. also. Always a puck moving Dman! Coached mites & squirts in a rec league for a few years while I worked at a rink (4 years). Reffed here and there, but was not certified…shhh. Then play-time was over and had to go get a real job…lol.

  95. Renney should be fired for the way he can’t come up with a lineup that makes sense. Sather should be fired if he is even thinking about signing Shanahan.

  96. Naslund should not give Shanny the A. If he comes back, that’s great, but he’s going to play maybe 8 or 9 minutes a game. Still, I would be really disappointed to see Prucha get traded or released to make room. He took his lumps for two years playing on the 3rd and 4th lines after a breakout rookie season, during which he scored 30 goals. I think Prucha needs some time to adjust to playing with some different, faster linemates. Instead they gave him two games before relegating him to the fourth line, which was awesome with Voros, Orr and Betts in the first place. I’m a big believer in the idea that Prucha hasn’t really been given a chance to develop the way he should have.

    The thing that really worries me about Shanahan coming back though, is that Renney will indulge in his worst habit – shifting the lines around every game. The younger guys need consistent linemates to develop some chemistry.

  97. oh Mark I know that, I meant what was the rumor? I thought you were saying one came true?

    beer, lol I don’t know

    Sorry I missed where it said you had to have played hockey in order to post here. I thought it was a blog for Ranger fans. Sorry my posts don’t measure up to your standards… I’ve been here for awhile, though I did take a leave of absence during the off season. Cheers and pogue mahon!

  98. Mikey – its kinda silly to pigeon-hole people by saying you have to play ice hockey to know professional hockey at all… If we’re gonna make up rules like that, then why not just say something like “you can’t understand the NHL, hockey, or the Rangers unless you’ve worked for them”, and then we could eliminate EVERYBODY who posts here.

  99. Finally, we acknowledge that Renney is just a puppet. He is not the worse coach out there, but, he does do some stupid stuff managing the game

  100. dr house best friend shanny on

    i think he should come back for 2 yrs and be given the C. do whatever it takes sather. i want to wear my Shanny uniform on friday. please oh please i promise i’ll be good if only my shanny comes back

  101. Since we’re doing a poll…

    Played in high school (actually started the team with some frinds… it thrives now) center and wing.

    Then played three years in College for Marist. I wasn’t good though so in my Senior year I just concentrated on internships in Manhattan.

  102. whoa whoa whoa there people…on many levels.

    1) I don’t think mikey meant it like that Agr & Jeevs.

    2) I think he meant it more towards this nimrod ‘shanny 14’ and ‘bob’, etc.

    shanny 14… ‘we’ means ‘you’ and a few window-lickers.

  103. Beer,

    yea I thought about that possibility which is why I posted a bit of a retraction… I think we are all getting extremely stressed by this tense week building up to Friday… and dragging out the roster is just tugging at all the wrong strings.

    WHoever it was (cakewalk) who said he hated Shanny and his agent, well I don’t go that far (not at all actually I blame this dragging out process on Sather) and I don’t hate him for it, but I am very annoyed by it, just like the Sundin situation…

  104. The way I see it… if Shanny signs and can’t cut it then he can’t. Wadda ya gonna do?

    I’ve almost given up on Prucha and am worried about scoring goals.

    Last year we outshot teams CONSTANTLY and lost… I’m not saying Shanny is the answer but it seems like even with all the new faces this team may have picked up right where they left off.

    Lots of shots… some quality… but if Hank let’s in 3 goals we lose.

  105. Beer both of those vids were intense. I was in Chiropractic school at the time so I never got to see those games.

  106. Im not bashing the posters who’ve been here and know what there talking about who havent played, and Aggravaine Ive seen your name tons.

    It s just so much trash talk has been getting thrown around, that I wanted to really see who knew what they were talking about, from a players perspective.

    BEer – Why did I have a feeling you were a dman? Lets get a blogger team going.

  107. there is no place to play hockey out here on staten island… got to go to chelsea or new jersey… kinda shitty…

    been playing since im 3
    wish there was something decent out here…

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